"TANK/SUPPORT IN ONE!" is the twenty-fourth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on August 14, 2016.

In this combat-heavy episode, our heroes explore deeper into the Temple of Dah'Mir and fight multiple creatures in various rooms. Trellimar is so close in retrieving the Shroud of Eyes when he experienced another vision of the Four Drows. Our heroes also discover shocking facts about Granamyr and Vixanis

Campaign SummaryEdit

Battle against the ArachnidEdit

From the previous episode, the adventurers stumble upon the Temple of Dah'Mir, which have four rooms connected to the main chamber. One of them is an upside-down room, which both Cam and Trellimar step into. However, Cam realises that they are not alone.

Trellimar is still coming to sense after having to walking into the room by doing a handstand. On the other hand, Cam has adjusted himself to the room and looks over the fenceless staircases. All he sees is an endless pit, but he also hears sound of legs scurrying. Elora and Jiǔtóu, who are still in the main chamber, looks down into the upsize-down room and see a hatch on the room's ceiling. All four of them have seen how the staircases are arranged and it does not make sense.

Elora tells Cam and Trellimar to catch her as she jumps into the upside-down room. Rather, she lands next to Trellimar on the stairs. During this time, a projectile is shot towards Cam, piercing his flesh at the side. Cam looks at the projectile and finds a barbed spine-like appendage attached to a long sticky rope. Tracing his eyes on the rope, Cam sees a large arachnid creature clung on the opposite wall.

First Round of Battle
Cam tries to cut the sticky rope attached to the projectile with his dagger Nimbus and it has a somewhat moderate effect on it. Instead, Cam proceeds down the stairs to try to get a better view of the creature. The creature is a large spider fully covered in spiked exoskeleton but with six legs. It also have two powerful-looking mandibles. The sticky rope leads to it. Jiǔtóu walks into the room and get as close to Cam as possible. Using her guandao, Jiǔtóu cuts the rope and the projectile impaled onto Cam falls apart.

The creature scuttles up the wall and emerges onto the stairs, then moves back into the room. It hisses then fires another projectile towards Elora. It misses and the projectile falls into the pit. Trellimar uses Eldritch Blasts at the creature, dealing moderate damage with the first blast but the second bounces off its body armour. Elora whips out her Wand of Magic Missiles and fires a second-level charge at the creature, denting its armour.

Second Round of Battle
With his dagger Duracell with Light casts on it, Cam throws Duracell at the creature in an attempt to pinpoint its location easier by embedding Duracell on its face. However, the creature turns its head and Duracell bounces off its armour plate. Duracell falls into the pit below, lighting up the darkness. It seems to hit a surface, then slowly descends down. Cam is now pissed that he loses another of his dagger. Jiǔtóu uses Water Whip by conjuring water from her waterskin and Cam's tear. She directs it at the creature, but the creature lifts its leg to absorb some of the damage.

The creature fires another projectile at Trellimar, piercing his leg. The creature pulls the sticky rope attached to the projectile, causing Trellimar to be swept off his feet and is now left dangling in the air over the pit. Trellimar, while upside-down, tries to reach for the sticky rope but could not. Granamyr flies around Trellimar, giving off images of how to help him. Trellimar uses his Eldritch Blasts and aims at the creature's leg. The creature loses its balance a bit, then regains it. Elora shape-shifts into a giant spider and clings onto the wall. She shoots web at the creature, but it misses. She then tries to prop Trellimar up.

Third Round of Battle
Cam remains distraught as he witness Duracell flickers as the light gets smaller, until no light can be seen. Now enraged, Cam sprints nearer to the creature, close enough to see its eyes are like humans, and shouts, "Oi! Prick! Light's out motherfucker!" He throws his dagger Nimbus at it, but it misses. Jiǔtóu runs closer to the creature by leaping over Cam and casts Burning Hands at the creature by conjuring a cone of fire at it. The creature uses its legs to absorb some of the damage. Unknowingly, it also burns then snaps the rope attached to Trellimar. The giant spider could not act fast enough to catch Trellimar, but he is quick enough to grab onto the ledge. Granamyr, despite his size, tries to pull Trellimar up.

