"Trial of Strength" is the fourteenth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on May 8, 2016. With Katie absent for this episode, Caff joins as a special guest.

In this episode, Elora escapes to seek help from the city officials. Meanwhile, the rest must participate in the Trial of Strength in order to join the Broken Sky. Most importantly, they must not die.

Campaign SummaryEdit

Before the TrialEdit

At the torture room, both Elora and Loben settle on a plan to escape. Elora will shape-shifts as a rat and seek help from the security forces of Talis'Val while Loben puts up an act to prevent her from leaving. Although initially worried, Lao and Lee are convinced to let Elora and Loben carry out their plan.

Back to Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, the duo are lead by Victoria and several guards to the barrack. The barrack is a large stone room, housing up to 30 people at one time. Bunk beds are arranged neatly with a chest by the end of each bed. Guards are seen standing around, each donning leather armour with a crest of the Broken Sky emblazoned on it and armed with crossbows. Resting inside the barrack are a few people, mostly young humans, but none of them have any weapons, only bits of armour.

Victoria commands both Jiǔtóu and Trellimar to surrender all of their belongings to the guards, informing them that these belongings will be returned after the trials are completed. The duo hand over all of their belongings without resistance, much to Victoria's surprise as she expects them to complain. She then tells them that they may take any unoccupied beds while preparations for the trial are underway. Victoria takes her leave.

Among the people in the room, five of them stand out: a young, six-foot tall male half-orc (later known as Brace), a grey-skinned male gnome chatting with some humans, a young lady with a short ponytail wearing leather armour pacing up and down the barrack, another young lady in tattered clothing with a broken manacle on both her wrists, and a young man with cropped hair around his ears chatting away with some other people. Wald is among the people in the barrack.

Trellimar walks up to the nearest bed and sits on it, putting his feet up. A man wearing blacksmith's gear underneath his blue shirt walks up to Trellimar and orders him to get off his bed. Trellimar refuses, even after the man's second warning. This time, a couple of people watch the scene unfold as the man cracks his knuckles and counts down from three. Just before he can finish counting, Jiǔtóu hits him on the back of his head and the man falls on his knees. Jiǔtóu presses on a nerve point on his neck and the man freezes up, crying in pain. Trellimar then questions the man whose bed is he on. The man now says that it is Trellimar's bed. Jiǔtóu lets go of the man. The other people in the room are amused by the sight, the man with blonde hair applauds, the gnome comments that Jiǔtóu is better than the other two tieflings and the woman that was pacing across the room grinds at Jiǔtóu. On the other hand, Wald just watches amused and assesses the situation.

After a short rest, Victoria now comes back to the barrack, this time with 10 guards behind her. She announces that the trial is ready and splits the people into groups of five. Jiǔtóu, Trellimar and Wald are in one group with one other human recruit. Wald requests if he can not be with any tieflings, but Victoria declines. The guards now place a hessian bag over the heads of all the participants and they are lead to the first trial.

Back at the torture room, a jailer comes in with two guards. Just as he is about the speak, he ponders if there were supposed to be three or four prisoners, unaware that Elora has escaped. He shakes off the thought. The jailer tells them that they are now given a chance to prove themselves to be worthy to join the Broken Sky. The guards proceed to unlock the jail doors. Loben sneakily holds back the jail door a bit since he unlocked it earlier. Hessian bags are then placed on Lao, Lee and Loben after being stripped of all weapons and belongings.

All participants are lead through a series of corridors and staircases. Unable to see anything, Jiǔtóu, Trellimar and Wald can hear that everyone is being split up. The trio now enters a room with another man. Loben is also split from the two tieflings and is now in the same room as the other four. The door shuts behind them.

Trial of StrengthEdit

High Rollers 14 Trial Labyrinth

Former Temple of Kord, now turned into a labyrinth for the First Trial for the Broken Sky recruits.

Wald is the first to remove the bag. He now notices that he is in a part-natural, part-man-made cavern with four other people. As the others each remove their bags, Jiǔtóu and Loben notice that hovering overhead is a nearly-invisible glowing sphere, which Loben recognises as an Arcane Eye. Loben then mocks Jiǔtóu about how her plan has turned out and she glares back at him.

Wald asks everyone to introduce themselves since they will be together for a while. Loben and Trellimar introduce themselves. Jiǔtóu instead questions Wald as to why he dislikes tieflings, only for Wald to respond that he finds them weird. As the other man backs off cautiously, Wald asks for his name, to which he replies Ethes. Wald states that he finds his name weird and Ethes retorts back. This then starts a squabble between the two. Wald tries to punch Ethes in the face but misses and stumbles onto the barrel. The barrel tips over and coarse sand spills out.

