"The Daring Drow!" is the thirty-second episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on November 13, 2016.

In this episode, our heroes manage to rescue Nalistri's guards and the civilians of Redcrop. They then resume their journey to the Spire of Winter but is caught in a freak storm caused by the Broken Sky, who seems to be executing the next phase of attacks against the Dawn Republic.

Campaign SummaryEdit

The RescueEdit

The Battle continues from Episode 31. Nalistri and the adventurers are engaging a group of hobgoblin guards in the village of Melody. The guards are led by a hobgoblin captain. They were in the midst of transferring eight captured soldiers hired by Nalistri from a former stable by a tavern to the Temple of Pelor when Nalistri and the adventurers attacked them in an attempt to rescue the captive soldiers.

At the same time, Trellimar rides a bronze griffin given by Elora in an attempt to distract the hobgoblin leader, who is riding a manticore, and lead him away from the battle.

Third Round of Battle
As Elora concentrates on shape-shifting into a giant constrictor snake, the dryad fades away from existence. In addition, the ice wall that once blocked the entrance to the Temple of Pelor crumbles since Nalistri is not conscious to concentrate on keeping the wall up.

Cam casts Spare the Dying on Nalistri, who is lying unconscious on the ground beside him. His breathing resumes but remains unconscious. Cam then moves his spectral sabre to attack the injured guard nearest to him, which results in killing him. Cam later shouts out of Trellimar whereabouts, since it is he is expected to be here in the battle by now, riding a griffin.

The giant snake attempts to constrict the guard nearest to her but is unable to as the guard fends her off with his sword.

The captain manages to cut the straps of his armour, which was heated by Elora with Heat Metal, and drops it onto the ground. He then runs into the temple to hide as he is extremely injured.

Jiǔtóu strikes the injured guard nearest to her with her guandao. The blade pierces through his chest, killing him. She then attacks the guard who is grappled by one of the captive soldiers, striking his armour with her guandao then injuring him with a punch to his throat. Jiǔtóu later runs into the temple to look for the captain.

Meanwhile, the leader riding a manticore hurls another javelin at Trellimar. It hits him and Trellimar is now on low health. The manticore dives down and attempts to grab the griffin with its claws. The griffin fights back, leading to a tussle between the two.

Trellimar sends Granamyr off to get help from his companions. He then leaps onto the manticore, which catches the leader off guard. He fires Eldritch Blasts at the leader. The leader swipes off one of Trellimar's arm, sending the first blast flying off. The second blast from the other hand, however, hits him. He stumbles back as the blast hits him. His shield tumbles off. The leader steadies himself and takes out his whip.

Fourth Round of Battle
Cam moves his spectral sabre to attack the nearest guard, which injures him even further. Cam tries to finish him off with his dagger Nimbus, but it misses. He then stands by Nalistri, protecting him. The giant snake tries to constrict the same guard but is unable to. At the same time, the captive soldiers killed the grappled guard.

Jiǔtóu slowly moves inside the run down temple and is on alert for any signs of the captain. A wood snaps and Jiǔtóu quickly look behind her to see the captain charging towards her with his greatsword. She parries his first swing using her guandao but the second swing hits her, dealing some damage. Jiǔtóu also spots an empty vial on the ground by him. She strikes back at the captain with her guandao. The poison from the blade seeps into his body and he drop dead onto the ground. She then walks out of the temple after pillaging 13 gold pieces and some trinkets, including a couple of dice carved from bone, off him.

Meanwhile, the leader comments on how brave Trellimar is and that he could be of use for the Burning King. He then lashes his whip at Trellimar, knocking him unconscious. This causes Trellimar to slip off the manticore.

Back at the battle, Cam receives a series of images in his mind, all revealing that Trellimar needs help.

Fifth Round of Battle
Cam shouts at the giant snake to stay by Nalistri, telling her that he needs to help Trellimar. Cam then dashes towards the gate. The giant snake tries to constrict the last remaining guard but he fends her off again. Jiǔtóu heard Cam's cry and dashes to help Trellimar too. The captive soldiers, on the other hand, are freeing themselves off the manacles with the keys they got from the fallen guards.

Meanwhile, Trellimar regains conscious and sees that the Manticore's claws wrapped around his body. The manticore is landing on the ground outside the gate. Not wanting to be attacked, he plays dead.

Sixth Round of Battle
The giant snake fails to constrict the last guard once again, leaving a now freed soldier to finish him off with a spear. The same soldier also spots Nalistri. She then wraps herself around Nalistri and travels to the gate as well. The captive soldiers all free themselves and run towards the tavern as it is the building where they last saw the captured civilians being taken into. They also murmur amongst themselves of the first freed soldier telling them of him seeing Nalistri.

Meanwhile, Cam and Jiǔtóu continue to run towards the gate. Jiǔtóu, being a monk, runs faster than Cam. She is now 20 feet away from the gate when she sees the manticore landing about 30 feet away from her.

The manticore is about to land when it sees Jiǔtóu. Instead, the manticore hovers about 15 feet above ground and turns to look at her. The leader warns Jiǔtóu not to move closer or he will have the manticore claws through Trellimar's throat. Trellimar also sees Jiǔtóu but continues to play dead. He also telepathically tells Jiǔtóu about his plan.

Seventh Round of Battle
The giant snake, upon hearing from the soldiers of the location of the captured civilians, chooses to slither over to the taverns instead, still dragging Nalistri along. As she approaches, the soldiers all see Nalistri clearly. The giant snake lets go of Nalistri by placing him in front them. An older soldier checks on the status of Nalistri, who is still unconscious. Some of the other soldiers head inside the tavern.

Meanwhile, Cam is now 50 feet away from the gate; 30 feet behind Jiǔtóu. Upon seeing her, he chooses to get around the side to try to sneak closer.

Jiǔtóu tells the leader that she would like to parley with him. He replies to say that, because they have ruined their plans in Melody, he could only offer the body of Trellimar, believing that he is dead. Jiǔtóu asks what he could do with the "dead" body, the leader tells her that, since he is going to offer the body to his captain, Viticus can do many things with it.

Jiǔtóu offers to trade herself for the body of Trellimar, saying that she will go with him without fighting back should he release Trellimar. With this, the leader accepts her deal since Jiǔtóu is a tiefling. He demands her to drop all of her weapons and equipment. She complies and removes all items on her, except for Crownrend, which is hidden in her sleeves, and two Potions of Healing which she manages to snug into her sash. She then raises her hands in surrender and walks forward. The leader tells her to stop once she is five feet away from him. As agreed, he lowers the manticore and releases Trellimar gently on the ground. The leader hops of the manticore and starts to tie her hands up.

At this point, Cam comes out of hiding and dash towards the action. The leader is taken by surprise as Cam casts Healing Word on Trellimar, then throws his dagger Nimbus at the leader, all which shouting at him that he will not be taking anyone anywhere. The dagger slices across his face, then coalesces back into Cam's hand.

Trellimar quickly rolls out from under the manticore and fires Eldritch Blasts at the leader upon standing back on his feet. Both blasts injuries the leader badly. He turns around to see Trellimar spins his both hands around to point middle fingers at him. Cam sees this and feels proud of Trellimar.

In anger, the leader commands the manticore to attack Trellimar. He then lashes out at Jiǔtóu with his whip. His action brings flashes of memory of her past being a slave for a dragonborn.

The manticore attacks Trellimar with its jaw and claws. The attack is with limited success, hurting Trellimar a bit. It then roars at him, which Trellimar takes the chance to stab his dagger into its jaw, causing a deep gash along a side of its mouth.

Eighth Round of Battle
The giant snake slithers up to the tavern's entrance. She can faintly hear cries of help coming from the basement.

Meanwhile, Cam casts another Healing Word on Trellimar. He then throws his dagger Nimbus at the manticore, which scars it a bit.

Jiǔtóu activates Crownrend. It expresses his delight in Jiǔtóu's mind. The gemstone on the bracer burst into flames and onyx-coloured plates extend up her arm to her shoulder. She punches the leader with her enhanced fist, breaking a couple of his rib bones. As he clutches his chest in pain, he dodges just in time to miss her second punch. The leader tries to strangle Jiǔtóu in retaliation but she is quick enough to grab his throat instead. She squeezes her neck up to a point where his spine breaks. She drops him to the ground.

At the same time, the manticore attempts to bite Trellimar but misses. It then flings its tail at Cam, shooting out two spikes. Cam lets out a somewhat silent but high-pitched scream as the two spikes hit him.

Trellimar tries to leap onto the manticore but is unable to since it is moving around often. He then tries to stab its face again, but its thick hide absorbs the attack.

Ninth Round of Battle
The giant snake slithers towards the source of the sounds of cries. The soldiers follow behind her. At the basement, the giant snake sees nine civilians all tied up. She slithers forward to try to bite the ropes off as the civilians are all frightened by the sight of a giant snake. However, her fangs are of no use to bite the ropes, so she shape-shifts back to Elora and unties the civilians. At the same time, she tells them to head to the soldiers upstairs. She also asks if there are more captured civilians around, to which they tell her that they are the only ones.

Meanwhile, Cam casts Speak with Dead on the dead leader. He asks on the command for the manticore to stand down. The leader tells him that there is no command, only a master to guide it. Cam asks him on how would he guide it to stand down, but the leader simply tells him that Cam will need to be its master. Cam drags the corpse of the leader to the manticore and asks the same question, this time asking in a way to make the leader say the word. Still, the leader repeats his answer. Cam asks him to make it stand down, but the leader tells him that he could if he is alive. Frustrated, Cam stabs the corpse in the throat. Cam then heals Trellimar again with Healing Word.

Jiǔtóu punches the manticore several times with her enhanced fist, injuring it further. The manticore roars in fury and attempts to bite back at her. Jiǔtóu blocks the bite with her bracer, shattering several of its teeth. It then claws her, this time dealing some damage.

With the manticore distracted with Jiǔtóu, Trellimar fires Eldritch Blasts at it. Aiming for its buttock, the two blasts go straight in and out through the mouth. This splits the manticore into halves. Cam vomits at the sight, while Jiǔtóu flicks off the blood that was spewed on her.
End of Battle


Cam hands over a Potion of Healing to Jiǔtóu, seeing how injured she is.

With no other enemy in sight, Jiǔtóu deactivates Crownrend. As the metal plates retract into the bracer, Crownrend eagerly howls to kill more foes. Jiǔtóu had to tell him there are no more enemies to kill.[1]

With the battle now over, everyone, including the freed soldiers and civilians, gather up by the gate of Melody. Nalistri eventually regains conscious an hour later and converse with his soldiers that he hired. The soldiers are all donning armours and weapons they took from the dead hobgoblin guards.

Cam asks Trellimar to return the bronze griffin back to Elora, which he does. Elora comments that she should not let Trellimar control her griffin again. However, Trellimar claims that he valiantly leap across a wide gap from his griffin onto the manticore and fought against the leader. His companions all believed him.

Nalistri walks over to the adventurers to let them know that the soldiers, which he has paid them, will escort the civilians back to Redcrop. He also tells them that they now should head back to the elven dignitaries as all issues related to Melody have been settled. Nalistri then thanks whoever that saved his life.

Learning that the captured civilians are from Redcrop, Jiǔtóu walks over to them and calls out for Barrick. A male adult human, with a bandaged leg and holding a spear used as a makeshift crutch, walks forward. She informs him that his family got attacked by a few hill giants but are now save in Redcrop. She also hands him 13 gold pieces that she took from the hobgoblin captain earlier. He graciously thanks her. Likewise, all of the civilians thank the adventurers for rescuing them.

Cam places his hands behind his back and paces up and down the soldiers, as if he is a military commander. He calls out for the soldiers to gather for debrief. At first the soldiers are all laughing yet confused since Cam is not wearing a military outfit, but they stand at attention when Cam claims that he is a Captain of the Ninth Division from Talis'Val under the command of Korak the Champion. He also claims to be a part of a special task force, which leads to the soldiers telling him that they are not at fault for not knowing who he is in the first place.

Cam asks them on what happened that led to their capture, to which one of them explains that they were tending to an injured being along the road when they got ambushed by the hobgoblins. He then commands them that they must have the utmost alertness and pace to bring the civilians back to Redcrop. When one of the soldiers voice out that the civilians look tired and should rest, Cam demands the soldiers to carry them back to the village. The soldiers grumble as they try to carry the civilians, even pointing out that there are more civilians than soldiers. Still, Cam remains persistent that the civilians are to return to Redcrop immediately.

One of the soldiers suggests Cam to get a head start first then they will escort the civilians back to Redcrop. Cam simply places his finger on the soldier's lip. He tries to cast Mass Healing Word but is unable to as he has expended all of his spell uses for the day, so Cam awkwardly walks off. He also tells the soldier that he was trying to heal all of them, which the soldier reluctantly thanks him.

Elora walks up to the same soldier and tells him not to take Cam seriously, saying that he is just being an idiot. She tells the soldiers to just bring the civilians back to Redcrop safely whenever they are ready to head out. Nalistri then tells Elora that he is surprised that the soldiers actually believed Cam's word. Elora just says that such things happen sometimes.

The Journey ContinuesEdit

After four hours, Nalistri and the adventurers are all back with the elven dignitaries that are resting inside a watchtower ruin.

Upon spotting them, Lord Alfadon frantically asks if they are alright. Cam tells him on how amazing Trellimar was during the battle, which Alfadon gives a hearty slap on Trellimar's back, commenting on his bravery and fighting skills. On the other hand, Queen Aletha is just glad that they are all well. She also heals Trellimar. Trellimar thanks her and gives a little wink. She chuckles, though Alfadon calls him out, telling Trellimar to not do such actions on his wife. Trellimar apologises to him.

Cam comments on how Alfadon should have been with them during the battle, saying that it would be fun. Alfadon agrees so, exclaiming that he should have gone to the fight. Elora is persistent that it is best that he should remain behind, saying that he is in no condition to fight. Her father just brushes off her claims.

Elora says on how it is hard to be a giant constrictor snake. Her mother understands her frustration, commenting that it can take some time to get use to not having limbs. Elora also shares on how it is difficult to drag an unconscious body around, referring to Nalistri. Cam gives a slap on Nalistri's back, commenting on how he fought bravely. Their actions made Nalistri embarrassed as he does not want anyone to talk about his actions, though his two bodyguards smile on how Cam and Elora are trying to get him out of his shell.

Queen Shalana comes up and expresses on how well they must have fought. Cam, who still takes interest in her, says on how she should have seen his giant spectral guardian that looked like him. Commander Payla says that she is not surprised as such. However, Elora comments that the guardian is not a pleasant sight to look at, though she stops short on mentioning the glowing buttocks.

With the convoy reassembled, they resume their journey to the Spire of Winter.

As night falls, the convoy sets up a camp fire and have dinner around it. The reserved Nalistri is off to the side and studies his spell book. His two bodyguards are off to another having a meal together. The rest gather as a group to share stories with one another. At one point, Elora asks her mother on how to master the Wild Shape beast form of the snake, which Aletha explains to her on things she can do to improve her form. Trellimar though, after hearing Elora say that, is thinking of another meaning to what she said. He winks at Cam, thinking that he knows what he is thinking of. However, Cam does not understand his thoughts.

Everyone goes to sleep for the night. The two bodyguards rotate shifts to keep watch. Elora and Nalistri are still awake.

Nalistri walks over to Elora, stands awkwardly for a while, then sits beside her. Though mixing his sentences a bit here and there, Nalistri thanks Elora for assisting him in Melody earlier, then asks her on how she knows she belongs to her family. Elora, being patient with him as she understands his behaviour, shares that she feels part of a family, mainly due to being an only child, which allows her parents to spend most of their time with her as she grows up. Her mother teaches her on druid magic; her father on hunting in the wild. Still, she says that every family have their own frustrations.

Nalistri shares that, while his mother is cold, his father act as if he is a stranger, a shame he wishes to hide. He adds that his father was never like this with Nalistri's sister and older brother. Elora asks if he tried talking to his father about it, though Nalistri says that he rather tries to not anger him since after all, he is his father. Nalistri wants to make his father to be proud than to be annoyed by him. He shares that he tries to stay out of his way and support the family by learning magic, since he figured that the family could use some magic in battle. His mother is a sorcerer with innate magic, and his siblings have no talent for it.

Nalistri apologises to Elora for being jealous of her having a good connection amongst her family. He adds that he feels more common with Trellimar. As for Cam, Nalistri comments that he can manage to find solace and easy to be with people, despite being an idiot. For a simple man, Nalistri says, Cam does seem to be able to connect with others.

Elora tries to assure him by saying that every family is different, but is not all peaceful either. As she said, Elora tells Nalistri that her family is not without fights but says that her family has gone through them. She then suggests Nalistri to try to talk to Trellimar about it, as all families have different past and resolves.

Elora says that communication is the key, just like how they are able to help Nalistri in rescuing his captured soldiers only after he told them of his troubles. Nalistri shares that, being alone and reserved, he never thought that it is possible to talk to other people about such troubles, and now sees her logic on what Elora is conveying. Elora suggests him that he should try to be more open, perhaps even talk to his sister about his troubles. Nalistri thanks her and awkwardly walks off.

Unnatural WeatherEdit

The convoy resumes their journey in the morning. As they travel further north, the weather gets chilly. Everyone had to wear coats to keep themselves warm. Jiǔtóu in particular is suffering from the cold as she has not experienced snowy weather before. Also, a weather front is heading in their direction, which they guess will happen in two hours’ time.

Although the cold weather is common in the northern regions of Arrak, both Elora and her mother, Aletha, sense that the approaching weather front is moving unnaturally quickly. The two also sense that there is something magical about it.

The wind picks up speed and howls across the plains. The icy cold rain now hammers down onto their skin. Thunders and lightning can be seen and heard in the distance. The convoy struggles to stay on their horses due to the strong wind. Nalistri tries to shout over the howling winds as he tells the rest that the weather is not this bad when he was travelling through the area a couple of days prior. Elora shouts back to say that the weather is unnatural and magical.

Seeing small pockets of woods amongst the small valleys and hills, Elora proposes that they should try to ride the storm out by camping by the trees. Lord Alfadon agrees with her, so the convoy detours into the woods.

It takes them about an hour to travel into the woods. Inside, the wind pressure dies down a bit. With no time to spare, the convoy makes preparations to ride out the approaching storm. Jiǔtóu uses Elemental Attunement to move loose rocks and earth materials out from their area. Nalistri conjures icy walls to serve as a windbreak.

The storm has arrived. The wind is so strong that staying rooted to the ground is becoming difficult. The rain is so heavy that visibility drops to about 10 feet. The wind is so cold that it may turn into hail or snow. Jiǔtóu is having difficulty keeping herself warm. A few of them, including Trellimar, are resistant to the cold.

Jiǔtóu tries to heat herself up to fight against the cold. Granamyr clings into Trellimar tightly as he is afraid of being blown away due to his small size. Trellimar stabs a dagger into a tree to hold onto it. Cam does the same with two of his daggers. Elora druid-crafts the roots of the trees to come out of the ground and grab her feet tightly. Shalana conjures a magical rope to wrap Payla and herself together. Aletha uses her magic to create a recess into the ground for her husband, Alfadon, and herself. She then uses Druidcraft to have the roots intertwining over the recess. Alfadon also sticks his sword into the ground for the two to hold onto. Nalistri and his two bodyguards shelter behind a windbreak. Everyone also ties themselves onto a long piece of rope that links everybody, in case one of them gets blown away by the strong winds.

Without warning, the rain droplets become thin shards of ice for a split moment. This injures everyone except Jiǔtóu as her flames soften the impact. The shards of ice become rain again. Another flash of lightning occurs, accompanied by thunder. A tree can be heard falling to the ground at a distance.

Jiǔtóu is thinking of casting Levitate on an object to use as a shield via her doss lute. Nalistri calls out that he can conjure a platform of ice for her to do so. Jiǔtóu finds it useful, so she levitates the platform of ice to shelter the convoy after Nalistri conjures it.

Trellimar puts on his relic mask, the Shroud of Eyes, to try to see what is causing the weather. He sees a big silhouette amongst the dark swirling clouds and alerts everyone about it.

Cam begins to cast Magic Circle against potential enemies. He had to let go of the tree to do so but manages to stand firm on the ground against the strong winds. The others remain in their position.

There is another clash of lightning, this time of blue and white light. It aimed for one of Nalistri's bodyguards, who leaps out of the way in time. In spite of that, he takes some damage as the lightning scorched part of his armour. Part of the ice platform is damaged from the lightning. It is followed by a loud booming thunder that reverberates through the woods. Cam, Elora and Trellimar all takes damage from it.

The rain becomes hail. Jiǔtóu, looking at the silhouette that Trellimar pointing, notices that the storm is localised underneath the silhouette. Moving at such fast speed, she believes that the storm will pass over soon. Jiǔtóu thinks of using her guandao to act as a lightning rod, so she moves out from under the ice platform. However, a sudden gush of wind knocks her off her feet, sending her flying off. The rope torts, causing her to land hard on the ground 20 feet away. Her guandao tumbles away from her.

Trellimar, looking intensely at the silhouette, can make out a shape of a tower in the sky. On the top is an orb, with a figure doing something with it. He fires a beam of Eldritch Blast at the tower. Something flickers as the beam hits the base of the tower. Cam yells at Trellimar for firing a blast at the tower, which he worries that it has given away their location. He now believes that it is better if they hide, so he stops casting Magic Circle and casts Pass without a Trace instead.

Elora shape-shifts into a polar bear, a beast form heavy enough to not allow the wind to knock her over, and starts moving towards Cam to try to hide.

Another clash of lightning. This time, it seems to be following the trail of the Eldritch Blast. Trellimar just manages to dart out of its way, but takes some damage from the bolt of lightning.

Everyone notice that the wind is picking up faster and faster. Now, a tornado is heading fast towards the convoy, ripping some trees off its path.

Cam grabs onto his rope and plunges a dagger onto a tree. The tornado picks him up but Cam restrains from getting himself sucked up into it. Jiǔtóu, however, gets picked up since she is lying prone on the ground. Another lightning strikes, in which only Trellimar takes damage from it.

The wind suddenly dies down. The hail stops. The sun shines down into the woods as the clouds pass by, heading south. Jiǔtóu, who got picked up a couple of feet up in the air, starts falling down onto the ground. Cam positions himself to stand underneath Jiǔtóu to try to catch her. Instead, Jiǔtóu reaches to a tree trunk and hand-climbs down. He lands beside Cam and stares curiously at him, wondering what he is catching. Cam tells Jiǔtóu that she was not supposed to do what she did, but brushes it off.

Everyone watch the clouds moving south. Aletha, Cam and Elora all point out that it seems to be heading towards Talis'Val, the capital of the Dawn Republic. Cam adds that they need to somehow warn Korak the Champion as Elora fears that it is the Broken Sky. Nalistri says that the clouds are moving unnaturally fast and can sense powerful elemental magic from it that can control the weather. After Trellimar told them of him seeing a tower in the clouds, Nalistri reckons that it might be a castle belonging to cloud giants. Cam and Elora think that, if what Trellimar saw is indeed a castle, it may belong to Princess Fellania, a cloud giant and the leader of Broken Sky. Not knowing what is Broken Sky, Elora explains briefly to Nalistri about the organisation that plans to bring down Korak the Champion and Dawn Republic.

Cam asks the elven dignitaries if they can do anything within their power to warn Korak about the Broken Sky. Nalistri shares that his spire have a device that could send messages to other spires. Cam expresses his worry that they must get to the Winter Spire quickly as every second counts. The convoy travelled for five days since they left Talis'Val but Nalistri reckons that the clouds could reach Talis'Val in a day or two.

Everyone takes this time to heal before continuing their journey to the Winter Spire.

Spire of WinterEdit

About seven hours later, the convoy reaches the foot of a mountain range, Grasping Peaks. Nalistri guides them through a mountain pass. He and Alfadon warn every one of tribes of hobgoblin and orcs that live in the mountain. They do see the two races, but it is of them lying dead on the ground, as if a battle took place.[2]

After travelling for about eight hours, the convoy emerges through the other side of the mountain range. From there, they see an expanse of tundra that seems to stretch as far as the eyes could see. Snow covered valleys and unhealthy-looking pine trees dot the lands.[3]

It is another day's worth of travel and entering a gorge, the convoy reaches the main gate of the Spire of Winter. The facade is a nearly translucent, though jagged and sharp, blue-tinted ice. The towers are like spikes of ice that twists and curves as it emerges from the ground. Tiny balconies with silvery stairs and banisters merge into the spire. Within the walls of the spire are smaller wooden buildings that seems hastily built by the people of the spire.[4]

The citizens are watching nervously and curiously at the convoy as they walk through the spire's compound. There are also numerous guards all dressed similarly as Nalistri's bodyguards, wielding spears and a shield emblazoned with the symbol of the Winter Spire, a bottom-half snowflake with spikes coming out of the top.[5]

Lord Alfadon comments on the spire's compound, saying that Lord Selandris has not given up his old way of being the eternal defender of the Feywild. He gives a lesson on elven culture to Cam, explaining that each of the elven spires is dedicated to a purpose within the elven community. Spire of the Moon is about wisdom and knowledge of the natural world, both warriors and scholars at the same time. They look after the Feywild. Spire of Summer is about hunters and champions, fighting against the archfeys, enemies of the Feywild. Spire of Winter is the defender of the elven kingdom, protecting the other spires when they go into slumber. In their darkest time, the Winter Spire is the force that keeps the true powers of the archfey at bay.[6]

Elora suggests that they send the warnings to Talis'Val first before conversing with Lord Selandris. Nalistri says that it is best that the elven dignitaries speak with Lord Selandris, while the rest go to send the message.

The main doors of the spire open. The long procession of guards all raise then retract their spears in respect for the elven nobility. Inside the spire which is pleasantly warm, Lord Selandris and his wife descend down a staircase. Selandris is in his late-60s with greyed hair pulled back into a ponytail with a braid, and wearing blue garments and a long slender sword at his side. The wife has a face which speaks of tragedy, with black garments look like she just came out of mourning.

Selandris welcomes the guests to his spire. He is glad that they arrived safely, though he says that he hoped they arrived sooner as he looks at his son Nalistri. Selandris says that he would like to speak with both Lord Alfadon and Queen Shalana urgently but understands that they all must have been weary from their travel, so he invites them to rest in his spire. Selandris looks at Nalistri, saying that he may deal with the others and will speak with in soon. Selandris bows his head and walks into another room.

Nalistri brings the adventurers to the messaging room. He touches a stone, which opens a portal to the room. Inside is a stone pedestal with rings and elven symbols engraved on it. Elora recognises the stone as elven sending stones, since her father had one similar back in her Moon Spire.

Nalistri explains that the stone can only be sent to another elf or elven spire, so he asks the adventurers if they know any elves in Talis'Val. The only elf they know is Enoran, so they decide to send the message to him. The message to Enoran is that he is to inform the Government of the Dawn Republic that Broken Sky is approaching. To know that the message is from them, Elora asks that he is to mention her name and Jiǔtóu asks that he is to mention Korak the Champion's true name, Adrik.

With the message complete, Nalistri places his hand at the centre of the pedestal. A small crystal on the top of the stones forms into a sparrow, then vanishes. Nalistri hopes that Enoran can send words to the government quickly since, by now, the clouds would take another eight to nine hours before reaching Talis'Val.

Cam wonders if they have to wait for the sparrow to return. Nalistri explains that, unless Enoran have the similar sending stone or have a mage powerful enough, he will not be able to send a message back. Cam asks that, if that is the case, how the sparrow returns. Nalistri explains that it may return should it be sent to another elven spire within the same plane of existence, adding that it is why the Winter Spire is unable to contact both the Autumn Spire and Moon Spire as the Winter Spire is still transiting from the Feywild to Arrak.

Elora is thinking of sending a similar message to the Spire of Eternal Autumn but decides not to since the Autumn Spire will need to take another day to travel to Talis'Val. By then, it would have been too late.

On knowing Falk is half-elf and is within Talis'Val, Cam asks if the message can be sent to a half-elf. Nalistri says that they can give it a try if he has a strong connection to the fey. With that, they send a similar message to Falk. A crystal forms into a sparrow. This time though, the sparrow has a slight greenish tint. It then vanishes. Nalistri comments that such tints never happened on such sparrow before. Cam and Elora wonder if it might have something to do with the Green Hunter that they fought together with Falk a while back. Cam also wonders if the colour is simply because Falk have a blood connection with orcs. They just shrug it off.

Nalistri says that they should have a rest. He also believes his father may want to have a meal with everyone later in the day. Cam says in glee that the meal could be nice and awkward for Nalistri, in which Nalistri wish that Cam does not bring it up.

Nalistri once again thanks the adventurers for all the help they gave him especially in Melody. Elora says that she expects his father to raise the issue on their delayed arrival to the Winter Spire. Nalistri agrees. Elora says that they can simply say that they go attacked along the way, which Nalistri says that it seems plausible to say that.

Nalistri and the adventurers go to have a rest.

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  • Birthday: Episode 32 aired live on the same day as Katie's birthday.[7] Kat and Kim baked a cake for her a few days prior to the livestream.[8][9]
  • A Cunning Plan: During the battle, Mark asks Trellimar if he plans to hold an action, specifically saying, "Do you have a cunning plan, me lord?" Trellimar replies to him, saying, "I'm in a stickiest sticky situation than Sticky, the stick insect, on a sticky bun." They are referencing various running jokes from the British television sitcom, Blackadder.[10]
  • Dropping Hints: In any past episodes involving Talis'Val and its surrounding settlements in Dawn Republic, Mark always describes the weather as cloudy. A couple of Redditors on the High Rollers D&D Sub-Reddit guess that Mark may be hinting of cloud giants and their cloud palaces in the sky.[11] Mark confirms this theory in this episode.[12]
  • Gift from Parents: Katie shares that the leaf brooch Elora sacrificed to resurrect Jiǔtóu was a gift from her parents. It was made by them during her younger days when she is learning druid magic. It is also a coming of age gift. Elora's mother had a similar leaf brooch.[13]
  • New Character Race & Class: On a donator's question on the character's race and class should the crew make a new character, Matt says that he would create a human character, Katie says that she would create either a ranger character proficient in bow and arrows or a barbarian character, Trott says that he would create an aarakocra rogue character, Mark says that he would create a halfling character and Kim, with Mark's recommendation, says that she may want to have a dragonborn fighter character like Korak the Champion.[14]
  • Alignment?: On a donator's question on the adventurers' alignment, the High Rollers crew all says that they do not necessary roleplay according to their character's alignment. Katie says that the alignments are based on the recommendation from the Player's Handbook. Mark and Trott gave their opinion that alignments have lesser focus in the fifth edition.[15]
  • Consequences: In Episode 25, the adventurers made the decision to get teleported back to Korak the Champion instead of getting teleported to Gurli. Trott then had to make a spell check on his character Cam using the Scroll of Greater Restoration to save Korak. Should Trott fails the spell check, the Scroll will be rendered useless and Korak may had succumbed to his injuries. A donator asks what would have happened if the adventurers went back to Gurli first. Mark shares that he would make it more difficult for Trott to pass the spell check, increasing the chance of Cam failing the spell check on using the Scroll.[16]


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