"Let's get Falk'ed!" is the eighth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on March 13, 2016. With Kim absent for this episode, Martyn joins this episode as a special guest.

In this episode, our heroes battle against the Green Hunter in the Temple of Melora in order to obtain an artefact to resurrect Jiǔtóu.

Campaign SummaryEdit


With the fight over, the forest lies still once again. The group hear the very light tinkling of bells, and see a trail of glitter in the air, as two tiny forms buzz down and thank them for saving them from the orcs. Elora puts out her hand and one of the pixies lands on her. Cam tries to flick it off, annoyed by their voices and clapping, but it easily flies out of the way before he hits it. The pixies point in the direction of the orc camp, where Torwen asks if they are all ready to proceed. She leans down to the ground, pretending to track the orcs by listening, but this is quickly picked up as a bluff by the others, so she simply informs them the camp is about 2 hours away. Elora casts Pass Without a Trace when they get close to increase their stealthiness. Suddenly Torwen spots an orc off in the distance.

Meanwhile, half-orc, half-elf Falk, notices a group looking at him from a good distance off. He approaches them, gesturing to keep silent. He tells them there are orcs about so they need to avoid being detected. He then introduces himself, saying he was once a member of the Darkscar Clan, but was recently exiled. Torwen asks why, and Falk answers saying he asked too many questions around the camp, mainly regarding shaman Raxxus, who entered the temple a while back and emerged with magical powers. Trellimar is confident that the shaman Falk speaks of is the one they killed back at the spire, but Torwen thinks it is more likely that this shaman is the one who appeared to them in the projection. She says she doesn't remember seeing a shaman when she spied on this camp previously, but she does remember an orc with an owlbear.

Elora asks what Falk's intentions are in the camp. He says he worries about his closest friends since they have been like brothers and sisters to him. Elora then asks how many orcs inhabit this camp, to which Falk replies thirty of their best warriors. Torwen agrees with this statement since she has seen what the orcs are capable of. The group takes a moment to introduce themselves properly. Falk is taken aback at the sight of Granamyr since he has never seen anything creature like him before. Cam is quite suspicious of Falk, as is Torwen, but Falk sees this as a great opportunity to make new friends, especially since he is half elf and there are elves in the group. He doesn't act stand-offish towards anyone. He is huge compared to Elora, but scrawny in comparison to other orcs.

Cam asks why orcs don't wear tops. Falk can only reply saying they are always too hot and sweaty. He says he has always been an outcast in the camp since he's a half-blood. He wanted to go into the temple as well, but they rejected him saying he will never get in. Elora tells him they are trying to find the green hunter. Falk reveals that Raxxus has mentioned that a great hunter is leading them. Torwen says she has tracked orcs before but has never seen them with power like this, which seems like ancient magic.

Elora goes to cast Pass Without a Trace, but the two pixies say they don't need it and suddenly disappear using their own magic. A moment passes, and as they go to leave again, Cam's trousers fall down, proceeded by much giggling and clapping from the pixies. He hurriedly buckles them up again, looking around for the pixies.

Planning an AttackEdit

HighRollers8 Orc Camp

The orc camp outside the Temple of Melora (top right).

As they emerge from the treeline they can see the orc camp. The area is generally busy but there are not too many orcs about. Some stand around campfires while others are working, chopping wood. Patrols of orcs move through the camp. They also see a chained up owlbear, which is eating some type of corpse. Falk knows of it and hates it. Cam asks him if he knows the orcs in front of one of the tents. Falk says they are two of the biggest bullies who have often made his life hell.

Cam says he has a plan, assuming the orcs to be rather dumb, but Torwen tells him to think and wait a bit, so Cam asks what her plan is. Just off in the distance, they can see a crumbling building of stone, which Torwen knows is a temple. She says they need to get to it but she doesn't want to go through the camp. They debate releasing the owlbear to cause a distraction.

Elora asks the pixies if they could try to release it from its chain. One of the pixies agrees to try and flies over. They watch as the chain shakes slightly but the pixie is just not strong enough, so she returns. They do say, however, that they can put orcs to sleep or turn them into animals. Elora says to turn them into rabbits, thinking the owlbear will want to eat it. Falk suggests disarming one of the woodcutters and using his axe to cut the owlbear's chain. He then tells them that Morgus resides in a tent next to the owlbear.

