"Frost Giants Ahead" is the thirty-fourth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on December 4, 2016 as part of Yogscast Jingle Jam 2016.

In this episode, our heroes investigate the murders happening in Hallow and Nalistri learns his true heritage. Hallow is under siege and a powerful archfey has begun her attacks on the Spire of Winter.

Campaign SummaryEdit

At the end of Episode 33, the adventurers (including Nalistri) have headed back to the Spire of Winter and are resting inside the spire. Episode 34, however, begins with the adventurers still making their way back to the spire.

Spire of Winter have a settlement of about 100-200 elven residents of farmers, hunters, guardsmen and servants and aides of the spire.[1]

The Investigation ContinuesEdit

The adventurers return to the Spire of Winter. Everything seems normal despite them sending warnings earlier in the day of a possible attack on the settlement. There are also no signs of any track marks leading back to the spire. However, Cam catches a glimpse of a dire wolf-sized wolf amongst the pine trees up on a hill 2-3 miles away. He alerts his companions but as they look towards the same direction, the wolf is nowhere in sight.

Elora wonders if the wolf is just another druid like herself, since druids have the ability to shape-shift into any beast form, including a dire wolf. Cam though fears that the wolf he saw might be related to the death of King Selandris' son's scouting party and the killings happening in the nearby frontier town, Hallow. Nalistri says that he is confused about the information on who is behind the attacks, since they were told earlier that frost giants might be involved and that they might have winter wolves as pets. He also shares that the Winter Spire does not have any druids, only arcane spellcasters. Nonetheless, Cam suggests that they track down the whereabouts of the wolf they saw earlier.

Trellimar sends Granamyr off to scout the area where the wolf was last seen. As Granamyr is able to telepathically show Trellimar on what he sees, Trellimar describes to his companions of a white wolf running away from the spire and travelling into a pine forest. From this, the adventurers discuss on their next step.

Sylval returns back to the Winter Spire after spending the morning hunting for games. She sees the adventurers, so she goes over to say hi. Cam asks her why she went hunting without asking him, which she replies that she though he has lost interest the night before after Cam left the spire for Hallow. Elora kindly interrupts and asks Sylval if she saw a white wolf earlier. Sylval says that she has seen a few light grey furred wolves but none of them with white furs.

Sylval asks about the situation with Hallow, especially the warnings of a possible attack by the frost giants. Trellimar simply states that it is just one possibility. He then defends himself to state that the snowy weather is not a climate he is used to after Sylval says that Trellimar is not the investigator she expects him to be.

Sylval invites the adventurers, less Nalistri, to take a rest in the spire since, after all, they are honoured guests. Elora thinks that it is best to follow the direction of the wolf. Trellimar and later Cam both say that it is best to investigate on the next day, claiming that it could get dark soon. Jiǔtóu agrees with Elora and also tells off both Cam and Trellimar for being more interested in chasing skirt than the safety of the settlement. Both Cam and Trellimar state that Sylval is not wearing a skirt. Sylval tells Jiǔtóu that she is simply asking them to have some rest before continuing the investigation.

As Cam and Trellimar continue to agree with each other on the need to rest first, the annoyed Jiǔtóu simply heads off into the direction of the wolf. Nalistri follows her. Sylval lets the remaining three knows that they are welcome to rest in the spire before she retreats into the spire. Cam loudly says out that he will not be easy to get, intended for Sylval, before following Jiǔtóu. Sylval lets out a chuckle. Elora follows Jiǔtóu too, leaving Trellimar no choice but to tag along as well. Sylval looks over her shoulder and shrugs after seeing that none of them intends to rest in the spire.

The Frost GiantEdit

Elora's adeptness of the wildlife leads the group of the trail seemingly left by a recent creature, presumably left behind by the wolf Cam saw earlier. Also, there are frosts on portions of the track left by the creature.

The group reach to the edge of the forest. They can see a recessed valley with a large field of woolly cows. Cam stops the group and questions on why the wolves hunt for elves and humans instead of cows as source of food. Jiǔtóu shares that, during their examination of the dead bodies in Hallow, the humans were hunted not for food but for an unknown purpose. This leads to Trellimar pondering if the wolf is a shape-shifter like Elora. Cam also gives a possibility of the field of cows is owned by a frost giant, assuming frost giants have dire wolves as pets.

While the group is quietly discussing near the edge of the forest, the twanging of a bow can be heard coming from the field. An arrow the size of a spear flies through the air and impaled into a cow. The other cows scatter. Upon closer look, from where the arrow is coming from, there is a white mount that seems to move. The white cloth falls off as it stands up. It reveals a 15-foot tall blue-skinned frost giant, wearing a thick leather and fur clothing. It is going for the cow he killed to retrieve his arrow. With him is a white-furred wolf.

At the sight of the frost giant, the adventurers are generally worried on what to do. Nalistri stammers and accidentally snaps a branch with his foot. The frost giant heard the sound and peers around, at the same time calling out that whoever is out there is not welcomed in Longson's lands, telling any small folk to be gone. Being a giant, his voice booms across the valley.

Cam says that they should leave since the frost giant seems to not want any harm. Elora though thinks that they should communicate with him. Despite Cam's protest, Elora boldly steps out of the treeline and makes herself visible. She calls out to the frost giant, saying that she means no harm. The frost giant instinctively points his drawn bow at her. He recognises her as one of the elves from the Winter Spire, so he asks her business for being in the land. Elora says that she is actually a visitor and not a local resident. The frost giant tells her that she should leave while she is still alive, since the Troubled Lands is dangerous.

