"A New Challenger Approaches?" is the thirteenth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on April 24, 2016. With Chris Trott absent for this episode, Caff joins as a special guest.

In this episode, Cam goes off to prepare for his performance while the rest decide to investigate the Black Valley Brewery. However, their investigation turns sinister as a new foe threatens to test the loyalty amongst them.

Campaign SummaryEdit


Cam goes off to prepare for his performance while the rest continue to investigate the Black Valley Brewery, since the name keeps on popping up during the course of their investigation on the three missing tieflings.

It is around eleven in the morning as the trio enters Artisan's Rest, a district for the middle-class people. They find the Black Valley Brewery, a two-storey wooden building that only consists of a bar when viewed from the outside. It is currently not open for business.

At a nearby park, they spot a pink-hair gnome scribbling away on his notes. Although the gnome seems to be taking notes of the brewery, the trio pay him no attention. As Loben takes notes, he constantly mumbles to himself and occasionally lets out a loud grunt, startling the people walking near him enough to make them keep their distance. Jiǔtóu at one point thought that he looked like a beggar and ponders if she should give the gnome some coins. Trellimar suggests not to waste their coin on him. Loben also spots the trio, but continues on scribbling on his note.

The trio notice a male human and a female human walking up to the only doors of the brewery. The door opens slightly and the pair have a small hushed discussion with someone inside. One of them shows its arm through the door. The door opens widely, allowing the two humans to enter, then closes.

Jiǔtóu scouts around the brewery to make observations, all the while keeping her distance away from it. She returns to her companions and tells them what she sees: multiple silhouettes can be seen moving inside the brewery and a possible basement. Loben is now intrigued by the trio's actions towards the brewery and gestures them over. Elora pushes Trellimar to him and he asks the gnome what does he need. Loben questions the trio about their business with the brewery but Elora throws the same question back at him. Loben responds by saying that the people inside the brewery are thieves as they ransacked his house and stole his research on the Lightfall. Elora senses that Loben looks visually distressed and needs some sort of help.

Loben introduces himself, but not his name, as a sage and a magician who lives at a nearby tavern to keep an eye on the brewery. He waves his hands and performs some magical effects, although Trellimar, being a warlock, recognises that his magic is unstable. Loben shares with them that his research, on the effects that fallshards have on magic, were stolen a couple of weeks ago by the people inside the brewery and he just wants his research back. Elora knows from stories her father told her that Korak the Champion wields a sword made from fallshards and suspects Loben's research could be linked to it.

Loben tells them that the bar only opens for business at night, although he observed that on several occasions, people are allowed entry to the brewery in the day by showing something on their arm to the doorman. Trellimar shape-shifts an image of the Broken Sky tattoo on his forearm and asks Loben if he recognises the tattoo. Loben thinks that the tattoo is the one he saw on someone's arm the evening before.

After learning that the Broken Sky could be involved stealing his notes, he doesn't hesitate to refer to the organisation as "Broken Bastards". Loben also recalls that huge deliveries are unloaded into the basement of the brewery. Trellimar then suggests that some of the crates delivered to the brewery recently may contain the unconscious tieflings.

Battle at the Brewery's BarEdit

Even with the new information the trio and Loben now have, they still cannot decide on how best to approach the brewery. Trellimar suggests disguising himself as a hooded man with the Broken Sky tattoo. Jiǔtóu also suggests that he can tell the doorman that he is looking for Xandar. If it fails, then Trellimar will cast Suggestion on the doorman. If that too fails, Loben has a way to distract the doorman. Alternatively, Elora tells Trellimar that he can telepathically inform Granamyr should the situation become unfavourable.

Trellimar walks into an alleyway, disguises himself as a hooded man in secrecy, and emerges out the other side. He walks up to the door on the brewery and knocks. The door opens slightly and a man asks him to state his business. Trellimar says that he is looking for Xandar for personal matters and puts his arm with the Broken Sky tattoo through the door. The door opens and Trellimar enters the brewery.

First Round of Combat


Map re-creation of Black Valley Brewery bar, originally drawn by Mark Hulmes.

