"GODS, SECRETS & GOBLIN PIRATES!" is the twenty-third episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on August 7, 2016.

In this episode, our heroes explore deeper into the Underdark, facing goblin pirates and a strange temple complex worshipping Dah'Mir, Trellimar's patron.

Campaign SummaryEdit

Dreams and VisionsEdit

After the successful rebellion against Queen Sharisa, the adventurers are given the Queen's bed chamber to have a long rest after their meal provided by the duergars. During their rest, each of them have a dream or vision.


In Cam's lucid dream, he is in an unknown inn with warm fire from the fireplace and refreshing food and drinks. Mirela is singing, while her sister Amelia dances with the other folks and tapping her tambourine along to the music. Cam is slightly muddled, possibly from the drinks he had, yet he feels a comfortable warmth from inside his body.

A lady then walks into the inn, wearing rich merchant clothes tight enough that inflates her ample bosoms. Her long auburn hair cascades down her neck, which is filled with necklaces and coins. She wields a thin rapier. The lady sits next to Cam and greets him. Cam greets back and claims that he owns the place. The lady chuckles, saying that Cam is just being Cam, always a story-teller.

The lady also knows that he is forging his own legend and that he is slowly becoming more powerful amongst her agents in the mortal realm. At this point, Cam realises that she is his deity Avandra, after noticing her necklace with a symbol of three wavy lines. Cam immediately gets off his seat and kneels in front of her. Avandra tells him to cut it out and sit down, then pushes a mug of ale to him. Cam compliments her that she is doing well for her age. Avandra compliments back, saying that he is quite a charmer. Cam agrees, with Trott breaking the fourth wall, to say that his charisma is high.

Avandra tells Cam that he has not always been the most dedicated servant to her and that he has done several questionable activities. Yet, she knows that he is trying to make amends. As such, Avandra's favour will return to him and he will no longer be unlucky. However, she notes that since Cam have access to her powers, he should try to think less for himself and contribute back to the people around him, including those of the misfortunate. Cam points out that he once traded his lightning javelin for someone else. While Avandra says that it is commendable, Cam still have the tendency to think for himself first, especially to people who are prepared to give everything for his place.

Nonetheless, Avandra says that she is not here to chastise him. Rather, she will answer three queries he have since he has done quite well. Cam asks if she is allowing him to ask the questions that comes with a trick. Avandra smirks and asks him if he is asking a question. Cam quickly says no.

Cam ponders for a while, then asks the first question: Cam knows that he was adopted by the Bucklands but asks Avandra if she knows his parents. Avandra says she does and shares that one of them still lives. Elaborating on the answer, Avandra says that although Cam is a lightborn, both of his parents are simply human. When the Lightfall event happened, it infuses some positive energy on the world, some of which affects humans. Cam have a spark of Pelor's Light within him. Although not divine, it is a pure positive energy from the Positive Energy Plane which allows him to revive after being severely wounded for an instance. Avandra says that because of this, Cam, being a lightborn, can be seen as a symbol of hope and that she believes that he can be a Champion one day.

Cam asks the second question: he wonders if there are other lightborns living in the world. Avandra simply replies that there are many, including the paladin Cassandra. On hearing Cassandra's name, Cam swears but is quick to apologise to Avandra. Yet, she tells him there is no need to apologise, since she is not Bahamut and is not ticked off by her followers swearing. Cam comments that this is why he picks her as his deity, leading to Avandra commenting that it is more so that this is why they pick each other. On the other lightborns, however, she tells him that some of them has been taken away, no longer allowing her to track them down. She shares that Cassandra is aware of some of these missing lightborns.

Cam asks the third question: amongst the lightborns, does he have the biggest endowment. Avandra laughs and comments that despite given the opportunity to have three questions answered by a deity, he asks such question. Still, Avandra says this is why he one of her favourite. Avandra confirms that his penis is the largest amongst the lightborns. Cam says that he actually have an important question but it is still worth asking, so he thinks.