The voice of Varesh now echoes around the room (Loben knows that it is coming from the Arcane Eye).

"Welcome recruits! You may be wondering what is going on. I'm here to inform you of the first trial of the Broken Sky. Welcome to the Test of Strength. What you stand in was once a temple to the mighty Kord, god of battle and strength. I have re-purposed it to determine that those who wish to serve Her Majesty are strong enough to become her army. There are very few rules in this trial. Very simply, the last five who stand will join our ranks. The rest will be cast into the pit and thrown to nothing. How you accomplish this task is up to you. You may do so through any method you wish, but I favour action rather than inaction. Your weapons and tools have been taken, but I have done a grace of placing several amongst this labyrinth. If you can find them, you may use them if you see fit. And one last warning, you are not alone! This temple was once home to guardians and beasts that the disciples of Kord had to test themselves against. I believe that they still roam these halls. The trial begins now!"

Jiǔtóu searches through the sand. Ethes does the same with the crate beside the barrel, but neither of them find anything. Wald tells everyone that they should work together now and not make any wild swings, particularly towards Trellimar after what happened earlier at the barrack. Ethes responds by telling everyone that if anyone wants to take the first swing, they should attack Trellimar now. Wald punches him in the jaw. Blood comes out of his mouth and splatters everywhere. Ethes warns Wald not to do it again or he will kill him, tossing the crate to one side in anger.

Loben coughs to get everyone's attention and points to the Arcane Eye. At the same time, Wald asks where the voice is coming from. Loben stutters as he tries to point towards the orb without being too obvious. Trellimar then says out loud that the orb above is watching their moves.

Wald tells Ethes to go down the south corridor first, but Ethes is hesitant to be the first person. Loben, troubled by the welfare of the other two tieflings, ignores the squabble and walks down the east corridor instead. Jiǔtóu grabs a handful of sand and follows Loben. Ethes pulls a piece of wood off a barrel as a makeshift club and follows behind Jiǔtóu. Everyone walks down the dimly lit east corridor. Both Ethes and Wald can only see darkness as they do not have low-light vision.

Further down the corridor, Loben manages to faintly see three people rummaging through a barrel near an alcove. Loben backs away and hides by an alcove near to him. As the others follow Loben, Wald trips over a rock. He manages to get his balance, however the three people hear the sound and look in the group's direction, demanding to know who is down the corridor. One of the three has a dagger.

First Encounter: Round One
Trellimar tells the three to stay where they are as he believes all of them are part of the trial. Jiǔtóu adds that if they work together, all of them have a better chance of survival. She positions herself to be ready should the three attack.

Wald ducks into the alcove and starts cheering "Hunger Games". He searches inside the barrel in the alcove and finds a sickle. Near the bottom of the alcove is a stone brassier with hot glowing coals. Inscribed in Common language on the brassier, Loben can read "Pain is the road to victory". He then readies himself to trip anyone that walks by him.

One of the three replies back that only five can survive. Jiǔtóu responds by saying that Varesh did not specify which five and anyone in her group can fall in battle, as she points towards Wald. Wald says that there is one guy in his group that he would like to kill. Jiǔtóu quickly tells them to take Wald for being racist towards her earlier in the barrack. Ethes, in shock, turns to Jiǔtóu and Wald, asking what they are doing. At the same time, the trio starts running towards them.

First Encounter: Round Two
The man with the dagger thrusts towards Wald and slashes him twice. Wald manages to dodge both attacks. As the man thrusts towards Wald, Loben grabs his legs in an attempt to trip him. Instead, Loben is pulled out of the alcove since the man is stronger than him.

Trellimar squeezes himself into the alcove and, as he is wearing gloves, digs his hand into the burning coals. By then, he realises that the coals are magical and quickly retreats his hand.

Jiǔtóu steps towards the man with the dagger and throws sand in his face. With the man now blinded by the sand in his eyes, Jiǔtóu takes advantage of the situation and punches him in the rib cage, with the sound of bones breaking. Wald uses his sickle and attacks the man back. It slashes him at the chest and Wald asks him if he is feeling "sick-le". The two men from the other group now position themselves in a defensive manner.

