"Swan Boat" is the twenty-eighth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on October 9, 2016. Kat joins this episode as a special guest.

In this episode, our heroes find Ral'Ma, a shaman capable of getting rid the revenant haunting Cam. She performs the ritual, which appeases Dimitriv. The spirit of Mirela also appears in front of an emotional Cam and reveals the truth behind her death.

Campaign SummaryEdit

Elora ReturnsEdit

It is night time. Cam, Jasmina, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar just defeated the spirit of Dimitriv again. The wagon they were travelling on is now on its side. The windows smashed. Items and valuables thrown about in a pile of mess, some of them broken. The horses that are pulling the wagon has run off to a not-so-far distance.

Jiǔtóu deactivates Crownrend and is now exhausted. Still, she helps Cam to coax the horses back. Also, she finishes her conversation with him, which was cut short due to Dimitriv's appearance. Calling by his name instead of "Mr Human", she tells him that, although he should face his responsibilities, he does not have to do it alone as everyone will be there for him. Cam appreciates her words, but requests her to not kill him with Crownrend should he jumps out of the wagon another time. Crownrend speaks in Jiǔtóu's mind to say that he finds it amusing that Cam jumped out of the wagon during the battle. However, Jiǔtóu tells Crownrend to keep quiet, causing him to react in dislike by rumbling violently for a while.

Looking at the state of her wagon, Jasmina glares at Trellimar, who is lending down beside it to catch his breath, while playing her lyre to casts Song of Rest. Knowing that a nightmare attacked Trellimar who is in the wagon, she is also aware of him using Eldritch Blasts and hiding under the wagon, which contributed to further destruction whether direct or indirect. Seeing her horses back, she goes up and nuzzles with them to calm them down as they were spooked by the revenant. She then thanks Cam and Jiǔtóu for bringing them back.

Accessing the battle, Cam figures that him jumping out of the wagon, which forced the rest to halt, gave the revenant the upper hand of the battle. He suggests to escape as fast as possible the next time the revenant appears again.

Cam and Trellimar work together to bring the wagon upright, which turns out to be a success with barely any further damage. Once upright, Jasmina almost immediately climbs on board to check on her items. Valuables inside her safe are alright, but loose items such as cooking utensils were strewn all over the place. On structure damage, there are two shattered windows and a large hole in the wood, both costing hundreds of gold pieces to repair. Most importantly, she checks one of the two small beds and tidy it up nicely as it belongs to someone very dear to her.

Cam gets on the rider's seat and prepare to rein the horses. Jiǔtóu helps Jasmina to clean up the mess. Trellimar sits next to Cam to avoid the awkwardness with Jasmina. Eventually, the wagon sets off.

Three hours into the journey, a bird's cry can be heard. Jasmina and Trellimar look up into the sky and see a bronze griffin descending from the clouds. Catching a glimpse of the rider, Jasmina asks Jiǔtóu who is it. Cam is trying to keep the horses steady as the griffin's sudden appearance is beginning to spook them.

Elora is riding a bronze griffin activated from the figurine she took from the ruined watchtower. She swoops down beside the wagon, keep pace with it and finds her companions. Seeing the hole on the wagon, she asks if they are alright.

Jiǔtóu introduces Jasmina to Elora, specifically "Princess Elora", and vice versa. Jasmina tells Elora that she likes her hair, then whispers to Jiǔtóu on why everyone in the group looks hot (she too finds Cam and Trellimar handsome). Cam tells Elora that had she arrives a few hours earlier, the battle might have a better outcome. She apologises and explains that she had an important matter to settle in Talis'Val.

When Crownrend heard Jiǔtóu saying "Princess Elora", he warns Jiǔtóu in her mind, saying that being of royalty, Elora will place her lineage before everyone else. Jiǔtóu just mentally raises an eyebrow.

Elora requests Cam to stop so that she could deactivate the griffin and enter the wagon. Cam says no as he wants to hasten their journey to the island, which he later explains to Jasmina that it is where Ral'Ma lives, a shaman that can ward of revenants. Cam asks Elora if he can ride the griffin to the island, thinking that it could be faster. Elora disagrees, fearing that the outcome could be disastrous if the next encounter with Dimitriv is just with Cam alone. She eventually convinces Cam that it is better as a group, so he slows down enough for Elora to get on board.

Jasmina welcomes Elora on board, but apologises for the mess. Well aware that the shape of the hole is similar to an Eldritch Blast, Elora figures out that the mess was probably caused by Trellimar fighting someone. Trellimar explains that he was fighting a nightmare, which worries Elora as Dimitriv now have creatures aiding him. Jiǔtóu, based on what Crownrend told her, shares that Dimitriv made a pact with the nightmare, a demon, promising that he will only feed the corpse of Cam to it.

