"Eye of the Beholder" is the twentieth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on July 10, 2016.

In this episode, our heroes head deeper into the mysterious temple and attempt to overcome more deadly traps. Cam slides down a big slide and the party meet an Iconic D&D monster!

Campaign SummaryEdit

Illusions and TrapsEdit

High Rollers Temple of Tharizdun

Map re-creation of Temple of Tharizdun, originally drawn by Mark Hulmes.

After gaining several pieces of loot from the previous episode, the adventurers are now in a library of the Temple of Tharizdun, heading through a door without opening the display case with two books inside, guarded by a gargoyle. At the same time, Jiǔtóu bickers at Trellimar for causing the scuffle with the Black Sludge earlier. Trellimar states that anyone would have caused it as well, especially Cam. Cam rebuts back by saying that he did warn everyone not to open anything with hinges, and for once, Jiǔtóu agrees with him.

Cam checks the door for traps and determines that it is not rigged and not locked. The adventurers open the door and head into the next room, a well-kept chapel with the smell of lilac incense. On the side of the chapel are curtains draped along the wall, with a podium at the front and several rows of pews with cushions on them.

Cam can sense some arcane magic coming from the podium but dare not go closer to it. He urges Jiǔtóu to investigate the podium. Instead, she walks up to the curtains and tries to brush through it to see what is behind it. Yet, she seems to be brushing aside more and more curtains despite still standing on the same spot. Confused, she then steps back and stares at it. Elora tries to find any hints of people or creature moving through the room recently but does not find any.

Trellimar walks up to the podium to investigate and finds three gemstones coloured red, black and white. He senses that the gemstones control certain effects within the chapel. Jiǔtóu walks up to it and knows the red gemstone controls the temperature and can create illusion fire. She also just notices that although there is light in the room, the source of it is unknown. Elora walks up to it and knows the white gemstone controls the lighting of the room and can create illusion shadows. Jiǔtóu, feeling a little bit cheeky, wants to activate the red gemstone and casts illusion fire on Cam, but she decides against it later, thinking that it could be dangerous.

Cam does not see another doorway but can feel a slight breeze coming from the eastern wall. Elora goes to investigate, and after brushing aside what seems like endless curtains, she eventually finds a door, with a slight breeze coming from it.

Jiǔtóu changes her mind and tells everyone to stand back before activating the red gemstone while thinking of setting the back-row pews on fire. Flames erupt from both sides of the curtain walls. The heat can be felt by everyone. The back-row pews, however, are not in flames. Cam urges Jiǔtóu to stop as the scene gives a flashback to the time he unintentionally kills Dimitriv by setting his shop on fire. Jiǔtóu stops. Elora activates the white gemstone, making the room blindingly bright. However, it did not work the way she hoped, as she only wants a small area to be bright. Now, both Elora and Jiǔtóu knows that the effect does not work the way they wish.

With no traps found on the just discovered door, Trellimar unlocks it with the key he had to allow Cam, Elora and Jiǔtóu to step through the door. Trellimar, not knowing what the black gemstone does, activates it with the hope that the mask he is looking for appears. It does nothing. Jiǔtóu suggests him to think of the voice while activating it. He tries that and the room darkens. As Trellimar speaks, his now deep and gravelly voice reverberates not only throughout the room but also the rest of the Temple. Unknown to them, it alerts an unknown being that is roaming the Temple to their location.

The next room that the adventurers entered is a corridor with another set of double doors at the end. There are also six stone statues, three on each side of the walls. What was supposed to be faces on the statues, instead, are holes. Trellimar suggests taking the cushions on the pews in the chapel and shove it inside the holes of the statues, hoping that it would prevent any potential trap from activating.

Cam whips out a generic dagger and throws it down the corridor, but the statues remain still. To test it further, Cam walks to his dagger and picks it up. No traps are activated, but his pocket feels warm. He grabs the item from his pocket and now knows the warmth is coming from the ward stone he had earlier. The adventurers now know what the note they found in the library earlier talks about, in which anyone without a ward stone will activate the traps throughout the Temple. Elora suggests Cam rolls the ward stone back to them, but he fears that the moment the ward stone leaves a person, the trap will activate. Instead, he suggests they penguin huddle; Jiǔtóu does not know what a penguin is (see "Penguin" under Meta-Game).

