"THE PERFORMANCE!" is the sixteenth episode of the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on May 21, 2016.

With the resolution of the issue between Jiǔtóu and Korak, in this episode, our heroes receive a tip-off of a possible assassination attempt on Korak during the Feast of Stones later in evening. Worryingly, one of the Council of Guild masters might be in cahoots with the Broken Sky.

Campaign SummaryEdit

Letters and CostumesEdit

Due to the events in the Black Valley Brewery, the Feast of Stone performance is postponed until the following evening, giving our adventurers a chance to get a night's sleep back at their suite in the guild quarter.

In the morning, Jiǔtóu, Elora, and Trellimar are woken by a knock at the door, while Cam remains asleep and oblivious. Elora answers the door and a young man greets her. She allows him in when he informs them that he is delivering letters, which arrived over the last several days for them. He proceeds to hand them a letter each, with Elora taking Cam's on his behalf. The man also informs them that Durmont Vigil still wishes to speak with them. He finally offers to bring them breakfast and water for bathing before taking his leave.

Elora goes to wake Cam up. Entering his section of the suite she finds Cam sprawled out on the bed asleep, still dressed apart from his boots. She slaps him in the face with the letter until he eventually wakes up. She hands him the letter and informs him breakfast is on its way.

They each take some time to read their letters, and after a while, the steward returns with their food. Trellimar asks him where his letter came from, but the steward responds that he does not know. Elora reveals that her letter was from her parents when she tells the others they call her "Little Moonbeam". Cam finishes reading his and immediately burns his letter in the fire. He then proceeds to stuff his face with food.

HighRollers Trell's Letter

Chris Trott showing Trellimar's Letter.

Cam spots Trellimar trying to hide his letter away and confronts him about it. Elora asks him if he's ok and Trellimar responds that he is. Yet, Cam knows better so he continues to slowly draw information out of him, until Trellimar tells them he left the Underdark with some people being rather displeased about certain events at the time, and just ends up revealing full letter to them. It simply reads "Traitor! Lolth doesn't forget. Lolth doesn't forgive".

Lolth is a deity drows worship in the Underdark as she is the sovereign goddess of the drow. She is known for not being even remotely good. Horror stories are often told about how she would turn people into driders. Cam reads the letter and is positive that Trellimar's significant other is angry with him for leaving. Trellimar plays along with Cam's theory, saying sarcastically that Cam must be psychic to have worked that out.

Cam then asks Elora about her letter, which she says is from her mother and [[High Rollers D&D/NPCs# Alfadon|father]], checking in with her since they heard she reached the Spire of Eternal Autumn. When the others find out Cam burned his letter, Trellimar questions Cam mockingly about his habit of burning things.

The group remember they still need to collect their costumes from the Unicorn's Patch. Jiǔtóu announces she will not perform, but Cam pleads with her to wait and see her outfit first before she makes up her mind. Outside, Jiǔtóu gets given her guandao back by a member of the Guilded Arms since she forgot to pick it up during the battle at the brewery.

Entering the Unicorn's Patch, Enoran spots them and immediately starts shouting, angry that they never collected their garments and missed the performance. They manage to calm him down however when they inform him the Feast of Stone is rescheduled due to the recent events and they haven't missed anything.

Enoran calms down slightly upon learning this, and begins to tell the group about the garments he created, which are apparently the best works of his career. He leads them over to a row of mannequins, each covered with a cloth. Enoran lifts the covering from each with a magical flurry, revealing three beautiful garments. Elora rushes to the changing rooms to try hers on immediately, while Cam starts picking out imaginary flaws in the designs, pretending he spotted a loose thread on his, but eventually tries his on also.

Jiǔtóu is more hesitant and takes her time observing her garment. She then takes Enoran aside and tells him about a tiefling custom, a Coming of Age event every young tiefling is meant to participate in. She, however, was never able to attend given the unfortunate events in her past, and so appreciates this opportunity to dress up for a lavish event. She asks him what his inspiration was for the design, to which he replies that he can read people well and worked on a design to match her personality. She thanks him for the clothes.