Elora tells the frost giant of a noble from the spire killed in the area nearby and wonders if the frost giant knows about it. The frost giant first tells Elora that she is being brave to talk to a frost giant, then asks his pet dire wolf, Howl, to smell her out to check if she is lying. The massive wolf pads his way towards her. Elora shows no sign of fear and slowly stretches her hand out for the wolf to smell her. The wolf growls and shows his teeth to assert his authority. With a sniff, the wolf returns to his master. From the wolf, the frost giant is assured that Elora is not one of the townsfolk from the town with black powder and explosions. As such, he deems Elora to not be dangerous, so he allows her to communicate with him for now.

The frost giant says that he knows of an incident involving a party of elves all killed by the same creature that has also been killing his kind. The jarls know more about this but the frost giant says that he is not welcomed to the community of frost giants who reside along the northern coast.[2] The reason for him not welcomed into the community is because of his pet wolf, since the creature harming the inhabitants of the lands is known as the Great White Wolf, a beast larger than any winter wolves. The frost giant says that Howl and himself have been trying to hunt down the Great White Wolf but has not seen any signs of it for some time now.

Elora asks if the frost giant travels with his companions. He sadly replies that he travels alone since he is not welcomed into his community due to his affinity with animals. Elora shares that she is a druid and is well versed with animals. However, the frost giant asks her what a druid is as he has not heard of such term before. Elora simply states that she can transform into an animal, leading the frost giant to believe she is a shaman. Elora cautiously agrees, though she again explains that she can draw magic from nature. The frost giant's eyes widen as he believes Elora to be a magician, a class his kind deems dishonourable. As such, the frost giant raises his chest to show proudness as he tells Elora that she is not worthy to speak to frost giants since she is a magician according to him. Elora tries to say that she is not a magician to little effect.

"We are just looking for any help we can get," as Elora says as she asks for help regarding the recent killings.

"Who is we?” the frost giant demands, "Do you travel with others? Are they hidden?"

Elora tries to find a way to ease the tension, while the frost giant demands any hidden small folks to reveal themselves. Elora says that she is travelling with her family, who are all back at the Winter Spire. At this, the frost giants expresses that there is something about the spire that he does not like. Elora adds that she just want more information so to prevent further deaths from happening and that the frost giant is the first person she has more information of the death of the elven scouts. To this, the frost giant will only agree to lead her to the site of the battle between the elves and the Great White Wolf. Any further assistance will bring more dishonour to his community.

Before leaving, Elora asks if her friends may tag along. Now knowing that there are other small folks, the frost giant demands everyone to reveal themselves. Elora first say that he will have to understand all these sneakiness as he is intimidating in terms of size. To this, the frost giant feels proud.

Elora asks her companions to reveal themselves, which they all do slowly and cautiously. Jiǔtóu though walks out without fear and bows to the frost giant. Looking at Elora's companions, the frost giant tells her that she keeps strange company, especially a wrong coloured elf and a polite demon child. Asking if any of them are magicians, Elora claims that they are not. The frost giant believes her.

The frost giant introduces himself as Spherior, then asks for their names. Everyone introduces themselves, though Jiǔtóu addresses Spherior as a might warrior before saying her name. To this, Spherior says that she likes the "demon" for knowing how to address a warrior like himself. Spherior then leads the group to the site of battle.


Along the way to the battle site, Cam asks Spherior if he could ride his wolf. Spherior demands that he cannot do it as his wolf serves as his friend and companion, not a vessel to ride on. Cam explains that he is tired, so Spherior decides to pick him up and lets him ride on his shoulder but not before telling Cam that he is weak.

The sky is getting dark as the sun sets early in the Northern Hemisphere.[3] A near full moon rises up in the sky. The adventurers stop a few moments away from the battle site as Spherior says that he will not take them any further as there is something about the place, some foul magic, which Howl does not like.

Since Spherior deemed the adventurers harmless and not traitorous, Spherior tells them that they has gained a bit of his trust. However, he warns them not to find his people as they are less trustworthy than him. Before departing, he gives a wooden horn to Jiǔtóu, which is huge for her. He lets her know that she can blow into it should they need his help, especially if they decide to battle against the Great White Wolf, which Spherior suggests they not engage the wolf and to run away from it instead. With that, he leaves the area as he waves goodbye.

The adventurers approach the battle site. From a distance, there does not seem to have any obvious signs of battle but upon closer look, dried blood stains can be seen.

Everyone examine the area. Trellimar could not find anything else even with his mask on. Nalistri too cannot find anything. The others have better luck, finding shards of broken armour, more blood stains and half of a broken elven blade. There are also markings in the snow of something or someone being dragged away. There is even a severed hand within the vicinity.

There is a faint noise. Elora instinctively casts Pass without a Trace on everybody. Amongst the howling of winds, the mumbling of words can be heard.

"No! Men! Fall back!"

"Where are we being attacked from?"

"Who's done this? Who's done this?"

These words, along with a few others, can be heard fading in and out.

