The Pre-Sand WarEdit

The earliest history known about Minecraftia was from the Legend of Verigan special, a three episode mini-series telling of a historic event. It tells the story of Professor Grizwald, who calls for his friend Verigan Antioch (Played by Simon), and his adventuring party: Karpath Antioch (played by Lewis), Spacker LeChuck, Granny Bacon, the wizard Fumblemore, and Adaephon Antioch. Grizwald called upon them because, in his studies of an ancient civilization, he activated a strange portal, and suddenly monsters began to pour out of it, as well as causing various natural disasters. It was located inside of a a ruined castle. Eventually they managed to find the portal and attempted to disable it, however it did not work, and the portal stayed activated. Eventually, they decided to seal it up with dirt and cobblestone. Unfortunately, that also did not work and the evil continued to roam Minecraftia.

The Sand WarEdit

Only a few years after The Legend Of Verigan, a great disease known as "The Sands" began spreading across Minecraftia. All of Minecraftia turned desert-like, and endless summer of extreme heat, threatening everything living in the people's land. Finally, a group of heroes, led by Verigan Antioch and his son, Karpath Antioch, decided to fight back against The Sands. To protect the world from the Sands, Verigan and his men created The Wall, which sealed the sands away. Verigan, good friends with the dwarves of Stoneholm, made a mysterious deal with them, to make the Wall unbreakable using the mysterious, double helix spire machine known as C.H.L.O.E. But then a terrible evil rose up from The Desert, threatening the world once again. Verigan, Karpath, and others then went out to fight against this new evil and it's minions. In the final battle, Verigan was killed, and Karpath was seriously injured. After he recovered, he founded The Templars, created The Order of the Crimson Cross, and built Verigan's Hold. Shortly after, Karpath disappeared and was never seen again. The Templars still await his return.

Minecraftia at PeaceEdit

Karpath, it seems, had had enough of dangers. He had left to settle down, and did so, taking the name Karpath Peculier, marrying his love, built a house, and raising a family. This ended, however, when his past came back to haunt him. A strange, pale man came into his home in the dead of the night, and kidnapped his wife. Karpath set off to find her, leaving his children, Verigan Antioch II and Isabel Antioch first to his old friend Granny Bacon, and then to their uncle, Adaephon Antioch and the other Templars. He eventually became a member of the Mistral City guards, and helped them to destroy a Hellgate. He eventually walked through one, sealing it behind him, to defeat the evil once and for all, leaving his armour and sword for his son to find.

Not much else known about this time period, except what happened to Knight Peculier and Isabel Peculier as they grew up. They spent much of their time training with the Templars. Knight Peculier became obsessed with finding his father, and his mother's kidnapper. Isabel, fed up with the Templars and her brother, ran away, eventually becoming a pirate, and captain of The Black Pimple. She went on many adventures, but her past eventually caught up with her. One night, as she slept in her cabin, the man that kidnapped her mother came for her. But the pale man was thwarted by the intervention of Pirate Tinman, though Tinman took damage in the process. Isabel patched him up as best she could, though his eye was too damaged. She then took the robotic warrior as her first-mate.

As for Peculier he quickly grew old and turned into Old Peculier because of The Taint of Israphel. He eventually settled down as the barkeeper in the small village of Terrorvale, along with Daisy Duke, Reverend John and his son, and Bob, though John's son died of a creeper attack later so the taint could not get him. But soon after he had horrible dreams of Israphel and he grew weaker, the taint was back for him.

Season 1: The Peace ends.Edit

This is the first filmed Minecraft adventure by the Yogscast. It all begins when Xephos and Honeydew spawn on a snowy beach, right beside a large cave. They notice a creeper after Honeydew yells:

"Christ almighty its a Creeper!"

They continue exploring and establish their base in The YogCave. Later, they begin finding some strange buildings around the area. Someone else seems to be there, and this 'someone' booby-traps the back door of the Yogcave. After creating a mine and discovering diamonds, they begin to mine obsidian. At Honeydew's behest, they use the obsidian to create a portal, known to others as a Hellgate. After they construct it, they realize that they cannot enter it. Later still, a mysterious man named Israphel begins to attack them, and seems to be the one that booby-trapped the back door, and they pursue, getting lost. Later, Israphel messes with them, moving furniture and redesigning the cave, leaving them little messages. Eventually, he attacks them again, and they pursue. Eventually, they find more strange buildings, and a path that leads the heroes to the small town of Terrorvale. There they meet the barkeeper Old Peculier and blacksmith Daisy Duke, as well as Reverend John, who grieves over his lost son. They do chores around the village, and eventually John asks them to retrieve something from his house. They learn of John's deceased son: Israphel. They go into the tomb, to tell John about the task, and he attacks them, saying "My master said you would not return." The two are forced to kill him, and Xephos distracts Peculier while Honeydew makes sure of that Israphel is not a zombie by burning the grave. They also find that Daisy is oddly missing. Lewis yells for the others to enter the tomb, as he found a secret passage under the grave. Convinced that Israphel has captured Daisy, the three suit up, arming and healing themselves, and enter the tunnel. It leads to a huge castle with a lava moat, where Israphel, his minions, and his kidnapped smith. Israphel runs into more tunnels, and the others slay his minions Creeper Boss and Zombie Boss. They chase the kidnapper down the tunnels, but it's too late. The tunnels lead to the Hellgate, and Israphel, carrying Daisy, went through, sealing the portal behind him. Our heroes are unable to chase as Israphel teleports our heroes to a strange island.