Enoran hints that he would like to attend the Feast of Stone also, which Elora picks up on and says she will try to obtain an invite for him. By this time Cam is getting edgy about that fact he still hasn't got an iota of the performance planned, so they change back to their regular attire and leave the Unicorn's Patch. Cam begins clicking his fingers furiously trying to get passing transport to pick them up, panicking unnecessarily about the situation they are in. Elora convinces him to calm him down but he still takes off at a jogging pace. Elora and Trellimar walk normally behind him while Jiǔtóu deliberately walks slower than the others to hold him back, forcing him to wait for them to catch up every now and again.


Back at the guild, they meet with Relenda once again, the event's organiser. She informs them that the gnome acrobats that were due to perform have not turned up, meaning Cam has now been moved to perform last, allowing an illusionist who has now taken the gnome's place to perform. She takes them through to the performance area, with Cam becoming more and more nervous as each second passes.

Cam asks Elora to hype him up to Korak the Champion as the best performer. He then asks who wants to perform first, but immediately volunteers Jiǔtóu by thanking her before anyone can respond. However, she does state that she has something in mind, and reveals that she intends to recite a poem. Cam questions if it has any themes like death, thinking Jiǔtóu would use the opportunity to disgrace the dragonborn, which may come across as distasteful and offend Korak. However, Cam doesn't understand the language the poem is written in when he sees it and stops panicking because he thinks no one else will understand it either. Trellimar says he will be the finale. Elora asks Cam what he will do but he says he can't reveal anything in case someone hears. His words echo round the empty room.

Cam and Jiǔtóu argue about when she is supposed to summon flames to enhance his performance as she needs a cue. Cam tells her to add flames to his daggers every time he shouts or throws one. He then asks Trellimar what he will do, and much to his shock Trellimar reveals he will perform a song and dance, saying he was often told in the Underdark that his voice could charm the bats out!

Just then the door opens. Relenda returns with three others: Fenwick, Trixania and Commander Durmont.

Fenwick is a young man with rather feminine features, wearing a leather jacket and carrying a lute on his back. He introduces himself as a bard. Jiǔtóu is confused by the fact hey he isn't wearing a bowtie despite this being a formal event, but he says he's a more casual bar singer. Cam tells Trellimar that that's more the type of singing he should aim for, but Trellimar retorts that he is above bar singing.

Trixania is a diva woman with ridiculous silver hair with blue streaks, carrying pouches and spellbooks, walking with her nose up in air. She becomes impatient so starts having words with the group. Cam digs at her by referring to her as only being the fill-in act, while Trellimar accuses her of taking out the gnomes so she could perform instead. She dismisses them all as mere peasants. Elora informs her that she is royalty, but Trixania is quick to spot some dirt on Elora's clothes and uses that to suggest Elora is not very regal. Elora backs down but this infuriates Jiǔtóu, so she steps up to the woman tells her to show Elora some respect! Taken aback by this, Trixania says bye and flees.

Fenwick is bemused, telling Jiǔtóu that she sure showed her, and he says he is looking forward to working with Cam as they shake hands. Relenda goes after Trixania and leaves them with Durmont since he wants to speak with them.

Durmont shares with them more information about the notes confiscated from the raid. He discovered an assassination attempt on Korak planned to occur during the Feast of Stone. Durmont reckons there is a traitor in the mix of guests. Since the adventurers are technically outsiders, and because he has kept it quiet that they are here and have been involved in recent events, they might be able to find out information at the event as they talk to people. He adds that he is in-charge of security at the feast so they should be able to find him if they need to report anything. Elora asks how many people will be in attendance. Durmont replies that all 8 guild leaders will be there, with a total of about 200 guests overall.

Cam asks for some money off Elora and goes to find an alchemist in order to buy some potions to enhance his performance. He manages to obtain some potions, as well as a timber cut-out shaped roughly like a dragon.

The Guild LeadersEdit

Later, the group are taken by carriage from their suite to the front gates of the Masons' Guild Hall. They learn that the feast they are going to is for the most senior staff and leaders of the guild, along with other special guests.

