"A Frosty Reception" is the twenty-ninth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on October 23, 2016. With Kim absent for this episode, Kat joins this episode as a special guest.

In this episode, our heroes return Talis'Val and repel an attempted Burning King raid along the way. Elora reunites with her parents but receives a frosty reception from the emissary of the Winter Spire.

Campaign SummaryEdit

Missing MenEdit

The group is approaching the fishing community from the sea. A couple of fishing boats are moored at the docks. They also see a gathering of villagers at the market square of the village, surrounding a female goliath. Yet, the group bicker about Jasmina's swan boat. Cam and Trellimar want it out of sight to avoid being ridiculed Elora and Jasmina love the boat. Jiǔtóu offers no opinion.

Not wanting any associating with the swan boat, Cam dives out of it and swims towards the dock. Climbing onto the dock, he is now soaking wet. He notices that the community have 15 small houses, all with items and ornaments related to fishing, and a heavy stench of fish. Also, he notices that the gathering consists largely of women, with few elderly men. The goliath is 7 foot tall and grey-skinned with tattoos. She is wearing a chain-mail outfit with fish nets attached to it. A shiv slings behind her back. She is trying to calm the villagers down.

The swan boat reaches the dock. Everyone gets off and Jasmina picks up her boat, which turns back into a swan feather. The rest meet up with Cam and also see what Cam saw earlier. Jiǔtóu comments that the goliath looks awesome. Cam dislikes the smell of fish, prompting Trellimar to ask him that he thought Cam would just eat any food he sees. Cam lets out a nervous chuckle, then walks into the crowd, still soaking wet.

Being in the crowd, Cam overhears the people saying things of their sons and husbands have been missing for days, some even blaming Fredrika, the goliath, for not doing everything. Fredrika tries to calm them down, emphasising that she is just one being and is trying her best to find the men. She then disperses the crowd away as she noticed Cam standing amongst them.

Cam is soaking wet and begins to regret his decision to jump into the water. The overcast skies are also not helping to dry him out. The group catches up to him. Elora casts a gentle breeze over him to dry him out. She also takes back the scrolls she had given him several days ago. Fortunately, none of the scrolls are damaged as they are sealed water-tight. Jasmina gives Cam a big slap on the back, causing droplets of water to spew out. Fredrika chuckles at the sight.

Fredrika asks the group where they have come from. Cam claims that they came from the sea. When Fredrika asks if they had left the village some time ago, Elora clarifies that they entered the sea from a distance away from the village. Cam says that they came here to drink and celebrate, but Fredrika tells him that there is only one tavern in the village that was once frequented by men.

Jasmina asks where have the men gone, but Fredrika does not know, only knowing that they have been gone for several days now. She feared that merfolks and merrows may have taken them away to death. Elora and Trellimar tell her that they saw some men mingling with the merfolks, with Jasmina adding that the group was attacked by merrows, but far out at sea. Happy of the news, but worried about potential dangers, Fredrika asks the group if they can lead her to the last known sighting.

Cam claims that the men may have been gone and that it is up to him to repopulate. Fredrika surveys Cam, then comments that though he seems to have better stamina than the village's men, he is scrawny in comparison to them. Jasmina asks Cam to look at her, which he did, then flick him on the nose. Cam wells up a bit. At this point, upon closer look at Fredrika's skin, it is of a stony formation with black striped tattoos.

Fredrika probes the group of their encounter with the merrows. Elora says that they drove the merrows away from them. Asking if any of them is killed, Jasmina tells Fredrika that one of them attacked his kind due to a spell. Fredrika eased a bit and tells them that should their leadership be disrupted, the merrows may flee the area.

Being the marshal of the village, Fredrika tells the group that she can offer payment as a reward once the men are found. On Cam's probing her backstory, Fredrika shares that she once lived in the Troubled Lands. No longer welcomed there, she came to Dawn Republic and, with her proven strength and combat skills, is made the marshal by the Marshal Society. She is given the fishing community of Burkley to look after.

Fredrika introduces her name to the group. Cam asks if he can call her "Fred". She does not like it and, upon knowing Cam's name, asks him if he likes being called "Ca" instead. Cam says it does not make sense, leading Fredrika that she has proven her point.

The group, with Elora at the front, leads Fredrika to the area where they last saw the men with the merfolks. An hour passed and the group reaches a secluded bay. The same seven men are present, having a relaxed fun time with the same four merfolks the adventurers saw before. Fredrika confirms that the men are from the village.

The group decides to wait and observe to see if there is any effect cast on the men. It has been a while now, but there are no signs of anyone under a spell. Seeing the men all relaxed, Fredrika believes that they are just taking a break after working hard all spring. Knowing that merfolks charming women are never heard off, Jasmina suggests the ladies go down to investigate.

Just then, Cam wonders if they had left the village unguarded. Fredrika is now worried, as only the men and herself are capable of fighting. Cam suggests that, since the ladies will investigate, Trellimar and himself should head back to the village. The rest agrees with him. Jiǔtóu says that she will tag along with Cam too, but he is hesitant about it. In the end, Cam thinks that the village is fine and nothing bad could happen.

Before proceeding, Trellimar, who has been wearing his relic mask Shroud of Eyes for days now, sends Granamyr to scout the men and merfolks first. With Granamyr within sight of him, Trellimar can see his perspective, though making him blind of his immediate surroundings. Trellimar can see that some of the men are asleep, while others are chit-chatting with the merfolks in the water. One of them is even cuddling a merfolk. Granamyr, basing on his animal instinct, does not sense any fear or danger.

