Helperbot5000 was Skobbels' robotic assistant in Trials Of Skobbels. Previously, he also aided Derpulies in Trials Of Derpulies. He was tasked with helping the teams whenever necessary.

He was first assigned in Minecraft - Trials Of Derpulies 14 - Work Experience (Modded Minecraft) to the temporarily adjusted team Sjipos, consisting of Lewis, Sjin, and Hannah (who had replaced Sips on work experience), with Derpulies' instruction: "Give him tasks and he will shine, but please don't break him he is mine". The trio put him to work immediately, making him fix the walls around their base, which Helperbot dutifully obliged to, however he chose strange materials such as sponge and diamond blocks to haphazardly patch up the holes.


Helperbot is constructed of metal and gears, giving him a rather steampunk-like appearance. He wears a metal mask and a furnace grate is visible in his core, which is presumably what powers him.


Helperbot can only communicate by going "beep boop", but can somewhat understand what is being said to him. He seems to misinterpret instructions quite often.




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