Kirkwall Deepstone stands behind a desk and greets the group as they enter, Elora in particular as a noble. Elora introduces Trellimar to him, but he hesitates over Cam and Jiǔtóu's names. Cam promptly reminds him that he is act number two, to which Kirkwall exclaims "Buckland!", now realising who he is. Cam asks him what he thinks of their outfits, and he responds that they are marvellous. Cam spurred on by the praise, continues asking more questions, such as if he should wear his bandanna or not, but by this stage, Kirkwall has lost interest and Elora tells Cam to stop. Cam obliges and puts on his bandanna.

The group are then led through to an elaborate feast hall, with lovely renderings and carvings cut into the walls, and stone chairs with thick cushions and coverings. There are around 100 to 200 guests filling the room already. Cam speaks up saying they haven't got long now and hopes they are all looking forward to the performance, but reminds then they still have the little problem of an assassin to deal with, so asks them to start finding the guild masters.

Eyeing up their surroundings quickly, Elora spots Korak at the far end of the hall, his bright scales helping him stand out from the crowd. He is listening to a group of people comprised of military officers in uniform and also Cassandra, though Korak's eyes drift off showing he is not the least bit interested in what is being said. They also see Commander Durmont wandering round with is arms folded, keeping a close eye on proceedings. Cam immediately takes the opportunity to call out to him, drawing out his name as he says it, since mocking Durmont's name seems to keep Cam entertained. Durmont responds by calling back Buckland in an equally weird manner.

Cam reveals they have a problem because they don't know what any of the guild masters look like. Durmont laughs and takes them with him on a walk around the hall, as he subtly points out certain important people in the following order:

Durmont warns the adventurers to be careful with Ellen as she is flirty, which sparks the exact opposite response from Cam as he attempts to go and introduce himself to her, but Durmont tells him not to bother as she can be a bit dangerous. Yet, Cam ignores his warning and says he will go talk with Ellen, using the excuse that she is the most suspicious so he has an opportunity to talk to her.

Two female elves enter the hall, their attire resembling autumnal leaves. They are immediately recognised as Queen Shalana and Commander Payla. They spot Elora as she heads over to greet them. Elora says she didn't know they were attending, to which they reply that they only arrived late this morning after following up on Falk and managed to get an invite.

Cam switches his interest to Queen Shalana and introduces himself once again as Camulus. The elves compliment Elora on her dress, asking who made it, giving Elora an excellent opportunity to mention Enoran as the owner of the Unicorn's Patch. Payla reveals she has heard of trouble and whispers of things, and Cam agrees saying it wouldn't be wise for them to talk here where there are lots of ears. Cam continues to flirt with the Queen, oblivious to the fact that both she and Payla are a couple.

Elora decides to go talk with Franco first, while Trellimar opts for Rosie. Jiǔtóu, however, is a bit lost having never been in a situation like this before, with so many high-class people in fancy clothes, so Elora invites her to come with her, suggesting they try to find Enoran instead. Just entering the room at this moment, and looking rather awkward and nervous, they spot Enoran, wearing a similar outfit to Trellimar's with the Unicorn's Patch logo on it, and a pair of spectacles. He looks around quickly before taking a drink and heading for a corner of the room. Elora can't help but feel sorry for him.


The piercing laugh of Ellen echoes around the hall, as the group of men standing around her laugh with her and swoon over her, lavishing her with compliments and clambering for her attention, which she gives freely. Cam walks into her line of sight, trying to get attention but not too obviously. Ellen tells someone to get her a drink, and Cam hears her say that Malia doesn't know what she's doing and that she is glad the men are with her.

Ellen spots Cam and calls him over, asking about his outfit and where he got it. Cam says he has travelled many lands but has never seen a cougar before, as he pulls out a dagger and twirls it a bit. Ellen says he did well to get that past the guards with the tight security around Korak.

Ellen reveals that she think Korak is useful, but that it is time for him to step aside, as Cam hides his dagger away using his cloak's illusion magic. Intrigued by Cam she asks his name, to which he responds "Camulus Arune Buckland". Ellen says she recognises his name as one of the performers and pays closer attention to him, much to the annoyance of the other men she had been talking with. One of them says he never heard of the Bucklands, but Cam shrugs the comment off.

