"THE SHROUD OF EYES" is the twenty-fifth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on August 21, 2016.

In this episode, our heroes return and successfully revive Korak. Though the stability of the Dawn Republic has been shaken due to the Broken Sky's activities, our heroes are back to help the Republic, this time with Barris!

Campaign SummaryEdit

Champion of Dah'MirEdit

The Shroud of Eyes is silvery and currently has three purple gemstones for eyes (Mark describes it as a Rorschach-esque mask [1]) The moment Trellimar dons the Shroud of Eyes, the mask moulds around his face, save for his ears and hair, and he is attuned to the mask. Even though the mask covers his eyes, Trellimar can not only see normally, but is also able to see through objects and peers into anyone's mind should he wish to.

The temple begins to emanate light. The shaft of moonlight that was illuminating the pedestal expands and fills the room, allowing the adventurers to see the engravings on the circular wall. They also see a short, shallow pool of water built around the central platform at the centre. The spectres that were previously battling against Cam, Elora in polar bear form and Jiǔtóu vanish.

Cam stares at Trellimar, now silver-faced, and gently grabs Jiǔtóu, telling her with a tinge of regret that Trellimar did say he was once a murderer back when the adventurers had to tell a secret to the ferryman, as well as believing that Trellimar's patron is dark and weird. Jiǔtóu says that she actually wanted to ask why they are here at the temple.

The polar bear shape-shifts back into her Elora self. Cam feels nauseous at the transformation. Trellimar asks the rest how he looks. Cam is relieved that it is still Trellimar and not another being. About the mask controlling his actions and thoughts, Trellimar assures them that neither of those are happening, he is still himself. He adds that with the mask, he can now see anything should he commands it to and that although it has a mind of its own, it is more of an aid than to harm. The adventurers now know that since Granamyr is needed to open the vault holding the relic mask, Matron Vixanis probably left since she cannot open it.

When Cam and Elora ask Trellimar on what does his patron wants him to do with the mask, the carvings on the walls of the vault start to glimmers in the silvery light. The carvings are pictograms and it depicts a story of Sehanine, goddess of the moon which Elora's spire is associated with, and Dah'Mir, Trellimar's patron.

Sehanine and Dah'Mir are together as the moon and the stars and wants a child, but Sehanine cannot conceive. Dah'Mir pulls power from a strange star and creates a child for them, a young girl with black skin like her father and white hair like her mother. At first, they are a happy family. As the child grows older, she is fond of spiders and becomes more cruel, killing mortals and animals. Both Sehanine and Dah'Mir try to control her. The child, now an adult, creates a drider and shows it to her father. Dah'Mir is appalled and a fight ensues. The daughter is strong and wounds Sehanine in the process, which enrages Dah'Mir. He then tears his daughter in half, which she turns herself into a drider for her lost legs. Sehanine is devastated. Dah'Mir flees in shame and journeys into the far reaches of the stars in exile. Their daughter is Lolth, a goddess for the drows.

Even though Elora is from the Spire of the Moon, she is not aware of this story despite Sehanine's clerics and priests trying to educate her on this story; Elora is never interested. Cam now wonders how Dah'Mir is affected in having to tear his daughter into half and she is Lolth. With that, there is a shimmer in the air, then a robed figure materialises in its place and pulls back his hood. His appearance seems transparent and flickers, and he is moving around the temple, looking at the pictograms.

Dah'Mir replies to Cam that hurting her daughter brings him great pain. He then says that he is now here before them since Trellimar has completed the task given by him. Dah'Mir tells Trellimar that, with the mask, he is to use it well to mend the drow's allegiance with the surface and lure them away from Lolth. Dah'Mir adds that the daelkyr are also his creations, and will need Trellimar's help once he has figured out what is wrong with them. When Cam queries if Dah'Mir is still a god, Dah'Mir explains that he is no longer a deity and that it is his brother Corellon that encourages him to be with Sehanine after noticing his affection for her. However, ever since his exile and abandoning the world, Dah'Mir's power is only limited to communicating with individuals since his followers have dwindled. Elora queries on Sehanine, which Dah'Mir shares that she thinks he is long gone, and he wishes to keep it that way to not bring her back bad memories.

Cam comments that not only Trellimar can be evil, but so is Dah'Mir. Dah'Mir did not deny his accusation, saying that he has done evil deeds before. Trellimar defends his patron and says that Cam has also done evil deeds like murdering Dimitriv. Cam and Trellimar bickers back and forth, but Dah'Mir ends their bickering by saying that people do evil things to do what he or she must.

Jiǔtóu's query on why Trellimar needs the mask. Dah'Mir explains that he does not, but knows that it will grant him great power, especially a power to pierce through illusions and deceptions that he believes corrupts the drows. As Trellimar is Dah'Mir's only remaining living champion, he has no one else to give it too and not wanting the mask to fall into the wrong hands.

On Granamyr, Dah'Mir shares that he is the key to the vault. Yet, he smirks and tells Trellimar that Granamyr will always be bound to him, so as long as he lives.

On Matron Vixanis, Dah'Mir is unable to know her fate ever since Zaylin, his previous champion, is killed. Dah'Mir adds on that it is possible that the name Vixanis that the adventurers came across earlier in the journey could have been passed down through generations and of children with familiar traits.

Cam asks if Dah'Mir is with Trellimar since birth, Dah'Mir shares that Trellimar knows the answer to that, but says that he is with him for a long time now. However, when Cam tries to probe if Dah'Mir watched Trellimar murders someone, Dah'Mir did not answer, only saying that Trellimar does what he must to protect his people that he cares for.

Jiǔtóu asks of all people, why he chose Trellimar. Dah'Mir explains that he did not choose him. Rather, it is through fate since he needs a vessel and Trellimar needs his gifts.

Cam wonders if the mask will make it easier for Dah'Mir to communicate with Trellimar. Dah'Mir says that he will communicate to him as always and that there is no need for him to overtake him since he believes that Trellimar will do his task.

Breaking a Promise for the RepublicEdit

Dah'Mir tells the adventurers that, with little power the temple is providing him with, he can send them back to the surface or any other locations, but only once and as a group. Cam wonders if Dah'Mir could have actually teleport them down to the temple. Dah'Mir rebuts his thoughts, saying that his power is weak beyond the confines of the temple. Cam asks if he could teleport them to Grimfang's Keep, then again to the surface, but Dah'Mir says that he cannot. Elora questions Cam on his request. Cam shares with the group that he needs to see Gurli. Cam then requests for a moment for him and his companions to discuss.