Torwen suggests sending for the elves to come and attack the camp, which Elora says might buy them time to get into the temple. Torwen does add that it would cost eleven lives since they would have a tough battle here. Trellimar says he could disguise himself as an orc and pretend to bring the others in as prisoners since they know the shaman is aware that someone stopped his attack on the queen. Cam agrees that they should try this prisoner idea, but says if it goes wrong, Torwen and the pixies are to release the owlbear.

Torwen asks to take back the message scroll they received from Amris from Trellimar, so she has a way to contact the elves if needs to. One of the pixies waves her hand over Falk, turning him into a squirrel so he won't be recognised. He runs over to Cam, but Elora picks him up. Torwen produces the Rope of Climbing, saying she could command it to seal up one of the tents. Trellimar lights up seeing this, and immediately disagrees, assuring her the rope will be much more useful for them to have. Cam tells Torwen the rope is actually Trellimar's he just left it in a tree, and Elora confirms this. Torwen laughs saying she knew it was his the whole time and returns it to Trellimar. Meanwhile, Falk, now acting with the thoughts of a squirrel, has found his way into the rations in Elora's bag and starts eating them.

Trellimar casts Disguise Self on himself and transforms into an orc. He reckons he can use his telepathy to communicate since he can't speak orcish. He slaps Cam in the face for an authentic beaten look. Cam then ties his wrists up too as he learned how to do trick knots he can easily escape from the Bucklands. Trellimar sends Granamyr up to fly around above them and keep watch.

Plan BEdit

As they step out from trees, two orcs see them immediately, and question who they are. Cam just spits on the ground, so one orc punches him. They speak to Trellimar asking who these people are and why he brought them here. Trellimar cannot understand them so uses his telepathy to simply communicate the words prisoner and escort, hoping they will believe him. The orcs look confused for a moment, saying they were not told about any prisoners. Cam makes a break for it and runs away into camp, hoping Trellimar would have run after him to remove them from the situation. However, one of the other orcs runs after him instead and brings him back. Trellimar again uses his telepathy to say they are wanted by whoever is in the temple. The orcs are still unsure and decide to go ask Morgus, forcing Trellimar and the others to follow.

As they march into the camp they notice the other orcs looking around at them suspiciously. They turn to see Morgus, a very powerful looking orc coming out of one of the tents. He wears an eyepatch to cover a missing eye and carries a nasty-looking sword on his back. Morgus questions the two orcs what this is all about, this time speaking common so they all understand him. He turns to Trellimar, who once again can only manage to communicate the words prisoner and escort, and that they must be taken to the temple.

Instead, Morgus goes to grab Trellimar, forcing him to dodge out of the way. They watch as his hand pass through Trellimar's illusion. Realising now that this orc is just Trellimar in disguise, it seems as if everything is about to go wrong when suddenly Morgus transforms into a rabbit. Everyone looks around in complete surprise and confusion, as some of the other orcs suddenly fall asleep. Elora sees an opportunity in the confusion and pulls Falk out of her bag, telling him to run into the tent and try to find a key.

Torwen now appears and slashes the owlbear's chain with her scimitars. She only manages to weaken it slightly but it enough for the owlbear to release itself. Seeing the rabbit, it launches for it. Cam boots the rabbit in the owlbear's direction to help it along. The owlbear chomps down on the rabbit, causing it to revert into Morgus and the two start fighting. Falk takes a few seconds to search but can't find any key, when suddenly he reverts to his normal form again. Many orcs begin spilling out of the surrounding tents to join the fight. Torwen commands them to get inside the temple and tells them she summoned the elves to back her up.

Trellimar calls Granamyr down and they run for the temple, as Torwen starts attacking orcs, giving them time to dart inside. The last thing they see before closing the doors is more orcs pouring out of the tents and going for Torwen. There doesn't appear to be a proper lock for the door. However, Cam remembers back in the elven barrow that druidcraft was used to lock the doors to Gulthia's tomb. Hearing this Elora casts druidcraft and successfully seals the door, leaving the sounds of fighting outside.

Temple of MeloraEdit

They find themselves in an ancient chamber. It is dark, but not as evil as the one where they fought Gulthia. They can see engravings depicting nature on the walls and a large statue of an elven man with a cloaked hood. In his left hand, he holds a flower and holds a sword in his right. Above him, an elven-script reads "Only those with the wisdom of the wilds may pass without trial. When Melora's name is spoken the way shall be opened."

