"The Festival Episode" is the twenty-sixth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on September 4, 2016.

In this episode, our heroes take a break from their recent escapades and have some fun at the Summer Festival in Talis'Val. However, the spirit of Dimitriv appears as a revenant to get revenge on Cam.

Campaign SummaryEdit

Capturing a Broken Sky MemberEdit

With the dragon slain, the city guards assisting the adventurers are all cheering for them. Varesh's body lies dead in the centre of the watchtower ruins. Then, everyone hears a cry coming over the hill where three prominent members of the Broken Sky ran too. One of them is Franco.

One of the guards urgently informs Commander Durmont that although two of the members has escaped, one of them is attempting to escape via a winged beast. He points at the sky and when everyone looks up, they see a griffin made entirely of brass flying in the air. On it is a man adorned with fine jewelleries.

First Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu positions herself underneath the griffin and, with a still activated Crownrend, lashes out a fire whip Crownrend materialises and grabs the griffin by its leg. Although immune to fire, the whip injures the griffin. Cam whips out his dagger Nimbus and throws it at the rider. It hits him, but the rider still manages to hold onto the griffin. Cam then tells the rest to attack and kill him. Durmont calls out to say that they should keep him alive, as they will need at least one of the Broken Sky member alive for interrogation.

Elora casts Heat Metal at the griffin. Its body begins to glow red hot. The rider screams in pain, trying to shift around to minimise his contact with the brass plating. Trellimar uses Eldritch Blasts at the rider, which knocks him off the griffin. He falls 20 feet to the ground. With the rider off the griffin, it shrinks into a miniature griffin object and falls to the ground.

Second Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu, seeing the man not breathing but bleeding and with a broken arm, runs up to him and tries to keep him alive. However, she is not sure on what to do. Cam rushes over and pushes Jiǔtóu over to one side. He then casts Healing Word on the man. The man wakes up and is breathing deeply. He sees Cam and Jiǔtóu, so he attempts to struggle away.

Elora grabs the bronze griffin figurine, which is no longer hot. Trellimar uses his crossbow and attempts to pin the man onto the ground. However, as he fires a shot, Cam puts his foot where Trellimar is aiming at and the shot hits the calf of his leg. Cam lets out a yell of pain.

Taking the advantage of the distraction caused by Trellimar, the man twists his ring on his finger and vanishes.

Third Round of Battle
Crownrend deactivates itself after its extended period of use. Jiǔtóu now feels lethargic, so she stands her ground and gets ready to attack should the man become visible.

Cam pulls out the arrow from his calf. He then notices a trail of blood and the smell of burnt clothing. He also hears sounds of shuffling from a grass patch nearby. Cam runs and tackles the area where he thinks the man is. Fortunately, he finds him and Cam pins the man onto the ground.

Elora casts Faerie Fire by spraying glitters of silvery moonlight on the objects around her. It sticks onto Cam and Jiǔtóu, and also creates an outline of the man that turned invisible. The man now pops back into existence. Upon seeing the man, Jiǔtóu runs and grapples him. However, she lets go of him as she is so tired. Trellimar walks up to the man and grabs hold of him. The rest of the guards them take over and arrests him. They removes all jewelleries off the man, puts them into a bag and passes it to Lieutenant Barris.

Barris' AdventureEdit

Barris is still amazed by the dragon they have just killed. Cam congratulates him on the feat his men did. He then asks Barris if this is his first mission. Barris says no and shares that he has been training with the City Watch for weeks now. Cam then tells Barris of the injury he got from his leg, as Elora casts Cure Wounds on it. Cam claims that one of Barris' archer shot him and points to a random archer. The archer is bewildered. Barris singles him out and orders him to do at least 20 drills to improve his aiming once they get back to Talis'Val. Barris then greets Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, saying how amazing they were during the battle. Jiǔtóu loots Varesh's body, taking his great sword, his half-plate and a pouch containing 250 gold pieces.

Durmont brings out the horses for all of them to travel back to the capital. Before leaving, Durmont asks the adventurers what they are going to do with the dragon carcass. Elora knows that dragons are rare since they have been put to sleep under the effect of Pelor's Light and its body parts are valuable, if preserved correctly. She suggests bringing the carcass back to the city, saying that its body parts can be made into valuable items. Cam disagrees and prefers to leave it to rot. Jiǔtóu says that it should be treated with respect and have a proper burial, since it is a living thing. Cam says that he heard of an old wives' tale that a person can become a dragon upon eating its heart. Elora denounces it. Durmont sarcastically says that it is true, even adding that drinking its blood will allow the person to breathe fire.

They eventually decides to bring the carcass back. Elora shape-shifts into a polar bear and, with a harness rigged on her, she pulls the dragon along with her. Durmont also suggests putting it onto a cart nearer to the city in order to conceal its existence away from the public to avoid any panic. They then make their way back to the city.

Along the way, Barris shares his journey after the adventurers left Tallfield. Barris tries to find the adventurers after the village fends off Nanny Bones' forces, but the adventurers just vanished. Finny, the last person who saw them, refuses to say anything and left the village. The unclaimed reward money intended for the adventurers is used instead to rebuild the village. A portion of it goes to Barris for his involvement in the battle. He uses it to purchase an armour and shield, then leaves the village in an attempt to find the adventurers.

Barris follows the paw marks left behind by Elora's direwolf form. He follows it into the Longwood forest, but gets lost. He bumps into an elder elf who lives in the woods. She helps Barris by guiding him through the forest. She also shares with him of the flora and fauna of the forest, which eventually makes him proficient in the ways of nature. After a couple of days, Barris reaches Feyden. He spend his time by helping out the townspeople, but ran out of money after spending it all on booze.