The creature bites Jiǔtóu, injecting poison in her. Despite feeling sluggish, Jiǔtóu casts Hellish Rebuke at the creature. Trellimar pulls himself up and back onto the centre platform with a floating purple orb floating on the pedestal. Trellimar reads the rune writing on the pedestal, which says that it is a teleportation orb that can be used is one says the command word while touching it. Looking at the creature, he notices that it has a soft under-belly covered by the wall. He then fires a beam of Eldritch Blast at the under-belly, but misses it as it is hard to aim a small area. The giant spider moves up to the creature and tries to bite it. It does nothing, but she takes a bit of damage from the spiked armour plate.

Fourth Round of Battle
Cam spots Trellimar aiming for the under-belly, so he throws Nimbus at the same area. However, the creature just moves its leg which blocks the attack. Once Nimbus reappears in his hand, Cam gives the finger to the creature.

The poison overwhelms Jiǔtóu and she collapses onto the ground. The creature sees the unconscious Jiǔtóu, picks her and impales her onto one of its spiked spine on its exoskeleton. The creature then turns to Cam and gets ready its projectile. Trellimar runs towards the creature and successfully slides underneath it. However, he gets a cut from one of the spiked spines. Trellimar then casts Eldritch Blasts at the creature's under-belly. Purplish ooze flows out of its wound and splashes all over Trellimar. The creature now staggers and stumbles as Jiǔtóu starts to wobble precariously, slowly coming off the spine.

The giant spider climbs up the wall and grabs Jiǔtóu off the creature, then place her safely on the stairs. The giant spider tries to shake Jiǔtóu up, but she remains unconscious.

Fifth Round of Battle
Cam throws Nimbus at the creature's under-belly again, yet trying not to hit Trellimar. Because of this, it misses. He then casts Healing Word on Trellimar.

The creature spins around and take a step back, then bites Trellimar, injecting poison into him. He tries to Eldritch Blasts at the Creature, but misses it completely due to his poisoned state.

The giant spider, after seeing Trellimar aiming for its under-belly, goes up to the creature and raises it up, revealing its under-belly. She then successfully bites its under-belly and injects poison into it. The creature shudders and limps. Trellimar, with his consciousness waning, crawls himself out to safety. Cam backs off as well. The creature is now lying on its back, not moving at all.
End of Battle

The Portal RoomEdit

The giant spider shape-shifts back into Elora, then runs over to Jiǔtóu who is drooling. At the same time, Trellimar is now unconscious as the poison overwhelms him. Cam plans to stab the creature's eye, but noticing the spiked spines, he kicks it instead, causing a few spines to snap off. He then sits down by his companions and begins a ritual for Prayer of Healings. After the ritual, everyone feels energetic, although Jiǔtóu and Trellimar are still unconscious.

Out of the blue, Cam jumps over the edge. Elora witnesses this in horror and quickly looks over the ledge. She sees a raven, which Cam transformed into. The raven flies down 80 feet and sees the surface of the still water. The raven tries to look for Duracell, but sees nothing. The raven flies back up to the rest and pecks Trellimar's forehead. Nothing happens, so the raven continues to peck.

An hour passes and the poison effect on both Jiǔtóu and Trellimar fades. They regain conscious. Trellimar feels sore at his forehead. The raven transforms back into Cam since the effect is gone. Although, since the raven is still pecking as the effect wears off, as it transforms back into Cam, he kisses Trellimar's forehead. Both Cam and Trellimar feels awkward, so Cam gets off Trellimar. Both agrees to not talk about this incident ever again. Cam goes to kick the creature again.

By now, although the adventurers have seen spiders that can transform into a wraith, none of them have seen spiders that can shoot projectiles. Jiǔtóu checks the creature for loots and finds nothing.