Star Constellation PuzzleEdit

High Rollers 19 Star Constellation

The five star constellations, originally drawn by Mark Hulmes.

Cam walks up to the double doors and sees that, engraved on the doors, are symbols of a night sky with moons and stars (Elora later recognises that the star arrangement is the same as the constellations they saw earlier). At the centre is a symbol similar to the key Trellimar is holding. Cam walks back and passes the ward stone to Trellimar who was stuffing the statues with cushions. Elora later knows that the statues do not shot out arrows, yet are magical. Trellimar opens the door with the key. The adventurers then take turns to roll back the ward stone after walking past the statues, until all of them are on the other side of the corridor.

With the door now open, it shows a large and dark chamber that seems to be painted in black. The ceiling is painted in dark blue hue like a night's sky with star constellations painted on it. On the other three walls are two features each. All six features have edges that hint that the stone can be opened. Elora observes the flooring, looking for potential traps. Instead, she just barely sees gemstones on all floor tiles that could illuminate. The adventurers then begin to figure out on how the five star constellations they saw earlier matches the stars on the ceiling with the gemstones on the ground.

Cam and Jiǔtóu guess that the four nearest stars on the ceiling seem to loosely match The Sickle constellation and proceeds to test it out. With Cam holding the ward stone and transferring the Light spell from his dagger Duracell to it, he steps on the nearest tile aligned with the star on the ceiling. The gemstone on the tile then lights up brightly; the others lit faintly. He then asks Elora to stay on the current gemstone as he steps on the tile not aligned with a star. The gemstone does not lit brightly. He now steps on the next two tiles aligned with the star which he thinks form The Sickle, but there is no difference. He now thinks that The Sickle may be the incorrect constellation.

Trellimar thinks that the gemstone Elora is now on is the first star of the constellation. Elora also figures out that the spacing between the stars in the constellation matters, which is why the other three stars Cam and Jiǔtóu tried does not work for The Sickle. Cam also notice that, as he moves around, the ward stone remains warm, suggesting that whatever wrong star he stood on earlier, the ward stone is preventing the trap from activating. Elora tells Cam to stand on the next star aligned with the constellation. He does so and it glows brightly. Cam then reverts his initial thought and suggests that The Sickle could be the right one after all.

Cam follows the gemstones aligned with The Sickle constellation, leading him to a stone door. It opens up, revealing a very dark corridor that he is unable to see the end of it. He steps into the corridor, but upon realising that the door is closing without his companions, he quickly steps back onto the star in the room. The door stays open. Cam then tells the rest that before they proceed down the corridor, they must be sure that the correct constellation leads to the correct corridor.

Jiǔtóu is aware that certain constellations are linked to certain deities. She then asks Trellimar of the constellation linked to his god, which he replies that none of the five constellations are related. Cam tells everyone that he can see all five constellations on the ceiling, which Elora adds on that there could be a sixth constellation since there are six doors, making the puzzle harder. With that, they decide to head back to the library, knowing that one of the books in the display case may explain further.

After backtracking carefully, the adventurers find themselves back at the library. However, they hear scraping coming from the other side of the double doors. Fearing potential threat, they tip over the nearest bookshelf onto the door, blocking whatever being from entering the library. However, Jiǔtóu points out that it also block their only way of escape. With the bookshelf slamming into the door, it seems to scare off whatever being was behind it.

Cam, with the ward stone and the key that Trellimar passed to him, opens the display case with no problems. There are two books. Cam keeps the book on the history of Arrak, reckoned that it could be valuable to historians. The other book is the Edicts of the Chained Darkness. Glancing through the book, Cam finds out that The Sickle constellation is linked to the god Tharizdun, as its followers use the sickle to conduct rituals since the god use blood-related rituals and the cutting of flesh to represent bonds being cut. The adventurers realise that they had solved the puzzle all along, but are glad that they had double checked.

Going back to the puzzle room, Cam, with Granamyr on his shoulder, walks to the far end of the room aligned to the star of The Sickle. Granamyr grabs the ward stone and flies back to the rest, passing the ward stone to the next person. After a while, all of them reach to the corridor with the stone door shut behind them. They then walk down the corridor, with gemstones lighting up the corridor as they walk pass each of it.