Jiǔtóu, in her mind, asks Crownrend if the nightmare had can regenerates health like Dimitriv. Before answering her, Crownrend warns Jiǔtóu to be cautious of those around her, including her companions and Korak the Champion, as he worries that because of them, she may let tyrants, like the leaders of the Council of Guilds, to roam around doing whatever they like. Jiǔtóu replies to say that she will need her companions to deal with tyrants.

On answering her question, Crownrend explains that the nightmare, despite its form perished from the Surface which Arrak is on, it can reform itself in the Abyss, the plane where it belongs. Dimitriv may then re-summon the nightmare again from that plane. Jiǔtóu appreciates Crownrend's wisdom. He however warns her again of those leaders, guilds and royals that they cannot be trusted. She then relay the information about the nightmare to the rest.

Leomund's Hut and GranamyrEdit

Cam recommends that they should make camp, informing them that the horses look exhausted. Since the region they are in is hilly with lots of grass plains and barely any settlements, only occasional farmhouses, the group decide to stop and park by the side of the road. Jasmina steps out of the wagon and begins to cast Leomund's Tiny Hut. An invisible dome is formed, with dim, fairy lights. Everyone, including the two horses, get inside.

Cam steps outside the dome and is no longer able to see any of his companions. He wonders if sound within the dome cannot be heard from the outside, so he tells the rest that he wants to test something. He starts shouting inside the dome, then walk out of it still shouting. Everyone can hear his shouts. He now wants to know if he can hear noises within the dome while outside and proceeds to step outside.

Jiǔtóu says, "Cam Buckland is an idiot..."

Then Cam steps inside.

"...and I regret my blood oath."

Cam did not respond to her statement. He tells everyone that, with his test, they can prepare themselves in advance should they hear anything outside and around the dome.

Cam is thinking of ways to slow Dimitriv down, giving them more time to find the shaman. He proposes to keep the revenant bound to one place in a way to prevent him from either leaving or change corpse. Elora asks him how, so Cam suggests digging up a large hole, put him inside and cover it up. Elora thinks that it might not work. Trellimar takes a step further and suggests Cam to be trapped in the hole instead, forcing Dimitriv to spend time digging up the dirt while the rest find the shaman. Elora points out a problem, in which Cam is the one Dimitriv is after. Should he die, there is no point in finding the shaman.

Meanwhile, Jasmina and Jiǔtóu start preparing to sleep. At one point, Jasmina casually gives another solution, which is to just kill Cam and the problem will be solved. Cam sarcastically replies to say that anyone may stab him while he sleep, then kill him again due to his "Hope Never Dies" trait. Elora later leaves the discussion to prepare for her shift to keep watch, leaving the guys left to discuss. Even the horses have gone to sleep. Having trouble sleeping due to Cam and Trellimar having a discussion, Jasmina yells at them to just kiss. Eventually, the two of them go to sleep. Trellimar later takes over Elora to keep watch.

In the morning, Cam wakes up and realises that he has spells that he rarely uses that could aid them in slowing Dimitriv down. He waits for the rest to be awake before sharing his ideas. Eventually, everyone is awake.

Suddenly, a crack can be heard. Trellimar excitedly reaches out for his egg that he conjured a few days ago. Claws can be seen trying to break the shell apart. Elora sits right next to it and observes.

A head pops out! Granamyr is once again back with Trellimar, still looking the same as always. The pseudo-dragon flies and lands on Trellimar, curling itself around his neck. Jasmina is excited to see such a creature and starts playing her lyre. Granamyr responds pleasingly, bobbing its head to the tune. She then tries to get closer to it, but because Granamyr has never seen her before, he sends an image in her mind, telling her to keep a distance. Likewise, he sends signals to Trellimar that she is a stranger. Trellimar assures him, so Granamyr eventually allows Jasmina to pet him. Between itself and Jiǔtóu, they give each other a nod in acknowledgement.

Cam is happy for Granamyr to return, but quickly delves into his ideas. Granamyr gives a sign of no-interest. Cam sees that and tries to playfully bob him in the nose. Granamyr reacts by bite his finger. Trellimar pets Granamyr, telling him he is a good boy.

Cam shares three spells he could use, but may only use one of them given their high level and certain period of time to prepare the spell. The first is Feign Death, which Elora also says that she could casts it too. The spell will allow him to be in a state of death. Even his "Hope Never Dies" trait would not be effective, as long as no one attacks him. The second is Banishment, allowing him the possibility to banish the revenant to another plane of existence for up to a minute. The third is Revivify, allowing him to revive any creature that died within a minute of its death. However, Cam points out that Revivify will not work as, since he is the only one amongst them that have the spell, he will be unable to casts it upon his death.

