"A Plan Gone Awry" is the thirty-first episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on November 6, 2016.

In this episode, our heroes attempt to infiltrate Melody but is quickly discovered, leading into a long battle against the Burning King.

Campaign SummaryEdit

Planning the InfiltrationEdit

The adventurers and Nalistri are hidden in the tree lines within the vicinity of one of Burning King's stronghold, Melody. They are about 100 feet away from the main gate.[1] With the help of Nalistri's pet owl, Whisper, and Trellimar's pet pseudo-dragon, Granamyr, the group get a rough layout of the village and begin to plan a strategy to rescue captured civilians and Nalistri's 10 other guards.

Melody is known for attracting bards and story-tellers due to its numerous taverns and theatres before the Lightfall. Cam frequent this village often in the past. He also knows that Talis'Val have gambling dens.[2][3]

In describing the town, Mark made the following additions and changes from its description in Episode 30:

  • All hobgoblins are wearing chain-mail half-plate armour.
  • There are 8, not 20, civilians tied to a wooden stake at the village's square. The captured civilians from Redcrop are not within sight
  • The second building with fallshard sticking out of it is a townhouse, not a tavern.
  • The palisade wall is largely intact, no hint of collapsed sections when viewed from above.
  • There are 4 watchtowers, each with a pair of hobgoblins.

Two of the buildings have fallshards sticking out from it. Cam explains to Nalistri what fallshards are, that it is a remnant of Pelor’s Light that mysteriously exploded 46 years prior. The remnants can cause two kinds of effect: it can enhance magic, known as dawnshards and are rare, and it can negate magic, known as fallshards and are common.

Being a wizard, Nalistri fears that the fallshards' effect could render him totally useless but Elora assures him that magic is still possible, just weakened, based on the adventurers' experience of it some time back. The adventurers are also aware that size does matter; the larger it is, the stronger the effect. As such, they share that the fallshards in Melody affect the entire village, save for a small portion in the south-east.

On the fighting capabilities of Nalistri's captured guards, he tells Elora that they are sturdy looking guards that he hired from a town in the Troubled Lands, though he worries if they might have been tortured which could result in them less effective in combat.

On the patrolling schedule, the group notices that the hobgoblins are on timed shifts in regular intervals. They mainly patrol the main square, where the captured guards are.

Cam shares his plan. It consist of two groups. The first group will draw the attention of the ogres to the south-east portion so that they can make use of their full magic abilities to take them down, while the second group rescue the captured civilians. However, at eye level, Cam is able to notice 4 watchtowers with 2 hobgoblin archers in each, something which Granamyr's and Whisper's aerial reconnaissance are unable to spot. Each archer wears a leather armour and carries a longbow and a shortsword. With this, Cam suggests taking out these archers first.

Nalistri asks if there is a way for them to approach the watchtowers undetected. Elora says that she have a spell that could improve their stealthiness. She also says that she may shape-shifts into a small animal. Cam and Jiǔtóu say that they can go invisible, with Cam adding that he can turn into a raven too. Nalistri shares that he can create illusions as he approach but he must move slowly for it to be effective. Nonetheless, Nalistri proposes to eliminate the archers first.

Noticing its wooden architecture, Jiǔtóu proposes that she should create a distraction by setting things on fire. Elora is not keen, given on how the last time they tried that resulted in people starting to suffocate in thick smoke. However, Jiǔtóu informs her that their last attempt took place indoors. Yet, Nalistri agrees that a distraction could be useful but he is not able to recommend a perfect spot to create such distraction, saying that his battle experience is confined to books and knowledge. He says that the battle they had the day before was his first time using magic in a combat.

Cam proposes to light an L-shaped building on the south-east corner on fire as a distraction, saying that they can use the alleyway as a bottleneck so that they can easily defeat any foe coming through it. However, Elora voices out that they should not corner themselves before rescuing the guards. Cam replies to say that she does have a good point.

