"Lair of the Witch" is the thirty-fifth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on January 8, 2017.

In this episode, our heroes traverse through Fenris' lair in hopes to infiltrate the Spire of Winter under siege. Along the way, they meet a crew of planar pirates, a friendly dryad and Fenris herself.

Campaign SummaryEdit


The adventurers, consisting of Cam, Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, are currently on a rather large mission. It all began with Elora hearing news that one of the elven spires, the Spire of Winter, had returned to the material plane in the Troubled Lands. Nalistri Frostwalker, an emissary of the Spire and son of King Selandris, was sent to escort the elven nobles (including Elora's parents and Queen Shalana of the Autumn Spire) to the Winter Spire for diplomatic talks and arrangement to unite the elven people together.

Upon arrival, the elven nobles learn that King Selandris has recently lost his eldest son, Daphemir, and is emotionally sadden by it. The adventurers embark on a quest to investigate how Daphemir died, which leads them to discover that the Great White Wolf has been harassing both the Winter Spire and a nearby settlement Hallow. Unknown to them at that time, an archfey spirit Fenris caused the death of Daphemir. She also has successfully further her revenge against the Council of Elves by corrupting Selandris with a cursed gift and an artefact known as the Crown of Black Ice. Its purpose remains uncertain.

Further investigation eventually lead the adventurers to find out that the Great White Wolf is Fenris. Nalistri is also told the truth by the spirit of Daphemir about his real parentage, allowing him to finally understand why the Frostwalkers are generally nasty towards him. A terrible premonition of the Winter Spire in trouble haunts Elora one night, which came true after a brief encounter with Fenris and the discovery of the Spire under siege from within. Sylval Frostwalker, daughter of King Selandris, is now an elf-wolf hybrid and has taken control, and guards under her command has begun rounding up all inhabitants of the Spire.

Trying to sneakily infiltrate the Spire, the adventurers call upon the aid of a frost giant Spherior, who leads them to a portal of the Feywild, later retconned in the beginning of Episode 35 to as a demiplane connected to the Feywild.[1] Spherior also lets his pet Howl to accompany them. And that is where the story continues...

Shivering ColdEdit

HighRollers Fenris Demiplane

Map of Fenris' demiplane

"Cold spreads through your body. Exposed skin soon feels numb and raw. Your breath steams in front of you with every breath. Gravel and ice crunch underfoot as you carefully make your way through the dark ice caverns. You light source is barely illuminate the vastness of the space you're in, almost as if it is absorbed by the partial gloom itself. Thick walls of faint blue ice surrounds you and giant stalactites and stalagmites block you path from time to time. Throughout the caverns, a bitter wind blows, occasionally howling or wailing through tight spaces. Sometimes, you can almost hear whispers but whenever you stand still to listen, there is only wind."
- the dungeon master setting the scene of Fenris' demiplane

Cam lights the way with his dagger Duracell, though its glow is weaker than before, allowing him to only see anything within 10 feet in front. The others can see slightly better, up to 20 feet, due to their low-light vision. Trellimar leads the way as by wearing the mask Shroud of Eyes, it allows him to see even better through infrared vision.[2] Their latest encounter with Fenris haunts Elora, as she recalls Fenris taunting her of joining the rest of her kind at the Winter Spire.

Howl gives a low growl as he says that he can sense a strong dark presence in the caverns. Thinking that Howl knows about demiplanes, Cam asks him if there are other warmer versions of such demiplanes that they can go to instead. Howl replies to say that though such demiplanes exists, he does not have the ability to go to such places. The reason why Cam is asking this is because, not only Cam himself, but Elora, Nalistri and Jiǔtóu too are shivering from the extreme coldness of the caves. Trellimar is coping well as he is used to such climate given that he grows up in the Underdark. His mask also enhancing his adaptability up to a point where he is immune to the cold.[3]

In an attempt to keep themselves warm, Cam goes to hug Howl, who later licks Cam's face to try to keep him warm. Elora manages to light a torch after several attempts, then has to keep it close to herself as much as possible just to feel any warmth from it. Cam later wants Jiǔtóu to set his hands on fire to test something. Jiǔtóu is hesitant though. As a result, Cam puts his hands over Elora's torch. As soon as he places his hands over it, he has to retreat it back as the flames burnt his hands a little. Nonetheless, it did not hurt as much if it is done so under normal conditions, although Cam thought that the fire would have little effect in the first place. To this, Cam tells Jiǔtóu that her fire abilities might be diminished.

