"Werewolves!" is the thirty-sixth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on January 15, 2017.

In this episode, our heroes discover that King Selandris is in cahoots with Fenris, though he claims to be in control. He also tries to coerce Elora into joining his cause of strengthening the elven kind.

Campaign SummaryEdit


A diplomatic convoy, led by Nalistri and consisting of King Alfadon and Queen Aletha of the Spire of the Moon, Queen Shalana and Commander Payla of the Spire of Eternal Autumn, and the adventurers (Cam, Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar), has reached the Spire of Winter. They are on a mission to re-connect with the Spire, as well as discussing the possibility of uniting the elven kind.

However, strange things are at foot. King Selandris' son, Daphemir, was killed sometime before the convoy's arrival. Several townsfolk from a nearby settlement of Hallow are murdered. These events are soon discovered by the adventurers (now including Nalistri) to be linked to an archfey spirit, Fenris, who is seeking revenge against the elves. It is later discovered that Fenris has also given a curse or boon to King Selandris. The Winter Spire is now under siege from within, with King Selandris furthering his goal to unite the elven kind.

Planning to infiltrate the Winter Spire yet bypassing the Spire's defences, the adventurers decide to travel into a Feywild demiplane, which happens to be Fenris' lair. They meet a crew of trapped planar pirates and a dryad employed by Fenris when she was an archfey. Both parties assist the adventurers. They also meet Fenris herself, which leads into a battle after Cam attacked her with a dagger covered in special potion given by the dryad. Cam nearly died but they manage to defeat Fenris, leaving her in a weaken state and her form dissipates into a blizzard. The adventurers then walk through a portal into the Winter Spire.

The adventurers quietly search the Spire for any signs of the elven nobles. With the help of Trellimar donning his Shroud of Eyes mask to see through walls, they are aware that Selandris' daughter, Sylval, is seen sitting on his throne in the throne room. With no signs of other elven nobles, Nalistri leads them further up to the Frostwalkers' chambers. However, on arrival, the doors of the King's and Queen's chamber is smashed open from the inside. Two bipedal wolves step out of the room. Their clothes tattered and torn. Yet, they can be recognised as King Alfadon and Queen Shalana...

Internal StrugglesEdit

HighRollers Winter Spire Main Bedchambers

Spire of Winter main bedchambers

Two wolf-like digitigrades stand by the doorway into the King's and Queen's bedchamber. One of them is Queen Shalana. The other is Elora's father, King Alfadon, and is holding a bejewelled sword (later revealed to be Selandris' sword).[1] The adventurers also spot two unconscious people inside the room. One is a wolf-like figure laying on the floor, recognised as Elora's mother, Queen Aletha. The other is Commander Payla, the only figure not transformed into a wolf-like creature, who seems to be smashed into a cupboard.

The two wolf figures snarl at Cam, Elora and Jiǔtóu, the three that has stepped into the hallway. Nalistri and Trellimar are standing behind them, still in the corridor. Cam instinctively stretch out his arms to hold back both Elora and Jiǔtóu. Drool drips from Shalana's jaw as she continue to snarls at them.

With only one vial of winter wolves' bane poison left, Cam wonders if there is a way to administer the poison, as a cure, to all three elven royals. Trellimar also wonders if the cure has to be ingested or can be soaked on a bladed. Elora thinks that it may only work if ingested like a potion. To this, Trellimar suggests pouring some on pieces of meat and feed them. Jiǔtóu then tells Elora to try to appeal to Alfadon, thinking that it may trigger family bonds. At the same time, both Alfadon and Shalana prowl along the walls of the hallway as they approach the adventurers. Also, unknown to the rest, Jiǔtóu's bracer, Crownrend, urges her to attack the wolves by using the hurtful emotions linked to the memories of her past.

Shalana slowly approach further, yet keeping an eye on Jiǔtóu's bracer. Elora pushes Cam's arm aside and slowly approach her father, appealing to him to stand down. Alfadon is trying his best to control his animalistic behaviour as he agonisingly warns Elora, whom he affectionately calls "moonbeam", to leave while she can. Shalana, also trying her best to control herself, tells Alfadon that they should leave while they can. Jiǔtóu says that they have a cure, which momentarily gets the attention from the wolves. Yet, Alfadon urges the adventurers to leave as they could not control themselves much longer.

Cam suggests Elora to quickly pour half of the cure into an empty vial. Alfadon trembles as he tells them that Aletha will also need to be cured. He also adds that she is restrained for now. Then, Alfadon smashes the door nearest to him.

Elora dashes pass the wolves to enter the main bedchamber. However, this triggers both Alfadon's and Shalana's feral instinct. Just as Shalana pounces on Elora, Cam reacts to this by attempting to shield Elora. Jiǔtóu also activates Crownrend the moment she sees Elora being attacked. Alfadon nearly attacks his daughter. With some difficulty, he drops his sword, crouch on the ground and clutching himself to try to restrain himself.

Elora pirouettes out of harm's way just as Cam tackles Shalana to the ground and pinning her arm. As this happens, Cam sees Jiǔtóu activating Crownrend as onyx-coloured plates extend up her arm. Jiǔtóu then lunges at Shalana and restrain her by the throat. Despite Crownrend urging her to kill the wolf by squeezing the throat, Jiǔtóu fights off the urge and pins Shalana down instead. Fearful of dying, Shalana desperately tries to release herself from Jiǔtóu but her claws are no match for the bracer's metal plates. Cam now sees Jiǔtóu in an internal struggle, desperately trying not to strangle Shalana to death. Cam then advises Jiǔtóu to control herself as it is Shalana, not a wolf. Jiǔtóu acknowledges his advice.