Barris travels to Talis'Val and witnessed a robber attempting to rob an old lady. The robber tries to run away, but Barris manages to pin him down. Durmont witnessed his actions and offers him a job as a guard for the Guilded Arms. Barris thinks that by being a guard, it will be an easier way to catch up with the adventurers since they are coming to the city, so he agrees to join the Guilded Arms. Barris trains hard and well in the Guilded Arms. His combat proficiency and with his skill in nature allowing him to rise up in ranks quickly to where he is now, a lieutenant. He is also the one who manages to track down Varesh's whereabouts.

Nearer to Talis'Val, the wagon arrives and the adventurers loaded the young dragon on it, then covers it up with tarpaulin. The polar bear shape-shifts back to her Elora self. They also notice an unusually large crowd entering the city, larger than the usual morning traffic. Almost everyone in the crowd seems to be wearing similar style of clothing, of loose tunic or dress in shades of green and yellow. They all seems excited and cheery. Decorations of the similar colours are also put up all over the city. Durmont then tells them that he forgot about the Summer Festival happening today. That is why he is urgent to hunt Varesh down in the morning as he feared that the Broken Sky had plans to attack during the festival.

Durmont escorts the captured member of the Broken Sky to prison, while the adventurers takes the wagon and find a place to keep it out of sight from the general population. Durmont says that his men will interrogate him for information, then check with Korak the Champion if sufficient security forces are deployed during the festival. He also tells the adventurers that if they wish to join the festival, it will be held at Journeyman's Run.

Barris leads the adventurers to an old-looking stable located near a side gate located at the western section of the city walls. He then have a chat with the owner, who then says that he will allow them to stable the wagon for 30 gold pieces. Cam asks Barris if he revealed that it is a dead young dragon, to which Barris says so since it is an amazing feat to slay a dragon. Cam warns Barris not to say it out in the open, as it may cause public panic. Barris promises to not say anything about it. After payment, the wagon is now hidden in the stable.

Barris says that he will return back to the barracks as Durmont would like to debrief the guards. Cam asks when the festival starts. Barris says that it will kick off early, but once all stalls has been set up, that is when the crowd will form. Barris also says that there will be fireworks and a Ferris wheel. On potential terror risks, Barris reckons that the morning battle will put off any plans the Broken Sky had for today.

On hearing this, Cam excited says that they can now chill out and have fun, then dash to the festival out of excitement. Barris follows him. Elora, however, wants to rest as she is drained out by the battle. Jiǔtóu wonders what does "chill out" means that Cam said. Trellimar explains that it is to relax. She is however worried for the potential attack by the Broken Sky and is confused by Cam's coolness over the threat. Trellimar tries to explain that the general population are not aware of the threat. Elora says that they should have a rest to regain their strength that was lost during the morning battle. Jiǔtóu and Trellimar agrees.

The three heads back to their suite at the Government Building to rest. Along the corridor to their suite, the three notice that Korak the Champion is no longer at his bed at the medical room. They later bump into him at another corridor, along with Father Risan and several guards. Korak asks how did the morning battle went, saying that Durmont will be briefing him on the outcome later. Jiǔtóu presents Varesh's great sword to him, which Korak takes it and examines it. She says that he is killed. Korak finds it a shame, but nonetheless glad that a threat has been neutralised. Korak hands back the sword to Jiǔtóu, but she refuses to take it, saying that she presents it to him as a way to make amends for her actions against him during the raid on Black Valley Brewery.

Elora shares of the young green dragon that they slew during the morning battle. Korak is shocked to hear this, suggesting that the Broken Sky may now have alliance with the chromatic dragons. Elora also shares that Princess Fellania is not a human, but a blue-skinned giant. Father Risan reckons that Fellania is a cloud giant, based on Elora's description of her.

Jiǔtóu shares that the poison injected into Korak during the assassination attempt was meant to kill metallic dragonborns and it is crafted in Bresseras. On hearing this, Korak becomes furious and slams his clenched fist onto the wall beside him, damning the chromatics. Father Risan urges Korak to calm down. Korak says that he has done so much to his kind, yet the dragonborns crafted poison to harm their own. He finds this an insult. Korak later calms down, as Father Risan urges him to rest to recover. He also tells the adventurers to take a rest as well, asking them to attend the festival and have fun.

Summer FestivalEdit

At the suite, Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar find the Summer Festival garments prepared for them on their respective beds. They then take a long rest.

Meanwhile, Barris and Cam reaches Journeyman's Run. There is a sizeable crowd filled with people and children from within the city and from nearby towns. Banners and decorations are strewn across the buildings and trees. Food and game stalls are set up along various streets. Stages are set up at certain corners. Some dwarves are arguing with several gnomes in front of the Ferris wheel, being turned by a long-headed bull. It is still under construction by muscular workers. Both Barris and Cam are excited by the Ferris wheel. However, Barris says that he need to report back to the barracks as he does not have the day off. Cam is sad, but they give each other a hug and say their byes.

Cam walks up to the fish scoop game stall and pushes his way through the front, claiming he is of nobility. The stall tender, a male half-elf, half-orc, calls out to the children, saying that whoever can scoops up the most fishes can get a prize. Cam says that he wants to win a prize, to which the tender invites him in. The tender explains that the more fish you scoop, the larger the prize. Cam is interested in the large prizes, which the tender says that he can get one if he catches five fish. He shares that the large prizes are a large beautifully engraved magnifying glass, a beautiful chess set, an expensive bottle of brandy and a large stuffed owlbear.

The tender says that it costs a copper piece per scoop. Cam gives 5 copper pieces for 5 scoops. He is then given a film of paper that covers the ring-shaped scoop with handle. Cam casts Bless on himself, then tries to scoop a fish, which are fake goldfishes floating on the water in a shallow pool. On his first try with the first scoop, he gets one fish into his bucket. On his second try though, the paper film breaks. Cam tries to blame it on the kid that nudged him, but the tender does not care. He then gives Cam a second scoop. He gets another fish on the first try, but the film breaks on the second. This time, Cam tries to blame it on the scoop, but the tender says that the scoop are dwarven finest works.