Oh hearing what Cam said, Jiǔtóu realises that the presence of her bracer Crownrend in her mind is not as strong as before, barely hearing him. Jiǔtóu also tries to light some fire on her hands. Just like Elora's attempt on lighting a torch, Jiǔtóu had to shield her flame from the winds. She also has to keep the flame as close to her as possible just to feel any warmth.

Howl takes a sniff of the air. He lets the rest knows that he can smell other wolves and death. Elora asks him if he knows where they shall travel first. Howl replies to say that he could not guide them in the caves they are in, much to the disappointment of Cam.

Nalistri, who is shivering a bit, suggests Trellimar to use his mask, which Nalistri knows it contains arcane power, to see if they can find their way to the portal into the Winter Spire. Trellimar tries to use his mask to sense any arcane magic but is unable to pick up anything. On the other hand, Elora spots various trails of dire wolf paw prints on the snow. On closer look, it seems like the wolves are on patrolling duty around the caves. To this, the adventurers think that it is better if they move on than staying on one spot. On moving stealthily, Nalistri sits on Howl as he is aware that he himself is not good at stealth.

Cam casts Pass without a Trace on everyone as they stealthily make their way through the caves. Howl also brush off their footsteps upon Elora's request. At the same time, both Cam and Elora continue to struggle from the cold.

Planar PiratesEdit

Trellimar leads the way as the adventurers walk down the middle tunnel. The tunnel opens out into a large cavern. Before exiting, Trellimar sees a large galley half frozen into the wall with a collapsed mast forming a walkway from the deck to the ground. He also spots several skeletons, each wearing tattered tricorn hats and curved blades stuck into their ribcages as makeshift scabbards, doing things like transporting broken barrels and empty crates between two same spot and making repairs around the ship. On the deck of the ship are darker, withered corpses with curved blades, crossbows or longbows moving about. All in all, the crew of corpses and skeletons are going about doing unproductive activities. From time to time, commands can be heard from someone giving it on the deck.

Trellimar lets everyone know of what he saw, then asks if they should have a chat with them or take another path. Cam says that he can casts Magic Circle as a shield should they decide to engage with the corpses and skeletons. Elora says that they can go another way if they do not wish to alert the crew of their presence. Cam voices out that they should decide quickly and not get caught in between fighting the crews but also the patrolling dire wolves. Jiǔtóu thinks the crew may be harmless. Trellimar thinks that there may be treasure on the galley.

Cam jokingly says that the crew may be lovely and that they should shake hands with them. Jiǔtóu just proceeds on, leading to Cam insisting that what he said is a joke.

Jiǔtóu walks pass three skeletons, who do not seem to notice her. A cry comes from above, however, after one of the corpses spotted Jiǔtóu approaching the galley. The captain of the galley is alerted to her presence. He walks to the banister of the ship and calls out to Jiǔtóu using pirate language, demanding her reason for approaching his ship. From this, all corpses and skeletons stop whatever they are doing and direct their weapons towards Jiǔtóu.

Jiǔtóu greets the captain using a similar language. The captain is impressed by it but tells her that such flattery will not work. Jiǔtóu simply states that she wish to travel pass his domain and let them be. The captain, introducing himself as Bartholomew Black, sees her request but says that no one can pass through unless a fee is given. Jiǔtóu says that she does not have coinage like bullion to pay him. Rather she says she has a treasure worthy for a champion, to which she offers him the champion's belt she won back at the Summer Festival in Talis'Val.

Captain Black looks at her offer and laughs. "Get her!" as he yells. The crew quickly grabs onto Jiǔtóu as she quickly demands to parley with the Captain but the Captain rejects her plead, saying that there will be no such thing with planar pirates. Jiǔtóu puts up little resistance as Captain Black says that he will claim his gold from her. He even proposes to sell her to the witch that owns the place, referring to Fenris, which may bring him freedom if he does so.

At this time, Elora comes out of the tunnel and is about to negotiate with the pirates when Trellimar instinctively fires his Eldritch Blasts at the two skeletons holding Jiǔtóu captive. The two bolts of energy connect, blasting the arm of one skeleton off while taking out the leg of another. Captain Black witness this and calls his crew to bear arms, declaring that they are under attack.

First Round of Battle
Despite Trellimar initiating the attack on the pirates, Elora refuses to do likewise and requests to bargain with Captain Black. She tells him that, since the Captain wishes to leave the evil clutches of Fenris, she can help him with that as she wish to defeat Fenris. The Captain, however, firmly states that Elora's "crew" attacked first, so he will not agree to the bargain unless her "crew" lay down their weapons and surrender.