Before the adventurers discuss on their next step, Elora walks up to Dah'Mir and asks if there is a way for her to communicate with Sehanine on his behalf. Dah'Mir says that it is possible if she is a powerful cleric, yet, he requests her not too as he will bring too much pain for himself and for Sehanine as well. He shares that immortals like himself and Sehanine could not forget such pain, especially that he has created something that caused so much suffering. Nonetheless, he appreciates Elora's kindness. Elora then joins back with the adventurers.

Cam shares that although he wants to go back to the surface and save Korak the Champion, which is half the reason why they are all down here in the Underdark, he had made a promise to Gurli that he will take her to the surface. Jiǔtóu says that he wish to bring her to the surface, but asks him what he will do once she is there. Elora adds on where she can go, thinking that it is better if she stays with her people in Gloom. Cam says that Gurli is independent as a person and that she is helping them to research a way to turn people back from stone. Jiǔtóu says that although Gurli can be independent, she is concerned that certain people of Talis'Val will find ways to exploit her. Elora gives another perspective that actions done in the Underdark may seems fine, but it may be seen as a crime on the surface which could bring trouble to Gurli. Cam says that they have raised valid points.

Jiǔtóu says that she is alright if Cam agrees to be her guardian, but he must take into the account of the type of adventures and encounters the group have faced and will face. Cam agrees with their points, yet tells them that he could not just leave Gurli behind without telling her. In spite of this, Jiǔtóu wonders about the cleric that is turned into stone. Cam thinks that they may go back to Gloom to check, but states that no one at this point knows of a way to turn people back from stone.

Cam asks Dah'Mir if there is a way for him to communicate with Gurli. Dah'Mir can project an image of Cam to her, but tells him that he can only do so for one minute. With the limited time, Cam gathers his thoughts and, with the help of his companions, points out three things he wants to talk to Gurli: her research and if she finds anything on turning people back from stone, the reason for not being able to bring her up to the surface, and what has the duergars been doing. With Cam all ready, Dah'Mir raises his hands and place them on his shoulder. Cam does not move, but he feels himself manifesting in the treasure room where Gurli was researching in.

Gurli is in the treasure room, with neat piles of books everywhere. She is not reading by the table but is in the centre of the room launching small fires from her hands. Cam calls out to Gurli. She turns around and sees Cam in ghost form. Excited to see Cam, Gurli asks him why he is a ghost and if he is dead. Cam says that he is not. Before he could continue to say anything, Gurli is excitedly shows him what she can now do. Gurli raises her hands and a spray of colourful magic launches from her hands. Cam is happy for her but interrupts her to say that he only have less than a minute to talk to her. With Gurli listening to him, Cam apologises and says that he cannot take her to the surface.

The moment Gurli hears that from Cam, Gurli frowns and shouts at Cam, saying that he pinky-promised her that he will take her to the surface. Cam says that he knows he pinky-promised, but tells her that he will come back for her. Gurli interrupts him to ask when, adding that Cam earlier promised that he will come back for her. Cam tries to explain that the surface could be hazardous for her, but Gurli says that she has survived under the bad conditions by the duergars.

Gurli starts crying and turns away, refusing to talk to Cam and tells him to go away. She adds that she looks up to Cam as her hero and she learnt magic because she thinks that Cam finds it cool. Cam tries to coax Gurli and tells her that this may be the last time he will see her and pleads with her to not end this on a bad note.

Gurli turns around, with tears rolling down her cheeks, yet avoiding eye contact. Cam asks Gurli how are the duergars, myconids and svirfneblins are communicating with one another. With resentment, Gurli simply says that they are fine. Cam is glad and now moves onto the last point. He says that he is happy that Gurli has learnt magic and asks if she could find anything to turn people back from stone. Gurli looks up at Cam and says, "If you want to know that, come and get me." The communication fades off, ending with Cam sighing in frustration, knowing that he now have to make a tough choice.

Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar all witnessed Cam acting out and the exchanges he and Gurli had, knowing that it did not end well. Elora and Trellimar tell Cam that it may have gone better if he ends up with him not being able to bring her to the surface. Cam agrees with them.

When Elora asks about Gurli learning magic, Cam explains to them what he saw and a possibility that she knows how to turn people back from stone. However, Cam says that they will have to come back down to see if there is any results, and suggests that they should just return back to the surface. Elora and Jiǔtóu ask Cam if he is certain of his decision, with Elora pointing out that the cleric may be of use to him. Cam says he is certain and that they do not have much choice.

Cam then points out that should they teleport back to Gloom, they will need to spend two more days to go back up to the surface, assuming that they do not fight or take extra rests. He also points out the scenario should they go back to Gloom and find out that Gurli had not learnt of a spell to turn people back from stone, they would have waste another two days of travel back to the surface. On that scenario, Korak the Champion would have succumbed to the poison effects and dies, meaning the Scroll of Greater Restoration is useless. The adventurers believed that they have been down in the Underdark for five days now. The adventurers agree that the fate of the Dawn Republic is far greater than the risk of going back to Gloom.

With the adventurers' confirmation on returning to the surface, Dah'Mir reaches out his hand and conjures a gateway for them to enter. The adventurers walk into the gateway.

Reviving the ChampionEdit

It is early morning. The adventurers reappear by the entrance of the mausoleum at Whisper's Walk. Having been in the Underdark for a long period of time, it takes a while for the adventurers to get used to the sunlight. The smells of the city welcomes them. Trellimar takes off his mask. Elora tells him she trusts his patron Dah'Mir a little better now, due to his connection with Sehanine. Trellimar tells them that Dah'Mir is not as bad as they think, although some of them still have doubts.

A while later, the adventurers reach the entrance of Whisper's Walk. Cam tells Jiǔtóu to set the pace to the Guild Quarter. She dashes off, and it is not before long that she has disappeared into the crowds since she is the most nimble amongst themselves. Cam walks over to the nearest stable and requests to rent two horses for his companions and himself. After a bargain, Cam realises he does not have enough to pay 5 gold pieces, so he looks for Elora. However, Elora has already walked off towards the Guild Quarter. Trellimar tells Cam why not he transforms into a raven. Cam thinks it is a good idea and transform into a raven, eventually catching up to Jiǔtóu.