Since Granamyr is scouting the area, Cam suggests Trellimar check in the village as well. Trellimar sends Granamyr off to Burkley and tells him to report back if anything unusual is happening. With that, Trellimar regains his sense of the immediate surroundings.

Elora, Fredrika, and Jasmina starts walking down to the coast, while Cam, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar stay behind. One of the men is spooked upon seeing Fredrika and two women. The others are alerted to his cry. The merfolks dive back into the water in fear.

Fredrika demands the men on what have they been doing. Likewise, the men ask the trio of their business. Jasmina notices that, though the men are not under a spell, they look embarrassed. She asks them, with a cheeky look, if they had been naughty with the merfolks. The younger men shy away, while the old men firmly claim that they are relaxing. Elora says that they had been gone for a long time. The older men tried to deny her, but realise that they had lost track of time. Fredrika tells them that they had been gone for three days.

Meanwhile, the merfolks are at a short distance away, poking their heads out of the water to observe the situation. Elora sees them and gives a friendly wave, but the merfolks duck back into the water.

Fredrika adds that the wives and mothers of the men had been worried sick, causing the men to be apologetic. The men say that they just want to take a break from their hard work throughout spring and took the opportunity when the merfolks came up to their boat one day and compliment their singing. They are also confused on how it has been three days.

One of the merfolks apologises for keeping the men for long due to a spell that can suppress time. She swims closer after Jasmina beckons her and explains that they just want the men to accompany them, as well as to escape from other creatures. Upon further probing from Jasmina, the merfolk says that the creatures are merrows, who hunt land-walkers for food, but assures that she have no intention to bring these men as food for the merrows.

Jasmina signals both Cam and Trellimar to come closer. The two approaches, though Cam walks proudly to try to get the attention from the merfolks.

The men are wary of Cam and Trellimar approaching as they fear that might harm the merfolks. Elora assures the men that they are here not to harm anyone, just to figure out where and why are the men from Burkley disappeared to. The older men agree that they had been gone for so long now and should head back. However, the merfolks ask when the men would be back, leading to awkwardness on everyone.

The moment Trellimar is within view of the merfolks, all of them are mesmerised by him. Cam noticed this and tries to make himself visible to them, but is unsuccessful. The others notice this. Jasmina even points and laugh at Cam. Feeling sad, Cam runs to a tree. He called Jiǔtóu over to comfort him, but she says that she will not stroke his ego. He re-joins the group later after hearing Trellimar asking the men how their wives look like. Trellimar made that comment as the men claim that the wives would not be too jealous of them mingling around with beautiful merfolks, prompting Jasmina to ask them back on how they would feel if the wives spend time alone with a handsome man like Trellimar.

All of sudden, Trellimar receives mental images from Granamyr of trouble back at the village. A couple of varied humanoid creatures, with swords and shields, are coming over the hill. Trellimar warns the other of what he received. The men are confused yet worried. Cam immediately transforms into a raven with his cloak. Elora tosses the bronze griffin figurine to Trellimar, telling him to have Fredrika ride on the griffin with him. Trellimar does so. Jiǔtóu casts Fly on herself with her doss lute. Elora shape-shifts into a dire wolf and lets Jasmina ride her. Everyone, including the men and merfolks, starts rushing back to the village.

Raid by the Burning KingEdit

The time to travel back to Burkley is halved to 30 minutes as the dire wolf, Fredrika, Jasmina, Jiǔtóu, the raven and Trellimar reach the village with speed. A blaze engulfs a couple of wooden structures. The women and elders are crying out for help. Those with an aerial view can see a pack of 6 bandits (a bugbear chief who is the leader of the pack, 2 human berserkers and 3 gnolls) harming the villagers and ransacking the village of valuables, food, tools and weapons. The chief puts some of the loot into his bag.

First Round of Battle
Cam, Fredrika, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar are the first to engage. Jasmina and the dire wolf are still rushing to the village.

Trellimar, who is on the griffin with Fredrika, fires his Eldritch Blasts at two of the gnolls. One of them dodges the blast by hiding in a building. The other got hit and alerts his party of the griffin in the sky. Trellimar descends and hovers over a building on fire. He then tries to put out the fire by having the griffin to fan out the flames. Fredrika also tries to help by throwing water from her waterskin. Their efforts manage to prevent the fire to catch on another building.

One of the berserkers throws a handaxe at the griffin, which hits Trellimar. The second berserker causes a house to collapse with his double-handed axe. The chief calls out to Trellimar, saying that they cannot stop the works of the Burning King. He lights an arrow on fire and, with his longbow, fires it at Trellimar. Fortunately, it misses as the mask on Trellimar helps him to dodge the attack. The chief snarls as he takes cover inside a burning building.

The raven dives down to one of the gnolls, who are doing the burning works, and dismisses the cloak to transforms back into Cam just before he lands. He casts Invoke Duplicity at the same time, causing two Cams to stand in front and behind the gnoll. Cam swings one of his dagger at the gnoll. He bends back to dodge the dagger, unaware that he passes through the duplicate Cam form.

Fredrika leaps off the griffin and, knowing that the adventurers are here to defend, begins rescuing villager and bring them to safety.

A gnoll attacks back after Cam attacked him first. Cam dodges as the gnoll swings his flaming torch. Another gnoll attacks Cam from behind with a flaming torch but misses. The third gnoll attacks Trellimar back, throwing a spear towards him but misses.

Jiǔtóu casts Water Whip and tries to put the fire out with it.

Second Round of Battle
Jasmina and the dire wolf now engage in battle.

