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High Rollers D&D is a Dungeons & Dragons series part of the Yogscast Twitch Livestreams. It is broadcast live every Sunday, 5pm GMT/BST, on the Yogscast Twitch channel. The series features Mark Hulmes as dungeon master, with Chris Trott, Katie Morrison, Kim Richards and Matthew Toffolo role-playing as their characters. They are currently playing the Lightfall Campaign on Mark Hulmes' multiverse.


For 1200 years, the world of Arrak was a haven of peace and prosperity. This was the result of a once in a century event known as the Passing of Pelor's Light. It is a comet, a gift from Pelor, that radiates positive energy, which blessed crops, healed the sick and kept monsters in a magical slumber.

There is a celebration for the 13th Passing of Pelor's Light. The comet emerged into the world and rises up to the sky. As it reaches its peak, however, tragedy strikes. The comet shatters into thousands of shards! It fell across Arrak, flattening homes and cities, and destroying governments and economies. Monsters are now awaken and start ravaging the lands. Everything is thrown into chaos. Till this day, no one knows how or why the event, known as the Lightfall, happened.

46 years have passed. The world is slowly recovering. Heroes have come and re-established cities and nations. The towns and cities act as beacons of light in the darkness. They are safe-havens, with organised armies and militias, as they protect the people against monsters and dangers that lurk in the hills, woods and dungeons.

Our four adventurers are travelling to Talis'Val, the capital of the Dawn Republic. As it is safer to travel in groups, Cam, Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar are in a caravan with other people. The story starts here as our adventurers begin their journey across Arrak to help the people and fight against monsters, eventually becoming Heroes of the world.

High Rollers - The Story So Far! (D&D Live Play)06:06

High Rollers - The Story So Far! (D&D Live Play)

Warning: Spoiler Alert!
This video is a recap from Session 1 to just before Session 18.
Produced and edited by Trott. Voice-overs by the High Rollers D&D crew. Artwork by Nina.

Main CharactersEdit

Dungeon Master - (Mark Hulmes)Edit


Mark takes the role of Dungeon Master for the series, using the D&D 5th edition rules, albeit with a few minor tweaks of his own such as swapping out dark vision for low-light vision, and doubling a single dice roll when a critical occurs where normally 2 separate die would be rolled. Mark also custom-made Arrak, the world specially designed for the Lightfall campaign.

Cam Buckland - (Chris Trott)Edit


Cam is a lightborn cleric, known for being a bit of a trickster. He was found as a baby and raised by a group of travelling gypsy entertainers called the Bucklands. He is well travelled and has developed a charming charisma, but is also somewhat devious at times. Cam has now decided to leave the Bucklands to go on a journey on his own.

His appearance is a cross between a gypsy and a magician, with long dark hair and a goatee. He wears a waistcoat and a cape and has a bandanna on his head. He has numerous daggers attached to himself in various places.

Elora Galanodel - (Katie Morrison)Edit


Elf druid Elora is a very friendly though rather naive character. She is descended from royalty, her father being the leader of one of the great elven spires. Despite this she is not the least bit noble, instead being very casual and chilled. Elora wants to become a hero, praised for helping rebuild the world as others have before her following the Lightfall.

Elora has blue hair, while her clothing alludes to her regal heritage. A Bow and arrows are her weapons of choice, but she also carries a staff.

Jiutou Zhiji Jing - (Kim Richards)Edit


Jiǔtóu is a tiefling monk, a humanoid with infernal ancestry. At a young age, she witnessed the brutal murder of her parents at the hands of the dragonborn and was subsequently taken away as a slave. She toiled for a years becoming increasingly depressed and angry, until one day she escaped and sought shelter at a monastery. The nuns and monks took her in and taught martial arts and meditation to help her through the trauma. She values freedom and her objective now is freeing other tieflings.

Jiǔtóu has the distinctive horns and tail of a tiefling, and her dress is influenced by traditional Chinese style. She wields a vicious guandao as a weapon and wears a powerful sentient bracer called Crownrend.

Trellimar Aleath - (Matt Toffolo)Edit


Drow warlock Trellimar is a mysterious character, mostly keeping to himself. Following the Lightfall, the drow were forced to make uneasy alliances with other races, mainly dwarves, in order to hold onto some quality of life. Trellimar is now on a quest to save his kind from the evils in the Underdark.