At this point, Nalistri requests the adventurers to let him know of their abilities for the purpose to draw up a plan that takes advantage of everyone's strength. From what he knows, Elora is capable of druidic spells, Jiǔtóu is a capable warrior and Trellimar have arcane power though not learnt from study. However, Nalistri is unsure of Cam's abilities, thinking that he is some minstrel that is bad at throwing daggers.

Elora shows the bronze griffin figurine that she has, though Nalistri recommends that they do not fly as it will be very visible, and Trellimar shares that he can casts Disguise Self. Cam says that Jiǔtóu might be able to assassinate the hobgoblins, though he also emphasise that she has a doss lute. This makes Nalistri confused as she does not look like a lute player but brushes it aside from being frustrated at Cam.

Elora gives Cam all of her scrolls.

Cam shares another of his plan. He and Jiǔtóu will go invisible and eliminate the archers on a watchtower each. Then, then rest will infiltrate the village from the south-east corner and make preparations for illusions or spells. Elora interrupts him to ask if one is capable to eliminate the two archers in each watchtower quick enough to avoid them raising the alarm. With that, Cam changes his plan to both him and Jiǔtóu go up the same watchtower to eliminate the archers, then jump to the next. Jiǔtóu questions him if jumping is wise, given how Cam lands face down the last time he tried that. Cam asks her to not talk about his embarrassing action in front of Nalistri.

Nalistri suggests that he could project an illusion on one side of the watchtower so that the other watchtower does not see any difference. However, he will need to be close enough to casts such spell. Elora suggests to Jiǔtóu that she could make him invisible. Jiǔtóu is fine with the idea, but she thinks that it is better for them to rescue the captured guards first before attacking the hobgoblins.

As the palisade walls are 30 feet high, Nalistri tells them that he can create an icy object to allow them to climb over the wall. Cam then asks him if he might be able to blasts a hole in the wall, to which he says that he is unable to, sharing that his spells are catered towards adventuring than combat. On blasting a hole, Elora says that Trellimar can do that instead but thinks that it may attract unwanted attention due to its loudness. Jiǔtóu instead says that a blast can be a form of distraction.

Regarding blasting a hole, Cam gives a suggestion involving it. He will transforms into a raven, fly in and transform back to himself to release the guards. Trellimar will then blasts a hole in the wall for them to escape the village. He adds that the hole can be their advantage as it creates a bottleneck for the hobgoblins to leave the village. Nalistri adds that he could ice up the hole to slow them down. However, since the captured civilians of Redcrop are nowhere to be seen, they decided that it is best if they establish themselves inside Melody and locate the civilians.

Cam gives another proposal: take out all archers first, then sneak from building to building to either take out one hobgoblin by one or avoiding them completely. Everyone agree with his plan.

That Did Not Go WellEdit

Despite Nalistri's protest, Cam touches him to casts Bless. Elora also casts Pass without a Trace on him.

Cam transforms into a raven and glides along the ground, then swoop up to the nearest watchtower. Jiǔtóu and Trellimar glide through the foliage with precision stealth. Elora and Nalistri blend in with the surrounding with him making an illusion of a bush hiding them two.

The raven, being close to the watchtower left of the main gate, hears one of the hobgoblin archer that spotted one of the bushes moving. The raven flies around the back in attempt to conduct a surprise attack on the 2 archers. With a closer look of the village, the dilapidated buildings, some of them partially collapsed, are covered in moss and ivy, as if they have been abandoned for 4 years now. Meanwhile, one of the archers fire an arrow at the suspicious bush. It hits into Nalistri's shoulder and the bush illusion fades. He is now visible to the archers.

The raven transforms back into Cam as he land on the 50 foot tall watchtower. He whips out his dagger Nimbus and plunges it into the neck of one of the archers. Blood is gushing out of his neck. The other archer witnessed this and pulls out his shortsword.

First Round of Battle
Trellimar is about 40 feet away from the gate when he witnessed Nalistri has been compromised and Cam engaging with the archers on top of the left watchtower. The archers on the right watchtower is just starting to turn around upon hearing the commotion. Trellimar fires Eldritch Blasts at the archers on the right watchtower. One of the blasts fires through the neck of an archer, while the second hits the other, causing the archer to be knocked prone on top of the watchtower. The archer stands up and now sees that they are under attack, so he is about to alert the other guards in the village. He then shoots an arrow at Cam who is on the other watchtower, but misses.