First Encounter: Round Three
Loben uses Mage Hands and lifts up some of the magical coals. He throws them at the face of the now temporarily blinded man. He notices that the coals lose heat once out of the brassier and that the brassier fills back up. Yet, the coals still burn the man a little bit.

The two men run towards their blinded friend to help him. One of them kicks the barrel out of the way while the other tries to rescue his friend. Jiǔtóu punches the man rescuing his friend in the stomach. The blinded man tries to swipe Wald while his two friends attempt to punch Jiǔtóu and Trellimar respectively, but all three miss. In return, Trellimar grabs the man and dunk his face into the burning coal. Jiǔtóu strikes the blinded man twice. She snaps his neck and he drops to the floor.

Wald uses his sickle and hacks at the man who had his face burnt. Blood starts pouring out of the man's side. Loben casts Shocking Grasp at the man above him, the one being burnt, and knocks him out. Loben then grabs the dagger that the blinded man dropped. Trellimar now pulls the man out of the coals. As the one remaining man starts to run away, Jiǔtóu punches him in the back. Ethes tries to bat the man with his piece of wood but misses. The man just runs down the corridor screaming as Jiǔtóu shouts at him, saying that he should have joined them.
End of First Encounter

Loben observes the brassier once again. This time, he realises that it is part of the test for the worshippers of Kord. He also knows that if anyone can keep their hand in the burning coal for a period of time, they will receive a reward. Loben uses Mage Hands and tries to part the coal as he puts his hand inside. However, the coal fills up the space Loben created and he has to retract his hand. He then offers the dagger to anyone who wants it. Ethes takes it. Being a tiefling with fire resistance, Jiǔtóu gives it a try but also retreats. She then takes the hand of the burnt unconscious body and places it in the brassier. The skin starts to fizzle but she continues to place the hand in it.

Gelatinous CubeEdit

After a while, they hear someone screaming in agony from the corridor that the man fled to. The scream stops. The man's hand that Jiǔtóu hold in the brassier is now on fire and it starts to burn down the arm. Sounds of heavy footsteps are now heard echoing from the corridor. Wald jumps into the barrel in an attempt to hide but realises that it is too small for him. He tries to get out but is finds himself stuck.

Just then, a seven-foot-tall humanoid creature emerges from the corridor, donning metal armour and a helmet, and carries a huge battleaxe. Ethes, who is the first to see it since he is the nearest, yells out and tells everyone to run. He then dashes off to the other direction. Wald manages to get one foot out of the barrel. Everyone then starts to run in the same direction as Ethes. The sound of the footsteps now fade away as they continue to run.

The group head down the corridor and emerge into a large cavern with an underground river flowing through a broken down temple. By the side, there is a short corridor leads into a small room. A soft glow emanates from orbs placed on the wall, giving enough light for both Ethes and Wald to see. The group also realises that the creature is not following them anymore.

Jiǔtóu walks into a small room and sees a chest and a barrel. Also, laying on the floor by the corner, she sees a suit of leather armour, a crossbow and a sword. Wald walks up to her and looks at the items. He steps into the room and just as he reaches out to pick the items up, his arm starts to feel slimy as if he put his arm through jelly. Acid begins to fizzle on his skin. That is when he realises that he has been tricked by a gelatinous cube.

Second Encounter: Round One
The Cube engulfs Wald whole. Jiǔtóu, now aware of the Gelatinous Cube, quickly smashes a barrel with a kick and grabs a piece of wood. Inside the barrel is some linen and a weapon that she is unable to see clearly due to her quick actions. She sticks the wood piece into the Cube to try to rescue Wald. He manages to reach for it but is having difficulty getting out due to the high viscosity of the ooze.

Loben walks closer and also sees the Cube. He starts cackling as he casts Scorching Ray and concentrates the spell at it. It takes out a good chunk of the cube. As he does that, a rainbow orb surrounds him. At this point, from Trellimar's perspective, Loben disappears. Loben finds himself in the Astral Plane. Trellimar walks over to the commotion and fires Eldritch Blast at the Cube, tearing another chunk off it.

Second Encounter: Round Two
Wald's skin begins to blister and boil. The Cube fires a chunk of slime at Jiǔtóu but misses. By now, the wood piece disintegrates with Jiǔtóu left holding the burnt remaining piece of the wood. Remembering the weapon in the barrel, she rummages through the linen and finds a club. However, she chooses not to pick it up as carrying it would affect her abilities. Instead, she then uses Burning Hands against the Cube, but the Cube dodges the attack by thinning itself out. In doing so, one of Wald's hands is freed from the Cube and he gives it the finger.