Trellimar fires an Eldritch Blast at the gnoll he is engaging with, but the gnoll just rolls out of the blast. Trellimar then fires the second blast at the chief who is hiding inside a building, but cannot get a clear shot.

The two berserkers charge at Cam and Fredrika individually. Both of them get hit by double-handed axes. The chief fires another burning arrow at Trellimar, but misses again.

Fredrika retaliates back at the berserker that attacked her by jumping and grapples on him. She manages to disarm him as the two struggle on the ground.

Cam casts Guardian of Faith by summoning a spectral form of Mirela donned in an angelic, golden, ornate armour and wielding two golden, ornate handaxes. He also orders his duplicate to hum the gnoll in front of him. This made the gnoll spending some time to get the duplicate off him.

The remaining two gnolls attack Cam and Trellimar each. Neither of them injures anyone. Also, the two gnolls engaging with Cam get hit by the radiant energy from the spectral Mirela.

The dire wolf tries to get Jasmina off her but causing her to fall prone on the ground. Seeing Cam being attacked by 3 beings, the dire wolf charges at the largest foe, the berserker. The surprise attack leaves no chance for the berserker to react as the dire wolf bites him. He stands firm and manages to release the jaws off him, then shoves her back. He stares meanly at her as she growls back.

Jasmina is prone on the ground. She looks up and, upon witnessing the village on fire, begins to feel panicked as the scene reminds her of her past. She also sees the brand of Burning King on the bandits. Jasmina casts Greater Invisibility on herself, then inspires Trellimar with a simple tune. She stands up then move closer to the action, yet keeping her distance from the burning buildings.

Seeing Cam in danger, Jiǔtóu stops putting out flames to attack one of the gnolls attacking Cam. Two strikes of the guandao, cutting across the thigh and another across the chest. With a fist straight to the throat, a gnoll collapses to the ground dead.

Third Round of Battle
Trellimar commands the griffin to swoop down and aim at the chief. It smashes into the building, with the chief now slumped on the break of the griffin. It climbs back up in the air, now with two people on it.

The berserker grappled by Fredrika fails to break free from her. The other berserker takes in another blow from the spectral Mirela as he attacks the dire wolf with a great axe. The spectral Mirela also attacks one of the gnolls, killing him. The other gnoll, seeing that his leader is picked up by the griffin, runs away in fear.

The chief, holding onto the griffin for life, drops his bow. He then pulls out a nasty-looking scimitar to attack Trellimar, injuring him badly. He goes to strike Trellimar again, but Trellimar commands the griffin to do a barrel roll to stop his attack.

With his daggers Elfie and Nimbus, Cam plunges both into the berserker; one onto the neck. The berserker remains looking fierce and crazy. Cam takes out the dagger, causing blood to start spewing out of the neck. The dire wolf then bites him next, causing more injuries. Jasmina injures him further with her Eldritch Blasts, although it does minimal damage. Jiǔtóu attacks next, stabbing and slicing its chest with her guandao. Weaken, and with a final fatal punch on its chest, the berserker collapses onto the ground lifeless.

Fourth Round of Battle
Meanwhile, in the air, Trellimar combines the two beams of Eldritch Blast onto one and fires it at the chief at point blank. It slams onto the chief with great force, yet still managing to hold onto the griffin.

The last remaining berserker, still being grappled by Fredrika, is unable to free himself off her. He eventually faints.

The chief, after nearly being flung off the griffin, tries to grab Trellimar so both will fall off together. Trellimar tries to evade his grip, but the chief succeeds in holding onto his tunic, then his other hand letting go of the griffin to firmly grasp Trellimar. With that, the two tumble off the griffin and start falling 30 feet towards the ground. The moment Trellimar is off the griffin, it shrinks back into a figurine and into Trellimar's possession.

With the two free-falling, Trellimar manages to position himself on top of the chief, to the chief's surprise, in hopes to cushion the fall. They connect with the ground with great impact! Trellimar goes into unconsciousness. The chief, despite the hard landing and broken bones, survives the fall and shoves a motionless Trellimar off him, then struggles to stand up.

Cam witnesses this and runs up to the struggling chief. With a leap, Cam swings his arm up high with a dagger and, upon contact, jams it onto the chief's back. The chief screams in pain. Cam then casts Healing Word on Trellimar.

The dire wolf charges at the chief and her jaws consume his whole head. The chief attempts to free himself, but the dire wolf just moves her jaws violently and flings him around. The head eventually detaches off the body. Cam vomits at the sight.

The only conscious member of the pack, a gnoll, is now far out. No one chooses to catch him.
End of Battle


Jasmina, still invisible, goes up to the nearest tree and slump down by it. She is feeling sad, having to have memories of her deceased family due to the village on fire.

After a while, all fires are put out, leaving a mess of destruction. Support beams of the structure are mostly damaged by the raiding party. The men had arrived too, all grief-stricken by the sight. They are all helping to women and elders to clear up the aftermath of the attempted raid.

Fredrika thanks the adventurers for their help, saying that she would be helpless alone to fend off the raiding party.

Noticing Jasmina is not around, the dire wolf, with her sense of smell, tries to track her down. She eventually smells a familiar scent of Jasmina's by a tree. The dire wolf finds Jasmina's lap and nuzzle her head on it as she lays down on the ground. Jasmina comes out of invisibility and snuggles up to the soft fur of the dire wolf.

Some of the villagers tend to Trellimar and bandage his wounds. Cam grabs the bag of looted goods off the decapitated chief and throws it down in the market square, telling the men of Burkley to improve the village's defence and not be distracted by merfolks. The men quietly agree. On the merfolks, the men tell Cam that they had been keeping the villagers safe by the docks, preparing to attack with their shell-like daggers should the villagers are harmed.