Avandra now shows Cam three things. For the first, Dimitriv bursts into the inn, with his skin crackling in amber and fire. Cam is shocked as Dimitriv turns over tables and grabbing the patrons, demanding on Cam's whereabouts. Avandra waves her hand and the image turns into mist. She tells him that Dimitriv is looking for him as his spectre remains in the world. She adds to say that only Cam can put him into peace as he is his responsibility. Should the spectre cause any negative effects and harm upon the world, it will be on Cam's shoulders. Asking on where he can start, Avandra tells Cam that she cannot answers him.

For the second image, another person armed with guards burst into the inn in search for Cam. This time, it is Keran, Mirela's fiancee, but he appears much older. Cam suspects he is involved in Mirela's death. Unlike Dimitriv, Keran's guards are the one grabbing patrons and beating them up, with Keran demanding Cam's whereabouts and wishes to see him dead. Avandra waves off the image and tells Cam that Keran has not grown old but is empowered by something darker. Although it is not Cam's responsibility, Avandra tells Cam that Keran brings misery and misfortune to others. Cam must stop him but Avandra says that he does not need to do it alone as she shows the third image.

For the third image, a bunch of people appears sitting around the table. They are Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, as well as Amelia, Korak the Champion, a young man clad in armour and another priest of Avandra around Cam's age, with a brand mark similar to his. Avandra tells Cam that he have allies who are there for him but only if Cam is there for them. Cam tells her that he will be there for them.

Ending off, Avandra tells Cam to enjoy the beer and that she will see him again. She gets up and leaves. Cam's dream ends.


In Jiǔtóu's dream, she is in Arborea, the place she recognises as where she went after her death. A mountain of mixed elements rises high into the clouds. Across the mountain, two forces battle furiously. Whenever the two strikes one another, the ground trembles.

One of them is in red who explodes with power, with flames coming out from its body. The other is blue who shapes and moves like water, and glides around the mountain with grace. Jiǔtóu chases them up the mountain.

At the top, she sees Master Guanyin's monastery, with two versions of Korak the Champion kneeling and chained. One in red, the other in blue. The red one pulses as he says, "To destroy one, you must destroy the other." The blue one shimmers as he says, "If one is to live, you must let the other go." Then in unison, the two says, "To be ready, you must decide who you are." Jiǔtóu's dream ends.


In Elora's dream, she is running in glee through the woods, just like back in the days when she was younger, with the aroma of grass, mud and the forest. She is running along the same path that she travelled to get home, to her Moon Spire. Her parents welcome her with open arms as she runs past the gate.

At home, there is a feast, although Elora does not know the occasion for it. Later that night, she retires to her bed, back into her bedroom where everything is just the way it was before she left on her journey.

The night goes on as the moonlight shines through the crescent-shaped window down onto Elora's skin. She starts to feel strange. Her body warms up. Her skin starts to itch. She could not breathe properly. Then there is pain. Elora's skin rips as fur pushes through. Her jaws elongates into wolf form. Her hands become paws. Elora does not shape-shifts into a direwolf, but something monstrous. She has no control over it. Hunger begins to grow and swell inside.

Just then, Elora's parents burst through the door to check on her. They no longer see Elora but a wolf-like creature. The wolf's eyes turn on them. The wolf starts to salivate, then pounces on the two people that just enter the room. Elora's nightmare ends.


Trellimar did not get a dream but a vision. He is once again standing on an endless body of water on a starry night. The |Figure on the Lake floats quickly towards Trellimar and stands right in front of him. He welcomes Trellimar. The Figure also says that it has been a long time since many of his vessels has reached this far and Trellimar has done him well. As such, the Figure will answer any queries Trellimar might have on the last stretch of the quest.

Trellimar asks the Figure on the power the mask have. The Figure is not surprised by the first question, since he knows that Trellimar do seek for power. The mask is called the Shroud of Eyes, a relic mask formed of star metal from the Far Realm and that the Figure bequeathed to a few Champions that has since long past. The mask can enhances Trellimar's existing abilities and give him new abilities: read the mind of others and shield oneself from spells and magic. It can also make the wearer a better liar and see things that are unseen. However, the Figure warns that if the wearer wears the mask over a long period of time, madness can befall upon the wearer. In addition, every time the wearer wears the mask, creatures and beings from the Far Realm or the Astral Plane will know his or her location and will try to snatch the mask away.