At this point, Loben successfully casts Sleep spell on the doorman, knocking him unconscious. Both Elora and Jiǔtóu see Loben's eyes flash in rainbow colours. He then runs towards the brewery. Elora and Jiǔtóu follow suit, not knowing what just happened.

Meanwhile, four people inside the bar (two on the ground floor, two on the first floor) draw their crossbows and point them at Trellimar, questioning him about why the doorman suddenly collapsed onto the ground. Just as Trellimar is about to answer, with the door left ajar, Jiǔtóu dashes into the bar. Trellimar then uses Eldritch Blast on one of the men on the ground floor, burning through his clothes as the man struggles to gasp for air. Trellimar then jumps behind the bar counter for cover.

Knowing that the brewery is being ambushed, the four men fire back at Jiǔtóu and Trellimar. It misses Trellimar while Jiǔtóu deflects the arrows. The two men on the ground floor then flip a table over and take cover behind it.

Elora shape-shifts into a brown bear and attacks the two men on the ground floor, killing one while barely missing the other as he blocks her attack with the remaining half of the now damaged table. Jiǔtóu finishes him off with her guandao and a roundhouse kick.

Second Round of Combat
Due to his short stature, Loben finally enters the brewery and ducks under the nearest table. He draws out his crossbow and fires at the two men at the top. At the same time, Trellimar, having no cover from the two men above, blasts the men on his right. However, both of them miss. Trellimar then runs towards Elora and Jiǔtóu, taking cover from underneath the balcony.

One of the men runs to the end of the balcony and fires at Elora, but misses. The other man runs towards the stairs, hidden by a thick fog that now surrounds the stairs.

The brown bear runs to the stairs too, but stops as her paws came into contact with caltrops. Jiǔtóu spins her guandao and clears some of the fog, revealing the stairs now covered in them. With the end of her guandao, she clears the first flight of stairs. Loben casts Ray of Frost on the man he can see, causing freeze burns on the man's arm.

Third Round of Combat
Trellimar sends Granamyr to attack the man, but he could not manage to injure him. In retaliation, the man slashes Granamyr's leg. Another man appears behind the fog at the top of the stairs and shoots at the brown bear.

The bear carefully climbs up the stairs and claws the man, tearing chunks of flesh off him. Jiǔtóu wall runs to the top of the stairs, flips forward and lands on the bear. With a swipe of her guandao, she cuts the man's head off cleanly, leaving no blood stains on the blade.

Loben casts Magic Missiles towards the remaining man. A ball of blue magic appears, but changes into an array of rainbow colours. The magic aura shimmers over Loben as he launches magic towards the man. The rest see a flash of light momentarily appear underneath the table where Loben is hiding.

Fourth Round of Combat
Granamyr fails at biting the man once again. The tattoo on the man's arm glows as he leaps off the balcony and slowly descends to the ground floor. Granamyr then takes this opportunity to bite him once again and successfully wounds the man. The tattoo stops glowing and the man falls flat onto the ground, dead.
End of Combat

From under the table where Loben is taking cover, a basset hound of pink fur appears and trots away from the table. The brown bear walks over to the dog and sniffs it. It gives off the scent of the gnome. In return, Loben, having the mind of a dog, rolls over and asks for a belly rub; the bear just backs away. The injured Granamyr limps over to Trellimar. Trellimar tells him to rest on his shoulder. After doing so, it wraps its tail around Trellimar's neck while licking the back of his ear for a bit. The brown bear shape-shifts back into Elora, which heals her and the caltrops pop out of her hands.

Trellimar walks over to the sleeping man and ties him up. After a while, the spell wears off and the man wakes up, realising that he is bounded. Trellimar demands the man to tell him where the tieflings are. After the man refuses to answer, Trellimar yells at the top of his voice, repeating his question. This time, the man is scared and reveals that the tieflings are downstairs, yet goes on to say that the Broken Sky will come after the group. Trellimar tells him that the man's companions are all dead, but the man replies that they are just peons and whatever foe they will face will be far different. Trellimar then tells him that he was taken down by a dog via a Sleep spell. The dog happily pants away. He then bangs the man's head against the floor, knocking him unconscious.