After some time, both Jiǔtóu and the raven ran past the gates of the Guild Quarter and has reached the steps of the Government Building. Jiǔtóu takes a break to catch her breath. A raven lands on her shoulder and gives out a string of annoying caws. Jiǔtóu tells the raven to shut up. The raven transforms back into Cam and his weight causes him to fall on Jiǔtóu. The guards are perplexed by the sight of this.

Jiǔtóu stands up and informs the guards that she has a cure for Korak the Champion. Two of the guards are in a daze, while the third rushes for Commander Durmont. Within a few minutes, Durmont appears in front of Cam and Jiǔtóu. Knowing that they have the cure, Durmont quickly brings them in. He also tells the guards that he is expecting Elora and Trellimar to arrive shortly.

Durmont brings Cam and Jiǔtóu into a bed-chamber, where Korak the Champion is tossing and turning unconsciously due to the effects of the poison. Cassandra and a priest, Father Risan, are by his side, casting healing spells on the Champion in an attempt to ease his suffering. Cassandra is visibly tired and drained after having been by the Champion's side since he has fallen into a comatose. Durmont tells Cassandra that the adventurers have found the Scroll of Greater Restoration. Jiǔtóu hands over the Scroll to Cassandra, who then pass it on to Father Risan. The priest takes it. As he reads through the Scroll, he realises that if he uses the Scroll, there is a possible 50% chance of failure, which could destroy the Scroll, as he is not powerful enough. He does not know any clerics or priests that are more powerful than him.

Father Risan says it is best if there is a cleric that is well-favoured by the god or goddess, and also powerful, to casts the spell. It is this moment that Cam realises that he will have to give a try, since he himself is a cleric and has recently regained great favour by his goddess Avandra. Cam steps forward and offers to give it his best. Father Risan hands over the Scroll to Cam and tells him that the life Korak the Champion rests in his hands.

Cam takes the Scroll and reads through it. He realises that he is not powerful enough to use the Scroll without it having any negative repercussions, although he has a better chance of success than Father Risan. Cam hands back the Scroll to Jiǔtóu, then walks to the other side of the room. He starts praying to Avandra, hoping that she will come and bless him. Cam does not get a response from Avandra. By now, Elora and Trellimar have arrived at the bed chamber, to which Father Risan greets Elora, as she is of royalty, and introduces himself to them. As Elora offers to help, Father Risan tells her that Cassandra needs to rest, emphasising this to Cassandra, and that Elora can assist by casting gentle healing spells on Korak the Champion. Cassandra insists that she can carry on. Elora walks to her, assures her that the Champion will be alright and tells her that she should rest. Cassandra agrees, then lets Elora take over. She slumps heavily onto a chair exhausted.

Jiǔtóu goes over to Cam and asks if he can do it. Cam assures her that it will be fine. He then thinks deeply into old, forgotten and horrible memories, such as the incident involving Mirela, where Cam and Avandra helped one another. He still gets no response from Avandra, but as Cam is now thinking about what he was taught about Avandra, he remembers one of her key tenets: Fortune Favours the Bold. With that, Cam snaps himself up and requests for the Scroll, saying that he is ready. Jiǔtóu asks if he can do this; Cam says yes. On what she can help with, Cam tells Jiǔtóu that she can pray alongside with him. Jiǔtóu says that she does not believe in a god. Cam then tells her that she may help to keep Cassandra upright. Jiǔtóu hesitantly hands over the Scroll to Cam.

Requesting some space, everyone steps away as Cam walks to Korak the Champion's side. Cam tells Cassandra that he knows she is very weary, but asks her to assists him, later whispering to her that he knows she is a lightborn. After Cam casts Healing Word on her, Cassandra comes close and puts her hand on his shoulder and casts some spell. Cam casts Bless on himself. Elora, still casting gentle healing spells on the Champion, tells Cam that he can do it. Cam then requests Trellimar to wear the mask, just in case he can see stuff that could help. Trellimar does so.

Cam opens up the Scroll and starts chanting the ancient spell. The hair of Cam and Cassandra both starts to glow. The words Cam is spewing out seems to take form and glows. Cam places his hand on the Champion's chest and he feels incredibly powerful healing magic flowing from him to Korak. Cam can feel a dark and ancient poison inside Korak and begins to expel it. At one point, the world has gone still, something that is familiar to Cam. He feels an arm wrapping around his shoulder as Avandra leans forward to get a look at Korak. Avandra says a good job to Cam, that he can accomplish great things if he believes in himself. She also adds that he believe Cam has lost one of his dagger, then taps a dagger sleeve where Duracell is usually placed.

Cam snaps back into reality and releases his hands off Korak the Champion. With the golden energy flowed completely, Korak breathes in deeply and opens his eyes. Cassandra burst into tears and hugs Cam. Cam is happy that his dagger Duracell is back, whipping it out and showing it to everyone. He also notices that Duracell seems to be glowing with light.

Troubled Past and an Ongoing CrisisEdit

Korak the Champion, still visibly weak, asks what has happened. Father Risan assures him that he is alright. Elora casts Cure Wounds on the Champion, then tells him that he was taken out by a poison smeared on a blade which he was stabbed by an assassin. She adds that the poison is meant to affect him only. Although Korak the Champion is eager to find out who is the assassin, Father Risan and Durmont assure him that the adventurers are not going anywhere and tell him to rest. Durmont then tells the adventurers that he should brief them on what has happened in the past couple of days, but they can look for him afterwards. Durmont looks at Cam and tells him that he did a good job reviving the Champion.

Cam's tunic is now soaked from Cassandra's tears, who is still crying. Cam gently pulls her away and tells her that it is alright. Cassandra wipes her tears. Cam then tells her that they should have a chat about their lightborn abilities. Cassandra agrees, adding that Father Risan is aware of her abilities. She then leaves the room the get some rest, but not before having a moment with Korak the Champion. Father Risan tells the adventurers that he will stay by the Champion's side to keep him comfortable and tells them to take a break as well.