It Gets SpookierEdit

After a while, the adventurers enter a stone room, with four stone figures holding an orb each, all looking down the spiral staircase. Not knowing that they have spent about six hours in the Temple, the adventurers now feels lethargic and decides to take a long rest.

Jiǔtóu cautions them that with the Temple of many entrances, they should take precautions while resting. Elora and Trellimar, being elves, agree to take four hours shift each keeping watch. Cam then hands over the ward stone to Trellimar as he takes the first shift, while the rest take a long rest after eating a portion of their ten-days-worth rations.

The adventurers are sleeping on their bedrolls, apart from Trellimar who is keeping watch. Other than the breathing sounds and the occasional snores from Cam, the room is eerily quiet, not even an ambient sound. Trellimar hears his patron talking to him in his mind, saying, "Good Trellimar. You are coming closer to my temple. You have passed through the first gauntlet, but your true trial begins below."

Some time pass and Elora takes over to keep watch. Unlike Trellimar's peaceful watch, in Elora's first hour of watch, she picks up a male voice singing which seems to be echoing up the staircase. Feeling concerned, she wakes everyone up, who all hears the same thing. Cam shines the ward stone down the staircase, revealing a deep and dark shaft down. The singing then stops. Cam calls out a hello, but there is no response. After a while, they decided to go back to sleep, with Elora remaining in watch.

The adventurers had their long rest and wake up, consuming part of their rations and drinking some water. Cam casts Aid on everyone except Elora as she has the highest health.

Cam asks Trellimar to lead the way down the staircase. Just as Trellimar take a step on the stairs, the steps pivot into a slide. Trellimar just manages to grab onto the ledge to prevent himself sliding down, with Cam just remembering that Trellimar should have the ward stone first. Trellimar climbs himself back to safety and receives the ward stone from Cam. Nonetheless, Cam reckons that the slide would allow them to reach downstairs faster, although Elora warns him that it could be a trap at the end of the stairs. Jiǔtóu tells him that if he goes first, she can use his corpse as a cushion.

Cam then remembers that his deity Avandra favours the bold, so decides to walk forward without the ward stone. The stairs pivot into a slide as Cam anticipates for it by crossing his arms over his chest. Even though Cam is picking up speed as he slides down, there is enough time for him to casts Guidance on himself.

All within several short split seconds, Cam see a large room, with the slide leading down into a pit with spikes. He knocks his head into the side of the wall, taking a bit of damage, then transforms into a raven with his Raven Cloak, just before he enters the pit. Now flapping in the air, he sees several drow bodies in the pit, cushioning the spikes somewhat. The drows appear to wear old leather armour. He then grabs the Potion of Stone Giant Strength hooked onto one of the drows and lands on the edge of the pit.

The stairs reset and the trapdoor covers the pit. Trellimar, with the ward stone, walks down the stairs with no problems. Granamyr fetches the ward stone for Elora, then Jiǔtóu to walk down the stairs safely. Upon seeing the raven, Trellimar jokes that they should kill it.

High Rollers 20 Basement

Map re-creation of the Basement underneath the Temple of Tharizdun, originally drawn by Mark Hulmes.

The adventurers are in a large chamber, unable to see the far-ends as their light source could not reach far enough. They, however, can faintly see several figures kneeling as if in prayer, encircling a black marble obelisk in the centre. The raven takes a closer look at the figures, now seeing them as skeletons with their skull droops down, wearing tattered robes. The raven flies back to his companions, caws annoyingly at them, then transform back to Cam himself. Elora comments that she has never met a much more annoying raven than him.

Cam informs them of the skeleton figures, suggesting that those were either placed there or had died a long time ago. Trellimar looks closer at the obelisk and sees the symbol of Tharizdun made of ruby. At its base is a stone bowl on a large stone platform, with blood channels running into it.

At a distance, Trellimar faintly sees two skeletal figures lying by a pillar by a corner of the room, wearing old leather armour with skeletal figures shaped like a drow upon closer inspection.

At the same time, Cam suggests taking off the skulls, fearing that magical powers could bring them back to life.

Back to Trellimar, he notices three swords by the two skeletal drows. One of the swords has a symbol of an eclipsed sun, similar to the one he saw on the doorframe of the mausoleum they entered. Within the same time, Cam is about to pluck the first skull, when a voice booms out, "What are you doing!"

With that, Trellimar begins to lose all senses and blacked out.