Survival IslandEdit

With the intent to follow Israphel, Xephos and Honeydew enter the Hellgate only to be teleported to Survival Island, a desert island which is nearly impossible to survive on. Although they get off to a rough start, (running out of torches while exploring a dungeon), they eventually find a large supply of coal and begin mining through a cavern. They even build a proper house, farming and growing trees. Later, in the sky, they notice a large airship, and construct an illuminated "help!" sign. Eventually, they discover the curator's lost treasure, and escape with it. When resurfacing again, they discover that Knight Peculier and Skylord Lysander had docked The Celaeno on the island. Peculier tells the heroes that they must return to Minecraftia and fight the evil Israphel has unleashed. And so they set off back to The YogCave.

Shadow of Israphel: Full Scale WarEdit

Upon returning to Minecraftia, the airship carrying Xephos, Honeydew, Peculier and Lysander crash, depositing the passengers near Xephos and Honeydew's old Hellgate. Peculier tells the heroes that a great evil has escaped from the Hellgate, and Lysander recommends that they travel to Mistral City to seek aid. The group set out on the road to Mistral, but are hindered by Old Peculier's illness. Upon arriving, they seek out the clumsy, pyromaniacal wizard Fumblemore, who knows of a potion to cure Peculier. After the four gather the ingredients, they cure Peculier, who reveals his father, Karpath, was a knight of Mistral, who fought against evil years ago. Old Peculier proceeds to lead Xephos and Honeydew into an abandoned mine beneath Mistral, to find a Hellgate his father had entered. They successfully clear the mine, and find the last words of Peculier's father; reinvigorated by his father's strength and will, Old Peculier transforms into Knight Peculier.

The three return from the mine to find that Mistral has been attacked and destroyed. Exploring the ruins of Mistral, Xephos and Honeydew find that Lysander was in fact a member of the Cult of Israphel, and may have been responsible for the attack on Mistral and that Granny Bacon has been imprisoned in the Crumbling Ruins. Peculier ventures away from Mistral, tasking Xephos and Honeydew to clear out the Crumbling Ruins and save Granny Bacon. Following a heated battle, Xephos and Honeydew locate Granny Bacon and discover she has been turned into a minion of Israphel. With no other choice, the two put Granny Bacon out of her misery and end her life. Venturing further into the ruins, Xephos and Honeydew discover and destroy a Hellgate.

Swiftly leaving the ruins they continue to follow Peculier's footsteps outside of Mistral. Leaving Mistral, the pair arrive at Carnivale Del Banjo, and have their fortunes told by Madame Nubescu, as well as participating a spot of exciting fun and excitement with Mr Banjo and Strongman Bruno. From the carnival, Xephos and Honeydew head to Verigan's Hold, a large castle built by The Order of The Crimson Cross. Templar Adaephon meets the heroes, and shows them the encroaching Desert, and the evil it holds. At the Hold's library, Honeydew reads The Tale of the Sands, recounting an ancient war against Israphel, and the construction of a mighty barricade to stop the spread of The Desert (The Wall). Adaephon tells the heroes that Peculier had gone to repair a watchtower along the wall, and the two head out to meet him. Xephos and Honeydew arrive at the tower to find a wounded Peculier, who is under attack by spiders. They defeat the spiders, but are attacked en masse by Israphel and his forces. Although his minions are defeated, Israphel flees into the Desert.

After partially rebuilding the broken walls, Israphel attacks again at night, and is narrowly defeated by Xephos, Honeydew and Peculier. After daybreak they proceed to mend the wall fending off attacks from the Bosses and Israphel. They manage to build a decently sized wall with no help to Israphel's magic when Knight Peculier tells them to light the beacon to ward off Israphel. Xephos proceeds to do so but in turn lights the whole tower on fire. After a long days work they finish up the wall and head on back to Adaephon where he tells them that the map they received is in several pieces and they need to search out the old and the wise people from the previous war to assist them in their search.

After Peculier parts with them, Xephos and Honeydew decide to seek out Fumblemore and walk out of Verigan's Hold to "SAVE THE WORLD!".They again talk to Madame Nubescu, who tells them where to find Fumblemore's brother, Swampy Bogbeard, who tells them (vaguely) where the map pieces might be. Making their way back to the Carnivale, Honeydew and Xephos discover a secret passage to BBQ Bay, where they encounter Jock Fireblast, Angus Eyeless and Grimjaw Slugface having an argument. Jock has refused to allow Grimjaw to dock, and Grimjaw declares his intent to attack the city in response. His opening attack destroys one of the city's support pillars, and as the heroes announce themselves Jock mistakes them for deckhands and sends them to get supplies to repair the pillar from Spacker LeChuck, Angus' first mate.

Having repaired the pillar during the heavy cannon fire, the heroes are then sent to burn down Grimjaw's ship, and Jock laughs at Grimjaw's predicament, including the destruction of his maps. Fearing for the safety of Karpath's map, the heroes try to board the ship, but it is quickly burned along with Grimjaw and his Pigmen. Jock, however, is thrilled by the victory, and offers any assistance he can give. The pirates react with horror at the existing map fragment, but direct the heroes to Grimjaw's Treasure Hold, warning them that the Dread Pirate Norris is already on the trail. When they arrive at Norris' ship, however, they are shocked to see with their third eye that Norris was in fact the alias of Isabel Peculier. She does not acknowledge this discovery, and denies any knowledge of Knight Peculier. However, seeing that they are not threats, she sends them down a dangerous tunnel to recover her missing first mate.