Cam walks down to the central platform with the floating orb on the pedestal. He teases to the rest by making movements of touching the orb. Trellimar tells him that it is a teleportation device, but to an unknown location. Cam looks up to the entrance of the room, noticing that it is 20 feet from even from the tallest stair landing, which makes it difficult if anyone attempts to climb back out.

Elora chides Cam for jumping off without letting her know what he is doing, even though Cam explains that he is having a moment of his now lost dagger. Cam cannot promise her though. Elora then asks what he sees in the pit below, which Cam explains that there is dark, inky black water 80 feet down into the pit. Cam is now unsure on which dagger he can casts Light on.

Cam and Trellimar intend to activate the orb. Trellimar touches the orb and says the command word, which he pronounces it as "ah-nus". The others see him vanish as Trellimar appears in a room with four large stone pillars that rises up into the air: one at 30 feet, two at 40 feet and the centre at 50 feet. Also in the room are three sets of different coloured, magical portals (three on walls, three on floor). Two portals that are on the pillars are out of sight. He also hears buzzing noises from above. Cam, Elora and Jiǔtóu follow suit.

When Elora teleports into the same room, she sees an insect with a trumpet-shaped nose flying above, then hears slurping noises. Three dog-sized snails with four tentacle-heads each emerge from the walls of the room and moving towards them; they are flail snails. Cam sits down and start the ritual for Magic Circle.

First Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu, unable to determine if the snails are hostile, readies herself just in case they are being attacked. Elora casts Speak with Animals and attempt to communicate with the snails by telling them that they mean no harm. She receives no response. Cam realises that the situation is quickly turning unfavourable and stops casting Magic Circle. He casts Bless on Elora, then conjures a spiritual weapon that looks like a bigger version of Duracell, with "I miss you" engraved on the side.

Trellimar walks through the blue portal on the wall beside him. He finds himself on top of the 30 feet stone pillar. He just can make out a shape of another orb on a pedestal on top of the 50 feet pillar, as well as the knell beetle. The beetle senses Trellimar, looks at him, then sends out a thunderous noise from its trumpet-shaped nose. This sends Trellimar flying through the portal, yet reacts fast enough to casts Hellish Rebuke at third level at the beetle. Cam just dodges as Trellimar comes flying and Trellimar falls onto the ground. He gets back up and runs through the portal again, this time firing Eldritch Blasts at the beetle. The beetle absorbs the energy from the first blast, but take damage from the second blast.

As two snails go to attack Cam, Jiǔtóu attacks one of the snail with her guandao. In response, the snail attacks her with two of its heads, dealing some damage. The other two heads plus the second snail attack Cam, dealing decent damage.

Second Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu uses her guandao and attacks two snails, killing one of them. Elora shape-shifts into a polar bear, then bites and claws one of the snails, dealing decent damage.

The beetle flies nearer to Trellimar and claws him.

Cam orders the spiritual weapon to attack one of the snail, which disintegrates it. Cam then sticks his hand through the portal and attempts to reach out for Trellimar's buttock. Trellimar senses this just in time and tucks forward. Cam then casts Healing Word at second level on Trellimar.

Trellimar runs over the edge and jumps into the red portal on the floor. However, this allows the beetle to injure Trellimar a bit. As Trellimar goes through the portal, he emerges flying through the other red portal. He flies high enough and tries to reach the top of the 40 feet pillar. He misses and goes back into the portal, now transiting between the two red portals.

The last snail attacks Jiǔtóu.

Third Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu retaliates back by smashing the snail into pieces with her guandao. She then stands around watching Trellimar flying up and down through the portals, wondering what she can do about it.

The polar bear just barely fit through the blue portal and emerges on top of the 30 feet pillar. She reaches for the beetle and tears it apart.
End of Battle

Crownrend and GranamyrEdit

Cam hugs the spiritual weapon, having a moment with Duracell before it dissipates. Jiǔtóu sits on the ground, letting out a long sigh as she is exhausted. Trellimar eventually slows down and flops out of the portal. The polar bear walks through the portal and nuzzles up by Cam.