On the topic of Korak, Cam says he also dislikes him and his sway and that he wants democracy, trying to get an understanding of what Ellen really thinks of Korak. She agrees, saying she doesn't understand why the Council of Guilds was set up when he won't let them have any final decisions. Cam takes the opportunity and quickly mutters that it's a good thing there's an uprising, which intrigues Ellen further. She says she has heard rumours, but she also doesn't agree with such barbaric things.

Cam gets the impression Ellen is not hiding anything from him, but she still doesn't seem to like Korak much. She is being vague about her opinion. Cam says he wishes he could spend all day talking but he needs to stretch his legs, to which Ellen responds that she will help him do some stretching later as a cooldown, as she downs her drink.


Trellimar heads over to talk to Rosie, a halfling. As she sees him approach, she and the others around her become warier, but they chat with Trellimar and ask him about the evening. Trellimar introduces himself as someone who is with one of the performers. Rosie remains somewhat guarded and uncertain but introduces herself as the head of the Cookery Guild. She reveals she used to be a chef, but is now a politician.

At the mention of food, Trellimar asks about the Black Valley Brewery, but Rosie informs him that the breweries would fall under the Guild that Franco is in-charge of. She adds that she is not a huge fan of Franco, which Trellimar questions her further about. She says she believes he does good for the city and means well, but he is also very full-on.

Trellimar mentions that he heard there had been some bad press surrounding the Black Valley Brewery. Rosie responds that she heard about it also, and states that it is a good reason why they should rely more on the City Watch because the Guilded Arms are too heavy handed. Rosie even goes as far to say that, between her and Trellimar, Franco is far too concerned with money, so she suspects he took bribes to allow these criminal groups to operate within the city. Trellimar says Franco seems like the life of the party before Rosie excuses herself and leaves.


Elora and Jiǔtóu head over to Franco, who is also standing with a group responsible for more loud laughing. He already knows Elora and takes an immediate interest in her, greeting her as elven royalty and bowing elaborately to her. He introduces himself as an intellectual extraordinaire, scholar, adventurer and writer. He then turns to Jiǔtóu, and seeing her as nothing more than a child, exclaiming, "What have we here?" Jiǔtóu stares back at him aggressively.

Franco turns back to Elora, mentioning that he hasn't any good wine here for her, but that he does have a secret stash in his cellar. Elora says she heard of a well-known brand of ale, Black Valley mead, curious if Franco has any association to the Black Valley Brewery, but Franco responds that she doesn't believe it to be one of his drinks. Elora and Jiǔtóu are unfortunately unable to determine if he is lying to them or not.

Franco says that he has heard some bad press about the brewery regarding the raid that occurred on it. He says it is only giving the other brewers a bad reputation, but also thinks that the criminal types are suffering under oppression. He says that he doesn't like to speak badly of his fellow guild leaders, but he thinks they should not agree to have so many rules, as he thinks people should be people, and a man should be allowed to earn coin he works for. Elora questions if he thinks people not earning enough, to which Franco responds that Korak's ideas are a little outdated, and he shouldn't impose such heavy taxes because they are overbearing. He continues to say it is just his opinion, however, and that he would not be so heavy-handed.

Now starting to show his dislike for his co-workers. On Vincent, Franco says that he disagrees with him ramming his religion down everyone's throats and constantly going on about Erathis. On Kirkwall, Franco thinks that he drinks too much. On Malia, Franco thinks that she is a stick-in-the-mud, describing her as being colder than the iron she mines. Elora says he hasn't met anyone bar Kirkwall yet. Franco says to have a good time, and tells Elora that Ellen's good for a laugh too if she is going to introduce herself to anyone. He also says they are welcome to hang with him.

The Investigation ContinuesEdit

Cam, Elora, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar each try to find somewhere to stand where they can listen in on other conversations in the hall, particularly on rumours regarding the guild leaders. After some time the group reconvenes.

Cam says he spoke to Ellen and thinks she is harmless, but he is worried about the half-orc guild leader Sabbatha, now that he knows she hates Korak. Elora says she heard rumours of Franco wanting Korak gone and that he invested money in the Black Valley Brewery. From the rumours, Trellimar says Kirkwall is apparently addicted to fey dust, which is assumed to be some type of drug. They also learn that Kirkwall drinks throughout the day, and suffers from shakes, sweats, and even howling. Cam thinks those traits aren't necessarily indicative of someone considering an assassination, but thinks it is worrying enough that they should keep and eye on him.