Xephos and Honeydew land on Scumbucket Island, but are attacked by a creeper as most of the island is destroyed. They shelter down a mineshaft, where they discover Pirate Tinman in standby mode, surrounded by gold. Disturbed by their presence, Tinman awakes, but discerns neither of the heroes to be a threat. Apparently no longer able to produce output sounds, Tinman can only speak in binary code. Exploring the small underground area, the duo discover two identical buttons and, pressing both simultaneously, manage to open up another underground area. They then make their way through the dungeon and its various tests until they reach a disappearing bridge over a lave lake, and are forced to leave Tinman behind so that they can get over.

At the end of a dangerous maze, they get a surprise, Tinman is reaches the treasure chest containing a map fragment long before Xephos and Honeydew. Tinman plays a disk, revealing a surveillance tape of Jock Fireblast stealing a map fragment from the chest sometime earlier. The trio then use the button to exit the area, digging their way up to a small sandstone structure somewhere in the desert. Then the three make their way what appears to be a large dragon as a thunderstorm starts, and they are forced to make their way over to another sandstone structure for shelter, Xephos and Honeydew losing Tinman in the chaos.

There they discover Prof Grizwold's remains, and the Tomb of Pharaoh Lehparsi (which they are forbidden to go in by a sign put there by Verigan Antioch). After fighting off a horde of enemies, they finally find the path back to BBQ Bay. There they meet up with Isabel and Tinman. Tinman proceeds to spew treasure out at Isabel. Xephos and Honeydew tell Isabel about Tinman seeing Jock Fireblast looting the chest.

Xephos and Honeydew find Jock in his "Submarine" attempting to hide a door. He claimed that nothing of interest was down there. Honeydew tickles him with a feather and they get by to reveal the submarine led underground to a cavern which held a Hellgate. Jock panicked and poured lava down the hatch, blocking the way up. With no other options left, the heroes travel through the Hellgate into the Nether, arriving in an ominous control room, with many monitors.

Xephos and Honeydew enter the Gate back to Minecraftia, returning to BBQ Bay by digging out, but discover it to be on fire. Jock Fireblast reveals himself as the one who burned down Mistral. They subsequently kill him, and receive the map piece from Isabel Peculier, who tells the heroes that she is Knight Peculier's sister, before parting ways.

Upon obtaining the map fragment from Isabel Peculier, Simon and Lewis undergo a dual vision into the future led by Verigan, who says that now they have two piece of the map, he can communicate to them directly. Verigan shows the two heroes the future in which they fail their ultimate quest, and Israphel is left to take over the world.

The vision suddenly cuts off and the two find themselves floating in the waters of BBQ Bay. Spacker LeChuck, having survived the BBQ Bay attack, joins Simon and Lewis on the next part of their quest, claiming that he has heard rumours as to where to find the next map fragment—in a city of dwarves known as Stoneholm. Spacker guides the two back to Mistral City, where they discover the entire city has been covered in trees and overgrowth following its destruction.

Simon and Lewis go back to Swampy to tell him they've found the second map fragment. He is joyful of this news, then suddenly blurts out a riddle: "Man in red, man in blue, underneath you'll find the clue!" The two heroes ask him to clarify this riddle, but Swampy becomes hostile and tells them to leave without any more indication of where to go or what to look for.

Spacker decides it's best to lead the two heroes to Stoneholm, but as nightfall comes the three of them have to fend off barrages of monsters. Seeking shelter, the two enter a mysterious mansion to sleep through the night.

Inside the mansion, the two heroes discover Skylord Jasper and a mysterious tiki man, Um Bongo. Jasper explains the mansion is a summer retreat for Skylords, and that Um Bongo is his servant. Simon and Lewis ask Jasper if he knows anything about the map fragments, but he claims he doesn't. They ask about Skylord Lysander, and Jasper says he locked him in the basement of the mansion for burning down Mistral. They attempt to convince him that Lysander was framed, but he doesn't buy it. The two are forced to sneak into the basement to see Lysander, where they break him out of his cell. Following that, Spacker, Simon, Lewis, Um Bongo and Lysander all escape to a ship outside the mansion, fleeing Jasper who has held them prisoner in the mansion. Lysander gives them all maps though Simon's is blank. Um Bongo claims that the maps leads to his home and he gives Simon a hug and swims off into the distance. Spacker decides he doesn't want to come because he prefers the sea and leaves the ship too.

On the ship, Skylord Lysander brings the heroes down into the hold of the ship where he keeps a few plane parts. The Trio board the planes in order to fly to Skyhold, the home of the Skylords. When Simon, Lewis and Skylord Lysander get to Skyhold, they meet Skylord Vitali, who is reluctant to let the heroes in. Skylord Lysander is eventually able to get them in. They meet Skylord Baako and Madame Nubescu. Skylord Baako is very ill and is lying in bed. He is revealed to be Lysander's grandfather. After being fed a golden apple, dirt and a raw porkchop by Nubescu, he explodes into bones and red dye.