Cam lights up his dagger Duracell and asks Falk if he has ever been in here before. Falk says no he was never allowed, so Cam asks if the statue is of the green hunter. Both Elora and Falk don't believe it is. Cam then checks for traps but sees nothing suspicious. Looking around they can see a door on each side of the room, one is open but the other is sealed.

Reading the inscription, Cam wonders what will happen if they say the name Melora. With no-one knowing, Cam coughs Melora's name quietly and cautiously, but nothing happens. Feeling braver, Cam tries louder, but still nothing. Elora then tries too, but again nothing happens.

Cam steps into the room. Suddenly, the statue animates and moves. Looking up and seeing Cam he speaks, saying another pilgrim has entered the temple. He welcomes him and asks why he has come. Elora follows, and the statue greets her also as one of elven blood. Elora bows hearing this. Falk steps in next, and the statue greets him also, saying he can sense great turmoil in him, but allows him to enter because the grace of the temple is to all.

Elora questions the statue if he is not happy with the orcs. The statue responds that they have come here before, and one of them defiles the temple in its heart, so he does not like them. Elora says this is why they have come. The statue says this is good since he would be glad to be rid of the orcs. Cam says they are all just Elora's servants, bowing to the statue. He says they will cleanse the temple in Melora's name.

Elora asks if the statue knows what resides further inside this temple. The statue only has limited knowledge, saying it was only placed there to spread wisdom and greet pilgrims. He does inform them however that one path leads to a trial, designed to test those who venture here. The other way is reserved for those who show guile and cunning, and the statue gestures towards the sealed doorway. He says many orcs have tried the trial but failed.

Elora tries her druidcraft again on the sealed door but cannot unlock it. Cam asks how they can be considered worthy to open this door. The statue responds that he doesn't know. Falk says Melora once again, and still nothing happens. Noticing that they kept on mentioning Melora's name, the statue asks if they are worshippers of Melora, to which Cam claims that they are. The statue continues, saying if they do not figure out how to open the seal they will just have to take the trial. At this point. Trellimar steps into the room for the first time. The statue immediately senses his dark presence but allows him to enter. Trellimar tries also saying Melora this time, but to no avail.

The statue tells them that it has been many days since one of the orcs managed to pass the trial and that he now returns regularly, bringing other orcs with him. Elora asks if is he is here right now, and the statue says yes he is. Cam asks what type of trial they will have to face. The statue says it is a physical one, designed to test if they can weather the storm. He also informs them that they may all enter the trial at once. The statue then turns to Trellimar noticing he is keeping silent.

Elora asks Trellimar if he knows what seals the door. She places her hands on the door and speaks in elvish, but it does not open. Cam then tries to work out if there is a riddle in the statue's words, but the statue says the only riddle is the one inscribed above him. Elora makes a few more attempts, desperate to get the door unsealed. She tries summoning a gust of wind, conjuring a flower, and even tries shape-shifting into a dire wolf, but the door remains shut.

They decide to give up and choose the trial route. As they exit the statue wishes them luck and forms back into the wall.


Map re-creation of Temple of Melora, originally drawn by Mark Hulmes.

Making their way down the corridor they can see it splits into a large room. One side is stylised with images and carvings representing wind, while the other is stylised to represent water.

Suddenly Cam thinks of something, and without uttering a word to the others, runs back to the entranceway. The stone statue re-animates and Cam asked him to say Melora's name. The statue does and unbelievably, this time, the sealed door opens. He runs back and puts his head the round corner, informing the others that he opened the door by getting the statue to say Melora. With some degree of disbelief that Cam actually managed to accomplish this, they all head back to the entrance.

Moving through the now unsealed door, they can sense that this side of the temple hasn't been walked through recently. It is dark, with the only light coming from Duracell. A little way down this corridor they approach another door, this one having wooden handles. Falk spends some time to inspect it, making sure no traps are visible. Once he is satisfied he pushes it open.