Cam, Elora and Jiǔtóu all see a white translucent figure, a handsome and well-built male elf similar look to King Selandris, emerging from the snow. The figure, wearing an armour and wield a sword and shield, demands something or someone if they are the ones who had attacked his men. At the sight, Cam hides behind Elora and lets out a short, high-pitched squeal.

Elora calls out the name Daphemir. Nalistri turns around as he wonder why did Elora calls out the name of his dead brother. He now sees the same figure. Nalistri then calls out for Daphemir, to which the figure recognises Nalistri's voice. However, the wind and snow makes it hard for the figure to see anyone. He is even uncertain of the fate of his men.

Nalistri runs towards Daphemir with his arms stretched out to hug him but he goes right through the figure. Daphemir, now spotted Nalistri, tries to reach out to him but his ghostly hands go right through him. Daphemir is confused on why he is unable to touch his brother.

Elora gingerly asks Nalistri if this is the site where he found the bodies of Daphemir and his men. Nalistri says that he did not know of this place, only knowing that his brother died after his father brought the bodies back to the Spire. Daphemir asks Nalistri on who is he talking to. He initially thought Elora was Sylval but as she steps closer, he recognises her as the daughter of King Alfadon and princess of the Moon Spire.

Daphemir asks Elora on what brings her here and why he is unable to touch anyone. He also warns the adventurers, now that he sees the rest though as Elora's soldiers, that there is something in the snow that killed his men. He can only remember that it was a beast with claws and howling.

Nalistri breaks the news to him, "Daphemir... you're dead." Daphemir does not believes him and insists that he must find his men to protect them, so he starts to wander off. He walks off far enough that he reappears on the other side of the area. Cam, being a cleric, knows that Daphemir's spirit is bound to the place, so he lets everyone know. On Elora asking him if he can do anything, Cam says they can help the spirit to fulfil his task so that he may leave to the other side.

Daphemir looks at Nalistri, who is struggling to keep himself together, with concern, telling him that he should not be here alone without protection. Elora goes up to then and tells Daphemir that, though she and her companions are not soldiers, they are competent fighters. She also says that they are here to find out who or what killed Daphemir and his men. Daphemir still thinks he is still alive but eventually realises that he is dead after Elora puts her hand through him.

Daphemir, who now appears more solid, warns everyone that they are in danger just being here. He shares that there was a blizzard when a creature attacks his men without warning as if it is like magic. He also says that he can hear the howls of the beast and his men crying out in pain. The creature moves too quickly, like it is part of the snow. It then tears through his armour, causing great pain. Daphemir then is able to see what creature it is; it is a wolf with blooded paws. The creature walks off as Daphemir falls into unconscious, eventually succumbing to his injuries.

Daphemir asks if the Winter Spire is alright, which Elora says that it is. She wants to know who killed him and his men. Daphemir struggles to remember the name due to the confusion of his well-being and him being bound to the place. "Fenris," as Daphemir recalls, saying that the name is more felt than heard of the name.

Nalistri's True PastEdit

"Nalistri," Daphemir calls out to his brother, "I am so sorry."

Nalistri replies to him in sadness and confusion, saying that Daphemir himself would not have known that he will be killed.

Daphemir tells Nalistri that is it not about his death. Rather, it is about keeping secrets from him. Nalistri looks away.

Daphemir looks at Elora and requests her to take Nalistri away from the Winter Spire and bring him to the Summer Spire, saying that he will feel more at home there. Elora wonders if it has something to do with Nalistri's aunt. Daphemir replies yes.

"What are you talking about?" Nalistri questions.

"It is not his aunt, but his mother."

Daphemir further explains that Selandris' sister betrayed the Winter Spire not too long ago by marrying a rival of Selandris. They had a child but both were slain in the battle against the archfey. Selandris hated his sister for abandoning the Winter Spire but he could not choke the duty of raising her child as it is part of the family. The child is Nalistri.

At this point, Nalistri is visibly struggling. His hands clenched together.

Daphemir kept this secret from Nalistri for a long time. Yet, he tries to do right by him.

"This makes... all the sense in the world, I suppose," Nalistri slightly stutters, "Of course... of course, I never truly belonged.

Daphemir says that he did see him as his brother. He also apologises for not able to provide any comfort to him and for his father's treatment towards him. Daphemir tries to explain that it is not Selandris' fault though as it is a harsh, cold pain in his heart.

Tears well up in Nalistri's eyes as he is now quiet. Elora puts her hand on his shoulder as a gesture of comfort.

Daphemir's form begins to fade. He believes he has completed his task, of letting Nalistri know his true past.

Before leaving, at Cam's requests any other information that could help in regards to the death of Daphemir's men, Daphemir says that, after he died, a tall giant-like figure approaches the battle site with a winter wolf. Though sounds and fells similar to the wolf that attacked his men, this wolf have no blood stains on its paws.

With that information, which Cam believes it can be helpful, Cam says that it is time for Daphemir to be at peace. He asks Nalistri to give his last goodbyes. Nalistri quiet replies to say that he has.

Cam bows his head and focus his energy on his deity Avandra, requesting assistance to allow Daphemir to rest in peace. Elora bows to Daphemir. Though Cam is not familiar with the elven rites for the dead, he gives a holy rite for Daphemir in a form of a haiku.

Daphemir, hello
It's a shame to see you go
But not you are not...

And the spirit of Daphemir fades away.