The Cube dodging her attack makes Jiǔtóu furious, but she is also happy that Wald is receiving fitting punishment for his dislike of tieflings. At this time, Loben pops back into the cavern next to Trellimar, startling him. Without thinking, he casts Scorching Ray again. Once again, it takes off another huge chunk of the Cube. The similar rainbow orb surrounds him. This time though, everyone appears invisible and cannot see one another. Taking the place of Wald inside the remaining piece of the Cube is now just his outline.

Initially, Trellimar thinks Wald is dead, seeing that he has suddenly disappeared. However, he then realises that somehow Loben has made everyone invisible. He proceeds to fire Eldritch Blast the Cube once more, making himself visible. The Cube is now losing its form. Wald sees the opportunity to get out of the Cube, which he does. He falls beside the invisible Jiǔtóu. He then asks Trellimar where everyone went and he responds by saying that Loben made everyone invisible.

Second Encounter: Round Three
Unable to spot anyone's presence except Trellimar, the Cube glides out of the room and towards him. Both Jiǔtóu and Wald get out of its way in the nick of time. The Cube fires another chunk of itself towards Trellimar but misses again. Jiǔtóu backs off while Loben uses Ray of Frost, which makes him visible. It freezes what is left of the Cube and then it shatters into pieces.
End of Encounter

The Cube drops a light crossbow with 10 bolts, a short sword and leather armour. Wald runs on the spot to confuse everyone then stealthily sneaks back into the small room. Loben and Trellimar manage to trace the sound Wald is making. Faint muttering is heard and Wald becomes visible once again. Jiǔtóu and Loben now notice that the burns Wald had on his body seem to diminish.

Loben uses Artificer's Lore to find out if anything suspicious is being used by Wald, but finds nothing. Loben then questions Wald, since he appears to be healing rather fast for a human. Wald wishes to keep it a secret. Jiǔtóu walks to the chest. Worried that it is a mimic, she gives it to Trellimar for him to open. He opens it and finds a battleaxe. Wald trades his sickle for Jiǔtóu's club.

At this point, they hear a human scream coming from the room further south. The remaining four proceed to the room. They watch as a rat-like creature, the size of a bear with fearsome claws, drags Ethes down into a nest underneath the tunnel. Surrounding the room are bodies that seem to have faced a similar fate to Ethes. Trellimar assumes he is dead and warns everyone not to proceed.

Boss FightEdit

High Rollers 14 Final Battle CloseUp

A close-up of the Large Room where the Final Battle of Episode 14 takes place.

The group turns around and heads back into the previous corridor. They hear muffled sounds of a battle happening in another room. Jiǔtóu peaks around the corner and sees a well-lit large room with a bridge rising 20 feet over a pit. The pit drops another 20 feet below ground level to a shallow pool of water at the bottom.

It appears as if two separate battles are raging within the one room. The large golden statue Construct is engaging with two tieflings. One of the tieflings has an arrow stuck in his arm, while the Construct has several poking out of its armour. Loben recognises the tieflings as Lao and Lee.

Jiǔtóu observes that the two tieflings know martial arts, but are clearly not as proficient as she is, as if they have only begun learning it recently. Another group of three (one of them is Brace and another a female archer donning leather armour seen earlier at the barracks) are along the pathways left of the pit, firing arrows at the Construct.

A two versus two battle is happening by the barricade on the right of the pit.

First Round before joining the Combat
With no weapons, Lao and Lee continuously punch at the Construct, but they barely make a dent. The Construct swings its great axe towards Lao and Lee. Lao manages to dodge out of the way, but Lee gets struck by the axe, receiving a deep gash across his chest.(See "Lao-Lee Swap") He stumbles back and narrowly avoids the stairs behind him. He then gets into a defensive stance. The female archer shoots an arrow towards Lao, which sticks into his thigh.

By the barricade, the four people are trading blows against one another using an axe, a crossbow and a long sword. Two of them receive cuts: one by the longsword, the other across the neck.

Second Round before joining the Combat
After observing the scene playing out, Wald suggests that they don't engage any of them, noting that either they kill one another or get killed by them. Trellimar agrees with him. Loben exclaims that logic plays no part since he promised to assist Lao and Lee.