Skylord Lysander tells the two heroes that they must complete challenges relating to the three elements in order to become Skylords. They go to a building made of netherrack where they meet pigmen that attack them. They get to the end and find a chest with five netherrack and five fire. They head back and go towards the next challenge which is a maze of ice. After completing the challenge they find some snow in a chest and return to find Skylord Lysander telling them there is something urgent they must attend to relating to Skylord Vitali. He says that a man appeared the previous night and was imprisoned by Vitali.

With Lysander distracting Vitali, the Heroes go to the carnivale to talk to Madame Nubescu. They find what is supposedly Nubescu's diary saying that she killed the Skylords, but the pair dismiss this as an attempt to frame Nubescu. They go under the Skyhold, where they find that the man is Um Bongo. They break him out, but Um Bongo falls off the Skyhold when demonstrating his jumping ability. Before he falls off, Um Bongo tells the heroes that he saw Vitali near the apple tree. The heroes dig under the tree, where they find a blood trail (made of redstone) and the remains of all the dead skylords and a poem on how a certain person killed them. They descend into the lowest level and find that Skylord Vitali is a vampire and a member of the Cult of Israphel. The three kill Vitali, with Honeydew taking his goggles. Lysander picks up a record and tells the heroes that they must go to the control room immediately.

Lysander tells the heroes to complete the final challenge and then meet him at the middle spire of Skyhold. The heroes do as asked and retrieve wood and leaves. They climb to the top of the spire where Skylord Lysander is waiting. He tells the heroes to use the items they've gathered to break the seal on Skyhold's control room. After burning the seal off they drop down into the control room (a small room with four televisions and computer systems). Using the record, Lysander accesses the system and it's revealed that Skyhold is mobile. Lysander says that if Vitali had succeeded and Israphel had gained control of Skyhold, it would become his 'dread fortress'. The heroes realize that the map fragment is not in the control room and search the chests for clues. Simon notices that there are televisions (pumpkins) in one of the chests and puts one on his head. Lewis does the same and they see a HUD with text reading 'it's turtles all the way down'. Simon and Lewis believe that they must go to the giant turtle they saw earlier. They enter the turtle which is in fact mechanical and disused. They find the map fragment inside and leave. Lysander is waiting outside with their planes and the heroes depart for Stoneholm, where the last map fragment awaits.

When they arrive at Stoneholm they discover that Stoneholm is in quarantine because of a plague. With the gate guarded by a Dwarf named Kormag Darkforge, the heroes sneak into the city with the help of Spackerrealize. Once inside the city walls they realize that there was no plague and it was all an excuse to stop people from entering the city! Inside the heroes meet another dwarf named Rory Rockhammer, Spacker'immediatelys nephew, who confirms there is no plague, but informs them Stoneholm has fallen. He immediately insists they must he hidden, so he hides them in a hidden room in his house, along with a female Dwarf (presumed but unconfirmed to be his wife/girlfriend) named Moira Magmabloom. But before he can elaborate further, King Finbar enters the area below Rory's house along with several zombie dwarfs and Kormag, as seen through a window, and they must take down all torches to avoid being noticed.King Finbar arrives at the room with a load of zombie dwarves and summons Rory Rockhammer. While Moira, Honeydew, Spacker, and Xephos watch upstairs, King Finbar congratulates Rory for his collection of obsidian. King Finbar then transforms into Israphel for a moment and turns Rory into a zombie dwarf.

Finbar triumphantly exclaims that he can feel Rory's power flowing through him, and then asks Kormag to interrogate "the prisoner". He then reveals his intention to travel to the portal and prepare the power transfer, before leaving. Kormag quickly follows suit.

After they leave, Moira expresses her grief over Rory's transformation, hinting at a romantic connection, even though Simon (once again) expresses an attraction to her. While investigating the local pub, Moira explains that a stranger came to Stoneholm last month, and for some reason was locked away in the prison. She says that if they rescue the prisoner, they might be able to get his help. Quickly following after Darkforge, the heroes discover him in the process of torturing Knight Peculier, who appears to be the prisoner. The heroes quickly dispatch Kormag, with Moira dealing the fatal blow, and set about freeing Peculier.

The Heroes rejoice at their reunion with old friend, Knight Peculier, who remarks how lucky it is that their paths have crossed once more. Before they can continue speaking, however, they are rudely interrupted by what appears to be Mr Astley singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' in another cell. Unfortunately, they are unable to free him as he is almost completely surrounded by pure bedrock. Slightly bemused, the heroes explain to Peculier that they have attained three pieces of the map and that they are on the trail of the fourth and final piece. In turn, Peculier explains to the heroes that he had come to Stoneholm to investigate why the dwarves had not kept up their end of the deal in making the Wall unbreakable (which it clearly wasn't). Spacker LeChuck confirms this, having travelled with Verigan, who made the deal in the first place. He suggests that the answer might lie in the Deepcore, an abandoned mineshaft which he fears might have been re-opened.

