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Heads Up Podcast is William Strife's podcast. On this podcast, Will talks about important things that have happened with his channel recently. On the most recent episode though, Will talked with Rythian about the video game, BioShock.

Episode GuideEdit

Will — Heads Up Podcast
Video Name Table yt
Heads Up - 01 Watch
Heads Up - 02 Watch
Heads Up - 03 Watch
Heads Up - 04 Watch
Heads Up - 05 Watch
Head`s Up - 06 Watch
Head`s Up - 07 Watch
Head`s Up - E3! Watch
Update - Future Projects Watch
Heads Up - 08 Watch
Heads Up - 09 Watch
Heads Up - 10 Watch
Heads Up - 11 Watch
Future of Strife Watch
Heads Up! - E3 2013 Watch
Heads Up Podcast - Yogscast! Watch
Heads Up - 013 - BioShock (feat. Rythian) Watch

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