With the three remaining scoops, Cam gets another 3 more fishes, with a total of 5 fishes, allowing him to claim a large prize. Cam straight away goes for the stuffed owlbear. Cam then spends the rest of the morning exploring the other stalls and trying out the various festival foods.

Back at the suite, Elora and Trellimar have taken their long rest, while Jiǔtóu feels refresh from her short rest. Jiǔtóu still feels tense on the potential Broken Sky attack. Elora tells her that if they are to attack, it will occur at a crowded area like the Summer Festival. With this, Jiǔtóu decides to wear her current disguise outfit made by Enoran. Elora follows Jiǔtóu and wears the similar outfit as well. Trellimar sticks to his usual clothing. Elora then takes Cam's outfit along with her.

It is one o'clock in the afternoon and Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar at the Summer Festival. The streets are bustling with people, enjoying themselves with the festival. From one of the streets, the trio sees Cam carrying an enormous owlbear plushie and gobbling down on three candied apples. The moment Elora sees the stuffed owlbear, she runs up to him right away and attempts to grab it. Cam tries to get it out of Elora's reach, saying that it is his. Elora is still insistent, but Cam still refuses. He shares with his companions that he called it Gurli.

Cam shares with the rest what the other stalls are along the street: archery, bucking horse, magic beer and a stage, wagon of fortune telling, wrestling ring. Elora is excited about the archery stall, but Cam prefers to visit the magic beer, wagon and wrestling ring. Trellimar says that although he does not drink, he wants to try the magic beer to see what it is all about.

Jiǔtóu asks what the purpose for all these stall is. Elora says it is all for fun, then walks up to her and puts her fingers on Jiǔtóu's lips, trying to make a smile. Jiǔtóu narrows her eyes, but restrains herself as she respects Elora. Elora then druidcrafts a flower and sticks it neatly on Jiǔtóu's hair. Cam shares a half-bitten candied apple for Jiǔtóu to try. Jiǔtóu says that it looks too sweet and is not hungry. Cam then offers it to Trellimar, to which he reluctantly takes it. He bites it and finds it sticky and very sweet, yet he likes the taste. Elora just excitedly walks to the archery stall.

At the archery stall, an elder half-elf, half-man stall tender greets Elora. The shooting range is decked with bull’s-eyes, wooden cut-out goblins and orcs, a spinning target of a peasant woman with a demon on the other side, and a moving cut-out dragon swinging in the air. Moving all these targets is a tired-looking boy. The tender explains that each target is 1 point and 2 points per hit on the demon or dragon. A bull’s-eye immediately scores a prize. It will cost 1 copper piece for 5 arrows and the player can only use the provided bow, which looks old. Jiǔtóu wonders if this contraption is for training, which Elora claims it is so. Cam says that Trellimar to try it out to train his skills. Trellimar is worried that he might shoot the boy.

Elora pays 1 copper piece and receives 5 arrows. On her first try, she aims for a generic goblin cut-out and it hits it. On her second try, she hits the dragon that she is aiming at. She aims for another generic target on her third try but misses. She hits the demon cut-off at the right time on her fourth try. Hitting another generic target on her last try, Elora scores a total of 6 points, earning her two medium prizes or one medium prize and two small prizes. The small prizes are a set of three gaming dice, a bag of marbles and a wooden Korak the Champion action figure. The medium prizes are a bottle of wine, a flute and a bottle of perfume. Elora gets the bottle of perfume and two Korak action figures.

Upon receiving the prizes, Elora gives one of the Korak action figure to Jiǔtóu. Jiǔtóu looks puzzled as Elora offers her the action figure while moving its limbs. The tender says that it is popular with children. Trellimar reckons it will be a collector's item, explaining that it could be worth a fortune overtime when Jiǔtóu asks what it means. The tender then takes out an accessory set to go with it for two copper pieces, which contains a set of armour and shield, and a battle horse named Strongwill. Jiǔtóu does not believe Korak rides a horse and knows that it is the tender that made it.

As Jiǔtóu still does not take the action figure, Elora puts it in Jiǔtóu's sash and tie it firmly, telling Jiǔtóu that she will eventually appreciates it. Cam suggest Elora sprays some perfume on Jiǔtóu, which Elora does so. She also sprays some perfume on herself. Jiǔtóu immediate reacts by demanding Elora why sprays poisoning agent on her, but later finds out that it is harmless and smells of flowers. With the smell, Jiǔtóu sneezes continuously. The adventurers then make their way to the wagon.

Elora's Fortune ToldEdit

Along the way, Jiǔtóu notices a group of teenage boys staring at her from an alleyway. One of them immediately looks away to moment she catches their sight, while the other two tease him.

The adventurers approach the wagon and notice that although the crowd does not avoid it, they also do not notice it. Lavender incense is coming out from it and its carvings are beautifully engraved. Before entering, Cam warns his companions that it could be a phoney fortune teller. On Elora's question if they could be similar to the ones from his family, Cam says that the mystics from his family are genuine. Trellimar asks Cam if the mystics know that Cam is going to be a contemptible person. Cam claims to not hear his question due to his still painful calf (referring to Trellimar shooting him in the calf during the morning battle earlier).

Cam walks up the steps to the wagon and knocks. An elderly female voice calls out to invite them in. Cam says that she should have known that they were coming, but gets no response. Cam just opens the door and the adventurers enter the wagon.

The wagon is full of paraphernalia, strange plants, furniture, books and crystal balls. Sat by the round table at the centre is an old woman with a crystal ball on the table. She have fire in her eyes and long, bony fingers clutching a deck of cards. She wears clothing usual for a younger person and a bandanna similar to what Cam is wearing.

The fortune teller welcomes the adventurers and introduces herself as Madame Eva. This leaves Cam baffled as Madame Eva tells them that a certain young man warns of her being a con-artist, referring to Cam's warning to his companions earlier. Cam claims that he did not say such things, but Madame Eva addresses Cam by his name and tells him that he knows how all these works. On hearing his name, Cam wonders if they have met before. Madame Eva says no, but knows the adventurers, although she finds Trellimar a bit mysterious. She then says that she knows Cam has an attachment to somebody she knows.

