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Granamyr is a non-player character in the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. He is Trellimar's pet pseudodragon familiar.

First appeared in Episode 5 as an egg, Granamyr hatched in Episode 7 and is last seen together with Trellimar in Episode 40.


Race Class & Level Alignment
Pseudodragon - -
Background Patron Armour Class Hitpoints
- - 13 -
Ability Scores
6 15 13 10 12 10
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Granamyr is a purple pseudodragon, which means he will not become a full-sized dragon.


Granamyr communicates by growls and projections of basic emotions.


Granamyr was found as an egg by Trellimar in an old windmill outside of Tallfield in Episode 5. Trellimar's patron guided him to the egg, which he found under the floorboards after they defeated a half-ogre and Smiles, a death-dog. The egg was black and speckled with stars, having the appearance of the night sky. Granamyr hatched from the egg in Episode 7 and immediately projected the thought of "ally" to the group.


Granamyr is very close to Trellimar as he is his master. On occasions when he is not with Trellimar, Granamyr usually stays with Elora. It can also be noted that Granamyr is soul-bound to Trellimar as stated by Dah'Mir. Meaning that Granamyr is always with him, one way or another.

Abilities and PowersEdit

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HighRollers Matt with Granamyr

Matt with He-Man's Granamyr

  • As Matt is a fan of the TV show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, his decision to name the pseudodragon Granamyr was inspired by the dragon of the same name from the franchise.[1]
  • There was some confusion initially regarding the spelling of Granamyr's name, since it was originally spelled as "Granimir" on the official artwork.