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Harvey J. Yogscast is a fictional character made up by Turpster. He is, presumably, the founder and creator of the Yogscast. He was an old man from Louisiana and one of his first traditions and lasting legacies was a bowling tournament called YogBowl.


  • Harvey's score in YogBowl was a perfect 300. A score of 300 is called a YogBowl.
  • Harvey taught Turps a couple bowling secrets. The first secret is that in order to knock over one pin, one must give the bowling ball a little kiss. Another secret is that in order to get a strike, one must give the bowling ball 10 kisses.
  • Harvey told Turps, that if you want something in this world, you need to throw a really heavy thing at it.
  • Harvey didn't have any thumbs.
  • Harvey was the first person to put talk during a Let's Play.
  • The Yogscast recorded the new Diggy Diggy Hole song in Harvey's recording studio.
  • Harvey pioneered Diggers with Attitude.
  • Harvey is in the big Let's Play in the sky. Most likely on episode 1 million by now.
  • Harvey bares a striking resemblance to Jazz musician Louis Armstrong.
  • It is possible Harvey is Satan.
  • Harvey is the only person with access to the top-secret ChiliWowa's chilli recipe, stored in a vault in at ChiliWowa's HQ.

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