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Hat Films is the group of Trott, Smith, and Ross. They are Content Producers for the Yogscast who are particularly well known for playing Minecraft, Trials Evolution, and a variety of other games. Due to some of the team having graduated in film production, their style of editing is often praised for being smooth and professional.

Hat Films creates a variety of other content, besides gaming videos. They have created various songs, skits, and trailers also. For trailers, they get asked by 4J Studios to make Minecraft skin trailers for the Xbox version of Minecraft.


The origins of Hat Films began when Chris Trott and Ross Hornby were attending university. They met at a Television and Film university course, and later in their friendship had the idea to make videos outside of their class assignments. For a few years, Trott, Ross, Nathan Ashman, and Adams, became the original H.A.A.T Films. However, the years passed by and Trott and Ross finished their course in Video and Film production. Ashman and Adams moved on to different things and Trott and Ross were left needing a new member. A friend of Trott's, Alex Smith, was willing to join H.A.A.T Films. The extra "a" was therefore removed and Hat Films was born.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Ross Hornby, Chris Trott and Alex Smith make up the terrible trio of Hat Films, who produce high quality entertainment and low quality descriptions of themselves. They arrived at YogTowers in 2014 dressed in rags, but drinking champagne and munching on caviar. It was a strange day indeed.


  • Hat Films calls their fans "Hatters."
  • Hat Films were the guest of episodes 55 and 110 of The Shaft Podcast.
  • Hat Films were the guest of episode 3 of Simple Simon.
  • Hat Films were among the first YouTubers to do cam-switches and Minecraft timelapses.
  • Hat Films were the guest of series 22, episode 6 of the Gadget Show.

Series GuideEdit

The following table shows the games and series' Hat Films has played or participated in.
Series List
Current On Hiatus Finished



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Liam MacKay (Nilesy), Chris Trott (Trottimus), Alex Smith (Alsmiffy), Ross Hornby (Djh3max),
Kim Richards (NanoSounds), Sam Thorne (Strippin), Keith Steinbach (BebopVox), Zoey Proasheck (Zoeya),
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