He has an elf-like appearance and has long hair and dark skin. He wears a cape with a high collar (described by Matt as being similar to the style of Jon Pertwee) and wields a crossbow. He also carries a magical mask, Shroud of Eyes, bestowed unto him by his patron Dah'Mir.

Guest CharactersEdit

Falk - (Martyn Littlewood)Edit


Falk is a half-orc, half-elf battle master that guest-stars in Sessions 8 and 9. Falk has always been an outcast, disliked by the orcs for being half-blood. He was recently exiled from the orc camp because he was asking too many questions about the source of their power.

He is scrawny for an orc, and wears a scarf and goggles. He carries a slingshot which he constructed himself.

Loben Trogdor - (CaffCast)Edit


Loben is a rock gnome wild magic sorcerer that guest-stars in Sessions 13 to 15. Loben is a scholar, who has been studying the effects the Lightfall shards produced for decades. He desperately seeks to retrieve his research from the Broken Sky.

Loben is three-foot tall and is middle-aged. His body hair is bright pink in colour. He often suffers the effects of a wild magic surge.

Jasmina Celladore - (KatsOnFirex)Edit

Jasmina (commonly known as Mina) is a half-human, half-drow bard that guest-stars in Sessions 27 to 29. After losing her parents and family due to a fire set on the town they were in by a hobgoblin tribe, known as the Burning King, Jasmina now focuses on stopping them.

Jasmina has long, wavy hair ombre-coloured from white into blood red. Her eyes are different colours: one red, the other blue. Being a performer, she wears a belly top and a long split skirt, all coloured emerald green and adorned by inexpensive, homemade jewels. Burn scars are covered by an ornate jewelled armour piece that adorns her left arm, her burn visibly spread from her neck to her hip on the left side of her body.

NPCs and FactionsEdit

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are there to populate the world of Arrak, assisting the main characters on their journey across the lands while enhancing their exploration experience. NPCs with major roles include Dimitriv, Korak the Champion, Nalistri, Varesh and Vixanis. NPCs that are fan favourites include Barris, Enoran, Granamyr, Gurli, couple Shalana and Payla, and Tharizdun the Spectator.

Most NPCs are members of various Major Factions and Minor Factions, while some are categorized under Deities or Heroes. Factions can influence multiple settlements or even as big as an entire nation. There are four major factions: Broken Sky, Burning King, Council of Elves and a mega-faction Government of the Dawn Republic, which have smaller factions such as Council of Guilds and Council of Wizards. Known minor factions include Darkscar Clan, the various Drow Houses, Grimfang Clan, Powder Beards and the Bucklands.

High Rollers D&D: Characters, NPCs & Factions
AvandraCorellon LarethianDah'MirErathisLolthMeloraPelorSehanine Moonbow
The Adventurers CamEloraGranamyrJiǔtóuTrellimar
Friends of Korak ElfusFrancisKorak Real name: AdrikRal'Ma
The Four Drows Zaylin (leader) • NixXanYylwis
Major Factions
Broken Sky
Cloud Palace (HQ) Princess Fellania
Briarcrest Denin (leader)
Feyden Riss (leader) • DimitrivRena and Yuli
Talis'Val Varesh (leader) • Victoria (sub-leader) • BraceCallidusEthesHoraceIrathaxWald
Burning King
Viticus (leader) • Takbar
Council of Elves
Spire of the Moon King AlfadonQueen AlethaPrincess Elora
Spire of Autumn Queen ShalanaCommander PaylaLieutenant TorwenAmris
Spire of Winter King SelandrisQueen MalisendalPrince DaphemirPrincess SylvalPrince NalistriPalto
Other Spires Spire of the SunSpire of SpringSpire of Summer
Government of the Dawn Republic
and its Advisers
Adrik, also Korak the ChampionAmbassadors (Afelard) • CassandraFather RisanMournravens (Sir Jonathan) • Order of the Burning Lanterns (Sister Superior Annabelle)
Council of Guilds GM = Guild Master/Mistress, DGM = Deputy GM, FGM = Former GM
Alchemists and Brewers (FGM Franco) • Artists and Jewellers (GM Giles) • Carpenters (GM Ellen) • Cookery (GM Rosie) • Masons (GM Kirkwall, DGM Relenda) • Potters and Glass (GM Vincent) • Smiths and Miners (GM Malia) • Varied Merchants (GM Merci, FGM Sabbatha)
Council of Wizards AbjurationConjurationDivinationEnchantmentEvocationIllusion (Arvan) • NecromancyTransmutation
Law & Security Head of Security (Commander Durmont) • City Watch (Lieutenant Barris, Officer Merrik, Jasmina) • Guilded ArmsMarshal Society
Minor Factions
Dawn Republic
Feyden Rika Flamewind (de-facto leader) • Brother WaldDulgrimOswyn
Greybell The Bucklands (Amelia, Cam, Keran, Mirela)
Longwood Forest Darkscar Clan (Falk, Morgus, Raxxus, Others) • Green Hunter
Talis'Val (residents) CuneEnoranFenwickFinnyKariLao, Lee and ShengLobenMadame EvaSalahTrixania
Tallfield (residents) Marshal CalvinDahnnaNanny BonesSmiles
Others Aramount (Rekzan) • Burkley (Marshal Fredrika)
Elven Barrow (Ayandris, Gulthia, Renwyn, Tomas)
Troubled Lands
Hallow (Sheriff Macklin, Timbob) • Powder Beards (Dulgrim)
Drow Houses Aleath (Trellimar) • Kalex (Matron Kalex, Tatyana) • Kel (Matron Vixanis, Vixanis, Xandar)
Garden of Stones Gloom (Bork, Gurli) • Grimfang Clan (Queen Sharisa, Fandrel, Reznak)
Others Captain BumhookTharizdun
Other Planes & Regions
Bresseras (Korak, 1903rd Wyrm King, Jiǔtóu)
Arborea (Master Guanyin, Tanos) • Feywild (Cenaria) • Shadowfell (Shambler, Zachary)