At this time, Trellimar now asks Loben where Elora might be. Loben replies by saying that she shape-shifted into a purple rat and went to seek help. Jiǔtóu says that the tieflings will die if they do not intervene, yet Wald insists that they may die by their hands instead. She retorts back by saying that she will trade Wald's life for one of them. Loben tells her that he will assist her should she wish to enter the fray. Loben shares that he can do two more Scorching Rays. They then have a long discussion about using it against the Construct.

Third Round before joining the Combat
While the discussion continues, the battle in the large room rages on. Lee strikes the Construct, but receives a second gash across his chest and collapses. Upon witnessing his friend fall in combat, Lao desperately fends off the Construct as he attends to Lee.(See "Lao-Lee Swap") The female archer shoots at the Construct but it bounces off the armour.

The four by the barricade continue to engage with one another.

First Round of Combat
As Loben sees Lee collapsed onto the ground,(See "Lao-Lee Swap") he yells some profanity as he runs forward and casts Scorching Ray twice, one at the Construct and the other at the female archer. The Rays against the Construct has limited effects, but the Ray against the female archer knocks her down. Loben is now engulfed by the rainbow orb as confusion sets into anyone within a 10-foot radius around him. Fortunately, no one occupies this space, and he manages to shake off the wild magic surge and returns to normal.

Jiǔtóu grabs some linen and runs up to the Construct. Standing on the stairs behind him, she successfully wraps the linen around the Construct's legs. With just enough strength, Jiǔtóu pulls the linen, which causes the Construct to fall prone on the ground. This startles the two tieflings as well. At this point, Jiǔtóu tells everyone to stop killing one another or the Construct will kill them all.

Brace takes a shot at the Construct with his crossbow, but the arrow pings off the armour. The Construct manages to stand on its feet and tears the linen in two by sheer strength. The Construct then says, "A challenge worthy of my greatness! Defeat me and know the honour of Kord, warrior!" The Construct then swings its greataxe at Jiǔtóu, causing a deep cut across her cheek.

Lao takes the opportunity to move the injured Lee down the stairs and tends to his injuries.(See "Lao-Lee Swap") While the battle between Jiǔtóu and the Construct goes on, a gnome from the barrack earlier goes up to a rubble and tries to see the event unfolding. Trellimar runs to Jiǔtóu's and fires Eldritch Blast at the Construct. The blasts deflect off the armour. Wald runs up to behind Jiǔtóu and grabs her tail. He pulls her back from the Construct to safety. He then casts Cure Wounds on Jiǔtóu.

Second Round of Combat
Jiǔtóu uses Burning Hands at the Construct. The sigils on the Construct's armour start glowing and absorb some of the attacks. She then retreats behind Trellimar. Loben steps back about 15 feet and uses Magic Missile at the Construct, but again, the armour absorbs the missiles. The rainbow orb engulfs Loben once more. An illusion of butterflies and flower petals flutter in the air around Loben. Brace shoots at the Construct once again but misses.

The Construct moves towards Jiǔtóu and Trellimar and says to Jiǔtóu, "Why did you flee! You are no warrior!" He strikes his greataxe at both of them but they manage to deflect the attack. Trellimar fires Eldritch Blast at a close range, causing it to deflect off the Construct's armour. Wald swings his greatclub at the Construct but it just hits the metal armour as the sound reverberates down the armour.

By the barricade, one of the people in the same group as Lao and Lee collapses onto the ground.

Third Round of Combat
Jiǔtóu launches herself over Trellimar's head and sits on the Construct, wrapping her arms around its head. She strikes the armour at its neck joint and pulls the helmet off. There is nothing inside the Construct, just a pair of glowing red eyes. Loben uses the Ray of Frost at the Construct but it bounces off. Brace fires at the Construct again, but is getting frustrated that all of his shots so far have bounced off the armour.

The Construct walks up the bridge and tries to grab Jiǔtóu, but she is nimble and swings under his arms then back onto his shoulders, not allowing it to grab her. Trellimar and Wald take advantage of the distraction and strike his armour again, but with no effect. Trellimar then fires Eldritch Blast at the Construct once more, this time dealing some damage. In response, the Construct yells out "Fight me with honour and weapon, not with magic!", stumbling around the top of the bridge.

Wald dashes up the stairs and clubs one of the Construct's shin pieces. However, it just scrapes across the armour. As he then retreats back down the stairs, the Construct strikes him in the back. The remaining human left standing in the tiefling's group backs away from the barricade and tries to escape the room, but Wald prevents him from leaving. This startles the human and he is forced to go into a defensive stance.

The other two human behind the barricade now move towards Lao. Lao stands over Lee to defend them both against the two humans.(See "Lao-Lee Swap")

Fourth Round of Combat
Jiǔtóu, still on the Construct, pummels it twice but it does nothing. Loben casts Ray of Frost at the Construct, but it deflects the attack, leaving part of the cavern wall coated in ice. Brace now throws away his crossbow as he is out of arrows and draws out his handaxe. He then starts charging towards the Construct. The Construct manages to grab Jiǔtóu this time and throw her off the bridge. She just about saves herself by catching the edge of the bridge, preventing herself from falling 40 feet down to the bottom of the pit.

No longer seeing Jiǔtóu as a threat, the Construct walks towards Trellimar and Wald. Trellimar has had enough and clobbers the Construct with his battleaxe. The Construct drops to a knee and tells Trellimar that he is worthy of Kord. He hands his giant moon-blade greataxe to Trellimar, saying that it is a gift to the Champion of Kord. Trellimar gladly drops his battleaxe and takes the greataxe. He then rushes to Jiǔtóu and starts to pull her up the ledge.

Lao punches the guy attacking him and roundhouse kicks another, knocking one of the humans out. Wald clubs the human he stopped earlier into the pit. All he hears is the guy fall flat at the bottom. Wald then goes up to assist Trellimar and asks Brace to assist them. The gnome to the left of the pit climbs over the rubble and sees Loben. The gnome greets him in a hysterical manner, then takes out a knife and stabs deep into Loben's stomach, all the while still smiling. The gnome then tells him that he is glad Loben and his friends came along to distract the Construct.

Fifth Round of Combat
With the help from Trellimar and Wald, Jiǔtóu pulls herself back up onto the bridge and thanks them. She then runs to the tieflings. She glares at Brace to warn him not to mess with her, so he lets her pass.

Loben, in retaliation, uses Shocking Grasps on the gnome. As it momentarily stuns the gnome, Loben runs away from him to the bridge. Brace walks up to the top of the bridge and tells Wald that, although he considers Jiǔtóu to dangerous, he thinks less of Wald. Brace then tries to shove him off the bridge. Wald is quick to sidestep out of the way, resulting in Brace running off the bridge instead, falling to his death.

Lao knocks the other human unconscious. He turns around and looks at Jiǔtóu and at the surrounding area, accessing his options. Trellimar sees the stunned gnome as the last remaining opponent and walks up to him, dragging his new greataxe. He swings it at the gnome, knocking him out.
End of Combat

With Jiǔtóu, Lao, Loben, Trellimar and Wald left standing, a deep voice rumbles throughout the cavern.

"Ah! Well done recruits. It seems we have found our five strongest. Medics! Fetch those that have fallen unconscious and bring them to the barracks. The rest of you, I will meet you in our initiation."

Featured CharactersEdit

The AdventurersEdit



  • Broken Sky
    • Brace
    • Ethes
    • Wald
    • Unnamed party of three male recruits
    • Unnamed grey-skinned male gnome recruit
    • Unnamed young man in cropped hair recruit
    • Unnamed young lady with short ponytail recruit
    • Unnamed young lady in tattered clothing recruit





Notable MomentsEdit


  • Temporary Character: Since Cam is still practising for the performance, Trott plays as Wald, a Broken Sky recruit, for this episode.
  • Retcon: Instead of Granamyr being locked in the prison with Elora and Loben as in the previous episode, Mark changes the storyline to state that Granamyr fled the scene to get help during the scuffle between Victoria and the adventurers. As such, Granamyr is not present throughout this episode.[1]
  • Lookalike: When the characters removed the hessian bags off their heads, Mark describes Wald and Ethes to the group. He describes Wald as looking like Chris Hemsworth, and Ethes as looking like Tom Hiddleston, only with curlier hair.
  • Boss Fight Theme: Steve composed "Rise of the Dragonborn", which consists of electric guitar riffs, for boss fights. The soundtrack made its debut during the last battle of this episode when everyone faced the large golden statue Construct.[2]
  • Lao-Lee Swap: During the Final Battle, Mark describes Lao taking two blows then collapses in battle. However, near the end of the third round of the Boss Fight after the adventurers join the fray, Mark accidentally mentioned here that it is Lee that fell in battle and Lao is well. It is also confirmed by Mark in Episode 15 that Lao is well. As such, it is assumed that Lao is the one who survived the initial two attacks from the Construct.


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