Trellimar asks that, once he has acquired the mask, what the Figure would like him to do. The Figure shares with him of a growing force that is threatening his kingdom. It is the Broken Sky, a force more threatening than the daelkyr for now. The Figure fears that the Broken Sky will ally with his creatures to do worse things. Trellimar should aid his companions to defeat the organisation.

Trellimar asks if the beings from the Far Realm and Astral Plane are powerful and malevolent. The Figure says that some might be, while others are curious and not necessarily dangerous. Still, the Figure warns Trellimar that some of them do seeks for power.

With no further questions, the Figure now imparts some of his knowledge to Trellimar. Trellimar is the Figure's last vessel as the rest no longer lives. The Figure is also aware that Trellimar had visions of the Four Drows. They were the Figure's last before Trellimar, as the Figure thought he had lost any connections with the children he had helped create. As Trellimar is the Figure's last, he bequeath his name to him, Dah'Mir, a name that has not been heard of for millenniums. Dah'Mir also warns Trellimar to beware of the drows that worships Lolth.

Dah'Mir bows his head and pulls back his hood, revealing that he is an elder drow but with onyx-coloured skin speckled with star-like patterns that glows beneath his skin. Trellimar can see Dah'mir's expression, looking tired and sad. Dah'mir reaches his hand and touches Trellimar's chest. Trellimar's vision ends.

Before the JourneyEdit

The adventurers are now awake after their long rest. Cam tells the rest that he had a great dream. He also shares that Avandra is hot and that he picked the right deity. Cam asks what their next adventure will be. Trellimar says to find his mask, which Cam kind of figures out why they are in the Underdark in the first place.

Jiǔtóu knows that clerics of Avandra are not common and are adventurous as they travel to places no one would go, believing that luck is with them. She also knows that they also tend to be tricksters, troubadours and story-tellers. Avandra's cleric only have such power if they have proven themselves to the goddess. With this, Jiǔtóu asks Cam if he have a sort of symbol of Avandra. Cam shows his ring with a symbol of three wavy lines. Cam's ring, and a similar ring on the stone statue of the cleric, are the only rings related to Avandra that she has ever seen throughout her life.

Jiǔtóu tells Cam that the stone statue of the cleric have a similar ring, with Elora adding on that the cleric also have the brand mark similar to Cam's. As Cam did not notice either of these earlier, he says that he will investigate. Cam gets up and head down to the statue. The rest follows him.

At the hallway, the adventurers see the duergars actively moving stuff around and tearing down items that once belong to both Queen Sharisa and Fandrel. Reznak, who is giving out orders, notices Cam and acknowledges him. Cam tells him he is busy and walks off.

Cam now sees the stone statue Elora and Jiǔtóu were referring to earlier. The human cleric is seen clutching several unknown scrolls. He also have the brand mark and the ring. Cam does not recognise him and comments that the cleric might have been weak against the Queen. He also says that this is why Cam is Avandra's chosen one. Jiǔtóu asks if Avandra speak to him again. Cam says yes although he is not sure if it felt real or not. He adds that she is now proud of him and that he is no longer unlucky.

Cam asks Jiǔtóu why did she brings up the symbol of Avandra. She tells him that during her many years of travel, she has never seen such symbols before until meeting Cam and the cleric. Cam wonders if they should thaw the cleric out with the Scroll of Greater Restoration but Jiǔtóu gives a sharp no reply. Trellimar wonders if followers of Avandra are criminals but Cam diverts the question and reckons that the cleric has taken Cam's ring as a fashion accessory.

Cam finds the cleric familiar to the one he has seen in his dream. Cam raises his voice so that the other duergars can hear, saying that it is pointless that none of them can thaw out the statue without the required spell. Reznak hears this can tells him that the duergars intend to destroy all stone statues except for the statue of their former leader, Grimfang. Cam interjects and asks if the duergars not destroy the statue of the cleric, claiming that with the same ring and the same brand, the cleric is his father. Reznak looks pleasantly surprised and asks him if he should use the Scroll on the statue. Cam says that he wishes to but had to reserve the Scroll for another purpose. As such, Reznak will store the statue in the Treasure Room for the time being.

