"Make ham a home...Hambase"
Hambase Moonquest Episode 80

The Hambase as seen in Episode 80 of Moonquest, with Pig Island 2.0 in the foreground.

Hambase is a moonbase designed and built by Simon to serve as his residence on the moon. It took shape around Episode 79 and 80 of MoonQuest. In Episode 39 of Hole Diggers, Simon leaves the earth to revisit Hambase to create a slaughter house. He completes this in Episode 40.

Hambase slogan.

Construction and situationEdit

Hambase is small and composed entirely of flesh and pork, with white picket fences for windows, a ham door and a functioning doorbell. The roof is made of pink glass, allowing visitors to look up into space. It directly overlooks Pig Island 2.0, a brutal slaughter area for pigs also built by Simon to generate pork for the building of the Hambase, displaying unusual violence towards the creatures. The base lies between Moonbase Alpha and the badly damaged Moonbase.

Interior designEdit

The inside of the Hambase is bare, with a "carpet" of flesh that inhabitants literally sink into. A pig statue is located inside, perched on a crafting table. 

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