Elora changes her tone and this time, she demands Captain Black to surrender for his own sake. Captain Black is taken aback, commenting that Elora is a strong and firm lady. As such, he suggests that both sides shall stand down and parley, as Jiǔtóu initially wanted. Elora agrees and almost immediately tell Trellimar to not attack anyone. Likewise, Captain Black tells his crew to hold their fire.
End of Battle

Elora tells Captain Black that she and her companions just wish to pass throughout the realm. Having heard Elora wishing to escape and also the possibility of working together, he expresses that he so wish to escape from the realm too and return to the planar seas. On Jiǔtóu asking the Captain on why he is trapped here, Captain Black explains that it is Fenris' power that trapped him here. He also adds that he will be able to leave should her form dissipates.

Elora shares that she is on her way to kill her and tells Captain Black that it will be his best interest to let them pass in order to have a chance to kill Fenris and free the Captain and his crew. Captain Black ponders over her words, then decides that, for the sake of his well-being, he will allow Elora and her "crew" to pass. He states one condition though, and that is to not approach his ship any closer. Elora accepts the Captain's condition. At the same time, Cam tells Trellimar to calm down and not pillage the ship for treasure.

Captain Black informs Fenris is to the north. However, he warns them about her winter wolves, saying that they should deal with them first. If not, she may call them to her aid. The Captain shares that he and his crew tried to fight her a long time ago but it is unsuccessful, forcing him to give up as many of his crew have died trying.

Captain Black also tells the adventurers that there is a creature to the south, saying it is a servant of Fenris. However, he points out that the creature is a strange one, a creature that lives in a glade of grass and flowers. He reckons that it is worthwhile to investigate the creature, believing that it might have some secrets to the power of Fenris. Meanwhile, Cam is fixing back the limb of one of the skeletons that Trellimar blasts off earlier.

Captain Black lets Elora and her "crew" to do what they see fit. He hopes she will keep her word on slaying Fenris, then cursing the witch with a scurvy death after Elora told him that Fenris threatens her family. The Captain also mentions that Fenris is no easy foe and that they should be well prepared.

Friendly DryadEdit

The adventurers head south to the neighbouring cavern. During the walk, everything except Howl and Trellimar are still trying to keep themselves warm from the bitter cold winds. However, as Cam is unable to find a viable way to keep himself warm since entering the demiplane, he is now feeling exhausted. Nalistri offers to grease Cam up, thinking that it could insulate him. Cam, however, declines the help as he does not want his hair to be in a mess. Jiǔtóu, on the other hand, blows flame into her hand and tries to keep it burning to help warm up her companions.

Upon approaching the next cavern, Trellimar sees a vibrant glow through his mask. To the rest, they see a slight amber glow in the middle of the huge cavern. It coming from the single pine tree on top of the green, grassy hill. Also, Cam, Elora and Nalistri are able to spot a sad-looking dryad moving about the hill.

Cam thinks that the dryad may be friendly than the planar pirates earlier, though Elora says that she cannot be trusted by emphasise what Captain Black told them that she is a servant of Fenris. Jiǔtóu tells Elora that she should go and talk to her, since Elora has more affinity with nature. At the same time, Elora is aware that dryads are bound to a tree. If the tree moves somewhere else or gets destroyed, so does the dryad. Elora also knows that dryads tend to be good-aligned creatures unless corrupted by evil like Gulthia. Meanwhile, Howl sits on a shivering Cam, which helps to keep him warm.

Trellimar suggests that he may try to ready the dryad's mind by using his mask. Elora thinks that it is best not to, saying that she does not want the dryad to be suspicious of them. She also points out that it could make the target mad should he or she knows that they are being probed. Nalistri agrees with her since Trellimar unsuccessfully tried to read his mind twice. Elora still tells Trellimar that he may read the dryad's mind should she shows any intent of harm towards them.

Elora tells the rest to stay as she walks over to the dryad. She remains unnoticed as the dryad tends to the flowers of the glade, which Elora notice that the flowers are strange and unusual.

Elora comments nicely that the flowers look beautiful. This startles the dryad, who then shyly gives her thanks. However, the dryad warns Elora that she should not be here, saying that the wolves may come round to the cavern they are in and alert Fenris of their presence. On how often the wolves patrol the area, the dryad tells Elora that they may not be active now, since Fenris fed them not too long ago. Yet, she continues to warn Elora about Fenris, at the same time constantly looking around if Fenris could be present.