Moira Magmabloom urges the weary Knight and Dwarf to rest, noting that a few pints of beer would help them both mend in due course. She also points out that to get into the Deepcore they need a key, though luckily, as a blacksmith, she can forge the key herself. She asks the heroes to find her "beer, lava, and gold" and states that she can accompany them if need be. Leaving the two other to relax, the heroes (along with Moira) go and search around Stoneholm, looking in the distillery, the armory and the pub, before making their way to section of Stoneholm that the heroes originally came through. In there they are attacked by several zombie-dwarves while Moira explains Stoneholm's plight: a pale faced man had started lurking around Stoneholm, and dwarves had simultaneously started to go missing. Others fell ill, and then the great King Finbar fell sick and died. Unlike the others, however, he came back from the dead with great powers. Using this newfound power, he enslaved all of the dwarves, with no-one else powerful enough to stand against him. Meanwhile, the heroes have defeated all of the zombie dwarves and skeletons and fought their way into the beer storage room. Inside they find enough beer to go around.

Near the Tannery, the heroes accidentally find the entrance to the Deepcore. They also find a convenient lava pool and are able to fill up their bucket. Having got all the things they need, they hurry back to Peculier and Spacker, who have moved to the upstairs area of the pub. Moira, meanwhile, has quickly made the key (which looks suspiciously like a lever). Peculier, who suddenly feels rejuvenated, urges the heroes to come with him to the Deepcore. Spacker and Moira decide to stay in Stoneholm to burn the bodies and wait for other dwarves to return. Peculier and the heroes hurry back to the Deepcore entrance.

The heroes make their way to the Deepcore's entrance: a set of retracting stairs that will only open with a key. After Honeydew finds the key (which is actually a lever), they progress down the stairs and, pickaxes at the ready, enter the abandoned mineshaft. Immediately after they enter, they notice a chest, covered with stone and dirt. The stones in question spawn several silverfish, and soon the attempts to kill the beasts result in an army of them. Luckily, the heroes are able to kill the beast by retracting the stairs and dumping them into lava. They go back down and open the chest, but find it to be full of useless ore. They note another chest, similarly blocked, which Peculier assures the others must not be trapped: this unfortunately proves false, and yet another silverfish appears. While Xephos deals with it, Honeydew loots the chest, which held 6 diamonds. Even more silverfish appear, and the heroes are forced to backtrack and deal with them in the same way they dealt with the first lot.

The heroes venture further into the Deepcore, finding more of the ruined mine. Soon, they come upon an area filled with minerals, especially diamond, which Spacker had mentioned to Peculier. He advises them to mine the diamonds to make themselves weapons and armor. Before they can begin, however, they are attacked by a zombie-dwarf, who is luckily quickly dispatched. When the two had mined out the seam, and crafted themselves armor (graciously giving nothing to Peculier), the group moves on. They continue their descent, entering a massive cavern where they find a large drilling machine that the ancient dwarves had used to "bore through bedrock itself". They descend even further, eventually coming across a gigantic metal coated room, filled to the brim with zombie-dwarves and other creatures. In the entrance they find a chest, containing a small piece of bedrock. At Peculier and Xephos' prompting, Honeydew presses a button next to the chest, causing a metal barrier to recede, activating multiple monster spawners, and causing the light beacons in the room to light up.

The trio follow the path of the beacons, fighting off an onslaught of monsters in the process. As they reach the pathway to another drill, Xephos narrowly escapes being killed by a creeper. The heroes take refuge in another drilling machine, for a brief moment safe from the monsters. They mess around with the controls, which don't work, and Peculier tells the others what Spacker told him: the bedrock mine was hugely profitable, as only the dwarves knew how to mine it, but it was mysteriously closed around the time the Wall was built. Having rested enough, they go outside and immediately run into a giant zombie-dwarf. Xephos and Honeydew hide under the drill and attempt to kill it from there, but this fails. Knight Peculier decides that their only option is to run past it, and sets off, the others hot on his heels. They follow the mining tunnel (dug out by the machine), at the end of which lie a mysterious set of sandstone ruins.

They carefully make their way into the sandstone area. They find themselves in a large room containing what appears to be an underground railway map and several minecart tracks. Peculier speculates that the dwarves might have stopped because they found these ancient ruins. With no other way of leaving the room, the heroes reluctantly get onto the minecart and ride them into the track, which transports them rapidly upwards. The track takes them through many lava-filled area and over a lava lake before opening out onto the surface. Still speeding along, they briefly travel past a sign telling them that C.H.L.O.E. is to the right and Mistral City is to the left, with the track switcher below the sign. They follow the right hand path, finally arriving at the end of the line: a huge, double-helix pillar. Standing on it is King Finbar, who uses his dark powers to shoot fireballs at them. The episode ends with Xephos and Honeydew trapped in their minecarts, struggling to escape and narrowly being missed by Finbar.

The episode begins with Simon (Honeydew) and Lewis (Xephos) attempting to get out of their minecarts whilst being bombarded with explosives by King Finbar. After extinguishing themselves, the heroes notice that King Finbar has mysteriously vanished. Once they had both settled down they surveyed their surroundings and concluded that the large structure in front of them was the machine that the dwarves used to reinforce the wall. Lewis thought that it would be a good idea to try and get to the top of the spire.

Completely disregarding the large "OUT OF ORDER" sign, Simon, Lewis and Knight Peculier all got into a lift which didn't work. To which Simon stated "We're really stupid aren't we?"

After a bit of searching, Lewis noticed that a nearby siege contraption had blown a hole through the outer wall surrounding the spire, Knight Peculier explained that the dwarves must have attacked it for some reason, after further searching Lewis uncovered a message left by Verigan Antioch.

