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Gosencrantz and his partner Rildenstern were employees of YogLabs, with the jobs of managing the cloning laboratories. They were later found out to be carrying out a plan to kill Lewis and Simon's master clones.

Gosencrantz and Rildenstern held an unauthorised barbeque party guarded by Bort, where they discussed their plan. Meanwhile, Simon had killed and morphed into one of the party's chefs, Fry-cook Shelby, in order to eavesdrop on them. The plan involved killing Lewis and Simon's clones and then killing the living Simon and Lewis themselves thus stopping them from re-spawning.

Rildenstern left to get started early, while Gosencrantz stayed behind to go to the loo. Simon took this chance to kill Gosencrantz while he was vulnerable. He then used the Morph Mod to change into Gosencrantz and inconspicuously follow Rildenstern to the Cloning Labs. Rildenstern was able to kill Simon's clone but was slain by Simon and Lewis before destroying Lewis' clone. It is unknown if the two have any affiliation with the rogue robots in YogLabs.


  • If the first letter of Rildenstern and Gosencrantz are swapped they become Gildenstern and Rosencrantz. These two characters are in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet", whose jobs were to spy on Hamlet.
  • He is a testificate scientist just like Dr. Testificate MD.
Characters Bort, Dr. David Grizwald Chaos, Dr. Lalnable Hector, Dr. Srivaramen, Dr. Testificate MD, Fumblemore Robot, Gosencrantz, Hammy Hammsta, Honeydew (Clone), Little Maids, Mr. Wong, OldHoneydew, OldXephos, Patient X, Prof. Brightmeer, Professor Bixby, Puffy Clouds, Sergeant Herp, Ted-209, The Adventures League, The HMS Pernus, Voskoboynikov

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