On how long the adventurers have been away for, Jiǔtóu says that they have been away for about a week, although she guesses that Father Risan will tell them otherwise. The Father says that they are actually gone for 10 days. This does not make sense to the adventurers, although some of them believe that their encounter with the Time Gate in the Temple of Dah'Mir may have distorted time.

Korak the Champion is now sleeping peacefully. Trellimar pat Cam on his back, telling him that he has done a job well done. Jiǔtóu stays by the Champion's side, while the others go to a guest chamber to have a rest. They also notice that the season will soon be transiting to autumn.

At the suite, Elora tells Cam and Trellimar that she is quite concerned that she is travelling with them two that has committed murder on innocent people. Trellimar retorts back by saying that she herself has killed people when she shape-shifts into an animal. Elora tells him that her actions are justified, since the people she killed attacked them first. Cam agrees with her, then says that his actions against Dimitriv is something is has and will continue to repent for. Elora understands Cam's situation now but turns to Trellimar since she does not know his rationale for killing innocent lives. Cam asks Trellimar to explain his circumstances to them, then explain it again for Jiǔtóu since she is not with them at the moment. Trellimar removes his mask to be more sincere in his explanation. Cam finds a comfortable seat and starts chowing down on food.

Trellimar says that the life he took, he did not take it with pleasure, but a hard choice to make as the situation at that time was kill or be killed. Cam says that it is similar to their encounters with foes, but Trellimar says otherwise. The people he killed did not attack him and are actually standing by him as they were being attacked. He further explains that, as Dah'Mir was not his patron at that time, Dah'Mir tells him to kill the people that are helping him, so that Dah'Mir can protect him from the daelkyr. Trellimar then tells Cam and Elora to see the bigger picture, and explains that Trellimar did such things, not for himself, but to save his own kind, to prevent them from being exterminated. Trellimar then says that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. On Cam's question, if Trellimar has saved the drows, Trellimar says that his quest is still ongoing, and the mask is to aid him.

Cam now understands Trellimar's circumstances. Elora tells Trellimar that, despite him killing innocents to achieve his goals, she is glad that he has not harmed her yet. However, she tells them that she needs some time alone to process things. She then excuses herself to go for a walk. Cam claims that he needs a lot of food to process things, then continues to gobble up the food. Elora then finds an oak tree in a garden within the Guild Quarter, climbs it and rest on it. Trellimar sits by a corner and starts thinking about Granamyr and how much he misses him.

As night falls, the adventurers are back in the suite and sleep for the night, apart from Jiǔtóu as she has fallen asleep by Korak the Champion's side in his bed chamber. After some time in the middle of the night, Jiǔtóu wakes up and find the Champion awake, sitting on his bed and reading through the reports in worry. Korak notices Jiǔtóu is awake and apologises for waking her up, then thanks Jiǔtóu and her companions for risking their lives to find a Scroll just to save him. As he has never ventured into the Underdark before, Jiǔtóu says that he may like it, since it can test his mettle. Korak says that he perhaps may venture down into the Underdark one day, but tells her that he will need to settle on the many issues the Dawn Republic is facing now.

Korak the Champion tells Jiǔtóu that the Broken Sky are growing more bold and stronger and that the Dawn Republic is breaking at the seams. The guild masters and mistresses of the Council of Guilds became too comfortable during times of peace and stability that do not know how to manage the ongoing crisis. Now that he himself is well, he hopes that he could get back to work quickly to guide the Council of Guilds better. Once the crisis is adverted, he hopes to settle down and pursue his quest.

Korak the Champion snaps off his thoughts, puts down the reports and, to distract himself from the ongoing crisis, asks Jiǔtóu on how her adventures were in the Underdark. She starts off by sharing with him how she and her companions defeated Queen Sharisa, then goes on to share the other encounters in the Underdark. Korak then shares his adventures, after leaving Bresseras, on the monsters he slew and battles he fought. After a couple of hours, Korak tells Jiǔtóu to get some rest. Korak ushers her out of the bed-chamber and she heads back to the suite. Jiǔtóu sleep for the night.

Laid an EggEdit

Prior to a night of rest, Trellimar mediates in the evening and calls out to his patron. He thinks of the endless ocean under the night sky and of egg Granamyr hatched from. He then realises that he can draw energy from the air to form a shape. He does so and, after a couple of hours, he forms an egg.

In the morning, there is a knock on the door. Without invitation, a person enters, apologises for his intrusion, then leaves a letter from Durmont on the table. After the person left, Cam and Elora walk over to the letter and reads it. It says that Durmont would like to speak with the adventurers as soon as possible.

Trellimar walks out of his room while holding the egg he conjured earlier in the night. He places it down onto the table and lets his companions know. Jiǔtóu is still in her room. When Cam and Elora ask where he got the egg from, Trellimar simply says that he laid it. Cam throws up upon hearing it. He then asks Trellimar if it will hatch into Granamyr. Trellimar says it should be him. Elora prods the egg and it feels cold. She then tells Trellimar to find ways to keep it warm.

Cam shares with Trellimar of the letter they received from Durmont, then wonders where Jiǔtóu is. He is not aware she has woken up. Thinking that she may still be sleeping, Elora points to something behind him. Cam turns around and sees Jiǔtóu standing by the doorway to her room. He then asks her if she had a good night sleep. Jiǔtóu gives a smile. Cam compliments her by saying that her smile is getting better. The adventurers now head to Durmont's office, with Trellimar carrying his egg.

Along the way to Durmont's office, Crownrend speaks to Jiǔtóu via her mind, asking who this Korak the Champion is she had a chat with the night before. Jiǔtóu responds by nodding, not saying a word out loud knowing that her companions do not like Crownrend. In her mind, she then tells Crownrend that the Champion is a mighty warrior and the leader of the Dawn Republic. Crownrend grows wary on knowing that the Champion is a leader, forcing Jiǔtóu to tell him that he leads with good intention and not a tyrant. Still, Crownrend does not trust him since he believes that all leaders claim to have good intentions but still do things for themselves. To keep Crownrend under her control, Jiǔtóu tells Crownrend that he is bound to her, then tells him that she do not believe the Champion is unjust. She then adds that it is the Champion's brother that she needs Crownrend's help for as he is a tyrant of Bresseras. Crownrend says that he shall see and will keep a close watch on the Champion.