Trellimar searches the man and finds two sets of keys and 5 gold pieces. Jiǔtóu searches the bar and finds a pair of short swords hidden underneath a sheet and a locked iron box. She shows the box to Trellimar, but he cannot open it with the keys he found. Elora and Trellimar then take a short rest while Jiǔtóu grabs all the dead bodies and piles them behind the bar, as the dog keeps on tailing her. She finds 3 gold pieces and some loose change from the dead bodies in total. After an hour passes, the dog transforms back into Loben.

To the BasementEdit

Loben remains frantic as he still cannot find his notes. Trellimar questions him as to why he turned into a dog during the battle earlier. Loben responds that it is just magic as he waves his hands in the air and later explains that he is a wild mage with spells that have either positive or negative results. He insists that what happened to him was fine and that his notes are more important. Trellimar warns the rest to keep a distance between themselves and Loben during battles as a precaution. Jiǔtóu picks up a handful of caltrops and stashes them in a pouch on her belt.

Behind the bar counter is a door leading into a storeroom. As the group enters, they spot stone stairs leading down into another dimly-lit storeroom. Jiǔtóu asks Trellimar to disguise back into himself, which he does. Elora manages to hear muffled sounds of objects moving around. Loben shares with the rest that he has the ability to walk on ceilings, but only for a while. He also finally states his name to the group after Elora asks him. The rest also introduce themselves; Jiǔtóu introduces herself as Miss Jīng, although Loben mishears it as Misjing.

Trellimar suggests disguising back into the hooded man, reasoning that he was let into the building through that disguise and it may be easier to interact with whomever he will meet downstairs. He also reasons that the people downstairs would have come up upon hearing the sounds of battle, but no one came up.

Elora walks back to the tied up doorman and reties him to a post, although due to her disadvantage with strength, she ties the rope badly. Trellimar walks over to check on the ropes and it all comes loose as he tugs on it. He then reties, then gags him with ropes around his mouth. At one point, he even suggests cutting out his tongue, leaving the only method of communication is via his telepathy.

Trellimar disguises back into a hooded man and proceeds down the stairs. He enters a stone room full of barrels and crates with "Black Valley Brewery" stamped on the sides. He also spots two doors: one locked, the other unlocked. He does not hear anything behind both doors. He unlocks the locked door with one of his keys and opens the door. A short, well-kept corridor is before him which turns to the right. He then tells Granamyr to stay put at the storeroom while he walks down the corridor after sensing that there are no traps. He also signals his companions that it is safe to go downstairs.


Fan-made map of Black Valley Brewery basement.

Upon reaching the end of the corridor, Trellimar sees another door without locks. He hears nothing from the other side. He opens the door and steps into a well-furnished office. Along one side of the office is a large window overlooking the cellar with 3 large tanks and a gangway running along the wall. There are men patrolling the cellar as well.

Upon seeing the window, he quickly moves over to the side to avoid anyone seeing him in the office. He moves over to the desk while ducking below the bottom of the window and unlocks the drawer with the other key that he has. Inside the drawer, he finds a jewel-adorned cigar case worth 100 gold pieces, another set of two keys and a hastily scribbled note. The note reads, "Callidus will be using the VIP Suite for our meeting with several potential members in a few days. If they agree to our terms, we'll take them below for the initiation. Make sure the key for the entrance is easily accessible. I don't want to wait for you to fumble around in your desk again."

Trellimar walks back to the stone storeroom and shares the note with his companions. Jiǔtóu suggests that Callidus is the doorman currently bound by ropes upstairs. Trellimar also shares that the cellar is through the door without any locks, but there are three men patrolling it. Elora asks if there are signs of tieflings, while Loben asks him if he found his notes. Trellimar replies no to both. Loben then searches the office by himself, but finds nothing as well. He tells them to stay here with Granamyr while he continues to investigate.

A Tricky SituationEdit

Trellimar, still disguised as a hooded man, walks down the stairs and enters the cellar. On his right, there is a door along the gangway. The four men (one was out of sight when viewed through the window at the office) notice him. The nearest man barks at him, questioning who he is and his business to be here at the cellar. Trellimar replies that he was allowed to be here as he is looking for Xandar. Looking puzzled, the man asks if Callidus sent him down here. Trellimar claims that he told him to head downstairs. Trellimar then shows the Broken Sky tattoo upon request and the man tells him that he knows no Xandar. Instead, the man tells him that Victoria may know more and she is through the VIP Room up on the gangway. The four men resume their work.

