Hat Corp is the name of Hat Films' company and base on the Yogscast Complete server. It consists of the Hat Shack, the big "Hat Corp" sign, a small farm, and a secret underground base, along with an underground tunnel leading to the base of the Flux Buddies. Consisting of an office floor (home to the chest dump system and the "sit'n drown relaxation chair"), a nuclear research facility with the new and improved dictator cube which is said to "terrify our workers with our gaze to work more quickly", the rather disturbing slogan "we're always watching" and a highly complicated missile silo using a redpower redstone cable system which temporarily was destroyed in the "major fuck up incident", the Hat Corp's base is the centre of operations for the dodgy Legit Deeds company.

The trio are often assisted by the Legit Builders, who often bail them out in times of crisis, and are responsible for a lot of the construction of the HatCorp base.

Hat Corp were a big part of Flux Buddies (Series) as they were the enemy of the Flux Buddies and helped destroy the Yogscast Complete Server in a nuclear war against them.

Hat Corp also made a slight appearance in Flux Buddies 2.0 #168 - The End (Finale Part 2) when Duncan was arming the self-destruct system on the screen it said "Legit Builders Blow-Em-All 6".

Available DeedsEdit

Deeds appear from left to right in appearance in the room(s) from the episodes where Hat Corp feature.

Sold DeedsEdit

Deeds appear from left to right in appearance in the room(s) from the episodes where Hat Corp feature.

Plot A

  • Related Series: Hole Diggers

Plot B
  • Plot Title: Totally Fine Corn Field
  • Owner of Deed: Sjin The Farmer
  • Related Series: Sjin's Farm

Plot C
  • Owner of Deed: Taken over by Pirates!
  • Related Series: Hannah & Nilesy Owl Island

Plot D
  • Plot Title: Tainted Castle
  • Related Series: Flux Buddies

Plot E
  • Owner of Deed: Sjin The Farmer
  • Related Series: Bake Bean Fort, Jaffa Factory (return to), Sjin's Farm, DirtQuest

Plot F
  • Plot Title: Horrible Bog
  • Owner of Deed: Sips_
  • Related Series: DirtQuest

Plot G
  • Plot Title: Luxury Island
  • Related Series: Booty Bandits

Plot H
  • Plot Title: Cherry Blossom Forest
  • Related Series: Hannah & Nilesy Evicted

Plot I
  • Plot Title: Sacred Forest
  • Related Series: Heroes of Mine


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