We Need Your HelpEdit

Durmont welcomes the adventurers into his office. His office is in quite a mess, with his equipment and weapons tossed over at the side of the room. Cam greets him by calling him "Durmy" and "the Big D". In responds, Durmont greets back by at first calling "Cam the Mighty" and "Cam the Great" but then settles for "Cam the Wanker".

Onto the topic Durmont wants to discuss, he shares with them that things are not going great in the Dawn Republic for the past 10 days. The Council of Guilds are being useless in dealing with the major crisis involving the Broken Sky, only know how to deal with small matters like trade disputes.

Briarcrest has declared independence from the Dawn Republic and has seemed to become a new trading city, now having a surplus of resources like gold, lumber and ores. Despite knowing that the Broken Sky have full control over the town, Durmont says that he does not have sufficient evidence. Even so, other towns like Fallcliff and Greybell are now getting their supplies from Briarcrest instead of Talis'Val. Durmont also rules out the possibility of sending mercenaries to dispel the Broken Sky in Briarcrest, in order to avoid the repercussions that may happen: it could go against the interest of the Republic since it is the townspeople of Briarcrest that voted for the leader, who is actually loyal to the Broken Sky.

Within Talis'Val, members of the Old Thieves' Guild are demanding protection racket from shops and businesses. Also, a new drug, Skydream, is having a surge in popularity within Talis'Val, especially amongst the high society since the drug is expensive for the middle classes. Both methods have provided the Broken Sky with a decent supply of gold.

On Victoria, Durmont tells the adventurers that she escaped from prison with the help of Loben. Cam, Elora and Trellimar are shocked, but Jiǔtóu restates her point that he could not be trusted. Loben's obsession of the dawnshard necklace Princess Fellania has helped Victoria escaped by using magic against the two guards, telling the first that it is alright to let Victoria out and knocking out the second. Durmont says that it is his fault since he thought he could trust Loben as he constantly visits Victoria without showing any intention of harm. This allows Durmont to redeploy most of his guards to combat the rampant crimes happening on the streets. The latest information he got from his scouts about Victoria is that she and Loben were last seen heading towards the direction of the ruins of Firstlight, north-west of Talis'Val.

Cam asks about Falk. Durmont says that he is seen working with a mute halfling to brew new potions. Durmont says that the halfling is working with the Dawn Republic to combat against the effect of Skydream.

Durmont shares with the adventurers on Varesh. He is seen on the outskirts of the city, meeting with the leaders of the Old Thieves' Guild every morning in the ruins of a watchtower, located along one of the main trade routes to the city. It is about 3 to 4 hours travel from the city to the ruins. Knowing that Varesh and the Guild's leaders are dangerous, Durmont is hoping that the adventurers can assist him in spying on them, best case to arrest them since Varesh is one of the major players of the plot to take down the Republic. Jiǔtóu tells Crownrend through her mind that Varesh is a tyrant he will be interested in. Although Crownrend thinks that Varesh is a puppet, he would still find enjoyment in killing puppets of the tyrant, though not as much as killing tyrants.

Elora asks Durmont on Afelard's whereabouts. Durmont says that he has been missing for some time now since he is supposed to return back from his trip a few days after the adventurers arrived in Talis'Val. He adds on to say that, should there be any news about him, Elora will be the first to know. On which direction he should be arriving from, Durmont tells Elora that Afelard was last heard to be travelling to Firstlight or further north to the Troubled Lands.

To get Durmont's attention, Cam calls him "Dessi", "Desmond" and "the Big D". Durmont answers by saying "Kimi", "Camo" and "Camali", before settling for "Camie". Cam momentarily forgets want he wants to ask, then remembers and asks if he has heard anything from Princess Fellania. Durmont says that the only information he got is from the descriptions given by the adventurers of her appearance and her palace. He then asks where Cassandra might be, to which Durmont says that she might be checking on Korak the Champion. Cam also asks if Durmont can arrange for a private transportation for them to travel around the city for a day. Durmont says he will see what he can do.

The adventurers agree to help Durmont on spying on Varesh. Durmont tells them to get ready by dawn on the following day and he will prepare horses to travel to the ruins. Cam asks Durmont why he is telling them of all these latest information about the Broken Sky's advancement in their agenda. Durmont tells them that with no other people to turn too, the adventurers are the best the city have at the moment. Talis'Val needs their help.

Getting Disguises from an Old FriendEdit

To get disguises for the mission the following day, the adventurers decide to head down to Unicorn's Patch. Before that, Trellimar discards his worn-out armour and Elora buys a breastplate, custom-made to her colour scheme, from a blacksmith for herself. Trellimar asks Jiǔtóu on what Crownrend thinks of the egg. Crownrend responds by saying that he can sense something, but not a living creature. Jiǔtóu reckons it may be probably because Trellimar conjures the egg via magic. Trellimar simply says perhaps.

At the gate of the Guild Quarter, a horse carriage is ready for the adventurers. Cam gets on board and sits beside the rider, Thomas. Thomas greets Cam, saying that this is his first time employed by the government, but kindly asks Cam to not sit with him. Cam jokingly says he is the boss. Elora tells Thomas to let Cam be because he will not stop. As Thomas speaks with Elora, Cam continues to joke around and tells Thomas that he cannot look at her in the eyes as she is a noble. Also, Cam jokes by saying that he will turn into stone if he does so. Thomas immediately looks down. Elora says that Cam is lying and that he can look at her. Thomas slowly maintains eye contact with Elora. Realising all is well, Thomas tells Cam that he is a liar. Cam then tells Thomas that they would like to travel to Unicorn's Patch. And off they go.

Along the way, Cam asks Thomas if he could let him ride the horse, since he is interested in horses. Thomas is hesitant, with Elora telling him not to give Cam the reigns of the horse. Cam continues to beg, while Elora tells Thomas to not let Cam gets his ways. With the two constantly bickers, Thomas gets confused as there is no deciding vote since he is now serving all four of them. Jiǔtóu says no. Thomas looks at Trellimar for his opinion, and he also says no. With Cam out-voted, Thomas holds onto the reigns of the horse.