The door is heavy but glides open easily. Inside they see a beautifully decorated room. The walls are engraved to look like a meadow, with trees and flowers carved into the stone. There are alcoves with candles, but they are clearly very old, as well as lots of odd valuables and gemstones. Their eyes are drawn to a very small hole in the ceiling, where the light is shining down on something in the centre of the room. Standing upright in a blackened area of rubble is a silvery-blue javelin, stylised with lightning on it. The group enter the room and start to look at the various trinkets in the wall alcoves. Cam reckons they're collectively worth about 300 gold, but since they look more like religious offerings he asks the others to not touch them.

The javelin looks like it was blasted with a bolt of lightning. Elora goes towards it and sniffs at it, getting a slight burning smell, indicating this area was only recently burnt. Cam asks Trellimar to see if Granamyr can try to pull out the javelin, as he tries touching it with a dagger. It doesn't hurt him, but a pulse of power like thunder echoes around the room, the javelin glows, then falls to ground next to Cam's feet. Cam picks it up and asks who wants it. Nobody thinks they have any use for it, so Cam decides to keep it himself. Falk offers to trade his dagger for Cam's mace since Cam can't carry both large weapons. Cam agrees and swaps his mace for Falk's very mundane clay dagger since Falk never had access to good materials to build any nice weapons.

Trellimar sneakily tries to take a few trinkets despite having been told no. Cam is too busy looking at the javelin to notice, but Elora catches him in the act and growls, forcing Trellimar to put them back. They move to the back of the room and face the next door.

Battle against the Green HunterEdit

They open this door just as easily and proceed on into yet another corridor that is also very ancient. About half way down they hear the low rumble of a horn being blown from just up ahead. Falk has not heard this horn used by the orcs before. Going into stealth mode they head to the end of the corridor and peer around the corner. They see a very large, wide room built of very ancient stone, beyond any of their imagining. Ivy and moss cover the walls and floors, and against one wall there is a raised platform. On top of this are 4 large standing stones. Between these stones is a swirling mass of glowing green energy, which looks vibrant and chaotic.

Standing in front of this is a hooded figure, with a spear in one hand and a horn in the other, praising this mass of energy. Tied to each of the four stones they can see strange looking amulets made of stone, teeth, and animal fur. Falk believes that the orc is Raxxus, but he has not seen the horn he is holding before. Cam tries to peek around further to see what else is in the room. To one side he does notice two other figures with hoods kneeling down, so he gestures back to warn the others.

Falk asks why they seek this horn the orc is holding, so Cam quickly fills him in on the story of how they need the horn to save Jiǔtóu. Falk informs the group that he has a flash bang and reckons that if they can get the orcs to look their way he can blind them. They plan that Elora, after shape-shifting into a dire wolf, will take Raxxus, while Trellimar and Granamyr will take one of the other orcs. Cam also says he has tricks up his sleeve that he plans to use on the second orc. Within the swirling mass of energy, for a brief moment, they see an apparition of a helmet in it, then a hand.

Falk warns the others to avert their eyes when the flash goes off before he runs into the room. He is not spotted instantly, so Falk calls out to Raxxus. He turns, as do the other orcs. Raxxus asks how Falk got in here. Falk says he's here to stop him poisoning this clan, but Raxxus just laughs, calling Falk a weak half-elf. He says the hunter will give them power, and considering Falk to be more cunning than he gave him credit for, offers him the chance to join them. Falk responds by firing his flash bang. Unfortunately, the radius of the blast is not wide enough to hit all the orcs, so he just aims for Raxxus. As he hurls it in, Raxxus manages to get his hand up over his eyes at the last second, before the blinding light bursts into the room.

First Round of Battle
Even though Trellimar is standing well back, the flash even hurts his eyes. He runs up next to Falk and fires an Eldritch Blast at Raxxus. The critical hit lands right in his chest, causing him to stumble back. Raxxus points at Trellimar saying his feeble magic is no match for the hunter. Trellimar sets his Hex on Raxxus, hampering his strength. Elora, now in her dire wolf form, charges in next and jumps on Raxxus' back and bites him.

One of the two orcs goes for Elora but misses. The other goes for Falk shouting traitor at him but misses also. Falk moves away to get a gap between himself and the orc and starts swinging his slingshot. He slings a stone just within a glance of Raxxus. Cam invokes Duplicity and, as always, checks out how his clone looks before they both charge towards the orc.

Raxxus turns to the dire wolf, who is now in front of him and commands her to stay. She can feel the grip of magic trying to hold her but she shakes it off. The horn he is carrying glows and he hexes her.