The Four DrowsEdit

Trellimar, as Xan, regains conscious and stands up, noticing that he is in the same stone room, except that the two skeletal drows are no longer seen in front of him. When he turns around, he also notices that the skeletal robed figures are no longer kneeling, but just scattered all over the place. He also sees his three companions, Nix, Yylwis and Zaylin.

Nix tells Xan that he cannot keep falling unconscious. Zaylin folded her arms and staring at Xan. Yylwis tells Nix to get away from Xan and asks if he is alright. Zaylin then firmly asks if he has a problem, noticing that Xan keeps blanking out. Yylwis interjects and says that everyone must have been exhausted given the fact that how long it has been to get to where they are now. Nix and Xan agrees. Zaylin rebuts by saying that she is lucky to narrowly escape the previous trap, although Yylwis hints that she barely did anything to help. Zaylin cuts her off by saying she tries to do her best and tells everyone to concentrate on their task.

Nix brings Xan to one side and whispers to him that he noticed Yylwis has been leaving marks from the temple to their current location. Xan wonders if she is leaving a guide for someone else. Before they could continue to discuss, Yylwis interrupts and stares at Nix, warning him to back away from Xan. Nix obediently obeys her warning.

Xan asks what is their next step. Zaylin tells them that they will need to enter the Garden of Stones, but warns them that they need to be alert and careful since they have lost many of their kind in the area.

At this point, both Nix and Yylwis know that a guide is appointed to a group to lead back up to the surface, which in this case is Zaylin as she is favoured by the Figure. The two also know that despite being the only route to the surface, their kind are wary of the area, with horror stories attached to the place.

Zaylin asks her companions if anyone needs to take a moment, given the fact of the treacherous path ahead. Nix says that he would like to speak and tells them that he feels like something is watching them the whole time and everyone needs to be careful.

At this point, the group starts to hear a menacing laughter coming from above. A large orb descends from the darkness above. Xan's vision begins to blur, and then he passes out.

Trellimar now regains conscious with 6 seconds, although it feels like a couple of minutes have passed, and witness a scene unfolding before him.


After hearing the warning from an unknown source and assuming it is Trellimar, Cam replies that he is removing the skull from the skeleton.

"Do not remove the heads of my friends!" as the voice booms back.

Cam realises that the voice is not Trellimar's as the adventurers now see an orb descending from the darkness above. It is a Spectator, a variant of the Beholder, a creature with a large central eye and a large mouth with teeth, and four stalks with an eye at each end.

The Spectator demands the adventurers on why they are in the room. It quickly turns to its side and demand something (there is nothing visible) to keep quiet. It then quickly swivels back to the group, staring at them and telling them to be quiet.

Trellimar speaks by saying that they seek a relic mask. When the Spectator asks him if it is a Mask of Deception, Trellimar says that it might possibly be it. The Spectator says that he is lying and floats over to him. Trellimar refutes its claims, yet the Spectator insists he is lying since he seeks the Mask of Deception, a liar's mask.

The Spectator then looks at Jiǔtóu, calling her a demon child, and asks what is she doing here. She says that she is the drow's protector. The Spectator, upon hearing the word "drow", comments that it is not a fan of them as they are deceptive, traitors, and do not serve Tharizdun. It then refers itself as Tharizdun, much to the adventurers' suspicion, although Cam and Elora remain wary of it. Trellimar further states this by calling it a liar. The Spectator warns him not to show defiance, otherwise, it will turn him into stone, disintegrate him into dust, paralyse him or feed him to the ghouls.

Cam, erring on the side of caution, steps in and tells the Spectator not to listen to the drow as he can be deceptive. Yet, the Spectator tells Cam that he tried to remove the head of his friends, referring to the hooded skeletons. Cam insists that he is praying for them in their service to Tharizdun, the Spectator. Trellimar is calling a bluff, saying that the Spectator is just all talk. The Spectator tells Cam is a flatterer, yet is as deceptive as Trellimar.

The Spectator looks at Elora and asks for her purpose, smelling that she is of royalty (see "No Nose" under Meta-Game). Elora says that she is accompanying her friend. On hearing the word "friends", the Spectator gestures that the hooded skeletons are the Spectator's friends. Jiǔtóu points out that they are dead, yet the Spectator just shrugs it off. Elora asks what happened to its friends, which it replies by saying that they died a long time ago by some drow.

