"A Revenant Revealed" is the twenty-seventh episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on October 2, 2016. With Katie absent for this episode, Kat joins this episode as a special guest.

In this episode, the revenant's attack in Talis'Val spread fast and wide. Our heroes is called to the emergency Council meeting to recount what has happened. More worryingly, Jasmina warns our heroes that the Burning King seeks to capture Cam so they can cause more destruction.

Campaign SummaryEdit

The AftermathEdit

In the aftermath of the sudden attack on a street in Talis'Val, several buildings and street wagons are in flames. Screams and cries of help can be heard, as the townspeople work together to douse the flames. Citizens caught in the attack are being treated for their burns. Both Elora and Trellimar also help to douse the flames.

Cam is the person that the attacker, a spirit of Dimitriv, focused his attack on. He remembers the last words Dimitriv said before he goes away, "You cannot kill me Cam Buckland. I will return again and again until I have had my vengeance." Cam shrugs it off and goes to search for survivors. Immediately spotting several injured people nearby, he casts Healing Word on each of them. Unfortunately, his stuffed owlbear that he won at the Summer Festival got caught in the fire and burnt away.

Jiǔtóu, being immune to fire, enters the burning buildings in search for people trapped inside. To prevent smoke inhalation, she ripped her sleeve, soaked it in water and masks her nose and mouth. She successfully rescued a trapped family.

Several city guards arrive shortly with weapons ready to attack the attacker, but realise the attack is over. Instead, they began to assist the townspeople in whatever way they can. As the guards have minor magicians with them, they try to get rid of air and conjure water to put out the fire.

Some of the guards also question witnesses on what has occurred. On describing the attack, quite a number of witnesses point towards Cam, saying that he is the primary target. A guard captain then walks to Cam and questions him. Cam said that he had no idea what attacked him but kill it. Glad that the attacker is gone, the captain offers protection to Cam. Cam rejects the offer and instead said that it is best of he is away from populated areas, guessing that he is cursed to have such entity tagged to him.

Cam asks the captain of any isolated places where he may stay at, but the captain could only think of either guard protection or getting out of the city. Cam then asks of anyone with knowledge of spirits, undead or necromancy. The captain believes that the leaders of both Mournravens and the Order of the Burning Lanterns may have knowledge in this field, both located in Whisper's Walk. The captain also said that he will need to report this to Commander Durmont and recommends Cam and his companions to leave as soon as possible. The adventurers then left for Whisper's Walk. Along the way, Elora gives Cam all of the scrolls they have collected throughout their adventures together.

At Whisper's Walk, Cam asks around for Sir Jonathan, leader of the Mournraven and the person he met during the Undead Invasion of Whisper's Walk. One of the acolytes, also noticing Cam's raven cloak that he is wearing and believes he is an ally, tells him that Jonathan had left for the Government Building as he has been requested by the city officials. Saying that he needs to see him urgently, the acolyte provides the adventures with a coach wagon for travel.

Cam tells Frankus, the coach driver, that he will pay double if he can get them to the Guilds Quarter faster than a raven. Frankus agrees and speed off, avoiding the townspeople. Along the way, Cam sticks his head out to try to spot Jonathan in raven form. Amongst the flock of birds in the sky, one of them seems to be heading straight towards the Guilds Quarter.

Meeting with the City OfficialsEdit

An hour later and with clearance by the guards of the Guilds Quarter, the coach arrives at the Government Building. At the same time, Commander Durmont sees Cam inside the coach and calls out to him, saying that he is looking for him after reports of the attacker's attack earlier focusing on Cam. Cam said that he is here looking for Jonathan, causing Durmont to wonders since the city officials are also looking for him, as well as Cam himself. The adventurers then follow Durmont to where the meeting is held.

The adventurers are brought into a long chamber, with a large circular table at the centre. The centre of the table is recessed with a map of the city. Sat around the table are:

Cam is nervous as he sees lots of city officials present in a single room, voicing out to them that he is worried that they might get injured should the attacker returns. Malia stands up and tells him that it is why they need to speak with him urgently. She then asks Annabelle and Jonathan if the Council is in immediate danger, based on the reports of the attack. Jonathan says that there is no immediate danger, explaining that the attacker is a revenant after the adventurers describe its appearance. Annabelle explains that the revenant will return but not for another 24 hours after the initial attack, explaining that it needs time to rejuvenate itself.

Vincent asks Cam on his version on why the revenant attacked him, given the fact that the reports single him out as the revenant's primary target. Firstly, Cam praises how fast the news of the attack spread quickly throughout the city. Vincent explains that there were plenty of witnesses and guards nearby due to the Summer Festival. Vincent also shares that Durmont maintains a strong network of information. He also says that the Council is only used to attacker targeting individuals away from crowded areas, but never handled cases like tonight's attack before where a single entity killed several citizens and destroyed properties.

Answering Vincent's query, Cam says that he knows why the revenant is attacking him, explaining that he killed him. At that moment, the room goes quiet. Also at the same time, Crownrend telepathically asks Jiǔtóu why the city officials are interrogating Cam when he saved the city. Jiǔtóu replies telepathically to say that Cam killed an innocent man, which prompts Crownrend to believe that Cam did not kill him out of nothing and that Cam has the rights to defend should the man he killed harmed him. Crownrend also grumbles at the thought of the city officials deciding what the townspeople should and should not do.

