"Wet Willie" is the thirty-seventh episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on February 5, 2017. Kim Richards is absent for this episode.

In this episode, Jiǔtóu meditates to fight her conflicting emotions, while the rest attempt to quell the remaining pockets of fighting. After which, Salah Balan revisits our heroes once more for another round of friendly trade.

Campaign SummaryEdit


Fenris has cursed the entire royal family of the Frostwalkers, rulers of the Spire of Winter, and her plot to infect the rest of the Council of Elves is now in motion. To stop her, the adventurers (consisting of Cam, Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar, as well as Nalistri) enter Fenris' Lair, a demiplane of the Feywild, to bring Fenris down and stop her plot. They succeeded in eliminating her and enter the Winter Spire via a portal in the lair. From there, they find out that Elora's family (King Alfadon and Queen Aletha) and Queen Shalana had already been affected by the curse, which turns them into winter werewolves. After a tense moment, Elora's words manage to keep her father in control of himself, whilst Cam and Jiǔtóu restrain Queen Shalana. Elora then used her last potion she found back in the lair to cure Aletha of the curse.

King Alfadon, fearing that he would lose control, jumps out of the Spire's window and fled into the forest. The adventurers rescue Commander Payla, then secure Queen Shalana in a prison cell to keep her safe. Now knowing that King Selandris and Queen Malisendal are at the top of the Spire, however, they discover that they will have to pass through the throne room, where Sylval in her controlled winter werewolf form is keeping guard. Both Cam and Trellimar hatch a plan in attempt to lure her out of the room and it succeeded, although it became more physical than intended. Nonetheless, this gives the rest the time to find the secret stairways to the top. Cam and Trellimar quickly follow behind and they all intentionally collapses a section of the stairways to slow Sylval down.

At the top is King Selandris and Queen Malisendal standing beside the Crown of Black Ice, a boon gifted by Fenris. The two tries to convince Elora to join them one last time. Elora refused. However, Nalistri appears at one moment to join them but actually attacks Selandris in the moment of surprise. Fighting ensues. During the battle, Cam jumps onto a pedestal, inadvertently destroying the Crown and causing it to explode. The blast badly injures Selandris and rendered Cam unconscious. The Moonbow, which was suspended over the Crown, tumbles to the ground. Elora picks it up and takes the finishing move by firing an arrow through Selandris' head. Malisendal is also killed.

The battle is over, though Sylval reaches to the top of the Spire to see her parents dead. Fearing for her life, she backs off to the ledge of the platform. In a sudden move, Jiǔtóu with an activated Crownrend charges at Sylval, which knocks her over the platform, plunging Sylval to her death. Both Elora and Nalistri are unhappy at Jiǔtóu's action, which Elora shape-shifting into a giant eagle and flies off. However, as Trellimar peer over to the side, he sees no corpse. Just claw marks going down the bottom of the Spire.

Jiutou in MeditationEdit

With the fight against King Selandris and Queen Malisendal now over, the adventurers are now able to clearly hear sounds of battle coming from below. Elora in a giant eagle from, who is now flying away from the top of the Spire, is able to see pockets of soldiers affiliated to the Winter Spire clashing against one another. Also, by the collapsed section of the ice wall surrounding the walled city, a small group of archers are seen peppering arrows at Spherior who is hurling huge chunks of ice back, and Sheriff Macklin with a couple of Hallow townsfolk who are using firearms and black powder explosives.

Nalistri conjures ice to form where his left forearm had been blown off, requiring concentration to move his fingers though moaning in pain. Meanwhile, Jiǔtóu, who is lost in thought, walks near to the edge and sits down to meditate, given that she is constantly in conflict between Crownrend's thoughts and the teachings she learnt in Arborea.

In a dire need for recovery, Cam proposes that they should remain where they are as he have no intention to partake in another battle. Trellimar, who still is wearing the Shroud of Eyes mask, agrees with him. Cam, seeing what Nalistri is doing with his arm, comments that he is coping well with the trauma. Nalistri tells him that he has to or he will need to focus on his now dead step-father Selandris. Trellimar then informs him that Sylval survived the fall, leading Nalistri to be feeling annoyingly pleased and not pleased at the same time. Concerned for his people, Nalistri also wants to go down to within the walled settlement and stop all skirmishes to avoid further bloodshed.

The giant eagle keeps her focus on tracking down any paw tracks of her father Alfadon. However, she sees various trails of wolf paw tracks weaving through the trees of a nearby forest. In addition, the winter storm is hindering her sight of the ground. These, as well as Alfadon excellent nature skills, making it difficult to find her father. She eventually stops her search and makes her way back to where her companions are at.