Trellimar walks up to the door and knocks. A female voice responds, inviting him to enter. Trellimar opens the door and walks into the room. Unlike the rest of the rooms around the brewery, the VIP Room is decked with lush furniture, a bar and around table with poker cards and chips. A woman is lounging on the sofa at the back of the room, writing notes in a book.

Victoria asks Trellimar who he is. He responds that he is Rel Heath. Victoria thinks that Callidus sent him down here and then requests that he show his tattoo, which he does. He then says that he is looking for Xandar. She questions him a bit further and asks why is he looking for him, to which he replies that he was told to meet him to discuss on personal business. She comments that it is unusual for members of the Broken Sky to have personal business with anyone.

She then apologises to him for some misunderstanding as Xandar is merely a third party they have contracted to perform some tasks and is not within the compound. She does not know Xandar's whereabouts but she offers to lead him to people that may have some clue. Victoria gets up and walks to him in a sultry manner. She asks if Trellimar knows of the safehouse, which he pretends that he does. She then tells him that they will need to head back to Callidus' Office.

While walking to the stairs leading up to the storeroom, Trellimar telepathically warns Granamyr to get everyone out of the room. Granamyr gives out the warning to the rest and they quickly run upstairs and stay out of sight. In the nick of time, Trellimar and Victoria enter the storeroom. Victoria then leads him into the office.

She remembers that Callidus has the key and is about to go upstairs, when Trellimar tells her that Callidus already handed him a set of keys, claiming that Callidus told him that he was not sure if Trellimar needed anything from his office. Victoria then steps back and asks Trellimar to open the secret entrance. Having no idea where the entrance is, Trellimar casts Suggestion on her and tells her that it will be better if she opens it instead. Her eyes glaze over and she responds that it will be sensible if she opens the entrance. She then bends over and pulls up the rug, revealing a trapdoor. As he has the keys, Trellimar proceeds to kneel down to unlock the trapdoor.

At this point, Victoria places her hand on his shoulder and casts a spell, paralysing Trellimar on the spot. She now suspects that he has not been telling her the truth. As she traces her hand on his back, his disguise wears off, revealing his true self which interests her. She then tells him that Varesh will have a word with him and that it will not be a pleasurable experience.

She pulls his paralysed body back and rummages in his pockets to find the key. She then opens the trapdoor, revealing a ladder going down 40 feet. Trellimar communicates telepathically to her, saying that he is apologetic that he has been dishonest with her. He goes on to say that as he himself is a drow and that Xandar, also a drow, is known to him. He also says that he is trying to track him down.

Trellimar manages to break off the paralysis spell and now sees Victoria pointing an arcane-focused wand towards him. She comments that he has interesting powers that would be a great asset to the organisation. She restates that Xandar is indeed a third party, but admits that Trellimar displayed some remarkable skills making his way down here and tricking her into revealing the entrance to the safehouse.

Victoria offers Trellimar the opportunity to join the Broken Sky. Trellimar expresses his interest. She then warns him that the Broken Sky is a dedicated organisation and should he join, any terms that are broken will have consequences. She also says that he will need to talk with Varesh first and gestures him to the trapdoor. Trellimar descends through it and Victoria follows behind. She then closes the trapdoor, locking it from the inside.

Both of them reach the bottom of the ladder and now stand in a square, catacomb-like room. What once was a burial chamber is now a storeroom of climbing equipment and weapons. Trellimar telepathically tells Granamyr to help him out of the underground. Victoria then tells Trellimar to walk through the door that she unlocked and head to the temple up ahead, as she follows closely behind with her wand at the ready.

Scuffle against VictoriaEdit

Back at the storeroom, the group last heard Trellimar and a woman entering the corridor. Upon receiving Trellimar's plea for help, Granamyr gets off Elora's neck and starts flying towards the office. The group follows him and sees him scratching at the closed door. Elora opens the door and Granamyr swoops down to the trapdoor, desperately trying to enter. Loben walks up to the trapdoor and tries to open it. However, it has been locked from the inside. He then remembers that he has a tinker device that he made to assist him and takes it out from his pack. He places it on the lock with its tiny arms through the gap and, using his magic, tries to manipulate the lock from the other side. He then manages to unlock the trapdoor.