Cam explains that the man he killed was a member of the Broken Sky. He says that he chased the man into his shop. As the man refused to leave the shop despite his plead, Cam resorted to smoke him out by setting fire to his shop. However, Cam says that the man remained inside and eventually succumbed to his death.

After a brief silence, the female tiefling questions Cam on why he decide to use fire to smoke the man out, suggesting that he might have tried other means to get him out like securing allies to surround the building. Cam explains that it is a rough and rash decision to use fire as he is panicked to get information from him. The city officials murmur in displeasure amongst themselves. Cam adds on to share that the man was given opportunities to leave, yet he chose to die. Jiǔtóu interrupts and remarks that the man was instead frightened of Cam. The tiefling asks Cam to clarify his statement, to which Cam says that he gave the man chances to leave before setting the shop on fire

There is another round of murmurs of displeasure. At that time, one of the city officials discover the brand mark on Cam's arm and demands him to explain where it is from. Cam looks at his brand mark in fear, knowing that he may face further punishment. The city official says it is an ancient mark was used during the magocracy country prior to the Lightfall. Cam shares that he has faced punishment for his crime and has been exiled from Feyden, as well as having his goddess Avandra to disfavour him for a period of time.

Another city official voices out to appreciate that Cam has done for the city to stop the Broken Sky, yet finds the news of Cam's past disturbing. He also reasons that the man was trapped inside his house and Cam could have gone to look for help. Instead, Cam chose to set the place on fire as the city official continues to talk. He asks Cam if he is certain the man did not merely choose not to leave and that he fell unconscious. Cam says that the man was not responding to his reasons to leave and that the man said that he rather die.

Korak the Champion steps in and reckons that whatever had happened does not matters, believing that the man chose not to leave and rather choose death. He also prefers them focusing on preventing further revenant attacks rather than continue to question Cam's moral and action. He then questions Cam on what he intend to do knowing that the revenant may put more people in danger. Cam says that he plans to ask Jonathan for advice, believing that he might know how to stop it.

Jonathan explains that the revenant, also known as the spirit of vengeance, will only focus on its target no matter where he or she is at. As it is a powerful creature, it cannot be destroyed even with magic, as Jonathan shares that the spirit will just find another corpse to resume its vengeance the following day. On a potential solution, Jonathan says that either the revenant is unable to find another corpse or its spirit is appeased and given a final rest. The revenant will not rest until its target is killed and it will know if he or she is faking death. It will also not care whoever is in its way.

Cam asks Jonathan if spells such as Trickery of a higher level or removing the target's soul temporary would work. Jonathan believes that temporary removing the soul of the physical body might work. Both Annabelle and Jonathan then mention a tower on the far side of Shard Lake that the two did not have a chance to investigate. Annabelle shares that the Master of Necromancy, one of the eight master wizards before the Lightfall, lived in that tower before the Lightfall and believes the place might have a solution.

Korak the Champion also offers another possible solution. He shares that he once had a companion, although they both departed on less than friendly terms. Ral'Ma, a shaman and once a hero to the Dawn Republic, is an expert in spirits and now lives on an isle north-east of Talis'Val. She is devoted to Melora, Goddess of Wilderness, Nature, and the Sea, so she naturally disapproved of how Talis'Val is formed as the nature of the city is opposite of her beliefs.

Korak states that he will not ask Cam to leave or exile himself. Instead, he offers him supplies and protection should he need to rest and recuperate in the city before venturing on, although Cam must understand that he will be putting the guards at risk. Cam understands Korak's concern and believes that it will be better for everyone if he leaves the city as soon as possible

Crownrend communicates to Jiǔtóu once again, saying that Korak the Champion is foolish in believing that the city councils will do at the will of the people, yet Crownrend points out that the officials, especially the guild leaders, are more concerned of money than people. Jiǔtóu looks up and sees some city officials are eyeing Korak suspiciously as if they do not like the idea of Korak giving aid to Cam. Crownrend also brings up that one of the guild leaders, Franco, has betrayed them to the Broken Sky. He then suspects there could be more traitors. Crownrend then grumbles while Jiǔtóu remains silent, yet analysing his opinions.

Cam is uncertain on either option given to him. Asking about travel time, Korak says that the journey in search of Ral'Ma takes two days to the coastline, then sail across the sea to the island. Jonathan says that the tower will be a two days' journey after crossing the river, although he is uncertain if the Master Wizard or his belongings are still around. Korak also cannot assure that Ral'Ma still lives on the island as the two have not spoken since the founding of Talis'Val.

Cam discusses the two options with his companions, eventually settling on finding Ral'Ma as they have previous encounters with the fey back in Longwood forest. The meeting comes to an end, but not before Jiǔtóu sarcastically voices out that the concerns of Cam from the city officials are indeed touching. One of the female city officials responds to her by saying that, while they appreciate what the adventurers have contributed to the city, they are more concerned of a spirit that can attack the townspeople without warning. Jiǔtóu replies to say that she will reconsider her options should another dragon appears again, leading to an awkward silence.