Seeing Jiǔtóu in a meditative state, Cam wants to give a wet willy to her, given how vulnerable and defenceless she is, or so he thinks. Trellimar does not think it is a good idea as Jiǔtóu may retaliate back but, due to Cam's insistence, sarcastically lets Cam have the fun. Cam tries to sneakily creep up to Jiǔtóu and, at the same time, wets his finger. "Go away!" Cam hears that in his mind just as Cam takes one step closer. The bracer's gemstone flares, quickly followed by a burst of flame surrounding Jiǔtóu, seemingly shielding her. The burst blasts Cam back by a couple of feet, causing him to be knocked out prone on the ground.

Both Nalistri and Trellimar quickly turn their head towards the burst of flame and see Cam lying motionless on the ground. Thinking that Cam is pulling a prank, Nalistri shouts at Cam to get up. However, he is now concerned as Cam remains unresponsive. Trellimar, who have also realised what has happened, frantically asks Nalistri if he have any healing potions or spells as he have none left. However, Nalistri also does not have any healing powers left, though he goes up to Cam and fortunately stabilise his condition. Trellimar looks at Jiǔtóu, still in her meditative state, and tries to communicate telepathically to her. However, all he receives in return is Crownrend telling him to left them alone.

As the giant eagle approaches the platform, she sees Nalistri and Trellimar squatting beside Cam and seemingly treating him. She shape-shifts back to her Elora self and asks them what has happened. They explain to her what happened as she pours her last Potion of Healing down Cam's throat. This allows Cam to regain conscious. He then warns everyone to leave her alone for now, sharing with them what he have heard. Cam, Elora and Trellimar all agree that the issue with Crownrend needs to be dealt with, though the battle happening below takes first priority.

Negotiating a CeasefireEdit

Guessing that the fighting is still ongoing is because they are not aware that King Selandris is dead, Cam says that they will need prove to show the King no longer lives. Initially thinking of show the corpse, the adventurers settle on taking Selandris' weapon, the Frostwalker Blade, as Nalistri explains that Selandris never part with his weapon. Nalistri wields the blade after Elora told him that he is now the rightful heir to the throne of the Spire of Winter.

Trellimar suggests that he lend the bronze griffin figurine to Trellimar and lets him ride it once activated, reasoning that it will enhance the image of Nalistri being the new ruler of the Spire. Nalistri takes it and activates it, enlarging the figurine into a large bronze-coloured griffin. Both Elora and Nalistri hop on, with Elora taking the rein. Cam transforms into a raven with his cloak. Trellimar asks to be grabbed by the griffin's claws. The adventurers, less Jiǔtóu, start to fly down to the walled settlement around the Spire.

The ongoing battle is now clearer. Civilians are being rallied by a small group of settlement soldiers. They are fighting against the military forces of the Winter Spire. One group of these forces are engaged with Spherior, Sheriff Macklin and his people. Within the settlement are large buildings, mainly taverns, meeting halls, barracks and stables, with soldiers on the rooftops. Small buildings like thatched cottages fill in the remaining city space.[1]

Seeing the pockets of battles, the raven perches on the head of the griffin and starts gesturing with his wings to Trellimar as a messenger in order to talk to the rest. Trellimar uses Detect Thoughts with his mask to read the raven's mind, as well as using his warlock ability to communicate telepathically to it.[2] Whenever the raven expresses a thought, Trellimar relays it to Elora and Nalistri.

The raven, though thinking as Cam, suggests taking Nalistri to a spot and amplify his voice so everyone can hear him. However, none of the have the ability to do so. Elora then says that they should target the leaders of each group, which Nalistri pointing out the three leaders loyal to King Selandris: Reyan, Ural and Valen. Valen will be difficult to convince since he is very close to King Selandris apart from King Alfadon, Nalistri says, though the other two will be easier to do so. Elora then suggests the latter, to which Nalistri points out that Ural is leading the group attacking Spherior and six people from Hallow.

The raven suggests, once close enough, Trellimar to be released from the griffin's grip so he can tackle Ural to the ground. Elora is not keen though since she wants them to appear as friends, not as enemies, to Ural. They then decide to pin down Ural by using the griffin after Nalistri points out that it is heavy.

As the griffin gets closer, Elora shouts to Ural's soldiers to not attack. It is just a little too late, however, as the four archers have fired an arrow each before halting their attack. Two of them bounce off the griffin's metal plating, while the other two impale through Trellimar's knees. The griffin comes smashing down onto a roof, pinning Ural and three of his archers. Nalistri then raises the Frostwalker Blade and announces, though not confidently, that he is now in charge. Ural and his soldiers are confused by Nalistri's statement. Seeing the pinned Ural, Elora apologises to him for what just happened and says that Nalistri is telling the truth, that Selandris has died.