Second Round of Battle
Trellimar runs up to the other orc next to the dire wolf, pulls out his sword to stab him, and hits him in the ribs. The dire wolf attacks this orc also, biting his head off with a ferocious attack. She then turns back to Raxxus and glares at him, making him rather nervous having just seen her pull off such a perfect attack. Falk tries to disarm Raxxus by launching another stone out of his slingshot. Raxxus yelps in pain as the horn drops and splits as it hits the ground. The green energy starts to get brighter. Raxxus cries out that he can't control it without the horn.

The remaining orc slashes at Cam. Cam pulls out his dagger Elfie alongside Duracell and plunges both daggers into the orc's chest. He gets his duplicate to start dancing around to annoy him. Raxxus says he may not be able to control the hunter, but he will kill Falk as he splits into four images of himself.

Third Round of Battle
Trellimar casts Eldritch Blast and fires at one of the four, but it is just a duplicate. The dire wolf attacks and manages to hit the real one, this time, badly injuring him some more.

The other orc, still being danced at by Cam's double, begs it to stop, as he runs at Cam with his blade and takes him down. The orc laughs that Cam is dead and points at Trellimar saying he will be next. Falk sees Cam fall, so he loads a special stone, glowing with energy and herbs, into his slingshot, and lands the projectile right on Cam. It bursts open and as the contents seep into him he is healed. Falk then tries to attack the orc, but misses.

Cam gets up and stabs the orc who just killed him, and plunges one of his daggers into his neck. As the orc dies, Cam asks why he didn't enjoy his dance, to which the orc replies with his dying breath that he actually did. Cam gives a thumbs-up to Falk and tells Elora to kill Raxxus. Raxxus points at Elora and she can feel something crawl into her mind, trying to corrupt it, but she manages to shake it off.

The swirling mass grows more and more violent, and a pulse of magic suddenly expands outwards from it, knocking everyone back, and taking out Raxxus' two remaining clones. The amulets hanging around the stone pillars now have a slight hint of purple magic. A tall figure emerges from the green energy, a human man but with furry satyr legs. He is very, very muscular and carries a huge bow, which is as big as Falk.

The green hunter moves up to Raxxus and lifts him up by one hand saying his army belongs to him now, and they will destroy the elves. He rips into Raxxus before throwing him at a wall, leaving him on the verge of death. Cam and Elora can sense something about the amulets is disrupting the natural magic in the area. Tendrils of magic seem to be connected to the hunter in some way.

The green hunter turns to Trellimar, drawing a huge arrow.

Fourth Round of Battle
Trellimar quickly aims Eldritch Blast at the green hunter, burning him slightly. He can see that he is only partially existing in the room, and his wounds start to heal up quite quickly.

The dire wolf runs up to one of the stone pillars at the back and rips off an amulet with her teeth. As she does there is a flash of green and purple magic and Elora vanishes from sight. She lands in an unknown place somewhere in the Feywild. Breaking the amulet did make the hunter shudder at all.

Falk follows the dire wolf's lead and runs up for another of the amulets. As he tears it down he too is teleported from the room, landing next to the dire wolf in a fey-like meadow. Again the Green hunter shudders as the amulet breaks. Cam takes out his new javelin and throws it at an amulet across the room. It breaks and falls to the ground, as a flash of magic traces back along the path of the javelin towards Cam, and he disappears as well. Trellimar is the only one of the group remaining.

HRStorySoFar - Green Hunter

An arrow shot by the green hunter (right) hits Trellimar. Screenshot from "The Story So Far".

The green hunter pulls out his bow and launches 2 arrows at Trellimar. One of the colossal arrows hits Trellimar, taking him down. In the presence of death, Trellimar can almost feel a connection to Jiǔtóu, as she reaches out to him and helps to revive him. He suddenly feels his life return as he comes to his senses, if just barely.

The dire wolf looks around and sees Falk and Cam who just appeared beside her, but before she can see much else she is suddenly transported back to the room. One by one, Falk and Cam are also returned, unaware that Trellimar, who is now lying on the ground with Granamyr at his side trying to coax him up, was just killed. The hunter moves over and points at Falk and Elora, pulls out another arrow, this one tinged with green energy, and fires at them. Falk leaps out of the way in time, and only takes slight damage, as the other one hits Elora.

