"MURDERER!" is the fifteenth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on May 15, 2016. Caff joined this episode as a special guest.

In this episode, Elora returns to rescue her friends. With her is Korak the Champion, sending Jiǔtóu into a raging frenzy since she believed he is the dragonborn that enslaved her during most of her childhood.

Campaign SummaryEdit

An Audience with the PrincessEdit

After the Trial, Varesh announces that Jiǔtóu, Lao, Loben, Trellimar and Wald are the five victors. The stone walls pivot and numerous guards and medics rush into the room. The medics tend to the wounded as Victoria steps out with five guards behind her and instructs the five victors to follow her. Wald tries to find a better weapon than the sickle he is carrying, but there are no better weapons nearby for him to stealthily switch with.

Victoria leads them to the outside of the Temple Hall. Several guards are seen holding their gear. Victoria tells the victors that they can take back their possessions. As the victors are taking their gear, Victoria looks at Loben and tells him that despite the fact he was originally a prisoner, she will overlook it if he considers joining the Broken Sky after witnessing his impressive magic and skills back at the Trial. Loben grunts in return.

Wald suddenly claims that his gear has yet to be returned to him. Amongst the gear is a great sword with +2 enchantment, or so he claims. Victoria questions him by asking if he even knows what a magical weapon is as she has never heard of the term "+2 enchantment". She also asks if he is referring to a game he has been playing. Wald clarifies that his sword has "+2" engraved on it. In response, Victoria sarcastically says that she has misplaced his items. When Wald comments on the Broken Sky's poor inventory management, Victoria facepalms, asking the other victors why they had to save Wald from the Gelatinous Cube back at the Trial. Jiǔtóu and Trellimar just shrug.

Victoria leads the five victors into the Temple Hall. Varesh and several hooded people stand on the raised platform, with the pit in the middle. Placed beside them is an eight-foot tall object draped in cloth. About 90 people and six armed guards are in the room as well. As the door shuts behind the victors, Varesh welcomes and congratulates them. He tells them that the Temple of Kord, where the Trial took place, is enchanted and those who have fallen in battle will not succumb to their injuries. The only exception is the man who was burnt to death by the magical coals. Wald, after receiving permission to speak, suggests that the name Broken Sky should be changed to something more public-friendly like Fix-er-Up-er Sky. Varesh immediately shuts him up and threatens to cut off his tongue if he does not keep quiet. Wald says that his tongue will be healed nonetheless due to the enchantment. Varesh says only the Temple of Kord is enchanted, not in the room they are in.

Back to his speech, Varesh says that the Trial is the first step in joining the Broken Sky, testing not only their combat skills but also their teamwork. He states that the Broken Sky's goal is the destruction of the Dawn Republic, in service of Her Majesty, Princess Fellania. He then pulls the cloth off the object, revealing an eight-foot tall, three-foot wide mirror decorated with intricate details of clouds and griffons.

Varesh says that each of the victors will speak with Princess Fellania individually and that she is far nicer than himself. He enforces that the Princess is to be treated with respect by addressing her as "Your Majesty", glaring at Wald as he says that. He also shares that only one person can see and hear the other side of the mirror, allowing a certain degree of privacy. However, that person's speech may be heard by anyone on his or her side.


Trellimar is to speak first since he is the person the Broken Sky is least cautious of. Everyone, including Varesh, steps back as Trellimar walks to the mirror. As he stares into it, the surface begins to shimmer. Once it settles, a scene is portrayed. He sees an opulent palace decorated with luxurious furniture. Princess Fellania is sitting on a chair making notes in her large book. She then shuts the book and looks at her desk mirror, through which she can see Trellimar.

Trellimar introduces himself upon request. The Princess asks what reason he has to join the Broken Sky. Trellimar simply responds that he seeks power after seeing how the other members of the Broken Sky have acted. He claims that they are on the correct path. His response pleases her and she shows some of her power. Mist and lightning encircle her hands and she magically lifts a glass of wine towards her without touching it. She claims to be a powerful spellcaster and has obtained many valuable artefacts. She tells him that those items can be his if he serves the organisation loyally.