Madame Eva comments that Cam's raven cloak is nice, then asks him how it is like being a raven. Cam hastily says that it is fine being one. She then warns him that he must be careful when in raven form as being shot while in that form may cause uncertain death.

Madame Eva tells the adventurers that she only have time for one of them, then says that she would like Elora to have her fortune told. Elora reluctantly goes forward and sits beside Madame Eva. Madame Eva brings out a deck of tarot cards and places three faces down in front of her, one for the past, one for the present and one for the future.

The past card reveals the druids, which Madame Eva interprets as Elora training with her mother, spending days in the woods and learning the ways of the animals and the forest. All these brings good memories to Elora.

The present card reveals the transmuter, which represents a change, often unwanted. Madame Eva interprets it as something will change dramatically in Elora's life, either for good or for bad.

The future card reveals the executor, which Madame Eva interprets that, despite its grim appearance, it does not necessarily means death, or at least not Elora's. She says that it will bring an ending that with no doubt comes with tragedy.

Elora is now concerned, confused and worried, then questions Madame Eva when will the change happen and what end it will bring. Madame Eva says that she could not say what will happen, but only reveal what the card shows. She adds that the world of Arrak is not as powerful as the place she comes from, so she could only reveals vague information. Yet, she feels that it is important that she tells Elora of these.

Madame Eva says that she must now go as certain individuals from her lands need her aid. She also tells Cam to pay attention to his dream as it can guide him to make less foolish mistakes. Cam claims that he do not like the smell of lavender, then walks out. Madame Eva just chuckles. Elora requests a moment with Madame Eva, so Jiǔtóu and Trellimar leave the wagon.

Elora shares with Madame Eva of the dream she had a while back, of her unable to control her shape-shifting into a werewolf and devouring her parents. Madame Eva believes it could match with the transmuter card and suggests that Elora might either lose control of her powers or it develops into something more powerful than what she have. Yet, she cannot say this with for certain as the future is always moving. She explains that what she reveals might be turn in some way, but not necessary the only way. It will affect Elora's decision and the decision of those around her. She adds that Elora should be cautious and wary.

Madame Eva reaches out and touches Elora's hand. Elora feels comfortable in her presence and she now feels some timelessness from her, as if she is a spirit or a guide. Madame Eva assures Elora by trusting those around her, including the bonds of her family. Madame Eva says that she must now go as terrible things are afoot in another world. She then tells Elora to relay a message to Jiǔtóu, telling her to relax. She believes that Jiǔtóu and Strix may have an awkward conversation together.

As Elora exits the wagon, mists starts forming around it. The wagon rotates, then moves down the alleyway and vanishes into the distance. Elora relays the message from Madame Eva to Jiǔtóu, telling her to relax. Jiǔtóu sighs and say out long on why people have been telling her to relax, as if the people are not aware that the city is under siege by terrorists. Cam quickly hushes her and tells her that such information are not publicly revealed yet.

Jiǔtóu looks around and this time notice the three teenage boys following her from the archery stall. One of them is being shoved around by the other two. She catches them pointing at her as the two urges the one to make his move. Jiǔtóu tells her companions that there are children following them from the archery stall, but Cam says that there are children everywhere. Jiǔtóu thinks that they are members of the Broken Sky, but Cam thinks that the organisation is not that corrupted to have an army of children.

Trellimar asks Jiǔtóu what she would like them to do about those kids. She just annoyingly tells them to just be alert. The rest says they are, with Cam replying while eating a candied apple. Elora looks at the teenagers once again, this time noticing that they are focusing on Jiǔtóu. Trellimar thinks of scaring the kids off and spins around as he disguises himself into Granny Trell.

Granny Trell walks over to the teenagers as they quickly then walks away. Granny Trell calls out to the kids and tells them that she will gives them something to stare at. She then flashes at them. Two of the teenagers burst out laughing, while the other covers his eyes. They now run away. Granny Trell covers herself and returns to her companions, then asks Jiǔtóu if she feels better now. She is just bemused at what just happened, saying that she really needs meditate on this. Elora walks up and, once again, put her fingers to Jiǔtóu's lips, trying to force a smile. She tells Jiǔtóu that the whole group is having a great time, yet she is feeling troubled right now, so see will get some food.

Cam's RevengeEdit

The adventurers now walk towards the magic beer stall, with Elora walking behind them at a distance to ponder on what Madame Eva told her earlier.

Along the way, the adventurers walk pass a stage as the crowd cheers the performance. After a show of magic, Trixania thanks the crowd. She then says that Korak the Champion is here to thank her as she conjures an illusion of Korak thanking her. He then asks if there are any demons for him to slay, to which Trixania conjures some for him. The crowd loves her performance. Cam looks to Jiǔtóu and says that this is the perfect set-up for his revenge and asks her if she would like to be the demon, given her appearance.

Just then, Trixania spots Granny Trell amongst the crowd and calls her out, saying that she ruined her performance at the Feast of Stone. Granny Trell dismisses her, claiming rather that the crowd loves her performance instead. The crowd though does not know what she is talking about. Trixania continues to despise Granny Trell and his accomplice Cam. Enraged, she conjures a curtain to cover up Granny Trell and masks her voice via sound illusions. However, unknown to Trixania, Cam has crept up behind her on stage.

Cam slowly creeps up to Trixania's ear and gives a silent hey. This spooks her as she turns around, then stumbles and fall down. Cam addresses the crowd, saying that since Korak wants to slay a demon, there is a demon amongst the crowd. He then points at Jiǔtóu, who is just standing there being amused by the sight. Trixania conjures the illusion Korak to go after Jiǔtóu and slice his sword at her. The crowd cheers for him. However, being an illusion, the sword goes right through Jiǔtóu, who is just standing there. Cam remarks by saying that the demon is powerful as she stares intensely at Cam.