Elora enters the main bedchamber to see her mother, in wolf form, sleeping peacefully. She believes that it is her father that cast Sleep on her mother as a type of restrain. Elora also sees Payla laying conscious on the smashed cupboard. There are stab wounds visible, as if a bladed weapon went through Payla's armour. Elora kneels beside her mother and takes this opportunity to pour half of the cure into her mouth. Aletha reflectively swallows the cure. Her form then starts to shrink and, a few moments later, transforms back to her elven self. Aletha remains in a slumber.

Shalana throws Cam off her, causing him to slam against the wall. She then kicks Jiǔtóu out of the way. This enrages Jiǔtóu as the urge to attack Shalana grows stronger. Shalana then gets back on her feet. Just then, Alfadon lets out a roar. He then tackles Shalana, causing her to be pinned down to the ground again. Alfadon grabs the bejewelled sword and stabs it through Shalana's dress. His strength is so powerful that the sword penetrates through the flagstone.

Alfadon looks around and locks eyes with Cam, since he has some bond with him. He then tell Cam to not allow Elora to come after him until they have a cure. Alfadon then dashes into the room that he smashed the door earlier, smashes through the window and leaps out of the Winter Spire. Cam looks at Shalana and sees that she is trying to free herself. Her dress is about to be ripped off from the sword.

Elora turns around and cast Cure Wounds on Payla, who then regains conscious. Payla then immediate asks about Shalana's whereabouts. Elora tells her that Shalana is pinned down outside of the room. Payla warns Elora that Aletha is also a wolf, in which Elora replies to say that she is no longer one of them.

Payla tells Elora that they have to be wary of Sylval as she may be lurking around the Spire. To her relief, Elora tells Payla that Sylval is in the throne room. Payla then carries Aletha up. Cam, now aware that Payla is conscious, goes up to her and Elora. He tells Payla that he is glad that she is safe. He then asks her what happened earlier. Payla is unsure, saying that she will need some time to recall her memory. Even so, Payla says that they will need to restrain Shalana properly first before explaining the events that occurred.

Nalistri is thinking hard on what he can do to restrain Shalana. Elora asks if there are any place within the Spire that could contain her. To this, Nalistri suggests putting her into one of the prison cells. Trellimar adds that he maybe use Dimension Door to quickly transport Shalana into the cell. However, Nalistri says that it could be difficult since he would not know where the prison is. Elora suggests sending Granamyr and Nalistri says that he could guide him to the place. This way, Trellimar will be able to receive an image of the place from Granamyr through telepathy. Trellimar agrees to the plan.

Nalistri casts a spell on Shalana, creating rings of frost to restrain her further. At the same time, Jiǔtóu is aware that her hatred towards Shalana is not from her conscious but from Crownrend's action. Knowing that Shalana indirectly assists to bring her back to life, Jiǔtóu is trying hard to fight against the anger Crownrend is stoking. The anger of the ill-treatment she received when she was a slave. The resentment towards authority. Every time Jiǔtóu activates Crownrend, her anger seems to get worse.[2]

Still feeling the anger, Jiǔtóu shoves her way out of the hall. She enters the corridor to the teleportation portal and holds herself against the wall, trying to calm down. She also effectively blocks any Crownrend's attempts to talk to her. To ease the anger, Jiǔtóu recalls the teachings from Master Guanyin during her time in Arborea. In the meantime, as Cam is the only one aware of Jiǔtóu's current state, he tells everyone to let her be for the time being, informing them that she is fighting against Crownrend.

Trellimar sends Granamyr to locate the prison, with the help of Nalistri's guidance. Shalana attempts to escape but is unable to. After a while and avoiding guards, Granamyr reaches the basement area of the Spire. There is a small selection of cells, all having thick, magically enforced wall of ice as the cell gates. There are no keyholes as Nalistri explains that the Frostwalkers have control over such doors. However, the huge distance makes it impossible for Trellimar to casts Dimension Door to the cell. Nalistri says that the main foyer could be close enough to the prison.

Jiǔtóu decides to speak with Crownrend. She reasons with him, saying that had Shalana not save her life, Crownrend would still be inside his prison in the drow enclave in the Garden of Stones. Though she agrees that the anger is just and people need to die, Jiǔtóu believes that Shalana is not the one to be killed. Crownrend grumbles as he retorts her, saying that the restrained creature is not Shalana but a beast transformed. Jiǔtóu argues back that it is just if she returns the favour to save Shalana. Crownrend calls Jiǔtóu out for being naive, yet decides to take a step back after she convinced him. Nonetheless, he tells Jiǔtóu that he wants the one that cursed Shalana. Jiǔtóu finds it fair.

"For now, my strength is yours to command," Crownrend speaks, "but you will give me the lord's head." With that, Jiǔtóu's anger subsides.

To transporting the restrained Shalana down to the foyer, Cam uses his rope to secure the arms, legs and snout. Elora also helps by using vines via Druidcraft. Almost everyone then help to move the restrained Shalana to the portal. Jiǔtóu also helps to move, though Cam and Elora are cautious of her. Jiǔtóu assures everyone that she is back to herself.

Rescuing TrellimarEdit

Using the teleportation portal, the group is now at the main foyer. A couple of elven guards near them point their spears at them. However, upon seeing a restrained wolf, the guards stand down. In fact, the guard captain tells the group that, if they can stop whatever is happening, he will keep everyone of their way. Cam asks him to protect them. The guard captain replies to him that he will try is best, though he says that defeating King Selandris will be difficult. Elora asks of Selandris' whereabouts but the guard captain only knows that he is on one of the upper floors. Payla says she knows more but they will need to keep Shalana in a safe place first. Cam asks the guard captain to alert them if anyone is approaching. The guard captain says he will do so, adding that there are still a few of his guards loyal to the true Winter Spire.