Jiǔtóu asks Reznak if he remembers anything of the cleric statue. Reznak tells that he only remembers the Queen requests some of his guards to bring the statue into the hallway but he himself is not involved. On where it was found, Reznak roughly remembers that the cleric was seen loitering around an old tower on the far side of Grimfang's Keep at the other side of the valley. He remembers that it is a sunken tower from the surface that the Queen cleared out. Some of the Scrolls came from there, as well as the books in the study.

Jiǔtóu asks her companions if they wish to investigate the books for any clues. Cam prefers to focus on finding Trellimar's mask. Jiǔtóu points out that Reznak and his men are clearing out everything, leading to Cam asking Reznak to keep the books. Reznak tells them that the books have been transferred to the Treasure Room.

At this time, the double doors to the hallway opens. Several duergar guards are seen dragging Gurli with them. One of the guards inform Reznak that Gurli has been snooping around. Reznak tells his men to stand down and asks Gurli what she wants. Gurli simply responds that she is going with Cam. Cam is caught off guard, yet agrees with her. Gurli, with her backpack, walks over to the adventurers and tells them that she will be going to the surface with them. Cam and Elora are concerned, while Jiǔtóu tells Cam to settle with Gurli.

Cam asks Gurli if she wants to see the treasures. Gurli excitedly agrees. Cam then brings her into the Treasure Room to have a chat.

In the meantime, Reznak brings the rest to the entrance to the next part of their journey. Reznak also offers rations and ammunition for the adventurers to stock up. Elora and Trellimar are reluctant to accept his offer of rations, since Reznak strongly recommend a bag of spicy grubs. Jiǔtóu is pleased with the ration offer though, since she likes spicy food. Reznak comments that Jiǔtóu knows what's up, leading Jiǔtóu to try to grin happily in responds.

In the Treasure Room, Gurli is excited by the huge amount of books available. Cam calls out to Gurli as he holds her by the shoulders. Gurli looks at Cam with a happy look on her face. Gurli asks gleefully on where they will be going. Cam tells her that they will be going soon but he and his companions need to do one more thing in the Underdark first. When Gurli asks if she can tag along, Cam elaborates that she does not want to go with them, since the area underneath the Garden of Stone is far more dangerous.

Gurli hesitates for a while but eventually agrees to remain in the Garden of Stone but requests Cam to promise her that he will bring her to the surface. Cam drops down and eye-levels with Gurli. He reaches out his little finger, as Gurli follow suite, and Cam gives a pinky promise to her. While waiting for the adventurers to return, Cam asks Gurli to read through the books and see if she can find anything about returning people from stone back to normal. Gurli excitedly agrees, since it can also fix Bork's arm, which has been turned into stone. Cam later informs Reznak that Gurli will be assisting him in the Treasure Room.

Cam rejoins the adventurers, who are now standing by the opened entrance that leads further down into the Underdark, which was once locked by physical padlocks and protective wards. The entrance was via a secret passageway from the Queen's bed chamber, which leads down several flights of stairs into a stone corridor with a heavy metal door at the end. Reznak tells the adventurers that he last seen the three drows (the fourth one was later revealed to have been injured[1]) going through this doo but he is not sure what lies beyond the doors. The drows never return.

On request, Reznak will posts one guard by the door should the adventurers return. However, he could only do so for a few months, after which he will assumes that they are no longer coming back. Everyone, including Reznak, hopes that the quest for Trellimar's mask will not take a few months, at best just a few days. With no further assistance needed, Reznak returns back to the keep to prepare some agreements with the myconids and svirfneblins, as well as the continuation of patrol to keep out any unfriendly visitors such as drows and illithids.

Deep SecretsEdit

The door leads into a dark and dusty staircase. Cam whips out his dagger Duracell casted with Light, which illuminates the area, showing further that the stair well leads further down. It takes them 40 minutes and the adventurers reach a stone corridor. Sound of gushing water echoes the place. The corridor leads into a large cavern with an underground choppy river. Along the bank on one side of the river is a boat moored on shore, with a hooded figure standing by it and a long staff resting by the stone. Granamyr telepathically tells Trellimar that he does not like water.