Now that Nalistri knows of his past, he says that it now make sense on why he never feels at home. He, however, then wonders why the Winter Spire would keep up the charade that he is part of the Frostwalkers. Elora believes that it might have been that Selandris is too proud to admit that something went wrong. Nalistri thinks her explanation sounds logical, given that Selandris maintains his pride. Elora says that it is fine and lets Nalistri knows that he may come with them. Nalistri says that he will like the idea, so he thanks her.

Nalistri worries that, if the beast that killed Daphemir and his men is still out there, it may also harm the Winter Spire.

On Fenris, Cam have heard of stories about her during his travels with his family. From the old tales, Fenris is a figure who is known to be of "eternal night" and "consumed the sun", generally associated with the end of the world. Trellimar knows further about Fenris through his pact with his Great Old One. Whilst Trellimar never sworn affiliation to any archfey, he has learnt a bit about them since his other warlocks then to get their powers from them. Fenris is believed to be a very powerful archfey spirit that was banished by the elves a long time ago. Some warlocks devote themselves to her to receive her powers, often related to darkness, frost or winter. She is also connected to wolves and other beasts.[4]

Both Cam and Trellimar let everyone know who Fenris is, of how evil she is. Nalistri though wonders why a powerful archfey would attack a small group of elves than a spire. To this, Cam thinks that Spherior could be the attacker instead, though Jiǔtóu doubts it. Trellimar says that he could read his mind through his mask to figure out the truth. Elora adds that Spherior is also kicked out from his community, though Jiǔtóu explains it to say that he is simply weak compared to the others.

Nalistri sees two possible situations: Spherior made a pact with Fenris or Spherior refuses to partake with his community's pact with Fenris.

The Unfair DuelEdit

All of a sudden, both Cam and Elora see smoke and fire billowing in a distance, from the town of Hallow.

Cam hopes that it is simply a mishap that their firearms caught on fire. Elora says that it might have been possible, though she also points out of the Powder Beards that could cause trouble. Nalistri says that, on one hand, the people of Hallow are good people, especially Sheriff Macklin. However, on the other, there are potential attacks from the archfey on the Winter Spire, where the elven royalties are currently at. Both Elora and Nalistri firmly state that their families are in the Spire. Jiǔtóu thinks that they could be stronger with the people of Hallow as an ally, especially with their firearms.

After a round of discussion, the adventurers decide that they should help the people of Hallow. Nalistri has also send his owl familiar back to the Spire to send their findings of Daphemir's circumstances of his death.

After a couple of hours, the adventurers arrive at Hallow. It is not a pretty sight. The townsfolk are hiding indoors, meekly peering into the streets, as dwarf bandits stand guard all around the town carrying torches. At the centre is a hastily built gallows. The dwarves call out to the townsfolk to witness their sheriff be hung high as Dulgrim is now in charge.

The adventurers stay within the treeline as two dwarves drag a bound up Sheriff Macklin, gagged and wearing only his underclothes and trousers, out of prison. Shortly afterwards, walking out of the saloon is Dulgrim, leader of the Powder Beards and wears an eye patch and a black cowboy hat. He also wields a silver-coloured firehand.

Dulgrim taunts Macklin for not able to prevent his town from being taken over by the Powder Beards. He also says that he will ensure that Macklin will no longer run any more towns in the Troubled Lands. As such, Dulgrim orders his men to bring him up to the gallows, which they did.

Cam has an idea. He, in whispers, suggest Jiǔtóu to casts Fly on Macklin via her doss lute. She lets him know that she may also casts Levitate. Cam adds that once Macklin is floating in the air to prevent being hanged to death, they will then have a surprise attack against the dwarves.

The adventurers are interrupted by Dulgrim addressing the people of Hallow. He formally appoints himself as both the new sheriff and mayor of the town. He also says that, since the strongest person gets to lead, only the Powder Beards is the strongest faction in the region, hereby claiming that Macklin is not strong enough to lead. To the people of Hallow, Dulgrim offers them to work for him in the mines and he will let them live as per normal. There are two conditions though: cause him no trouble and work as demanded by Dulgrim. To this, Dulgrim asks the people if there is an agreement. No one dares to argue back, so Dulgrim declares that the people accept his offer.

Saying that Macklin causes trouble for him, Dulgrim invites the people to bear witness to the punishment that he will bestow upon Macklin. He plucks the sheriff badge off Macklin and sentences him to be hanged.

Jiǔtóu suggests that Cam challenges Dulgrim to a duel.

Dulgrim's men begin making the noose. They put it around Macklin's neck and tighten it. They are prepared to hang him.

Cam jumps out of the treeline and, directing at Dulgrim, says, "I challenge you to a duel!"

There are gasps from the crowd as everyone turns towards his direction. Dulgrim asks Cam on what is he doing. Cam repeats what Dulgrim said earlier about only the strongest can lead and tells Dulgrim on what makes him think that he is the strongest in the region. As such, Dulgrim agrees to the duel. However, being the challengee, he gets to pick the terms of the duel, much to Cam's dismay.

Dulgrim determines that the duel shall be with firehands, as he takes his firehand out and swing it around his finger while claiming that he is the fastest gunslinger of the region. Cam is worried since he is proficient in daggers, not in firehands. Dulgrim asks one of his men to give Cam a firehand for the duel. Cam regrets it though, claiming that he has his own firehand. Cam then speaks softly, asking Jiǔtóu to pass him her firearm that she got the day before.