She is also impressed by his skills and, seeing through the mirror what others cannot see, is able to know that Trellimar's magic comes from a patron he follows. She does not pry further for knowledge of his patron but says that she can offer more than any patron can. She tells him that she now prefers people with a softer-touch like himself as she has plenty of people who are a heavy-headed, yet necessary evil, like Varesh. With no further questions from Trellimar, the Princess gives a cheer to him and drinks the glass of wine, pleased by his actions.


Trellimar steps back as Varesh gestures Loben to come forward. Loben walks up to the mirror. It reveals the same palace to him with Princess Fellania sitting by her desk.

The Princess asks him his reason for infiltrating the Broken Sky. He simply says that he just wants his research back and has no intention of joining the organisation. She now knows that he is the researcher on the Lightfall as she is aware of a group hired by the Broken Sky to steal the research from a well-established scholar. She then apologises for their treatment against him as she claims that her organisation is not meant to take away hard work from people like Loben who seek to make the world better.

She continues to say that the organisation needs people like Loben. He retorts back by bringing up the treatment against the three tieflings as it contradicts the Princess' description of the organisation. When she claims that she is not aware of the tieflings' treatment, Loben explains that the tieflings were tortured and held captive against their will. The Princess is appalled by this and insists that no one should not be forced to join the Broken Sky. She says that she will speak with Varesh immediately.

Going back to the topic of the Lightfall, Princess Fellania shows Loben her platinum choker with a piece of dawnshard in it. She says that when she was young, she found the shard after the Lightfall. All she knows is that the dawnshard amplifies magic and she needs him to research it. Loben expresses his interest in her dawnshard but does not wish to join the organisation. She says that she can show him the goals she wishes to accomplish in time. If that does not work, she says that they can be allies of convenience.

She ends by saying that if he joins the Broken Sky, she will not only ensure that his research is returned to him but also grant him access to their libraries. Loben gives an awkward royal bow and walks away.


Jiǔtóu is next to speak with Princess Fellania. She tells the Princess that she only wants to seek revenge against Korak. When the Princess pries further, Jiǔtóu shares her past, of a dragonborn in red and gold that raided her village and murdered her parents when she was a child. She believes that the dragonborn she described is Korak the Champion.

Upon hearing this, the Princess feels apologetic and states that she understands her plight better than Varesh and Victoria. She claims that she has been separated from her family since she was young. She believes that Korak is not the person everyone thinks he is and also wishes to see him fall. She thinks that although Korak rules the city through democracy, he does not understand the needs of the people. She believes Korak is a fake and says that Talis'Val needs a ruler who can rule in a fair and just way. She then offers Jiǔtóu a chance to seek revenge against Korak should she join the Broken Sky.

Jiǔtóu also wants to seek revenge on Varesh, bringing up the issue Loben had brought up earlier about the ill-treatment against the tieflings. Jiǔtóu adds that Varesh killed Sheng hours before the Trial began. The Princess looks appalled and claims to have no knowledge of the tieflings being held captive. She will also enforce punishment against Varesh should it be needed.

Jiǔtóu also brings up the death of Vixanis who was murdered by Riss, the leader of the Briarcrest Cell. The Princess shares that her agents in Talis'Val and Briarcrest sometimes have to execute certain events in order to further their agenda, including the assassination of corrupt individuals or people with dark agendas. Now aware of the murder of Vixanis and with Jiǔtóu saying that she is innocent, the Princess says she will investigate the matter.

On overthrowing Korak, the Princess tells Jiǔtóu that she will first expose the Council of Guilds' incompetence in running the country. Korak will then need to be brought to justice and be killed. Jiǔtóu tells her that should she join the organisation and slay Korak, she will need to know how he is deemed unworthy to run the country. The Princess tells her that there are people in the cities managed by the Council whose needs are not taken care of and that people opposing Korak go unchallenged. She also says that Korak is oblivious to external threats growing elsewhere in Arrak, particularly west of the Republic, which could destroy the country again. Jiǔtóu interjects by saying that assassinating Korak may work against the Broken Sky since the people may see him as a martyr. Instead, Jiǔtóu suggests that he instead be exposed for his evil deeds. The Princess gestures to Jiǔtóu to leave as she ponders what she has said. Jiǔtóu bows and steps away from the mirror.


Wald is next to speak to Princess Fellania. Upon seeing such a beauty unlike any he has ever seen before, Wald adjusts his pants to secretly do an uptuck.