The journey takes 20 to 30 minutes. The horse carriage arrives at Unicorn's Patch. Cam casts Bless on Thomas, then says to Thomas that may the goddess Avandra be with him. Thomas gives his thanks, then extends his hands to tip. Cam tells Thomas off that he dares to asks for a tip after being blessed, with Trellimar adding on to say that he is supposed to be hired for the whole day and the idea for asking a tip for every stop is ludicrous. Thomas realises that and asks if he can expect a tip by the end of the day. Elora says yes. The adventurers then get off the carriage and walks to Unicorn's Patch, leaving Thomas all sad on his carriage. He takes out a meat pie and munch on it.

In the backroom of Unicorn's Patch, Enoran is tending to a female customer on her dress he just tailor-made for her. In his shop are a few more ladies. On hearing the door bell ringing, he tells the new customers to give him a while as he tends to the customers, not knowing that the adventurers that he sponsored for their performance have entered his shop.

The adventurers see a lady leaving the backroom with a beautifully designed dress. The other ladies clap in delight on seeing the dress. Enoran then steps out of the backroom, now wearing an exquisite outfit for his booming business. Realising that it is the adventurers he sponsored, Enoran wraps up his business with the ladies. The ladies then exit the shop, but not before giving interested stares at Trellimar. Trellimar notices this and gives them a wink. This excites the ladies as they leave. Cam sees this and becomes jealous.

Enoran welcomes the adventurers, then asks if he can do anything for them. Cam asks him for disguises. Enoran lets out a sigh, places his palm on his head, then says on dear. Cam clarifies to say that they need something that does not stand out, unlike their wonderful outfits last time. Enoran says that it will be a challenge, but he likes it. He then thanks the adventurers for sharing his outfit designs to the audience during the Feast of Stone, although he hoped it could be less comedic. He then wonders about the old lady. Cam claims that she stormed the stage, hiding the fact that it is an unexpected performance by Trellimar disguising himself as an old lady. Trellimar says that the old lady's performance is the best thing that happened in the whole evening. Enoran says that some may find it so, with Cam adding that it is better than the assassination attempt that happened after that.

On hearing Cam saying that, Enoran says that he left before that happened. Cam says that it got a little fiery. Enoran gasps and asks what had happened, later saying that the Council are tight-lipped on the after-events of that day. Realising that Enoran does not know of the full picture, Cam says that it is just a case of a person who got through security and caused a ruckus. That person got subdued quickly and all is well, so Cam claims. Enoran is glad that nothing bad happened afterwards.

Enoran asks once again if the adventurers are sure to want him to make discreet outfits as he looks at the elegant suits and gowns displayed in his shop. Cam tells him that he does not know anyone better than him, leaving Enoran delightful. Enoran suggests that he could tailor a travelling gear outfit of duller colours with enhancements to allow the wearer to blend in with the crowd easier, especially for Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar. Trellimar says that he is fine, then disguises himself into a generic male human.

Jiǔtóu asks Enoran if he could repair her sleeves that have been burnt away by the transformation of Crownrend, but only tells him that is singed during the fire that happened after the Feast of Stone. Enoran says that he would not mind mending it free-of-charge. However, Elora and Trellimar asks Jiǔtóu if a fix is necessary, just in case it gets caught on fire again, sneakily hinting on her using Crownrend another time. With that in mind, Jiǔtóu wonders if the sleeve can be fire resistant. Although Enoran says that it is possible, it will cost 500 gold pieces for such enhancement due to its rarity. Instead, Enoran proposes a sleeveless robe for her. Jiǔtóu kindly rejects, saying that winter is coming. With that, they settle for a simple loose sleeve fix on the spot.

Enoran confirms the adventurers' order once again. Elora asks Cam if such outfit is necessary. Cam tells her that it can help them blend in to avoid the assassins and thieves in the city. On hearing this, Enoran is concerned if there are people coming after them. Cam changes the tone to say that there are mobs coming after them for autographs, later saying that the members of the Thieves' Guild are their biggest fan when Enoran restates that Cam said a short while ago. Enoran now wants assurance from the adventurers that such people will not come after him. Cam tells him just do not put on the logo of the Unicorn's Patch. Enoran says that he will definitely not do that.

Cam asks Enoran if he can make a moustache for him. Enoran tells he could not, saying that he is a tailor, not a disguise maker. However, since Cam is insistent on wanting a moustache, Enoran says very well and heads into the back room. A short while later, he returns with a piece of cut-out fabric shaped of a moustache. He asks Cam to lean forward, then stick on the moustache with a bit of glue. Cam just remains there, but still thanks him.

After some discussions, the adventurers agree on paying 100 gold pieces per set for 3 sets, with only Trellimar not wanting the outfit. Enoran says that he will get it ready within a day. However, Elora requests to have it at dawn the following day. Although Enoran says he does have other orders and will have to stay up all night, he says he will try his best.

A Traitor within the CouncilEdit

After a night of rest, it is dawn and the adventurers are by the gate of the Guild Quarter. Also with them is Durmont and five horses. Durmont tells them that his men have headed off first to hide in the nearby valley near the ruins. Showing a special bolt loaded in his crossbow, he tells them that this device will alert his men should they need help.

Jiǔtóu tells Durmont that Varesh believes that she is part of the Broken Sky, since she attacked Korak the Champion during their last encounter with him. She wonders if they could use this tactic in confronting Varesh later. However, Elora and Trellimar point out that they may know she helped the Champion during the assassination attempt. Durmont tells Jiǔtóu that it may come in handle, but says that they will need to judge the situation and react when deemed fit.

Durmont tells the adventurers that he did not cook up a plan as he believes that plans may crumble upon engaging the enemy. Before mounting the horses, Cam tells Durmont that they have disguises to collect at Journeyman's Run. They then mount on the horses and heads off to the Unicorn's Patch.

There is a flicker of light coming out from Unicorn's Patch. Elora knocks on the door. It takes a while before Enoran opens the door. He looks very tired and exhausted. He then hands over three parcels of bundled-up clothes. Elora makes the payment of 300 gold pieces, then hands a flower she druidcrafts for him. Enoran thanks her and says that he will go to sleep now, then closes the door. Cam immediately strips off in the middle of the street to change into the new outfits. Durmont covers his eyes and looks away, although he comments that Cam's penis is massive. Elora and Jiǔtóu prefer to get changed in a more discreet area, later finding a forest grove along the way to the ruins to get changed.