Verigan's message told the heroes that he had made the decision to turn on the machine (the spire), which was the very thing that had awoken 'the Sand God' in the first place, to reinforce the wall and to stop Israphel from passing it. He also explained that, now that the spire had been discovered, the world was in great danger. Along with the message was the final map fragment.

Simon and Lewis soon discovered that the spire had been deactivated by the dwarves, in order to power it back up they had to investigate the siege machine that the dwarves had left behind for a power source. When on their way to the tank, Lewis noticed that there was a portal atop the spire, Simon added that Finbar probably escaped through it. Once inside the tank, Lewis collected the redstone torch before heading back to repair the spire generator.

Once the spire was back online, Peculier told Simon and Lewis that the portal atop the spire must have been the reason that it had failed, so the heroes clambered their way up the side of the spire to the top. Before Simon and Lewis had time to question, Peculier dived into the portal yelling "Daisy, I'm coming!"

Simon, Lewis and Peculier found themselves on the other side of the portal in a strange iron room with monitors on the walls , they were greeted by King Finbar in front of a set of monitors in the shape of a creeper face.

Finbar told the three adventurers that the Dark Lord would rise once again and the world would be consumed with darkness and shadow. Finbar then exclaimed "That tasty morsel (Daisy) will make a fitting meal for our God." Knight Peculier, filled with rage, executed Finbar on the spot.

Peculier, convinced that he had failed his quest, fell into depression, however, encouraged by Simon and Lewis' motivational words, he found hope and they delved further into the iron complex, ready to fight Israphel and to save the world.

After King Finbar was defeated by Knight Peculiar, our heroes climb down a ladder and enter a passageway. They see the nether outside and find some 'black buildings'. Honeydew says that they have no time and continue down the passageway. It gets darker down the passage and they place torches to light things up. After reaching the end of the passage, they discover a Hellgate that is not working. Peculiar tells Honeydew to light the portal and he obeys. All three enter the portal to see where it lead.

They respawn in The Desert. As they look around they find Sandstone Trees and a ruin. They go closer and discover the ruin to be Lastwatch Hold. Peculiar tells a Lastwatch Hold and begins a flashback, telling about what happens if they do not stop Israphel.

Peculiar then goes to rest for a moment and tells our heroes about his story. He says that both he and Isabel Peculiar never really knew their parents. Peculiar's father was a city guard of Mistral City, and he couldn't really remember his mother. He says that one night, Israphel took his mother into a dark place he inhabits (likely the nether) and soon after, his father left him to Templar Adaephon to raise. However, Peculiar was haunted by Israphel and set off to find out what happened to his parents. He traveled the whole length of The Wall. He also learned the story of The Sand War. He soon had terrible nightmares and became weaker. This was due to The Taint of Israphel and Peculiar became old very quickly. He fled into Terrorvale and met Daisy Duke. But soon the nightmares returned and people started disappearing from the town. After a while, he finally decided to end his life by drinking a poisonous potion. Just when he was about to drink it, our heroes appeared at the town. At first, Peculiar thought of poisoning our heroes. But he could not do as he knew that they were innocent.

Then, Israphel took Daisy, and our heroes went to his castle to save her. He understood what is worth dying for.

Later, he guided our heroes to Mistral City and thanked them for saving his life a second time by feeding him Fumblemore's cure-all potion. Our heroes also recovered Peculiar's father's sword in the catacombs of the city. Our heroes then went on to complete many other quests while Peculiar returned to Adaephon. He tried to repair the breach in The Wall but was attacked by Israphel. From there our heroes helped him defeat Israphel and his minions.

While our heroes were seeking out map pieces, Peculiar traveled to Icaria to search for Fumblemore because he wanted to know what happened during the construction of The Wall. Fumblemore is the only one old enough to remember. Fumblemore told him the pact Verigan made with the Dwarves. He quickly made his way to Stoneholm but was captured by the corrupted Dwarves. They held Peculiar for days before our heroes came to rescue him. He heard of their successful missions at Skyhold which got them the second piece of the Templars' Map. He also heard of their adventures at BBQ Bay and their journey to Grimjaw's Treasure Hold. They then passed through The Deepcore and lead them to The Spire.They entered an active portal and finally defeated King Finbar, but not before Israphel awakened. He says that our heroes must again save the world.

After finishing telling our heroes his story, he says that entering The Desert where they are is no good and will need supplies. Peculiar says that they must return through the Hellgate and find another. They run through the portal.

After Knight Peculier tells the two heroes about his tales with them in Episode 35, the heroes head through the portal. Unfortunately, when they arrive at their destination, they find that the way is blocked. Knight Peculier also notes that the place is unstable, and that they must find another portal. After climbing down a ladder, Xephos finds a rail to the NCS-88 Rollercoaster Access Chamber. The three heroes grab minecarts to place on the track to the chamber, and while doing so, Knight Peculier says he only knows of one rollercoaster. Xephos and Honeydew know that he might be talking about the one at Carnivale del Banjo. Then the two realize going to this access chamber would be a good idea because the carnival used to be at Verigan's Hold, the exact place they need to go. Before they hop in the minecarts, they wonder why they hear so many explosions.