Durmont leads the adventurers out of the chamber and acknowledges Jiǔtóu's champion belt she received from the Summer Festival. Cam asks Durmont if the city could provide a boat for the travel. However, Durmont says that being a landlocked city, Talis'Val does not have any boats, but reckons that they could secure a boat in one of the villages along the coast. Instead, he can provide a carriage and several water barrels upon Jiǔtóu's request.

Cam asks Durmont if he has any items that could provide fire resistance. Durmont shares that there is a private dealer that sells such items, but it can be costly. Korak the Champion will not cover the cost by using taxpayer's money. Jiǔtóu offers to train Cam to be fire resistance by setting a new part of his body on fire every day. Cam ponders as he says it is worth to try, but walks away.

Jasmina and the Burning KingEdit

Jasmina, a half-human, half-drow bard, parks her wagon outside the city walls and begun searching for Cam. Asking the townspeople, they direct her to the Guilds Quarter, saying that he was last seen heading there. Given the adventurers' well-known status, Jasmina is also informed on the description of Cam's companions.

On the way out of the Government Building, Elora is given a letter. After reading its contents, she tells the rest that she will have to stay behind to settle some family matters. Cam understands her decision and reckons that it is better if there are lesser people around him to avoid getting injured should the revenant attacks again. Jiǔtóu walks to Elora and gently squeezes her hands as a gesture of concern for her family, then hands her champion belt to Elora for her to look after. Elora appreciates the gesture, although slightly confused on receiving the belt.

Elora says to her companions that, once Cam's issue is settled, she hopes that they could assist her. The rest agree to help. She then druidcrafts a flower each as a parting gift and wishes them well.[1] She then leaves.

At the foot of the Government Building, Durmont tells the adventurers that he will go and sort out horses and wagons for them. Just before he leaves, Cam asks Durmont once again if they rest do not have any boats. Durmont once again says that the city does not have boats, except for barges along the river used to conduct trades. Still being insistent, Cam asks if there are boat restaurants as nobles usually have them. Feeling flustered, Durmont replies no, saying that there is a big horse restaurant instead. Jiǔtóu gives an advice to Durmont on dealing with Cam: turn around and walk away. Durmont says it is a good idea and walks away.

Just before Cam could reprimand Jiǔtóu for asking Durmont to leave, Jasmina runs over to the adventurers as their appearance matches the description given to her. Jiǔtóu spots this and instinctively stands in front of Cam to protect him, then readies her weapon. Her reaction is due to the fact that a lot of people have been looking for Cam. Cam also sees the pretty and chesty woman and tells Jiǔtóu to relax as he believes it is just another person infatuated by his charm. Trellimar, though, looks at Jasmina with curiosity as he has never seen a half-drow before.

Jasmina gives Jiǔtóu a filthy look, then asks the only human in the group if he is Cam Buckland. Cam replies yes. He tries to chase off Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, claiming that he should have a long discussion with the lady in private when actually he wants to flirt with her. Jasmina did not pick up his signals and agrees that she should have a private chat with him. Jiǔtóu refuses to leave Cam's side, fearing that the lady could do harm on Cam. Jasmina requests Cam to remove the tiefling so that she could have a private chat. This leaves Cam in a conflict between his instinct and his primal needs.

Cam asks Jasmina if she could instead summarise her urgent matter to Cam. Jasmina declines, saying that the matter must be discussed in private although his companions may tag along. All four of them then head to a tavern tucked quietly along an alleyway, tended by a lone elder innkeeper. Along the way, Cam gently elbows Trellimar and tells him that he is sorry that the lady picks him instead of Trellimar. Jiǔtóu sees this and feels disgusted.

At the empty, long tavern, the group sits at one of the alcoves near the back of the long tavern. Jasmina now asks Cam if he is the one who is being pursued by a fire spirit. This leaves Cam disappointed as he thought she knows him by his performance at the Feast of Stone or his heroic acts. Jasmina does not care and urgently demands Cam to answer her. Cam feels heart broke as Trellimar smiles at Cam. He replies Jasmina to say no. She then says that she urgently needs to find Cam or more people will die. She then turns around and was about to walk away when Cam stops her and tells her that he is indeed Cam, but now feeling dejected.

Jasmina returns to the table and tells Cam that things are going to be a lot worse. Asking if he knows anything about the Burning King, Cam has heard about it from gossips and tales shared in taverns prior to his adventure. He then spews out what he know, although in a disjointed manner. Jasmina also shares what she knows about the Burning King.

The Burning King is a dangerous figure, a male tiefling bandit,[2] far-north of Talis'Val who goes around looting villages and set everything on fire, leaving no one alive. He also leads a tribe of goblins and hobgoblins. The Burning King seeks for more power, so when news of a fiery revenant spirit destroying properties in Talis'Val reaches him, he now seeks the man, Cam Buckland, targeted by the spirit in order to harness the revenant's power. According to Jasmina, the Burning King is within the vicinity of Talis'Val.

With that, Jasmina advises Cam to disperse the revenant as quickly as possible and to also keep clear of populated areas for the time being. She also offers to help as she has a bad history with the Burning King and hopes to stop his antics.

Cam asks to backtrack a bit, to the point where Jasmina first appears in front of them and that she have a bad first-liner. Jasmina says that she have no interest in anyone of the adventurers. Cam brushes that off and wonders if they could trust her since he finds it suspicious that a stranger could come up to them and brings up the Burning King. Jasmina responds to say that she will die trying to bring down the Burning King. She then shows the burn scar that covers almost her entire left-side of the body.