Durmont and the adventurers are travelling along the road next to a river. Cam, having a better knowledge of the geography of the Dawn Republic amongst the adventurers, knows that the road heads towards Firstlight, now a ruin of the old republic's capital. He has memories of the former capital, having travelled through it multiple times with his Buckland family since he was a kid. The group later goes off the main road and travels down a dirt path, leading to the ruins located in a dip in the forested field.

Durmont now tells the adventurers to get ready as Varesh and his men will be arriving soon. Jiǔtóu hides by a corner in the centre of the ruins, preparing to be invisible via her doss lute. Cam transforms into a raven and perch on top of the ruins. Durmont, Elora and Trellimar hide amongst the trees at the far side of the ruins.

A short while later, Durmont gives the signal to Jiǔtóu for her to play the doss lute. This also means that Varesh and his men are arriving. Jiǔtóu plays the doss lute and is now invisible. Entering the ruins is Varesh, as well as three more people: an elderly female elf carrying various blades, a man wearing the finest clothes and is bored, and Franco Sunsitter, guild master of the Guild of Alchemists and Brewers and is nervous.

The group stands in the middle of the ruins, surrounding an orb rested on a brass metal casing that Varesh takes out. The orb glows in blue for a moment, then a projected image of a young female elf, Rissa, with wings appears on the orb. She tells the group that the Broken Sky's project is going well after obtaining a significant amount of ores from Aramount and lumber from Briarcrest. The elder elf tells Rissa that Victoria has escaped the capital with the help of Loben. Her agents are now guiding her to the ruins of Firstlight to complete her research. The man shares that the drug Skydream is proven to be effective amongst the wealthy. Together with the various thieves and other business arrangements, he says that the organisation should have plenty gold for the project.

Franco, on the other hand, does not have good news for the Broken Sky. He reports that Korak the Champion is awake after the adventurers, that he expected them to die in the Underdark, return to the surface with a Scroll to restore the Champion's health. Varesh, not happy with the news, stabs his sword into the ground and tighten his grip. He tells then that even though the Champion is now alive, he reckons that he should still be in a weak state as the poison, crafted by the best alchemist in Bresseras, is designed to kill metallic dragonborns.

Princess Fellania tells Rissa to adjust the orb so that she can address the group. As the orb rotates, it reveals a very large room, with the Princess dominating the projection due to her giant form. Her projection fills the ruins. She comments that the adventurers are nothing but insects to their great plans. She wants them eliminated as soon as possible, even as far as targeting their families and friends, or anyone close or significant to them. Yet, she demands that their project is to take top priority so that they can sow discord within the Republic. She wants to do something splendour upon her arrival and offer the people something they are in desperate need of firm stability and a monarch they will love and fear at the same time. To assist the group, Princess Fellania tells them that she has sent an agent to assist with certain activities. However, she warns them that he is to be well-looked after and well-fed.

As Durmont, Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar are distracted by the giant projection of Princess Fellania, the raven looks up and sees a green young dragon descending from the sky.[2] The young dragon perch itself on top of the ruins. The group looks up in fear and reverence, except for Varesh as he grins. The dragon tells the group that Cloud Princess informs him to assists them. He then says to them that they may address him as Irathax.

There is a pause, then Irathax chuckles as he tells the group that it is a good thing that the Princess sent him, as he says that the group did not even realise that there is a spy. Varesh asks for clarity. Irathax points out to the direction where the invisible person is standing, where Jiǔtóu is at.

First Round of Battle
Varesh draws out his great sword at swipes wildly at the direction Irathax pointed too. The invisible Jiǔtóu sees the blade coming for her and quickly dodges. Varesh then tells the other three to escape, fearing an ambush. The three, including Franco, starts running away. Crownrend is excited to see a dragon, telling Jiǔtóu to fight it and claim its blood. Jiǔtóu takes her guandao out, leaps off from the wall behind her and strikes Varesh. Although it breaks her invisibility, her sudden attack catches Varesh by surprise, taking in a couple of significant damage. Jiǔtóu then uses Flurry of Blows at him. Her first punch connects his armour, but from that fist, she sticks out two fingers, jabbing his throat. She then gets in a defensive stance.

Durmont witnessed the battle happening, so he fires his flare blot into the sky, giving the signal to his men to assist them. After reloading his crossbow with proper bolts, he tries to catch up to the three that are running away. At the same time, he takes a shot at the dragon. It pierces its scale, but the dragon just flicks it away.

The raven turns back into Cam on top of the ruins, then drinks a Potion of Stone Giant Strength. Cam casts Spiritual Weapon, now shaped similar to his dagger Elfie, but larger. Just as he conjures it, he fires it straight at Irathax. However, it bounces off its scales. Cam then jumps off the top and away from the ruins. However, with the height of 20 feet, he lands badly and twisted his ankle.

Trellimar leaps out from his cover and gets closer to the dragon. He casts Blight and targets Irathax. It is not quite effective as Irathax seems to be resisting its effect, telling Trellimar that his petty magic is nothing to him. Elora casts Polymorph and targets the dragon. However, Irathax resists her spell as well. Elora then takes cover behind a wall. Irathax flies up higher in the air and faces Elora and Trellimar. Hovering about 30 feet above the two, it breathes out a cloud of poisonous gas at them. Elora manages to protect herself and limiting its effect. Trellimar, however, faces the full force of it and is instantly knocked unconscious.

Second Round of Battle
Varesh, now injured, tells Jiǔtóu that he knew she will be a turncoat and will enjoy gutting her. Letting out a battle cry, he charges at her, then stabs her wildly, not before casting Second Wind at himself. His attack deals decent damage on Jiǔtóu. In response, she casts Hellish Rebuke at him, erupting a roar of flames that engulfs him, burning and injuring him badly. Just barely holding on, Varesh uses his Action Surge to try a desperate swing at her, but she ducks the attack. Jiǔtóu drinks a Potion of Superior Healing, then uses Patient Defense, allowing her to dodge an attack should anyone attacks her.

Durmont sees Trellimar fallen in battle and rushes over to him. He pours a Potion of Healing into Trellimar's mouth, reviving him. Cam orders his Spiritual Weapon to strike at Varesh. It misses, flying over his head. Cam shouts at his companions to escape, then runs away. Durmont shouts back at Cam, telling him that reinforcement will be arriving shortly.

