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"Episode 4" is the fourth episode of the Uncharted Territory Campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on both the Dungeons & Dragons and Yogscast Twitch channels on July 21, 2017. Katie Morrison is absent for this episode.

In this episode, our heroes attend an auction to obtain the Heart of Ubtao but another party won the bid, leading to a standoff between them and her, as well as Laskilar Flisk.

Campaign SummaryEdit

HighRollersUT L4 Bridge Battle

A standoff between our heroes (left), Lady Sethra[spelling?] and her handmaidens (centre) and Laskilar Flisk and the Flaming Fist mercenaries.

The BiddersEdit

The AuctionEdit

The StandoffEdit

Featured CharactersEdit

The ArchaeologistsEdit



  • Sethra[spelling?]
    • Nissa[spelling?] and Kass[spelling?], Sethra's handmaidens




Notable MomentsEdit



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