"TACTICAL WITHDRAW!" is the twenty-first episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on July 17, 2016.

In this episode, our heroes are captured by Queen Sharisa, who then agrees to release them and give the Scroll of Greater Restoration upon completion of a task.

Campaign SummaryEdit

Battle against the DuergarsEdit

HighRollers Trellimar vs Duergars

Figurines of Trellimar vs. the Duergars, cropped from this image.

From the previous episode in the village of Gloom, upon seeing Reznak, a duergar chief collector, hurting the svirfneblin villagers, Trellimar fires Eldritch Blasts at Reznak's back. Reznak stands up and grins back, with his other four men get ready to engage.

Cam, Elora and Jiǔtóu witness Trellimar dashing out of Bork's residence they were hiding in. Gurli is witnessing the scene through the window. A short while later, a blast is heard from outside, followed by a voice exclaiming that he shall have his fun.

First Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu moves closer to the doorway to get a clearer view of the events unfolding, yet remains hesitant to engage the duergars.

Trellimar casts Hold Person at Reznak, freezing him in place, then takes cover behind one of the stone hut. While Reznak struggles to move, Cam duplicates himself and orders his duplicate to run out and gyrates as a distraction. Cam also realise that his endowment has return to its full size, telling the others not to look as he removes the bandages from his underpants.

Elora asks Gurli if anyone has fought the duergars before. She says no and also unsure if anyone has defeated them before, but finds the recent developments exciting. On Elora's request on asking the other villagers to fight back, Gurli is unsure if they will fight, but will still try to ask for their help.

One of the duergars attack Cam's duplicate. The other runs behind the stone hut Trellimar was taking cover at. Jiǔtóu senses Trellimar could be in danger, so she dashes towards the duergar chasing Trellimar and slams him against the wall.

A third duergar flings his javelin at her. By using Deflect Missile, she not only manages to deflect the attack, she also catches the javelin, spins it and throws it back at the duergar. However, he just shield off the returning attack with his shield. A fourth duergar defends the paralysed Reznak.

Gurli runs over to another stone hut in an attempt to ask her community to fight back.

Second Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu uses her guandao and makes several attacks at the prone duergar near her. Her first attack injures him, but he blocks her second and third attacks. Trellimar runs further behind the stone hut, narrowly missing an attack by the prone duergar, and casts Disguise Self, disguising as a duergar. However, due to the spell's inability to alter his height, Trellimar has to hunch.

Reznak breaks free from his paralysis and looks around, trying to find Trellimar. Cam takes his dagger Nimbus and throws it through the window of the stone hut, aiming for the duergar attacking his duplicate. However, it barely makes a dent on its armour. Cam then asks Elora if they can withdraw from the battle, having noticed that the duergars are tough. Cam then orders his duplicate to distract the duergar in order to direct his attention away from the hut.

Elora, noticing that the duergars are wearing metal armour, casts Heat Metal at the duergar engaging Cam's duplicate. His metal armour starts to glow bright red and he screams in great agony, desperate to take off his heated armour. The duergar, now realising that the duplicate is not real, looks around and sees Cam looking through the window. He dives through the window and lands at Cam, then punches him in agony, yelling him to get the burning armour off him.

The proned duergar stands up, mutters some phrases and then burst into white, hot flame. Jiǔtóu quickly steps back from the sudden burst of fire, but she still gets hit by the now flaming duergar's battleaxe. In quick retaliation, Jiǔtóu casts Hellish Rebuke, dealing some damage back at the flaming duergar. The two remaining duergars now dashes to Jiǔtóu as she is the only foe they can see so far.

Gurli now runs over to the third hut.

Third Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu uses Step of the Wind to leap away from the three duergars that are now surrounding her and travel around the back of two huts yet remaining out of sight from Reznak. She then drinks a healing potion.

Trellimar, disguised as a duergar, walks up to Reznak and boldly suggests to him that they should capture the intruders and bring them to Queen Sharisa. However, because Trellimar calls her Princess Sharisa before quickly correcting himself, Reznak swings his hammer twice at Trellimar while warning him not to trick him via an illusion. The two hammer swings severely injures Trellimar.