Trellimar casts Dimension Door, allowing him to travel from the main foyer to a prison cell. He drags the restrained Shalana along. However, she is unable to go through the portal as she is not willing to go through. Nalistri asks Cam if he could cast any spell to make Shalana willing to go through the portal. Elora instead walks up to Shalana and tells her that Payla is waiting for her but she will need to comply with whatever they need to do. Shalana struggles as she says that none of this would have happened if they had to travel here. Elora tells her that what's done is done, then adds that she must get married to Payla and not leave her behind. Elora also says that she will need to go with Trellimar to a safe place where she cannot hurt anyone.

Tears well up in Shalana's eyes and she goes still. She then gives a slight nod. Taking this cue, Elora immediately tells Trellimar to bring her now to prison. Trellimar does so and is teleported inside a prison cell with the restrained Shalana. Shalana rolls to one side and, with a soft voice, tells Trellimar to leave which he can. However, as Dimension Door only works one way, Trellimar realises that he is trapped inside a cell with a wolf that could attack him. Granamyr is looking helplessly at Trellimar through the icy wall cell gate.

Upstairs, upon seeing the portal closes, Cam asks Nalistri on how will Trellimar get back. However, Nalistri does not know. Worried that Trellimar might be caught in a situation, Cam asks Nalistri to follow him down to check on Trellimar. Nalistri agrees and they both head down to the lower levels.

Cam and Nalistri eventually reach a corridor that leads into the prison. However, two guards are guarding the prison entrance. Cam pulls Nalistri to one corner, though Nalistri says that he might be able to walk pass through since he is part of the Winter Spire. However, Nalistri does not know how to be evil. Cam suggests talking himself as a prisoner. Nalistri likes the plan.

To make it look convincing, Cam asks Nalistri to punch him in the face. Nalistri then punches Cam. However, as he goes to punch, he slipped and misses hitting Cam's face. This causes Cam to roll his eyes. He punches himself instead, resulting in a black eye. Nalistri then casts a minor illusion on himself to create wolf-like eyes. Cam also casts Bless on Nalistri.

Nalistri shoves Cam forward as he barks at the two guards, saying, "You there! Miserable guards! I have a prisoner from downstairs! Get out of my way!" Cam is shocked by the fierceness of Nalistri.

Nalistri's action caught the guards by surprise as they are not aware that he has returned. Nalistri claims that his father, King Selandris, has given him his gift. The guards obey him and allow Nalistri to pass with Cam as prisoner.

Walking down a flight of stairs, Cam and Nalistri reach the prison cell where Trellimar is trapped inside. Nalistri unlocks the icy wall cell gate, allowing Trellimar to walk out of the prison cell. He then closes and locks the cell gate. Cam wonders if the icy wall is strong enough to prevent Shalana from escape. Nalistri replies to say that it should, though he is not certain about it. Cam then says that they should leave soon. However, they remember about the two guards. Cam asks Nalistri if there is another way back up but Nalistri does not know.

There is a brief pause as they think of what to do. Cam then asks Trellimar is he knows the spell Charm. Trellimar says that he does not know the spell Charm but says that he can charm the guards instead. Nalistri is glad of the idea, though Cam is reluctant as he knows what Trellimar means. However, with Nalistri saying that Trellimar is a powerful spellcaster, Cam gives in and lets Trellimar do his thing.

The trio are near the two guards. Before walking up the stairs and to the guards, Trellimar disguises into Granny Trell first. He then walks up the stairs. The guards notice an old lady and asks her who she is. Granny Trell claims that she needs protection against the wolves as she needs to return to the kitchen, claiming to be one of the Spire's kitchen maid. The two guards are baffled as they are not aware of any humans as kitchen maids.

To distract the guards further, Granny Trell lets one of her breasts out of her clothes, claiming that the wolves ripped her clothes during her attempt to escape from them. The two guards immediately look away as they do not want to see such an awful sight. They then agree to help her out. Meanwhile, after watching what Trellimar did, Nalistri gleefully shows Cam a thumbs up as Cam remains blank.

The two guards are reaching the main foyer. Granny Trell lets them lead her to the place as she wants to let her companions ambush the guards. Cam and Nalistri are quietly following from behind.

Elora, Jiǔtóu and Payla watch as Granny Trell emerges with two guards. The guards are confused upon seeing the three standing at the foyer. Just then, Nalistri shoots out a snowball from his hands and direct it at one of the guards. He is knocked unconscious and falls to the ground. Just as the other guard turns to look at his partner fell down, Cam uses the butt end of his dagger Nimbus and knocks it on the head of the guard. He too is knocked unconscious.

Elora has a horrified look as she sees Granny Trell. Jiǔtóu also deactivates Crownrend at the sight. Payla lowers her face into her palm as she tells Granny Trell to transform back into Trellimar. Trellimar does so, transforming back into himself. They then hide the bodies into one of the servant quarters.

What Happened EarlierEdit

Commander Payla shares with the adventurers on what happened prior to her being knocked out by Alfadon.

King Selandris invites Alfadon, Aletha, Payla and Shalana to his bedchamber as he has something important to discuss. Upon arriving at the bedchamber, Malisendal and Sylval are already present inside the room.

Selandris shares his grand plan of uniting the elven kind together. However, he says that it requires the royal blood from all Spires. Furthermore, his method may not be acceptable, or so he believes. Without warning, both Malisendal and Sylval jump on the four guests and bite them. However, they leave Payla alone as Selandris explains that they must ensure that the royal lineage continues and that her engagement with Shalana does not allow that.

The bites resulted in Aletha, Alfadon and Shalana slowly taking their form into wolf-like creatures. Payla tries to attack Selandris but Alfadon throws her across the room, causing her to slam against a cupboard and losing sight of the situation. The last thing she could remember is that Selandris speaks of heading up to the top of the Winter Spire via a secret passageway in the throne room. At this time, Sylval stabs Payla with a bladed weapon, resulting in her falling into unconsciousness. The next thing she remembers is seeing the adventurers helping her out. To this, she thanks them for doing so, as well as for keeping Shalana safe.