Jiǔtóu asks Jasmina if she could introduce herself. However, from Jasmina's perspective, when Jiǔtóu addresses her as "young miss", she finds it rude as Jiǔtóu appears younger than her. Still, Jasmina controls her anger and introduces herself, then requests Jiǔtóu not to address her as "young miss", saying that she is older than Jiǔtóu. Jiǔtóu simply responds to say that she will be surprised, since Jasmina is not aware that Jiǔtóu is older than she looks.

Cam comments how he has never seen a half-drow before, referring to Jasmina. She, however, questions him if he is being racist, especially towards drows. Cam tries to dismiss her accusation, then points to Jiǔtóu for being a racist for calling him "Mr Human" all the time. Jiǔtóu states that he is a human, but Cam counters her statement by saying that he have a name and not just a generic human. Trellimar randomly drops a few words, saying "Have you?" to Cam when he said that he have a name. Cam is bewildered by his words.

Jasmina cuts the conversation and wonders if they are actually serious about the situation with the Burning King, feeling like she is in a comedy show instead. Cam claims that such banter is their way to deal with stress. Jasmina now wonders how a drow can, a human and a tiefling band together, stating that it is such a weird combination. Cam does not know, with Jiǔtóu adding that it is a long story that none of them have time for. She then reminds Cam of the revenant. By now, the adventurers have 19 hours left before Dimitriv returns.

First Encounter with Burning KingEdit

Cam shares with Jasmina that they are heading to an island to hopefully find a shaman that could get rid of the revenant. Just as Jasmina was about to asks Cam what can it do (she has yet to know that it is a revenant), she realises the innkeeper is no longer around. Instead, she heard a floorboard creaks and quickly turns around. A gang of four hooded figures stands by the entrance. One of them steps forward and pulls back his hood, revealing to be a hobgoblin.

"She's the one that has been asking around about Burning King. That's the one who's the ghost's after. Let's get them!"

First Round of Battle
Two of the hooded figures draw out their crossbow and fire at Jiǔtóu and Trellimar. Trellimar sees the arrow flying at him and casually moves his head to one side. Both of them avoids the arrow, leaving the two hooded figures confused. They drop the crossbow and draw out two short swords each, then dash towards the group.

Cam initially plans to throw his dagger Nimbus at the hobgoblin. He changes his plan and shouts "combo" at Jiǔtóu while jumping behind the bar, telling her to casts fire at the alcohol as he throws it at the group. However, his feet knocks the bar counter and he lands prone behind the bar. He grabs a couple of bottles, ready to throw them once Jiǔtóu casts her fire.

However, Jiǔtóu disregards Cam's combo, thinking that should it succeed, it will block their only path to the exit. She instead runs up at one of the hooded figures running towards them and attacks him with her guandao. He blocks the first swing but gets hit by the second. He is also poisoned by its blade, somehow managing to stumble and avoid Jiǔtóu's punch. She then elbows him, which snaps his spine. He is now dead.

The hobgoblin witnessed one of his men died in the hands of Jiǔtóu and asks the third hooded figure behind him to deal with her. The figure reveals his staff and conjures a spell directed at the group. Cam, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar manages to fend off the spell, but Jasmina's movement suddenly becomes slow. The mage then hides behind a wooden pillar.

Jasmina is confused on Cam's blunder. She then moves up to the surviving hooded figure that dashed towards them and slashes him with her sickle. This catches him by surprise, not expecting an attack from her slowed movement, as he receives a cut from it.

The hobgoblin had enough of this, so he takes out his spear, walks up to the bar and attempt to spear Cam. He blocks the attack with the bottles in his hand. The spear breaks the bottle and alcohol is poured all over him. The hobgoblin strikes Cam again, this time aiming for the legs. It pierces one of the legs, leading Cam to scream in pain (Mark describes Cam's reaction similar to Ace Ventura getting speared at the knee).

Trellimar attempts to aim Eldritch Blasts at two of the attackers. The first one goes wide as he is unable to get a clear shot at the hooded figure. The other hits the wooden pillar blocking the mage. He then flips a table at the hooded figure, which hits his face.

Second Round of Battle
The hooded figure stumbles as he tries to attack Trellimar with his short swords. He gets a lucky hit, slashing Trellimar's neck.

With two smashed bottles in his hands, Cam jams one of them straight into the hobgoblin's face, then let go of the bottles to throw his dagger Nimbus at him by doing an off-hand attack, stabbing its shoulder. Cam then stands up and prepares to fight. Jiǔtóu uses Step of the Wind to disengage the hooded figure beside her and charges at the hobgoblin with her guandao. Her first swing of the guandao strikes him, but the second swing misses, so does her punch. She then attacks him with a Flurry of Blows, yet he fends off her attacks.

The hooded mage, on noticing Trellimar is capable of using magic, tries to cast Hold Person on him. Trellimar successfully fights off the spell, which causes the mage to cower in fear that Trellimar is powerful to fend off spells.

With the Slow spell worn off, Jasmina casts Heat Metal on the hooded figure beside her, since he is wearing a chainmail shirt under the leather armour. The hooded figure starts screaming in pain from the heat.