Cam manages to get the burning duergar off him, then stand further back into the hut. He orders his duplicate to stand at his former position, hoping that the duergars do not notice this.

The burning duergar is now cooked alive in his heated armour.

Elora runs up to Reznak, tells him that they do not want to fight and that they just want an audience with the Queen. Two of the duergars run behind the hut and throw a javelin each at Jiǔtóu. She catches one of the javelins and throws it back at the duergar. Both takes some damage. A third duergar runs into the hut where Cam was.

Fourth Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu dashes around the hut and towards Reznak. She then tells Reznak that they will yield, claiming that they are envoys of the Shadowed Sun sent to see Queen Sharisa and claims that their drow instigated the fight out of stupidity. Trellimar, out of his disguise due to Reznak's retaliation earlier, is forced to agree with Jiǔtóu that he is dim-witted and stupid. He then looks at Jiǔtóu and glares at her.

Reznak grabs Trellimar by the collar and lifts him up. He then orders everyone to drop their weapons or he will crush Trellimar's head like a grape. Cam's duplicate, upon hearing the warning, drop his fake dagger. Cam follows suit by dropping Nimbus, noticing that the duergar beside him is watching him.

Cam gets rid of his duplicate, then submits himself to the duergar. Elora and Jiǔtóu also drop their weapons. Reznak then orders his men to stand down and take the adventurers to the Queen.

At this point, Gurli and three svirfneblins charge out of the hut wielding pots and pans. Elora quickly shouts to them to not attack. The four svirfneblins, upon noticing the unfavourable situation, quickly retreats back into the hut.
End of Battle

The remaining duergars gather around Reznak and the adventurers. Cam calls out to Reznak as "Reygar" and apologises to him for burning one of his men alive. As an offering, Cam says that Trellimar will offer an eye patch encrusted with gems as a form of compensation. Intrigue by it, Reznak pats Trellimar down, finds the eye patch and keeps it. Reznak says that although the eye patch will not be sufficient to compensate for the death of a duergar, he says that at least it is worth something. Elora was about to explain their purpose for being here, but Reznak cuts her off and says that they will be seeing the Queen and explain to her, for she will judge their actions against the duergars.

Reznak and his men lead the adventurers out of the village, with Reznak calling four more duergar guards by the gate to follow them. As they leave the village, Cam tries to look for Gurli. He spots her and gives a wink. Gurli acknowledges him by giving a thumbs up while grining.

Queen SharisaEdit

After winding through several dirt paths, the contingent reach a huge stone building with a domed roof. Its entrance have curved staircase by its side leading to the front door. It has a small curved balcony leading out to a well-maintained garden. The duergars lead the adventurers up to the door, comments on the finest duergar craftsmanship, then knocks on the door. The door opens inwards by two other duergar guards. Cam tells his companions to not look at the Queen in the eyes. Reznak chuckles as he hears this, adding on by saying that she can controls the power, so they should not anger her and she will not use it.

The contingent enters a hallway that was once beautiful. The red carpet on the floor is now tattered. The walls are not kept clean. Flanking the hallway are four statues on each side of the carpet. One have hooked arms with a bear-like face, one powerful hulking creature with antennas and powerful claws, one is of a drow in spiked armour holding a crossbow as if in a battle but not of the drows Trellimar sees in his vision, while the rest are creatures they have never encountered before.

However, there is one statue that catches the attention of the adventurers. It is a surface-dwelling male human cleric, wearing an armour with a robe over the top and is clutching a book. The man seems to be in a position where he is unsuccessfully trying to block his vision from looking at something. Cam sarcastically comments that these statues are some fine pieces of stonework. Reznak replies by saying that these are the best and that the Queen is quite the collector. Elora notices that the human have a ring with a holy symbol of Avandra shaped similar to Cam's ring. She also spot a brand on his arm, also matching the same brand Cam has back in Feyden

The contingent walk to the other end of the hallway, reaching another set of doors. Reznak warns the adventurers to treat the Queen with respect. He then knocks on the door and opens it. Reznak steps in first, informing the Queen that with him are four people held captive for killing one of his men and that they which to seek audience with her. He adds on to ask if she wish to speak with them and perhaps lay down a punishment for their action. Queen Sharisa replies that she will speak to them. The adventurers are them push into the room.