Payla asks Elora about the cure. Elora explains that the cure is given to her from a dryad in Fenris' lair. Payla wonders if they should go back to her to get more cure but Elora is not sure if that is possible anymore. Yet, she lets Payla know that several of her arrows are soaked with the cure, in which Payla says that they could try using them. Although, Payla worries that the cure may wear off due to exposure with the air, so Elora snaps off an arrowhead and place it inside the waterskin.

Cam proposes that they may look for an alchemist to create more cures, with Elora adding that they know of one back in Talis'Val. Payla, however, voices out that Talis'Val is too long of a way from the Winter Spire.

Payla offers to help the adventurers despite being injured from the stab wound. Cam asks on what they may expect upstairs. Payla believes that they will encounter both Malisendal and Selandris. Nalistri then points out that her mother and father, whom he addresses them as aunt and uncle respectively after discovering his true parentage, is a powerful sorceress and a formidable fighter respectively.

Cam says that they must act fast to stop Selandris but worries if they are in a fit state to battle again. Nalistri says that he has a trick he can do to give Selandris a surprise, though he needs an hour to prepare it. Still, Nalistri thinks that he will have enough time, since they will eventually face Sylval, who was earlier seen lounging around the throne room.

Regarding Elora's mother who is still asleep, Payla says that she will stay behind to look after her while the rest go and stop Selandris' plans. Payla then takes Aletha into one of the guest chambers and lay her down on the bed. To minimise any risks, Payla takes Cam's advice and hide Aletha with bed covers. She then grabs a dagger on the ground and keep watch, ready to attack anyone showing ill-intent on the Queen of the Moon Spire.

Meanwhile, the adventurers take a short rest, mainly to allow Nalistri to complete his preparations which involves casting a rune on his hand. Also during this time, Jiǔtóu blows into the wooden horn that should alert Spherior and, hopefully, Sheriff Macklin and his assistants to their location.

After an hour of rest, the adventurers make their way to the throne room. Around the same time, commotions are heard throughout the Winter Spire. They can hear guards requesting for assistance along the outer walls, which the adventurers guess that both Spherior and Macklin have arrived. The adventurers are then greeted by a set of closed double doors upon arrival. Trellimar puts on his mask and sees through the door. He sees a guard frantically talking to Sylval who is in wolf form, though he is unable to hear their conversation. Sylval later waves her hands and all of the guards inside rush out of the throne room, including the two guards stationed to protect her. The guards rush out through the main doors, in which by now the adventurers hide to avoid being noticed.

The pulses of energy that the adventurers have got used to is now beating quicker.

Regarding Sylval, Cam believes it is best for them to avoid any confrontation with her and instead find some way to lead her out of the room. Nalistri agrees with Cam as he notes that Sylval is a good fighter when in the mood. Cam then comments on Sylval staying put despite troubles outside of Spire. Nalistri guesses that she is under strict orders by Selandris to not leave the throne room, which makes the suspected secret passageway all the more possible.

In attempting to get Sylval out, Cam thinks that both he and Trellimar should enter the throne room, given their past interaction with her. Trellimar thinks that it is a good idea. However, Jiǔtóu asks them on their alternative move should their attempt fails, to which Cam says that he will shout "Help" as a signal to alert the rest to come in and fight Sylval. Regarding the first plan, Nalistri adds that both Cam and Trellimar may try charming her with a spell or anything similar. With that, Elora, Jiǔtóu and Nalistri remain hidden within a fog cloud that Nalistri conjures, while Cam and Trellimar begin their plan.

Seducing SylvalEdit

HighRollers Winter Spire Throne Room

Spire of Winter throne room

The doors open as Cam and Trellimar walk into the throne room with confidence. Trellimar even says, "Hey honey, I'm home!" This surprises Sylval, who then grins and comments that she did not expect both of them to come back into the Spire. Sylval then stands up and asks them on what they think of her wolf look.

"What do you think Trell," as Cam asks Trellimar, "do you think she can handle us?"

Sylval gives a remark what Cam said, saying that he seems particularly brave. Cam replies to say that he feels animalistic. Sylval then says that she has also thought of them two as her little preys. Cam then replies to her, saying that since they have just returned from hunting, Sylval may do some hunting of her own. Sylval says that she may consider doing so, adding that she can keep them as pets as long as they do not disrupt her father's plans. Cam says that he knows where they stand, which Trellimar also agrees.

Both Cam and Trellimar do not move forward as much and stand near the opened doors. Sylval though walks forward in a sultry manner, raking her claws on a pillar as it makes a screeching sound. Sylval says that she likes the idea of hunting. She later asks them to step further into the room as she says that it would not be fun if they went out. Cam says that he likes the draft coming from the doors, claiming that the room is warm. Sylval then uses her powers to close the doors shut as she tells them of her family having control of the entire Spire.

Not only did Sylval closes the doors, the lights also go out, plunging the room into total darkness. Cam is unable to see anything. Trellimar, with his mask on, is able to see black and white visions of the room. Cam expresses that he needs some light as he has never done any form of seduction in the dark before. Sylval disagrees, saying that it will make things too easy. With that, Cam loudly shouts "Help".

Though both Cam and Trellimar can hear gentle paddings, they are not able to figure out where it is coming from. Suddenly, Cam gives a loud shriek as he feels a paw cupping his testicles. Since the claws are protruding out, it digs into the skin, making Cam feeling uncomfortable. He then feels a tongue licking his neck. It is soon over just as it starts as the paw lets go of Cam, with a cackling of laughter follows after. Within the darkness, Trellimar briefly sees a figure approaching Cam then moves off.