Ural does not believe on what he just heard. Nalistri shows Selandris' blade to him, with Elora adding that King Selandris wanted to turn every elves into unpleasant creatures. Ural still does not believe them as says that the King who loyally ruled them for hundreds of years promised a great future, claiming that Nalistri may have killed the King to take over the Spire. Elora tells him that Selandris is corrupted to do Fenris' wish, though Ural demands evidence to prove it. He adds that they are given orders to defend the Spire from outsiders, pointing with his freed hand to the frost giant and the people of Hallow. Elora says that she can asks them to stand down. However, she emphasises that Selandris would have turned everyone into monsters, like what he did to Queen Shalana. Ural thinks about what Elora said, then says that he may believe her only if the attackers stand down. Elora agrees, so he requests Ural to tell his soldiers to stop firing the attackers. The griffin lets go of Ural so that he could order his soldiers to stop firing unless for self-defence. Ural gives his order and his soldiers stop firing. They then take cover and get ready to fire when necessary.

Nalistri gets off the griffin to allow Trellimar to hop on. The two then fly towards Spherior, with the raven following close behind. Spherior sees something flying towards him and is about to throw a boulder at it when he recognises Elora and Trellimar. Elora then requests him to stop attacking, which makes Spherior surprised as he says that the elves were attacking him for quite a while now. Elora assures him that she has begun telling the elves to stop fighting too, saying that the threat has been defeated. Spherior does not want to stop fighting but eventually decides to listen to Elora's request after she feeds his ego by showed him the significant damage he has caused. Yet, Spherior tells her that he will be around just in case the fighting resumes. Spherior sits down and whistles for his pet Howl. Howl comes from around a building with a leg in his jaws as he drags an elven soldier, who is screaming in fear. Elora tells Howl to drop let go of the man, which he does. As the soldier draws out his sword, Howl bats him with his body to knock him out.

One of the Hallow folks recognise Trellimar as the person who saved Sheriff Macklin a while back. Trellimar then requests him to stop the fighting. Like Spherior, the man is in shocked to hear such request, so he calls Sheriff Macklin over. Macklin walks to them and says that he is glad to see them well. He was worried that the adventurers are captured as he has not heard from them for quite a while and with the elves attacking them as they approached. Elora tells him that they are fine and that his folks need to stand down. However, Macklin points out to other elves that are still attacking. Elora tells him that she has told one of the leaders to stop fighting, though she is still working on telling the others to stop as well. However, she will need Macklin and his folks to stand down first so the others can stop attacking too. Macklin agrees to her request, so he tells his folks to stand down and secure a perimeter outside of the broken ice wall. The Hallow folks then leave, with Spherior tagging along.

Ural, who witnessed what just happened, raises his hand to give a signal to Elora. He and his soldiers then climb down from the roof. Given Nalistri's state, Elora flies the griffin over to help him down the roof. The raven transforms back into Cam.

Ural now asks Elora on what had happened to King Selandris. Elora shares with him on Fenris' plot to seek revenge against the elves by tricking Selandris. Ural is in shock to hear Fenris' name but eventually linked it to how Selandris has been reserved for the last few weeks, though he thought that his quietness is due to the loss of his son Daphemir.

Cam asks Ural if he have any potions, explaining that he is badly injured after a failed prank on a tiefling. Ural gives a stunned look on his face as he turns to Elora, Nalistri and Trellimar, giving the impression that he would rather deal with the two of them than Cam. He then orders one of his soldier to treat "the idiot", referring to Cam, despite the soldier's unwillingness. The soldier goes up to Cam and asks him to sit down. The soldier takes out a pouch and tells Cam that inside it contains elven herbs paste that can heal him. Just as Cam is about to speak, the soldier tells him to keep quiet or the paste will not work, so he claims. Cam remains quiet and allow the soldier to treat his wounds, but he eats a bit of the paste. After five minutes, Cam is healed a bit.

Meanwhile, Ural asks the adventurers if Fenris placed a curse on Selandris. Elora says yes and adds that Selandris also tries to bestow the curse on the elven nobles. Nalistri steps forwards and explains further on Selandris' intention to have all elves become like him, like werewolves, in the Feywild.

Ural lets out a sigh as he processes the new information presented to him. He then tells them about Valen, the Commander of the Winter Spire and Selandris' Chief-in-Arms. Valen established a war room in the Spire's gallery. He is the one who gives out orders to the other captains, especially the order that Nalistri betrayed them by having the frost giant and people of Hallow to attack the Spire. Cam asks Ural if he likes Valen, to which Ural says that he is a venerable commander and has an utmost respect for him, though Valen is less tolerant to non-elves. He also has commanded the Winter Spire forces for centuries.

Given that Valen is Selandris' closest ally, Ural believes he is aware of Selandris' plan and will not stop. Regarding the other military forces though, Ural, being well-liked and second-in-command, might be able to convince them to stand down though he will need Nalistri to assists him. Ural also lets the adventurers know that Valen will have a small contingent of soldiers loyal to him, as well as Lady Reyan, a spellcaster. He adds that Reyan may be easier to convince.

Ural have a bit of healing powers left, so he heals both Cam and Elora, though not much to fully recover. Cam asks if he could spare some soldiers to aid them into defeating Valen. Ural then offers two archers to assist in their mission. With that settled, Nalistri and Ural guide the adventurers to the entrance of the Winter Spire.