The dryad introduces herself as Yanna, an assistant to Fenris. She further explains that, back when Fenris is an archfey of the Feywild, she is generally nicer than what she is now and cultivates things that grow in winter, as well as flowers that bloom and glow in the night. Needing an assistance, Yanna agrees to help her, so Fenris takes the tree that Yanna is bonded too. However, when Fenris is banished from the Feywild by both the archfeys and the elves, she took the tree with her, effectively taking Yanna along with her too. This caused the others to believe Yanna willingly served Fenris and therefore is evil too. Yanna also learn that Fenris wants to bring eternal winter and night across the lands. Even if Yanna wishes to escape, she could not since the tree is fixated in the demiplane.

Elora shares with Yanna that she and her companions plans to take down Fenris, so she asks Yanna if she has anything that could aid them. Yanna asks Elora to bring her friends forward so that can hear her too. The rest of the adventurers come forward, so Yanna begins sharing on what she has known.

On weaknesses, Yanna says that it is impossible to kill Fenris as she is an immortal archfey. Whenever she is defeated, her forms revert into a blizzard. She can reform back into herself but it requires a long period of time to do so. During this period, Fenris' blizzard form is weak. Yanna also shares that Fenris is captured in a magical device, which makes it easy for them to banish her fromthe Feywild. A ritual is then performed to disallow her to return into the Feywild. Yanna also says that Fenris has a terrible penchant to give curses or poisons to mortals, so Yanna warns them to not accept anything from her. Yanna also says that Fenris can call winter wolves to her aid.

Yanna shows a white flower, known as winter wolves' bane, to the adventurers. She explains that it is mainly used to make poison to kill any type of wolves. Elora asks if she could have some, which Yanna will gladly gives some to her.

Noticing Cam shivering in coldness, Yanna says that she may try to create a potion that could help keep him warm. Cam says that he will gladly try it, so Yanna trots away to prepare a potion. A while later, she returns with two white flowers and a potion containing orange-dark green liquid. She gives the potion to Cam. Cam takes it but is hesitant to consume it, worried that it could be poison. Despite Yanna saying that it is not, Cam gives it to Nalistri to examine it. Nalistri thinks it looks harmless. As a precaution, Jiǔtóu uses her doss lute to casts Protect from Poison on Cam. Feeling safe, Cam drinks the potion. Nothing happens and he is still cold. Yanna thinks that she might have neutralises the two ingredients that she used.

Yanna tells Elora on how to convert the white flowers into poison. She also shares that it may have unintended effects on people and creatures bitten by such wolves. Elora asks what unintended effects will it do but Yanna cannot answer her, saying that she has yet to test them. In fact, Fenris is unaware of such flowers. Cam wants to clarify further on its effect, so Yanna says that it can affect Fenris greatly since she is part-wolf. She also reckons that it may also cure or harm affected people bitten by wolves.

On how much poison it could kill a wolf, Yanna says that a single dose of the poison will kill it. It can also be coated onto weapons like a single sword, 20 arrows or 10 arrows and a small dagger. On other weaknesses, Yanna says that Fenris does not like fire, though she thinks that it may not work in the demiplane. Yanna also shares that Fenris is a fey, so anything in general that could harm feys could potentially harm Fenris as well. Cam asks if Fenris would harm Yanna's tree, to which she says that she might do so, given her unforgiving nature. To this, Yanna requests the adventurers not to say anything of her helping them.

Cam asks Yanna if her glade is protected from the cold. Yanna says that it is slightly protected from it. Right after her reply, Cam just steps into the glade without seeking permission from her. Though the effects of coldness it present within Cam, the warmness gives Cam a small, thought much needed, respite.

Cam wonders if it is best to bring the fight into the current cavern they are in. The others think it is not a good idea, especially Yanna since Fenris has the power to bring the whole place down if needed. Rather, they believe it is wise to go to the Winter Spire and fight her there. Yanna tells them of the portal behind Fenris' throne room that may lead them into the Winter Spire. She also lets them know of the wolves' den, which is next door to the east. To this, Jiǔtóu thinks that the planar pirates might be able to block the den's entrance with their barrels.

Cam asks Elora if she would like to make the poison inside the glade first. Elora thinks it is a good idea, so asks Yanna's permission before stepping inside, which Yanna allows it. Cam realise that he stepped in earlier without asking, so he apologises to Yanna. Yanna says it is fine. In fact, she likes to have nice company unlike the nasty wolves.

Noticing Howl, Yanna comments that he seems nice, although she warns them that Fenris may attempt to control him should he gets close to Fenris. Cam asks Howl if he hears want Yanna said, which he says yes. Asking if he knows about Fenris' ability to control wolves, Howl tells Cam that he does not know about it. As such, Cam suggests Howl to keep a distance from Fenris. However, should he feels something controlling his mind, Cam suggests that Howl leaves the demiplane and, if possible, take the other wolves with him. Howl says that he will try, even attacking the alpha wolf if needed.