"I don't like your kind of foreplay!" as Cam shouts. Sylval replies to say, "Oh, this is just me getting warmed up, Cam."

Trellimar roughly senses where Sylval may have gone, so he moves to the left side of the room to try to find her. Though he cannot find her, Sylval comments that Trellimar is handling the darkness a lot better than Cam. What she does not know is that Trellimar can see in the dark. Sylval adds on to say that Trellimar seems to be the right choice for her all along. Trellimar replies to say that that he is more experienced than Cam. Sylval agrees with Trellimar, then asks if he would like her to get rid of Cam so that they can have some time alone together. Cam hears this, so he says that he will instead leave. However, Sylval tells Cam that she will not allow Cam to go anywhere.

Just then, Trellimar spots Sylval leaning against the wall. Seizing the opportunity, he casts Suggestion on Sylval, suggesting her to go somewhere else to continue their escapades. The spell glazes over Sylval's eyes and she agrees with Trellimar, saying that they should not do such things in the throne room. She brings the light back into the room and asks Trellimar to follow her. Trellimar does so, with Cam following behind them at a distance.

The doors open as Sylval leaves the room. Cam sneakily gestures to the rest to enter the room, which they did. Sylval sees Elora, Jiǔtóu and Nalistri entering the throne room, which makes her telling them that she should not allow them to enter but says that she has other things to attend to. Additionally, she is glad to see Elora seeing her father, then telling Nalistri that her father may have him join the family.

Sylval tells Trellimar that she will bring him up to her room. Trellimar meekly agrees. As Sylval brings Trellimar to the teleportation portal, Cam asks him if he needs a safe word. Trellimar says he needs one, so his word is "pickles". Sylval queries them what are they talking about, to which Cam tells her that he knows that she can be feisty.

Elora, Jiǔtóu and Nalistri search the entire throne room for any signs of a secret passageway. Both Elora and Nalistri then spot a small, glowing sigil carved underneath a crystal light bracket in one of the alcove behind the thrones. Nalistri touches it and a section of the ice wall melts to reveal a spiral staircase leading upwards.

Meanwhile, Trellimar asks Cam if he likes cheese and pickle sandwiches. Cam, on hearing the safe word, replies that it is a safe choice. He then asks Trellimar if he knows of the door, referring to the throne room. Trellimar knows about it. He then tries to excuse himself from Sylval and continue their escapades another time. However, Sylval refuses, so she grabs hold of Trellimar on the arm tightly. Cam then casts Command on Sylval, asking her to halt. This causes her to freeze on the spot. Trellimar frees himself and both he and Cam run back into the throne room.

The trio, already inside the stairways, see Cam and Nalistri running into the throne room. Nalistri beckons them to where they are. Cam shouts that Sylval may come after them at any moment, since his spell does not last long. This makes Nalistri worried since she too can activate the sigil.

The moment everyone is inside the stairways, Nalistri touches the sigil which causes the ice to reform. Cam suggests destroying part of the staircase to slow Sylval down. After climbing midway, Trellimar fires a constant beam of Eldritch Blasts at the staircase, eventually forming a large gap.

Join us or be Forced toEdit

HighRollers Top of Winter Spire

Top of Spire of Winter

"The top of the Winter Spire has the look of a tip of an icicle from the outside but this appears to be an illusion. As you emerge from the spiral staircase, you can see the top of the Spire is a large, open platform with a thin, icy railings around it. The view is spectacular. The frozen mountains lurk in the distance. And all around you, you can see beautiful snow covered hill lands, pine forests and undisturbed regions.

At the centre of the roof is a raised platform with a pedestal of ice. On top of the pedestal is a jagged and twisted crown of blackness. It hums with power and you can feel this rapid pulsing of magic emerge from it, flowing through you, almost passing through you like a warm energy. Above the black crown floats what appears to be a bow, with no string, made of a beautiful silver, almost like a radiant moonlight captured in a physical form. It glitters with a faint glow of unseen magic.

Beside the pedestal stands two figures, almost exactly as when you first saw them: Lord Selandris Frostwalker and his beautiful wife Malisendal. She weaves her hands across the bow and the crown, her eyes focused and Sweat pouring down her brow."
- the dungeon master setting the scene

The adventurers emerge onto the platform as Selandris turns around, having a solemn and sad expression on his face. "Ah," Selandris now smiles as he says to his wife after seeing Elora, "perhaps we need not gamble everything, my love. The last remnants of our new family may still join us."

The pulses of energy the adventurers felt all these time seems to be coming from the Crown of Black Ice. The energy it radiates is much more powerful than any magical items they have, including Crownrend and the Shroud of Eyes. However, they can feel it being somewhat unstable and that Malisendal does not have enough power to complete whatever they are trying to do. Both Elora and Jiǔtóu also know that the powerful object seems to be receiving even more energy power, which is what Malisendal is doing. Elora can further sense that it contains magic from both the Autumn Spire and the Winter Spire. Regarding the bow, Elora can sense that it emanates similar power from her home Spire, Spire of the Moon.

Selandris lets out a long sigh, then tells Elora that he believes she may have a lot of things she would like to know or wish to say. He is also certain that she must be angry at what has transpired, yet claiming that she will not understand why he would do such things. Elora retorts back to say that she does not need any other facts than that he has turned her parents into monsters. Selandris insists that he did not turn them into monsters. Rather, he claims that he is trying to unite the elven kind, of one bloodline, one people.

Selandris asks Elora to look at what the world has become, or at least in the eyes of an elf. He states that not only the Winter Spire has suffered tragedy but also the Autumn Spire as they became under attack the moment the Spire returned to the Surface. Selandris further adds that even the humans are bickering over powers beyond their control. As such, the world is no longer safe for the elven kind, as Selandris claims, further saying that only the powers from the Crown can unite them together, even allowing them to have a safe haven in the Feywild where they can call home. However, Selandris says that such things can only happen if their kind are strong together, even if it means performing a sacrifice to form a new bloodline.