Granamyr swoops down into the hole as soon as the trapdoor is opened. Elora goes in next, followed by Jiǔtóu, then Loben. The three then reach to the bottom of the ladder. However, Jiǔtóu's tail knocks onto a stone and a dagger falls off it. Trellimar and Victoria, who are 30 feet ahead through along the corridor, stop and turn around, seeing the trio.

First Round of Combat
Victoria turns back to Trellimar, asking him who they are. He claims that he does not know them. She then tells him to prove himself to the Broken Sky as she turns back and raises her wand towards the trio. She threatens them to leave now or die.

At this moment, Loben casts Sleep on her. There is a moment when Victoria is in a daze but she manages to shrug it off. At the same time, a sand-like mist surrounds Loben, giving off the same effect as when he turned into a dog earlier on. Instead, after the mists dissipates, he now appears 20 years younger. He feels a surge of youthfulness and vigour return as his wrinkles disappear and his facial and head hair becomes voluminous.

Second Round of Combat
Victoria now declares the trio as an enemy.

Elora summons Moonbeam and casts it on Victoria. After it hurts her, Victoria yells that they have made an enemy with the wrong people as her wand crackles with lightning. She waves her wand towards the trio and a line of lightning bolt hurls down the corridor. The trio just manages to dive out of the way, yet takes severe damage from the heat produced by the lightning.

Victoria steps out of the Moonbeam and backs 30 feet down the corridor behind Trellimar. Jiǔtóu then declares that she wishes to join the Broken Sky and raises her hands. Elora and Loben follow suit by raising their hands in surrender, assuming Jiǔtóu is doing this as a ploy.

Third Round of Combat

HRStorySoFar - Broken Sky Recruitment

Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, under orders by Victoria (left), arrest Elora and Loben. Screenshot from "The Story So Far".

Trellimar readies his posture to casts Eldritch Blast at the trio and asks Victoria what their next step should be. She cautiously yells at Jiǔtóu to not play her as a fool, as both Elora and Loben attacked her earlier. Jiǔtóu replies that despite being attacked by her, Jiǔtóu has yet to retaliate back. Victoria then calls her out as Jiǔtóu is clearly with them. Yet, Jiǔtóu claims that she is using them and affirms that Korak is her sworn enemy due to what he has done to her and wants him dead.

Still feeling conflicted, Victoria questions Trellimar one more time if he knows them. He insists that he has never seen the trio before. She turns back to them and now questions Loben's intention of killing her. In response, he claims that he misjudged the situation and thought going to sleep would be nice.

Victoria now demands that Jiǔtóu subdues both Elora and Loben. Jiǔtóu quietly tells the two that she has no choice as Victoria is stronger than them. She proceeds to bind Elora's hands behind her back in a trick knot and does the same for Loben. Victoria then tells Jiǔtóu bring the two prisoners with her and follow her. She turns to Trellimar, whom she now completely trusts, and asks him to watch her back in case Jiǔtóu does anything foolish.
End of Battle

Tieflings FoundEdit

Jiǔtóu walks first with one prisoner, while Trellimar grabs the other. Victoria walks behind them. Further down the corridor, they turn right into a smaller corridor. At the end is a door, with another shoddy door nearer to them on the left. Victoria gestures to Jiǔtóu to open the side door. She opens it and all of them enter a torture chamber with prison cells by the side. A masked man wearing a blacksmith's leather apron is seen arranging his torture tools.

In one of the cell, two badly injured tieflings, Lao and Lee, sees the group that just entered the room. The two look at Jiǔtóu disgustingly as they thought she appears to be with the Broken Sky.

Victoria tells Horace to open a cell to imprison two people. Pleased that he has two more people to torture, Horace takes out a rusted iron key and opens one of the empty cells. Jiǔtóu shoves Elora and Loben into the cell and the cell door is locked shut. Victoria commands Jiǔtóu and Trellimar to follow her while commanding Horace to not touch the new prisoners. Jiǔtóu, Trellimar and Victoria then leave the room.