Cam meets up with Fredrika and says that he have an idea. Fredrika first points out of the still-injured Trellimar. Cam walks over to him and pours a Potion of Healing down his throat. Fredrika then follows Cam to the shore, which he propose that the merfolks can assist the village by keeping guard on the shore since they are interested in spending time with the village. Likewise, Cam also proposes that the village can help the merfolks to defend against the merrows. Both Fredrika and the merfolks are keen in adopting the ideas and will find ways to implement it. The merfolks also say that they can provide the village with supplies of fish from the sea. Also, for her gratefulness of the adventurer's help, Fredrika hands Cam a sack of coins worth 400 gold pieces.

Cam graciously accepts the reward. However, looking at the state of the village, ponders that the money may be put to better use. He walks up to an elder gnome whom he believes is leading the rebuilding effort and give him the sack of coins. The elder man receives it and appreciates Cam's kindness.

The unconscious berserker is now held captive and bound by ropes on a short pole. He is about to come to. Cam asks Trellimar if he wants to beat up the berserker to interrogate and torture him. Trellimar agrees. At the same time, the dire wolf tries to carry Jasmina on her back. Instead, Jasmina lays on her by herself and let the dire wolf bring her anyway. The two re-join with Cam, Jiǔtóu, and Trellimar. Jasmina gets off the dire wolf and stares at the captive spitefully.

The berserker regains conscious as the dire wolf goes up close to him and growl, baring her teeth. He finds himself bound and struggles to free himself. He demands to be freed, then spits into the dire wolf's mouth. She proceeds to bite on his neck. The captive struggles, but barely show signs of pain. He even says the Burning King will do far worse than the dire wolf's torture.

Trellimar questions him of the Burning King's location, but the captive refuses to reveal anything. With his mask, Trellimar reads into the captive's mind. His surface thoughts whisper out that Viticus will burn him alive should he reveals Burning King's key locations. Digging deeper into the captive's thoughts, Trellimar now knows of a location, Melody, where a recent group of prisoners is being held by the Burning King and a hobgoblin left in-charge from a dwarven fortress, Ironstone Keep, in the Troubled Lands. Trellimar also finds out of the Burning King's plan to amass an army to target larger settlements.

Trellimar also knows that the berserker was a hill-folksmen and a wanted criminal, exiled from his village for murder. The berserker was found by bandits, who worship the Burning King and take him in. The berserker also believes that the Burning King is powerful and will rule the Dawn Republic. Trellimar lets his companions know of all the information he found out.

Jasmina squats down in front of the captive, not saying a word, and digs a clawed ring on her finger into his neck. At first, he shows no sign of pain, but as the ring digs deeper, he begins to struggle. An artery on his neck pops, allowing blood to flow out. Eventually, the captive succumbs to his death due to blood loss. Jasmina removes her hand and wipes the blood onto his tunic. Viewing the horrible sight, Cam turns to his duplicate and embrace him, saying that it is horrible. The duplicate agrees.

Jasmina stands up, apologises for not able to help out much during the battle, and walks off. Cam asks his companions what is up with her. Jiǔtóu tells him that she had suffered greatly from the Burning King and the raid reminded her of the tragic past.

Tight SecurityEdit

Jiǔtóu asks her companions if they are returning to Talis'Val to inform the city officials that the revenant's threat have been dealt with. Cam says that it is a wise move. Elora says that dignitaries from the Spire of Winter will also be there to pick them up. Cam also says that they should warn them of a new threat, the Burning King.

Elora also says that Queen Shalana and Commander Payla will also be tagging along to the Winter Spire. Cam's face lights up upon hearing Shalana's name, leading Elora to slap him on the head since Shalana and Payla are a couple.

Before leaving, Cam walks up to the elder gnome he met earlier and request if any men can be spared to fix a damaged wagon. A few men tag along as the adventurers, minus Jasmina, walk to the wagon parked a short distance away from Burkley. Although not a perfect job, the men did what they can to patch up the holes of the wagon. Cam gives his thanks. Likewise, the men thank the adventurers in protecting the village.

Around this time, Jasmina returns to the wagon, still looking a bit depressed. Cam shows her of the patch job. She walks up to it and gently touches her wagon. She looks at the poorly-done patch job and lets out a chuckle. She gives Cam a friendly pat on the back and climbs on board while remaining silent. Everyone else then hops on, with Cam and Jiǔtóu taking the rein.

The few days journey back to Talis'Val is peaceful, something they had not have since the Summer Festival. Elora takes care of food from the woods, at times successfully taken down small animals with her bow and arrow while on board the moving wagon. At one time, Cam and Elora have a conversation on Elora's royal family, with her hoping that Cam shows proper respect to her father King Alfadon, leader of the Spire of the Moon.

When the wagon approaches the vicinity of Talis'Val, the adventurers notice a huge mood change. What was once a lively, active traffic in and out of the city, it is now quietened and sombre. There are also unusually long queues of traffic. Nearer to the main city gates, heavy armoured guards are seen rigorously check every travellers and transports entering the city. There is also a heavy military presence, with crossbowmen lining along the battlements.

It takes a while before the wagon reaches one of the main gates. The guard halts the wagon and request to search the wagon and everyone on board, regardless of Elora's royal status. Elora asks what is going on, which the guard explains to her that security is ramp up under the Council's decision due to numerous attacks within the city. He also wants to ensure that no dangerous amount of weapons and/or explosives enter the city.

Elora says that they know Korak the Champion personally but the guard allows no exception unless permission is granted by his superior. Cam tries to persuade him by saying that they are the ones who saved the Champion's life, yet the guard remains firm on his orders, though he offers them to wait by the side if they wish to send a word to the Council. The adventurers agree, so a recruit walks up to them to take down particulars and a message of "All is well". He then goes off to the Champion's Hold.

The recruit returns in two hours, passing a note to the guard. He reads it and tells the adventurers that he is given permission to allow Cam, Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, who is still wearing his mask. He also chuckles on a note, which Commander Durmont writes that Cam looks like a twat in a green bandanna. Jasmina and her wagon, however, are not granted permission. Elora convinces the guard that she is with them, who eventually allows them to enter without checks but not before taking down her particulars. The guard, through Durmont's request, to speak to them about the Broken Sky, also shares that it is the terror organisation that had been causing the attacks within the city.

The moment the adventurers enter the city, they experience a shift in atmosphere. The crowd is largely quietened. There is a heavy presence of armed and armoured guards patrolling the streets, as well as conducting random spot checks on properties and questioning civilians. Their wagon had to pass through several security check points, each time having Jasmina's particulars jotted down as she is not cleared by Durmont. At one point, everyone nearby jumps and become edgy upon hearing a crash of a barrel dropped onto the ground.

Eventually, the wagon enters Guild Quarter and reach Champion's Hold. The adventurers enter the building and are greeted by the secretary. She informs then that Durmont wishes to speak to them after the meeting with the city officials. She then brings them up to the meeting chamber. On the other hand, Jasmina is excited to meet Korak the Champion as she loves him as a fan.

Council MeetingEdit

The adventurers wait outside of the meeting chamber. They can overhear snippets of the conversation: the Champion disallowing Ellen to impose a curfew, Durmont's concern that curfew could lead to martial law, Kirkwall blaming Durmont on not finding the Broken Sky, and Malia trying to claim everyone down and requests Durmont to re-double his efforts on the city's security; the Council can afford wages of soldier taking on double shifts.

With the meeting adjourned, the city officials talk amongst themselves and pack up their stationery. Durmont angrily bursts to open the doors, which scares Elora by letting out a shriek, then stomps off. Korak, Merci and Vincent all hear her shriek and are aware of the return of the adventurers. Jasmina grabs Jiǔtóu's arm and hyperventilates upon seeing Korak the Champion. Jiǔtóu understands why she would fancy the sight of seeing him.

Korak the Champion welcomes the adventurers in and asks if the revenant issue has been resolved. Cam says that they would not be here if it has not, to which Korak is glad. He then asks about Ral'Ma, which Cam says she is naked at first. Korak explains that she does that sometimes, claiming that it enhances her magic. Elora says that Ral'Ma sends her regards. Cam then introduces Jasmina to him, who is still hyperventilating at his sight.

Korak is assured that the revenant issue has been dealt with, then asks Cam if it also brought peace to himself. Cam says that it did, although it also brought some unrest.

Korak invites the adventurers in and closes the door. Everyone take a seat and Korak starts explaining what has happened within the city for the past couple of days. Broken Sky has been infiltrating the city more and more. They have destroyed certain businesses with explosives without magic. Durmont believes that businesses that dared loudly claim that the unrest is caused by the Council are left untouched. Upon investigation, the compound found in the explosives are blackish powder originating from the Troubled Lands. There are also incidents of citizens being murdered or kidnapped by agents of Broken Sky.

Durmont wishes to investigate further but Korak says that his forces are stretched thin. Korak also shares that various Council members want to enforce a curfew in hopes to lower the number of attacks that has been occurring at night. Korak agrees that a curfew may lower a number of attacks but fears that it can cause further unrest amongst the citizens.

Cam tells Korak that he have more bad news and hands over the floor to Jasmina to explain more about the Burning King. Korak has heard of bandit attacks occurring north of the Dawn Republic linked to the name, with Elora adding that they had come across a village attacked by them. Jasmina composes herself and explains more about the group, detailing how the leader Viticus looks like their modus operandi and Viticus not seeking for power and wealth, just wants to watch the world burn. She adds that he killed her family, to which Korak feels sorry for. Trellimar adds that the Burning King intends to amass a large army to target larger settlements. Cam also adds that the Burning King had an eye on the revenant, leading him to believe that they may also amass creatures of the undead.

Korak is worried that there is now two factions targeting the Dawn Republic but believes that Burning King may not have enough manpower to attack Talis'Val yet. He is also worried on Cam's statement, so he will seek undead-related advice from both Sister Superior Annabelle and Sir Jonathan. Still, he will convey the information to Durmont for him to arrange scouting parties to investigate further.

On scouting, Korak commends Lieutenant Barris being an accomplished scout due to his understanding of the natural world. In fact, Korak may assign him with an elite task force to investigate and disrupt operations by the Burning King. He adds that he will appreciate if Jasmina could provide further information on the new threat. Jasmina infatuated, agrees with anything Korak says.

With these threats, Korak tells the adventurers that he will need to call upon their aid soon. But he will understand if they choose not to participate since they are citizens, not militias.

Cam asks Korak a request that, if they are to grant aid to the city, they should have a set of matching uniforms and an emblem. He adds that they can be the special force for the Republic. Korak is not sure of special force but is willing to provide some subsidies for the uniform. He leaves Cam to decide on the design of the logos and uniforms, as well as a name for the group. On having a base, Korak cannot provide a secret base but allows them to use their suite in the Champion's Hold as a base-of-sorts. Cam's far-fetched idea of a secret base leads to both Jasmina and Jiǔtóu to step on each of Cam's foot.

Regarding uniform design, Elora tells Cam that she prefers to retain her family crest as it is her emblem that she is associate to interact with the other elven spires.

Throughout this whole time, Jiǔtóu seems slightly distracted from the conversations, as if she is having a conversation on her own with Crownrend


On better news, Korak the Champion informs Elora that there are several people here to see her. They both, as well as the rest, proceed to the suite where Queen Shalana and Commander Payla are staying.

Reaching the suite, the door opens for them. Just then, Elora runs happily towards two of the elves. They are Elora's parents: King Alfadon and Queen Aletha.

King Alfadon calls out "My little moonbeam!" and scoops Elora up to his arms. He happily spins around while hugging her daughter tightly. He then lets her down slowly to the ground with magic. The reserved Queen Aletha comes up to Elora and kisses her on each cheek while delicately hugs her.

The muscular Alfadon turns to Korak the Champion, friendly calls him "a scaly bastard", then the two proceeds to greet each other with a Predator Handshake. The two instantly engage in a strength battle, each trying to overpower the other with the strength of their arm. Korak overpowers him a little, saying that Alfadon is getting old. The then break off and continue to greet one another. Alfadon examines Korak while asking him if he had learned the leaf defence well. Korak, addressing Alfadon as his old master, says that he had perfected it, perhaps better than him. Alfadon says that he will believe it if he sees it.

Alfadon turns back to Elora and greets her companions that he have heard from her. She introduces Cam, who returns a firm handshake after Alfadon extends his hand. He knows that Cam is a cleric of Avandra based on the signet ring on his finger. Cam tells him that he may address him as Camulus, or Cam for short since they are friends. Alfadon too tells him that he may address him simply as Alfadon. Cam wants to call him Al but he does not allow it. Still insistent, Alfadon laughs it off and tells Cam that he may call him as such once he earns it. Cam likes the challenge.

Next, Elora introduces Jasmina, saying that she is a recent companion of hers. Jasmina compliments his daughter, saying that she has been very sweet, kind and gentle. Alfadon laughs, sharing that Elora is far from sweet and kind as they may have not seen her travelling through the woods covered in mud before. Instead, Jasmina shares that she has seen her in druid forms, leading to Aletha asking Elora on her Wild Shapes. Elora tells her mother that the polar bear form seems useful, making her mother glad that she has learned well.

On Trellimar, still donning his relic mask, Alfadon is taken aback given the troubled past between elves and drows. Elora introduces Trellimar, leading to Alfadon apologising for his action towards him. He also thanks Trellimar for accompanying her daughter. Trellimar says that he should thank his daughter instead as she had saved his life numerous times. Trellimar removes his mask, leading to Alfadon feeling more comfortable with him. They exchange handshakes.

Lastly, Elora introduces Jiǔtóu. She greets Elora's parents gracefully. Alfadon accepts the greeting but does not ask her much since Jiǔtóu looks distracted.

Both Queen Shalana and Commander Payla approaches Elora to greet her. Shalana gives a kiss on her cheeks. Cam tries to do the same but Payla steps in to pull Cam away. The two shake hands, yet Payla tells him to try to pick up on social signals. Cam says that he had received many signals from his deity Avandra, leading Payla to face palm.

Shalana then introduces Elora to Nalistri Frostwalker, an emissary from the Spire of Winter sent by his father. Nalistri is a young adult male elf dressed in white and blue robes. Slender stature and has black hair, with streaks of silver. He wields a shortsword on his side. A snow owl is perched on his shoulder. Accompanying him are two elf guards from his spire.

Nalistri bows graciously towards the adventurers and introduces himself. He also tells Elora that he is glad to meet her. However, Elora notices that Nalistri is staring intensely at her.

Nalistri invites everyone to take a seat as he shares the situation of the Winter Spire. Elora's parents sit beside their daughter. Her father engages in a chat, asking Elora on her adventures. Aletha nudges him to keep quiet, which he does. Cam goes to sit beside Queen Shalana they engage in a small talk on Cam's adventure, with Commander Payla sitting on the other side keeping a close eye.

Nalistri begins by saying that he is aware of his father had spoken informally to Queen Shalana and King Alfadon. Still, he proceeds to read the formal invitation. He takes a rolled-up letter from his bag, breaks the seal and reads it.

"To my comrades in arms, to my fellow lords and ladies of the elven spires. I cordially invite you to my new home in the mountains of the north, or what the mortal races refer to as the Dawn Republic. Our new home is troubled and we have suffered... a terrible tragedy already. But through hard work, we have secured its position and can now invite you safely..."

Nalistri gives a pause to compose himself before reading the next part of his father's letter.

"...I have sent... an emissary..."

Elora notices signs of an emotional upset on him.

"...of the Frostwalker spire to guide you to our new home. I fear we must discuss much of what has happened and collaborate our efforts in finding the other spires. I look forward to your arrival. Lord Selandris Frostwalker, Duke of Winter."

Nalistri puts back the letter into his bag and informs everyone that the journey to the north will not be easy, that is why his father sent him here to guide them through the few days travel. He also wishes to return to his suite for a rest and hopes to leave for the winter spire the following morning, if they wish. He then excuses himself and leaves together with his two guards.

Alfadon calls him a strange lad, yet finds his altitude expected since the Frostwalker has not been a "warm" bunch. Both Cam and Jasmina catch his joke. Alfadon then tells Elora that his wife, Queen Shalana and Commander Payla will all leave with Nalistri in the morning. Elora will gladly follow them, together with her companions.

Spar, Feast and a Cold ReceptionEdit

Alfadon requests that they shall have a feast to celebrate his family reunited and for the new comrades. He also tells Korak that he owes him a sparring match. Korak claims that Alfadon could not take him on. Elora would like to see Korak try. Jasmina is just excited on the prospects of witnessing Korak fight.

Korak, on Alfadon's request, sends his people to set up the feast. The two then proceed off for a spar. Aletha returns to her suite to rest, while the rest go off to watch the spar. Jasmina goes up to Korak to feel his tunic. Korak senses this and turns around to look, only to see Jasmina awkwardly looking away. He then brushes it off.

Before Aletha leaves for her suite, Elora asks her about Nalistri, particularly on his reaction when reading the letter. Aletha notices his reaction too but only knows that the Frostwalkers are known to distance themselves from others. She also knows Alfadon and Selandris met a long time ago before she gets together with her husband. She shares that the winter spire is one of a couple of elven spires that are against returning to the Surface. Aletha adds that both Nalistri and Alfadon are on friendly terms, and it is only Elora that he is more hostile too. Suspecting that it could be family-related based on how his father referred him to "an emissary", Aletha tells Elora that she may find out more if she talks to him.

At the sand-floored sparring ring located beside Champion's Hold, Korak tells the guards-in-training that he will be borrowing the ring for a couple of minutes. Shalana, Payla, and the adventurers get themselves comfortable as Alfadon and Korak take out their sparring sword and get ready to battle. Elora remembers the previous time she has seen the two battle before, back when Korak is much younger and it being taught by Alfadon. It is also before Korak began his adventures across Arrak.

The first round begins! Alfadon and Korak encircle one another, examining each other's move. They occasionally test each other with a few small attacks. Alfadon gives comments to Korak like how a master to his students, saying things of Korak's sloppy footwork and needing more training. Korak remains silent. He eventually claims that he is getting bored without Alfadon's magic.

Jasmina grips on Cam tightly while biting her clenched fist, immersing herself into the battle.

Just as Alfadon was about to answer, Korak suddenly lunges forward and attacks Alfadon. He just manages to block a fury of strikes from Korak. A blade swings towards Alfadon's head. Alfadon reacts just in time to block the swing with a magical shield formed by his bracer. With Alfadon distracted, Korak grabs him by the arms, lifts him and swings him over. He lands Alfadon onto the ground behind. Korak swings his sword to Alfadon's throat; the latter concedes defeat.

Alfadon gets up and congratulates Korak with a slap on the back. Korak says to Alfadon, "Best two out of three?" Alfadon agrees, so a next round of battle begins.

Alfadon gets the upper hand in the second round, this time using a lot more magic. At one point, Alfadon conjures icy veins to hold Korak in place. Before he could get a cheeky swing at Korak's leg, Korak breaks free of it. Alfadon sticks to his perfect blend of magic and swordplay, while Korak focuses on his technique and strength. This goes on for the third round.

A while passes and it is time for dinner. Everyone is present except for Nalistri and his guards. With all settled down, the feast begins.

Alfadon shares embarrassing moments of Elora during her child years to everyone on the table. Cam, in particular, listens closely to these embarrassing moments. Jasmina enjoys the atmosphere as she has not experienced such occasion for many years now.

Queen Shalana, although being nice to Cam, tries to push off any advancement Cam tries to make. Cam is the only person at the table ignoring the fact that Shalana and Payla are together.. There was a moment where Cam buttered a bread and offers it to her. Shalana rejects it and asks him to offer it to Payla, who says that she will gladly take it. Instead, Cam eats the bread. Trellimar tries to tell Cam that Shalana's bread is buttered the other side up. Cam picks up Shalana's bread and examines it, but does not find it being buttered. Alfadon laughs, yet shaking his head, at the commotion.

Elora behaves herself and try to look proper within her mother's sight, but resumes to herself when her mother looks away and especially every time whenever her father is having fun. Aletha also joins in with the jokes occasionally, inserting high-wit and snarky comments at the right moment.

After a while, Korak retires early for the night as he has work to settle in the morning. Elora also excuses herself to look for Nalistri in his suite. Upon reaching, the two winter spire guards give a formal greeting to her.

Elora knocks on the door. Nalistri invites the person to enter. She opens the door and is greeted by him. She tells him that he seems a bit concerned. Nalistri explains that he is worried about the dangers that lurk in the Troubled Lands, given that they will have to travel a few days in the region.

Nalistri's owl, Whisper, puffs its wings then hoots. Even though Nalistri tells Whisper that it is not the time, Whisper just flies over to him. Nalistri then returns a head scratch on the owl.

Nalistri says to Elora that, if there is nothing else, he will see her in the morning, assuming she will be joining them. She says that she will, but tries to probe further on him looking upset.

"I'm fine!" as Nalistri stops her in a raised tone. He also tells her that he needs no sympathy and asks her to leave. Elora is stunned by his reaction. Nalistri conjures a spectral hand to open the door.

"Fine, I will see you in the morning then" as Elora replies in a firm tone. She then leaves the suite. The moment she steps out of the suite, the door slams shut behind her. The two guards wish her a good evening. Elora does so likewise. She returns to the suite where the feast was held, looking furious.

Feeling DrunkEdit

Alfadon, Cam, Jasmina, and Payla have been drinking wine all night. Only Cam and Payla are very drunk.

