Have a Gander is a series posted on Martyn Littlewood's YouTube channel in which he looks at games for one episode, very similar to Sips' An Evening With Sips series.

The series has featured special guests in the past, including Toby Cottrell and Sparkles*.

Episode GuideEdit

Have A Gander
Video Name Table yt
Have A Gander - Hack Slash Loot (Indie & RPG) Watch
Have A Gander - Delver (Free To Play) Watch
Have A Gander - Spelunky (XBLA Indie Game) Watch
Have A Gander - Bloody Trapland w/ Toby & Ridge Watch
Have A Gander - Realm Of The Mad God Watch
Have A Gander - PokeMMO w/ Sparkles* Watch
Have A Gander - Dishonored "Wolverine`s Painting" Watch
Have A Gander - Dishonored "Customer Service Announcement" (Final) Watch
Have A Gander - Scrolls (Alpha Build) Watch
Have A Gander - Pid "Kurt Did A Chest?" (Part 1) Watch
Have A Gander - Dead Space 3 Demo (Part 1) Watch
Have A Gander - Dead Space 3 Demo (Part 2) Watch
Have A Gander - Dungeonland w/ KaeyiDream & SoTotallyToby Watch
Have A Gander - Mini Ninjas (iOS) Watch
Have A Gander - Chasm (Kickstarter Now!) Watch
Have A Gander - Proteus Watch
Have A Gander - Rush Bros. w/ KaeyiDream Watch
Have A Gander - Legend Of Dungeon w/ Parv Watch
Have A Gander: Surgeon Simulator 2013 w/ Oculus Rift Watch
Have A Gander: Runescape 3 (Part 1) Watch
Have a Gander: Runescape 3 (Part 2) Watch
Have A Gander: Mercenary Kings w/ KaeyiDream Watch
Have A Gander: Attack On Titan (Unofficial Game) Watch
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Have A Gander) Watch
Charlie Murder w/ Kaeyi Dream (Have A Gander) Watch
Flashback w/ KaeyiDream (Have A Gander) Watch
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles w/ Kaeyi Dream (Have A Gander) Watch
Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures - Have A Gander Watch
Have A Gander: Zenforms Protectors Watch
Have A Gander: Zenforms Protectors - Part 2 Watch
Secrets Of Grindea (Have A Gander) Watch
Magicite - HOW DID I DIE?! (Have A Gander) Watch
A Hat In Time - Alpha Build (Have A Gander) Watch
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (Have A Gander) Watch
TUG Deathmatch w/ Toby & Dave (Have A Gander) Watch
Dark Souls 2 - I`m MLG Too.. (Have A Gander) Watch
Project Spark BETA (Have A Gander) Watch
Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming (Have A Gander) Watch
Finn & Jake`s Epic Quest (Have A Gander) Watch
Trials Fusion - WHAT`S RIDER CAM?! - Have A Gander Watch
Hearthstone iOS Build - Have A Gander Watch
Secrets Of Rætikon - Have A Gander Watch
Dark Souls 2 (PC Release) - Have A Gander Watch
The Last Tinker: City Of Colors - Part 1 (Have A Gander) Watch
The Last Tinker: City Of Colors - Part 2 (Have A Gander) Watch
Transistor (Have A Gander) Watch
Watch Dogs - Have A Gander Watch
Crypt Of The Necrodancer (Have A Gander) Watch
Shovel Knight (Have A Gander) Watch
Titan Souls (Have A Gander) Watch
A Wizard`s Lizard (Have A Gander) Watch
Freedom Planet - NOSTALGIA BOMB!! (Have A Gander) Watch
Oort Online - Sandbox Webgame (Have A Gander) Watch
Super Smash Bros 3DS (Have A Gander) Watch
Grow Home (Have A Gander) Watch
Pokemon Shuffle (Have A Gander) Watch
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD w/ Kim (Have A Gander) Watch
Triple Triad - Final Fantasy Mini Game (Have A Gander) Watch
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Have A Gander) Watch
Captain Forever Remix (Have A Gander) Watch
Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition (Have A Gander) Watch
Not A Hero (Have A Gander) Watch
Splatoon - Single Player & Plaza (Have A Gander) Watch
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Have A Gander) Watch
Destiny: House Of Wolves DLC (Have A Gander #1) Watch
Magicka 2 - Single Player (Have A Gander) Watch
LEGO Worlds: Dicks Everywhere! (Have A Gander) Watch
Flame Over (Have A Gander) Watch
Ark Survival Evolved - Popeye`s Brawl! Watch
Yoshi`s Woolly World - 1 Hour Gameplay! (Have A Gander) Watch
Spectra (Have A Gander) Watch
Tembo The Badass Elephant (Have A Gander) Watch
Towel Required: DIRTY OLD MEN! (Have A Gander) Watch
Rare Replay Collection (Have A Gander) Watch
Volume (Have A Gander) Watch
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 (Have A Gander) Watch

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