While trying to keep the illusion of Korak, Trixania casts Sleep on Jiǔtóu. This breaks her concentration on keeping the curtains up, so Granny Trell is now seen. Jiǔtóu momentarily feels sleepy, but fights it off. Trixania is now furious that her spell is not effective. Cam then gives a round of applause for Jiǔtóu's performance. The crowd also claps and cheers for Jiǔtóu. As a reward for the audience, Cam invites Granny Trell to come up on stage to give her performance.

Trixania tries to stop Granny Trell, but she trips on her skirt as she tries to stand up. The crowd laughs at her and she gets off stage in embarrassment. Granny Trell gets on stage as Elora druidcrafts flowers and throws them on stage, saying that Cam's performance is amazing.

Granny Trell thanks the crowd and as she begins her performance, the mothers amongst them starts to cover their children's eyes while the rest cheers wildly. Their reaction is due to Granny Trell flashing herself as she sings and dances. The guards nearby who witnessed this quickly run on stage and stop Granny Trell's performance. As this is happening, Elora guides Jiǔtóu to the back and away from the crowd. She then offers Jiǔtóu a candied apple, which she takes it.

Cam finishes the performance by addressing the crowd, saying that if they loved the performance, do buy a magic beer for Granny Trell. The crowd just applause and cheer. Cam brings Granny Trell backstage and bumps into Trixania. She warns Cam while fuming that she will be back to get her revenge. She then drops something and smoke fills the air. The smoke starts to clear and Cam catches a glimpse of her running around a corner at a back alley.

The adventurers then make their way to the magic beer stand, while the guards are trying to calm the crowd down as the mothers complain to the guards of the old lady that flashed herself.

Jiutou is having FunEdit

At the magic beer stand, the adventurers spot familiar faces: Finny and Cune. Finny is serving drinks to his customers, while Cune is mixing potions to create illusions and tricks for the kids.

Finny looks up, then spots Jiǔtóu standing in front of him. His eyes start to swell as he exclaims how he is glad that she is alive and well. He gets off his bar stool and goes to hug Jiǔtóu, since Jiǔtóu died in his tavern back in Tallfield. He then lets her go and looks at the others, saying that they look fine and well. Elora tells him that he seems to be doing fine too.

Finny shares that due to Jiǔtóu's death, Finny and Cune left Tallfield as he could not handle the emotional baggage of the village. The two decide to travel to Talis'Val to set-up another business around his interests of beers and Cune's interests in potion making. The two come up with a product of low-alcoholic beers that can have amusing and hilarious effects, such as changing one's accent or changing one's appearance. The enchantment effect is random, yet minor, and lasts for an hour. Finny is trying out his new product at the festival first, before opening up a bar proper.

Cam says to Jiǔtóu that she must be feeling quite thirsty from all her anguish. Jiǔtóu says that she is a child and cannot drink. She then copies him by telling Cam that he must be feeling thirsty from his performance earlier. Cam agrees, so he requests for some beer. Finny prepares four mugs of beer, which appears in multi-colours and sparkles.

Cam drinks first. While he still looks the same, as he talks, his pitch is high. Cam finds it amazing and tells his companions to try it. Granny Trell drinks next. His skin have a warming sensation and feels itchy momentarily. After it subsides, his skin is now sparkly like stars in the night sky, with small pumps of coloured smoke coming off him.

Although amused, Elora is a bit hesitant, but still drinks the beer anyway. She feels strange and her body starts to change its form. With the transformation complete, she now appears as centaur: her upper body is her Elora self, while her lower body is in a form of a pony. Unlike her other Wild Shapes form, Elora can talk. Finny is shocked and believes it might have an effect with Elora's Wild Shape ability. He looks at Cune, who also witnessed her form changed, and he raises his hands and shakes his head, then shrugs. Yet, Elora feels content.

Elora suggests Finny to try one for himself. He does so, but after he takes a swig, he immediately yells in shock and covers his eyes. He tells the adventurers that he sees everyone naked. He then complains to Cune about it, but he just shrugs. Finny also comments on how massive Cam's endowment is. Cam happily agrees with him. He then suggests Finny to look up to avoid the effect. Finny does so and finds it better, although he feels his neck starts to strain. Cam then hands Finny his bandanna, which he thanks him for and wears it, so he no longer have to strain his neck.

Granny Trell asks Jiǔtóu to give it a try, saying that it will be fun. She just says that she is physically underage and does not want to implicate Finny. He tells her that it is fine, since he knows Jiǔtóu is mentally old enough to drink. She says she does not want to see people naked, but Finny assures her that the effect will not happen twice within a short period of time. Jiǔtóu then asks her companions if they will stop telling her to have fun should she take a drink. Her companions says yes in unison.

Jiǔtóu drinks the beer. She lets out a burp, then feels herself grow in size. She is now bigger proportionally in size, standing 9 feet tall. Finny asks what happened, to which Cam says that Jiǔtóu is now enormous. On hearing this, Finny tells Cune to tell the carpenters to make their bar 12 feet tall just in case such effect happens.

Jiǔtóu is amazed at her huge size, flexing her muscles and checking out her muscular body. She then says that she wants to go to the wrestling ring. Her companions all agree cheerfully. Before leaving, Cam requests to have his bandanna back. Finny keeps his eyes close tight and hands it back to Cam. He then reaches for a dish cloth instead and cover his eyes.

The adventurers make their way to the wrestling ring. Along the way, some of the kids in the crowd find Elora's pony form amazing and plays with her. One of the girls even braids Elora's hair. At the ring, the announcer tells the crowd that whoever can pin the wrestler or lasts 30 seconds will win a prize. He boasts the wrestler is massive, never been defeated and will kill you. He then introduces the wrestler, Jorn Kema.

