Her Story is a 2015 video game, released in the format of an interactive movie video game. Set in a fictional police station in 1994, the player must use an extensive database of police video clips in order to solve the mysterious case of a missing man. This database can only be searched using keywords, from the transcribed video tapes.

In Yogiverse Edit

Kim has completed a play-through of the game, totalling six (6) episodes. While not every video tape has been played, Kim was able to comprehend a possible scenario of twin sisters.

Episode Guide Edit

Kim — Her Story
Video Name Table yt
HER STORY (#1) Murder Watch
HER STORY (#2) Database Watch
HER STORY (#3) Alibi Watch
HER STORY (#4) Code Watch
HER STORY (#5) Answers Watch
HER STORY (#6) The Conclusion Watch
Hannah — Her Story
Video Name Table yt
Her Story #1 - A Mysterious Murder Watch
Her Story #2 - Eve Watch
Her Story #3 - Wind & Rain Watch
Her Story #4 - Trading Places Watch