As the Princess looks at Wald, instead of a welcoming gesture, she frowns and demands to know who he is and why he is disguising himself as another person. Wald says that people call him Wald the Bald due to his receding hairline and tells her that the Talis'Val Cell will need to work on their security. The Princess identifies Wald as a lightborn. Wald says that he needs to protect his friends from dying, pointing back to the other victors. The Princess says that his devotion is commendable but warns him that he is treading into areas he does not understand, but Wald claims that he is fully aware. The Princess tells him to drop his ridiculous accent, but he stubbornly refuses. He goes on to say that he has no intention of joining the Broken Sky and is only here to protect his allies from corruption.

Princess Fellania asks Wald if he is aware of what the Broken Sky does. Wald insists that he is aware and retorts sarcastically that the organisation needs to have a human resource department, due to the fact that the top leadership and the agents are portraying conflicting images. He mocks the fact that the agents conduct business using dirty tactics, yet the Princess claims that her organisation is meant to be peaceful.

By now, the Princess' expression begins to darken with rage and she tells him that he and his country are insignificant. Wald interrupts her by saying that her words hurt him. This makes her angrier, yet Wald tells her that she needs to maintain her composure since she is of royalty after all. This time, the Princess raises her hands as the platinum bangle on her wrist starts to glow. She tells Wald to be silent. Wald now feels a force that he has never experienced before.

Above ground, the Black Valley Brewery is being infiltrated by a group of Guilded Arms mercenaries.

Earlier on, Elora, who escaped the torture chamber in the previous episode, went to seek help from the Guild Quarter. Two high-ranking officials are on their way to the Feast of Stone when they overhear Elora's plead for help. Against the advice from their assistants, the two officials decide to help Elora. It took the army half an hour to reach the brewery.

Upon infiltration, the army quickly seizes the building and arrest all members of the Broken Sky. Elora leads them to the catacombs, sweeping up the entire underground with more arrests. Elora, the two officials and six guards are now making their way to the Temple Hall.

HRStorySoFar - Cam and Fellania

The person disguising as Wald (right) made Princess Fellania furious. Screenshot from "The Story So Far".

Back at the Temple Hall, due to Wald's stubbornness in wanting to piss off Princess Fellania, he manages to hold back against the spell being cast on him. Wald sarcastically apologises and tells her that she should listen to him. The Princess' eyes start twitching. Wald then tells her, "If you can't handle me, how are you going to handle ruling, my Lady?"

With that, the mirror shatters. Wald dives out of the way as the glass shards fly everywhere. Everyone in the Temple Hall is taken aback.

Battle in the Temple HallEdit

A loud explosion echoes throughout the Temple Hall. The entrance door bursts open. Standing before them they see Elora, together with six Guilded Arms guards. Granamyr is resting on her shoulders.

Amongst them is a human lady with cropped blonde hair, wearing plate armour with the symbol of Bahamut and is carrying a greatsword; she is Cassandra Wyndale, Paladin of Bahamut. A dragonborn with red and gold scales is also with them, donning golden armour and carries a sword made of fallshard with one hand and a shield with the symbol of Talis'Val in the other. He is immediately recognised as Korak the Champion.

First Round of Combat
Korak orders Varesh to surrender immediately. At the same time, Wald drops his disguise and reveals that he is Cam Buckland. Cam, together with Elora and Trellimar, prepare to attack. Cassandra orders the 6 Guilded Arms guards to engage with the other 6 Broken Sky guards.

Upon seeing Korak, a surge of memory clouds Jiǔtóu's vision as she recalls a dragonborn murdering her parents. Unable to think sensibly, she screams "Murderer!" and charges towards Korak. Raising her guandao, she strikes him. Korak just catches a glimpse of her attack as the guandao hits his armour. Jiǔtóu then drops the guandao and starts to recklessly attack him while screaming "Murderer!" One of her punches connects with his face and a piece of fang flies out of his mouth.

The Guilded Arms guards split into two groups of three and take cover behind the pews. Lao follows one of the group and also takes cover. They fire their crossbows at the Broken Sky guards, injuring some of them. Varesh draws out his sword as he sees Korak being distracted by Jiǔtóu. He charges straight at him, swings his sword and aims for Korak's neck. Luckily, it hits the armour, causing a small cut on Korak instead. Varesh turns around and knocks out three Guilded Arms guards with a ray of lightning.