Jorn, a 7 feet tall, muscular, green half-orc, comes on the ring with his anthem playing in the background. The crowd is taken aback by his massive size. Jorn yells out that he will crush anyone that comes into the ring. However, his eyes widen upon seeing the 9 feet tall Jiǔtóu. She pushes Cam aside and enters the ring The announcer says that it will costs 1 copper piece to challenge Jorn. Jiǔtóu makes her payment, extending her large hands to the announcer. He meekly accepts it.

With Jorn and Jiǔtóu in the ring, the 30 second match begins. Jorn charges at Jiǔtóu. He grabs her around the waist. Not used to her size, Jorn pins her down. Jiǔtóu shakes off him, then holds him off. Jorn tries to grab her legs, but Jiǔtóu yanks it out of the way. She takes the chance and wrap her arms around him, then slams him down. Jorn tries to get off, but fails.


Jorn struggles again, but remains pinned down.


Jiǔtóu keeps her hold on him.


The announcer rings the bell as Jiǔtóu yells in victory. Jorn pounds the ground in agony that he lost. Elora says to her that this is fun. Jiǔtóu then taunts Jorn. Jorn says that she may have defeated him, but he will get his revenge one day.

The announcer walks up to Jiǔtóu and congratulates her, then awards her the prize. He hands over a leather belt with a metal plate emblazoned of a flexed arm. She holds it up in the air, yelling out in victory. The crowd applause not in happiness, but in fear. Jiǔtóu yells at the crowd to cheer for her. They comply. Elora quietly tells Cam and Granny Trell that she thinks Jiǔtóu is having fun now, seeing how happy she is. Cam says that he is quite scared of her now.

Cassandra is enjoying herself at the festival. She then hears Jiǔtóu's name being called from the wrestling ring. She walks over and is in shock to see Jiǔtóu now huge in size. Then, she spots Cam, Elora and Granny Trell. Cam says hi to Cassandra in his high-pitched voice, which spooked her. She is further weird out by Elora as a half-pony and Granny Trell with sparkly skin. Jiǔtóu tells Cassandra that her companions made her drink beer. Cassandra figures out that they must have had the magic beer, which she tells them that she is avoiding it.

Cam just remembers the conversation he is supposed to have with Cassandra, then asks her if it is alright to have a chat now. Cassandra declines while trying to hide her laughing on hearing his high-pitched voice. Cassandra then asks if they are having fun. Cam looks at Jiǔtóu. Seeing how excited and happy she is, he looks back at Cassandra and replies that they are.

The beer's effect wears off and the adventurers are back to their normal self. The braid remains on Elora's hair. Cassandra shares that Father Risan told her to take a day off and rest since she is exhausted from taking care of Korak the Champion, so she decides so. Cam agrees with what Father Risan told her. Cassandra adds that she feels happier, seeing how the people are having fun and in good spirits.

Cam shares with Cassandra that they have killed a dragon. In shock, Cassandra asks what type of dragon is it, since she served Bahamut, a deity and king of the good dragons. Elora clarifies that it is a green dragon and is sent by the Broken Sky, which eases Cassandra and she assumes they acted in self-defence. However, Cassandra is worried that the organisation now have dragons as allies. She also congratulates Jiǔtóu, after she told Cassandra that she killed Varesh. Jiǔtóu is also proud of the champion belt that she is now wearing. Elora shows the Korak the Champion action figure to Cassandra. Cassandra says that those, and Cam's owlbear plushie, are all adorable.

Cassandra sees that the adventurers are having fun. Cam agrees, despite being distracted by the events happening beyond the city walls. He then jokes that the sky is pretty much broken. Everyone just sighs, with Cassandra telling him that Cam should have a chat with her about the situation surrounding the lightborn, but not if he keeps on saying bad jokes.

The Ferris WheelEdit

Cassandra says that she was heading to the Ferris wheel, saying that it is now finished. Elora tells Jiǔtóu that she should come along, claiming that she can view the whole city and look out for potential threats. Jiǔtóu says that she wants to fight and defend her title champion. Cassandra shares that Jiǔtóu may try to challenge herself at the bucking horse. Jiǔtóu says that she just want to defeat Jorn Kema again. Still, Cassandra insists they have a ride on the Ferris wheel first.

At the Ferris wheel, there is a long queue forming, all waiting to have a ride. In one of the wheel's carriage, both Cam and Elora spot Queen Shalana and Commander Payla having a fun chat with each other. The two then share a kiss. Cam is bewildered by this and, through flashbacks, now realises that they are actually a couple.

The couple exit the wheel as their ride ends. Shalana then spots Elora and happily calls out to her. The two greet and hug, then a friendly kiss on the cheeks. Elora says that she was not aware that Shalana is still in Talis'Val. Shalana explains that since the adventurers would be busy with certain matters, she thought it would be best for her to stay and await news of Afelard's return. Despite Korak the Champaign and Shalana sent their own guards to track him down, even Falk offers to help, there has been no word of him. The last she heard from Falk is that Afelard was last seen travelling north to the Troubled Lands.

Shalana shares that Payla and herself are having fun at the festival. Elora says that had they bumped into them about half an hour ago, it would have been awkward, explaining what happened after they consumed the magic beer. Shalana starts laughing, while Payla hides her embarrassment. Shalana shares that Payla had a taste of it and shrunk in size to about a height of a young kid. She finds it sweet. Payla mumbles to Shalana to be quiet about this.

Returning to the topic of the Broken Sky, Shalana expresses her concern of how the city allows such security risks by having a festival to take place despite the threats happening outside and within the city, yet believes that such events may be needed to keep the people happy and distracted. When Cam mentions the assassination attempt after the Feast of Stone, Shalana shares that the Government has been keeping the news of it away from the public, although some merchants are aware of it.