Jiǔtóu says that she has heard rumours of Vincent wanting to control all the temples in the city, and that all religious activity should focus on Erathis or Avandra. Since Cam is also a worshipper of Avandra they suggest that he would be the best person to go talk to Vincent. Cam tells Elora to keep an eye on those three in particular while she is in the audience, before heading over to Vincent. Elora decides to meet Giles, while Trellimar opts to meet Sabbatha. Jiǔtóu looks across the hall and sees Enoran with a small group, talking nervously. The group seems to be grilling him about his outfit.


As Cam approaches Vincent and the group he is talking with, they roll their eyes at his outfit. Cam doesn't communicate with them immediately, and instead, stands to one side and offers a prayer to Avandra that his performance goes well, purposely loud enough so Vincent hears. It works, and Vincent strikes up a conversation with Cam, mentioning that he is primarily an Erathis worshipper, but also worships Avandra.

When Vincent says that Erathis is the goddess of civilisation, Cam takes the opportunity to find out if he is a fan of Dawn Republic. Vincent agrees, saying he thinks democracy is important. Cam says it is unfortunate to hear about the unrest in the city, to which Vincent responds it has caused disruption to business, and this is why he thinks they need a stronger religious core so people would not be so easily swayed. He continues, saying Korak is a good leader, but he is a warrior too, so he shouldn't be someone people look up to. He believes Korak would make a better general in the military.

Cam asks if there is a temple to Avandra nearby that would be a safe place for him to pray. Vincent says he doesn't know of any single temple in particular but knows there are several older ones in the Whisper's Walk, so one of those may be devoted to Avandra. However, he warns Cam to be careful there at night because undead has been known to be restless in that area since the Lightfall. He informs Cam that there are many priests of Avandra in the city, however, as many merchants find comfort in her faith.

Cam asks Vincent what his goal is. Vincent says he has spoken to Korak on many occasions to ask him to step down. He says Korak agreed with him somewhat, but the other guild leaders did not. Vincent says he has spoken to other faiths in the town too but reveals that they have difficulties with each other and that he also used his own fortunes to construct new temples to Erathis to encourage worship.


Elora sees Giles with a young group standing around him. She can also tell that he himself is approximately in his thirties. He knows Elora, and greets her when he sees her, saying he was also speaking to Queen Shalana. When he mentions jewellery, Elora asks if he heard about the tiefling that went missing who worked in a jeweller, but Giles doesn't know of him, nor does he know of the politics and events surrounding the brewery. He says they have had a few break-ins, however, but he puts it down to people just trying to cause a fuss, as the targets were mostly smaller businesses not associated in the main guilds.

Giles accuses Sabbatha of trying to create problems where there are none. He says he doesn't want to bore Elora with politics, but Elora says that she hasn't been in the city long so it would be good for her to know how it works, hopeful of getting more information from Giles. He offers to take her on a personal tour of the city galleries.


Sabbatha is sitting alone drinking when she notices Trellimar approaching. Trellimar strikes up a conversation with her saying he hates these sort of events. She agrees, and says it is unusual to see his kind here. Trellimar says he is with one of the performers, helping Buckland with the final act.

Sabbatha invites him to sit, saying it is nice to speak to someone who isn't a merchant for a change. She says they hold a feast for every main guild, while the Guild of Varied Merchants get nothing in comparison, and she puts them down to just being an excuse to flaunt money.

Sabbatha thinks the city is becoming something it shouldn't, saying Korak had good ideas, but now there are too many snakes who want to take those dreams for profits. She continues saying she can think of seven, looking at her fellow guild masters and mistresses around the room. She tells Trellimar that Franco and Ellen are only here to get drunk and get laid.


After Jiǔtóu spots Enoran she changes her mind and opts to go speak with Korak instead. He looks a little surprised as he sees Jiǔtóu approach, and dismisses the people he is working with, saying they shouldn't be working here anyway. He sends Cassandra off too, who heads for Cam.