Finally, Xephos's minecart stops, and they land in a room full of Zombie Pigmen, since they are in the Nether. He accidentally attacks one, which surprises Knight Peculier. After falling down a pit with 2 more tracks, they wonder where they and, and Xephos faintly sees a portal. When they reach it, they find that it is half-broken, but still accessible. After teleporting back to the Overworld, Knight Peculier figures that they must be under the carnival's rollercoaster.

Honeydew finds Madame Nubescu's room with a sign above it which reads: "Nubescu's room for da powderin' of me face". Xephos walks into it, and finds a couple of bookshelves, a bed an iron block to resemble a lamp, and an End Portal frame block, which is most likely meant to be a pot. Honeydew goes in also, and finds a trapdoor with a chest behind it that contains 2 voodoo dolls, a pipe, and 4 ladders. Then they look to the right and see a second chest, this one containing 3 pieces of cheese, 4 ink sacs, and 5 raw fish. After leaving the room, Honeydew also find Strongman Bruno's private stash, which makes him very suspicious of what's inside. They find his tight pink underpants, 4 potions of strength, a magic wand, 9 cookies (jaffa cakes), 2 cakes, 9 pink wool blocks, a stack of bricks, and something that makes them even more suspicious, his "invisible pickaxe". They realize that Bruno used this in the contest against Honeydew to break the blocks and cheat.

The heroes go into another room, and while entering, Honeydew tries on the underpants, but Knight Peculier tells him he doesn't look heroic with those on. The room they entered was the kitchen and the heroes find an automatic pig cooker that makes cooked porkchop. Xephos pulls a lever reading "Voodoo pig access tube", which spawns pigs out of the wall. Honeydew pushes the button on the wall, it sets the pigs on fire, and the pigs come out as cooked porkchops, or what Honeydew calls bacon. Before the heroes leave the room, Xephos finds another chest with a voodoo doll and many potions in it. He grabs the potions and dumps things he doesn't need in it.

Honeydew goes up a ladder, and doesn't see anything, but then Xephos pushes a button on the wall which makes a doorway to another room appear in the wall. They can't figure out what the room is at first, but after lighting it up, they realize it was Nubescu's old tent which they had gone in to get their fortunes many episodes before. They climb up a ladder, and to their horror, Carnivale del Banjo is covered in sand, and Verigan's Hold has a wave of sand over it. They turn around and also notice that the skull from Skull Pass is crying sand. But then to his delight, Knight Peculier sees his uncle, Templar Adaephon. The entrance to the hold is covered in sand, so the heroes must dig it out. They can't seem to find him, but then Knight Peculier realizes he could be in his private bedroom. Xephos and Honeydew wonder how to get in there, but then Knight Peculier breaks a piece of The Crimson Cross, which reveals a lever accessing the bedroom.

They find Adaephon asleep on his bed, completely clueless about who the heroes are and what's happening, and talking nonsense also. He mistakes his nephew for being a young boy again and asks him why he isn't at school, also calling him by his real name, Verigan. Knight Peculier finds that he has a horrible fever and begs his uncle to wake up. Honeydew tries to throw a splash potion of healing at him, but that doesn't work, and Xephos pours a bucket of water on him, which does the job. Adaephon doesn't understand where he is, and Knight Peculier manages to tell him the Hold has been taken over by the sand. Adaephon wants to kill himself and tells the heroes that without the map, the world is completely doomed. Of course, all three heroes had the fragments, and Adaephon tapes them together to complete the map, then hands it to Xephos. He studies it, and then hands it to Honeydew, who then gives it back. Xephos looks in Adaephon's chest and finds a Templar Codex, and a roll of gaffa tape, both of which he take.

They climb a ladder and Adaephon reads them a letter he received from Karpath before he died. A cutscene appears, showing Karpath writing the letter. Then it switches to a view of The Hand at night, which the heroes would later explore in Episode 38. Next, he changes his name to Karpath Peculier, while the cutscene shows him at a city administration office with a city official. He then tells that he infiltrated a cult, when the cutscene shows him jumping into a group of cultists. Karpath asks Adaephon to recover his map from hidden places and go to the Spider Tree, and sink their ancestors' tomb. He also lets him know that he let Isabel (who would later be The Dread Pirate Norris) and Verigan (Old/Knight Peculier) stay with Granny Bacon, showing a cutscene of Karpath at her door, letting them in her home, Granny Bacon being young then. His final request is to never tell Isabel or Knight Peculier of his death.

Adaephon finishes the letter and tells Knight Peculier the truth, that his name is not Verigan Peculier, actually Verigan Antioch II, and that his true name is Adaephon Antioch, and that he is the last of the Templar Kings, that title passing to Knight Peculier himself when Adaephon dies. He questions who the Templar Kings are, and what the burden of their bloodline is, but Adaephon admits he really doesn't know. The heroes, along with Adaephon, dig through sand and make their way to the viewing tower of Verigan's Hold.

After curing Templar Adaephon from his fever, our heroes dig out the sand to make it to the Hold's tower. Where they find a chest and get two enchanted bows. Knight Peculier tells Adaephon to come along with him, but the Templar says that he is too weak and cannot go. Adaephon says that our heroes must go south along the wall to the Spider Tree and collect the one of the four map pieces to help them navigate through The Desert. From there they will get instructions to get each map.