After listening to the adventurers' account of the morning battle, Shalana asks if they have secured the dragon carcass. Elora tells her where they stored it. Payla leans in and, although unsure of the adventurers' plan on dealing with the carcass, shares that a dwarf blacksmith in Aramount, a town that is a few days travel from the capital, which could create armour from any beasts. His name is Rekzan Steelbrow. Payla says that she once commissioned the blacksmith to make a cloak out of the fur of a direwolf.

On hearing the surname "Steelbrow", Cam wonders how dwarves get such name. Payla suggests that dwarves get such surnames by naming a metal with a body part, mentioning that she has heard Ironhand and Copperbum before. Payla smirks on saying Copperbum, but receives a slap on the arm from Shalana, who then says that Copperbum was mentioned as a joke.

Cam asks Shalana if she can use her nobility to get him and his companions to the front of the queue. Shalana rejects his idea, adding that she and Payla queued with the rest of the people. Stubborn as he is, Cam resorts to jabbing both thumbs to his eyes. Cam cries in pain and yelling for his mother, claiming she lost her. A dwarf attendant heard his cry and asks him what is going on. Cam claims that his mother is up on the Ferris wheel and possibly dead. Asking his age, Cam claims that he is 10-year-old. Another gnome attendant hastily tells the dwarf attendant to just allow them on board now to avoid making a scene. The adventurers and Cassandra are then allowed on the Ferris wheel ahead of the queue.

The sun sets over the lands, scattering a layer of amber and gold over the roofs. The view greets the group as their carriage climbs higher into the sky. Cam is unable to see the view properly as his eyes are still in pain.

Jiǔtóu just stares at her champion belt that she is proud of, not looking at the scenery. Cam is annoyed by this and urges her to see the view. He then snatches her champion belt, thinking that it will force Jiǔtóu to see the view. Instead, Jiǔtóu growls and stare intensely at him. Feeling threaten, Cam tosses the belt back to her. Cassandra tells her that life is too short and that she should look at the view while she still have a chance. With the urges from the others, Jiǔtóu looks out and see the scenery.

To his companions, Cam says that they have done both terrible and amazing things together, then adds that it is nice that they can sit back and relax to see the world not burnt to ash. Elora cuts him off to say that her world seems grim, given her fortune told by Madame Eva earlier, especially the executioner card drawn out for her future. Both Cam and Granny Trell think that the card may not mean bad things, with Cam adding that it might mean tragedy to a person she hates. Elora is still concerned that the card represents a change in her. Cam tells her that she has always been thinking positive throughout their times together. He also believes that the card's meaning, no matter how grim it may be, may have a silver lining somewhere.

Jiǔtóu assures Elora that, no matter what happens, everyone will be by her side. Elora asks what if she attacks them. Cam answers that they will still be with her, just that she will be stabbing back. Cam adds that, apart from Elora, everyone has done dark things before and knows how to deal with them, so they will be there to help Elora should the day comes, saying that four heads and two horns are better than one.

As the wheel descends, Jiǔtóu tries to soothe Elora by offering her if she would like to hold her belt. It causes the rest to chuckle as she says that it could be fun for her. Their ride ends and the gate of the carriage opens. The group steps out of the carriage.

Cassandra says that she will be heading back to the Guild Quarter as the adventurers realise that they left Cassandra out of their conversation earlier. Cassandra explains that she was trying to stay out from their personal conversation throughout the ride. Cam tells Cassandra that they should have discuss of the lightborn's situation one day, then requests some time alone with her from his companions. Elora says that they are now aware of their lightborn ability after the revival of Korak the Champion. As such, the group decides to head back to the Guild Quarter together.

Dimitriv Returns for RevengeEdit

The street lights are coming on as the group walks back to the Guild Quarters. They hear murmurs on the street of people asking if a guy is a fire breather as flames expel out of the guy.

HighRollers Battle Against Dimitriv

The adventurers and Cassandra (bottom) battling against Dimitriv (middle). Designed by Mark Hulmes.

"Buckland!" A man calls out to Cam. A ball of fire explodes around his body, causing the people to be frightened and take a step back. The hooded man stands before the group in burnt clothing. Embers glow throughout his skin with veins glowing like lava. Smoke fuming off of his fingertips. The person pulls back his hood, revealing himself to be Dimitriv. He yells at Cam, saying that he will have his revenge for killing him.

Except for Cam, the adventurers and Cassandra recognises the man as Dimitriv only via his voice, since the face is of a generic man. Only Cam sees Dimitriv's face. Elora feels that this is not their fight. Granny Trell suggests this might the tragedy Madame Eva mentioned earlier, then telling Cam that Dimitriv might burn his face off. In response, Cam sarcastically says that those are all motivational to him.

First Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu takes out her doss lute and plays a music piece to casts Invisibility on Cam. He is aware that a spell is cast on him even though he can see his body. The rest cannot see him. Jiǔtóu then moves up in front of Cam to protect him. Elora shape-shifts into a polar bear and prepares to attack should Dimitriv attacks anyone. Cassandra draws out her short sword and moves up behind Jiǔtóu.

Cam also moves up behind Jiǔtóu, then calls out to Dimitriv. He replies back, saying that even though Jiǔtóu has cast an invisibility spell on him, he cannot hide forever, claiming that he knows their every step since they left Feyden. He also says that his soul have followed them down to the Underdark and back.

Granny Trell puts on the Shroud of Eyes mask. He briefly transforms into Trellimar, then back as herself now wearing the mask. With the mask, she sees Dimitriv as a flaming spirit with a humanoid form around it. She then moves in front of the polar bear and talks to Dimitriv as he knows her. She tries to calm him down and not attack by bringing back the memories of cheese they had together in his shop. Dimitriv remembers her, but says that she no longer matters to him and is insistent on getting revenge on Cam. He raises his hands to prepare to attack while warning her to stand aside.