Confronting ReyanEdit

Now consisting of Cam, Elora, Trellimar and two archers, the adventurers head to the room where Payla is keeping Aletha safe. They knock on the door to let Payla know that it is them before entering.

Payla is glad to see the adventurers again, then asks if Selandris has been defeated. Elora tells her that he and his wife are defeated, though they need to have his loyalists to stand down as well. However, Sylval got away, leading Payla to fear that she still can infect others with the curse.

Payla asks if they want her to assists them in their mission. Elora decides that it is better to stay put and take care of Aletha, who is still under the Sleep spell. In terms of communication, Payla thinks that Granamyr can serve as the messenger. Elora then asks Payla if she knows where Lad Reyan might be. Payla does not know but she knows how she looks like and carries a staff tipped with an icy crystal. With that, the adventurers are off to search for Lady Reyan.

The group explore the hallways of the Spire. Both Elora and one of the archers stealthily walk along the way, while the other three clumsily bump into things. Unknown to them, their actions alert a group of soldiers nearby.

As the adventurers round a bend, they bump into a group of four soldiers. In the middle is an adult female elf, who is carrying a staff with an icy tip.

Lady Reyan, upon noticing Elora, orders her soldiers to prepare to apprehend the group. Elora tries to tell Reyan to not fight but Reyan tells her soldiers to not listen to her, saying that they attacked King Selandris. Reyan then casts a spell on the group. Fortunately, almost everyone manage to resist the spell. Only one of the archers get affected as his movement is slowed. Reyan then get behind her soldiers.

Elora tries to convince Reyan once again, this time telling her that the battle is now over and Nalistri is now in charge. However, Reyan insists that the Spire still belongs to Selandris, even accusing them for usurping the King after Elora told her he is dead. Refusing to listen any further, Reyan orders her soldiers to arrest the group. In spite of that, Elora continues to say that Selandris turned her parents into monsters. Meanwhile, Cam throws down his daggers and raises his hands in surrender.

To back Elora's claims up, Trellimar sends flash moments telepathically to Reyan, showing her scenes of the elven nobles in werewolves form and the battle against King Selandris. His action catches Reyan by surprise and she orders her soldiers to halt as she carefully views whatever images Trellimar is sending her. Amongst the flash images, an object catches her eyes. It is the Crown of Black Ice, which she realises that it is an artefact created by Fenris. This makes Reyan feeling uneasy of Selandris' plan.

Recalling what Elora just said, Reyan asks her about the monsters. Elora explains that her parents are turned into werewolves like what Trellimar shown. She says that they do not have control over their form and that Selandris wants to turn all elves into such creatures. She adds that Selandris does not want diplomacy, only killing people to get what he wants. Reyan tells Elora that she is wrong since Selandris is the kind of person that would never kill people. Cam butts in to say that Selandris may not think that way but Fenris have corrupted his mind and using him as a puppet. Reyan believes what Cam said might be true.

With Selandris dead and Sylval deemed unfit to rule given that she is infected with the curse, Reyan believes that Nalistri is the next rightful heir to the throne.

Reyan shares with the adventurers that Commander Valen told her and everyone that Nalistri is attempting to usurp Selandris and has called upon the aid of the frost giant and the humans from Hallow. Elora assures Reyan that they have stop both frost giant and humans from attacking. She adds that they are not intending to betray anyone but only trying to save the Spire.

As much as everyone would want to stop the fighting, Reyan says that Valen will be the problem as he will seek revenge for Selandris despite whatever evidence that will be shown to him. No one will be able to convince him except Selandris himself.

Looking at her four soldiers, Reyan tells them to go down to the prison chamber and look at what Selandris wanted do to them, referring to Queen Shalana now being a werewolf. Obeying her orders, the four soldiers head off to the prison chamber.

Despite seeing the adventurers beaten and bruised, Reyan says that they will need to bring down Valen or at least render him unconscious and then arrests him. Cam says that it will be tough. Reyarn agrees with him.

Cam voices out his idea of using the bronze griffin to pin down Valen. Reyan have an alternative. Trellimar shall disguise as King Selandris and Reyan shall be Malisendal in disguise. Trellimar is thinking if disguising into a werewolf version of Selandris would be a better choice. To that, Reyan says that she can morph him into such creature should Valen questions if he is truly Selandris. As for Cam and Elora, Reyan proposes that the two will hide outside of the room, only coming in if fighting begins. With everyone in agreement, the group execute their plan.

Deceiving the LoyalistsEdit

Cam, Elora, Reyan and Trellimar make their way to the gallery, where Commander Valen and his soldiers are in. Now outside the gallery with its door closed, both Reyan and Trellimar transform into Malisendal and Selandris respectively. Cam and Elora hide behind the door frame as the fake Selandris and Malisendal open the door.