Korak hopes Jiǔtóu received his letter, saying he didn't want to interrupt her with his presence. Jiǔtóu speaks honestly with him, saying she has seen him fight, exchanged blows with him and compliments him as being a good warrior. Still, she wonders why he sits in his finery doing work instead of being out in the field fighting. Korak tells her that it feels frustrating and tiring at times for him, but says this is what Talis'Val and its people need him to be for now. He hopes one day the city will no longer need him, then he can make use of what skills he hopes he hasn't forgotten.

Jiǔtóu questions why he says this when one of his own advisers has asked them to assist in finding out which of the guild leaders is working against him. She says she is not good at detective work, but informs Korak that every guild leader here has an issue with him and wishes to challenge and overthrow him, so what stops him leaving. Korak reveals that the guild leaders didn't elect him to this position, rather all of the other people and workers petitioned to have him hold authority. He knows that people have problems with him, saying many want more gold or stronger religious beliefs, but it is not their decision as that belongs to the people.

Korak says that the guild masters are smart and hardworking, but also calls them selfish, and so he feels he needs to find the right people to help him. Korak continues, saying Jiǔtóu already knows he is not winning, since at least one member of the guild leaders is actively working with the Broken Sky, so he hopes they can find and expose them. He assures Jiǔtóu that his position is something he wishes to change.

Jiǔtóu asks if he wants to return home, but Korak responds that he is an exile from his land. He says the thought crossed his mind since he is an heir, and hopes his mother still lives. Korak names Sabbatha, Franco, and potentially Giles as people he thinks would betray him, but hopes he is wrong and they are merely just selfish and not corrupt.

Jiǔtóu tells Korak that she hopes to see him fight, before saying she must get ready for the performance. Korak is humoured by her words, saying there is not enough humour here. Jiǔtóu addresses him by his real name, Adrik, as she leaves, telling him to watch his back.


Cassandra catches up with Cam and stops him as he heads back to the group. Cam nervously greets her, and she compliments his appearance, saying he looks dapper, but also nervous, however, Cam brushes it off pretending he isn't.

Cassandra says Loben mentioned him asking about glowing hair. At this Cam tries to leave but Cassandra stands in his way and stops him. She asks him what if there was someone else who had that trait, saying he is the only other one she knows to have mentioned it, hinting that she also experienced glowing hair. But Cam says they will talk after the performance, and they awkwardly part ways.

Feast of StoneEdit

Relenda now summons everyone to the Chamber Hall for the performance. Cam makes a beeline towards it, cursing under his breath in fear. Elora notices Korak sitting right at the front, so she sits at the back in order to see the whole audience. Queen Shalana and Commander Payla come up to her and question why her group seems so preoccupied tonight. When they tell Elora she can trust them, she reveals they need to make sure nothing happens to Korak, as they have learned some people dislike him. Shalana and Payla offer to help, with Shalana deciding to sit next to Korak.

In the back corridor, Cam, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar are led down to the dressing rooms. As they pass one door they see Fenwick brushing his hair. Cam pokes his head round the door to talk to him. Fenwick asks Cam if he is excited. Cam responds that he is, and nervously asks Fenwick if he is ready to warm up the crowd for him.

Fenwick pulls him in and asks if he is alright. Cam admits he isn't, leaving Fenwick to question him since he knows the Bucklands are famous. Cam agrees, but says there are no other members here with him, and he hasn't ever performed on his own before, never mind with new people. Fenwick comforts him saying he should just be himself and they'll all be fine. If he is true to himself then the performance will go well. Cam calls him a prick, saying its because Fenwick is the kind of guy everyone likes. Fenwick laughs saying he has not always been a nice guy before Cam heads off.

Jiǔtóu stares in as she passes the door. As she watches she notices there is something about Fenwick that is not entirely masculine. It seems to her as if he is putting on a persona, but is have become so engrained that he does everyday. He smiles nervously at her, so Jiǔtóu stares at him longer, then says he forgot his bowtie. Fenwick laughs and pulls out fabric and ties it into a bow.

Elora takes Granamyr so she can communicate with Trellimar during the performance. Granamyr also dons a sparkly bowtie and wraps on his tail to match.