A while later, Horace hangs his tools and leaves the room. Elora manages to free herself from the binds. She then frees Loben of his binds too. One of the two tieflings feels apologetic to both of them for experiencing what they have gone through. The two tieflings appears weak and have cuts and wounds all over their skin, one of them nursing his broken ribs. The two also have burn marks on their skin even though their skin is known to be fire resistant.

Loben plans to free them from the cell, but Elora is hesitant as she thinks that Jiǔtóu has a plan. One of the tieflings begs them to escape as they do not want to take another day of torture. Loben plans to use his tinker device again, but as the jail lock is thicker and not knowing how soon Horace will return, he remains undecided as he will need an hour to modify the device for the lock.

Granamyr is with them. He telepathically asks Trellimar if he is alright, to which he responds back that he is fine. Granamyr relays back the message to Elora and Loben, although mixed with signals of worry as well.

Sheng, Varesh and Joining Broken SkyEdit

In the meantime, Victoria brings Jiǔtóu and Trellimar back into the main corridor. They walk further down the corridor only to stop just before a faint glowing blue glyph on the ground. Victoria chants a spell and the glow fades, telling the two that she allows them to walk over it. After the trio walks over it, she chants again and the blue glow returns.

Further down the corridor is a massive pair of stone double doors, emblazoned with images of serpents, hooded figures and crooked daggers. Victoria places her hand on the door, closes her eyes and the door begins to open. The trio then steps into the room that was once a large audience chamber, with stone benches arranged to face the raised, squared-off central platform. Two statues of large hooded figures loom over the platform, both with a head of a serpent.

On the platform is a bound and beaten-up tiefling, Sheng, with a defiant look on his face he stands proudly. Next to him is a blue dragonborn, standing seven feet tall, muscular, and a draconic face and head. He has blue glistening scales and is clad in shimmering plate armour. By his side is a long jagged sword and a short blade on his belt. Standing around them on the platform are hooded figures emblazoned with the symbol of the Broken Sky.

The dragonborn barks at Sheng, telling him to not fight against them. He then gives him a final chance, either to serve him and the Broken Sky or be sent into the Abyss. Rather, Sheng says that he will never serve his kind again and that he came to Talis'Val to find his freedom that Korak gave him and everyone else. He then spits at the dragonborn's face.

The dragonborn wipes the spit off his face and licks it. He then grabs Sheng's collar, telling him to say hello to the demons beneath. The dragonborn drops Sheng into a pit while everyone else, including Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, looks on. The dragonborn then tells his comrades that despite losing a valuable asset, their war with the Dawn Republic still stands and their Princess will ensure victory. He says to them to go forth and do the work of their majesty. The hooded figure then walks out of the room through the same door where the trio entered from.

The dragonborn now looks up and notices that Victoria has brought two people into the room. He then looks over at Jiǔtóu. Victoria tells the dragonborn, now revealed to be Varesh, that one of them infiltrated the base as he is keen on meeting Xandar, showing great aptitude she suggests that he will make a fine agent for the organisation. She then says Jiǔtóu claims to wish to join the organisation and says that Korak is her sworn enemy and has betrayed her companions.

Varesh is intrigued after hearing what Victoria has said and comments that he has never seen a tiefling with such initiative since his days at Bresseras. He commands Jiǔtóu to step forward first, while Victoria watches the door. Varesh asks Jiǔtóu, whom he refers to as a child, about her reasons for going against Korak. She replies that Korak murdered her parents in front of her, although Varesh comments that such a sad tale is not an uncommon one back in Bresseras. He then questions her if she is sure that the murderer is Korak, to which she replies that it is the dragonborn in gold and red and insists it is Korak.

Varesh now questions if Jiǔtóu will serve him, the who once enslaved the tieflings in Bresseras but is now exiled from the region. Jiǔtóu curiously asks him why he was exiled. Varesh responds by saying that he did not pry further on Jiǔtóu's story, yet he goes on to share that he was once a great and the best warrior of the Chromatic Army which he serves with loyalty.