Mark Hulmes MultiverseEdit

Unofficially known as Mark Hulmes Multiverse, all High Rollers D&D campaigns revolve around the multiverse homebrewed by Mark Hulmes. All campaigns to date take place on Arrak, a continent on the Surface. Arrak itself have four regions, Bresseras, Dawn Republic, Troubled Lands and Unbroken Empire, and a massive underground region known as the Underdark. The five regions have their own settlements, which varies in size from as big as towns or cities to as small as villages and spires. Key regions and settlements visited in the series include Tallfield, Longwood Forest, Feyden, Talis'Val, Garden of Stones, Melody, Spire of Winter and Hallow.

Mark Hulmes Multiverse is based on the planes of existence from Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. The Surface has two parallel planes, Feywild and Shadowfell. These three planes are connected to the Inner Planes and Outer Planes, each hosting planes connected to the physical and the philosophical respectively. Arborea, Astral Plane, Far Realm, Sigil and The Abyss are planes that have either been mentioned or visited throughout the series.

High Rollers D&D: Planes, Regions and Locations
Planes of Existence
Material Planes Surface (Arrak) • FeywildShadowfell
Inner Planes Elemental Planes (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) • Elemental Chaos
Outer Planes Acheron • Arborea • Arcadia • Bytopia • Carceri • Elysium • Hades • Gehanna • Mechanus • Mount Celestia • Limbo • Pandemonium • The Abyss • The Beastlands • The Nine Hells of Baator • Ysgard
Transitive Planes Astral Plane • Ethereal Plane
Other Planes Demiplanes • Far Realm • Outlands (Sigil)
Countries and Regions of Arrak + others
Countries and Regions BresserasDawn RepublicTroubled LandsUnbroken EmpireUnderdark
Other Spires of the Council of Elves Spire of the MoonSpire of the SunSpire of SpringSpire of Summer
Settlements and Locations in Dawn Republic
Talis'Val (capital)
Districts in Bold
Artisan's Rest (Black Valley Brewery, Temple of Kord) • Dawn Square (Open Locket, Pegasus Lodge) • Guild Quarter (Champion's Hold, Masons' Guild Hall) • Journeyman's Run (Duck and Porter, Frowning Fox Farms, Unicorn's Patch) • Old Temple WayThe Stacks (Lion's Pick, Laughing Blacksmith) • Whisper's Walk (Temple of Tharizdun)
Tallfield (village) Abandoned FarmsteadAlabaster CaskKingswood FarmMarshal OfficeOld WindmillRuined Manor
Other Settlements Former Capital (Firstlight) • Towns (Aramount, Briarcrest, Fallcliff, Greybell, Melody, Wickport) • Villages (Burkley, Damrick's Rest, Downford, Feyden, Longdale, Newlight, Redcrop) • Others (Elven Barrow, Necromancer's Tower, Ruined Watchtower, Shard Lake)
Longwood (forest) Spire of Eternal AutumnTemple of Melora
Settlements and Locations in the Troubled Lands
Hallow (frontier town)Spire of Winter
Settlements and Locations in the Underdark
Garden of Stones (Drow Enclave, Gloom (village), Grimfang's Keep) • Temple of Dah'Mir

Lightfall CampaignEdit

The Beginning
Session 1Session 2Session 3Session 4Session 5Session 6
On their journey to Talis'Val, the adventurers find themselves in an abandoned temple and later in Tallfield, solving mysteries and gaining trust amongst themselves.
Resurrection and the Broken Sky
Session 7Session 7.5Session 8Session 9Session 10Session 11
The adventurers had to make a detour to resurrect a fallen friend. They later find themselves in Feyden, where they learn of an organisation, the Broken Sky, that threatened the existence of the Dawn Republic.
Trouble in Talis'Val
Session 12Session 13Session 14Session 15Session 16
Upon arrival at Talis'Val, the adventurers soon find themselves in trouble when they infiltrate Broken Sky's base of operations in Talis'Val.
Deeper into the Underdark
Session 17Session 18Session 19Session 20Session 21Session 22Session 23Session 24
The adventurers go into the Underdark to find two things: a Scroll of Greater Restoration to revive Korak the Champion, and assisting Trellimar to find a relic mask that a previous party of drows failed to obtain.
Setbacks After Setbacks
Session 25Session 26Session 27Session 28Session 29
A spirit comes to haunt Cam for his past actions. Even worse, Broken Sky has grown stronger, rocking the stability of the Dawn Republic. Also, a new foe emerges.
The Hostile North
Session 30Session 31Session 32Session 33Session 34Session 35
Leaving Talis'Val to visit the Winter Spire in the Troubled Lands up north of Dawn Republic, the adventurers come across hostile factions, including a powerful being plotting to destroy the Council of Elves.
In Search of the Cure
Session 36Session 37Session 38
Even though Fenris is defeated, her curse has infected two elven royals, so it is up to the adventurers to find a cure for them.

Once-Off CampaignsEdit

On several occasions, once-off campaigns are held when either Mark could not be present as dungeon master for the Lightfall campaign or a special campaign is created to coincide with a holiday. All of the once-off campaigns have taken place in the world of Arrak and the players sometime assume new identities.

The Haunting of Ennis House
Dungeon Master: Kim, Players: Kat, Katie, Matt and Martyn
A group of four ghost hunters are requested by a groundskeeper to investigate the recent hauntings of a mansion owned by the late Lady Ennis.
The Cabin in the Woods
Dungeon Master: Kim, Players: Duncan, Kat and Matt
Ghost hunters Barnabus and Naples come across a cabin in Hallow Woods to investigate the recent deaths of a group of friends.
Christmas Special 2016
Dungeon Master: Mark, Players: Katie, Kim, Kit Buss, Matt and Trott
In an alternate universe, an evil group threatens to destroy the festive season of giving, so it is up to Cam, Elora, Jiǔtóu, Mistle and Trellimar to save the Frost Gala.
A Dish Best Served Cold
Dungeon Master: Trott, Players: Katie, Matt and Mark Hulmes
Hoping to prevent a war between the frost giants and the Blood Riders, the adventurers help a frost giant mother to find her kidnapped son.

Episode GuideEdit

YogscastLive — High Rollers D&D
Video Name Table yt
THE ADVENTURE BEGINS - High Rollers D&D: Episode 1 (17th January 2016) Watch
Treachery Revealed - High Rollers D&D: Episode 2 (24th January 2016) Watch
That`s So Raven! - High Rollers D&D: Episode 3 (31st January 2016) Watch
The Cam came back! - High Rollers D&D: Episode 4 (7th February 2016) Watch
Super Saiyan Buckland - High Rollers D&D: Episode 5 (14th February 2016) Watch
The Battle for Tallfield! - High Rollers D&D: Episode 6 (21st February 2016) Watch
Orcs, Dragons and Bears! Oh my! - High Rollers D&D: Episode 7 (28th February 2016) Watch
Jiutóu`s Solo Adventure + Q&A! - High Rollers D&D (6th March 2016) Watch
Let`s get Falk'ed! - High Rollers D&D: Episode 8 (13th March 2016) Watch
Welcome back, Jiutou - High Rollers D&D: Episode 9 (20th March 2016) Watch
Harp`ing On - High Rollers D&D: Episode 10 (3rd April 2016) Watch
Rollercoaster of Emotions! - High Rollers D&D: Episode 11 (10th April 2016) Watch
I CAN`T PERFORM! - High Rollers D&D: Episode 12 (17th April 2016) Watch
A New Challenger Approaches? - High Rollers D&D: Episode 13 (24th April 2016) Watch
Trial of Strength - High Rollers D&D: Episode 14 (8th May 2016) Watch
MURDERER! - High Rollers D&D: Episode 15 (15th May 2016) Watch
THE PERFORMANCE! - High Rollers D&D: Episode 16 (21st May 2016) Watch
The Assassin & Genie Wishes - HighRollers D&D: Episode 17 (4th June 2016) Watch
Undead Whispers - HighRollers D&D: Episode 18 (25th June 2016) Watch
DON`T TOUCH THAT! - HighRollers D&D: Episode 19 (3rd July 2016) Watch
EYE OF THE BEHOLDER - HighRollers D&D: Episode 20 (10th July 2016) Watch
TACTICAL WITHDRAW! - HighRollers D&D: Episode 21 (17th July 2016) Watch
Plots & Plans! - HighRollers D&D: Episode 22 (24th July 2016) Watch
GODS, SECRETS & GOBLIN PIRATES! - HighRollers D&D: Episode 23 (7th August 2016) Watch
TANK/SUPPORT IN ONE! - HighRollers D&D: Episode 24 (14th August 2016) Watch
THE SHROUD OF EYES - HighRollers D&D: Episode 25 (21st August 2016) Watch
The Festival Episode - HighRollers D&D: Episode 26 (4th September 2016) Watch
A Revenant Revealed - HighRollers D&D: Episode 27 (2nd October 2016) Watch
Swan Boat - HighRollers D&D: Episode 28 (9th October 2016) Watch
A Frosty Reception - HighRollers D&D: Episode 29 (23rd October 2016) Watch
Sassy Elves (Halloween 2016) - HighRollers D&D: Episode 30 (30th October 2016) Watch
A Plan Gone Awry - HighRollers D&D: Episode 31 (6th November 2016) Watch
The Daring Drow! - HighRollers D&D: Episode 32 (13th November 2016) Watch
The Wild Wild North - HighRollers D&D: Episode 33 (20th November 2016) Watch
Lair of the Witch - HighRollers D&D: Episode 35 (8th January 2017) Watch
Werewolves! - HighRollers D&D: Episode 36 (15th January 2017) Watch
Wet Willie - HighRollers D&D: Episode 37 (5th February 2017) Watch
Jiutou's Apology - HighRollers D&D: Episode 38 (12th February 2017) Watch
YogscastLive High Rollers Specials — High Rollers D&D
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High Rollers - Pathfinder "The Rusty Dragon Inn" Miniature Unboxing Watch
High Rollers Pathfinder "The Rusty Dragon Inn" Miniature Unboxing #2 Watch
High Rollers D&D - Episodes 1 - 9 RECAP! (27th March 2016) Watch
D&D Q&A + Art w/ Mark & Nina! - 7th April 2016 Watch
D&D Q&A w/ Mark! - 1st May 2016 Watch
Q&A (with special guest, Matthew Mercer!) - HighRollers D&D (18th June 2016) Watch
KICK HIM IN THE D*CK! - HighRollers D&D: The Haunting of Ennis House (31st July 2016) Watch
THE CABIN IN THE WOODS - HighRollers D&D: One Off (28th August 2016) Watch
High Rollers - The Story So Far! (D&D Live Play) Watch
OUTLAST + D&D Q&A w/ Matt, Katie & Kat [1] - 11th September 2016 Watch
OUTLAST + D&D Q&A w/ Matt, Mark & Kat [2] - 25th September 2016 Watch
D&D Chilled Miniatures Painting Session - 16th October 2016 Watch
KAT'S PRE-TRAINING TRAINING + Q&A w/ Matt, Mark, Kat and Katie - 27th November 2016 Watch
DM Trott Special! - HighRollers D&D ONE SHOT (22nd January 2017) Watch
CAM IN SKYRIM?! - D&D Q&A w/ Trott & Katie - 29th January 2017 Watch
Kim — High Rollers D&D
Video Name Table yt
High Rollers DnD: Lightfall Highlights #1 Watch
High Rollers DnD: Lightfall Highlights #2 Watch
High Rollers DnD: Lightfall Highlights #3 Watch
High Rollers Q&A! Watch


Main article: High Rollers (Official Soundtrack)

High Rollers (Official Soundtrack) is the official soundtrack album of the series. It is composed by Steve Bruce and release on May 27, 2016. The soundtracks are used as background music during the livestreams of the series, usually selected to fit the ambience of the events happening as it is. A second soundtrack album is in production, which includes a royal theme for Elora and a dark theme for Trellimar.[1]

Other songs and soundtracks used during the livestreams include:


Note: More trivia such as meta-games and Cam's penis size can be viewed on other High Rollers D&D articles.
  • #rollonsunday is made the official Twitter hashtag for High Rollers D&D at Trott's suggestion.
  • Steve Bruce, and sometimes Sam Gibbs, runs the livestream behind the scenes. In Session 6, Steve added blood splat overlays whenever anyone took damage, and a skull over Kim's face to represent her death on numerous occasions.
  • Several special guests have appeared on the show: Martyn on Sessions 8, 9 and a Once-Off Campaign; CaffCast on Sessions 13 to 15; Kat on Session 27. Kat, Kit Buss and Duncan are also invited to various once-off campaigns.
  • Before High Rollers D&D, only Mark and Trott plays Dungeons & Dragons regularly on different campaigns with other D&D players such as Smith. Kim played a campaign long time ago but is inexperienced. Both Katie and Matt had not played D&D before, although Katie had watched Critical Role and is somewhat familiar with the mechanics of D&D.[4] Martyn shares that he did play D&D Fifth Edition once a few years ago, but has forgotten some of its rules, although Mark exclaims that he re-learn some of the rules quickly before his first guest appearance in Session 8.[5]
  • High Rollers D&D sessions can have touch-ups to coincide with holiday celebrations: Session 4 receiving a Chinese New Year treatment; the crew dress up in costumes for Halloween in Session 30; a Christmas-inspired once-off campaign was held in 2016.
  • A new livestream setup is revealed in Session 26. The main change is that the whole crew is now playing D&D together on a single table, unlike the previous setup where they had to play on three separate tables.[6]
  • With scheduling issues either due to game conventions or personal matters, not all streams have the regular High Rollers D&D crew aired live on Sundays:
    • Solo Campaign: In Session 7.5, Mark ran a solo campaign with Kim. A Q&A session is held afterward.
    • Once-Off Campaigns: Once-off campaigns were held on 31 July 2016 and 28 August 2016, with Kim replacing Mark as dungeon master. A Christmas special once-off campaign was held on 18 December 2016.
    • Q&A Sessions: with Mark on 7 April 2016, 1 May 2016 and 18 June 2016;[7] with gameplays on 11 September 2016, 25 September 2016 and 27 November 2016;[8][9][10] with miniature painting on 16 October 2016.[11]
    • Recap: CaffCast provided a recap of Sessions 1 thru 9 on 27 March 2016.
    • On Saturdays: Sessions 16 to 18 aired on Saturdays, but as Nilesy's livestream takes place immediately after High Rollers D&D, donation messages are not read out in order to keep with the streaming schedule.[12]
    • No Stream/Cancelled Stream: There was no High Rollers livestream on 28 May 2016 and 18 September 2016.[13][14]
    • Cut-out Replacement: In Session 3, Trott was replaced by a cardboard cutout of himself.
  • The mini figures used are 25 - 28-millimetre scale.
  • The crew gave shout-outs to High Rollers D&D summary contributors, including LadyFufu on the High Rollers D&D sub-Reddit, TV Tropes and the Yogscast Wiki.[15][16] Mark adds that he sometimes refer to such sites to refresh his memory on certain events that happened in the game.[17][18]
  • Critical Role's Matt Mercer has given shout-outs to Mark and High Rollers D&D, one of which was during a Q&A at Wizard World Portland.[19] He later appears as a special guest on the Q&A Session, hosted by Mark, on 18 June 2016.
  • Mark published a homebrewed race, the Lightborn, on the Dungeon Masters Guild.[20] Trott's character Cam Buckland is a buffed-up version of the Lightborn.[21]
  • Throughout multiple sessions, the green screen fell on the players on several occasions.



Main article: High Rollers D&D/Gallery


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