After some time, Elora makes two vials of poison.

Requesting AssistanceEdit

The adventurers head back into the cavern with the planar pirates. They see the crew preparing to leave as Captain Black is optimistic that they shall soon be freed.

Elora asks Captain Black if they are able to fight the winter wolves, which the Captain says that they can. The reason for asking, as Elora explains, is that it would be of great help in their fight against Fenris if Captain Black and his crew are able to prevent the wolves from leaving their den. The Captain says that it is a risky thing, considering that the wolves have feasted on his crew in the past.

Jiǔtóu wonders if she can offer something to assists the Captain in his fight, then holding out a firehand Blackhammer to him. Captain Black reckons the weapon Jiǔtóu offered is a fine object, though he has never heard of boomsticks, or at least around the city of Sigil, as Jiǔtóu says the type of weapon she is holding. Still, upon Jiǔtóu saying that it can fire metal at a fast rate, Captain Black thinks that the weapon could be a fine collection to his treasure, so he gladly accepts the offer. In return, he shall help in whatever way he can to stop the wolves.

Cam asks Captain Black if he knows where the wolves' den is. However, this catches the ire of the Captain as he tells "Captain" Elora to keep his cabin boy quiet and that only she can speak for him. Enjoying this, Elora demands Cam to keep quiet, to which Cam apologises, addressing her as Captain as well. Captain Black also suggests giving Cam ten flogging to discipline him. Jiǔtóu steps forward and slaps Cam across the face one. Captain Black acknowledges Jiǔtóu as "Captain" Elora's enforcer. Elora agrees.

Elora suggests Captain Black to block the wolves' den. The Captain says it is a good idea, one that he had tried before but it did not work. Nonetheless, Captain Black assures Elora that he will try to hold the wolves back, claiming that he has some tricks up his sleeves that he has not tried yet, one of them includes a barrel of oil.

With this, Elora says that hew "crew" shall be off to battle against Fenris.


Trellimar leads the group across the caverns. During this time, everyone manages to keep themselves warmth enough, thanks to Jiǔtóu maintaining her fire to warm then up. Cam is still exhausted, though it has not worsen.

The tunnel the adventurers are in leads them into a large cavern with a ruin covered in frost. However, they did not enter as they see Fenris sitting on the black ice throne in the middle of the cavern, who does not seems to notice the adventurers just outside the cavern. Behind her is another tunnel. To maintain their stealth, Cam keeps his dagger Duracell.

Elora points out that they cannot fight Fenris in her realm. Cam suggesting that they may create a diversion to draw Fenris attention away so that they may not have to face her. Knowing Trellimar has the ability to Disguise Self, Cam wonders if he can disguises as the dryad Yanna. However, almost everyone point out that Yanna cannot move away from the tree. Yet, Cam insists she can, just not willing to.

Alternatively, Jiǔtóu proposes Trellimar disguising as Captain Black instead. Cam adds on to propose that perhaps the Captain had enough and will go kill all the wolves. Trellimar is worried that Fenris will eventually kill him no matter what the disguise it, though both Cam and Jiǔtóu say that his sacrifice will be remembered. Otherwise, Cam suggests they face Fenris head on.

Elora proposes that she and Nalistri surrender themselves to Fenris in hopes that she will take them to the Winter Spire. Trellimar thinks that it could be possible, since Fenris is not willing to hurt either of them as they are crucial to her revenge. Nalistri points out though that, by doing so, she may seal the portal to the Spire, forcing the rest to stay behind and find another way. Also, if the distraction plan is in play but Fenris is not sealed in her demiplane, they may have to fight her in the Winter Spire instead. Regardless, Elora says that they will inevitably have to fight her. She points out that it may be better to fight Fenris on the surface than in the demiplane, given that her powers are stronger in her realm.

After several more rounds of discussion, the adventurers decide on having both Elora and Nalistri as prisoners, with Cam and Trellimar holding the two captives and using the two as bargaining chip for their freedom. Meanwhile, Howl and Jiǔtóu will remain out of sight.

In preparation, Elora coats ten of her arrows in poison and pour the remaining half on Cam's dagger Nimbus. She keeps the second vial for future uses, especially on curing affected beings. Nalistri casts Fog Clouds around them before handing over his weapons to Cam. Elora does the same by handing her weapons to Trellimar. Jiǔtóu uses her doss lute to casts invisibility on herself.