He goes on to say that because of his ambition to do what the other Chromatics have done, he was punished by getting kicked out into the sands like a useless Metallics, but Princess Fellania offers him a chance at revenge. He suggests that he can offer Jiǔtóu the same chance he received, but her loyalty must be tested.

He requests that she explains who the people that she betrayed are, and if they are agents of the Dawn Republic. Jiǔtóu insists that the two are not agents of the Dawn Republic, but are instead travellers with varying reasons of their own: the gnome seeks to get back his research on the Lightfall that was stolen from him; the elf is here for diplomatic reasons. Varesh turns to Victoria and asks if she knows anything about the stolen research. Victoria replies that she had tasked one of the Thieves' Guild to steal the research from Loben as he is quite an expert on the Lightfall.

When asked about the elf, Victoria replies that she is from one of the royal spires. Varesh questions why a person of such royalty would pursue the Broken Sky. Jiǔtóu claims that the elf pursues him because she knows that Jiǔtóu wants to join the organisation and that going there with another person would be better than going alone. Varesh then considers Jiǔtóu as having a good chance to join the Broken Sky with such thinking.

Varesh now turns to Trellimar and confirms that the drow does not wish to seek them out, but instead wishes to find the drow poison agent. Victoria claims that Trellimar has personal matters with Xandar, yet remarks on his ability to sneak into the building posing as one of their own, and also convincing Callidus to give him the keys and tricking herself to reveal the hidden entrance to the safehouse. This gets Varesh excited as he walks over to Trellimar.

Trellimar now sees how massive Varesh is, "muscles on top of muscles", and how he is looming over him, something that he is not used to as Trellimar himself is tall. Varesh now asks Trellimar what interests him in joining the Broken Sky, if it is for power or for wealth. Trellimar responds by saying that he is speaking his language. Varesh says that he likes mercenaries as they have no morals and are only interested in seeking gold.

Varesh now tells both Jiǔtóu and Trellimar that they must be tested and will be given a small errand for them. Should they perform well, they will be initiated and receive power no army can give. Varesh shows the brand burnt into his scales. He clenches his fist and sparks of lightning crackle up his arms and all over his body. He says that he once had an affinity with the storm, but given power by the Princess, he is now their master. He then tells Victoria to send the two to the barracks. They will be called when he needs them.

Before being led away, Jiǔtóu tells Varesh that the other two companions may be useful to their cause. The gnome has knowledge on the Lightfall and perhaps knows how to deal with Korak's weapon, while the elf will have a meeting with Korak via royal appointment. Victoria retorts back by pointing out that the other two did try to attack her. Jiǔtóu is quick to say that the two panicked at that point in time and says that the elf needs to go to the meeting unharmed to avoid arousing suspicions. Varesh then looks to Trellimar, knowing from Victoria that he can disguise, and suggests that he could disguise himself as the elf and attend the meeting on her behalf instead. Jiǔtóu insists that Trellimar would lack the elf's knowledge. Varesh comments that they shall see.

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  • Caff: Trott is absent this week. He was replaced by the show's second guest, Caff, playing as Loben Trogdor.
  • Jazz Hands: When Elora was given Granamyr before Trellimar enters the brewery, Katie starts to fiddle with the figurine representing Granamyr, subconsciously making the figure pose with jazz hands. When Matt finally realises it at around 1:02:29, Mark later sings this rendition of "Hello! Ma Baby".
  • Fan cover: During the break, a fan cover of the Halfing Camp song was played.
  • Avoided Catastrophe: In regards to the group's combat with Victoria, had it not been for the good dexterity saving rolls Caff, Katie and Kim made, both Jiǔtóu and Loben would have been knocked out while Elora would have been down to just 2 HP. Mark reveals that Victoria is a Level 5 spellcaster with hit points considerably lower than any of the player's characters. He also states that Victoria versus the four of them is a fair-fight in theory. Although Elora's Moonbeam takes 4 HP off Victoria, Mark later shares that the attack took a sizeable chunk of HP off her. The Lightning Bolt spell Victoria casts take 30 HP due to Mark rolling at least five 6s out of the eight D6 dice.[1]


  1. A New Challenger Approaches? - High Rollers D&D: Episode 13 at 3:21:16.

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