Discussing on possible tactics, Cam suggests either Elora or himself use Feign Death, with Banishment as backup. Trellimar suggests chopping Cam's penis off, which Cam wonders if Trellimar is just jealous. He says it is not as he such handsome face. At this point, Jasmina steps in and asks how some people in Talis’Val knows about Cam’s huge penis, as some people whom she asked for his whereabouts tell her so. Cam says that it is perhaps through word of mouth. On confirmation, Trellimar says that he has seen his penis before, though unintended.

Heart-to-Heart Talk and MerfolksEdit

The group board the wagon and resumed their journey to the island. Cam is handling the rein, with the rest resting in the wagon.

Jiǔtóu is peeling a tangerine to snack on. Jasmina sits beside her and asks if what Cam said earlier is true, that she was once a slave. Jiǔtóu remains silent. Jasmina cautiously says that she hope that she could confide with as they have faced hardships in life. Yet, Jasmina tells her that she understands if Jiǔtóu does not wish to talk about it, since she barely knew her.

Seeing Jasmina seemingly genuine, Jiǔtóu confirms that she was once a slave and very briefly shares her past, on the dragonborns killing her parents, then enslaved her. Jasmina feels sorry for her and probes if she talks about it often, including to her companions. Jiǔtóu says that she does not talk about it, and she shared to them of bits of her backstory only after knowing that they are trustworthy.

Jasmina asks Jiǔtóu if she still remembers her parents. She claims she does. Jasmina shares that she does fear if forgetting her family and that she had some troubles remembering how they look like. Jiǔtóu asks Jasmina what had happened to her family. Before Jasmina shares her story, she said that she had only shared about it to one person since the tragedy and will not go into details.

Jasmina points to the various beds in the wagon, each belongs to herself shared with her wife, her two parents, her sister Anya, and to a small bed, her beloved son. She lost her entire family in an inferno 5 years ago caused by Viticus, the Burning King. Jasmina survived the inferno, but incurred a huge burn scar that covers her left torso. Her son was 8-year-old at that time.

About six hours had past. The wagon is now close to the coast and, after a long time, they can see the clear blue sky with no clouds overhead. At a near distance, a fishing community lines the shore with ships moored at the dock.

Cam alerts every one of the village up ahead, but says that he wish to stay clear of it in case Dimitriv returns. He also says that they will need a boat. Jasmina shouts to say that she have one and rummages through the mess in the wagon to find it, blaming Trellimar for the mess. Jasmina finds it and shows everyone a swan feather, saying that it is the boat. Elora guesses that it might work similarly to her bronze griffin ring.

The wagon is parked along the coast, about 2-3 miles away from the village. On the rocky outcrop shoreline, though some distance away, are six sailors sitting on the rocks, drinking and having a good time. With them are four merfolks, leading the singing with their angelic voices. Both Cam and Trellimar are momentarily charmed by the singing, but manage to snap out of it.

The group ultimately decide to stay clear of the merfolks, knowing that they might lure sailors to their death, usually ordered by merrows. Although, should the dispelling of the spirit of Dimitriv is successful and if the merfolks are still around, Cam, Jasmina and Trellimar all agree that they can have fun with them.

They find a secluded rocky outcrop, where Jasmina throws the swan feather after whistling a short tune. The feather transforms into a swan boat. Elora excitedly gets in the boat. Jasmina gets in next, failing to drag Cam inside. Trellimar steps in so that Cam is willing to get on board. Jiǔtóu glances at the boat as she has never seen a swan before, then gets in. With Jasmina concentrating, the boat starts to propel forward, although slowly, and towards the island.

Being Jiǔtóu's first time travelling on sea, she tries to get use to the waves and not get seasick. She is also keeping focus on looking out for strange activities out in the sea.

Third Encounter with Dimitriv's SpiritEdit

An hour passes. The boat is halfway to the island. At this time, at a distance of about 600 feet away and along the shore, Jiǔtóu sees a rider on a flaming black stallion rising over the hill's crest. She warns everyone of what she saw.

First Round of Battle
Cam casts Aid on Jiǔtóu, Trellimar and himself, then casts Spiritual Weapon to summon a spectral weapon, now hovering beside the boat. Jasmina and Jiǔtóu each enhance Cam through their musical instrument: Jasmina with Inspiration; Jiǔtóu with Protect from Fire. Jiǔtóu then moves to the back of the boat to shield Cam from the incoming figure. Trellimar waits for the figure to come closer.

The figure is now 420 feet away from the boat.