Elora shouts at Selandris, saying, "Well I'm not!"

Selandris tries to reason with Elora, saying that she does not understand as she is a child. Elora replies him to say that at least she understands that they can hold discussions with the non-elves. However, Selandris claims that they do not care, even wanting to make land treaties with the elves despite being around longer, before Pelor's Light existed, than the non-elves. Selandris further states that the non-elves do not know what the elves have suffered. He even says that the elves are dying, yet the non-elves, particularly humans, are repopulating. The only race that could understand the elves are drows, saying that they are safe for now since they lived underground.

Selandris begs Elora once more to join them, this time asking her to not be separated from her parents. He even tells her that having the elven kind united as one is something she also wish for. Yet, Elora firmly states that she will not separate herself from the non-elves, saying that she refuse to believe that they cannot talk it out with the non-elves.

"You can't turn people into monsters," says Elora as she argues back at Selandris, "you are changing the elven race."

"I'm strengthening our people!" Selandris shouts back as he slams his clenched fist, "we are dying! We are weak!"

Selandris adds that even archfeys are trying to corrupt the elven kind, further stating that he is fully aware of Fenris' actions, which he says he will not allow her affect to him. He even says that he will take the curse that Fenris has given him and turn it into the elven glory.

Feeling desperate, Selandris asks his wife to speak to Elora as a mother to a daughter. However, Elora warns her to not even try. Malisendal understands what Elora said. She then tells with Elora that they had tried talking to the non-elves, including the Government of the Dawn Republic. Malisendal shares with Elora of the endless debates Queen Shalana is engaged in with the Government regarding land ownership of the Longwood Forest, despite the entire land belonging to the Autumn Spire ever since before humans are on the planet. Malisendal then adds that the Government's refusal to hand over the land is because they wish to build lumber camps in the forest.

Malisendal says that non-elves, particularly humans, are so driven in their way of life to even acknowledge what was before them. Yet, she says that she does not blame then as they are still a young race. She even says that she will let Elora's non-elf friends go should she chooses to join them.

Malisendal sings the same tune as her husband, saying that she wishes the elven kind could have a safe haven since so many elves have lost their lives. Malisendal then tells Elora claiming that her parents are actually terrified for her, fearing that Elora could be taken away by evil creatures or villains during her times of travel. Elora shouts back at Malisendal, saying that after her parents become wolves thanks to Selandris' actions, they tried to kill her.

"I am very sorry for that," Selandris speaks.

"No you're not."

"I am!"

Selandris says that his family have learnt to control the wolf form, though it takes time. He hopes that they could be secured so that he may impart his knowledge on controlling the wolf form. However, it did not happen due to pressing matters he must attend to. Selandris then apologises to Elora for being attacked by her father, saying that he and Alfadon are close friends. He also believes Alfadon would agree with him in uniting the elven kind. However, Elora retorts to say that her father would not believe in such lies. In fact, Elora claims that Selandris betrayed her father. This makes Selandris disappointed in her.

Selandris offers one last chance for Elora to join them in not only uniting the Spires of Autumn, the Moon and Winter, but also the other three Spires into one united nation in the Feywild. The power of the Crown, which they need Elora to complete it, will provide total protection for the elven kind against anyone or anything, or so Selandris claims. Elora retorts to what Selandris said earlier of the Crown's power is a curse. Selandris argues that it need not be a curse, just a power strong enough to strengthen the elven kind.

Elora replies Selandris, "I won't let the elven people be cursed by you." This leads to Selandris glare at her as his anger builds up.

Nalistri, who has been standing behind the adventurers the whole time, makes his way to the front, revealing himself to Selandris and Malisendal.

"I'm sorry Elora," as Nalistri apologises to her.

Nalistri walks forward towards Selandris, whom he calls him "uncle". Selandris acknowledges him, then comments on Nalistri finding out his true parentage. He apologises to Nalistri for keeping the truth and treating him poorly, then asks him if he is ready to join them where he can be in a family again as he reaches out his hand to him.

"I am father," Nalistri replies to Selandris, "but not yours."

Nalistri grabs Selandris' outstretched arm, then boom! The rune on his glove explodes into fire. The explosion causes Nalistri to cry out in pain as he is flung across the platform. However, Selandris is now injured and the bow falls off as Nalistri knocks the pedestal in attempt to remove the Crown. Malisendal yells out "no" after the Crown stops being suspended in the air and falls onto the pedestal, causing a crack to form and magic becoming inert. It also stops pulsing.

Selandris is now angry. He begins to transform into a wolf.

"Very well," as Selandris warns Elora, "if you will not join us voluntarily, I will give you this curse! And you will truly be a member of our family."

Battle against the FrostwalkersEdit

First Round of Combat
Malisendal transforms into a wolf and hovers in the air, moving slightly to her left.

Trellimar fires Eldritch Blasts at Selandris. The first blot of purple energy impacts its chest greatly. This causes Selandris to stumble, just allowing him to not have the second blot hitting him. Selandris then draws his sword out and says to Trellimar that he was going to let him live but will no longer allow it. Trellimar later scoots off to his left, moving closer to the railings.

As Nalistri is prone, he uses Mage Hand to toss the bow closer to Elora. Cam later goes to Nalistri and, as he kneels down, tells him that he thought he would betray them. Nalistri meekly says that he was not planning to. Cam then asks him to fight for them, while he casts Healing Word on Nalistri and helping him up.

Selandris leaps to where Cam is and attempts to slash him with his longsword. Cam manages to duck out of the first swing but gets hit by a backhand swing, causing a cut on his arm although it got covered in frost.