Trellimar enters the cavern first, with Elora in his clutches. Cam tags along behind with Nalistri. The two bring the "prisoners" in front of Fenris and force them on their knees. Fenris is intrigued by the sight.

Cam tells Fenris that he and Trellimar are sick of the path both Elora and Nalistri took them to, so they present the two captives to her. Trellimar adds that he does not care on whatever reason she needs Elora and Nalistri, simply stating that he and Cam just want to get out of the demiplane. Meanwhile, Jiǔtóu stays with Howl back at the tunnel, fearing that Fenris may see invisible objects.

Fenris comments that both Cam and Trellimar are quite generous as they did not state any demands other than to live. As such, she allows the two to leave and directing them to the portal back to the pantry of the Winter Spire, though she warns them that it will not be friendly as before. She also adds that there will be guards making their patrols to get ready for potential attacks from the frost giants.

Cam pulls Nalistri's hair and place his dagger Nimbus on Nalistri's throat, though Cam's sudden act leaves Nalistri acting poorly as a prisoner. Fenris smirks at the sight.

Cam decides to add a demand on top of the bargain plea he made earlier, saying that he want none of the guards to harm himself and Trellimar. However, Fenris says that it is beyond her control. Cam presses Nimbus firmly on Nalistri's throat but Fenris tells Cam that he can do anything he want to him, saying that he is no longer needed since he is not of pure-blood. In fact, Fenris cares for none of the adventurers. It is only Elora that she wants as Selandris is having trouble activating a relic from the Moon Spire.

Fenris says that she is surprised that Elora did not rush into the Spire, despite being made aware of the events that unfolded at the Winter Spire. Yet, she thinks that Elora's parents do not have any more time left for what is going to happen next.

Nalistri stands up, knowing that he is no longer of any use, and asks Cam to give back his stuff. Fenris shows pity on him, yet taunts that the Frostwalkers may have him back, given how Selandris wants to unite all of the elven spires. This makes Nalistri furious though he does not show it to Fenris. All the while, Elora is visibly angry at her.

Cam tells Trellimar that they should just leave. Fenris says that Elora must remain. Cam starts walking towards the portal, walking pass the throne on his right. Nalistri goes with him. Fenris watches both Cam and Nalistri as they walk pass. Unknown to her, Cam covertly puts his hand over Nimbus.

Just as Fenris looks back at Elora and Trellimar, Cam immediately whips out his dagger and throws it at Fenris. Fenris yells in pain as the dagger plunges into her neck, letting the poison seep into her bloodstream. Nimbus turns into mist and coalescence back into Cam's hand.

Cam shouts, "Everybody to the portal! Now!"

Battle against FenrisEdit

First Round of Battle
Elora, Jiǔtóu, Nalistri and Trellimar all start dashing towards the portal. Nalistri also conjures a wall of ice between Cam and Fenris. Jiǔtóu, being a monk, manages to run past everyone, though not as near to the portal. Still, she is able to see the other side of the portal and spot a frozen satyr corpse.

Fenris slams her hands together, causing a wall to block the path to the portal.

"Oh. This will be fun," as Fenris calls out. He steps forward, then casts a Cone of Cold. Cold air erupts from her hands as she directs it at Cam. He manages to dodge out of the way, yet taking severe damage from it.

Cam casts Polymorph on himself and transforms into a raven. To take cover, he then flies through the stalactites and stalagmites and land on the other side, then transforms back into himself.

Second Round of Battle
With the passageway blocked, Trellimar runs back into the cavern and fires Eldritch Blasts at Fenris, while taking cover behind the throne. Fenris dodges the first blast but gets hit by the second, causing deep wound.

Elora also runs back into the cavern. Walking past Trellimar, she grabs one of his dagger and place it at her throat. Fenris looks in anger as Elora threatens her not to harm any of her companions. Otherwise, she will kill herself, which could render Fenris' revenge unsuccessful. However, Fenris yells that all she wants is all elves to do as they are told. She then threatens Elora back, warning her to put the dagger down or she will kill all of her friends. Elora is unfazed by it and continues to put the dagger to her throat, even pressing it deeper.

Nalistri says that he will try to break down the barrier blocking the path to the portal, so he goes up to the blockade and trying various spells in an attempt to break it down.

Jiǔtóu hears a faint whisper in her mind, which it is Crownrend telling her to use him so he can feasts on Fenris. Still invisible, Jiǔtóu runs to hide beside the throne. She then waits for Fenris to attack anyone before casting a spell to injure her further. Responding to this, Jiǔtóu casts Burning Hands at Fenris. Though it breaks her invisibility off, Jiǔtóu manages to injure Fenris further. Fenris tells Elora to stay where she is, then turns into mist and flies through the stalactites and stalagmites. She lands on the other side, where Cam is attempting to take cover from. Fenris then raises her hand and aims it at Cam, getting ready to casts a spell at him.

