Hempshire is Duncan's town in Druidz Downtown. The town is fuelled by its hemp industry.

Layout and DesignEdit

A large hemp farm lies at the centre of Hempshire. Duncan has constructed a few buildings around this including a warehouse and smeltery. A scaffolding tower with a windmill on top is a prominent feature in the town. Hempshire is also the location of The Leek and Bong tavern.

Relations and MilitaryEdit

Currently Hempshire has good relations with Nova Scoville, with both towns sharing resources. Hempshire opposes Oil Town.



  • Hempshire is twinned with Sjin's town of Nova Scoville.
Series: Druidz, Druidz Regrowth, Druidz Downtown
Characters: Lewis Brindley, Paul Sykes, Duncan Jones, King Oberon
Locations: Oil Town, Nova Scoville, Hempshire, The Leek and Bong
Resonant Rise 3
Series: Cat Island, Druidz, Flux Buddies 2.0, Rule The World, Time Cops, Cornerstone
Characters: King Oberon, Spiny, Tony

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