The adventurers now stood in a grand meeting chamber with a stone throne engraved with dwarven runes in the centre with worn out red fabric draped along the sides. What was once used to be furniture are now either damaged or removed. On the throne is a woman dressed regally in long silk dress with gold jewellery embedded with gemstones. Her skin is pale with a slight tint of green. The adventurers also hears rasping of snakes as they continue to look down, avoiding eye contact with her.

Reznak proceeds to fall onto his knee in respect of the Queen. The adventurers follow his lead. After asking the adventurers of their identity, Queen Sharisa asks their purpose for being in her land and also why have they attacked the duergars, her protectors. Elora says that they are simply passing through the old temple and came across her land. The Queen comments that the old temple is quite a distance from Gloom and that surface-dwellers are rare, with the exception of drows, whom she despises since they have tried to take over her lands in the past.

The Queen asks the adventurers on why they choose to travel far underground. Elora says that they are searching for a Scroll of Greater Restoration and hopes that the Queen can come up with an arrangement to trade with it. The Queen tells Reznak that she likes the way Elora is addressing her, then asks Elora what they can propose to trade with. When Elora proposes gold, platinum and trinkets, all of which are rejected by the Queen since her land is rich and full of gemstones and ores that she trade with the other duergar clans.

Instead, the Queen offers them a quest in which, should they successfully complete the quest, she will reward them with the Scroll they seek and grants them passage throughout her kingdom, as well as assistance back to the surface. The quest is as follows: proceed to an abandoned drow enclave along the far edge of her kingdom and retrieve notes which the Queen believes are research belonging to a drow matron who was once summoning demons, which went awry.

Cam apologies for misinterpreting the situation back at Gloom, to which the Queen says that it is alright. She also adds that he is handsome, making Cam blush. She hopes that she can keep Cam around, but Cam kindly rejects, pointing out that she already has a human statue back in the hallway.

On the quest given by the Queen Sharisa, Elora clarifies on where the research can be found in the enclave. The Queen tells them it must be somewhere inside, although they are not sure since her duergar guards are unable to scout the enclave due to an enchantment placed on the entrance. This is why the Queen seek the help from the adventurers since both Elora and Trellimar have elven blood. She also reckon any surface-dwellers, like Cam, may not be affected by the enchantment as well. She also suggests that Jiǔtóu, with her demonic ancestry, may come in handy since demons may still roams the hall of the enclave.

With little options available, the adventurers agree to partake in Queen Sharisa's quest. With that, she orders Reznak and his men to aid them in the quest and to return them their equipment once they reach the enclave. Cam ends off by saying that the Queen has been a gracious host. The Queen walks up and extends her hand out to him. With a bit of hesitation, Cam bids her farewell by kissing the back of her hand.

Before leaving, Cam queries Queen Sharisa on the human statue in the hallway. She says that it was a long time ago that she found him wandering in her lands. When she surprised the human, he looked at her which resulting in his current state, frozen in stone. She says that he is the first to be affected and it is a pity that she could not spend more time with him.

Out of the presence of Queen Sharisa and back into the hallway, the door shuts behind them. As they are walking down the hallway, Jiǔtóu asks Reznak about where the human was found. He replies that he was not sure, found before his time before the Queen took over the reign. On how long has the Queen been ruling the land, Reznak tells Jiǔtóu that it has been several centuries, during the time when his clan was struggling with other duergar clans. Sharisa entered their lands and claims that it is her domain now. Grimfang, the leader of Reznak's clan, tries to fight her but it did not end well. Reznak then points to the stone statue of Grimfang. Yet, Reznak says that the Queen is fair as long as he and his men serve her well. He also says that they flourish under her rule and they she taught the myconids and svirfneblins to farm and mine. At one point during all the chatters, Cam addresses Reznak as "Reydox", making Reznak slapping Cam at his upper back.