Elora says that she wants to try something, then dives into the sea. She shape-shifts into a giant octopus and start to pull the boat with all her strength in an attempt to make it go faster. Also, being underwater, she spot 4 merrows swimming up to the boat. Cam and Trellimar also spot this.

Second Round of Battle
Cam shouts at the merrows, asking if they are friend or foe. Except bubbles rising up to the surface, there is no response. He then tries to persuade them to fight with them and casts Bless on what he thinks is the leader of the pack. Jiǔtóu, the only person who understands Abyssal language in the group, hears one of the merrow saying, "The pink-skinned one has given me power. Capture them my brothers. We'll feast well this evening." She then yells at Cam, telling him what she heard.

Jasmina casts Crown of Madness on the same merrow that Cam blessed. As she needs to concentrate on maintaining the spell, she stops concentrating on the boat and it is now only moving by the giant octopus. The affected merrow is now experiencing severe head pains, causing his brothers to be confused. Jiǔtóu then speaks to the merrows in Abyssal, claiming that the "pink-skinned one" is sick and will taste foul. She also tries to convince them to help, promising a tastier option. The unaffected merrows stop and ponder on her words.

Trellimar casts Suggestion on an unaffected merrow, telepathically telling him for them to swim away. That merrow relays the message he was given to his brothers and then starts to swim back down. The two remaining unaffected merrows are even more confused.

The figure is now 120 feet away from the boat. "Bucklaaand!" as the figure calls out, "I shall feed you to the ocean's depth!"

The giant octopus continues to pull the boat.

The affected merrow, upon Jasmina's mind-control, attacks his brothers twice, aided with the blessing from Avandra. Meanwhile, Jiǔtóu is pretty much intrigued by the merrow's conflict.

Third Round of Battle
Cam prepares to casts Banishment should Dimitriv and his nightmare attack him. Jasmina maintains her concentration on the Crown of Madness.

Jiǔtóu tries to convince the merrows again, claiming that the "pink-skinned one" has turned one of them mad after having a taste of Cam. The unaffected merrows agree with her. Trellimar prepares to attack.

Dimitriv and the nightmare swoops down beside the boat. The revenant has taken over a corpse of an elderly woman. Cam casts Banishment on him, but Dimitriv holds back the spell. In retaliation, Dimitriv attacks Cam with his longsword, followed by the nightmare pounds him with its hooves. The nightmare then looks at Trellimar and smiles.

The giant octopus sees the nightmare and grapples it with her tentacles.

The unaffected merrows flee. The affected one give chase, still attacking them.

Fourth Round of Battle
Cam tries to banish Dimitriv again, but once again, he blocks the spell. Cam then quickly moves the spectral weapon to attack Dimitriv, but misses. Jasmina tries to casts Dissonant Whispers on the revenant, but it is not effective.

Jiǔtóu speaks to the nightmare in Abyssal, trying to make a pact with him, claiming that she have a sacrifice far tastier than Cam: Viticus, the Burning King, and his army of goblins and hobgoblins. The nightmare laughs, then tells her that first, Cam is a lightborn whose radiant rays are perfect for him, and second, Viticus had a pact with its master, so it will not betray him. On hearing this, Jiǔtóu says to him that he shall then die with his master. She then attacks the revenant with her guandao then with her fist. The revenant takes in the damage, but some of the wounds heal.

Dimitriv, knowing that the nightmare may get dragged into the sea, leaps off it and lands on the boat. He then attacks Cam with his longsword, causing him to fall unconscious. Cam's "Hope Never Dies" trait kicks in and is back with minimal health.

The nightmare breaks free from the giant octopus and attacks Trellimar. The giant octopus tries to grapple it once again, but the nightmare avoids it, although it took some damage from her tentacles.

Fifth Round of Battle
Cam moves his spectral weapon to attack Dimitriv. This time, it is successful and Dimitriv's wounds are not able to heal for this round. He then consumes a Potion of Greater Healing. Jasmina steps in between Cam and the revenant, then tries to casts Crown of Madness on him. However, it is not effective. She then inspires the giant octopus with her lyre.

Jiǔtóu asks the nightmare what she could do so that he will not ally with the revenant. The nightmare says that he will not do it, but offers her two options for him to stop fighting: sacrifice two of her companions, or give him Crownrend. Crownrend hears this, but remains silent. As Jiǔtóu ponders over the options, she attacks the revenant with her guandao then with Flurry of Blows, dealing significant damage.

Trellimar casts Blight on the nightmare. It neighs out a demonic cry and stumbles as its life is being drained out. It then stares at Trellimar with hate. Jiǔtóu can also hear the nightmare cursing in Abyssal.