Trellimar stands up and wears the Shroud of Eyes, then casts Blight again at the dragon. With the mask on, he can see water swirling around Irathax. He grips the water with magic and slams it at the dragon. Gout of blood and moisture pours through every pore of Irathax as it roars in agony. Irathax calls out in anguish that he will enjoy killing Trellimar for the second time. Trellimar takes cover behind the same wall as Elora.

Elora casts Call of Lightning and centres it near the dragon but away from the others. With dark clouds forming and looming over it, Elora strikes a bolt of lightning at Irathax, dealing decent damage. She then shape-shifts into a polar bear and runs along the perimeter to another section of the ruins.

Irathax tells Elora, now in polar bear form, that she may run, but he will come after her after killing her friend Trellimar. He flies over and lands right beside Trellimar. Opening its jaw, Irathax bites him. Trellimar deflects the attack with magic. However, he could not shield himself from its two claw attacks that follow. Trellimar is once again down.

Third Round of Battle
Varesh tells Jiǔtóu that, before he dies, the last thing he shall do that is worthy is to kill her. With two swings of his great sword, Jiǔtóu manages to deflect both attacks with her guandao. Varesh then shoots out lightning from his mouth. Jiǔtóu uses her Evasion ability and dodges out of the way before the attack deals full damage on her.

Jiǔtóu activates Crownrend. He is satisfied and cut into her skin. Drawing out some blood off her, the bracer extends itself and covers her arm in black metal all the way up to her shoulder, tearing off the repairs Enoran made to her sleeve. With the bracer, Jiǔtóu punches Varesh. It misses. Quickly, she gives another punch at him, this time aiming for his heart. It pierces through his skin and Jiǔtóu grabs the heart and pulls it out. Varesh just falls to the ground, dead. Jiǔtóu squishes the heart in her hand and says, "For Korak." She then gets closer to the dragon but hides behind the wall. Crownrend, still satisfied, now tells Jiǔtóu to kill the dragon.

By now, the three, including Franco, has escaped the ruins.

Durmont hides behind a wall and takes another shot at the dragon. At this point, a war cry is heard. 12 guards are seen rushing down the hill. They aim their crossbows at the dragon, but only a couple of the shots hit it due to the distance. Another person is seen running alongside them, wearing a guard's uniform with chained shirt, leather armour and a shield. He takes a step back, aims his spear and throws it at the dragon. Despite the distance, he aims well and the spear sinks into the dragon between its wings. Jiǔtóu and the polar bear turns around and notice that the person who threw the spear looks young, a boy reaching adulthood.

Lieutenant Barris, the person that threw the spear, shouts at Cam, telling him now to worry as he is now here to help them. Cam hears the familiar voice, stop running and immediately turn around. As they make eye contact, Barris cheerfully gives Cam a thumbs-up. Cam tells Barris that he is glad to see him. Barris cuts him off to say that they should kill the dragon first before they have a chat to catch up on things.

Cam runs back, then casts Guardian of Faith to conjure a large spiritual spectral guardian, wielding a gleaming sword and shield emblazoned with the symbol of Avandra. The guardian is placed in between Cam and Irathax. Cam moves his Spiritual Weapon closer to the dragon and is now near Jiǔtóu. Meanwhile, Trellimar remains unconscious.

With the grey clouds still looming above them, the polar bear calls down another lightning and strikes Irathax. The polar bear then runs away as far as possible from the dragon. However, Irathax can travel far and lands beside the polar bear. He tries to attack multiple times at her, but only gets a claw attack at the polar bear. In addition, with the attack, the polar bear losses concentration on Call of Lightning and the clouds go away. The blue skies return.

Fourth Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu runs up to Irathax, kicking down a section of the wall along the way. With two good punches from her fist with Crownrend, she injures Irathax further, leaving a deep gash. Using a Flurry of Blows, Jiǔtóu tries to injure the dragon further, but its scales absorb the damage.

Durmont rushes over to Trellimar and tends to his wound to stop the bleeding. Barris pulls out a short sword and charges at Irathax. He casts a spell on the dragon, then leaps up at stabs it at the chest. Irathax flaps its wings and leaps back. Barris tumbles over by its action. Cam moves the Spiritual Weapon, as well as himself, as close to Irathax as possible. Cam then attempts to throw his dagger Nimbus at the dragon, but it misses due to the long range. Trellimar is now stabilised, but remains unconscious.

The polar bear finishes off Irathax by ramming her claw through the area where the gap was created by Barris' short sword. Her claw punctures something inside. Irathax gasps deeply then collapses onto the ground dead.
End of Battle

With both Varesh and Irathax defeated, Jiǔtóu deactivates Crownrend. Crownrend says that he wish that Jiǔtóu could take the finishing blow to the dragon, but he is still delighted nonetheless. Note: This is later retconned in Episode 26 as the episode begins with a combat occurring moments after this battle.[3]

The polar bear rushes over to Trellimar, shape-shifts back into Elora, then casts Cure Wounds on Trellimar. Cam also rushes to Trellimar and casts Healing Word. Trellimar breathes deeply as he regains conscious.

The guards are cheering as they have defeated the young green dragon. However, Durmont comments that, with the Broken Sky now having dragons, it will complicate things. Brushing that aside, he congratulates Barris, addressing him as a lieutenant. Cam is pleasantly surprised to know that Barris is a lieutenant now, then the two hug. From the hug, Cam can feel that Barris' arms have bulked up. Barris tells him that he has been training with the guards and their training is rigorous.

Barris is glad to see the adventurers again as he has been looking for them for weeks. Cam says that they have been underground. With that, Barris asks Cam to tell him more about their adventure once they are back in the city.

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  • The Other Three: Replying to a viewer's query on what has happened to the other three people that were with Varesh during the battle, Mark explains that they would have escaped via horses since Durmont and the adventurers are busy dealing with Varesh and Irathax.[4]
  • Enhanced Gurli: On a viewer commenting that the adventurers return back to the Garden of Stone to get Gurli, Matt says that Gurli may be able to use a teleportation spell to travel to the surface as she now knows magic. Taking into account of her class, which was not revealed during the episode, Mark says that this might be possible.[5]


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