High Rollers (Official Soundtrack), is a collection of music produced by Steve Bruce for High Rollers D&D. The tracks are played in the background during the streams, selected to fit the current mood or events of the campaign.

The album is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Track Listing Edit

  1. The Story Begins (01:11)
  2. Jiutou's Meditation (06:48)
  3. Elora's Determination (02:19)
  4. Trell's Theme (03:25)
  5. Cam's Theme (02:80)
  6. Falk's Theme (02:27)
  7. Riverside Retreat (02:15)
  8. The Plains (01:58)
  9. Song of Travel (01:46)
  10. Time for Rest (01:20)
  11. Welcome to the Wilderness (02:11)
  12. The Burning Sands (02:12)
  13. Jungle Ruins (02:15)
  14. Barter with a Scamp (02:07)
  15. Bad Decisions (02:07)
  16. Dark Fire Drums (02:44)
  17. Battle March (03:28)
  18. Victory (00:33)
  19. Hope in Sadness (02:18)
  20. Temple of the Solemn (02:28)
  21. A Legend Ends (04:49)

Trivia Edit

  • Steve produced another track for the series, the "Rise of the Dragonborn" boss theme, which was not included on this album. It can, however, be found on Steve's Bandcamp here.
  • The album reached number 1 in the Amazon UK soundtrack charts, and number 50 in the Amazon UK album charts overall.[1] It is currently number 24 in the Amazon UK Best Sellers in Soundtrack Albums as of September 26, 2016.[2]

References Edit

  2. Amazon Best Sellers in Soundtrack Albums, archived on September 26, 2016

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