The hobgoblin turns around and attempts to attack Jiǔtóu, but misses due to impaired vision caused by Cam's attack earlier.

Trellimar wears his relic mask and fires Eldritch Blasts. The first blast misses the hooded figure, but the second blast, although partially hitting the pillar, grazes over the hooded mage's arm. Also, with the mask, he can vaguely listen to the thoughts from the attackers, generally mentioning that they will be in deep trouble with the Burning King should they fail to grab hold of the revenant attached to Cam.

Third Round of Battle
The hooded figure attacks Jasmina with his short swords. She then blocks his second swing.

Noticing the hobgoblin's back is facing him, Cam plans to hold two daggers and stabs his collarbone. To do so, he will need to jump over the bar counter. However, he is unaware of how slippery the counter is due to broken bottles of liquor. He jumps onto the counter but slips and lands prone on his back on the counter. Still, he manages to attack him with his dagger. The hobgoblin yells in pain as he wipes the blood off his eyes and sees Cam stabbing him in the back. Jiǔtóu attacks him with her guandao but hits his chain mail armour. Stabbing him this time, Jiǔtóu injures and poisons the hobgoblin further. He is now feeling woozy as his armour absorbs the impact from her punches when she uses Flurry of Blows.

The hooded mage firsts Magic Missiles, all aiming at Jiǔtóu. Upon the impact of the attack, she retaliates by casting Hellish Rebuke, sending flames back at him. Upon impact, the mage is burnt to death. Another attacker is being burnt, this time from the heated armour caused by Jasmina's spell that is burning its wearer, the hooded figure. Jasmina tries to punch him but misses since the hooded figure is stumbling around.

The hobgoblin attacks Jiǔtóu with his spear as she just killed one of his men. His first attack pierces her but misses the second attack.

Trellimar fires his Eldritch Blasts at the two remaining attackers, missing the hobgoblin but hits the hooded figure, killing him.

Fourth Round of Battle
Cam lazily gets off the counter and stabs the hobgoblin, who is right next to him, with his dagger. His first attack misses, but hits him with his second, off-hand attack. Jiǔtóu attacks him with her guandao, but it keeps striking his armour. In a rage, she punches him in the throat and he dies.
End of Battle

Jasmina, who had witnessed Jiǔtóu being a respectful fighter and fought for her friends, apologises to Jiǔtóu for her nasty treatment earlier, sharing that she had issues with tieflings in the past. Jiǔtóu replies to say that someone finally understands her.

Jiǔtóu jokingly asks Cam, who is soaked in alcohol, if he would like to combo now. Cam replies no. He then sits on the bar counter and goes into meditation to casts Prayer of Healing to everyone. Meanwhile, Trellimar finds a bottle of orange juice to have a drink.

Searching through the bodies, the group collects 30 gold pieces. They also find orders and notes, as well as an inscription of Cam and Jasmina.

Jasmina's PastEdit

Jasmina addresses the adventurers, saying that she can understand why they are suspicious of her. Cam shares his perspective, saying that they could have been on their way in the search for the shaman, Ral'Ma, had it not been for Jasmina suddenly seeking for him and later to have a group hunting her down. Jasmina clarifies to say that the Burning King are also targeting him. She also cautions them that, if not allowed to tag alone, she will tail them. Jiǔtóu seems to find Jasmina genuine in her words and actions so far.

Cam says that he cannot read Jasmina's body language at the moment, claiming he is usually good at it. Jasmina then asks if his fighting skills are usually similar to what happened earlier. Cam claims that it is his drunken master techniques, to which Jasmina sarcastically says that he learnt it well. Trellimar, who still have his mask on which makes Cam discomforted, also joins in to say his techniques worked well.

Jasmina tells the adventurers of her wagon parked near the north gate that they can use to travel. Everyone accepts the offer and starts walking towards it. Along the way, Jasmina yells at Cam to say that she have more use than him back at the tavern after Cam says that she now have a use with a wagon. Cam retorts back, insisting that the tavern fight would not have happened had she not appear. Jasmina, with Trellimar agreeing to her, states that the Burning King had caught up with him nonetheless. Cam just brushes off her reasoning.

Jasmina shares that she roasted a man alive during the fight, saying that it was beautiful. Cam remarks that while she seems fine for roasting a man alive, he gets all the punishment for doing something similar. Jasmina says that they were attacking them, with Cam barging in to say that so is Dimitriv, referring to his now revenant spirit. When asking who he is, Jiǔtóu tells Jasmina that it is an innocent man Cam killed.

Arriving at Jasmina's wagon, she warns everyone not to steal her items or she will kill them, saying that she is a saleswoman too. Cam wonders if Jasmina travels with a roaming band of people. She replies that she used too and they are not friends, but her family. Cam remarks that he too have similar past, claiming he used to have a wagon with people. When Jasmina probe further, Cam says that he had to leave to do something in Talis'Val for his family and has yet to see them since. Jasmina says that she could not see her family again, revealing that her entire family of six perished due to a village fire caused by the Burning King. Jasmina is the only surviving member of the family. Jiǔtóu shares her pain as she too is an orphan. Jasmina feels sorry and chooses not to probe her past, knowing that recalling those memories can be painful. She is however taken aback upon knowing from Cam that Jiǔtóu used to be a slave.