Jiǔtóu quietly tells her companions that they should take this opportunity to rescue Macklin. Then, as she is figuring out how to toss Cam her firearm, Elora asks Jiǔtóu to give it to her instead. Elora receives the firearm, then steps out of the treeline and pass it to Cam. Dulgrim notices Cam's elf companion giving him a firearm but chuckles, since Cam's firearm is not a firehand (pistol-related) but a boomstick (shotgun-related). Nonetheless, Dulgrim allows the boomstick but changes the term to 100 paces. Annoyed by the change of terms, Cam takes the firehand from the dwarf instead.

Both Cam and Dulgrim walk to an open space for their duel. Elora walks with Cam but Dulgrim stops her, saying that she must not interfere with the duel between just him and Cam. To ensure that Elora does not try anything funny, two of Dulgrim's men walk up to her and keep her in place.

Jiǔtóu casts Invisibility on herself using the doss lute and starts walking sneakily to the gallows. Both Nalistri and Trellimar remain hidden in the treeline, with Trellimar getting ready to attack.

Dulgrim explains to Cam that the duel works by first having their backs against one another, then walk 100 paces (lowered to 50 after Cam claims that he could not count more than 50), turns around and shoot the other person. Only one bullet can be used. The person that kills the other wins the duel. Both Cam and Dulgrim shake hands. They are ready to begin the duel.

"1, 2, 3!"

Both Cam and Dulgrim turn around and start walking 50 paces. During this time, Cam casts Invoke Duplicity and have his duplicate hidden inside him by walking in pace with himself.

Elora keeps her focus on the duel. Both Cam and Dulgrim have walked a couple of paces. Dulgrim suddenly turns around, quickly takes his firehand out of his holster and aims it at Cam, ready to pull the trigger. Reacting quickly, Elora casts Heat Metal on Dulgrim's firehand. The gun's barrel heats up.

Dulgrim pulls the trigger. However, the bullet in the barrel explodes, forcing Dulgrim to throw his firehand. Still, the bullet flies towards Cam's heart. In the nick of time, Cam jumps to the side the moment he hears the firing of the firehand. The bullet misses the heart but pierces into Cam's chest, causing some damage.

Battle of HallowEdit

HighRollers Hallow

An ongoing combat in Hallow

First Round of Battle
Trellimar runs out of the treeline and stands beside Cam to fire his Eldritch Blasts at the nearest dwarves. However, he aims poorly and sends the blasts flying off. One of it shatters the window of the saloon.

Dulgrim commands his men to kill the adventurers.

Cam picks himself up, dusts himself off and walks to Dulgrim with his duplicate still hidden inside him. He menacingly tells Dulgrim off for his dishonourable action and throws his dagger Nimbus at him face. Dulgrim dodges the dagger to his face but receives a cut on his shoulder. The dagger then coalesces back in Cam's hand. Dulgrim is unfazed by this though.

Nalistri steps out of the treeline to be in range with the dwarf by the armsmith. He weaves his hands to conjure a cloud of ice and frost on the dwarf. The ground becomes slippery, causing the dwarf to lose his balance and fall to the ground.

Jiǔtóu, now standing behind Macklin, starts cutting the noose with her guandao.

One of the dwarf beside Elora tries to grab her arms after noticing that she cast a spell earlier. Elora is quick to prevent to dwarf from restraining her. The other dwarf beside Elora charges at Trellimar with two axes, successfully causing some injury on him.

Elora conjures storm clouds above as she casts Call Lightning. A bolt of lightning strikes the ground near Dulgrim. Dulgrim manages to dodge to one side so as to not receive the full impact of the lightning. Another dwarf, however, received to the full impact and is now struggling to stay alive. Elora then shape-shifts into a polar bear, causing the dwarf that attempted to restrain her earlier to tremble as he falls to the ground.

A dwarf burst out of the general store and the doctor's office each, both holding a firehand. One of them fires at Cam, which misses, and the other fires at the polar bear, which hits and causes decent damage.

The dwarf by the saloon runs towards Cam and throws his axe at him, causing a deep gash on Cam's shoulder.

Second Round of Battle
Trellimar grabs the face of the dwarf beside him and casts Vampiric Touch, sucking the life out of the dwarf.

Through the spell Spiritual Weapon, Cam creates a spectral weapon in a form of a firehand and aims it at Dulgrim. To clear the path for the spectral weapon, Cam throws Nimbus at the dwarf in front of him, dealing some damage.

A dwarf, frightened by the polar bear, starts to run towards the gallows after noticing the noose is somehow being frayed. The polar bear takes to opportunity to attack him with her paws, clawing his back. The dwarf later reaches onto the gallows. Nalistri then casts Ray of Frost at the same dwarf, encasing its legs with ice to slow him down.

Jiǔtóu cuts the noose, freeing Macklin as he collapses to the ground. He is now attempting to free his hands from the ropes binding him. Jiǔtóu, still invisible, stands in between Macklin and the dwarf.

The dwarf that Trellimar to grabbing onto attempts to swing his axes at him. One of the axes injuring Trellimar further.

Dulgrim dives to pick his firehand up. He then reloads it with more bullets.

The polar bear attacks the dwarf attacking Trellimar. She grabs the dwarf and rips it in half, then tossing the remains to one side.

