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"Prologue" is the pilot episode of the Uncharted Territory Campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the official Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Twitch channel on June 3, 2017. The live show is part of Stream of Anihilation, a two days D&D event in Seattle, Washington.[1] Though Matt's character will be introduced, he is unfortunately unable to be present for this session.[2] Dylan Sprouse joins this session as a special guest,[3] with Benny Davis as guest-keyboardist.

In this session, a group of archaeologists fight to fend against the undead of the Tomb of A'Tan. However, there is a betrayer amongst them.

Campaign SummaryEdit

The MummyEdit

HighRollersUT Atan Tomb

Tomb of A'tan

The doors slammed shut! The archaeologists are trapped inside the Tomb of A'Tan as the sarcophagus at the centre shakes. Then, there is a ghastly cry. Several dwarven mummies come to life and attack the group.

First Round of Combat
Fia shoots her grappling hook with her crossbow towards the ceiling and attempts to swing from one side of the room to another. However, the light rays that beamed down from the middle of the ceiling burns the rope, causing her to fall to the ground. Reacting quickly, she grabs what is left of the rope and strangles one of the mummies to death. Stone cubes that were hung around its neck drop to the ground, so Fia picks them up and alerts the rest. Flisk heard her and tries to attack another. Instead, he gets grappled by one of them but sees the cubes on the sarcophagus. Six fires a fire bolt from his ruby-eye and burns a mummy alive.

HighRollersUT 0 Puzzle

The puzzle. Mark Hulmes later clarifies that one of the four blocks is in an incorrect position.

Kehleyr finds a plaque and reads it out, informing everyone that the stone cubes need to be slotted into a puzzle tablet. However, she gets hit by a mummy. Fia too gets hit.

Second Round of Combat

Flashback: The JobEdit


Six in TroubleEdit

Third Round of Combat

Fourth Round of Combat

Flashback: The StormEdit



Fifth Round of Combat

Sixth Round of Combat

Seventh Round of Combat

End of Combat

Featured CharactersEdit

The ArchaeologistsEdit



Notable MomentsEdit



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