Travelling to the enclave takes a couple of hours, in which the fastest way available is the large centipedes, which Cam dislikes but he have no choice. The convoy consists of five centipedes with three saddles each, four of the seats taken by the adventurers with the rest by the duergars. When the convoy arrives at the drow enclave at the far edge of the kingdom, Reznak orders his men to camp outside the enclave. They also return the equipment back to the adventurers. They then take a short rest with the duergars.

Drow EnclaveEdit

During the rest, Cam tells his companions that, since they have been journeying together for a period of time now, they all should plan how to tackle the problems ahead before entering any dungeon, as well as combining their combat styles together for a better chance to attack the enemies. Elora adds on that they should talk it out with the enemy first, only engaging in combat as a last resort. Jiǔtóu takes this chance to single out Trellimar, referring to his choice to engage the duergars back in Gloom. Trellimar snaps back at Jiǔtóu, exclaiming that amongst themselves, he thought Jiǔtóu would be the first to defend the svirfneblins, given her past of being kept under slavery. Jiǔtóu defends herself by stating that taking down Queen Sharisa is a better option, given the situation at that time. Cam calms things down by telling them to not let emotions to dictate their actions.

Trellimar recognises the architecture of the drow enclave, similar to his kind in his country in the Underdark. Trellimar feels like he is home. He also suggests to his companions that they should try to find any mirrored surfaces to fight against Queen Sharisa since she is weak against mirrors.

As they may face demons, Jiǔtóu shares of her ancestry, where there are not only demons (unpredictable and do not follow rules), but devils (prefers to make pacts and agreements) as well. She also shares that despite her race having pacts with the demons centuries ago, over time, the tieflings are no longer bound to any demonic pacts. Yet, there are a pockets of tieflings who made pacts with demons to break free from their dragonborn slave masters. Trellimar also shares his ancestry, particular how some desperate drow attempts to make pacts with the demons which sometimes end badly.

Meanwhile, Cam admires his wondrous endowment by going behind a boulder and pull down his pants. Kim meta-games by asking Mark to roll a perception check for Reznak to see if he notices it. With a natural 20, Reznak yells at Cam to put his pants back on.

HighRollers Drow Enclave

Map re-creation of the drow enclave, originally designed by Mark Hulmes.

After the short rest, Cam casts Aid to himself and his companions. He also touches Trellimar's face and casts Blessing of the Trickster. Knowing that the enchantment on the doorway to the drow enclave is elven in nature, Trellimar walks up to the entrance and, after finding no traps, touches the door to tell it to open in his mind. The door opens, revealing what was once a grand hallway, now fallen into disrepair. Blood stains cover the entire place. A set of stairs at the other end of the room leads up to a hallway. There are also a door each on both sides of the room.

Jiǔtóu asks Reznak to see if he now can go through the door. He tries, but an invisible force field prevents him from doing so. Reznak tells them that he and his men will just camp outside, trying to help in anyway should the adventurers need to escape from the dangers in the enclave.

In the enclave, Cam does not spot any traps but sees signs of battle, including scorch marks outlined in a shape of a person, hinting that the person might have been vaporised. Cam whips out his dagger Duracell, which brightens the place. With eerie silence, Elora stealthily walks up to the door on the right. She hears, ever so slightly, scuttering noises. Trellimar walks up to the door on the left but hears nothing, although he notices that the door seems to be dented outwards. Cam walks up to the hallway to find out what is behind the two doors. Cam can feel power from the bigger double doors with faint glow along the edges coming from the other side of the doors. On the smaller door by his side, he hears nothing.

Cam walks down the stairs to his companions, but all of them have not got a clue on what is behind the four doors. Trellimar then asks Granamyr on what he can sense behind the doors. After flying to each door to check, Granamyr projects the follow to Trellimar: rocks caved in and blocking the left door, a powerful being inside the room behind the double doors, a sleeping person inside the smaller door up in the hallway, and small scuttering creatures behind the door to the right.

Unable to decide on whether to investigate the room with the sleeping person or the room to the right, Cam suggests to hold a quick vote. Elora and Jiǔtóu vote to enter the room with the sleeping person, while Cam and Trellimar votes on the room to the right. Granamyr raises his paw, unsure of what is going on. Trellimar sees this and thought that he may teach Granamyr on how to vote so that he may weigh in on future votes. With an even vote, Cam decides to give the vote to the ladies, pointing out that there is nobility in Elora's vote.