Dimitriv moves to get Jasmina out of the way so he can attacks Cam, giving her an opportunity to punch him. He blocks her attack and proceeds to ram his longsword at Cam. Fortunately, Jasmina's attack causes Dimitriv to stumble and misses Cam entirely. The nightmare charges towards Trellimar and rams into him.

The giant octopus swims to the side of the boat where the revenant is, climbs back on board and shape-shifts back into Elora. She then casts Moonbeam trapping herself and the revenant inside. Dimitriv has to shield himself from the radiant light.

Sixth Round of Battle
Just as Dimitriv misses his longsword attack on Cam, he takes this opportunity to try to fake that he hit him, then casts Feign Death on himself, and collapses onto the ground looking dead. Dimitriv sees Cam dead, but notices that he has yet to leave the plane. He calls out Cam for faking his death. Jasmina casts Eldritch Blast at Dimitriv, but misses.

Jiǔtóu talks to the nightmare again.

"You wish for my bracer."

"I made that clear! Yes! Give it to me!"

"Come and get it!"

Jiǔtóu activates Crownrend. The bracer extends itself over her arm with flames. Using her enhanced arm, she punches the nightmare. Her fist smashes through the inside of its body. Finding its heart, Jiǔtóu grabs it and rip it out. Crownrend howls as the demon is destroyed. The nightmare shrivels down to its centre, then erupts into an explosion of flames. Jiǔtóu is knocked back by the force. The bracer absorbs the flames into its gemstone. Crownrend tells Jiǔtóu in her mind that he is satisfied having killed a demon. Dimitriv looks furious.

Jiǔtóu stands up and lay down her attacks on the revenant with her enhanced arm. Trellimar joins in and casts Eldritch Blasts, with one of the beam hitting the revenant.

Dimitriv takes damage from the radiant light of the Moonbeam. He goes to strike Cam with his longsword, but is unable to cause much damage.

Having sacrificed herself to protect her companions, Elora spire's patron, Sehanine, protects Elora from the effect of the Moonbeam, shield her from taking any damage.

Seeing that he is outnumbered, Dimitriv warns Cam that he will return again after his spell has ended. He then dives out of the boat and vanishes.
End of Battle

The ShamanEdit

Jasmina resumes concentration on the boat as it takes another hour to reach to the isle. Along the way, the rest take a short rest. Jiǔtóu stands over Cam, which eventually gave Cam a shock the moment he wakes up from Feign Death. She joked that Cam has been out for five years, leading to Cam exclaiming that he still looks gorgeous. Elora gives Cam a Potion of Healing and a Potion of Greater Healing, but distributes them to Jiǔtóu and Trellimar instead. Jiǔtóu shares with Cam on how she killed the nightmare, which leads to him calling Jiǔtóu the demon slayer.

Grey-slate rocks line the craggy coast of the isle. Thick, spongy-looking grass coats the isle, with sheep and rams grazing it. A staircase sculptured out of the rocks lead from the shore to dock. The boat by it and Jasmina takes it back as it transforms back into a swan feather. Climbing to the top, the island is scattered with a few mounts and a fishing spot for one person. There is also a storehouse, a small ritual area, and at the far side of the island lies a wooden temple.

The group take 3 minutes to walk up to the temple. Cam knocks on the door. No response. Elora finds no trap on the door. Trellimar asks Granamyr to fly up and survey the island. All of them eventually noticed the following: footprints leading from the door to everywhere, including to the coast behind the temple; inside the temple through an open window, cooking utensils and lined clothes; out at sea, a maelstrom with a figure on top and storm clouds looming overhead.

A sound of thunder can be heard and, where the maelstrom at, a pillar of water comes crushing down. The figure lands on the water and walks back to the isle.

30 minutes later, the figure reaches the isle and climbs to the top. It is Ral'Ma, standing 6 foot 5 middle-aged, yet well-toned, female half-orc. She is also without clothes. She notice the group and gives a curious glance, then greets them. She enters the temple and, with a flick of her hand, a small fire starts at the fireplace. The group enters the temple too.

Hands at her hips, Ral'Ma asks the group what she can do for them. Cam fixates his eyes above the horizon and greets her. Ral'Ma realises that she is still naked and wraps a towel around her, apologizing to say that she did not expect any visitors on her island. Cam says the name Korak the Champion, leading to her rolling her eyes and wonders if his city has fallen by now. Cam instead says that he has recommended her with high praise, adding that he has an issue that only she could resolve.

Ral'Ma asks who he is. Cam introduces himself and that he is assisted by his companions to save Talis'Val. Ral'Ma gets the impression that Cam brags a lot. She next asks Jasmina to introduce herself. She simply says that she is no one. Moving on, Ral'Ma comments that she has rarely seen tieflings around. Jiǔtóu replies to say that she too uncommonly sees half-orcs. She adds that she is a protector-of-sort for Cam. Up next is Trellimar, whom Ral'Ma comments that it is uncommon to see drows venturing on the surface. Trellimar says that he is helping his good friend Cam. On Elora, Ral'Ma knows that she is a noble from the Spire of the Moon, judging from the moon circlet Elora wears on her head. Elora says that his friend Cam is in danger. Ral'Ma concludes that not only Cam has a no one and a protector, he too does have friends and allies.

Cam says that he is glad to have a good first impression to Ral'Ma, then sarcastically says that she too made a good first impression. Ral'Ma does not respond. Elora steps in to do the talking instead and tells Ral'Ma that a revenant has been chasing after Cam. Ral'Ma says that it is unfortunate, but knows that such entity do not pursue a target without reason. She adds why she would care about Cam's circumstances. Cam shares that the revenant has already killed many innocents and fears that it will do more. Ral'Ma just advises him to hide in an isolated area, which Cam replies that it is why they are now on a remote island with Ral'Ma.

Cam asks if he gets naked to help with the situation. Ral'Ma have no opinions on this, so Cam eventually strips off all of his clothes. Elora and Jiǔtóu avoid the sight. Ral'Ma smirks and asks if he is feeling more comfortable. Cam says so. She too then takes off her towel as she is more comfortable without clothes.

Ral'Ma believes that Korak the Champion, despite how things are not pleasant between the two, recommends herself for aid due to her understanding of spirits. She then asks Cam why should he, individually, deserves her help. Cam says that he believes that his companions and himself have a greater purpose to help the people, but they will not be able to do so with a revenant that harms people chasing after him.

Ral'Ma presses on for more details, eventually leading Cam to reveal that he is a lightborn. Ral'Ma remembers a lightborn she knew, Cassandra, a young paladin squire and a good student of the late Sir Francis Drakeborn. Cam comments that, together with Cassandra's power, they helped to revive Korak back to life after retrieving an artefact in the Underdark to aid them.

Finding Cam's story interesting, Ral'Ma casts a spell on Cam. She then tells him to explain the circumstances leading to the revenant coming after him particularly. Not knowing what the spell does, Cam answers truthfully to her query. In summary and recounting the incident from his perspective, Cam says that due to either his tricks or Jiǔtóu's interrogation method, Dimitriv is frightened of them and locked himself inside his shop, to which Cam proceed to burn it in an attempt to smoke him out, but resulted in Dimitriv's death. Cam also adds that he has faced punishments from the town's leader, as well as from his deity. On who Dimitriv is, Cam explains to Ral'Ma that he works for the Broken Sky after they forced him to.

After hearing Cam out, Ral'Ma says that Cam should not refer himself as a murderer as the crime he committed is manslaughter. She also says that Dimitriv made a wrong choice, so did Cam. She is referring to Dimitriv having a choice whether to join Broken Sky or not, and of Cam having a choice on how to coax Dimitriv out of his shop.

Ral'Ma tells Cam that she now have sufficient knowledge on the circumstances, given that she casts a spell on Cam to answer truthfully. With that, she agrees to help him. Before that, she explains that there are many kinds of spirits, often bound to tangible items, like a nymph to a tree or a spirit to a grave. The spirit bound to Cam is bonded by revenge, an intangible item that is nearly impossible to destroy. The bond have to be destroyed instead. However, the method is costly, as it requires specific uncommon items.

Ral'Ma also adds that the ritual can be risky because the fabric between the Surface and the Shadowfell will be thinned, allowing spirits from the parallel plane to enter into the world. Some of these spirits are harmful, so Ral'Ma must be defended during the ritual. Once the ritual is successfully, the spirit of Dimitriv will no longer be bound to Cam, and that he can now rest in peace. Cam agrees to the ritual.

Ral'Ma explains that the gathering of ingredients will take about 4-5 hours. Cam points out that the revenant may appear anytime, since their last encounter with him an hour ago did not result in Dimitriv fully gone. Ral'Ma extends her arms and outcome two giant eagles, flying in and resting on her. She shares that the eagles will fetch for the items needed: 4 rubies; rare herbs, materials and incense; a bone of a holy figure. The materials combined costs 2000 gold pieces. After a discussion amongst themselves, the group gives a pouch of herbs, a half-plate none of them can wear and 100 platinum pieces.

During this time, Cam is hesitant of giving all 2000 gold pieces away, fearing insufficient coinage to return back to Talis'Val. Ral'Ma asks him if money is worth his life. Cam says that money opens door for them. On Talis'Val, which drives on physical materials especially wealth, Ral'Ma says that the city is a joke and a symbol of Korak's ego. She adds that the city may stand for hundreds of years, but will eventually crumble into ruins. On the other hand, nature, like the oceans and the lands, will be around forever. Ral'Ma believes strongly in nature and follows the deity Melora.

By now, Jasmina notices that Cam is well-endowed. She gives a hearty chuckle and comments that it is like a sea creature. Ral'Ma tells Jasmina that she has seen bigger, usually found in the deep sea. Both Cam and Ral'Ma then proceed to get dressed for the ritual.

On the ritual, Ral'Ma tells Cam to be by her side for certain process of the ritual. The rest will have to stand guard and defend the two. Cam may then be allowed to join the battle to defend. Elora asks how many entities will be battling them, but Ral'Ma is uncertain.

The RitualEdit

HighRollers Unused Encounter (E28)

Map of ritual area, designed by Mark Hulmes

After 4 hours, the eagles returned with the ingredients. Ral'Ma brings the group to the ritual area on top of a small hill and starts making preparation. Nearby is a ruin of a watchtower.

The ritual area have 4 stone basins arranged in a diamond formation. On each basin, Ral'Ma places a red ruby of the size of a golf ball. At the centre is a stone bowl, which she lights some incense. She then explains that the ritual will begin once she starts burning the bone. The barrier between the Surface and the Shadowfell will weaken. At this time, she will then draws some blood from Cam to cut the bond. The rest will then have to protect her from the entities. For protection, Cam and Jasmina cast Magic Circle and Leomund's Tiny Hut respectively over the ritual area.

The ritual begins. Ral'Ma starts burning the bone. She then makes a deep cut on Cam's arm, which makes him feel weak. The world grows dark and mist begins to form around them. Humanoid and non-humanoid figures are seen moving within the mist. There is a howling gale. Then, figures are seen moving closer to the ritual area, but cannot proceed further as an invisible force is in their way. They start to bang on the barrier, and yell and scream.

From the four basins come four elements formed by the chants from Ral'Ma. One is of wind in a form of a swirling vortex. Another is water. The third is sand and fire from the last. Ral'Ma combines the four elements together. The blood pulled out from Cam is rope-like. She coils the four elements around the sacrificial knife she is holding.

The entities continue to pound furiously on the barrier. Then, rising up from the sea, the spirit of Dimitriv. He crawls onto the island and walks towards the ritual area.

"I know you are there Buckland! I can sense you. I will follow you forever!"

Dimitriv hits the barrier.

"No!" as Dimitriv yells out, banging furiously with the other entities, now of about 30 of them. This lasts for a minute.

Ral'Ma finishes her chant and cries out, "The bond is broken! Be released, spirit!"

Blood splatters everywhere. The force from the Magic Circle bursts out, strong enough to dismiss Leomund's Tiny Hut.

The spirit of Dimitriv is now calm. Its flame goes out. He is now a scared merchant the adventurers once knew. He looks around, unsure of where he is. Cam walks over to Dimitriv and puts his hand on Dimitriv's shoulder. He recognises Cam, then Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar. He guessed that he is dead, which Cam explains that he killed him and apologises. Dimitriv says that he refused to leave the burning shop, ultimately leading to his death. He finally exclaims that he now have peace. Cam says that he deserves it. Dimitriv give his thanks.

Dimitriv looks up to the heavens. His form begins to fade, then vanishes.

The mist begins to descend and light begins to return back to the isle.

"Cam?" a female spirit calls out. Ghostly in appearance, a half-cape is draped around her shoulders. Hair flowing out of a familiar bandanna, which bears the symbol of the Bucklands.

Cam recognises the voice and immediately turns around. It is Mirela, the woman Cam thought he killed in Greybell. A wound still visible in her chest. Cam lasts memory of Mirela, a memory which he tried to block, is that she lies dead on the floor. A dagger of his, given by Mirela on one of his birthday, is one the floor, covered in blood. He also remembers Keran, Mirela's fiancé, is standing over Cam and screaming at him.

Cam walks towards her, then fell onto his knees. He begins to break down in tears. Mirela kneels and try to reach out for him. She places her hands on the barrier and cries out that it is not Cam's doing on killing her. Cam regains some composure, yet confused at her words. She continues to explain, saying that Keran was trying to kill her and Cam was trying to protect her. Explaining further, at one point during the scuffle, Keran disguised as her and, using magic, made Cam kill the person he thinks is not Mirela when it actually is.

Her form starts to fade.

"Cam, there is something else. He is after you. He has done something to my... bo..."