Everyone, the high-ranked soldiers, in the gallery stand at attention upon seeing King Selandris and his wife Malisendal. Commander Valen also stands with a surprised yet relieved expression on his face knowing that the King is not harmed by the so-called attackers.

Selandris tells the soldiers to be at ease, so the soldiers resume whatever they were doing. Three of the soldiers are sitting by a round table to the side. On it are vials of varied potions and scrolls. Valen and another four are sitting by a rectangular table in the middle of the room that has a map of the Spire's surroundings.

Valen goes round to the front of the table to continue his conversation with Selandris, asking again if the ritual is complete. Selandris, however, says that the plan has changed, claiming that he has been shrouded by evil caused by Fenris. Valen's eyes narrows as what Selandris just said is contradictory to what he was told, that Fenris promised great power to them. Selandris then claims that Fenris tricked them into receiving a curse that will make them creatures that they should not be.

Sensing something is wrong, Valen slowly moves his hand to the table as he grabs his blade, while reminding Selandris that he have the ability to transform into a form and that every elves will become brothers and sisters in the form of a pact. Malisendal tries to back Selandris up but it is of no use. Valen swings his blade and orders his soldiers to stop Selandris, believing that something is wrong with him. Malisendal then continues with the plan and subtly casts a spell on Trellimar disguised as Selandris to morph him into a white-fur wolf.

Valen and his soldiers step back a little as Malisendal tries to convince Valen of the curse of becoming a monster that Fenris have given Selandris. Valen, however, thinks that it is a trick, so he orders his soldiers to attack.

First Round of Combat
The wolf charges at Valen and sinks his jaws on his torso, trying to pin him to the ground. Valen though is strong enough to keep steady, then get the wolf off him. While this is happening, the soldiers move to surround the wolf and Malisendal. One of them takes a swing with his rapier and stabs the wolf, injuring it. As the rapier connects with the skin, Trellimar (morphed as a wolf) can sense freezing pain together with the stab wound. During this time, the round table got knocked over, causing the vials to tumble all over the ground.

Reyan (morphed as Malisendal) casts Stoneskin on herself, allowing her skin to be as hard as stone. She then positions her staff into a defence position.

Valen brings his greatsword down on the wolf, causing another wound. He also tells his soldiers to either subdue to kill the impostors as he believes that the Selandris and Malisendal they see are not really them, thinking that it is a trick by Nalistri.

Cam remains behind the door frame as he throws his dagger Nimbus at the soldier closest to him. The dagger impales into the back of the soldier's neck. It not only causes a wound but now also seeps poison into the soldier since Cam now have the ability to infuse his weapons with poison. The injury is so great that the soldier dies. Nimbus then coalesces back into Cam's hand.

Despite Cam performing his attack behind cover, one of the soldiers who saw his comrade collapsing to the ground knows that the attack is coming from the doorway. Elora then uses her moonbow to fire an arrow at the same soldier. The arrow flies through the air as it glows bright with radiant energy, effectively giving off her's and Cam's location. The impact of the arrow kills another soldier. Elora then shape-shifts into a polar bear and positions herself to prevent anyone from walking through the door to attack Cam at close range.

Second Round of Combat
The wolf goes to bite Valen once again. This time, he successfully pins him down to the ground. However, two of the soldiers attack him with great force. Another two soldiers attack the polar bear to injury her.

The fifth soldier also injures Malisendal. In retaliation, Malisendal casts a spell on him, causing him to freeze in spot. She then goes round the middle table to position herself behind Valen.

Valen gets back on his feet and attacks the wolf with his greatsword. This causes the wolf to morph back into Trellimar himself. This also shows Valen and his soldiers that they have been tricked.

Cam throws Nimbus at one of the soldiers attacking the polar bear, which hits and injures him, then ducks behind the polar bear for cover. The polar bear goes to bite the same soldier that Cam attacked but the armour protected him. She then claws him, which kills him.

Third Round of Combat
Trellimar pulls out his shortsword and attacks one of the soldier. However, the soldier goes to parry it. The same soldier and another attack back at Trellimar. Only one of them hits Trellimar and with a great force too, severely cutting his neck. A third soldier attempts to attack the polar bear but misses. Also, the soldier that froze on the spot is able to move again.

Malisendal summons an orb of multiple colours and throws it at a soldier. The soldier moves out of the way, though still receiving some acidic damage from it. Malisendal then takes cover behind the rectangular table.

Valen, furious at Trellimar, swings his greatsword at him, which impacts onto his side. Cam sees this, so he squeezes past the polar bear and goes right up to Trellimar. He then places his hand onto Trellimar's shoulder and casts Heroism on him, which also causes Cam to glow as part of his lightborn trait. Meanwhile, the polar bear kills another soldier. She then positions herself between Cam and the just unfrozen soldier.