Cam mumbles, "Why would you even butter the other side of the bread?" This leads to Payla calling him dumb, saying that it is not what Trellimar meant. Payla adds that both Shalana and herself are lesbians. Yet, Cam looks in confusion in his drunken state, making Payla frustrated. Jasmina takes this opportunity to screw Cam's mind further to say that she has sex with women too. Cam remains confused. Alfadon just laughs at how Cam, a human, cannot take in drinks.

Cam tells Shalana that he received many signals from her. Shalana looks mortified and excuses herself to bed. Payla says that she will join her but Shalana tells her to stay behind. Shalana then leaves. Payla looks at Cam and tells him off for getting her into trouble. Cam says that he does not like her as well. Jasmina tells the two of them to hug, to the protest of Cam and Payla.

The three quarrel loudly up to the point where Elora shouts at them to keep quiet. The three listen to her. Elora then firmly telling Cam to go to bed. Cam says that they started it. Elora does not care. He eventually falls over to the ground and sleeps while snoring. Payla says that she will sleep somewhere else, so she leaves.

Alfadon tells Elora that he like her friends, saying that they are good company. He then looks at Trellimar while telling Elora that he does not drink. Elora replies to say that he prefers to keep alert giving the number of times he fall in battle. Subconsciously thinking that elves are better than other races, Alfadon comments that drows would not know how to enjoy a life of the elven spires. He even whispers to Elora that drows do kill each other in the Underdark. Unknown to him, both Jasmina and Trellimar heard his racist comment, although Jasmina is not too bothered by it since she does not visit the Underdark.

Elora asks her father about Nalistri, saying that he is rude to her. Alfadon explains that his father Selandris is a cold man himself and probably not kind to his children, including Nalistri. Elora seems to figure it out, given how Selandris addresses Nalistri as an emissary, not his son. Although, Elora wonders why Nalistri is being rude to her specifically. Alfadon believes that it should not be the case since he has never met Elora before. He also shares that he is the second son of Selandris and younger than Elora.

Elora lets out that she had an unpleasant chat with Nalistri earlier, as he told her to leave. Alfadon wraps his arm around Elora to comfort her, then tells her that it will be fine, saying that he is just here to escort them to the winter spire. Once the business with them is done, they can leave and Elora will be on her way to continue on her adventure.

Cam mumbles something in his stupor state.

Alfadon continues to tell Elora that she should not worry about it. Being a good person who has done great things, she should not care about some rude person. He adds that she should let that person be and just focus on her royal attitude. Elora hugs her father and tells him that she appreciates his words. She then says that she will go to bed. Alfadon thinks it is a good idea, knowing that his wife will be mad if he stays up too late. Elora says that she will be.

Meanwhile, Jasmina takes Cam's hand and constantly uses it to slap his face, while telling Cam to stop hitting himself. Cam murmurs that he cannot stop hitting himself. He even wonders why he could not stop. Jiǔtóu says that she can hit Cam instead. Jasmina gleefully agrees. She then starts gently punching Cam on his cheeks. Cam just remains exposed to their teasing. A while later, Jiǔtóu stops since Cam's drool are all over her hand.

Trellimar walks over to Cam and lifts him up onto his shoulder. He then brings Cam to his room, all the while purposely hitting Cam's head onto things. Cam says that the room keeps hitting him. Trellimar says that it will do that. Jiǔtóu follows Trellimar, also bonking Cam's head with her guandao whenever Trellimar is not swinging Cam to hit an object.

Saying GoodbyesEdit

In the morning, Cam finds his head sore. Korak the Champion asks Jasmina if she would like to work with Lieutenant Barris, as part of a special task force, to hunt down the Burning King. Jasmina agrees to his proposition.

Before departing from the adventurers, Jasmina gives her goodbyes to them.

To Elora, Jasmina finds a metal flower amongst her possession and pins onto Elora's hair. Elora druidcrafts a big bunch of red roses to Jasmina in return. The two then give each other a hug.

To Trellimar, Jasmina gives a nod to him and says, "See you later, home wrecker." Trellimar says nothing in return.

To Jiǔtóu, Jasmina gives a nod to her. Jiǔtóu reciprocates and says to her that if she needs any help, especially in seeking out Viticus, the adventurers will be there for her. She adds that her friend and herself will gladly tear out Viticus' heart. Jasmina gives a chuckle, then tells Jiǔtóu that this will not be the last time they will see one another. Jiǔtóu bows her head in return.

To Cam, Jasmina simply tells him to not get into too much mischief, she then gives him a wink.

Elora takes back the griffin figurine from Trellimar.

Jasmina gives her final goodbyes and walks away. A bunch of elite soldiers joins her, with Korak briefing them. They then leave to hunt down the Burning King and shall return for another day.

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  • Civilization VI: Hours prior to the start of the episode, both Mark and Trott tweeted about wanting to continue playing Civilization VI, which was released two days prior, instead of preparing for High Rollers D&D.[1][2] During the episode, Mark also said " defeat the Huns" before summarizing the previous episode.[3]
  • Off-Camera: As Kim is not around to roleplay as Jiǔtóu, Mark updated her on what Jiǔtóu will be doing in this episode, especially in regards to Crownrend being in the presence of many leaders and royals in this episode. He also shared that Kim discovered new information about Crownrend that her character does not know of yet.[4][5]
  • Salty Matt: Mark informed the viewers that Matt has been sassing as he is conveniently positioned to quickly grab some pencils for the episode. Not long after, one of his chair's leg broke. Steve brought a new chair for him.[6]
  • Fellania Mini-Fig: Mark shared that he has painted a mini figurine of Princess Fellania, which was livestreamed on October 16, 2016.[7]


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