Victoria dashes towards one side of the Temple Hall. She pulls a sconce and a section of the wall rotates. She escapes into a hidden room behind. Loben sees this and runs towards her, just catching a glimpse of Victoria opening another secret door.

Korak does not see Jiǔtóu as much of a threat compared to Varesh and uses his shield to try to push her away. However, Jiǔtóu ducks underneath the shield and continues to throw punches at him. Korak then swings his sword at Varesh, and orders Elora to get her friends out now. He then tells his guards to fall back, worrying that another of Varesh's strike could knock out more guards. He also orders Cassandra to chase after Victoria.

Second Round of Combat
Cam and Elora run towards Jiǔtóu and attempt to pull her off Korak. They grab her arms and drag her away. However, Cam is dragging Jiǔtóu towards the hidden room, while Elora drags her towards the entrance of the Temple Hall. At the same time, Elora catches a glimpse of Cassandra and Trellimar running into the hidden room.

Cassandra and Trellimar run past Loben, chasing after Victoria. Trellimar is now in a 25-foot by 25-foot office room with Victoria. Thinking that Trellimar is still an ally, Victoria tells him to help her as she hastily stuffs the research into a bag. Instead, Trellimar catches her by surprise by firing Eldritch Blast at her. Wounded from the attack, Victoria calls him out as a traitor.

Jiǔtóu breaks free from Cam and Elora. She launches herself at Korak and grapples him. With his strength, Korak releases himself from her grapple. Varesh changes his combat style and successfully strikes Korak's face, leaving a cut on his cheek.

Back at the hidden room, lightning crackles around Victoria's right arm and she shoots out a ray of lightning towards Trellimar, knocking him unconscious. Some of the lightning's rays continue down the corridor towards Loben. Cassandra jumps in front of Loben and blocks the attack. However, Loben is more concerned with his research and casts Shocking Grasps on Cassandra. She manages to resist the attack and looks at Loben with confusion. Seeing him as a threat, she shoves Loben away and holds up her sword. She closes her eyes for a while, then opens them again. Her eyes now glow with radiance. With her glowing sword, she strikes at Loben and knocks him out.

HRStorySoFar - Varesh vs Korak

Korak the Champion (right) clashing with Varesh (left). Screenshot from "The Story So Far".

Having enough of Jiǔtóu distracting him, Korak elbows her in the face. Blood drips down Jiǔtóu's nose. Korak takes a strike at Varesh's armour. Blue mists start to fizz out of his armour.

Third Round of Combat
Cam runs towards Jiǔtóu while cursing and casts Charm Person on her. Still in her clouded vision, she now sees Cam as a trusted ally. Cam asks her to follow him. Jiǔtóu looks around and realises that there is an ongoing battle, making her confused. Elora takes this opportunity to tell Jiǔtóu to follow her out of the Temple Hall as she grabs Jiǔtóu's hand. Jiǔtóu complies.

At the same time, the Broken Sky guards have managed to inch closer towards the Guilded Arms guards. Varesh, now seeing that Jiǔtóu is no longer distracting Korak, yells at Korak that he will reclaim his place in Bresseras upon Korak's death. He takes a couple of swings at Korak, injuring him.

Loben and Trellimar remain unconscious.

Now that Jiǔtóu is no longer bugging him, Korak takes a step back and blasts out a cone of flame towards Varesh. Three of the Broken Sky guards are caught in the flame as well, knocking them out. Varesh yells out "Damn you, Metallic scum!" as he desperately tries to block the attack.

The remaining Guilded Arms guards fire at the remaining Broken Sky guards, knocking them out as well. One of the guards then grabs Lao and they run out of the Temple Hall.

Fourth Round of Combat
Cam places his Immovable Rod down Jiǔtóu's back and into her robe, ready to activate it should she begin to act rashly. He then guides Jiǔtóu out of the Temple Hall. At the same time, he asks where Loben and Trellimar are.

Just then, Elora remembers briefly seeing Cassandra and Trellimar running into a hidden room. Concerned for their well-being, Elora runs back into the Temple Hall, catching some of Varesh's strike while running past the entrance. She just manages to reach the hidden room in time to see Cassandra ready to cast a healing spell on Trellimar. Elora cautiously gets close to Cassandra in case Victoria is still lurking around. Cassandra sees her and tells her that the gnome tried to attack her and Victoria has vanished with a bag full of papers.

