Here They Lie is a dark psychological horror experience that transports you to a terrifying, surreal world inhabited by strange and malevolent creatures. Unimaginable horrors lurk around every corner, just out of sight, haunting and infecting your mind. Dare yourself to go deeper down the rabbit hole and confront the meaning of your existence. With a focus on narrative, and the experience of dread, Here They Lie is not your typical survival horror game. [1]

In YogiverseEdit

  • Hannah Rutherford and Caff are currently completing a playthrough of the game. This playthrough has been uploaded to Hannah's channel. Whilst being a collaborative effort to complete the game, the majority of the game is played by Hannah.

Episode GuideEdit

YOGSCAST Hannah — Here They Lie
Video Name Table yt
HERE THEY LIE #1 - Don`t Know the Rules Watch
HERE THEY LIE #2 - It`s Coming! Watch
HERE THEY LIE #3 - Party Time Watch
HERE THEY LIE #4 - The Theatre Watch
HERE THEY LIE #6 - I`m on a Boat! Watch