Cam sees what Trellimar was doing earlier and walks through the blue portal, then jumps into the red portal. He tries to catch the ledge but misses, now flying through the two red portals. The polar bear jumps into the green portal on the ground and emerges on top of a 40 feet stone pillar. She then alerts the others on the same item that Trellimar saw earlier. Cam eventually flops out of the portal.

Cam enters the green portal and emerges alongside the polar bear. After telling the polar bear its plan, Cam stands on the polar bear and balance-walk to its head, as she tries to keep still. Cam then jumps off in attempt to reach the 50 feet stone pillar. He misses, however, and falls through the green portal on the ground. With the high velocity, he hits himself at the polar bear as he emerges from the other green portal.

Trellimar once again goes through the blue portal, then jumps into the red portal. This time, he successfully lands on top of the other 40 feet pillar. Just then, Trellimar remembers that Cam have an Immovable Rod. He suggests the idea to Cam to use the rod and swing it to the 50 feet pillar. Cam takes out the rod and give it a try, swinging then activating it at the correct moment to push himself forward. He eventually lands on top of the 50 feet pillar. He throws the rod at Trellimar to give it a try. He too succeeds.

The polar bear walks through the green portal and goes towards Jiǔtóu, then snuggles up beside her. The polar bear shape-shifts back into Elora, then casts Cure Wounds on Jiǔtóu. After Jiǔtóu's short rest, both Elora and herself eventually rest the top of the 50 feet pillar using the swinging rod method.

At the top, the adventurers see a similar orb and pedestal from the previous room. Trellimar finds the command word on the pedestal. Before proceeding, they take a short rest. As Cam meditates, he casts Aid on Jiǔtóu, Trellimar and himself. He then asks Trellimar on how much longer they need to travel to get the mask. As Granamyr tells Trellimar that they are close, he relays the message to them. Elora pats Granamyr on the head. Cam wonders if Trellimar is making everything up, since Granamyr cannot speak. On saying that, Granamyr growls at Cam.

Witnessing that Cam, Elora and Trellimar are talking to an unknown being, Crownrend speaks in Jiǔtóu's mind, asking who Granamyr is that they are speaking to. Jiǔtóu tells him that they are speaking to a pseudo-dragon. Crownrend tells her that he only sense four beings around but no dragon.

Curious, Jiǔtóu reaches out her hand with Crownrend and physically touches Granamyr. Granamyr purrs along to her touch. She then tells Crownrend that whatever she is touching is the pseudo-dragon. Yet, Crownrend still sense nothing but a void, then tells her to be cautious. Jiǔtóu tells Trellimar that Crownrend thinks that Granamyr does not exists. In a burst of shock and disbelief, Trellimar tells her that Crownrend is fucking blind. Cam agrees with Trellimar since Crownrend cannot see.

Jiǔtóu thinks that Granamyr is an illusion. Both Elora and Trellimar point out that they can physically touch him. Jiǔtóu adds on to say that there are a lot of magic in the world. Trellimar rebuts her by saying that Granamyr can talk to him, leading Jiǔtóu to say that she has seen people who claims to be talking to something or someone, even herself with Crownrend. Nonetheless, Jiǔtóu states that she does not wish to cause any conflict but only relay Crownrend's thoughts as something to consider.

Trellimar asks Granamyr is he is indeed real. Granamyr just gives off images of confusion and licks Trellimar's face to prove that he is real. Trellimar can feel Granamyr licking him, insisting that Granamyr is real to him. Jiǔtóu tells them that being deep underground, all of them should proceed with caution, since she does not know what Trellimar's patron has in plan.

Double BetrayalsEdit

The adventurers activate the orb on the pedestal. They are once again teleported into another area, this time finding themselves in a great, ancient-looking hallway with a set of collapsed double doors on one end, its walkway blocked by a piles of rocks and stones. On the other end is a set of circular metal doors, with one-half decorated with a silver dragon curved into the crescent moon, and the other-half is coloured black but with an indentation of a dragon shape. They also notice many ancient skeletons with clothing on the floor around them, all worn out overtime.