Confused on why a living person is here in the Underdark, Cam tells Trellimar to talk to the figure. Trellimar walks forward and yells out "Ahoy". The figure moves and slowly grips the long staff. Trellimar can see its skeletal face as he replies "Ahoy" back. The skeletal figure, a ferryman, then asks if Trellimar is here to take his boat down. Looking at the boat, it is made of silvery wood, natural yet magical.

At first, Trellimar says no, but when he learns from the skeletal figure that the four drows, one of them injured, were on a few hours journey boat ride to a shore by a stone cliffside, Trellimar asks if he and his companions can go the same place. The skeletal figure is happy to provide the service but only if each passenger tells him a secret that no one knows. If the secret is a lie, or if at least one other person knows the secret, it will be rejected.

Trellimar walks back to his companions and tells them that the ferryman knows of their next stop. However, payment is in a form of telling a secret. Cam looks all ready as he knows of one but Jiǔtóu looks uncomfortable.

Cam walks up to the skeletal figure as he welcomes him. For payment, Cam shares that he pad his pantaloons, having to repeat himself again as he spoke too quickly on saying it the first time. The skeletal figure chuckles and comments that it has been long since he had heard an amusing secret. He then allows Cam on board. Yet, Cam stays by his side as he is itching to hear the other's secret.

Elora walks on next. With her better sight, she notices that the skeletal figure is not of real bones but pieces of finely crafted wood painted white and joined together. The skeletal figure welcomes her and Cam does so likewise. Elora asks if Cam needs to be by them. The figure says no. Cam gives an excuse that the water is choppy and later claims that his feet are glued to the ground. Cam then asks the figure how he can speak. Instead, the figure asks him how does he breathe and see, then later asks how the lungs and eyes work. These questions make Cam bepuzzled.

Elora tells the skeletal figure that he is not a skeleton. The figure comments than she is smart, then says that his mask, that Elora claims it is, is his form carved to resemble a skeleton. Cam lifts the robe up, revealing more of the carved wood painted in white. He then asks if he is a construct, to which the figure agrees and comments that Cam is clever. The figure reveals that he is a golem. He does not know if he have a master and says that he only have one command: to ferry people along the river only if he or she tells a true secret. Elora then asks what he uses the secrets for. The figure simply says that secrets are knowledge and knowledge is power.

Cam pushes Elora to reveal her secret. Elora tells Cam that she simply do not care since she believes that his secret is far more ridiculous. Cam requests the figure to not reveal his secret. The figure says that it is not his job to reveal them.

Elora tells the skeletal figure, in presence of Cam, that she is afraid to return home, fearing that her parents will be disappointed in her if she fails to find the other elven spires. The figure accepts her secret. Elora walks past Cam, ignoring him, and gets on board. Cam now regrets his decision on the type of secret he shared earlier, yet remains by the figure.

Trellimar walks up the skeletal figure, then questions Cam on why he is standing by the figure. Cam claims that the figure place some enchantment on him. Trellimar tries to telepathically communicate with the figure but he receives no response since it is not a living being. With no choice, Trellimar tells the figure, in presence of Cam, that he is a murderer. However, the figure knows that a few people knew of this secret, so he rejects his secret. Trellimar looks confused, unable to figure out who else knows of his secret. The figure will not reveal who else knows of it.

On hearing Trellimar's secret, Cam appears shocked and comments that even though he had to go through the punishment for killing Dimitriv, yet Trellimar has already killed a person before him. Still, Cam believes that Trellimar did it for a reason. In spite of that, Trellimar tells the skeletal figure that he killed an innocent bystander, which seems to prove Cam wrong. Elora also heard his secret. Nonetheless, the figure accepts his secret and Trellimar gets on the boat.

It is Jiǔtóu's turn. She nervously walks up to the skeletal figure. On knowing that Cam does not need to be in their presence, Jiǔtóu tells Cam to keep a distance. Cam speaks in a monotonous tone and claims that he cannot move as he is under the spell of the figure. Crownrend assists Jiǔtóu by speaking into Cam's mind, barking him to move. This freaks out Cam, causing him to dash into the boat.