Cam pulls Jiǔtóu and Trellimar into his dressing room, and tells them to focus, despite his obvious state of panic. He begins to choke up as he says if they do this then the Buckland family is saved, and they will have impressed Korak. Jiǔtóu asks him how, and Cam says the money will help them, they have some but they will get a lot more for this. Jiǔtóu then asks why the Bucklands sent him if it was such an important performance, to which Cam responds its because he is the best.

Jiǔtóu, however, can tell he is hiding something from her and asks Cam to tell her the truth. Cam refuses until after the performance, but when Jiǔtóu states she won't perform until she knows, Cam admits he was exiled from the family, and this is his way of getting back in. He follows by quickly saying he didn't kill anyone and anything they hear is a rumour, but of course, this statement makes Jiǔtóu even more suspicious saying that's a clear sign he has done something wrong. She can sense he is still hiding something, though it's something even he himself is not fully aware of. Cam says he has loved and supported the Buckland family through and through sincerely.

Jiǔtóu stares, but before she can continue the sudden sound of applause echoes up the hallway, and the soft voice of a male singer begins singing a folk song. He follows that with some romantic ballads, and the last song is one about journeys, which ends with thunderous applause. After this, they hear his footsteps leave the stage, and this is followed by more footsteps as Trixania takes to the stage.

This time, they hear roars and sounds of dragons, mixed with flashes of light and magic. Trixania changes into an elven form and gives an extravagant dance performance. Elora is the only one who is not impressed and only awards her a single clap. As Trixania returns from the stage she meets the group and mockingly wishes Cam luck, but Cam simply tells her to fuck off. He then says to Trellimar that after he does his bit he will return to the stage to finish up, but Trellimar says he won't want to go on again after him. Before Cam can find out anything else, a voice introduces him to the stage.

Cam's PerformanceEdit

Jiǔtóu steps on stage first, braziers of fire to each side erupt in flames. She can see Korak sitting in the dead centre looking down at her. The stage itself is now decorated with the Buckland family symbol. Cam climbs up a ladder allowing him to overlook the stage and introduces Jiǔtóu as a tiefling from a far away land. He also manages to get in a quick mention of the Unicorn's Patch.

Jiǔtóu was just about to speak as Cam's booming voice interrupts her, so she looks around the hall, the only familiar face she can see is Korak's. Cam casts Bless on her from his vantage point. Jiǔtóu then introduces herself as a tiefling and mentions the fact many tieflings here have gone through hard times lately. She says she will read a poem in the tiefling language to remind them of home. Cam claps from the top of the stage, but after Jiǔtóu's intriguing introduction, nobody else thinks it appropriate to clap yet. Jiǔtóu recites the poem:

Jìng yè sī
Chuángqián míngyuè guāng
Yí shì dìshàng shuāng
Jǔtóu wàng míngyuè
Dītóu sī gùxiāng

Jiǔtóu then tries her best to translate the poem, which is about a person longing for home. Cam throws down a smoke ball so can Jiǔtóu can disappear off stage. Jiǔtóu then introduces Cam to the stage, but as the smoke clears the stage appears empty.

From the top of the stage, Cam shouts that is is now time for the real entertainment, and he leaps down. As he falls he tries to stop himself in mid-air with the immovable rod, but he makes a bad job of it and he plummets to the stage, ripping his costume, and leaving the rod stuck in mid air. The audience laughs, so Cam introduces himself, and then beckons his dragon figure out on stage.

Trellimar hears arcane muttering coming from behind him, as the dragon is shrouded in an illusion which turns it into a pig. All Cam can see is the illusion, which was cast by Trixania, so he improvises and says he will expose the animal inside. Cam pulls out his javelin of lightning and throws it at the illusion, and with shocked gasps from the crowd, the dragon shatters entirely, and all the smoke balls inside explode. The crowd actually enjoys this spectacle and responds with a huge applause.

As a final treat, Cam invites Jiǔtóu back on stage and says he will throw daggers at her, so asks anyone of a nervous disposition to look away. Cam creates some smoke once again, and Jiǔtóu appears behind him.