Before leaving, Cam asks Jasmina on the type of items she trades with. She replies that it is mainly artisan jewellery, some of them with magical imbuements. Cam wonders if she has any items with fire resistant properties, but Jasmina says she does not have such item.

On any leads of more mobs of goblins or hobgoblins chasing them, Jasmina says that it is not a mob, but a horde of them. The last she have heard, the Burning King is not with the horde at the moment, so Takbar, a hobgoblin, is leading the horde in his place. Trellimar wonders how does she knows so much. She replies that she needs to know since she was present at a town being raided by the Burning King.

Cam wonders if the Burning King is a title handed down through generations. Jasmina says that the Burning King is a one-horned tiefling, which explains why she had an issue with tieflings in general, including Jiǔtóu. She also shares that the Burning King is a pyromaniac, having a blood lust and likes to burn things. Jiǔtóu has not heard of such tiefling before.

The group is now travelling to the north-east from Talis'Val on Jasmina's wagon. She is taking the rein, knowing her directions as she is well-travelled. They travelled past the Shard Lake, with almost still water that mirrors the sky, with the outlines of the ruins of Firstlight, an ancient magocracy city and capital of the former country.[3]

The night passes and a brand new day begins, everyone had their long rest. Everyone take turns to rein the horses pulling the wagon, apart from Trellimar as he lacks experiences in animal handling.

Jiutou Confronts CamEdit

The day passes without incident as the sun begins to set. Jasmina is reining the horses, with the others resting at the back. Jiǔtóu, who had something bugging her for quite some time, takes this opportunity and starts a conversation with Cam. Cam makes a joke, leading Jiǔtóu displeased and tells him that it is this joking manner of his that she wants to address.

Cam has mentioned before, as he says, that his joking persona is his defence mechanism during times of stress. Jiǔtóu, perhaps not understanding the need for such mechanism, says that she is fine whenever she is the subject of Cam's joke. However, from her point of view, Jiǔtóu is unhappy at how Cam is not treating the Dimitriv issue seriously and with respect.

Cam states that he does treat Dimitriv with respect but not to the harmful spirit he had become. Yet, Jiǔtóu retorts back by stating that Cam did not mention to the city officials, first, of how he did not allow Dimitriv to escape from the burning shop, and second, of how he continued to frighten Dimitriv despite being visibly and emotionally weak after Dimitriv has been released from custody. In response, Cam says that he omit those facts to the city officials since their outcome has been deemed unfavourable. Regardless, Jiǔtóu believes that Cam denies responsibility for causing the death of Dimitriv whenever such issue is brought up.

Cam firmly tells Jiǔtóu that he has faced a number of punishments from various people for his crime, even having his beloved deity abandoning him for a period of time, which is a big deal to him. Now sensing that Jiǔtóu seems to be yet another person punishing him, Cam asks her on what more does she wants from him. Jiǔtóu states her position that she is simply tired of Cam's disrespectful manner and in him treating everything as a joke. She is also tired of Cam running away from problems, particularly referring to Mirela, and his refusal to face his demons. Cam states that he is not running away from any problems, especially right now as they are heading to a place for a possible solution. Trellimar adds that a particular demon will soon be quickly catching up to him since it is almost 24 hours from the previous attack.

Cam understands what Jiǔtóu is saying, though she cuts him off and asks him on how many more people will have to die because of Cam's action. Feeling frustrated, Cam replies to her that he hopes no one else has to die. Yet, Jiǔtóu questions him if he might create another demon haunting him just because he kills another person. Cam finds it harsh but states that he has learnt from his mistakes where his past incidents are due to reckless judgement and poor decision making. He also says that his jokes remain as jokes without ill-intent.

Jiǔtóu doubts his statement by bringing up the death of Mirela and how her sister Amelia is hunting him down, even comparing how similar it is to Dimitriv's death. Cam, visibly annoyed, expresses his discontent at Jiǔtóu for comparing two unrelated situations either circumstances are different. He also states that, unlike Dimitriv, Mirela is a person very dear to him and has never joked about her.

Cam retorts at Jiǔtóu for claiming that he goes around killing people recklessly, which he says he does not. Jiǔtóu says that she does not say that but rather of him not facing his demons. Cam state that his joking mechanism is a way to deal with such problems. She then asks if he will deal with Mirela's death. Cam will deal with it someday, as he says, but had to prioritise saving the Dawn Republic first as more lives are at risk, adding that he had put people's life first over pursuing his own goals.

Second Encounter with Dimitriv's SpiritEdit

Before Cam could continue to explain his views to Jiǔtóu, an out worldly cry from an animal is heard throughout the vicinity. Sounds of hooves galloping can be heard but from the sky, accompanied by thunder. The group look out of the wagon to the source of the sound and see an obsidian coloured nightmare with hooves aflame careening faster than any mortals could run. On it is a rider with a burning skull.


First Round of Battle
Dimitriv calls out to Cam, demanding him to give his life to him and that he will spare the life of his companions.

Jiǔtóu brings out her doss lute and plays it, casting Fire Protection on Cam. She then positions herself between Cam and the revenant, then tells Cam that it is time to face his demon.

Jasmina can feel that the horses are being agitated by the sudden appearance of the entity from the sky, so she begins to slow them down. She also inspires Cam with her singing, then gets ready to casts Blight on the revenant.

Cam replies to Jiǔtóu that she is right, then pushes her aside and jump out of the wagon with an intention to not bring harm to his companions. He then casts Spiritual Weapon to summon a floating, spectre weapon, ready to attack the entity with it should he comes closer.

On seeing Cam, the entity swoops down and Dimitriv attacks him with his long sword in a fly-by. As Dimitriv is close enough, Jasmina casts Blight while Cam attacks him using his spectral weapon. All attacks are successful. The nightmare also attacks Cam with its hooves, but Cam manages to dodge it.

Trellimar pokes his head out and aims his Eldritch Blasts at Dimitriv, dealing sufficient damage.

Second Round of Battle
Dimitriv gets off the nightmare and conjures a hell hound from the ground behind Cam. He then orders both creatures to destroy the wagon. Dimitriv later tells Cam that it is now between him and himself, with none of his companions able to protect him.

Jiǔtóu shouts "idiot" at Cam for getting himself away from their protection and witnesses both nightmare and hell hound coming towards the wagon, while the revenant gets ready to strike Cam. Noticing that the wagon is being slowed-down, she jumps off and over the hell hound, landing behind it and dashes towards Cam. Casting Water Whip, she bends water from her waterskin and fires it at Dimitriv. It hits his back, but is not bothered by it.

The hellhound notices Jiǔtóu landing behind, so it turns around and attempts to grapple her to the ground. Jiǔtóu doges in time, but the hell hound positions itself between her and both Cam and the revenant. It also snarls at her.

Jasmina commands the horses to halt before they become more agitated. The sudden halt causes the wagon to jerk as Trellimar tries to steady his balance. She hopes off the wagon and runs to Jiǔtóu's side, then, in casting Dissonant Whispers, whispers an uncomfortable tune in the revenant's mind. Dimitriv, now feeling uncomfortable, becomes distracted and stumbles away. This allows Cam to get an opportunity to attack by striking him. Cam then casts Guardian of Faith, summoning a spectral guardian in a shape of a paladin between himself and Dimitriv. He also targets the hell hound with his dagger, but it leaps out of the way.

The nightmare comes down onto the wagon and attacks Trellimar, the only person left inside. Its hooves smash through the glass window and hits Trellimar's face, causing some burns. By now, Crownrend, who knows infernal language,[4] had told Jiǔtóu that both the nightmare and the hell hound are different types of demons.

Trellimar escapes the wagon by jumping out through another window. He then fires Eldritch Blasts at the nightmare, with one of the blasts hits it. The second, however, fires through the wagon, creating a massive hole.

Third Round of Battle
Dimitriv recovers from the earlier attack and sees the spectral guardian blocking Cam. Knowing the kind of damage the guardian can do should he goes closer to it, he instead casts Vengeful Glare and targets Cam. A wave of fear washes over Cam, but he manages to fight it off, knowing that his friends and his deity are there for him, as well as knowing that Dimitriv is now a being so monstrous and out-worldly.

Jiǔtóu is thinking of taming the nightmare. Crownrend advises her to make a pact with it, if she so choose, in a form of a decent, living sacrifice, since Dimitriv made a pact to it with Cam, a lightborn, as the living sacrifice. She later decides against the idea and attacks the hell hound with her guandao, then with additional punches with Flurry of Blows, decently injuring it.

In return, the hell hound has both Jasmina and Jiǔtóu within sight and blasts out a cone of flames at them. Jiǔtóu is immune to the attack, but Jasmina gets partial burns. It also triggers her phobia of fire and begins to feel fearful.

Jasmina inspires Cam once again, then attempts to casts Eldritch Blasts at the hell hound despite her fear. One of the blasts hits the hell hound, injuring it slightly. Cam moves his spectral weapon next to the spectral guardian to strengthen his defence. He then casts Mass Healing Word on his companions and himself.

The nightmare flies over the wagon and attacks Trellimar again, this time causing significant injury. Trellimar gulps down a Potion of Healing. Trellimar makes it look like he is running one way, but his quick action allows him to run the other way and dives underneath the wagon for cover.

Fourth Round of Battle
Enraged, Dimitriv just runs straight through the guardian towards Cam, taking some damage. At just reaching Cam, he grabs him by the throat and squeezes it as he lifts him up in the air. He then tells Cam that he will watch him die and his vengeance will be complete.

Witnessing Cam about to die, Jiǔtóu activates Crownrend. The bracer burst into flames as it extends and grows to cover her arm. She disengages with the hell hound and charges towards the revenant. Grabbing his arm tightly, she fights against his strength to try to free Cam. His tendon snaps, which freed Cam from his grip. Jiǔtóu then puts herself between Cam and the revenant to shield Cam and attacks him on his chest with a punch enhanced by Crownrend.

The hell hound pounces on Jasmina and bites into her. In return and no longer feeling fearful, she combines the two beams of Eldritch Blasts and fires at the hell hound. It gets blown away and lands hard on the ground. It is now lifeless with a huge chunk of its body blown off. Jasmina then inspires Trellimar.

Cam remembers of the scrolls he is carrying and searches for the Scroll of Cure Wounds (Level 3). As it is within his ability to casts it, he reads the scroll and regains some health back. He then moves his spectral weapon towards Dimitriv for an attack, but misses.

The nightmare charges at the wagon with strength, causing it to tip over and exposing Trellimar in the open. Jasmina's horses bolt off as their rein snap. Trellimar casts Blight at the nightmare, draining its energy out. Yet, the nightmare still lives.

Fifth Round of Battle
Dimitriv takes in additional injury from the guardian as he is still within its range. He is also unable to regenerate his health as he has taken radiant damage from the guardian a round ago. Dimitriv charges towards Cam while Jiǔtóu is quick to shield Cam from his attack. However, it is not enough as Dimitriv stabs Cam critically with his long sword. This kicks in Cam's lightborn trait, Hope Never Dies, allowing him to live, but with very minimal health left. Jiǔtóu administers Cam a Potion of Superior Healing, further increasing his health.

Jasmina casts Mass Healing Word on her companions, then casts Dissonant Whispers on Dimitriv again. However, this time, it barely affects him.

Cam, just avoiding his brink of death, moves his spectral weapon to attack Dimitriv again, this time injuring him. As Dimitriv is beside him, he stabs him with his dagger Nimbus.

The nightmare attacks Trellimar once again, reducing his health to a dangerously low level. Trellimar, now in a rage, casts Blight on it again. With immense force, he rips its head off. The body of the nightmare collapses onto the ground and turns into ash.

Sixth Round of Battle
Dimitriv is about to attack Cam once again to kill him. Before he can do that, however, the guardian seems to shimmer into a form of Cam's deity, Avandra. It raises her mace and slams onto Dimitriv. The corpse that the revenant was controlling is now splattered on the ground. The spirit of Dimitriv leaves the corpse to rejuvenate his health so that he can return again to seek vengeance on Cam another day.
End of Battle

Featured CharactersEdit

The AdventurersEdit



Notable MomentsEdit


  • Cancelled Stream: Episode 27 was originally held live on September 18, 2016, on its second episode using the new setup. However, the stream was bogged down with camera and audio issues.[5][6] Unable to find the source of the problem and more than one hour behind schedule with low morale, the stream is ultimately cancelled with apologies from the crew. Episode 27 is later aired live in two weeks' time on October 2, 2016, but using the old setup to prevent similar problems with the new setup.[7]
  • Elora's Cancelled Appearance: Mark originally made minor adjustments to minimize Elora's involvement for the original Episode 27 on September 18 as Katie is away in California, USA for Minecon 2016.[8] With the stream cancelled on that day, Elora is put back into the story for Episode 27 on October 2 as Katie will return in time for the stream. Two days before the stream, however, Katie's flight got delayed, forcing her to miss her appearance on October 2. This results in Mark having to remove Elora's appearance again.[9]
  • Forgotten Advantage: Mark returns one of Jiǔtóu's used ki points as he forgot to give Kim's character an advantage during an attack.[10]
  • Ghost Rider: For Dimitriv's second appearance as a revenant, Mark describes his appearance similar to a Ghost Rider. He even tweeted about it.[11]
  • Misused Blight: Jasmina, a bard, used Blight against the revenant, an undead, during the first round of battle against the spirit of Dimitriv. In Episode 28, Mark points out two mistakes: bards do not learn Blight, and Blight cannot affect undead. Whether or not Kat roleplays Jasmina to casts Blight, Mark said that he should not have allowed Blight to affect the revenant in the first place, so he will allow this attack to pass.[12]


Though many viewers have praised the conversation role-play that took place between Kim and Trott during the second-half of the episode for their respective characters, a handful of viewers eventually claimed that Mark is biased in over-punishing Cam yet not punishing Jiǔtóu at all, despite both characters have conducted arson-related crimes.

In response, dungeon master Mark Hulmes released the following statement on the High Rollers D&D sub-Reddit to clear up any misinformation and assumptions:[13]

""Let's address some things shall we?

Not everybody shits on Cam for what happened. A few NPCs have raised eyebrows but don't take it further, Korak stood up for Cam. Durmont didn't blink an eye. These are characters who know the world isn't black and white, that Cam is ultimately a good person but good people can make mistakes.

The characters who are, perhaps, a little more naive, don't see it that way and chastise him.

As for Jiutou, yep she set a room (made of stone) on fire, but less people know about it and it happened during a crazy situation that ultimately had a more direct focus (an assassin sent to kill the figurehead of a city). In addition, nobody died (luckily), and people had a clear avenue of escape. Jiutou did what she did as a distraction, albeit a badly thought out one. Cam intentionally set fire to a building to get a guy out of it. A combo of that bad decision and bad luck (Dimitriv failing saving throw to Constitution Save) resulted in a non-hostile person dying. Cam wasn't acting in self defence. He made a bad call, someone died, and now he has a crazy spirit after him.

Edit: I personally agree that Jiutou's intimidation had a huge factor in what happened. HOWEVER it was also Cam who cast a Charm Spell on him (which he becomes aware of) and lied to him during said charm, which led to the events. That is an issue for the party to discuss though, as nobody but them are aware of that.

Read the Revenant entry in the MM, it fits what happened perfectly. I try to be a very fair DM, I simply let the player's actions and their impact on the world play out.

It's very easy for gaming groups to be desensitised to violent acts. We spent most of our time butchering goblins or bandits without much thought after all, but you translate that to a REAL place and it would matter."[14]"


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