The skeletal figures assures Jiǔtóu that he does not speak of the secrets. He only listens. Jiǔtóu leans close to the figure and whispers into his ears, saying that she no longer remembers how her parents look like. The figure accepts her secret. Jiǔtóu then gets on board. As she does that, Crownrend comments that her secret is a tragic memory to keep, yet he tells her that in spite of that, both of them together can shape the world in the memory of her parents.

With the adventurers all seated, the skeletal figure climbs onto the boat. Confirming with Trellimar on the location once more, the boat starts to move down the river, flowing with the strong current. The choppy water rocks the boat but stable enough that the adventurers can sit comfortably.

Battle against Goblin PiratesEdit

An hour into the journey on the underground river, the boat is approaching a fork. The ferryman tells the adventurers to choose either path, both leading to the same place. One goes down a rapid, the other goes through a merrow territory, calm waters but with dangerous creatures. On Cam's query, the creatures are men who are like fish and are hunters. After a brief discussion, the adventurers choose the rapid. In bracing the choppy waters, the adventurers grab some rope and tie themselves firmly onto the seats of the boat.

HighRollers23 Underground Rapid

The adventurers' boat (left) engaging with Captain Bumhook (middle) and two pirate ships (right). Designed by Mark Hulmes.

About 30 minutes into the rapid, the adventurers notice channels joining the river on both sides. Passing by the channels, the water gets choppier. Just then, a battle horn is heard. When the adventurers turn around to look, they see two ramshackle pirate ships with four goblin pirates on each and a giant bat with a goblin on it wearing a red bandana with a hook coming out of its bottom; he is Captain Bumhook. Cam asks the ferryman why he did not warn them of the pirates but the ferryman simply tells him that he is not aware of such pirates.

First Round of Battle
Now in the rapid, Cam and Jiǔtóu steadies themselves. However, Elora and Trellimar are knocked off their seats and lie prone on the boat.

Trellimar fires Eldritch Blasts at the bat, scorching its skin with the first blast. The bat tumbles as Trellimar misses the second blast, hitting the ceiling instead. Trellimar then stands up. The bat swoops by the boat and bites at Trellimar. Captain Bumhook fires his two crossbows at Cam and Jiǔtóu, but misses. The bat then flies off to create a gap between it and the boat by the side. Elora summons Moonbeam and directs it at Captain Bumhook and his bat, then stands up. Cam throws his dagger Nimbus at the bat but misses.

The two pirate ships, with its rudimentary sails, inch closer to the boat. The pirates fire at the adventurers, only missing Cam. Jiǔtóu uses Deflect Missile and grabs one of the arrow. She then throws it back at the pirates. It hits one of them, causing it to fall into the rapid. She then casts Water Whip, pulling strands of water from the rapid and directs them at the bat. It injures the Captain but he remains steady on the bat.

Second Round of Battle
With a bump in the rapid, Jiǔtóu leaps in time and Elora steadies herself, while Cam and Trellimar falls down onto the boat. Trellimar stands up and fires Eldritch Blasts at the pirate ships, creating a hole in the hull on each ship. With water starts gushing into the ships, the pirates proposes to take the adventurers' boat.

The Moonbeam injures both the Captain and his bat. The bat flies out of it and hovers over Cam. It tries to claws at Cam but he manages to fend it off. Elora jumps into the water and shape-shifts into a giant octopus. Cam and Jiǔtóu feels a little sick after witnessing the transformation. The giant octopus glides over to the pirate ship on the right of their boat and smashes it, then hides underneath the hull.

Cam, still prone, takes out his dagger and stabs the bat. Blood splatters over Cam as the bat falls on top of him. This allows Captain Bumhook to be on the boat.

The pirates on the ship that the giant octopus is hiding under use their javelins and try to injure it with limited success. The other pirate ship is now inches away from the boat. While two pirates are trying to pour the water out of the ship, the other two fires at Trellimar using their crossbows. Jiǔtóu is about the strike the Captain with her guandao when he dodges her attack. He also dodges her punch.