Trellimar tells his companions that the Spectator is not the Tharizdun it claims to be. It feels enraged and to show his force, a beam of light shoots out from one of its stalks and vapourises the leather armour on one of the drow corpses. The Spectator then warns him that what it has done will be the same on him. Feeling undaunted, Trellimar further states that the Spectator is just a guardian of the Garden of Stones. The Spectator remembers hearing "Garden of Stones" from a drow, yet calls it off, floats higher in the air and demands the adventurers to show respect to itself.

However, when Jiǔtóu asks the Spectator a trick question what does it wish for, the Spectator replies that it just want to ask questions. She is aware that the real Tharizdun wants to be freed.

The Spectator now wants to know where the adventurers came from. She retorts back by saying that Tharizdun, being a god, should know everything. Yet, the Spectator claims that it knows, but just wants to know if they know. By now, Cam and Trellimar know that the Spectator is just sprouting nonsense, as well as its stalks looking at places where there seems to be nothing there.

The Spectator once again demands Jiǔtóu where they come from. She simply replies, "Above." Trellimar, on knowing that the Spectator must have set up the skeletons in such arrangement by referring to his vision a while ago, asks the Spectator why it has set them up. The Spectator replies that they must worship the mighty Tharizdun. Trellimar then says that the skeletons were once scattered all over the room a long time ago, forcing the Spectator to says that he speaks some truth. Yet, it refuses to answer him on such arrangement, stating that he is the lord of this realm. Trellimar retorts back by saying if it is Tharizdun, he should not be chained to the temple but be free. This agitates the Spectator and it moves around the room. Trellimar adds on to say that the Spectator seems very mobile to be chained.

The Spectator is now in conflict with itself, going back and forth that it is freed and it is not, repeating itself by saying that it should be banished. Elora questions on the banishment comment, which leads the Spectator to say that its skeleton friends brought it into the realm long ago. Yet, the Spectator is inconsistent with the number of years, throwing out numbers of 500 years to 800 years ago. Cam now asks who is the invisible friend the Spectator is speaking too. It replies that it is Bahamut, an invisible platinum dragon.

The Spectator now wants to know the adventurers' name. Elora and Jiǔtóu say theirs. Cam says his after the Spectator flies very close to his face. Although Trellimar states his name, the Spectator just insists he is lying.

Trellimar asks if it knows of four drows that passed by the area a long time ago. When the Spectator remembers the four drows, it is now enraged, claiming that the four deceived it, attacked it and then fled into the tunnel, which the Spectator now blocked off with rocks. Trellimar wants to know the location of the tunnel, with Elora adds on by saying that they could help to find the four drows. At first, the Spectator refuses to reveal the location of the tunnel, but after much persuasion including Elora shape-shifting into a bear to show her fierceness, the Spectator melts away the rocks blocking the tunnel. At the same time, behind the Spectator's back, Cam quietly expresses his disbelieve to his companions.

The Spectator clears the path to the tunnel but warns them to return to it with the four dead drows. Before entering the tunnel, Jiǔtóu asks the Spectator if it knows the location of the Scroll of Greater Restoration. The Spectator suggests that its ancient enemy, the Queen of the Garden of Stones, may have one. It further shares that the Queen sends black creatures to attack it. After a few more rounds of bickering with the Spectator, the adventurers walk into the tunnel.

Gricks and GurliEdit

While traversing through the tunnels, Cam stops his companions and, based on Trellimar's information during the encounter with the Spectator, remarks that Trellimar has not been revealing certain information. Trellimar explains that he had another vision of Xan again, this time in the room they were previously in. As he explains the events that happened in his vision, he points out of Yylwis leaving marks on her way down through the temple, but not knowing what it means. He wonders if she is a double agent and if she serves Tharizdun, leading her friends into a trap.

After a couple of hours navigating through the caves, the adventurers can now breathe in fresh air and smell life. They now emerge into a humongous and valley-like cavernous kingdom, with fertile land and lit brightly by bio-luminescent fungus along the ceiling (Mark describes it as an underground, yet larger, Cheddar Gorge[1]). Mushroom-like forests scatter across the land, with a stone village up ahead.