Fifth Round of Battle
Trellimar gets to his feet, he pulls the arrow out of himself, and limps for the last amulet, ripping it off from its pillar. He also feels himself being pulled into the other dimension, but he shakes it off, defiant that he will not be beaten. Tendrils of energy from the stones now begin to slowly wrap around the hunter, pulling him back. The dire wolf shape-shifts back to Elora and then casts Moonbeam.

Falk loads up a fire stone in his slingshot but unfortunately misses, as he runs up near Trellimar. Cam also heads to Trellimar and picks up his javelin on the way, before handing him a healing potion. Trellimar thanks him. Cam throws the javelin again but doesn't hit. The hunter does take more damage from Elora's persisting moonbeam attack.

The green hunter tries to move out of the moonbeam's attack radius but is still being pulled back to the stones. He then draws out 2 more arrows and fires both at Elora, badly injuring her.

Sixth Round of Battle
Trellimar drinks the healing potion, before summoning an Eldritch Blast as payback, blasting a hole right in the green hunter's torso. Elora runs up to grab his helmet, but the hunter begins to turn into mist, so her hand passes through it. The mist gets pulled into the middle of the stones and vanishes.
End of Battle

Raxxus reconciles with FalkEdit

The room falls silent, the body of Raxxus still lies struggling to breathe on the ground. Cam goes up and casts Spare the Dying on him, saying now he will have a chance to speak before he breaks his neck. Raxxus can only just mumble for Falk to come to him. He apologises to Falk saying he found this temple, and the green hunter here promised them power. He was so angry at Korak the Champion for killing his father, so he accepted the hunter's offer, but it made him violent.

Raxxus tells Falk to go and find the orcs a home, give them peace, and apologise to the elves for what has been done to them. He says even with Cam's magic he will not make it, so placing his hand on Falk's shoulder he informs him that they are half brothers. He then takes off his rune and places it in Falk's hand.

Cam says they still need a horn, so Raxxus points at the horn on the ground saying maybe that one will help. As the roof starts caving in, Cam just has time to snatch the horn and his javelin, as they all runout. Falk briefly looks back as Raxxus' eyes close, and the roof and doorway collapse in on him.

As they run back to the next room, Trellimar can't resist trying to grab some of the trinkets on the way, and catches a goblet as he runs out. As they reach the main chamber once again the stone guardian animates briefly, but Cam says they have no time to talk now, and runs out the door as the statue crumbles behind them. They pull the doors shut and the temple collapses completely.

Looking out onto the orc camp is not a pretty sight. A huge battle continues, only interrupted now as and everyone stops and turns to watch the temple fall. Amris and Payla have arrived and are engaged in battle with Morgus. Amris stands to protect Torwen, who has lost an arm and is very badly hurt.

The orcs look up at Falk and for a brief moment, nothing happens. Falk holds up the rune, and Cam holds out the horn. Morgus speaks up asking how he has Raxxus' rune. Falk says they were all warped by this temple, that Raxxus is in a better place, and that it turns out he was his brother. Morgus commands the other orcs to lay down their arms and says they will not continue to fight these elves. Cam mutters under his breath that Torwen has already laid down her arm.

Payla looks around saying there has been enough death here today and commands the orcs to go their separate ways. She then turns to Cam saying they must have been successful then and asks if they trust this half-orc Falk. Elora says Raxxus told them to apologise on his behalf, and that he didn't want this war. Payla says they should return to the Spire. She turns to Falk and introduces herself saying, when he and the orcs are ready, they should speak about a truce.

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  • Martyn Littlewood: Kim was absent this week but was replaced by the show's first guest Martyn playing as Falk. He revealed that he had only played dungeons and dragons once prior to this episode.
  • DM Takeover: Mark takes over roleplaying Torwen, Kim's temporary character.
  • HighRollers Matt with Granamyr

    Matt with Masters of the Universe's Granamyr figurine

    Granamyr as Granamyr: Matt brought along a large dragon figurine, Granamyr from Masters of the Universe, to represent the pseudo-dragon Granamyr.
  • To Be Reused: For the trial at the Temple of Melora, Mark refused to reveal what it would have been since he wants to re-purpose it for another similar encounter, only hinting that "it's a really cool puzzle trap".[1]


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