Third Round of Battle
Another bump in the rapid causes Trellimar to fall on the boat again. Both the bat and Cam falls overboard. Cam is now hanging by the side as he is still tied onto the boat. Trellimar gets up and fires Eldritch Blasts at Captain Bumhook, injuring him further.

The giant octopus takes a bit of damage as it glides over to the other pirate ship. She deals severe damage to the ship. It then glides towards Cam to support him so that he does not drown.

Captain Bumhook moves to the bow of the boat and gets ready to attack. Cam reaches his hand out to Trellimar and casts Healing Word on him. The pirate on the sinking ship nearest to the boat gets on board the boat, although one of them falls into the rapid and gets swept away.

With Jiǔtóu and Trellimar distracted by the invading pirates, the Captain fires at the two. The pirates also take hits at Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, injuring them. The other pirate ship collapses into the rapid, bringing down the pirates with it. Jiǔtóu casts Water Whip and flings the Captain off the boat. He falls into the rapid and gets carried away.

Fourth Round of Battle
Trellimar loses his balance again and falls onto the boat, along with the two remaining pirates, as the boat hits another bump. The remaining pirate ship sinks into the rapid. Trellimar stands up and fires Eldritch Blasts at the two pirates, disintegrating them. The giant octopus helps Cam back into the boat and shape-shifts back into Elora. The ferryman comments that the skirmish he witnessed is exciting.
End of Battle

The waters is less choppy as they reaches the end of the rapid. A while later, the boat reaches their destination, a large cavern wall with gravel shore. The ferryman tells Trellimar that this is where he dropped off the Four Drows. Trellimar then tells his companions that there is a switch that will open up a secret entrance. After the adventurers get off the boat, the ferryman turns around and goes off, leaving Cam perplexed that there seems to be no way back.

Temple of Dah'MirEdit

Granamyr starts flying around erratically, letting Trellimar know that this is the Temple. Elora finds a faint seam along the wall. Trellimar also finds a lose stone by the side of it. He twists it and the secret entrance is revealed. On knowing that this is a one-way entrance, the adventurers drag some rocks in an attempt to keep it open. The entrance leads into a long onyx-coloured stone corridor with unlit sconces encased in crystalline substance lining the walls. They take a short rest before heading down the corridor.

The adventurers head down the corridor, with the sconces lighting up as they walk past it. The light glimmers in starlight .The stone walls and floors are intricately carved with symbols of stars, moons and the night sky. Elora knows the works are by elves for Sehanine, elven goddess of the moon. Sehanine is also Elora's deity for her Moon Spire. The corridor is deafening quiet and they sense a timelessness to the place.

The adventurers reach the end of the corridor and find themselves at the other side of the secret door. As Elora is checking for traps, Jiǔtóu reaches for the robe in her pack and hands it over to Cam for him to warm up as he is still dripping wet after falling into the water earlier. Cam thanks her and wears the robe around him. With no traps, Trellimar proceeds to open the door.

Before them is a large circular chamber with an angled dome as the ceiling. The walls are made of reflective glass-like materials. There are another four more doors. At the centre is a floating bubble of air that shifts and warps. It can also show a reflection of one's self. Elora also notices that, behind the stone pillars, are six grimlocks,[2] hairless humanoid creatures with dark grey skin, shorter than an average human. Its eyes are white and pupil-less. They are wearing basic robes and have muscular forearms, with a wooden club by their side. The non-hostile grimlocks also seems to be moving awkwardly and jerkily. Elora points them out to her companions.

Cam shines his dagger Duracell as one of the grimlocks. It raises his hands to block the light but speaks in a language the adventurers never heard before. Cam puts his dagger on the floor and lifts his hands up to show that he means no harm. Elora kindly asks them to come out and speak with her. Cam takes the dagger and walks over to the bubble. He notices that the others, both his companions and the grimlocks, moves slowly, speed up, then reverse slowly. Cam also manages to resists an unknown effect the bubble is trying to do on him. He now knows that the bubble can distort time, which he tells his companions that it affects time and possibly mess up everything.