Sleeping DrowEdit

With Jiǔtóu leading the way, the adventurers stealthily walk to the room with the sleeping person. She slowly turns the handle and opens the door. It is a lavish bedroom with a bed with a sleeping female drow, and a dresser table with a large mirror by the side of the room. Before Jiǔtóu can do anything, Cam signals to her to come out of the room. Once she is out, Cam asks if Jiǔtóu plans on waking the drow up, which she nods. Cam suggests Trellimar, being a drow, should do it in order not to startle the drow. Trellimar then walks into the room, telling the rest to stand outside of the room. As a precaution, Cam whips out one of his dagger and jams it on the edge of the door, just in case the door slams shut and traps Trellimar inside.

Trellimar walks up to the sleeping female drow and gently touches her to wake her up. The drow jolts up, grabs on Trellimar's arm and exclaims, "They're here! They're here!” She quickly realises that the drow she is looking at is not from her house of Kalex and asks him who he is. Trellimar introduces himself and asks the same question back. She says she is Tatyana, then asks him a barrage of questions like if the demons are all gone and if his house is here to rescue her family. Trellimar simply says that he is exploring the place, not knowing that there will be another drow. Tatyana looks dejected when Trellimar says that he did not spot any other drow in the enclave.

Tatyana asks Trellimar if he has spotted any demons. He says no, leading her to tell him that he is lucky, but warns him that they still roams the enclave. She adds on to say that the demons were let loose and killing everyone after her mother, Kalex, failed to contain them. On what has happened to her, Tatyana says that she fled into the room she is in, knowing that demons cannot enter certain rooms without permission. She then felt hungry as a couple of hours passed, yet the fighting continues. Unsure on how long the fighting will last, Tatyana put herself in a ritual that allows her to sleep for a long period of time without the need to eat or age. She thought that her family will rescue her after the fighting ends, but it did not happen.

Tatyana is surprised when she sees a human and a noble elf entering the room. Trellimar assures her that they are his companions. This ease her somewhat, yet she still warns them of the demons still roaming around. Cam tells her that they have a tiefling friend too. Jiǔtóu enters the room, making Tatyana confused on why they would have a demon with them. Cam assures her that Jiǔtóu is from the surface as well, with Jiǔtóu assuring her that she have no links with the demons. Tatyana never heard of tieflings before, leading Jiǔtóu to assure her once more that she does not have pacts with the demons.

Cam shares the bad news to her that, back in the main hallway, he sees outline of people possibly burnt alive. This leads Tatyana to fear that she is possibly the only person still alive. On how long she has been asleep for, Tatyana is not sure of it, stating that her waking from her sleep felt moments just after she casts the ritual on herself.

On why the matron summoned demons, Tatyana explains that her mother, who had a daughter cursed with the drider's curse, hopes that the demons could reverse the curse. A demon lord promises to reverse the curse, in which the matron complies by summoning more demons to her service. Tatyana says that she never approved of her action. She continues by saying that just before her mother could conduct the final ritual to contact the demon lord, the other demons went mad and attacked her.

When Cam tells Tatyana that he can hear chittering in one of the other rooms, Tatyana confirms that demons still roam the place, telling them that they can be of any sizes, large or small. On the room with the double doors that still emanates arcane power, Tatyana confirms that the room is where the final ritual took place. Cam then asks if the matron could have any notes on the rituals, to which Tatyana tells them that she does have some in the study. However, she cannot remember the directions to the study, so Cam thinks about bringing her out to guide them. Tatyana refuses as she is concerned for her safety. Instead, Cam whips out one of his dagger and carves a map into the stone floor, allowing Tatyana to tell them that the study is the room to the right. They asks if she has heard of either Queen Charisa or Nix, Ywylis and Zaylin before, but Tatyana has never heard either of them. Before leaving, Tatyana tells them to destroy the spellbook as it could send the demons back into their plane.