Granny Trell refuses and fire his Eldritch Blasts at Dimitriv. One of the blasts hits Dimitriv, causing him to stagger back as a hole melts through his body. Yet, Dimitriv mends the hole as his flesh knits it back. He retaliates by launching out a huge ball of fire energy at the group. It severely injures anyone within its 20-foot radius, including 3 townspeople who are now dead. Several merchant stalls are now on fire. Only Jiǔtóu is immune to his attack. Dimitriv then runs towards Jiǔtóu, knowing Cam is hiding behind her despite his invisibility.

Second Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu plays the doss lute to casts Protect from Fire on Cam. She tries to appeals to Dimitriv to be at peace and not attack Cam, since she made an oath to protect him. She also does not want to harm Dimitriv, since she is the one who helped in the preparation to lay him to rest in Feyden. Dimitriv does not care as his vengeance cannot be sated until Cam is dead.

The polar bear moves up to Dimitriv and growls at him, preparing to attack should he attacks anyone. Cassandra, staggered by the fireball, is not sure on what to do. Instead, she goes up to the townspeople to evacuation the area.

Seeing no other alternatives, Cam tells Dimitriv to take him and not harm the others. Dimitriv says he would, but if the rest gets in his way, he will have to kill them too. Cam then hides behind one of the burning stalls and throws his dagger Nimbus at Dimitriv, causing his invisibility to wear off. It hits Dimitriv, but the wound knits back together.

Granny Trell casts Blight on Dimitriv. However, being a fire spirit, Dimitriv does not have much moisture inside him for the spell to have full effect, but it still deals some damage. Still, the wound heals back. Granny Trell now knows that he is an undead spirit that possessed a body and is imbued with fire abilities.

Dimitriv heals himself, then lunges towards Cam. Both Jiǔtóu and the polar bear take the opportunity to attack him, then the polar bear charges at him with multi-attack. All of their attacks deal a decent amount of damage, but the wounds all heal up. Cam says to Dimitriv if killing him will let himself rest in peace, so be it. Dimitriv bludgeons Cam and, since Cam is his target, deals significant amount of damage, causing Cam to collapse onto the ground. He is not unconscious yet, since his Hero Never Dies ability causes his hair to glow and allows him to live still, but only with 1 HP. Still, Cam pretends to be dead. However, Dimitriv sees through his trick and says that he will now have a chance to kill him proper.

Third Round of Battle
Jiǔtóu says sorry, then casts Water Whip and lasso it around Dimitriv to pull him away from Cam. Witnessing a glow of light coming from behind a stall, the polar bear thinks that Cam is knocked out. She shape-shifts back to Elora and casts Cure Wounds on Cam. Cassandra, seeing Elora tending to Cam, charges at Dimitriv to try to attack him, but misses.

Cam stands up and casts Spiritual Weapon, forming a floating spectral weapon. Declaring that the real Dimitriv is dead, he flies the weapon at Dimitriv, which causes radiant damage to him. This time, Dimitriv's wound does not heal. Cam then runs further back, away from the battle.

Granny Trell fire his eldritch blasts at Dimitriv, which hits him. Dimitriv is no longer able to heal his wounds, so he launches another huge fireball at Cam, but not before telling them that he will return again to get his revenge. The fireball engulfs Cam, dealing some damage. Cassandra and Elora are also within its radius, so they too takes some damage.

Dimitriv runs towards Cam, allowing Jiǔtóu to get an opportunity to attack him by using her guandao. She also deals additional damage from the poison of her blade.

Fourth Round of Battle
Dimitriv catches up to Cam and is about to attack him, when Jiǔtóu casts Water Whip again to attack him. The water spears through Dimitriv. He raises his hands to his side, looks down at Cam and says that he will return for him the next day. The body he possessed disintegrates into ashes and it falls to the ground, ending the fight.
End of Battle

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  • Retcon: At the end of Episode 25, Jiǔtóu deactivates Crownrend. However, this is retconned at the beginning of this episode. Instead, Jiǔtóu have to make a constitution saving throw at the end of each round since she is using it beyond the three allowed uses.[1]
  • Crossover: Madame Eva and Strix are characters from another non-Yogscast D&D show, "Dice, Camera, Action".
  • Dwarf Surnames: On Payla naming Ironhand and Copperbum as dwarven surnames she has heard,[2] a YouTube comment notes that Mark stops short on naming Nickelback, a real-life rock band. A reply on that comment also mentions Bronzebottom, a character from another non-Yogscast D&D show, "Acquisitions Incorporated".[3]

Regarding the battle with Dimitriv, Mark confirms that Dimitriv is now a revenant, although slightly altered for the story.[4][5] Responding to a viewer's query, Mark says that Cam's stuffed owlbear might have burnt by Dimitriv's fireball attacks, but he will make some dice rolls to determine its fate.[6]

Real-life professional wrestler John Cena is referenced several times in this episode.

  • The wrestler Jiǔtóu fights is Jorn Kema.
  • The anthem being played as Jorn enters the ring is "The Time Is Now", John Cena's entrance music. How the anthem is played is not explained, but one may assume that a music ensemble is present.
  • On several occasions, Jiǔtóu taunts Jorn by saying "You can't see me!"

New Livestream SetupEdit


High Rollers D&D's new livestream setup

A Denis Table, manufactured by Geeknson, is provided to Yogscast on indefinite loan.[7] The High Rollers D&D crew makes use of this table as part of their new livestream setup. Mark also uses the huge dice that came with it to make D6 rolls.[8]

A major change is that the whole crew is now playing on a single table, unlike the previous setup where they had to play on three separate tables. The intention for this, according to Mark, is to make the D&D episode more like a gathering of friends, something the previous livestream setup fails to achieve.[9][10]

Another change is that Steve, the man behind the scene, is with the crew in the same room to fix problem as it happens, unlike the previous setup where he is in another separate room and had to walk over to the livestream room to fix problem should any arises.[11] Also, the chroma background is removed.

Addressing several Redditor's comments on the new setup, Mark say that the crew will try to iron out certain issues for upcoming episode, which includes audio, the bookshelves behind them and the overlays.[12][13]


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