Jiǔtóu, upon seeing Selandris attacking Cam and threatening Elora, decides to activate Crownrend even though she used it earlier. Crownrend allows her to activate him since she made a promise to him and he wants her to keep the promise. Onyx-coloured plates extend out of the bracer and cover the entire arm. With Crownrend activated, Jiǔtóu charges at Selandris to try to punch him. Selandris sees it in time, so he brings his sword up to parry it. However, the impact causes Selandris to take some damage. Jiǔtóu tries to punch him again but he blocks it.

Elora picks up the bow and is immediately attuned to it. Both the bowstring and an arrow also magically form. Elora can sense the power from goddess Sehanine Moonbow within it as well. Elora forgoes the magical arrow for one of hers with the tip soaked in the cure. She fires it at Selandris but to no effect as Selandris tells Elora that the poison does not affect him. He, however, gets injured by the arrow to his chest.

Second Round of Combat
Malisendal hovers over to Trellimar, while asking him if he can fly. She then lets out a blast of telekinetic force at him, sending Trellimar flying off the platform. In the nick of time, Trellimar fortunately manage to grab onto the railing, preventing himself from falling hundreds of feet down the Spire. He is also fighting against Malisendal's spell. In retaliation, Trellimar casts Blight at Malisendal to drain moisture and vitality out of her as she screams in agony. Hearing his wife crying out in pain, Selandris turns to look at her with deep concern. Furious, he shouts at Trellimar saying that he will kill him. Meanwhile, Nalistri disengages from his uncle and limps away as he clutches his burnt arm.

Cam becomes invisible by using Cloak of Shadows. Thinking of jumping onto Selandris' back, he jumps onto the pedestal first. However, this crushes the Crown of Black Ice, causing a shockwave that radiates out of it. A female scream of anguish is heard across the sky, which they recognise is from Fenris. Jiǔtóu and Malisendal are quick to get themselves out of the blast radius. However, both Cam and Selandris are caught by the blast, taking severe damage as get knocked back. Cam falls unconscious. The shattered remnants of the Crown is now littered all around the pedestal.

Selandris staggers to his feet and looks around, lock eyes with Elora and says, "You. Will. Join us!" He throws his sword away, lunges at Elora and bites her arm. The curse seeps into Elora's bloodstream and she can feel wolf instinct trying to take control. Fortunately, using all her might and willpower, she eventually resists its effect. This shocks Selandris as he lets go of her and steps back. Elora spits at Selandris, resulting in him angrily attempts to plunge his claws into her heart. Elora dodges to one side to avoid his attack.

"If you won't join, then you can freeze to death," as Selandris threatens Elora. Being a fighter, he pushes himself beyond his limits to breathe out a cone of ice from his mouth. Elora manages to shield off some of its cold effects. Selandris then heals himself a bit.[3]

Seeing Selandris attacking Elora, Jiǔtóu becomes furious and channels the rage that Crownrend is building up to dash towards Selandris. She punches him upon contact. Just before Jiǔtóu could attack him again, Selandris rakes his claw across her face.[4] His attack causes her to erupt flames from the wound on her cheekbone, resulting in his arm being lacerated. Jiǔtóu then punches him again using Crownrend. Selandris howls in pain, then shouts at her saying that she will not rob him of his plans to unite the elves. Jiǔtóu continues to lash out more punches on him with Flurry of Blows. Selandris is now very weak as he staggers and bleeding badly.

"I just... wanted to save our people," as Selandris weakly tells Elora. "If we do your path, any elven deaths will be on you. I would have made them safe. You will condemn us to death."

Elora aims her new bow at Selandris' head and draws it.

"This is for my father."

Elora releases the bow. The magical arrow pierces through Selandris' head. Upon contact, it explodes into silvery light. A calm expression washes over Selandris' face for a brief moment, then his eyes flutter as he falls backwards to the ground. He remains still and lifeless.

Elora also casts Healing Word on the unconscious Cam, then tells him to get up and fight.

Third Round of Combat
"NOO!" as Malisendal cries out after witnessing the death of her husband, "you insolent child! I will murder you. I will casts you all in frozen ice forever!" Malisendal goes to hover above Elora and Jiǔtóu. Crackle of energy forms around her as she gets ready to cast Cone of Cold. She then shouts at the two, saying that they shall freeze.

A blast of cold air erupts from Malisendal's hands as she aims at both Elora and Jiǔtóu. Jiǔtóu leaps out of the way in the nick of time. Elora, however, takes the full blast and is partially covered in ice, yet manages to hold on. Malisendal then casts Ray of Frost at Elora, though she dodges it.

Trellimar climbs over the railings and gets back onto the platform. He then fires Eldritch Blasts at Malisendal. The first blast impacts her on the back. As she turns around, the second blast goes through her body. Malisendal falls to the platform dead.

A short moment later, Sylval emerges from the staircase. It takes a while as she realises that both her parents are dead. Without thought, Sylval runs pass Elora and kneels down beside her father. Then, she backs off to the edge of the platform as she now fears for her life.

Nalistri looks at Sylval and asks her to not do anything stupid as he does not want to see another death. He pleads with her, saying that they still can fix whatever mistakes that has been done. In the meantime, Cam gets up and, after seeing the lifeless bodies, approaches slowly towards the rest. He also tells Sylval to not do anything rash.

However, upon Crownrend convincing her, Jiǔtóu conjures a flaming whip and whips at Sylval. This sends Sylval flying over the platform and plunges down the Spire. Crownrend is pleased with her action.
End of Combat

The End, For NowEdit

Cam is worried if Crownrend is controlling Jiǔtóu, so he asks her if that is the case. Jiǔtóu assures Cam that she is herself. She then tells Cam that she believes that Sylval would not have rested until they are all dead. Cam, though not agreeing on Jiǔtóu's method, agrees with her that Sylval should be defeated as she may go after Alfadon too. Jiǔtóu says that the Frostwalkers are all corrupt, except Nalistri, and would have destroyed the elven bloodline instead. Cam also says that they had no choice, since the cure did not work on them when Elora fired a cure-soaked arrow at Selandris earlier, or so Cam thought.