Fourth Round of Combat
Trellimar tries to stab Valen with a shortsword again. However, Valen goes to parry it. Valen then orders his soldiers to kill Cam as he thinks he is a healer based on Cam's glow. The soldiers obey him, so two of them who is in range of Cam go to attack him. Both of them manages to injure Cam further. At the same time, the third soldier attempts to attack the polar bear but misses.

Malisendal casts a spell in attempt to lift Valen off the ground. Valen, however, is able to resists the effect. He then strikes Trellimar with another swing of the greatsword.

Cam continues to concentrate on the Heroism spell on Trellimar. At the same time, he manages to stab the soldier behind with Nimbus.

The polar bear bites onto the soldier beside her, which kills him. She then goes to claw another soldier but he blocks it with his rapier.

Fifth Round of Combat
Seeing that his attacks barely cause a dent, Trellimar disengages from the fight and takes cover behind the overturned round table. He then sees three vials of potion and picks up the one with green liquid.

One of the soldier attacks the polar bear, while the other attacks Cam. Both of them hit their targets, much so on Cam as he falls to the ground unconscious.

Malisendal tries her spell on Valen again. This time, she successfully lifts him up and pins him onto the ceiling, making him immobile.

Seeing Cam down, the polar bear shape-shifts back into Elora herself, then heals Cam with Cure Wounds. The effect is so great that Cam gets an erection.

Sixth Round of Combat
The sealed green liquid potion have a scorpion's tail, an adder's fang, a dead spider and a tiny beating heart all suspended in it. Trellimar pops it open, which makes the four ingredients disappear, and drinks it. The effect kicks in and Trellimar feels great. Also feeling energetic, Trellimar fires his Eldritch Blasts at the last two soldier. He misses one of them but kills the other. Meanwhile, Cam and Elora notice that Trellimar's clothes seems to be a little loose.

The soldier attempts to hit Elora in panic but misses. He did not realise that Cam is alive and is crawling towards him. Cam takes his chance to use Nimbus and stabs it right up the soldier's pelvis area, then ripping it apart. The soldier is now dead. Meanwhile, Malisendal maintains her concentration on the spell against Valen.
End of Combat

The adventurers give some rope to Reyan, who then uses Telekinesis to restrain Valen with the rope. Cam then disarms him by taking away his greatsword.

Both Cam and Elora asks Trellimar on what happened. Trellimar says that he just drank a potion, which he says it contains green liquid upon Reyan (who drops her Malisendal form by now) asking him. Reyan buries her face in her free hand upon hearing the liquid's colour as it is one of her potions that she created. She then asks him to take off his mask, to which Trellimar does so. Everyone can now see that Trellimar is visibly younger, equivalent to around 18 human years' old.

The annoyed Reyan explains that the potion is a Potion of Longevity, a rare potion that she made for herself since she is getting old. She also says that its effect is permanent. Elora then asks of the other two potions on the ground. She tells her that the one with red liquid is a Potion of Healing, while the other with blue liquid is a Potion of Cold Resistance.

With the last group of fighting ceased, peace has returned to the Spire of Winter. Valen is incarcerated as he is well aware of Selandris' plans. A group of about 30 soldiers loyal to King Selandris decide to leave the Spire knowing that Nalistri is now in charge. Nalistri does not stop them as he does not want to force anyone to stay if they feel uncomfortable with the new normal.

Nalistri offers food and lodging for the adventurers. Later, Elora's mother Aletha wakes from her slumber. She and Elora embrace one another without saying a word as Aletha is aware that her husband Alfadon is still in werewolf form and is missing. The only words Aletha says are, in a whisper to Elora, "We will find him. We will find a way to bring him back."

Commander Payla is glad to see the adventurers alive, though she then asks them on where they could find more cure. Elora tells her that they are not sure, though she says that she got the cure inside Fenris' lair, which is a Feywild demiplane. Elora had to dissuade Payla from entering Fenris' lair as Payla intends to go inside to find another cure. She even says that Shalana would not like it if she found out that her bride-to-be is dead.

Elora shows Payla two arrowheads soaked with the cure that she concealed. She assures her that she will find a way to have the cure reproduced by an alchemist she knows back in Talis'Val. However, Payla does not want to see Shalana locked up in her cell all alone. Cam assures her that she will be safe under Nalistri's custody. Elora adds that Shalana could possibly learn on how to control her werewolf form. Cam also reminds Payla that they will need a curse for Elora's father too, which Payla apologises for being selfish by thinking about Shalana only.

Cam suggests Payla to stay with Shalana, while they return to Talis'Val to reproduce the cure. Payla agrees and adds that she could also help the inexperienced Nalistri to run the Spire.

The adventurers eventually have a good night rest.

The Genie ReturnsEdit

The morning comes and the adventurers spend their free time in their chamber to restock their supplies. Then, there is a knock on the door. One of them opens it and standing there is a young boy with blue skin and a turban on his head. The boy, with a dead expression on his face, tells the adventurers that Master Balan has invited them into his abode again.