Cam grabs the injured archer and uses him as a shield while he attacks the archer next to him with his dagger Nimbus. The attack fails. The injured archer grabs hold of Cam and throws him over his shoulder and off the watchtower. Cam is now falling to the ground.

Jiǔtóu sees Cam being thrown off the watchtower so she casts Fly on him via her doss lute. This halts Cam's fall and he is in control of his movement. She then runs towards the base of the left watchtower while keeping out of sight of the right watchtower.

Elora, who is 50 feet away from the gate, fires an arrow at the archer that threw Cam. However, it misses. Nalistri conjures ice around the mouth of the archer before he can shout for help. He then rolls over to where Elora is and moans in agony. Elora comforts him.

For the archers on the left watchtower, one of them fires an arrow at Trellimar which he miss, but he other archer runs over to the other side of the watchtower and alerts the guards.

Second Round of Battle
Trellimar puts on his mask, Shroud of Eyes, and fires Eldritch Blasts at the archer shouting for help. The first blast hits his armour, while the second blast injures him.

The archer on the right watchtower fires an arrow at Trellimar again, but misses.

Cam extends his arm out to his sides and floats up to the top of the left watchtower. This shocks the archer that threw him over. Cam says "hello motherfucker" then throws his dagger Nimbus at him. It goes straight into his forehead, which kills him. The archer collapses onto the ground. Cam then flies straight at the other archer in attempt to grapple him to the ground. However, due to the archer's massive arms, Cam struggles to hold onto him. Meanwhile, Jiǔtóu climbs up the wall of the right watchtower.

Elora fires an arrow at the archer that Cam is struggling to grapple with. However, the arrow flies towards Cam. Fortunately, it bounces off his elven armour. Nalistri casts Magic Missile and fires them at the same archer. This time, it kills him. Both Elora and Nalistri move closer to the gate.

Third Round of Battle
Trellimar, through his mask, can see a group of hobgoblin guards making their way to the gate. He fires an Eldritch Blast at the last archer on the right watchtower, killing him. He then walks up to the palisade wall and lean against it.

Cam consoles the archer that died in his arms. He too sees a group of 12 hobgoblins and 2 ogres marching up to the gate. Still able to fly, he lay flat to the ground, pokes out of the edge a little and warns his companions of the incoming forces. He then casts Guardian of Faith and summons a large spectral form of himself decked in golden armour, with his exposed butt facing away the gate. The form is also holding two hammers. Cam also shouts at Jiǔtóu, who has climbed to the top of the watchtower, asking her to throw her caltrops by the gate inside of the village. The incoming forces heard their conversation. Jiǔtóu casts Invisibility on herself using the doss lute, resulting in cancelling the spell, Fly, on Cam.

Elora shape-shifts into a polar bear, scoops Nalistri up and dashes towards the palisade wall on the south-east section. She then stretches up by the wall, lifting Nalistri up so he can climb over. He knows what she is trying to do, so he creates an icy ladder and climbs to the top of the wall. He asks the polar bear on how she will climb over. The polar bear just shrugs. Nalistri is now on the other side of the wall.

Fourth Round of Battle
Cam, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar can see that 10 of the guards, each wielding a spear and a rectangular scutum, are in a phalanx formation of a reversed wedge. 2 commanding hobgoblins are giving orders behind the formation, while the 2 ogres lifting the support bar of the gate. One of the commander turn around and commands a goblin to inform their captain of their current situation.

The support bar is removed. The ogres begin to open the gate.

Trellimar gets ready to attack once the guards and ogres pass through the gate.

Cam spots the goblin running off, so he casts Dimension Door and teleports himself in front of the goblin, which startles him.

Jiǔtóu, still invisible, climbs down the watchtower via ladders. She spots Nalistri taking cover by a house nearest to the right watchtower, getting ready to help in the battle.

The polar bear runs back to the gate. She is now 40 feet away from the gate. She gets ready to defend Trellimar should anyone attacks him.