Trellimar regains conscious. He gets up and searches the room. He finds a loose stone, pulls it out and it reveals a lever. He pulls down the lever and a section of the wall slides open. It now reveals a series of rooms.

Varesh tries to barge Korak out of his way. Instead, Korak times his movement well and scoops up Varesh as he is charging towards him. Korak then throws him over his shoulder and slams him onto the ground. This forces Varesh to let go of his sword. Jiǔtóu asks Cam of Lao's whereabouts and he lets her know that he is with the guards that are shielding him. Jiǔtóu then tells Cam that Varesh should be punished for what he did to Sheng. Cam directs her attention at Varesh as he is being held down by Korak's clawed foot.

Korak raises his sword just in case Varesh retaliates. However, Varesh manages to free himself and, with all escape routes blocked, runs towards the pit. He turns around, tells Korak that he will have his head one day, and jumps into the pit.

Fifth Round of Combat
Elora heads back to Loben and casts Cure Wounds. As Loben regains conscious, Elora slaps Loben's face while telling him the direction Victoria ran to and not to attack Cassandra. Cassandra and Trellimar start running through the rooms and into the tunnels, reaching a junction. Trellimar briefly hears some echo coming from the left and proceeds to head down the tunnel. Loben stands up and assesses the situation. Knowing his small stature, he looks up at Elora, stretches his arms out towards her and says, "Carry me!"

Now that Varesh is gone, Korak puts back his sword into the scabbard behind his back. He then tells everyone to head back up to the brewery and will rendezvous with the rest that went into the hidden room.

Elora shape-shifts into a dire wolf, then lets Loben sit on her back. She sprints in the direction that Cassandra and Trellimar went. Cassandra leads the way after Trellimar loses sight of Victoria. Rounding a corner, the duo finds Victoria 20 feet in front of them sliding a section of the wall back, revealing a flight of stairs down into the tunnels. Trellimar fires Eldritch Blast at Victoria, wounding her as she loses her balance. Cassandra, with all her might, throws her greatsword at Victoria but narrowly misses as it stabs into the door frame.

Sixth Round of Combat
A dire wolf with a pink-haired gnome on it suddenly dashes past Cassandra and Trellimar. Loben hops off the dire wolf and casts Ray of Frost towards Victoria, freezing her leg. Victoria then faints from the coldness of the frost as well as from exhaustion.
End of Battle

Cassandra retrieves her sword and suggests tying Victoria up to prevent her from escaping. The dire wolf barks in agreement. After tying her up, Cassandra carries Victoria on her shoulder. Trellimar picks up the bag of research. As they return to the hidden office room, Loben grabs the remaining research that Victoria left behind in a haste. They eventually meet up with the rest.


More guards from the Guilded Arms, as well as the City Watch, arrive at the brewery, assisting with the arrest of the Broken Sky members. Some of the people under arrest show resistance and defiance towards the guards. Others knock themselves unconscious via electrocution by activating their Broken Sky tattoo. Advisors from the Council of Guilds have also turned up, using their magic abilities to dispel the effects emanating from the tattoos. Amongst the guards is Officer Merrik Waendel, interrogating the owner of the Black Valley Brewery. Merrik turns around and, upon seeing Jiǔtóu with Lao rescued, gives a thumbs up to her.

Korak the Champion emerges from the brewery. Officers and reporters start to swarm around him as he gives a report on the incident that happened inside the brewery earlier on, but refuses to mention anything related to the Broken Sky in order to prevent panic. He orders a couple of the guards to protect the adventurers and escort them back to the Guild Quarter. He wishes to discuss the Broken Sky with them and wants to address the accusations made by Jiǔtóu. The dire wolf shape-shifts back into Elora. Korak then thanks her for the tipoff. Cam budges in and reminds him about his performance happening later in the evening. Fortunately, Korak tells him that the Feast of Stone has been postponed to the following day.

Elora pulls Korak to one side to discuss Jiǔtóu's accusations. Korak tells Elora that he is not sure why Jiǔtóu would act in such manner, stating that he would have attacked her earlier had he not known that she was acquainted with Elora. Elora explains that Jiǔtóu had a bad history with the dragonborn and thinks he is the one who murdered her parents. Korak is baffled by this. He then tells her that the accusation must be addressed in private later back at the Guild Quarter.

Loben wants to speak with Victoria, so he approaches Cassandra, who is cuffing and handling Victoria over to a guard for her to be locked up in the Watch Quarter. She then tells Loben to watch his back since he attacked her earlier. Loben explains that his actions had nothing to do with backstabbing, power or wealth. He says that Victoria's leader had something he needs and that this is his only chance to get it. Cassandra recommends that he discusses this with the others later.

Cam stealthily activates the Immovable Rod inside Jiǔtóu's robe behind her back. Jiǔtóu catches him doing it however and glares at him, telling him to stop his trickery. Cam stubbornly plays on, but when Jiǔtóu warns him to not test her patience, Cam gives in and removes the Rod.

Jiǔtóu then sees Lao and Lee being treated by a medic and walks over. The two tieflings watches her cautiously as she approaches. Jiǔtóu tells them that she and her companions have been searching for them after their disappearance was made known to her. She then apologises for not able to save Sheng from being killed by Varesh.

Lee tells her that they initially could not trust her as she was seen assisting the Broken Sky earlier. Lee then thanks her for letting them know of Sheng's fate. Lee adds that it was Sheng's idea to start up a martial arts school. The Broken Sky kidnapped them since they wanted them to teach martial arts to the members of the Broken Sky.

Jiǔtóu then brings up what Sheng said about Korak giving them freedom. Lee clarifies that Korak does not only give them freedom, but also to anyone else who enters the city. He adds that Bresseras would not have given anyone such opportunities. Jiǔtóu apologises again for not being able to save Sheng but is at least glad to see Lao and Lee alive. She gives them 5 gold, which is all the money she is carrying, out of goodwill and leaves.

Now at the Guild Quarter, Victoria is locked up in a dungeon and placed under high security. The guards deny entry to Loben and tell him he will need clearance from the captain first before he is allowed to visit Victoria. Loben then returns to his companions. The group are now led to a suite in Champion's Hold. Cam lays on the bed and falls asleep. Jiǔtóu goes to a corner and sits on the bed, thinking deeply about certain things. Granamyr flies to Trellimar and curls around his neck, glad to be reunited with him. Everyone then takes a long rest. Waking up from her trance, Elora crafts a daisy chain and places it on Cam's head as he snores.

Broken SkyEdit

A couple of hours later, everyone is awake except for Cam. There is a knock on the door as one of them goes to open it. A grey-haired elderly dwarf excuses himself and tells them that Korak wishes to speak with everyone. Cam is abruptly woken by the knock. Upon hearing the message again, he gets off the bed and starts to brush the dirt off his armour. The dwarf tells Cam that there is something on his head. Cam reaches for the object on his head and finds a daisy chain, which he tosses aside.

The group then follows the dwarf into a large office further up the building. Korak is sitting on a humble chair at the far end of the room. Beside him is an armour stand with his golden armour on it. His stone sword is placed inside the scabbard hung on the chair. Also in the room are Cassandra, now in her priest-like clothing, eating some fruit, and Commander Durmont, a thuggish looking human and the leader of the Guilded Arms.

Korak welcomes the group into his office. He also introduces Cassandra and Durmont to them. Cam sniggers upon hearing Durmont's name and Durmont stares back at Cam. Korak tells them that he has two things to discuss: debriefing the events surrounding the Broken Sky and addressing the accusations put forth by Jiǔtóu. Jiǔtóu states her full name, hoping that it will trigger Korak's memory. Instead, Korak tells her to speak out openly to iron things out, saying that he has nothing to hide. Jiǔtóu requests to discuss the Broken Sky first.

Korak shares that the Broken Sky has been causing problems across the Dawn Republic.

Broken Sky first began targeting small businesses and disrupting their trade. Merchants from the affected businesses would then inform their respective guild representatives. The city dispatched forces to deal with the Broken Sky but with limited success since the Broken Sky operates elusively and away from the capital.

The activities by the Broken Sky have been causing unrest in those businesses and even causing problems within the Guilds. After the crackdown on the Broken Sky's operation in Talis'Val earlier in the day, the Council knows a bit more information about their operations. They now know that the Broken Sky serves a Princess and has been stockpiling resources stolen from other towns and trade routes. They also now know that the organisation is well funded and has plenty of chemical supplies.

The group's escapade at the Black Valley Brewery shed more light on the Broken Sky's operation. The Council is now aware that the organisation have powerful spellcasters working for them, with Victoria being one of them. Varesh's sword, which is powerful and enchanted, has also been recovered from the battle. These led the Council to believe that the Broken Sky have access to powerful magical tools as well.

Jiǔtóu tells Korak that the Princess claims that he is not worthy to lead and is short-sighted. Korak acknowledges that it is the Princess' opinion. He adds that he does what he can but insists that he is not the leader of Talis'Val. Rather, he was asked to act as the figurehead. He says that he will step down once the Council have established themselves. He also says that, as a democracy, it is the people of the city and the Council that should decide on how the city should be managed.

Cam casts Guidance on himself. Durmont sees this and quietly whips out his two crossbows, warning Cam to watch himself. Cam claims that it is for his bad asthma. Durmont, still wary of him, puts back his crossbows.

Korak tells Cam to refrain from such actions, addressing him as Mr. Buckland. Korak has heard of his name as one of the performers for the Feast of Stone. He then asks Cassandra about the type of spell Cam had cast. She says that Cam made a prayer to Avandra and that the spell will not cause any harm.

Jiutou and KorakEdit

Korak now wishes to address Jiǔtóu's accusations. Jiǔtóu recognises Korak as a dragonborn in red and gold, yet says that he seems to not know of herself and her parents she claims he had slaughtered. Korak insists that he has never met her.

Just then, Korak recalls something. He asks Jiǔtóu of her age, which she says that she is 23. After some thought, Korak finally admits that Jiǔtóu is telling the truth, yet she is not entirely correct.

“Liar!” as Jiǔtóu yells out

Korak pleads with her to listen to him. Before he shares his story, he asks around the room if anyone knows of the history of Bresseras. No one knows anything since both dragonborns and tieflings, inhabitants of Bresseras, rarely share their experiences from their homeland.

Korak says that events in Bresseras are preferred to be kept secret by dragonborns, especially things they are ashamed of. Elora knows that dragons have been asleep for thousands of years, but some were awoken by the Lightfall. Sightings of them are rare in the Dawn Republic. There are two types of dragons: Chromatics and Metallics. Korak adds that likewise, there are Chromatic dragonborns and Metallic dragonborns.

Korak then shares his past: on how his Metallic kind lost power to the Chromatic, on how he was ill-treated by his father, a Wyrm King, on how he was thrown into a battle arena for attempting to kill his father, on how he was exiled to Dawn Republic after surviving for 10 years in the arena, and on how he rebuild Dawn Republic after the Lightfall. The read the full story, please see "History of Bresseras" and "History of Adrik and Korak".

Ending off his story, Korak says that he is ashamed to give the people his true name as it means weakness and worthless, and also an insult in his native tongue. Also, Korak is actually the name of his twin brother. Korak thought that by leaving his name in Bresseras, he could leave his past behind.

Korak tells Jiǔtóu that he believes it is his brother that held her as his slave. He feels deeply apologetic for that. Jiǔtóu asks how she can believe him. Korak simply says that she can only trust in his words. Korak hopes for a day when the Council of Guilds are able to run the city, then he will step down and reclaim his throne back in Bresseras and overthrow the Chromatics. When Cam asks how Korak's brother is doing, he replies that he is not sure as the last he saw him was on the day he was crowned Master of the Arena.

Korak is not sure what age Jiǔtóu was when she lost her parents. She tells him that she was six when it happened. After some calculations, Korak tells her that he was still fighting in the arena at the time, so his brother must have enslaved her. Jiǔtóu says that despite spending her whole life preparing to take revenge on him, it has resulted in nothing. Instead, Korak rejects her statement, saying that it is a noble cause that he wishes he can echo one day. Korak then tells her that it is the Chromatics' idea to enslave the tieflings with the Metallics agreement as they fear another demonic invasion. Overtime, several Metallics no longer see tieflings as a threat, but instead, as people they should protect.

Cam says that they should find Korak's twin brother. Korak tells him that he is still in Bresseras, likely becoming the king by now due to his father's old age. Cam then says that Bresseras will be the place where Jiǔtóu can finally get her revenge. However, Jiǔtóu states that she is only a single person and could not take down an entire race. In return, both Cam and Korak dismiss her claim, with Korak adding that he himself raised the Dawn Republic and encourages her that she can do the same.

Although Korak can only do so much, he tells Jiǔtóu of an old friend of his, a female similar to her. She fought with fists and strange power Korak could not understand. Together with Korak and his friend, they can take back Bresseras as they have similar goals.

Jiǔtóu walks towards Korak and stretches out her arms. Korak stands up. On her wrist is a jade bangle. Jiǔtóu tells Korak to swear upon her parents that he is not the one who murdered them and enslaved her. Korak steps away from his desk and walks to Jiǔtóu. He gets down on one knee, reaches for her bangle as he draws out his sword. He then swears upon Jiǔtóu's parents as well as his mother and the people he had lost that he is not the one who did it and, whenever possible, will help Jiǔtóu seek her vengeance. Jiǔtóu retracts her arm and steps back while Korak returns to his desk.

Loben and LightbornEdit

Korak goes back to the topic of the Broken Sky. This time, he asks the group what they have discovered. Elora tells him that the leader is Princess Fellania and Cam explains how they have met her via the mirror. Durmont takes down notes as the group describes her appearance. Trellimar mentions her ability to conjure lightning and Elora adds that the other Broken Sky members had a tattoo that could also spark out lightning should he or she reveals too much sensitive information.

Upon hearing this, Durmont tells Korak that he will hire more mages to suppress this magic. Cam says that it is a good idea, but giggles at his name. In response, Durmont insults back by calling him “Fuckland”. Cam asks Korak to tell Durmont off, but Korak says that he is no babysitter. Elora tells Korak the names of the people they know are related to the Broken Sky: Riss and Denin. Upon hearing Denin's name, Korak feels a moment of anger as he slams the desk, since Denin replaced the previous mayor of Briarcrest, who was loyal to the Republic.

Korak now asks Loben why he is being quiet. Loben simply asks if he is the Captain, catching Korak by surprise. Loben then asks him if he could speak to Victoria. Korak tells him that they intend to interrogate her later and invites him to come along if he so wishes.

Loben explains that Princess Fellania had a piece of dawnshard that interests him. Korak shares that he has never seen dawnshards before but knows that they can amplify magic, the opposite of fallshards which dampen magic. This means that Fellania, being a spellcaster, is far more dangerous than originally thought, so Korak thinks.

Korak acknowledges Loben's great work on the Lightfall and offers him the chance to assist the Council in researching the Lightfall further. Loben shares that he only wish to speak to Victoria in order to get closer with the Princess and get her dawnshard and does not want to join the Broken Sky. Korak tells him that he usually does not condone such actions, but he suggests he discusses his plan with Durmont since he was once an enemy of Korak. After Korak takes out Durmont's Thieves Guild, both of them eventually became allies.

Nonetheless, Korak warns Loben to watch himself as his obsession with the Lightfall may injure his allies, bringing up his action against Cassandra earlier. With that, Korak dismisses the group as they have to rest for the Feast of Stone the following day.

While the group is walking back to their suite, Cam nudges Loben to one side. Knowing that Loben has dedicated his life researching on the Lightfall, Cam tells him that he has Lightfall in his hair since birth and asks Loben if he knows anything about it. Loben rummages through his notes but has never heard of such tales. Loben proposes that he can run some tests since his research is only on the shards. Cam also tells him that whenever he is about to die, he always comes back to life with a glow emanating from his body. All this time, Cassandra has been overhearing their conversation.

When Cam finally notices Cassandra eavesdropping on them, he shouts out that whatever he said is all a lie. Cam then sprints off.

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  • Adrik and Korak
    • Korak, 1903rd Wyrm King
    • Unnamed father, 1902nd Wyrm King
    • Unnamed mother, wife of 1902nd Wyrm King
  • Zhi Rong, Jiǔtóu's father




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  • Throwing Insults: While Mark is recapping the events that took place in previous episode, Chris jokingly wrote "KIM IS A PRICK" on his notebook with an arrow pointing towards her. Kim saw this and showed it to everyone.[1]


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