Trellimar's vision starts to blur, and he then blank out. As he comes to, he is once again in the body of Xan in the same room, except that the set of double doors have yet to collapse.

The group of Four Drows are back home in the Temple of Dah'Mir, their headquarters, and are in the midst of discussion when Xan once again falls unconscious. When Xan comes to, Nix worries for him since the previous two occurrences were back in the Temple of Tharizdun.

Nix cautiously asks Zaylin for the reason why she wants the relic mask, Shroud of Eyes. Instead, Zaylin fires back at Nix for even asking despite him following and assisting her through their journey in the Underdark. Nix says that he is just concerned for Xan. Zaylin did not fail to notice Xan passing out but adds that she might be wrong to even bring him back to the headquarters.

Yylwis is concerned about Zaylin giving false information that there will be acolytes when there is none around and questions her if she has led them into a trap. Zaylin rebuts her, saying that she is just following orders from Dah'Mir.

Nix comments that he grows wary and is tired after the Group has travelled from and back to the Temple. He is now concerned about the leadership and asks Zaylin who is guiding her. Zaylin replies to him that Dah'Mir has been guiding them. She also tells him, then to everyone, that if anyone of them is concerned about her actions, they should not be here with her. Xan thinks that they have come this far, and it will be a waste if they turn back now. Yylwis is insistent that Zaylin has led them into a trap. Zaylin once again firmly says that there is no trap.

A doorway at the side is slams open. A young male drow dressed in similar vestments comes staggering out with a blade protruding from his chest. He tries to call out, but collapses onto the ground. On the sight, Nix recoils in fear. Behind the male drow comes another twelve more drows dressed with the symbol of a drow matron house: a female leading the contingent, a male mage and ten elite warriors. The female drow greets the group, saying, "At last, our little travellers return. I was hoping that you might open the vault straight away, but it seems you've turned yourselves to petty bickering. Such a shame. Took me quite a long time to find this place. But luckily while its best defenders were gone, the rest of them didn't really put up much of a fight. So gracious of you to lead us here, Xan."

The female drow turns to Xan as the other three look at each other in shock, "If it wasn't for your information before you left, we never would've found this temple." Her contingent then spreads out and draw out their weapons.

Zaylin shouts at Xan for being a traitor. Yylwis is in anger as she trusted him. Nix asks Xan if it is true that he betrayed them. Zaylin then draws out her whip, which causes Nix to cower in fear.

The female drow tells them that, given that the Group is outnumbered, they should open the vault and she might let them live. Zaylin asks who she is, to which she says that she is Matron Vixanis of the House of Kel and that this area is her domain. Therefore, whatever powerful treasure Dah'Mir guides Zaylin to shall be hers instead. Zaylin firmly states that the power Matron Vixanis seeks is intended for herself only. Matron Vixanis laughs, then says that what is intended for Zaylin is that she lives a quiet life in the middle of nowhere, or to die in her hands.

Yylwis continues to stare angrily at Xan. Zaylin orders Nix to stand up and defend himself. He reluctantly complies and stands up. Nix then quietly asks Xan to give a sign so that he can trusts him again. Trellimar tries to summon Eldritch Blasts in his mind but Xan erupts out a way more powerful wave of arcane energy at the matron's contingent. Matron Vixanis, the mage and five elite warriors remain.

First Round of Battle
Yylwis shouts at Xan, asking what is going on as Xan seems to betray the Matron after he betrayed the Four Drows. Xan says that it is a long story but prefers to kill Matron Vixanis and her contingent first. Yylwis refuses since she feels betrayed after all these times that the two have spent together. During this time, Nix draws out his two shortswords and dashes towards the closest warrior, deeply cutting its throat. Zaylin calls out Xan that whether he is either with or against the Group, she will defend the vault. She then casts Lightning Bolt at the whole contingent. Only six are left standing, including Matron Vixanis and the mage.