As they walk down the under-maintained dirt path, they bump into a young girl svirfneblin being attacked by two gricks. The girl hides in between two rocks, yelling at the gricks to get away. Cam is hesitant in saving the girl, but Trellimar brings up a point that her kind may also be enemies of the black creatures the Spectator was mentioning earlier.

First Round of Battle
Upon noticing one of the gricks grabbing the girl's leg and dragging her out of her hideout, Jiǔtóu just rushes forwards and slices the grick's head off with several swipes of her guandao. She then punches the other grick.

Trellimar fires Eldritch Blasts at the grick but misses as it dodges the beam swiftly. It then grabs onto Jiǔtóu and pecks at her with its beak.

Cam whips out his dagger Nimbus and throws at the grick, trying to avoid hitting Jiǔtóu. Elora shape-shifts into a bear, charges at the grick and claws at it.

Second Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu, after failing to deal significant damage on the grick, manages to flick it off her with her guandao. The grick just lands in between the bear and Trellimar, who finishes off with a right-timed Eldritch Blast, shredding the grick into pieces. The girl, amazed by the attacks, then cheers on the adventurers.
End of Battle

The svirfneblin comes out of hiding and introduces herself as Gurli who is 104 years' old. However, upon seeing the drow, Trellimar, Gurli shrieks in fear and goes back into hiding, saying that it will harm them. Cam takes a while to assures her that Trellimar is a friendly drow and will not harm anyone. Gurli peeks out and looks at Trellimar, noticing that it is a male and comments that he will not harm anyone yet.

Gurli crawls out of hiding, revealing her tattered cloth with textile similar to hessian fabric. On Cam's question on why she was attacked by gricks, she explains that she is trying to go to the surface, escaping the Queen that enslaved her family. Cam then says that they are here to kill the Queen and save her family. Upon hearing this, Gurli runs up to Cam in amazement and hugs his legs, then she starts to cry. The bear treads to Gurli and nuzzles her, leading to Gurli to play with her. Cam then introduces himself and his companions to her.

Gurli, still excited, wants to bring them to her village, Gloom. However, Cam stops her and tells her that they cannot just come crashing in, but enter with caution. Gurli then tells them that she quietly sneaked passed the duergar guards and out of Gloom. Cam says that he and his companions will need to sneak into the village and to the Queen, just like how she sneaked out of it. Gurli tells him that she cannot bring them to the Queen, but says that Bork, the village shaman, may know a way.

Trellimar asks Gurli if she knows the location of the Garden of Stones. She replies that they are now in it, the whole underground valley. On the Queen, Trellimar asks her on how she is like. Gurli explains that whoever sees her will be dead and she commands the duergars to bring the offerings from the svirfneblins. Whoever fails to give sufficient offerings will face the wrath of the Queen.

On the way to Gloom, Gurli explains that the duergars, by orders from the Queen, enslaves the svirfneblins to work in the mine, even as young as herself. Elora suggests taking a short rest, but Gurli tells them that they can rest in Bork's place. Jiǔtóu asks Gurli on the last time she saw a drow. Gurli replies her that drows usually come and raid the Queen's land from below. She also says that Bork last witnessed a drow raid about 200 years ago.

On her plans, once she reaches the surface, Gurli is not sure on what she would do but mentions that she is good in finding things and shows her ruby. Cam estimates that it is worth about 300 gold pieces and sneakily asks her if she would like to keep the ruby in his bag. Jiǔtóu stoops on his foot, forcing him to retracts his statement. At the same time, Trellimar telepathically tells Gurli to just keep on walking.


Upon nearing the village, Gurli sneaks quietly pass the guards. Elora casts Pass without a Trace to aid them to easily sneak into the village. They then enter Bork's residence. Bork is sitting down on a chair, one of his arms turned into stone. The eyes of the elderly male svirfneblin are completely white and he is carrying a staff in his hand.

Bork calls out if Gurli is in his residence and can sense other beings in his home. Bork stands up and waddles over to Cam, recognising him as a human that he has not seen for a while. Cam then explains that they are here to help the village, although Bork guesses that they do not know much about the place they are in. Bork then invites them in and asks Gurli to bring out the stew he has been brewing.

Bork asks the adventurers on what they have known so far of the place they are in. Elora knows that they are in the Garden of Stones, with Bork confirms that it is what the Queen calls the place. Trellimar then asks if the Queen turned Bork's arm into stone, which Bork confirms it to be true.