The gate is opened and the two ogres walk out. The spiritual guardian shouts out Avandra's name, then brings down his two hammers on them, injuring them badly. In retaliation, one of the ogres swings his greatclub at the form but quickly realises it is not a real being. This allows the ogre to walk right through it. It then sees Trellimar and the polar bear.

The hobgoblin formation, witnessing what the spiritual guardian can do, moves towards the gate and waits for the guardian to expend all of its power.

Breaching Through the GateEdit

Fifth Round of Battle
Trellimar casts Hex on the nearest ogre as purple energy chains surround it to weaken his dexterity. He fires Eldritch Blasts at the ogre, causing further injuries. Blood is pouring out of the wound caused by the blasts.

With the surprised goblin in front of him, Cam casts Command and orders him to fly. The goblin starts jumping in the air and flaps his arms, trying to fly. Cam then goes to the nearest building to be in cover.

Jiǔtóu rushes up to position herself behind one of the commander. She then casts Burning Hands. A cone of flames comes out of her mouth and catches the commander and 5 other guards. 4 of the guards are incinerated, while the fifth goblin and the commander get burns on their skin. The commander then orders 3 of the other guards to join him in attacking Jiǔtóu, effectively breaking up the phalanx formation.

The polar bear runs up to the nearest ogre and attacks him. She digs her paws into his back and rips him in half. She then backs up to in between Trellimar and the remaining ogre and growls at the ogre. She also sees the shining butt of the spiritual guardian.

Nalistri casts a spell, which conjures a cloud of green poisonous gas. The cloud surrounds all 8 hobgoblins, including the 2 commanders, and Jiǔtóu. Some of them, including Jiǔtóu, is quick to cover their mouth and nose to not breathe in the gas. However, 3 of the guards, who are not quick enough, start vomiting and clutching their stomach in pain.

The guards that are not poisoned regroup and surrounds Jiǔtóu. One of the commander takes out his scimitar, ready to engage Jiǔtóu, as the 3 guards surround the two with spears at the ready. The other commander stands behind and gives orders to the 3 guards. They then attack Jiǔtóu, nearly killing her. At one point, Jiǔtóu casts Hellish Rebuke at one of the guards, burning him badly.

The spiritual guardian makes his final attack on the ogre, injuring it badly. With his powers expended, the guardian fades down to its butt, then disappears. The ogre attacks the polar bear with his greatclub, dealing some damage.

The goblin messenger is still under the command to fly.

Sixth Round of Battle
Trellimar transfers Hex on the dead ogre to the other ogre, then fires Eldritch Blasts at it. Both blasts hits the ogre, with the second one blasting through its neck and out through the brain. The ogre collapses onto the ground. Trellimar now moves to the opened gate, seeing Jiǔtóu being surrounded by a group of hobgoblins and three other guards vomiting.

With the goblin messenger still under command, Cam goes behind him and slice the goblin's throat, while comforting him that he will now be able to fly. The goblin struggles while grabbing Cam, but dies in the arms of Cam. He then flops him off his arms. Turning around, he also sees Jiǔtóu being surrounded, so he starts running to her. He also shouts at her to retreat towards him.

Jiǔtóu hears Cam and thinks that it is a wise move. However, due to her low health, Crownrend prevents her from doing so. Instead, one of Crownrend abilities is for the wearer, in low health, to stand firm and fight to his or her death.[4] That is what happened to Jiǔtóu.

The blood flows down her skin from the spears attacks. Some of the blood flows into Crownrend as it absorbs it. The gemstone on the bracer glows. Jiǔtóu now has the urge to stay and fight. She did try to fight the urge to retreat but she is not strong enough to fight against it. Jiǔtóu now tries to attack all five hobgoblins surrounding her. Her guandao stabs straight in the heart of the injured guard right after he dodged the first guandao strike. She then tries to punch another injured guard but his scutum prevents the attack. She later casts Patient Defence on herself.

The polar bear charges at the commander attacking Jiǔtóu. The commander dives out of the way but gets hit by her claw. It rakes across his face, wounding him badly. The commander attacks back, with the help of one of the guards. Their attacks injure the polar bear enough that forces her to shape-shifts back to Elora.

Nalistri fires a beam of ice at the injured guard but misses. The same guard, with the help of the second commander, both attacks Jiutou. She dodges both attacks.

One of the poisoned guards recovers but is visibly weak.

Seventh Round of Battle
Trellimar walks pass the gate and into the village with wind blowing at him. Dust, picked up by the wind, billows behind him as his cape flutters in the wind. First, he transfers Hex to one of the hobgoblins attacking Jiǔtóu. He then raises his two hands and fire Eldritch Blasts at the two hobgoblins. The first blast misses the commander, while the second blasts through both the armour and the hobgoblin's chest, killing him.

Cam continues dashing towards Jiǔtóu, now 40 feet away from her. As he is near enough, he casts Healing Word on her. She heals up a bit. Her urge to fight till death also fades off. Witnessing one of the commander attacking Elora, Jiǔtóu goes to strike him as he is within her range of attack. Her guandao severe his spine, killing him. She then goes to strike the last commander with both her guandao and a punch to his jaw, injuring him further. She tries to connect another punch via Flurry of Blows, but the commander blocks the punch with his arm.

Elora touches the armour of the guard by her and casts Heat Metal. The guard screams in pain as the armour heats up. He is eventually boiled alive.

Nalistri casts Ray of Frost again, this time aiming for the commander beside Jiǔtóu. This freezes up his legs. Yet, he tries to run away, allowing Jiǔtóu to strike him with her guandao. He, however, dodges her attack. While running away, he shouts to his other comrades to kill the captives, hoping that they can hear him.

Eighth Round of Battle
Trellimar fires Eldritch Blasts at the last commander, badly injuring him. Cam, who is still running, sees the fleeing commander and casts Command on him to try to order him to halt. The commander blocks off the spell. Jiǔtóu chases after the commander. Once close enough, she lashes out at him with her guandao. The first strike misses, but the second hits him. The poison from the blade seeps into his skin, causing his blood vessels to turn black. He chokes then, at the same time Cam commands him to halt again, collapse onto the ground, motionless.

For the last two poisoned guards, Cam walks up to them and slit their throats.[5]
End of Battle

Now to Rescue the CapturedEdit

Just as the last foe has fallen, Nalistri and the adventurers hear the beat of wings from the sky. A manticore appears in the sky, with a hobgoblin captain, muscular and well-armoured, riding on it. Everyone immediately hides from its view. Nalistri dives for cover and conjures an illusion over himself to make it look like ground. Cam casts Cloak of Shadows on himself, making him invisible. The other three hide in a building each. The manticore encircles on top of the area by the gate, then flies off.

With the manticore out of sight, Nalistri tells the rest that they should be save for now. Elora worries that the other hobgoblins heard the commander shouting to kill the captives, leading to Nalistri saying that they should hurry and free the captured guards.

Cam gives a Potion of Healing to Jiǔtóu, which she drinks it. Nalistri also consumes a potion to heal himself. Elora also casts Cure Wounds on Jiǔtóu.

Feeling his magic weaken a bit, Nalistri reminds them of the fallshard effects that he was told of earlier. Cam suggests that they should try to keep their distance from the fallshards and to also not engage the enemies unless necessary.

Nalistri sends Whispers to scout the areas up ahead. He describes what he see through the eyes of Whispers. He thinks that the order to kill the captive is not reached to them but sees that the hobgoblins are preparing to move the captives to another location. On the number of hobgoblins, Nalistri can see 8 of them, including a commanding hobgoblin. They are also having a conversation with the hobgoblin riding the manticore.

Not wanting to engage the manticore, Cam says that they need to find a way to lure the manticore away from the 8 hobgoblins. Nalistri tells them that he can create a wall of ice, though he says that the wall may not last long if the fallshards affect his spell. Trellimar proposes that someone may get on Elora's bronze griffin to distract the manticore away from the battle. Nalistri suggests Trellimar to be the one riding the griffin, after witnessing his good performance during the battle earlier. Elora adds that Trellimar's magic will not be affected by the fallshards since he is flying away from it, but worries that no one will be able to assists him should he be attacked. She also fears that the same thing could happen the last time he rode the griffin.

Cam proposes that, as soon as the manticore is distracted, Nalistri conjures his wall of ice to separate the hobgoblins from the captive, so that they could untie the captives and rescue them. Alternatively, they can wait till the captives are untied, then conjure the wall of ice. However, Nalistri voices out of the captured civilians from Redcrop, since they still could not find them. Thinking that the civilians are in one of the buildings, Nalistri proposes that they either search the buildings first or have one of the hobgoblins alive to interrogate him.

Cam then proposes Nalistri to keep watch while the rest search the buildings. On communication, Whispers can hoot should either Nalistri be compromised, the captured guards are being moved or if Nalistri needs them back. Cam adds that they will need to have both groups of captives at the same time or either group may be killed. Despite the plans, Elora thinks that they should not split up, seeing how strong the hobgoblins are as a group.

Cam now proposes that they should just kill all hobgoblins, instead of splitting them away from the prisoners and hoping not to engage the hobgoblins. Nalistri thinks that it can work, given how only about half of the hobgoblin forces in Melody are left. Still, Jiǔtóu says that the manticore must be separated from them, in which Trellimar will do it. The group eventually agree with the plan.

Nalistri tells the adventurers that he appreciates their help to rescue his captured guards. Before he can continue, Cam places his hand on Nalistri's face, telling him that he can save the story till after they are rescued. He keeps his hand on Nalistri's face despite his protest, forcing him to casts some frost on his hand. Cam then removes his hand.

Cam gives a Potion of Healing to Jiǔtóu. He then casts Aid on Jiǔtóu, Trellimar and himself.

Cutting across the market square, the group enters an alleyway. While passing by, they noticed a hobgoblin leaning against the door of a well-maintained tavern, as if he is on guard. From the alleyway, they see the captives starting to be moved from the former stables by the tavern to the Temple of Pelor south of the stable. The temple have barricades set up in front of it. The captives, with nothing on them apart from loose shirts and trousers, are bound by the hands and legs. They also look terribly bruised with cuts and wounds.

The group are ready to being their plan.

Splitting Up is Not GoodEdit

Trellimar tries to activate the bronze griffin. However, it remains as a figurine. Cam tells him that he will need to run back to the area by the gate to activate the griffin, then fly back.

After 30 seconds, Trellimar is back by the gate, 200 feet away from the rest. The prisoners are about to be brought inside the temple. To prevent them from entering, the group moves closer to the temple while still within the alleyways.

Trellimar activates the figurine and it expands into a bronze griffin. He mounts it and flies up to the sky. He stops to be with level of the manticore, about 90 feet up in the air. He then flies straight back to his companions. However, the griffin rumbles and shrinks back into a figurine. Trellimar is now plunging to the ground. He tries to glide out of the range of the fallshard. However, he is not quick enough, so he plunges through the thatched roof of a building. He lands hard onto the ground. He is extremely injured. He then hears the flapping of wings coming over him.

Meanwhile, the rest hear a loud crash. The manticore flies off but they do not see the bronze griffin in the air. At the same time, the hobgoblins and the captives are about to enter the temple. Not wanting to allow them to enter it, Nalistri conjures a wall of ice to block the entrance. As if on cue, the hobgoblins turn around and readies their spear and scutum in a phalanx formation. The captives are pushed back to a barricade. Cam, Elora and Nalistri are spotted. Jiǔtóu remains hidden.

First Round of Battle
Cam casts Mirror Image of himself. Three more illusions of Cam appears. He also casts Spiritual weapon, allowing a spectral weapon in a shape of a big sabre to appear.

Elora casts Conjure Woodland Beings and a female dryad emerges from the overgrown ivy on a building. She bows gracefully to Elora and awaits her command. Cam is in awe upon seeing the beautiful dryad, leading him to say "Who's your friend?" to Elora in unison with his illusion duplicates. Elora commands the dryad to protect them from the hobgoblins. She bows back to Elora and casts Barkskin and Shillelagh on herself. Elora then ducks back into the alleyway.

Under orders from the hobgoblin captain, five of the hobgoblin guards advance to Cam and Nalistri. Three of them attacks Cam, resulting in two of his duplicates fading away. The other two guards attack Nalistri, injuring him.

Jiǔtóu darts around the building and emerges onto the street, south of the battle. She casts Burning Hands at the three guards that did not advance, killing one of them while badly scarring the other two. The captives let out a cheer and are looking around to do something to help.

Nalistri backs off the two guards attacking him, then casts a spell. Mist coalescence out of his hands, covering Cam, Elora and himself in the alleyway. He then draws out an elven rapier and holds it at the ready.

Meanwhile, the manticore lands on the thatched roof and the rider spots Trellimar prone at the bottom of the building. The manticore hovers over the roof and starts clawing away the thatch to get to him. Trellimar gets himself off the debris and runs outside the building by hopping through the open window. He then activates the griffin again, jumps on and starts to fly away. He also consumes a Potion of Greater Healing.

Second Round of Battle
Cam shouts at the captives, asking them to take any weapons off the fallen guards and fight back. He then moves his spectral sabre to attack the closest guard, nearly killing him. Cam finishes him off with an attack from his dagger Nimbus.

Two of the captives hook their manacles around the neck of the two burnt guards. One of the guard falls to the ground, while the other engages in a tussle with the captive. A female captive grabs a spear to fend off the captain, while a male captive picks up the scutum to defend the woman. The remaining four captives ask the group to try to have more guards taken out so that they can grab their weapons.

Elora casts Heat Metal on the captain. The captain cries out in pain as his armour gets extremely hot. Elora then shape-shifts into a giant constrictor snake and slithers to the sides of Cam and Nalistri. As the snake moves through the mist, both Cam and Nalistri feel it slithering pass their leg. Its head comes up to their eye level, resulting in Cam gagging at the sight.

The remaining four guards that advanced attacks Cam and Nalistri again. Two of them attacks Cam, causing his last illusion duplicate to fade off. The other two goes for Nalistri, causing him to collapse onto the ground unconscious. The dryad takes over his spot and protects him as she attacks one of the two guards, injuring him.

The guard grappled by the captive remains as such. The other guard being tussled attacks the captive with his spear, killing him. In the other hand, the captain continues to get scarred by the hot armour as he desperately tries to saw off the leather strap. Jiǔtóu takes advantage to attack the captain with her guandao and a punch, injuring him further.

Meanwhile, the manticore, who is 60 feet away from Trellimar, starts to chase after him. The rider pulls out his javelin and throws it at Trellimar, clipping his shoulder. The manticore shoots out three spikes from its tail, firing them at Trellimar too. Trellimar is now badly injured again. In return, Trellimar casts Blight on the rider. He howls in agony as life is being drained out of him.

Nalistri remains unconscious.

The Battle continues in Episode 32...

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  • "Natural One" Attack: Katie, roleplaying as Elora, plans to fire an arrow at the archer that Cam is tackling up on the tower. While dungeon master Mark says that it is possible, he warns that the arrow will hit Cam should Katie rolls a Natural One. She did roll a Natural One shortly afterwards. Fortunately, the arrow did not hit Cam as she rolled a 3 as part of the advantage roll.[6]
  • Tea and Biscuits: Matt is enjoying some biscuits and tea while he roleplays as Trellimar, who is attacking an ogre. Trott imagines this scene as Trellimar dipping his biscuits in some tea while firing Eldritch Blasts at the ogre.[7]
  • Coding: It is Kim's habit to meta-game by writing down every damage dealt on any character in-game. This leads to Trott commenting that she is as if writing a code after he sees her notes of all damage dealt.[8]
  • First!: There are several firsts that occurred throughout this episode:
    • This is Elora's first time where she is forced to shape-shift back to herself as a result of her beast shape being knocked down to 0 HP.[9][10]
    • The Battle to infiltrate Melody is Trellimar's first time where he takes no damage from a combat.[11][12]


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