Leaving Tatyana in her room, the adventurers walk towards the room on the right, with Jiǔtóu leading the way. She opens the door stealthily, revealing a study. They notice a black stone pedestal with a glass case on top of it. Floating inside it is a black metal bracer with a ruby on it. Jiǔtóu also sees a few tiny spiders scuttering away, but it is enough for the adventurers to be wary of them.

Jiǔtóu walks into the room while looking at pedestal. She now feels an inviting warmth emanating from the bracer. This is contrary to what Cam experience, as he feels an uncomfortable warmth from it. When Jiǔtóu looks closer at the ruby on the bracer, she can see a small flickering flame inside it. Tatyana is not aware of such bracer when Cam made a quick walk to her room and asks her about it. This leads Cam to suggest that, given the high chance that Tatyana has been in the enclave for centuries, someone may have planted the bracer in the room, and if so, why do they not take it back. Jiǔtóu then suggests that the bracer may be used to summon demons, given that Jiǔtóu, with demon ancestry, feels comfortable while Cam, a human, feels uncomfortable.

Elora notices some notes and books on a desk in the study. Sensing no traps, she walks over and finds a spellbook and a journal on the desk, neither of which are what Queen Charisa seeks. The spellbook is about rituals to summon and control demons. The entries in the journal matches the events that Tatyana described that happened in the enclave. The entries also reveal that the matron sacrificed one of her sons to gain the assistance of one of the demonic emissary, who helped her to understand the abyss and the nine hells and helped to broker further conversations with her demonic lord. Amongst the entries, two of them catches Elora's attention.

The first entry reads: "One of the demons I summoned in my experiment was terribly injured. It died almost immediately. Its body becoming ash and returning back to the plane it come from. I would have been furious, but as it left a strange metal bracer, my curiosity was piqued. I know that this bracer is incredibly powerful and it contains magic , but it is not necessarily demonic in itself. It will not respond to my command. A curious thing..."[1]

The second entry reads: "It is time. My sweet emissary has promised me her master will help my daughter. She will be free of Lolth's curse, and with our new demonic allies, we will conquer the city of those treacherous houses that put us in ill favour. Despite her protest, I will not have my emissary accompany me. I will summon her master as an equal, not some invited guest. Soon, my daughter shall be herself again. She waits for me in the chamber. I shall take no others or fear of her outburst."[2]

After reading the entries, Cam wonders if the female drow back in the bedroom is the daughter.

On the bracer, Elora suggests that Jiǔtóu might be able to control the bracer, since it does not allow the drow matron to use it. Both Cam and Elora remains suspicious of it, yet Cam points out that Jiǔtóu has developed during the course of their journey and that she can decide for herself. Still, Cam backs off to the doorway, just in case something bad happens. Cam also tells Jiǔtóu that if she wants it, she can take it, but should the bracer turns against her, they all are ready to fight her and try to take it off.

Hesitating on whether to take the bracer, Jiǔtóu walks over to the bookcase to investigate if there is anything abnormal. Elora walks over as well to check the titles on the bookcase. Both finds nothing interesting. Cam suggests picking up the bracer with cloths and bring it near the double doors to figure out the effects on it. Both Elora and Jiǔtóu go against the idea, fearing that it could realise the powerful being in that room.

At this point, Cam just tell Jiǔtóu to pick the bracer up, noticing that she has been staring at it for a while now. Jiǔtóu thinks of nudging the bracer with her guandao. She tells her companions to get ready, then lifts up the glass cover. The effects from the bracer enhances, Jiǔtóu now seems to feel familiar with it.

"At last," as Jiǔtóu hears a foreign male-sounding voice this in her mind.

Jiǔtóu informs the rest that the bracer is speaking to her, which worries them. Yet, Jiǔtóu allows the bracer to do so.

When Cam probes Jiǔtóu on what the bracer is telling her, she jokes that it is asking her to kill the human, referring to Cam. Jiǔtóu then hears the bracer chuckles.