Out of panic, Cam casts both Guardian of Faith and Spiritual Weapon. A spectral guardian and a spectral weapon appear, both looking generic. The spectral weapon immediately takes a hit at Fenris, injuring her further.

Third Round of Battle
Trellimar goes up to Elora and starts breaking of the ice. However, knowing the spell Hold Person, he soon realises that Fenris cast that spell on Elora instead. Thinking of disguising himself as Elora to continue the act of threatening to kill herself, Trellimar pries the dagger out, changes his form into Elora, then walks closer to the wall of stalactites and stalagmites.

Elora manages to break free from the Hold Person spell. Meanwhile, Nalistri has summoned an ice elemental to aid him by digging underneath the blockade.

Jiǔtóu takes a couple of Elora's poisoned arrows, then uses the doss lute to casts Fly on herself. She then flies towards Cam and hovers in the gap between the stalactites and stalagmites. Fearing that Cam will be knocked unconscious, Jiǔtóu gets ready to revive him with a Potion of Healing.

The spectral guardian slams his hammer down onto Fenris, though it does not deal as much damage as Cam hopes. In retaliation, Fenris fires another Cone of Cold at Cam. Despite dodging out in time, Cam takes the full hit of the spell. Though falling unconscious, his "Hope Never Dies" ability is unable to kick in as the spell encapsulates Cam in ice. Fortunately, his condition is stable enough to not die.

Due to Cam falling unconscious, both of his spectral guardian and weapon fade out of existence (see "Mistakes" under Trivia).

Fourth Round of Battle
Trellimar-disguised-as-Elora fires Eldritch Blasts at the wall of stalactites and stalagmites, creating a hole through it for easier passage.

Elora evokes Moonbeam on Fenris. A silvery beam of pale light shines down upon Fenris, which effectively surrounds her. She then shape-shifts into a polar bear, goes up to Nalistri and assists him in breaking down the barrier.

Jiǔtóu alerts everyone by shouting that Cam is down. She then casts Burning Hands at the ice surrounding Cam. Her method helps to melt the ice and thaws Cam. Jiǔtóu flies down and lets Cam drink a Potion of Healing. Cam is now conscious.

The Moonbeam activates, sending a beam of moonlight down onto Fenris. The forceful impact results in her form withering into ice, snow and wind. A howling of wind resonates across the demiplane and her mist form says, "Do not think this means you have defeated me. When I reform, I will exact a revenge on you so cold and deadly that you wished you had died here."

With Fenris gone, the wall blocking the passageway to the portal collapses.
End of Battle

A Spire under SiegeEdit

Howl says to the adventurers that he will inform his master Spherior that they have infiltrated the Winter Spire, as well as letting both Captain Black and Yanna know of the outcome. Giving their goodbyes, the adventurers and Howl part ways.

Walking through the portal, the adventurers come out into the pantry of the Winter Spire. The surrounding is colder than usual. Palto, one of the cook of the Spire, is seen covered and frozen in ice. With Trellimar's past experiences with corpses, he knows that Palto has been frozen for weeks now, which means he is possibly dead even before they met him.

The polar bear shape-shifts back into Elora. Cam drinks a Potion of Healing, then casts Healing Word on himself. Elora also assists Cam by casting Cure Wounds.

"The spire is icy cold. No longer protected by whatever magic it had before, the frozen north has fully taken whole. Pulses of power pass through your body every few moments, seemingly emanating from somewhere about you. It does not rattle any objects or causes any sounds, but you can feel it within your chest. Great waves of power are being released, then stillness, then waves of pulses once more. You hear wails and cries, pleads for mercy from terrified elves and then a crashing metal and barked orders from a guard. But the Spire is mostly still and quiet. There are no patrol. You don't see guards outside rooms. The pathway leading towards the portal, which leads to the upper floors, is clear and open."
- the dungeon master setting the scene of the current state of the Winter Spire

The adventurers head to the upper floor. Stopping on the second floor, they rush to the guest chambers, the last known location of where Elora's parents are staying, as well as the elven dignitaries of the Autumn Spire. All guest chambers are empty but there are clear signs of struggle. The weapons belonging to Elora's parents are littered on the floor, thinking that they may not have enough time to wield them. The scene in the Autumn Spire's guest chamber is similar, though Commander Payla may had time to wield her weapons.