On the Queen's description, Bork says that she is evil and can turn anyone into stone with just by looking, with snakes for her hair. Her name is Queen Sharisa, a medusa that has been in power for centuries. Bork shares that he once served the Queen as a cook, but on one day, he got his arm turned into stone when she did not like what he did to the soup. He is just fortunate that his strong mind and escaping from her clutches prevents him from turning into a stone fully.

Bork tells the adventurers of the direction to the palace, where the Queen resides. He also shares that the palace once belonged to the duergars, but Queen Sharisa killed their king and queen. Yet, the duergars are happy to serve her, since the Queen gives them golds and treasures. He also shares that the Queen and get into fits of rage, always destroying the furniture that the svirfneblins had to fix. He adds on that the Queen was once from the surface, but something changed her and she now hides underground.

Trellimar asks Bork of the four drows, including Xan. Bork remembers the name Xan and shares that he was a young boy when he knew of the drows coming through the village with some business with Queen Sharisa. He also says that the four drows spoke to his grandfather of a place underneath the palace as they are in a search for an item there.

A few hours past as the adventurers had a short rest while chatting with Bork. All of a sudden, they hear a commotion outside. A voice barks out to the general populace of their treasure tribute to the Queen. Cries from the villagers can be heard. The voice seems to be displeased, as he now calls the whole village to gather.

Bork says that the voice is Reznak, the chief collector. He warns the adventurers to hide in his home and not let the duergars see them. He then walks out the door with Gurli to the gathering place. Cam peeks out and sees five duergars, one of them wielding a massive hammer. At the town square is a small pile of gems and food. Unsatisfied with the tribute, Reznak remarks that they will need to make an example out of the village.

Worried, the adventurers debate if they should help the villagers or not. Trellimar wants to help out, but Jiǔtóu comments that by helping, they will lose the element of surprise for the Queen.

At this time, five random villagers are gathered by the duergars. One of them gets a punch in. It's bone snaps as the adventurers can hear it clearly. The second gnome gets grabbed by the hair and is slammed onto the ground. Reznak angrily demands that he does not care of the village have to tear the Underdark apart, but the tribute must be sufficient.

Trellimar, feeling enraged, ignores his companions and walks out of the residence, standing in view of the villagers and the duergars. There is silence, as the villagers turn towards Trellimar. Reznak sees this and demands the drow to state his purpose for being in the Garden of Stones. Trellimar introduces himself and states that he is seeking an audience with the Queen. Reznak laughs and tells Trellimar to wait where he is while the duergars deal with the villages first. He then grabs one of the villagers and snaps his arm.

Upon witnessing the horrific scene unfolding, Trellimar fires Eldritch Blasts at Reznak, causing him to plummet to the ground. Reznak stands up and the battle begins.

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  • Monks and Musical Instruments: In the previous episode, Jiǔtóu is attuned to the doss lute that she found, despite being a monk. The viewers point this out by stating that the doss lute, being a musical item, can only be attuned by a bard. Mark Hulmes said that he is now made aware of this in this episode, but decided to scrap the attunement rule, reasoning that it would be a waste if the doss lute cannot be used by any of the adventurers since the others are not bards as well.[2]
  • Penguin: When Kim says that Jiǔtóu does not know what a penguin is, Mark describes them as "dangerous underground creature with a beak and waddles around the ground and latch onto people's leg and drinks their blood."[3]
  • No Nose: During the encounter with the Spectator, Mark describes it able to smell Elora as a royal person. However, Spectators does not have noses, which Mark realises shortly after his statement.[4]
  • Compassion:On Trellimar's decision to battle with the duergars, Matt explains that Trellimar decided to help the svirfneblins in view of how his drow kind has been treated in their own world.[5]
  • Hogwart's House: On a donator's question on what Hogwarts' houses would the D&D characters be housed under, Cam and Elora are Hufflepuffs, Jiǔtóu is a Ravenclaw-Slytherin mix (Katie also suggests Gryffindor) and Trellimar is a Slytherin. With both Kim and Mark having limited knowledge of the Harry Potter universe, Kim jokes that Jiǔtóu is Dumbledore and Mark jokes that, being a dungeon master, he is the Ministry of Magic, Voldemort and a Death Eater.[6]


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