Cam asks Jiǔtóu if the bracer have a demon inside it, to which Jiǔtóu says it has. Yet, the bracer tells her that it is neither a demon, nor a devil. Jiǔtóu continues to speak to it, which reveals itself as Crownrend, a weapon created to fight against tyranny. Jiǔtóu asks Crownrend what it wants in return. There was silence, then it speaks to her that he is merely an object to do what it is designed for, stating that all people should be free from tyranny.[3]

Cam asks Jiǔtóu what else the bracer can make her do since it can talk to her. However, Crownrend will not show her its power unless it is wielded. Yet, it tells her that it cannot force her to do anything as it is just a weapon. Crownrend then speaks in Cam's mind, which spooked him a bit, assuring him that it is not an enemy and that Jiǔtóu is right for it. Jiǔtóu tells Crownrend that she wishes to use it for good, but it says that it does neither good nor evil, but just to oppose tyrants.[4]

On its previous owner, Crownrend says that it is not owned. Rather, it was crafted by Mephistopheles to defeat his master Asmodeus. However, as Mephistopheles is as tyrant as Asmodeus, Crownrend tells her that it fled by having an underling stealing it from Mephistopheles, until he was summoned into the plane by the matron. It then freed itself off him. Crownrend is now feeling angry as it tells Jiǔtóu that the matron is just another tyrant. Crownrend then just says that it does not wish to be in the matron's domain any longer, begging Jiǔtóu to take it with her. Crownrend will be her ally, as well as to her friends as long as they are with to fight against tyranny.[5]

Elora queries if anyone else other than Jiǔtóu can wear the bracer. Crownrend tells Jiǔtóu that her friends and wear it as well, but that both only herself and itself are alike, since it can sense that tyranny has broken her body, referring to Jiǔtóu's history of being a slave to the dragonborns back in Bresseras. Crownrend also tells her that together, they can do great things. On that, Jiǔtóu tells her companions that she will wear the bracer.

Jiǔtóu raises one of her arms. Crownrend tells her that she will need to bind her soul to it. Jiǔtóu agrees and puts it on her arm. The others only see her putting it on her arm. The ruby on the bracer then glows brightly, then dies down.[6]

Cam asks if he is still talking to Jiǔtóu. Crownrend tells Jiǔtóu that her friend is quite a coward. Jiǔtóu jokingly acts along and, in a monotonous tone, says, "Kill the human." Crownrend laughs as Cam panics that the bracer is controlling her. Jiǔtóu smirks. Elora asks her what it is doing, which Jiǔtóu simply says that it is laughing. Cam is about to be at ease when Crownrend speaks to him, saying "Boo", which freaks him a little. Jiǔtóu says that she likes her new item.

Crownrend now warns Jiǔtóu of five small quasits in the room. Although they are just minor annoyance, it warns her that they may try to attack her and her allies. Jiǔtóu relays the message to her companions. At this point, they all notice five spiders scurrying pass them and out through the door. Jiǔtóu then tells them that they may wish to stop them.

Cam takes this opportunity to stab one of the spiders with one of his dagger. That spider then polymorphs back into a dog-sized quasit. Crownrend tells Jiǔtóu that he did not expect the coward one to attack it.

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  • By the book: For his character, Matt uses Hold Person on his first turn, then uses Disguise Self on his next turn, both casted during an attack. As Hold Person is a concentration spell, Trott asks Dungeon Master Mark if Disguise Self is a concentration spell too, meaning that Hold Person will no longer be effective. Fortunately, Disguise Self is not a concentration spell. Trott's reminder leads to Mark commenting that Trott's character may soon be favoured by his patron Avandra again, hopefully breaking the unlucky curse.[7]
  • Sneaky Mark:
    HighRollers21 Mark

    Screenshot of Mark at the end of the fan art video.

    The video clip at the end of the fan art video was taken from this video of Mark describing his job for the British career development organisation, icould, back when he was working for Jagex studio as a community management representative. This later becomes an inside-joke called Sneaky Mark, occasionally used in future livestreams.[8]
  • Receiving Special Items: Regarding Jiǔtóu receiving a bracer homebrewed by Mark, he also shares that Trellimar's special item will be the mask he seeks. Elora's special item will come into play later during her story arc with the elven spires. Cam, however, may not have any special item since he has taken a lot of non-homebrewed special items in-game.[9]


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