The mage touches himself, then flies up into the air. He then casts out a continuous bolt of lightning at Zaylin, though not as powerful as her. Matron Vixanis utters a healing prayer which heals the remainder members of her contingent. She then steps behind the warriors. The warriors charge towards the Group. Two of them aim for Nix, dealing minor damage. The other two aim for Zaylin. With a combination of swords and crossbows, they successfully knocks Zaylin unconscious.

Not knowing the kind of power Xan has, Trellimar tries to conjure Arms of Hadar. Squirming ebony tentacles erupts around the Matron and fills a 20-foot radius. It starts to attack anyone around it, which is Matron Vixanis and the warrior attacking Nix.

Second Round of Battle
Xan suddenly feels a blade slides through his skin. Yylwis is now attacking Xan violently while screaming angrily. Yet, Xan manages to concentrate on his spell. Nix sees this, disengages then runs towards Yylwis and tackles her to the ground. Matron Vixanis laughs as she witnesses the Group turning on to one another.

The mage, still in the air, throws a ball of flame at the Group. It hits them. Xan now feels life fading out of him. As a reaction, he throws his hands up and massive bolts of lightning bursts out from him, engulfing everyone. He then collapses onto the ground. The last thing he sees is Yylwis being electrocuted on top of him, Nix is blown back, and several of the drow warriors collapses onto the ground. Xan then blacks out.
End of Battle

Granamyr's Real PurposeEdit

Cam, Elora and Jiǔtóu are watching Trellimar as he lay unconscious. Unlike the previous two occurrences, Trellimar's body twitches and sweats as if he is reacting to something. Cam, having experiences of healing people, tells Elora and Jiǔtóu not to touch Trellimar in case he is experiencing a fit. Trellimar then regains consciousness, gasping deeply for air.

When Trellimar comes round, Elora rushes over and offers him water, while wiping the sweat off his forehead. She then asks him what has happened. As Trellimar replies that he had another vision, he notices that, at where the Four Drows and the Matron's contingent has fallen, their skeletal remains are now in their place in the same position. Only the remains where Matron Vixanis should have been is not around. He also wonders if Matron Vixanis, although older in appearance, is the same Vixanis they met back in Tallfield.

Cam wonders what Trellimar is thinking, so he explains that he was in the body of Xan that betrayed the group, pointing to the skeleton underneath another skeleton. He also says that an army of drow came through the now collapsed set of double doors lead by a matron named Vixanis from House of Kel. Elora wonders of drow can have similar names, to which Trellimar explains that drows to name children after figures who either done something great or terrible, hoping that the children will follow in the figure's footsteps. Trellimar shares that the skeleton on top of Xan's skeleton tries to stab him.

Cam is now concerned of the drow that Trellimar experienced had killed his entire team. Trellimar points over to the skeleton of Zaylin and explains that she is a servant of Dah'Mir, a patron he follows. He believes that his patron is giving these visions to guide him. On Elora's question, Trellimar tells them that Zaylin is also on the same quest in retrieving the Shroud of Eyes, although he points out that Zaylin's team could not get into the vault since it remains shut. He also shares that Matron Vixanis' remains is not around.

Cam and Elora worry that the visions Trellimar had could be warnings. Cam adds that he is concerned that Trellimar inhabited the minds of a person that betrayed his team. Jiǔtóu also wonders if the vault is now empty, since Matron Vixanis' body is not amongst them. Cam asks if Xan also blacks out, to which Trellimar replies yes. Cam also wonders why Trellimar inhabits Xan and not Zaylin. Either way, Cam steps 20 feet back to allow Trellimar activate the vault.

Trellimar looks at the door of the vault and notices that the indentation shaped of a dragon is the same size as Granamyr. Granamyr now telepathically sends images of tasks to Trellimar. Granamyr flies up to the indentation and fits himself in it. Granamyr becomes stiff as his purple-coloured skin changes colour to onyx-coloured. The circular set of vault doors rotates around a full circle. The vault doors slide open. Granamyr slides into the wall.

Inside the vault is a single silvery beam of moonlight highlighting a pedestal, upon which, is a silvery triangle-shaped mask with flowing design and three blue gemstones.

As Trellimar focus on the relic mask, Cam, Elora and Jiǔtóu see five wraith-like drow spectres emerging out of the walls. The drow mage spectre is glad that the vault is finally open and complete the task for Matron Vixanis. Elora warns Trellimar of what she just saw. Jiǔtóu shouts at Trellimar, telling him to run for the mask. Elora shape-shifts into a polar bear and block the entrance to the vault. Cam whips out his dagger Nimbus. All three of them stand ready to fight.

First Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu readies herself to attack once the spectres are closer. Cam uses Invoke Duplicity and orders his duplicate to run alongside Trellimar. Cam then throws Nimbus at the closest spectre, dealing moderate damage with Nimbus' magic.

As the spectres move closer, Jiǔtóu strikes some of them with her guandao. The magical effect on her guandao injures some spectres. In retaliation, one of the spectre tries to lash out at Jiǔtóu, but misses. Another two lash out at Cam, one of them striking him and tries to suck out life off him. Fortunately, Cam's raven cloak prevents this from happening. Another spectre lashes out at the polar bear and successfully sucks out some life off her. With the spectre intense glare at Cam, he comments that only Jiǔtóu can suck the life out of him. Jiǔtóu looks at him and gives a humorous growl.

The polar bear claws and bites some of the spectre. Her attack passes through them but still deals some damage. The mage spectre lingers back for a moment, then lets out a horrifying wail from its gaping jaws. Cam, Jiǔtóu and the polar bear manage to resist the effect from the wail. The mage spectre knows that the cloak on Cam prevents any necrotic effects and goes towards Jiǔtóu. He tries to lash at her, but misses.

Trellimar continues to run down the hallway towards the relic mask in the vault. Cam's duplicate is running next to him.

Second Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu casts Burning Hands at the spectres but it the fire does little damage to them. Cam casts Bane on the nearest three spectres, reducing their ability to attack. He continues to order his duplicate to run alongside Trellimar.

The spectres are now aware that Cam's spell affects their ability to attack. The mage spectre gives out an order, then points his finger a Trellimar. All four warrior spectres go through Cam, Jiǔtóu and the polar bear. Their actions drain out some of the adventurers' life away, except Trellimar.

Trellimar reaches the Shroud of Eyes and grabs it. Dah'Mir speaks to him in his mind to congratulate Trellimar for completing the task. He now bequeaths the mask to him. Trellimar proceeds to put it on his face. The mask begins to mould fully around his head. The mage spectre yells out in agony as he sees Trellimar wearing the mask. The five spectres dissipate.
End of Battle

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  • Upside-Down Room: Mark describes the staircases in the upside-down room to be M.C. Escher-like.[1] He also describes that both Elora and Jiǔtóu see Cam and Trellimar are "dancing on the ceiling, what a feeling".[2]
  • Underpowered Hellish Rebuke: When Jiǔtóu casts Hellish Rebuke during the third round of battle against the arachnid, to save time, Mark asks Matt on the information on Hellish Rebuke, since Matt's character Trellimar also have the same ability. The spell card that Matt is reading from states that Hellish Rebuke at first level causes 2D10 fire damage, with addition D10 per higher level. However, Mark mistakenly assumes Jiǔtóu's Hellish Rebuke is casts at first level despite that tieflings cast it at second level, causing 2D10 fire damage instead of 3. After this has been pointed out by several viewers, Mark acknowledges the mix-up.[3]
  • Duracell: When Cam says that he is not sure on which dagger he can cast Light on after the battle against the arachnid, Elora proposes calling another dagger Duracell the Second. Out of character, Kim proposes Energizer, a competing battery brand of Duracell. Trott even proposes Tesco's Own, Double A.[4]
  • Old Creatures: Mark shares that the flail snail is from first edition AD&D and knell beetle is from third edition D&D, both slightly nerfed for the purpose of the episode.
  • Level Up!: By the end of the episode, the adventurers have levelled up to level seven.[5]


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