Cam offers his hand. The boy places his hand onto Cam's, then Cam plays a prank by slicing the boy's hand off with a dagger. As the boy is made of cloud materials, the hand puffs away into clouds. They boy asks Cam on what did he cut his hands off. Cam assures him that he will get his hand back later.

The boy guides the adventurers down a corridor of the Spire and leads them to a door, which the boy says that it will bring them into the realm of Salah Balan. Cam then plays another prank on the boy, this time cutting a leg off. The boy has to hop around to keep balance as he asks why Cam did it again. Elora chides Cam for cutting a limb off the boy again, though Cam argues that the boy is just a cloud, not a real people. The boy asks if Cam wants his arm cut off. Cam agrees, so the boy forms a sword made out of cloud and cuts Cam's arm. However, the sword just passes through.

The adventurers open the door and are greeted by a warm blast of steam. As they step through, they seems to be in a thermal bath. The floor is of blue and white tiles as tall stone pillars support the roof. In the middle is a large circular pool, in which is a large, overweight blue-skinned genie relaxing in warm, bubbling water. Surrounding him are beautiful and naked cloud ladies all feeding and massaging him. Trellimar, since he now have a mind of a teenager too, gets an erection at the sight of the ladies.

Salah warmly welcomes the adventurers into his realm and invites them to join him in the pool to relax. Cam immediately starts to remove his clothes and then enters the nice, warm pool. Salah then asks if they would like anything like food, women or men. Cam says he wants everything, so Salah gives a clap and a woman starts feeding Cam grapes, while a muscular man starts massaging his shoulders. Elora also asks for some grapes, so a cloud man gives her a bowl full of them.

Noticing that Jiǔtóu is not around, Salah asks about her. Cam tells him that she may have to drop by another time but Salah replies to say that he only stop by as he sensed a large discharge of magical energy, thinking that he could make some profits off it. He also notices that Trellimar is looking younger, guessing that he might had a spell mishap. Trellimar say so and wonders if Salah can turn him back to his usual self. Salah says that he can either sell Potion of Longevity or grant a wish upon payment of 3000 gold pieces. However, Trellimar thinks that it is not worth it, so he rejects all offer. Salah also tells Trellimar that it is not all bad as he can enjoy his teenage years all over again. One thing that Salah agrees to do for free is to resize Trellimar's clothes so it fits again.

On Cam's requests to see the products first before buying, Salah claps his hands and all portraits on the wall turns to show the various products he have. There are glowing armours, wonderful weapons, exquisite items; Salah seems to have it all.

Taking out his catalogue, Salah offers several items that could interests the adventurers. Cam offers to trade the Cloak of Raven worth 4000 gold pieces, a chestplate from the Autumn Spire worth 2000 gold pieces and an immovable rod worth 5000 gold pieces. For these, Salah offers several items during the course of their conversation: Apparatus of Kwalish worth 10,000 gold pieces that Cam was interested in previously, Ring of Invisibility, Robe of Scintillating Colours last worn by Jassun, Sword of Life Stealing, Ioun Stone of Agility, Ring of the Ram, Boots of Speed, Adamantine Armour and Sending Stones.

Both Cam and Elora are interested in getting a Bag of Holding since they are now carrying too much items. Salah says that it is worth 4000 gold pieces. However, they decide not to buy it.

Cam then asks Salah if he can enhance his dagger Nimbus with more power, an item that Cam bought from Salah previously. Salah says he can do it for 4000 gold pieces. Cam agrees so he offers the immovable rod for it and, which the change, is given 9 Potions of Greater Healing. Nimbus is eventually enchanted with more accuracy.

Out of curiosity, the adventurers asks about the worth of the following items: Crownrend, Moonbow and Shroud of Eyes. Salah tells them that each are worth 30,000 gold pieces, 18,000 gold pieces and 20,000 gold pieces respectively. Regarding Crownrend, Salah is shock to learn that Jiǔtóu has it and says that he thought Crownrend was just a tale.

Crownrend is an item held by a demon commander that served Asmodeus, one of the nine princes of the Underworld and a tyrant of devils and demons. The commander sought power to topple Asmodeus, so he forged a bracer in the darkest pits of the Abyss. It is infused with all the hatred he can muster against tyrants and leaders. With his new power, the commander became a scourge to all. He fought against Asmodeus himself. Crownrend has many stages, up to where is can fully transform. It also feeds on the life force of the wearer. When the wearer becomes attuned to it and their paths truly aligned, they can achieve a state beyond power. As the tale go, the commander did not want to give up the power he claimed, so he eventually becomes a tyrant, forcing Crownrend to reject his creator by killing him.[3]

With this, Salah warns the adventurers to be weary of Jiǔtóu having Crownrend, though he says that perhaps Jiǔtóu can control it. Still, Elora remains worried since she suspects that Jiǔtóu is well-bonded with Crownrend. Trellimar wonders if they chop her arm off that Crownrend will stop affecting Jiǔtóu. Salah says that any ways to remove Crownrend could be possible, though Jiǔtóu will struggle to part with it since she has grown an attachment to it.