With a dagger in his hand, Cam slowly points the dagger at the bubble. The grimlocks rushes forward although appears to be walking backward. They reaches their hands out and tries to communicate to Cam to stop his actions. At this point, Trellimar realises that the grimlocks are communicating in reverse. Cam tries to say hello in reverse. The grimlocks seem to respond but the adventurers do not know what they are trying to say. Elora asks what the bubble does in reverse. With a better success, the grimlocks tell her that they call the bubble "Time Gate" and tell her not to harm it or touch it. Elora conveys the message back to her companions. Cam draws back his dagger.

Cam walks up to a door and gives a shrug. The grimlocks give an expression of warning. Cam does the same thing to the other three doors, all receiving the same expression. When Cam points to the Time Gate, the grimlocks gives an expression of worship. Granamyr finds the area of familiarity but finds the Time Gate strange, conveying to Trellimar that it was not meant to be here. Elora asks the grimlocks if they are trapped here but all she gets in return is that this place is their home. Jiǔtóu asks if they can go through the Time Gate but the grimlocks says no, with no further explanation. Asking if they are protecting anything, Elora gets a danger response from the doors.

Trellimar decides to telepathically communicate with one of the grimlocks. The grimlock is pleasant that Trellimar can speak to them through minds, similar to the Figure/Lord. The grimlock then tells Trellimar that the Figure tells them not to leave the room and worship the Time Gate since it made them. On the doors, the grimlock says that it will invite danger into the room, warning of creatures behind the doors, or so the Time Gate claims. The grimlock says that they do not need food and will not age, so as long as they worship it. On the effects of passing through the Time Gate, the grimlock says that one will be blessed by it and be made whole, claiming that Trellimar and his adventurers are broken. Requesting clarification, the grimlock says that the adventurers are broken before the Time Gate.

The grimlock says that they can help Trellimar. When Trellimar asks how, two grimlocks grab Trellimar's arm each and starts dragging him towards the Time Gate. Fortunately, Trellimar gets them off him. Cam grabs one of the grimlock and throws him through the Time Gate. That grimlock smiles. His skin instantly ages by 21 years. The other five grimlocks check on the aged one. After a brief exchange of conversation, the other five walks through the Time Gate as well. Amongst the five, one of them ages rapidly and another freezes on the spot. Nothing happens to two of them. Nothing happened physically to the last one, but he starts to speak normally. He panics as he believes he is broken, despite the adventurers telling him that he is fine. To fix himself, he will walk through the Time Time Gate on the following day, since he explains that any being can only walk through it once per day, otherwise he or she will vanish, just like some of the grimlocks before him.

The grimlock that speaks normally is afraid that Cam plans to go through the doors, since he says that no one has done it before. When Elora asks how long they have been in the chamber, the grimlock tells her that he does not know. He also says that he saw no one passing through the area before.

The adventurers walk up to the doors and open them. Behind the first door is a normal looking box room, with another door. In another room, they see a pit below but as they look up, they see upside-down stairs leading to two doors. Trellimar opens the third door and sees a reflection of the chamber he is in, only without his reflection, the Time Gate and the grimlocks. Trellimar calls Cam over and Cam sees the same thing, only without his reflection but can sees Trellimar's reflection. Elora sees a room filled with murky water behind the fourth door but no water gushing through the door as if there is some invisible lining that prevents any leakage.

Cam walks up to the upside-down room and drops a piece of ration in it. The ration falls upwards. Jiǔtóu throws a caltrop into the reflection room. It comes back towards her at the same velocity as when she throws it.

Trellimar suggests Cam to try walking into the upside-down room first, since Cam can turn into a raven should the effect does not work as they thought it might be. Cam walks up to the doorway and do a handstand. He then slowly falls into the room and push himself off. He lands on the stair landing in the room. Cam looks up and now notices another door at the ceiling that the adventurers are not able to see earlier due to their view obstructed by the ledge.

Trellimar enters the room by doing a handstand and sees the same door as what Cam saw. At this time, Cam sees movement on one of the staircases in the room. He warns the others that there is something else in the room.

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  • Level Up!: Prior to this episode, the main characters levelled up to Level 6. Katie's character Elora can shape-shifts into a polar bear.[3]


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