Nalistri, after witnessing his last surviving family member perished, is in emotional pain as he tells Jiǔtóu that he wished that she had not cast her off the platform to her death. Though he understands what the rest are saying, he says that they could lock her up instead. Jiǔtóu retorts by asking Nalistri if he wish to imprison her for life, to which Nalistri firmly agrees, claiming that it is justice. Jiǔtóu finds that life imprisonment is crueller than a quick death but Nalistri shouts back to say that Sylval plummeted to her death, which is not a quick death.

Cam stops Nalistri, telling him that Sylval may cause more trouble in vengeance should she escaped alive. Nalistri concurs with Cam but before he could argue back, Cam adds that the decision to kill Sylval is not Nalistri's but by everyone. "Perhaps so, but it is not one I agree with," as Nalistri replies Cam. He adds that Elora may have agreed with him too. Ending off, Nalistri states that Sylval should be dealt with by proper law, a decision that Korak the Champion would have taken. Nalistri then looks away and nurses his burnt arm.

Nonetheless, Cam tells everyone that it is now over. However, Elora is quick to say that it is not, with Nalistri adding that Alfadon has escaped into the forest, making it hard to track him down. Cam believes that Alfadon has a strong mind to resist some animalistic instinct. Nalistri agrees, if what Selandris says about controlling such behaviour is true as he says. To this, Elora says that they will need to teach Shalana on such control. Alternatively, as Nalistri says, an alchemist like the one they know back in Talis'Val may reproduce the cure to get rid of the curse.

Jiǔtóu walks to the edge of the platform to look for the body of Sylval. However, given the height, any people down below looks like ants, so she is unable to find the body of Sylval. Still, she believes Sylval would not be able to survive the fall.

Trellimar walks to the edge to do the same but sees similarly to what Jiǔtóu saw. However, with the power of his mask, is able to faintly spot claw marks near the bottom of the Spire. It is as if Sylval manages to slow her fall. Also, around the claw marks, the body of Sylval is not found. Trellimar lets everyone know on what he saw.

Jiǔtóu deactivates Crownrend. Crownrend then tells her that she has done a good job in defeating tyrants like Selandris and Malisendal. However, he tells her to remember about this the next time she meets anyone within the Government of the Dawn Republic.

Without any words, Elora shape-shifts into a giant eagle and flies off, embarking on a search to find her father.

Featured CharactersEdit

The AdventurersEdit







Notable MomentsEdit

  • Mark: What would you all like to do?
    Katie: Kill Mark.
    Mark: You don't see anybody called Mark here. There is only god.
    - Katie expresses her displeasure in regards to how her story arc is progressing. Also, Mark is referring himself as a god in the campaign.[5]
  • Nalistri: Do you think we might be able to charm her or something like that to get her out of our way?
    Cam: I can try to charm her.
    Nalistri: It might work. Or...if you've got anything in that regard to get rid of her just temporarily so we can pass her perhaps.
    Cam: I'm very limited in what I can do but I can charm-
    Nalistri: I mean I know that already, Cam Buckland.
    Cam: (sarcastic laugh) Now is not the time Nalistri.
    Nalistri: No, it's not. You're right. That is just terrible timing.
    - Nalistri attempts to crack a joke.[6]
  • Sylval: Why don't we take this up to my room. That would be more convenient, isn't it?
    Trellimar: (in a meek tone) Yes.
    Cam: Trell eh... bye.
    - Sylval wanting to seduce Trellimar further.[7]
  • Elora: Can you block [the secret entrance] off in any way?
    Nalistri: She can activate it! She's a member of the family as well!
    Cam: You've made a wall before, right?
    Nalistri: I can't do that again!
    Cam: Why not?
    Nalistri: That's not how magic works Cam!
    - The exchange of words as they decide how to block Sylval's path.[8]
  • Cam: I thought you went to the spire with intelligence but you're dumb!
    - Cam insulting Selandris.[9]
  • Malisendal: Tell me, little dark elf, can you fly?
    Malisendal casts Telekinesis, sending Trellimar flying off the platform.
    Trellimar manages to grab hold on the railing.
    Trellimar then casts Blight in retaliation.
    Trellimar: Blow this, bitch.
    - Malisendal and Trellimar battle against one another.[10]


  • Natural 20: Kim rolls a natural 20 for Jiǔtóu persuading Crownrend not to kill Shalana.[11] Matt rolls a natural 20 for Trellimar to fire a bolt of Eldritch Blast at Selandris.[12] Katie rolls a natural 20 for Elora to resists the effect of the curse.[13] Matt rolls a natural 20 for Trellimar to spot whether Sylval survived the fall or not.[14]
  • Natural 1: Mark rolls a Natural 1 for Selandris to attack Cam with a longsword.[15]
  • First!: This episode marks the first time Elora shape-shifts into a flying creature as part of Wild Shapes.[16]
  • Errors & Mistakes: Prior to the battle at the top of the Spire, Nalistri casts Glyph of Warding on his hand at the main foyer. According to the spell, it states that any object inscribed with the glyph cannot move for more than 10 feet or the spell will not work. It is possible that Mark misinterpret the spell's rule, so when a viewer informs Mark of this mistake in the next episode, Mark declares that he will pass this off since it has been done.[17]
  • Boner Rating: By AwkwardDogBoner. "D&D birthday baby 20 out of 20! Raging Hard-on Moment: Trell equals slut of the Spire! Boned by the Queen, sucks her dry and blueballs Sylval! Erection Rejection Moment: that werewolf cock cupping made my pickle retracting in my body!"[18]


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