Mirela's spirit fades away. Light returns to the isle. Ral'Ma, exhausted from the ritual, declares that the bond is now broken and Dimitriv is at peace.

Everyone had witness Cam's conversation with Dimitriv and Mirela. Jiǔtóu walks over to him and kneel down beside him. She puts her arms around Cam and tell him that he did a good thing, and that everyone is with him. Elora druidcrafts a flower and insert it on Cam's bandanna. Cam give his thanks to his companions.

Knowing that it is a personal time between the adventurers, Jasmina and Ral'Ma step back to give them time. Ral'Ma then leads Jasmina to have some food back at her temple.

Winter SpireEdit

Cam wipes his tears, let out a huge sigh and stands up. Regaining composure, Cam asks, "Alright! Well that's done. What's next?"

"I need your help," Elora replies. She says that the Spire of Winter has been found in the Troubled Lands, a resource-rich, but lawless, snowy frontier beyond the mountain ranges north of Dawn Republic. It is also the region where the Burning King operates actively. Sharing the content of the letter she received two days ago, she says that Lord Selandris Frostwalker, the head of the Spire, had sent people to Talis'Val to escort her to the Spire. However, she needs help from her companions on the journey to the Spire. Cam asks if they could earn 2000 gold pieces, which he later says that it is a joke, a coping mechanism of his.

Elora is concerned of the state of the Spire, but guessing that it might be under attack, given how the Spire of Eternal Autumn is also under attack the moment it returned back to the Surface. Cam asks Elora if it is really needed to ask them for help. Jiǔtóu says that Elora is foolish to think she need to asks such question. Cam jokingly says that they will not help.

Before leaving the ritual area, Jiǔtóu lights some incense and prays for Dimitriv to be at peace. Cam also gives a prayer of Avandra to him as well. Spiritually, Cam is aware that Avandra gave him a thumbs up for what he did.

After the rare moment with Sehanine during the third encounter with Dimitriv, Elora give her thanks to the deity. For Trellimar, he is just glad that the nightmare is dead. Jiǔtóu also gifts Trellimar the object she ripped out, Heart of the Nightmare.

After a rest at the Temple, Ral'Ma believes that her business is done. Cam is grateful of her help. Elora expresses her gesture by druidcrating a bunch of flowers for her. Ral'Ma receives it graciously.

Ral'Ma correctly assumes that the group is heading back to Talis'Val, so she asks them to wish Korak the Champion well, saying that, although he might think that she hates him, she says that she only believes his city is a stupid idea. Both Cam and Jiǔtóu reckon she is right, with Jiǔtóu adding that Korak is now leaning towards her thinking.

Ral'Ma tells the group that, should they need her help again, especially if one falls into battle, they may come back to her, although with a fee. She also believes Cam and herself are similar, in terms of having divine power and a calling in life. To aid the group in travelling back to the mainland, Ral'Ma leads the group to the shore. Jasmina throws her swan feather into the water, which transforms into a swan boat. Ral'Ma gives a little snigger.

With everyone on board, Ral'Ma rips off her robe and conjures some force. A tidal wave forms, which picks the boat up. With incredible speed, the group are now back on the mainland. Cam, Jasmina and Trellimar all want to make a pit-stop the fishing community hey saw earlier, planning to mingle with the merfolks.

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  • Miscalculation: The nightmare travels up to 180 feet per round. On the second round of battle during their third encounter, Dimitriv and the nightmare should be 240 feet away from the boat, not 120 feet. Not taking into account of the speed of the boat, Dimitriv should be able to attack the adventurers on the fourth round, not on the third.[1]
  • Skipped a Turn: During the fourth round of battle, Mark skipped Matt's turn. Matt is also unaware of this and did not call out for it.
  • Not Immune: On Cam casting Feign Death on himself, Trott said that Cam is now immune from attacks. In actual fact, Feign Death only gives resistance to any attacks except psychic damage.[2]
  • Disaster Averted: The map shown during the livestream was meant for an encounter during the ritual. Mark describes the encounter as a "horde mode" style wave encounter. It became unused after Cam casts Magic Circle and Jasmina casts Leomund's Tiny Hut, both combined to provide an impenetrable shield. Mark also said that had they not defeat the nightmare permanently, Dimitriv would have entered the protected area through the Ethereal Plane by riding the nightmare.[3]
  • Kim is so Fetch: Kim bought a new hoodie and posted it on Twitter, asking her followers to tell her how fetch she looks during the stream.[4][5] Several donators says Kim is looking fetch, leading to Katie calling Kim out for tweeting people to say as such.[6][7][8][9][10] Kim denied twice on ever posting such request,[11][12] but several donators later posted what she tweeted earlier.[13][14][15]


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