The two dwarves near the general store aim at Cam and the polar bear each. Cam gets hit again, while the polar bear did not. The dwarf by the armsmith gets himself up and runs towards the gallows.

The dwarf on the gallows is about to attack Macklin when he bumps into some invisible object, unaware of Jiǔtóu. She takes the opportunity to attack him, dealing decent damages. Her form becomes visible again, leading the dwarf to be surprised. Using Thaumaturgy, Jiǔtóu's eyes glow as she growls at the dwarf to run. Horrified, the dwarf crapped in his pants, drops his axe and starts running away.

Third Round of Battle
A terrible smell waft pass Trellimar as a dwarf runs past him. Trellimar fires his Eldritch Blasts at the dwarf in front of the general store. One of the blasts shatter a window, while the other hits the dwarf, dealing decent damage.

Cam's spectral weapon fires a bullet-shaped radiant energy at Dulgrim, which injures him further. Cam also stabs the dwarf in front of him with a dagger but is unable to hit him.

Nalistri shots out three blots of energy from his hands to finish off the dwarf Trellimar attacked earlier.

Jiǔtóu, upon seeing a dwarf running up to the gallows, somersaults off the gallows and, with her guandao, slices the dwarf's face. She swings her guandao around to cause another cut. With an uppercut, the dwarf's spine snaps and the body falls lifelessly to the ground.

The polar bear calls upon another bolt of lightning from the storm clouds to strike Dulgrim and a dwarf near him. The lightning strike kills the dwarf, while Dulgrim sustains severe injury.

Dulgrim is pissed off. He fires several rounds from his firehand at Cam. The first shot hits Cam at the chest, causing him to stagger back. The second shot goes through Cam's side, causing the blood to flow out profusely. Nonetheless, instead of falling unconscious, Cam's lightborn ability "Hope Never Dies" activates, allowing Cam to stay up a bit longer. His hair glows with radiant energy. At the same time the ability is activated, Heroism is immediately cast, imbuing Jiǔtóu and Trellimar with bravery.

With the Powder Beards on the losing end, two of the dwarves run away from the battle.

Fourth Round of Battle
Trellimar fires his Eldritch Blasts at Dulgrim. One of the blasts hits Dulgrim's leg, causing him to stumble onto the ground

Cam casts Healing Word on himself and focuses on the gun wound, which stops the bleeding. He then moves his spectral weapon to right in front of Dulgrim's face and throws his dagger Nimbus through the gun barrel as if it is a bullet. However, it misses.

The bounded Macklin tries to gesture Jiǔtóu to untie him. She, however, chooses to activate her bracer Crownrend. Feeding onto her blood, the gemstone on the bracer ignites as it extends itself up her arm with onyx-coloured metal plates. Jiǔtóu walks menacingly towards Dulgrim as Crownrend speaks into her mind, saying that he shall be pleased to kill another tyrant.

With her clawed hand, Jiǔtóu grabs Dulgrim's hand that is holding the gun and forcefully angle it to his face.

"Never attack my friends," Jiǔtóu warns him and pulls the trigger, blasting Dulgrim's face off. She then takes Dulgrim's cowboy hat and the firehand, which has an ivory and silver handle with arcane symbols engraved along the barrel. Trellimar later snatches the hat and wears it.
End of Battle

"Why," Crownrend speaks into Jiǔtóu's mind, "why did you activate me before we can fight more? I crave more battle!"

"There is no one else to fight."

"There's always more," as Crownrend replies back, adding that Sheriff Macklin is too weak to lead and shall be killed, so that Jiǔtóu may rule the town instead. She, however, rejects his idea as she does not wish to rule a town, in the middle of a snowy region, full of outlaws.

"Do not activate me unless there is more to fight next time!" as Crownrend grumbles. Then, for the first time, Crownrend deactivates himself without Jiǔtóu's command.

Nightmare or PremonitionEdit

The polar bear shape-shifts back to Elora, who then heals Cam. She also unties Macklin. He thanks the adventurers for rescuing him. Looking at the town, where the townsfolk sheepishly looks away, Macklin says that he thought he could take on the Powder Beards by himself. He then slumps down to the ground while saying that he needs a drink. Cam says that he has been shot a lot. Macklin empathises with him as he himself got tortured earlier for hours. As such, the two agree to have a drink.

Meanwhile, Nalistri seems disinterested as he casually examines the dead dwarves. Elora asks him if he is feeling alright. Nalistri says that he feels good to relief some stress through the battle since he has a lot in his mind, especially after the revelation of his past.

As Jiǔtóu checks Dulgrim's body, she finds a note. It reads, "Dulgrim! We need another two wagons of your powder. Her Majesty has found it most interesting and it is just causing quite the upset in the city. We've also developed something based on your firehand design. It's a bit larger though. Happy to trade our schematics for another wagon of powder though. Deliver the shipment to the usual place. Thanks the Lightfall for a place that the mages can't spy on, ay?" The note ends off with Franco Sunsitter, a former member of the Council of Guilds. Everyone damns Franco and Elora says that they will need to send another message to Talis'Val via the elven sending stones.

Cam and Macklin limp towards the saloon, with the rest of the adventurers following them. At the saloon, Macklin thanks the adventurers again for their assistance. Later, Jiǔtóu asks Macklin on how to use the firehand she took from Dulgrim earlier. Macklin shares that Dulgrim calls the firehand Blackhammer and it is a specially crafted weapon as it is more durable than typical firehands. Macklin also shares that the weapon was given by some princess, to which the adventurers believe it is Princess Fellania, the leader of the Broken Sky.