Trixania tells her servant to interrupt Cam, and the swirling creature moves towards the stage. Trellimar spots this and steps up behind her to cast Hold Person on her. However, she resists and says that holding her won't save Cam. Cam gets ready to reveal Jiǔtóu but his form shrinks. Jiǔtóu stands behind him awkwardly as the crowd looks on, confused. Jiǔtóu grabs a potion of growth and quickly throws it on Cam, returning him back to normal size.

Cam pulls out his dagger and attempts some acrobatics. He tumbles awkwardly, but Jiǔtóu manages to do some fairly impressive cartwheels to balance his failure. Cam then tries to juggle his daggers and catch them by the blades, but only manages to catch the handles or he would badly cut himself. Jiǔtóu adds some puffs of fire.

As Cam goes to throw a dagger at Jiǔtóu he feels something pull his trousers down. He throws the dagger but it bounces off stage. Cam quickly improvises saying Jiǔtóu will now throw daggers at him. Jiǔtóu flings a dagger direct at Cam's heart, to an astonished gasp from the audience. Cam shouts for another, and again Jiǔtóu hits him. She is confused and worried but Cam winks.

Cam pulls out one final dagger, Elfie, and barely has enough strength to pass it to Jiǔtóu, who throws it at Cam, hitting him and causing him to collapse and slump to the floor. On cue, his "Hope Never Dies" trait kicks in. His hair suddenly shines with bright light, as he feels his life suck back into his body. There is a huge gasp from the audience, followed by clapping and cheering as they assume it all to be a trick.

Cam announces that it is a lesson, that even if you try to defeat the biggest foe, it will rise again even stronger. Finally, he introduces Trellimar to finish the show, then Jiǔtóu helps him off stage, where he heals himself.

HRStorySoFar - Cam's Performance

Cam and Jiǔtóu finishing their performance. Trellimar (right), disguised as Granny Trell, prepares to go on stage. Screenshot from "The Story So Far".

Trellimar walks past Trixania, giving her the fingers, disguises into Granny Trell and begins to shout in her voice that Trellimar could not be here tonight, so instead she's here with a sight to astound. The crowd laughs, and the old woman begins a dance number on stage, in which she constantly flashes the crowd! A stunned silence is followed by booming laughter from Korak, which gets the crowd going, though a lot of people seem rather upset too. The other guild leaders love the spectacle, as does Queen Shalana, while Payla holds her head in her hands.

Cam and Jiǔtóu walk back on stage and Cam thanks everyone, giving Granny Trell an awkward look. Jiǔtóu quickly remembers to mention the Unicorn's Patch, which leaves Enoran devastated. The crowd then gives the group a round of applause and a standing ovation.

The Plot BeginsEdit

After the adventurers are led off stage they see the hall begin to empty. As Elora watches, she notices Franco stand up and put his hands in his pockets, then walk over to Korak. He takes out a glass from his pocket, as his short stature allows him to duck between the crowd.

Elora panics and runs towards Korak, just as Franco congratulates him on holding the best feast, and holds up the glass for Korak to take. Elora jumps in the way just in time and awkwardly makes talk with Korak so he doesn't take the glass. She also gets Granamyr to send a message to Trellimar that she needs help.

Franco smiles, still holding the glass, but he is clearly annoyed at the interruption and is on edge. Elora tries to look at Payla in a way that indicates she needs help. Korak asks her how her father is. Elora delightedly says she has a message from him that Sally Whelp's river-stance better have improved. Korak looks confused then understands she meant Scaly Whelp, a nickname her father gave him when they trained together. He says he can assure her his river-stance has improved, to which Franco says they should raise a toast. Elora panics, but thinks quickly to take the glass off him before Korak does, but she doesn't drink it.

Cam, Jiǔtóu and Trellimar arrive on the scene. Jiǔtóu casts Burning Hands on the nearest flammable material, the stage curtains, to try and cause a massive distraction. This leads to a scuffle in the Chamber Hall.

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  • Work First: Mark reveals that the reason he didn't go to the cinema with the others was so he could write the letters.
  • Poem: The poem that Jiǔtóu reads out during Cam's first act of his performance is Quiet Night Thought, a famous Chinese poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai.