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High Rollers D&D is a Dungeons & Dragons series aired as part of the Yogscast Twitch Livestreams. As of October 25, 2017, 104 episodes of High Rollers D&D have aired and is currently on its second season of the Lightfall Campaign. This includes 16 spin-off episodes, 7 one-shot campaign episodes and 19 special episodes.


Season 1Edit

Season 1 of the Lightfall campaign loosely cover all episodes within the first year of the series, beginning on January 17, 2016, with Episode 1: The Adventure Begins and ending on January 8, 2017, with Episode 35: Lair of the Witch.[1] The main characters start at level one and have reached level eight by the end of the season. Throughout the season, the main characters have ventured across three countries on Arrak and visited the following key regions and settlements in order of appearance: Tallfield, Longwood Forest Feyden, Talis'Val, Garden of Stones, Melody, Spire of Winter and Hallow.

The main characters, collectively known as the the adventurers, begin their journey from Greybell to Talis'Val. Along the way, they find themselves in an abandoned temple and later in Tallfield, solving mysteries and gaining trust amongst themselves (episodes 1-6). However, they had to make a detour to resurrect a fallen friend (episodes 6-9). They later find themselves in Feyden and later in Talis'Val, where they learn that the Broken Sky is threatening the existence of the Dawn Republic (episodes 9-16). An assassination attempt on Korak the Champion left him in a comatose state, so the adventurers go into the Underdark to find a Scroll of Greater Restoration, as well as to assist Trellimar in finding a relic mask (episodes 17-25). Once back in Talis'Val, however, two things happened: a spirit comes to haunt Cam for his past actions and a stronger Broken Sky caused the Dawn Republic to begin to fall apart (episodes 25-29). Leaving Talis'Val to visit the Spire of Winter in the Troubled Lands, the adventurers soon come across more hostile factions, including a powerful fey plotting to destroy the Council of Elves (episodes 30-35).

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Title Airdate Link Runtime
1 1 "The Adventure Begins" 2016-01-17, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:07:12
Welcome to the world of Arrak! Our heroes begin their adventure travelling between cities, but things soon go wrong when they awake in a room trapped by thorny walls. Join Cam, Jiutóu, Elora & Trellimar as they try to escape.
2 2 "Treachery Revealed" 2016-01-24, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:23:16
Our heroes confront the Elven Queen, Ayandris, to try and quell her spirit and remove the corruption in the burial chamber. But not all is as it seems...
3 3 "That's So Raven!" 2016-01-31, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:17:09
Cam vanishes and the rest of the group investigate the village of Tallfield. Jiutou sets off alone to the nearby farms and soon comes under attack...
4 4 "The Cam came back!" 2016-02-07, 17:00 GMT VOD 2:55:34
Someone close to Cam attempts to besmirch his name and another citizen of Tallfield falls victim to the murder plot.
5 5 "Super Saiyan Buckland" 2016-02-14, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:15:17
Our heroes stumble upon Nanny Bones' lair. Trellimar also learns more of Cam's history through Amelia.
6 6 "The Battle for Tallfield!" 2016-02-21, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:28:35
Tallfield is under attack by Nanny Bones and one of our heroes dies.
7 7 "Orcs, Dragons and Bears! Oh my!" 2016-02-28, 17:00 GMT VOD 4:10:42
Our heroes help the Spire of Eternal Autumn against the orc invasion. Also, Trellimar gains a pet pseudodragon familiar and names it Granamyr.
8 8 "Let's get Falk'ed!" 2016-03-13, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:55:31
Our heroes battle against the Green Hunter in the Temple of Melora in order to obtain an artefact to resurrect Jiǔtóu. Guest stars Martyn as Falk.
9 9 "Welcome back, Jiutou" 2016-03-20, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:39:50
Jiǔtóu is resurrected and our heroes rest at Feyden. It is this village that they had their first encounter with Broken Sky, an organisation aiming to weaken the Dawn Republic. Guest stars Martyn as Falk.
10 10 "Harp'ing On" 2016-04-03, 17:00 BST VOD 3:40:24
Dimitriv is arrested but the Broken Sky tries to silence him, leading to a battle in Feyden in the middle of the night.
11 11 "Rollercoaster of Emotions!" 2016-04-10, 17:00 BST VOD 3:59:14
Following the death of Vixanis, our heroes decide not to confront the Broken Sky and resume their journey to Talis'Val. However, Cam's undesirable action forced them to delay their plans.
12 12 "I Can't Perform!" 2016-04-17, 17:00 BST VOD 3:42:35
our heroes investigate the recent disappearance of three tieflings in Talis'Val. Also, Cam confesses that he did not prepare for the Feast of Stones, a major Talis'Val festival that he was invited to perform.
13 13 "A New Challenger Approaches?" 2016-04-24, 17:00 BST VOD 3:42:53
Cam goes off to prepare for his performance while the rest decide to investigate the Black Valley Brewery. However, their investigation turns sinister as a new foe threatens to test the loyalty amongst them. Guest stars Caff as Loben.
14 14 "Trial of Strength" 2016-05-08, 17:00 BST VOD 3:21:12
Elora escapes to seek help from the city officials. Meanwhile, the rest must participate in the Trial of Strength in order to join the Broken Sky. Most importantly, they must not die. Guest stars Caff as Loben.
15 15 "Murderer!" 2016-05-15, 17:00 BST VOD 3:39:45
Elora returns to rescue her friends. With her is Korak the Champion, sending Jiǔtóu into a raging frenzy since she believed he is the dragonborn that enslaved her during most of her childhood. Guest stars Caff as Loben.
16 16 "The Performance!" 2016-05-21, 17:00 BST VOD 3:47:26
With the resolution of the issue between Jiǔtóu and Korak, our heroes receive a tip-off of a possible assassination attempt on Korak during the Feast of Stones later in evening. Worryingly, one of the Council of Guild masters might be in cahoots with the Broken Sky.
17 17 "The Assassin & Genie Wishes" 2016-06-04, 17:00 BST VOD 2:54:14
Following Jiutou's "distraction" the party faces off against an Assassin inside the burning hall. Later they encounter a Genie looking to trade magical items!
18 18 "Undead Whispers" 2016-06-25, 17:00 BST VOD 3:24:43
Our heroes head to Whisper's Walk to help both Korak and Trellimar. However, an invasion of the undead has occurred within the district, so they must first help the two religious groups to quell it.
19 19 "Don't Touch That!" 2016-07-03, 17:00 BST VOD 3:22:19
Our heroes begin their quest to recover a powerful scroll and find the magical mask for Trellimar's patron. It begins with a vision of the past before they journey deep beneath the Surface and discover an ancient temple to a powerful and forgotten deity.
20 20 "Eye of the Beholder" 2016-07-10, 17:00 BST VOD 3:10:10
Our heroes head deeper into the mysterious temple and attempt to overcome more deadly traps. Cam slides down a big slide and the party meet an Iconic D&D monster! (Or do they?)
21 21 "Tactical Withdraw!" 2016-07-17, 17:00 BST VOD 3:39:50
Our heroes are captured by Queen Sharisa, who then agrees to release them and give the Scroll of Greater Restoration upon completion of a task.
22 22 "Plots & Plans!" 2016-07-24, 17:00 BST VOD 3:30:26
Our heroes continue to search the drow enclave to find the research that Queen Sharisa wants. However, upon discovering the horrible truth behind it, they instead plan a rebellion with the duergars, myconids and svirfneblins.
23 23 "Gods, Secrets & Goblin Pirates!" 2016-08-07, 17:00 BST VOD 3:08:56
Our heroes explore deeper into the Underdark, facing goblin pirates and a strange temple complex worshipping Dah'Mir, Trellimar's patron.
24 24 "Tank/Support in One!" 2016-08-14, 17:00 BST VOD 3:34:26
Our heroes explore deeper into the Temple of Dah'Mir and fight multiple creatures in various rooms. Trellimar is so close in retrieving the Shroud of Eyes when he experienced another vision of the Four Drows. Our heroes also discover shocking facts about Granamyr and Vixanis.
25 25 "The Shroud of Eyes" 2016-08-21, 17:00 BST VOD 3:59:53
Our heroes return and successfully revive Korak. Though the stability of the Dawn Republic has been shaken due to the Broken Sky's activities, our heroes are back to help the Republic, this time with Barris!
26 26 "The Festival Episode" 2016-09-04, 17:00 BST VOD 3:29:55
Our heroes take a break from their recent escapades and have some fun at the Summer Festival in Talis'Val. However, the spirit of Dimitriv appears as a revenant to get revenge on Cam.
27 27 "A Revenant Revealed" 2016-10-02, 17:00 BST VOD 3:42:06
The revenant's attack in Talis'Val spread fast and wide. Our heroes is called to the emergency Council meeting to recount what has happened. More worryingly, Jasmina warns our heroes that the Burning King seeks to capture Cam so they can cause more destruction. Guest stars Kat as Jasmina.
28 28 "Swan Boat" 2016-10-09, 17:00 BST VOD 3:11:54
Our heroes find Ral'Ma, a shaman capable of getting rid the revenant haunting Cam. She performs the ritual, which appeases Dimitriv. The spirit of Mirela also appears in front of an emotional Cam and reveals the truth behind her death. Guest stars Kat as Jasmina.
29 29 "A Frosty Reception" 2016-10-23, 17:00 BST VOD 3:23:20
Our heroes return Talis'Val and repel an attempted Burning King raid along the way. Elora reunites with her parents but receives a frosty reception from the emissary of the Winter Spire. Guest stars Kat as Jasmina.
30 30 "Sassy Elves" 2016-10-30, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:17:25
Our heroes and dignitaries from the Council of Elves begin their journey to the Spire of Winter but encounter a village raided by the Burning King. Nalistri also begins to warm up to Elora and reveals that he is on a personal mission to rescue his captured guards.
31 31 "A Plan Gone Awry" 2016-11-06, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:43:29
Our heroes attempt to infiltrate Melody but is quickly discovered, leading into a long battle against the Burning King.
32 32 "The Daring Drow!" 2016-11-13, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:30:52
Our heroes manage to rescue Nalistri's guards and the civilians of Redcrop. They then resume their journey to the Spire of Winter but is caught in a freak storm caused by the Broken Sky, who seems to be executing the next phase of attacks against the Dawn Republic.
33 33 "The Wild Wild North" 2016-11-20, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:35:41
Our heroes meet with the Frostwalkers of the Spire of Winter and are having a formal dinner with them. Trouble at the gates interrupted the occasion, however, when the citizens of Hallow accused the Winter Spire for attacking their people.
34 34 "Frost Giants Ahead" 2016-12-04, 17:00 GMT VOD 2:59:16
Our heroes investigate the murders happening in Hallow and Nalistri learns his true heritage. Hallow is under siege and a powerful archfey has begun her attacks on the Spire of Winter.
35 35 "Lair of the Witch" 2017-01-08, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:07:12
Our heroes traverse through Fenris' lair in hopes to infiltrate the Spire of Winter under siege. Along the way, they meet a crew of planar pirates, a friendly dryad and Fenris herself.

Season 2Edit

The ongoing Season 2 of the Lightfall campaign loosely begins on January 15, 2017,[1] with Episode 36: Werewolves! The main characters begin the season at level eight and have currently reached level nine. Throughout the season so far, the main characters have ventured across two countries on Arrak and visited the following key regions and settlements in order of appearance: Spire of Winter, Monastery of Bahamut, Talis'Val, Velderbann, Merlow, New Light, Firstlight, Spire of the Moon, Arborea and Rootswell.

The main characters, collectively known as the the adventurers, have defeated Fenris and her plot to destroy the Council of Elves. However, two elven monarchs have been cursed during the process, so the adventurers eventually find a cure and heal one of them (episodes 36-38). Receiving an urgent message from Korak the Champion, the adventurers return to Talis'Val and learn that a corrupted drow faction, House Relliv, is seeking to control the entire drow race. As such, Trellimar had to leave his friends in order to save his people (episodes 39-40).

The remaining three adventurers then ally with several people to stop the Broken Sky from causing the collapse of the Dawn Republic. They attempted to free Velderbann from the Broken Sky (episodes 41-48). The traitor Franco is spotted in Merlow but fled before he can be captured (episode 49). Returning to Talis'Val, the adventurers then head to Firstlight to rescue the kidnapped lightborn children from the Broken Sky (episodes 50-56) and later to Velderbarn to free two captured prominent figures from Sylval (episode 57-58).

Back at Talis'Val, Princess Fellania demands the adventures to have the Council of Guilds surrender to her or face the onslaught of her army. Not wanting to surrender, the adventurers then search for potential allies in various places to assist Talis'Val in their impending war with the Broken Sky (episodes 58-current).

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Title Airdate Link Runtime
36 36 "Werewolves!" 2017-01-15, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:01:57
Our heroes discover that King Selandris is in cahoots with Fenris, though he claims to be in control. He also tries to coerce Elora into joining his cause of strengthening the elven kind.
37 37 "Wet Willie" 2017-02-05, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:16:50
Jiǔtóu meditates to fight her conflicting emotions, while the rest attempt to quell the remaining pockets of fighting. After which, Salah Balan revisits our heroes once more for another round of friendly trade.
38 38 "Jiǔtóu's Apology" 2017-02-12, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:28:23
Jiǔtóu struggles with her emotions against Crownrend. Our heroes then venture out to the frost giant lands to seek a solution in hopes to cure those still affected by the curse from Fenris.
39 39 "Awkward Moments" 2017-03-05, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:15:30
our heroes have obtained a cure for Fenris' curse. They then return to Talis'Val, only to discover the capital on lockdown and forced them to meet with Korak in private. Little did they know that Korak is accompanied by a female drow, one that knows of Trellimar's murder incident.
40 40 "Farewell, Mr Aleath!" 2017-03-12, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:40:35
The corrupt drow house of Relliv have killed Trellimar's family. Wanting to seek revenge, Trellimar decides to leave his friends and return to the Underdark.
41 41 "Never Fear, Reynard's Here!" 2017-03-19, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:09:01
Korak and the Council hire our heroes and Reynard to investigate rumours of the Broken Sky terrorising Velderbann. Once there, however, the trio soon find themselves in trouble. Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
42 42 "Jiutou: Angel of Death" 2017-03-26, 17:00 BST VOD 3:06:00
a rescue mission to free Reynard takes place. This leads to more encounters with the Broken Sky, ultimately breaking Reynard's facade and forcing our heroes to retreat. Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
43 43 "Teleportation Evaluation" 2017-04-02, 17:00 BST VOD 3:22:12
Our heroes believe that they are under-prepared for their mission despite Cam and Alfred now helping them. As such, they decide to retreat back to Talis'Val for the time being. Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
44 44 "Brides, Bahumat & Beyond!" 2017-04-09, 17:00 BST VOD 3:32:09
our heroes are back in Talis'Val to re-strategise on their Velderbann mission and decide to recruit Cassandra for help. Returning back to Velderbann, however, they stumble upon a peculiar tribe of kobolds. Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
45 45 "Knick Knack!" 2017-04-30, 17:00 BST VOD 3:22:30
Our heroes and their new ally explore the Velderbann mines to eliminate the Broken Sky and rescue the captured. Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
46 46 "Vesuvias Blackmantle!" 2017-05-07, 17:00 BST VOD 3:27:57
As our heroes explore the mines, they bump into Vesuvias, who is said to be a powerful magician in-charge of the mines. However, he turns out to be someone quite different from what they had expected.Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
47 47 "Dwarven Dungeon Delving!" 2017-05-14, 17:00 BST VOD 3:08:17
Our heroes discover an ancient dwarven asylum, the place where Tania is said to be. They also rescue an ex-Broken Sky agent, who leads them to a vault of ancient treasures. Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
48 48 "Giant's Bane" 2017-05-21, 17:00 BST VOD 3:12:39
Our heroes only have one day left to find and eliminate the Broken Sky masterminds behind the occupation of Velderbann before they escape. They eventually find Tania deep in the Velderbann mines and confront her. Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
49 49 "HighRollers Live from Seattle!" 2017-06-04, 18:00 BST VOD 3:05:03
Our heroes are heading back to Talis'Val but stop at Merlow because the village is staging a musical that mocks them. However, with warnings from Viathan, the village might come under attack by someone within Cam's family. Guest stars Elyssa Grant as Viathan.
50 50 "Half Hundo!" 2017-06-25, 17:00 BST VOD 3:38:16
Our heroes return to Talis'Val to discover the government tightening controls over the capital in light of further terrorist attacks. Nevertheless, our heroes begin to investigate the connection between the missing lightborn children and the Broken Sky. Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
51 51 "RIP Cam!" 2017-07-02, 17:00 BST VOD 3:17:08
Our heroes discover an ancient network of underground tunnels underneath Talis'Val and find more clues about the missing lightborn children. Guest stars Tom Hazell as Reynard.
52 52 "A Cryptic Message" 2017-07-09, 17:00 BST VOD 3:23:03
Our heroes return to Finny's tavern to rest for the night but an unexpected visitor gives them hell. Also, Elora learns more of the plight of her father.
53 53 "Welcome to New Light" 2017-07-16, 17:00 BST VOD 3:03:09
Our heroes head to New Light to gather information on the missing lightborn children.
54 54 "Fallout: New Light" 2017-08-06, 17:00 BST Part 1,
Part 2
Our heroes enter the ruined metropolis of Firstlight and encounter arcane ghouls, the Emerald Blades and the ancient Nexus Guardian.
55 55 "The Beholder!" 2017-08-13, 17:00 BST VOD 3:11:33
Our heroes visit the yuan-ti infested Mistara Campus and discover the gruesome experiments that had been done to the missing lightborn children.
56 56 "The Great Escape!" 2017-08-20, 17:00 BST VOD 3:10:09
After freeing the lightborn children, our heroes leave Firstlight but finds a trail of destruction caused by a "she-devil".
57 57 "Crownrend's Return!" 2017-09-03, 17:00 BST VOD 3:36:40
Our heroes are on a rescue mission to free Althidon and Korak the Champion from Sylval, who now has the power of Crownrend.
58 58 "Episode 58" 2017-09-24, 17:00 BST VOD 3:03:42
Our heroes get a visit from Princess Fellania, who demands them to have the Council surrender to her or be ready to face the onslaught of her army.
59 59 "Episode 59" 2017-10-01, 17:00 BST Part 1,
Part 2
Our heroes seek allies from the Moon Spire and Arborea to prepare for the impending war against the Broken Sky.
60 60 "Episode 60" 2017-10-08, 17:00 BST VOD 3:05:27
Our heroes attempt to forge an alliance with either the Centaurs or the Winged Elves, the two opposing factions on Arborea, for the impending war back in the Dawn Republic.
61 61 "Episode 61" 2017-10-15, 17:00 BST VOD 2:53:16
Our heroes return to Talis'Val after gaining allies in Arborea but it is not long before Salah invites them into his abode for more trading.
62 62 "Where's My Reynie?" 2017-10-22, 17:00 BST VOD 2:24:15
Our heroes help Salah to be freed from his ex-wife's domain. Also, Reynard's father demands him to return home.
63 63 "Episode 63" 2017-11-05, 17:00 GMT VOD 2:29:10
Our heroes search for the legendary hunter Uncle Felix in Rootswell, the village he often sent letters to Reynard from but has not been doing so recently.
64 64 "Episode 64" 2017-11-12, 17:00 GMT TBA TBA

Spin-Off CampaignsEdit

Uncharted TerritoryEdit

The Uncharted Territory campaign is based on Dungeons & Dragons' Tomb of Annihilation and spans 11 episodes beginning on June 3, 2017, with Episode 0: Prologue and ending on September 8, 2017, with Episode 10. The main characters start at level five and have reached level ten by the end of the campaign. Throughout the campaign, the main characters have ventured across the continent Faerûn on the world Toril and visited the following key regions and settlements in order of appearance: Calimshan, Waterdeep and Chult.

The campaign begins with the main characters raiding the Tomb of A'Tan, only to be backstabbed by Laskilar Flisk and stranded in the Calimshan desert (episode 0). Upon returning to Waterdeep, they are visited by Acererak who enticed them with treasures from his tomb. However, they soon learn from the ailing Lady V that he is also the mastermind behind the Death Curse, in which no magic can resurrect the dead as their souls have been captured by him. Thus, the group are tasked by Lady V to venture to the Chultian Peninsula and get rid of the Death Curse (episode 1). Upon arrival at the Chultian city of Port Nyanzaru, however, the group find themselves in trouble with the Flaming Fist, a group hired by Laskilar Flisk to stop them (episodes 2-5). TBA.

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Link Runtime
48c 0 "Prologue" 2017-06-03, 20:30 BST VOD 1:30:07
A group of archaeologists fight to fend against the undead of Atan's Tomb. However, there is a betrayer amongst them. Guest stars Dylan Sprouse as Laskilar Fliskk, with Benny Davis as keyboardist.
50a 1 "Episode 1" 2017-06-30, 20:00 BST VOD,
Our heroes return to Waterdeep following the betrayal of Laskilar Flisk. However, their expedition has caught the attention from Lady V, who tasks them a mission that will bring them to the island of Chult.
51a 2 "Episode 2" 2017-07-07, 20:00 BST VOD,
Our heroes set sail to the Chultian city of Port Nyranzaru. Once there, however, Six's fiery action forced the team to split up and potentially affecting their mission.
52a 3 "Episode 3" 2017-07-14, 20:00 BST VOD 2:12:27
K'ehleyr attempts to free Six. Meanwhile, the Flaming Fist has put sanctions on our heroes.
53a 4 "Episode 4" 2017-07-21, 20:00 BST VOD 2:11:40
Our heroes attend an auction to obtain the Heart of Ub'Tao but another party won the bid, leading to a standoff between them and her, as well as Laskilar Flisk.
53b 5 "Episode 5" 2017-08-04, 20:00 BST VOD 2:14:25
54a 6 "Episode 6" 2017-08-11, 20:00 BST VOD 2:04:18
55a 7 "Episode 7" 2017-08-18, 20:00 BST VOD 1:45:23
56a 8 "Episode 8" 2017-08-25, 20:30 BST VOD 2:02:35
56b 9 "Episode 9" 2017-09-01, 20:00 BST VOD 1:58:57
57a 10 "Episode 10" 2017-09-08, 20:00 BST VOD 1:59:42

Dead ReckoningEdit

The Dead Reckoning campaign is based on Dungeons & Dragons' Tomb of Annihilation and is planned to run for 12 episodes beginning on September 27, 2017, with Episode 1. Throughout the campaign, the main characters are tasked by an unorthodox member of the Harpers to travel from Neverwinter to Bezantur in search for the cause of the Death Curse.

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Link Runtime
58a 1 "Episode 1" 2017-09-27, 18:00 BST VOD 1:59:06
DM Mark Hulmes assists Chris Trott, Katie Morrison, Tom Hazell, and Kim Richards in creating characters for the new High Rollers campaign: Dead Reckoning.
59a 2 "Episode 2" 2017-10-04, 18:00 BST VOD 1:55:24
60a 3 "Episode 3" 2017-10-11, 18:00 BST VOD 2:09:36
61a 4 "Episode 4" 2017-10-18, 18:00 BST VOD 1:58:07
62a 5 "Episode 5" 2017-10-25, 18:00 BST VOD 1:56:03
62c 6 "Episode 6" 2017-11-01, 17:00 GMT VOD 1:55:00
63a 7 "Episode 7" 2017-11-08, 18:00 GMT TBA TBA

One-Shot CampaignsEdit

On several occasions, one-shot campaigns are held when either Mark Hulmes could not be present as dungeon master for the Lightfall campaign or a special campaign is created to coincide with a holiday. All of the one-shot campaigns have taken place in the world of Arrak and the players sometime assume new identities.

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Link Runtime
7a 1 "Jiutóu's Solo Adventure + Q&A!" 2016-03-06, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:08:39
Jiǔtóu wakes up on Arborea and meets Master Guanyin, who teaches her on how to control her emotions, as well as mastering and strengthening her skills. Starring Kim, with Mark Hulmes as dungeon master.
22a 2 "Kick Him in the D*ck!"
(The Haunting of Ennis House)
2016-07-31, 17:00 BST VOD 4:40:36
The ghost hunters are called by Burk to investigate the recent haunting of Ennis House. They have several encounters with the other side and stumble across a gruesome sight that threaten their lives. Starring Katie and Matt, with Kim Richards as dungeon master and special guests Kat and Martyn.
25a 3 "The Cabin in the Woods" 2016-08-28, 17:00 BST VOD 3:21:28
Barnabus and Naples investigate a cabin in the woods, the site of the recent deaths of a group of teenagers. They chance upon the ghost of Herb, who helps the two in their investigation. Starring Matt, with Kim Richards as dungeon master and special guests Kat and Duncan.
34a 4 "Christmas Special 2016" 2016-12-18, 17:00 GMT Part 1,
Part 2
Someone is attempting to spoil the Winter festive mood, so it is up to our heroes to help save the Frost Gala. Part 1 of 2. Starring Katie, Kim, Matt and Trott, with Mark Hulmes as dungeon master and special guest Kit Buss.
36a 5 "DM Trott Special!"
(A Dish Best Served Cold)
2017-01-22, 17:00 GMT VOD 3:16:25
Our heroes are tasked to find Scövja's son, Burleigh, before a war begins between the humans and the frost giants. Starring Katie, Matt and Mark, with Chris Trott as dungeon master.
44a 6 "The Horror of Overlook Inn" 2017-04-23, 17:00 BST VOD 3:41:10
A group of ghost investigators are called upon by the owner of Overlook Inn to investigate the recent haunting within the compound, which resulted in two deaths. However, as they investigate further, they stumble upon gruesome discoveries and, later, a horrible truth behind the haunting. Guest starring Duncan, Mike and Tom, with Kim Richards as dungeon master.
48a 7 "HighRollers Live! (May 2017)" 2017-05-28, 11:00 BST VOD 1:29:12
Our heroes attend a masquerade ball happening in Waterdeep. But they are not there for entertainment, but to reclaim a powerful demonic artifact and solve a few mysteries before the day is done. Starring Katie, Kim, Matt and Trott, with Mark Hulmes as dungeon master and special guest Kit Buss.
62b 8 "HighRollers Live! (October 2017)" 2017-10-29, 14:00 BST VOD 1:01:41
Our heroes are kidnapped and are tasked to act for a film or get killed. Starring Katie, Kim, Tom Hazell and Trott, with Mark Hulmes as dungeon master.


On Yogscast LiveEdit

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Link Runtime
5a 1 "Pathfinder "The Rusty Dragon Inn" Miniature Unboxing" 2016-02-16 VOD 0:14:57
Mark & Trott open up 16 boxes of the new Pathfinder Miniature set; The Rusty Dragon Inn and get very excited about Owlbears and Gelatinous Cubes...
5b 2 "Pathfinder "The Rusty Dragon Inn" Miniature Unboxing #2" 2016-02-18 VOD 0:11:00
Mark & Trott open up another 16 boxes of the new Pathfinder Miniature set; The Rusty Dragon Inn!
8a 3 "Episodes 1 - 9 Recap!" 2016-03-27, 17:00 BST VOD 6:01:43
10a 4 "D&D Q&A + Art w/ Mark & Nina!" 2016-04-07, 17:00 BST VOD 2:59:40
13b 5 "D&D Q&A w/ Mark!" 2016-05-01, 17:00 BST VOD 3:07:12
17a 6 "Q&A (with special guest, Matthew Mercer!)" 2016-06-18, 17:00 BST VOD 3:02:47
A few people were away for this session, so instead of the usual stream, Mark invited his friend Matthew Mercer along for a Q&A. Matthew Mercer is a prominent Voice Actor for animation & video games and DMs the weekly D&D stream for Geek and Sundry; Critical Role!
26a 7 "The Story So Far! (D&D Live Play)" 2016-09-05 VOD 0:06:05
Want to catch up on the core story of High Rollers but don't have the 50+ hours to do it? This video recaps some of the major events and characters of our live D&D campaign streamed every Sunday on
26b 8 "Outlast + D&D Q&A w/ Matt, Katie & Kat [1]" 2016-09-11, 17:00 BST VOD 3:00:14
Mark, Trott and Kim are away this week, so instead of the usual D&D action, Matt, Katie and Kat are here to answer your questions and play some Outlast!
26c 9 "Outlast + D&D Q&A w/ Matt, Mark & Kat [2]" 2016-09-25, 17:00 BST VOD 2:52:40
Trott, Kim and Katie are away this week, so the rest of the crew are back to answer your questions and play more Outlast!
28a 10 "D&D Chilled Miniatures Painting Session" 2016-10-16, 17:00 BST VOD 3:03:20
The usual crew are away so instead of the normal session, Mark is answering your questions and painting some miniatures from home!
33b 11 "Kat's Pre-Training Training + Q&A w/ Matt, Mark, Kat and Katie" 2016-11-27, 17:00 GMT VOD 2:51:37
Matt, Mark, Kat and Katie play some Overwatch whilst answering your questions!
36c 12 "Cam in Skyrim?! - D&D Q&A w/ Trott & Katie" 2017-01-29, 17:00 GMT VOD 2:50:54
It's not the usual High Rollers stream this week, but Trott and Katie are still here and they're taking Cam Buckland into the world of Skyrim! What could possibly go wrong?...

On Kim's YouTube channelEdit

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Title Airdate Link Runtime
1a 1 "Lightfall Highlights #1" 2016-01-23 VOD 0:17:48
The first highlights from our weekly Dungeons and Dragons stream!
2a 2 "Lightfall Highlights #2" 2016-01-30 VOD 0:18:09
More highlights from the latest episode of High Rollers DnD!
3a 3 "Lightfall Highlights #3" 2016-02-06 VOD 0:28:22
More highlights from the latest episode of High Rollers DnD!
33a 4 "High Rollers Q&A!" 2016-11-20 VOD 0:25:25

On Dungeons & Dragons' YouTube channelEdit

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Title Airdate Link Runtime
48d 1 "SoA - High Rollers Interview" 2017-06-03 VOD 0:16:21
Kim Richards, Chris Trott, Katie Morrison, and Mark Hulmes discuss the upcoming High Rollers campaign and streaming D&D with host Anna Prosser Robinson.

On Dragon TalkEdit

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Title Airdate Link Runtime
13a 1 "High Rollers on Streaming D&D" 2016-04-28 Podcast 0:56:43
Yogscast folks Mark Hulmes and Kim Richards call in from across the pond in England to talk about playing in their new but popular stream High Rollers.
48b 2 "HighRollers on Stream of Annihilation" 2017-05-30 Podcast 1:14:28
Interview with Mark Hulmes, Katie Morrison and Chris Trott from Yogcast’s HighRollers.


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