With the new information, Jiǔtóu warns Macklin about the evil organisation. It all make sense to Macklin now as it explains how the Powder Beards manage to amass wealth and power recently. It also explains why Dulgrim has been buying lots of local mines and selling tons of black powders to someone. With Dulgrim dead, Macklin hopes that the Broken Sky's plan is disrupted for now. Yet, he voices out that he may need more people to run Hallow as he could no longer manage it by himself.

Cam, now drunk, tells Macklin to not worry about the Broken Sky. He also asks if the alcohol is to be pour on the wound. Macklin sarcastically says yes, so Cam did pour the drink over his wound. He screams in pain as it stings badly, then collapses onto the ground as he is intoxicated.

Jiǔtóu requests assistance from Macklin as Elora explains that the Great White Wolf is behind the attacks on Hallow and the Winter Spire. Macklin agrees to help, though the Powder Beards' siege has killed several of his fighters. Still, he will gather whoever he can and have them ready to ride off in the morning.

Everyone rests for the night, with Jiǔtóu thinking about what Crownrend said to her earlier. She is feeling sad about it as she sees him as a companion but has disappointed it. During her thoughts, her bracer gets warm from time to time.[5]

Elora starts to dream.

A full moon shines over the Spire of Winter. Elora hears the howling of the winds but later realises to be the howls of a beast. The hallways in the spire are stained with blood. Paw prints tracking through it. Elora approaches the throne room, with two thrones for King Selandris and his wife.

On King Selandris' throne, a crown of jagged black ice rest on it. It is humming with power. Sitting on Queen Malisendal's throne is a young, beautiful, female human wearing thick fur pelts and have pale white skin and dark grey hair. She also wears a necklace of bone teeth.

The lady smiles as she tells Elora, "Ah. I am looking forward to you joining the family."

Royals in DangerEdit

It is morning as Elora jolts up from her nightmare. Fearing the worst, she wakes everyone and urgently tells them that they need to head back to the Winter Spire now. Jiǔtóu jumps out of bed and starts preparing to head off. Nalistri, still in a daze from his sleep, sleepily tells her that his owl familiar flew back to him earlier and told him that everything is fine at the Spire. Elora then believes that something is going to happen.

Elora repeats in haste of the unknown lady sitting on the queen's throne. Nalistri dozily then says that they should find the humans for transport. Cam suggests to look for Sheriff Macklin to see if he can spare some horses. Nalistri says that he can summon his ice horse too. To this, Cam comments that despite being hungover, he still can think well than Nalistri. This annoys Nalistri and he tells Cam off.

Elora asks Nalistri if he knows anything about a black crown. After a bit of clarification on the description of the crown, Nalistri realises how dire the situation is as the crown, crafted by Fenris, requires power of several elven spires; the elven royals from the Autumn Spire and the Moon Spire are present in the Winter Spire.

The adventurers urgently leave to find Macklin.

Sheriff Macklin, wearing a new cowboy hat, is together with five other townsfolk and a pack of woolly cows. Each of them carries a large firearm. The group are informed of the potential danger that may happen at the Winter Spire.

Elora gives the bronze griffin figurine reluctantly to Trellimar with Jiǔtóu riding with him. Elora will ride with Nalistri on the ice horse. Cam will transform into a raven and fly with them. Macklin and his group will arrive at the Winter Spire later as they have slower transport. Everyone starts making their way to the Winter Spire.

After travelling some ways to the Spire, a sudden strong snow storm engulfs the land. Both Trellimar and the raven are having difficulties maintaining control in the air.

A figure appears in the blizzard, a young lady with pale skin, long grey hair and wears a fur and a bone necklace.

"Ah. Looks like you are finally making your way back home. I am very looking forward to you and Nalistri joining us permanently."

"What do you mean permanently?" as Elora shouts.

"Well, the elven nation has been united!

Elora demands who she is. The lady grins, showing wolf-like fangs in-place of her teeth. Introducing herself as Fenris, she says that, after many centuries, her revenge against the elves and archfeys is about to be complete. She also says that it would not have been possible without Daphemir's help.

Nalistri demands what she has done. Fenris shares that she killed Daphemir, which drives Selandris insane. This forces him to find her so that she can bestow him a gift, which he will then begifts to the rest of the elven royals so that they can be all live as one harmonious family, as a pack.

Fenris urges both Elora and Nalistri to hurry home so that would not miss the event that is to unfold. Her form turns back into the snow and the blizzard dissipates.

The raven lands on the head of the ice horse and gestures everyone to stop, which they do. Elora is uncertain if they should continue to the Spire or not, fearing that they going back will allow the ritual to be complete. The raven transforms back into Cam and reckons what Elora said is true. However, both Elora's and Nalistri's family are still in harm's way. Cam thinks that the situation could worsen if Elora and Nalistri proceed to the Spire.