Blood marks are seen leading from the rooms to the portal that leads to the upper floors. Both Elora and Trellimar also know that there are signs of combat, which stops at some point.

Making their way back to the portal, Nalistri could only think of two possible places: the throne hall and the king's and queen's chamber. They decide to head to the throne hall first, thinking that it will be the centre of activity.

Travelling another level up via the portal, the adventurers eventually walk to the doorway leading into the throne hall. With the aid of his mask, Trellimar is able to see wire-frame-like images through the door of every object inside the hall. He sees Sylval in elf-wolf hybrid form sitting on King Selandris' throne. Two elven guards flank her sides. Sylval is seen throwing darts at the family portrait, noticeably aiming at Nalistri.

The adventurers decided that Sylval will be too powerful for them to take down. Even if they success, they also think that she will not reveal any information of the whereabouts of the other elven royals. As such, they decide to head to the king's and queen's chamber.

Travelling further up, the adventurers arrive at a semi-circular room of four sets of doors. The main door is guarded by two elven guards.

The guards ready their weapons and just as they are about to question the adventurers, a loud slam is heard coming from the other side of the doors. With a second smash, the doors burst open and fall on top of the guards. Two figures now stand in their place.

"Two huge bipedal wolves, wearing tattered and ripped clothing, stand hunched in the doorway. One is broad and muscular, the hand clutches a bejewelled and ornate sword. The other is slender, as claws beared. Slender feminine-looking wolf wears a tattered dress of orange and red streaked with gold, most of it torn off. The other wolf wears a tunic of pale blue and silver. A half-thorn cape thrown across his shoulder. The emblem of the Moon Spire on his tattered shirt. You recognise [them as] Alfadon and Shalana."
- the dungeon master setting the scene for the next episode.

Featured CharactersEdit

The AdventurersEdit



  • Bartholomew Black, planar pirate captain
  • Salty Jim, a crew member of Captain Black
  • Sunny Jim, a crew member of Captain Black
  • Yanna, Fenris' garden assistant
  • Four elven guards





Notable MomentsEdit

  • Howl: I am a wolf.
    – Howl says this whenever Cam asks him for something that is beyond his means.[4][5]
  • Captain Black: Ye lay down ye weapons 'n surrender 'n I'll consider lettin' ye' live!
    Elora: For your own sake, I will suggest that you surrender to us now.
    Mark asks Katie to roll for intimidation.
    Katie rolls a natural 20.
    Captain Black: Urgh ye... ye be a strong one lass! Argh. Stand ye folk down 'n I'll stand mine, then we can talk.
    – One demanding the other to surrender.[6]
  • Cam: There is a lady in the glade.
    Trellimar: She's made of wood!
    Cam: So am I, if you know what I mean.
    - Cam expresses interest on the dryad upon seeing her.[7]
  • Nalistri: It is very rude to read someone's mind without asking.
    Jiǔtóu: It is understandable. I would be mad too.
    Trellimar: Whose side are you on?
    - On Trellimar's past attempts to read Nalistri's mind, Nalistri voices out his thoughts about it.[8]
  • Trellimar: You'll get splinters down there.
    Cam: What?
    Trellimar: You'll get splinters...from the tree woman!
    Cam: Oh right. Yeah, good point. I'll bear that in mind. I'll get some sandpaper.
    - Trellimar warning Cam about romancing with a dryad.[9]


  • First!: There are several firsts that occurred throughout this episode:
    • This is the first time where Cam's "Hope Never Dies" lightborn ability fails to revive him.[10]
  • Errors & Mistakes: There are several errors and mistakes that happened in this episode:
    • Trott, in roleplaying as Cam, cast "Spiritual Guardian". Based on Trott's description, he actually cast Guardian of Faith than Spirit Guardians.[11]
    • Since Cam falls unconscious, Trott thought that both his Guardian of Faith and Spiritual Weapon are gone as he thinks that both require concentration. In actual fact, neither spells require concentration. Based on his earlier mistake, Trott may have confused Guardian of Faith with Spirit Guardians, which is a concentration spell.[12]
  • Disaster Averted: Mark reveals that, had they not request help from Captain Black to hold back the wolves, the adventurers would have to battle against two winter wolves as well as Fenris.[13]
  • World Size: Mark refuses to comment if Arrak is the only continent in the world or if there are other continents.[14]
  • Boner Rating: By AwkwardDogBoner. Erection Rejection Moment: Cam diving into the dryad's warm glade without consent.[15] Also, in an earlier donation by AwkwardDogBoner, he jokingly raged at Mark for ending the episode in a cliffhanger.[16]


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