Regarding the Moonbow, Salah says that only elves of certain lineage can use the bow.[4]

Trellimar asks Salah about the Heart of a Nightmare that he received a while back. Though it has no power by itself, Salah says that it is worth 150 gold pieces since it is useful for people wanting to make potions out of it. Trellimar finds no use for it, so he makes the trade for a sack of gold pieces. Cam also trades away a bunch of dynamites for 500 gold pieces, which includes premium since it is Salah's first of such item. Elora then purchases two more regular Potions of Healing for 100 gold pieces.

Salah asks Cam if he wants to trade his chestplate for anything, later offering a studded leather armour that can camouflage into any clothing. However, as it is not as strong as the chestplate, Cam rejects the offer.

With a final request, Cam and Elora asks if Salah have any items that can cure someone that turned into a werewolf, then shows the arrowhead soaked in winter wolves' bane. Salah examines, then gives it back. Salah then explains that, for a typical lycanthropy, there spells that can remove such curses and ailments. However, substance on the arrowhead only cures a rare form of lycanthropy that no other spells can remove. Although Salah does not have a similar product, he tells the adventurers that a nearby frost giant clan may know of something.

With their business concluded, Cam gives a casual remark saying that he wish that he can part with his chestplate. Salah catches it can teases that he can make Cam parts with it as wished. Both Cam and Elora then stop Salah, leading him to tell Cam that he have to be very careful about making wishes in front of genies like himself, since he can simply grant any wish with or without payment. At that, Cam says that he wish he can have a job like Salah's. In response, Salah can make his wish come true by making Cam a magic item merchant at some city, since Salah's job is similar to that. Cam rejects the wish.

Before leaving, Trellimar thanks Salah for granting his wish in shrinking Cam's penis. Salah simply laughs. Cam feels sad and embarrassed upon hearing these, so he gets out of the pool in a huff and walks out of the realm, not realising that he did not wear his clothes back. He eventually finds out that he is naked when the Winter Spire servants all cover their eyes upon seeing Cam in nude.

Elora and Trellimar bid Salah goodbye and return back to the Winter Spire.

Featured CharactersEdit

The AdventurersEdit



  • Reyan[spelling?], Winter Spire spellcaster
  • Ural[spelling?], Winter Spire captain
  • Valen[spelling?], Winter Spire commander
  • 2 archers accompanying the Adventurers
  • 4 elven guards with Spellcaster
  • 7 elven soldiers inside makeshift war room
  • 4 residents from Hallow assisting Sheriff Macklin





Notable MomentsEdit

  • Cam: "I know everyone is leaving us, Trell, but I'm so cool with being this high up and all of [those fighting] happening way below. So maybe we just camp out or something. Maybe I can get some marshmallows, set up a little fire. I know it’s all ice. I know it might be difficult to start a fire but I'm quite keen to be just here forever. I think we can settle here, that's what I'm trying to say."
    Trellimar: "Forever. Let's just stay here. We can build a cottage for ourselves."
    Cam: "Yeah, I don't like war. I'm not a big fan of war. And, I mean, Elora is flying now. She's one with eagles."
    — Cam expresses his thoughts to not participate in anymore battles.[5]
  • Elora, in polar bear form, bites then claws into a soldier, which kills him.
    She then growls at another soldier.
    Soldier: "Die beast! He was my friend!"
    — A soldier rages as his comrade got killed.[6]
  • Cam cuts off the leg of the cloud boy, forcing him to hop to keep balance.
    Cloud boy: "Why?"
    Cam: "Why do you exists?"
    Cloud boy: "I often answer these questions."
    Elora: "Cam, you can't just ask people why do they exists. It's rude!"
    Cam: "It's not real. He's a cloud!"
    Cloud boy: "I am cloud."
    Elora: "But— you shouldn't cut people's limbs off. It is bad."
    Cam: "He's not a person!"
    Cloud boy: "What makes a person? Are you a person?"
    Elora: "This is getting too deep. We should just go."
    — Conversation between Cam, Elora and the cloud boy.[7]


  • Level Up!: The adventurers levelled up to level 9.[8]
  • First!: Mark gives a player inspiration for the first time in the series. Trott is awarded an inspiration for reminding Mark that his character Cam needs to make a concentration check.[9]
  • Natural 1: Trott rolls a natural 1 for Cam's death saving throw.[10] Matt rolls a natural 1 for Trellimar's stealth check.[11]
  • Deadly Defence: Mark reveals that he rolled high for Jiǔtóu's defensive attack for a total of 28 HP (3d10 damage). He halved it though as Jiǔtóu resists it.[12]
  • Retcon: Mark changes the Cloak of Raven usage rule to up to an hour per day, compared to the previous once per day rule, to match the rules of other similar magical items.[13]


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