Elora suggests Nalistri to send his owl familiar to get at least her family out, since she believes that the power will not work if everyone is not present. Nalistri sends Whispers off, and so does Trellimar with his Granamyr. The adventurers then agree to proceed to the Spire as close as possible but with caution. Both Nalistri and Trellimar hand over the reign to Elora and Jiǔtóu respectively since they need to keep their focus to see what their familiars are seeing

Both Nalistri and Trellimar report on what they see. The walls are manned by elven archers facing outwards. Inside, at the courtyard, a group of soldiers and royal aides are rounding up civilians and other soldiers to the centre of the settlement. At the doorway of the Spire is a 9-feet tall half-wolf, half-elf hybrid figure with white fur and long, muzzle snout. Her clothes are similar to Sylval's, except that they are torn and ripped as if they are over stretched. She is commanding and barking orders to the soldiers, telling them to round out everyone to prevent any more traitors.

Nalistri and Trellimar continue to describe what they see as their familiars encircle around the Spire. There are signs of guards taking over the Spire. None of the elven royals are in sight, except for King Selandris, who seems to be walking around with a black ice jagged crown on his hands.

Nalistri is greatly bepuzzled on what has happened, wondering if Selandris has become mad enough to ally with Fenris. Nalistri desperately wants to return to the Spire but Elora keeps control of the reign of the ice horse. Nalistri then propose that only either Elora or himself enters the compound, keeping the other outside to prevent the ritual to be complete. Either way, he wants to prevent his people from getting hurt further.

The FeywildEdit

Cam is thinking of infiltrating but not through the main gates. However, there are no other entrances as Nalistri explains. Suddenly, he thought of an idea: entering the Spire via the Feywild portals. He also believes that the area around the site of Daphemir's death could have a portal to the Feywild, so he suggests blowing into the horn to seek Spherior's assistance.

Jiǔtóu blows the horn right at Cam, which is deafening to him. About 15 minutes later, Spherior arrives with Howl. The adventurers tell him about Fenris, also known as the Great White Wolf as Spherior shares. He also shares that Fenris is also an enemy to his kind as she has ravaged the frost giants for a long time. Elora says that she is now trying to control the entire elven race. Spherior may not understand about elven culture but he says he will fight with them to take down Fenris.

Cam tells Spherior that he needs to enter the Feywild, a realm that Spherior knows that it is where Fenris roams about. Spherior says that he know of a portal to the Feywild and it is near the area of place where Daphemir died, since it is also tainted with dark magic. He agrees to take them there.

At the place, both Nalistri's and Trellimar's familiarity of the dark magic allow them to sense a magic pull in the area. As the familiars return, Granamyr too can sense the pull. The group explore the area and they find a small cave by a hillside nestled in the snow. Spherior is unable to fit into the cave, so he will send Howl with them as a guardian.

Spherior then asks what the adventurers shall have him do. Trellimar suggests Spherior to try to rally his kind to assist the fight against the common enemy that is Fenris. On Cam asking what he needs, Spherior says that he will need some prove to convince the jarls. To this, Cam suggests that they shall enter the Feywild, find some sort of evidence, then return to Spherior for him to take the evidence to convince his kind. He also tells Spherior to stand guard by the cave entrance. Spherior gladly gets ready to defend and wish them luck.

Jiǔtóu suggests sending either Granamyr or Whispers to Macklin and his group and redirect them to the cave entrance. Cam agrees, so she lets Spherior know of allies coming to this place. Spherior is hesitant on knowing the people from Hallow will be joining them but agrees to wait for them as asked by the adventurers as well as knowing that everyone will be fighting against a common enemy.

With that, the adventurers enter the cave with Howl.

If it is not already cold enough, the cave is far colder, causing almost all of the adventurers to start shivering. Only Trellimar seems unaffected by it.

Part ways down the cave, a sudden darkness envelopes the group. They reappears in a cave, this time it is different from the cave they were from. It is a series of frosty, ice-covered caverns. They can feel movements within the ice but is unable to see anything unusual. They can also feel magic enshrouding the place.

"Ah," Howl speaks, "we are in a dangerous place."

Cam is surprised that Howl, a winter wolf, can speak Common language. Trellimar asks Howl if he can always talk. Howl replies that he could not, it is just that the Feywild has give him intelligence he never had. Between him and Spherior, they have a bond with allows them to communicate with one another. Howl expresses that he does not like the place they are now in saying that they are in danger.

Cam asks what it is like to be a wolf. Not knowing how to reply, Howl simply says that it is good. He shares that Spherior ensures that he is well fed with fresh meat. He comments that Cam looks unappetising, much to Cam's displeasure. Howl just grins.

The group continue to travel further into the ice caverns. As they progress, however, things start to feel strange. Though not as cold as before, there is an icy chill. Both Nalistri and Trellimar can sense that their magic is being warped and twisted. Also, black ice is largely everywhere, stone-like yet ice-cold when touched. Howling winds blow though the caverns too.

Then, several words can be heard all around, "Leave. This is not your home. Begone."

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  • Make-Your-NPC: As part of the daily Yogscast Jingle Jam 2016 giveaways, the top five donators from this episode get a chance to create an NPC that will be used in the High Rollers D&D Christmas special.[6][7]
  • NPCs: Spherior's accent is inspired by the Nords from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.[8]
  • Comic Relief: Similar to a scene from The Naked Gun, Trott forgets to switch off his lavalier microphone as he visits the toilet to relief himself. As a result, the sound of him peeing is aired live to everyone. Trott is even aware that his mic is not switched off.[9]


  7. High Rollers D&D's Twitter, 4 Dec 2016, 18:31 UTC

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