As they were about to leave, they saw four hot air balloons coming their way. Peculiar hoped that they were friendly. It turned out to be an attack launched by Zombie Boss. Our heroes shot arrows which popped the balloons and killed three zombies, although Zombie Boss escaped. Our heroes then collected the hot air balloons, launched it, and lifted off south.

Eventually they saw the tree. Xephos and Honeydew landed on top of the tree but Peculiar ended up crashing miles away. As soon as they got off the tree and Peculiar making his way back, they met three spiders, two aggressive. All three were killed quickly. They then discovered a chest half buried in sandstone under the tree and found a map as well as some other items. The map said 'map 0' and showed a fountain-like structure with a large flag as well as a red dotted line leading into The Desert.

They looked around and saw the structure. Then, using a waterfall, safely descended down. There was a sea separating them and the structure, our heroes swam across it. Xephos purposely shot an arrow at Honeydew to make him swim faster, angering him. The structure appeared to be actually a massive fountain as they neared. They entered when it was getting dark and met a tide of hostile mobs. Honeydew eventually got killed, Peculiar cried in despair, but Honeydew respawned, confusing him. There was water everywhere, Peculiar said that they must 'climb', which meant they had to go up using the falling water. Upstairs there were more monsters and holes in the floor. After even more suffering our heroes got to the third floor, using falling water again to ascend. There was one more floor left - the fourth floor. This time ascending was slightly more difficult because there was no falling water. Eventually Honeydew piled up a mountain of wooden planks, put ladders on them and he got through. But was immediately knocked off by a skeleton. After a while, our heroes were able to ascend. On that floor, there was a chest containing the second map as well as two weapons (billhook and spiked mace). This map read 'map 1'. It was a picture of a black hand-like structure with a red dotted line tracing past it. It instructed them to go north through The Wall and then east past the structure.

Our heroes went outside, killing off some monsters and testing the billhook and the spiked mace. Honeydew was attacked by an enderman, calling for protection.

After obtaining the 2 maps showing the heroes to go into The Desert to a large hand, they make their way past a broken section of The Wall. A minute or so after crossing the sweltering sands of The Desert, the two heroes, along with Knight Peculier discover The Hand they had previously seen on their map. They dig around it, trying to discover an entrance. After Knight Peculier finds it, they make their way in. Forgetting the search for the treasure.

Immediately inside, they discover the first day of diary of Templar Enoch. On the first day, Enoch writes that his studies of the sand have lead him to The Hand, and his wonders why so much sand appears around it. A very old cutscene appears, showing him, another Templar known as Templar Kesha, another character known as Scribe Anno, and Professor Grizwold with a tent next to the large Hand. Enoch then notes that he doesn't believe Grizwold's theory of a giant robot army in The Desert, and that he must find out the answer of the sand appearing, or else he thinks Lastwatch Hold will be buried in it, which it was a long time later.

The heroes then find day 2 of the diary. Enoch describes that they are finding more and more parts of The Hand as they dig away the sand, and the cutscene shows up again, this time showing the 4 digging up sand. He then says the Grizwold has another theory that the metal is coming back. Enoch then makes another correct hypothesis, wondering if the sand will spread and make the whole world a desert.

Traveling down a corridor, the heroes venture down deeper and discover the third day of Enoch's diary, which is much shorter than the previous 2 days. On this day, he wrote that he had a disturbing dream the night before where he dreamed that the sand can affect people, and reminds himself to wear gloves.

They travel down a hallway, and this time, find Grizwold's Personal Log. Simon then says he has forgotten how to do Professor Grizwold's voice, but then immediately says he was joking. Grizwold says everything Enoch is saying is wrong, claiming that he is obsessed with The Desert's sands. Then Grizwold writes that he made his way back up to the surface and noticed The Hand was regrowing, noting that he could see fingers, and a fast-motion cutscene of the hand regrowing comes on the screen. He then says that if Enoch will not believe him, then he will leave him.

The heroes climb down a ladder, even deeper down, into a very dusty room full of cobwebs, finding the next part of Enoch's diary. He tells that Grizwold finally left, due to not being convinced about his stories of The Hand. Yet another cutscene appears, showing Enoch placing his diary pages on the wall. Then Enoch says that he has many supplies, but always finds his canteen empty, and worries that the sand is actually affecting him, just like he thought in his dream. Even though he is starting to get nervous, Enoch still wants to find out what The Hand's secret is.

Xephos and Honeydew notice that Knight Peculier hadn't said a single word since they had gone into The Hand, and so Xephos asks him if he is okay. He replies back saying he's fine, but a little scared. The heroes head down a path and are attacked by a few zombies, but claim that a creeper would have been worse. They find yet another part of the diary, along with a brewing stand, cauldron, and chest. On day 5, Enoch describes hearing noises all around, and says it was silent before, also noting that some research notes of his are missing. He also claims that he saw a pale-faced man in his sleep, the perfect description of Israphel. In the chest, Xephos finds torches, a rusty sword, and a half-broken iron shovel, and in the brewing stand, 2 potions of regeneration.

The next diary page they find says that Enoch is very low on ink and since he has enough blood, he was use that as a substitute. He also says his tools are blunt and will use his fingernails as a substitute for those. Days 6 and 7 are missing, so this is day 8. The heroes see that the next page is written entirely in Enoch's blood. He writes on it about radioactive green lava he finds, which can be seen beside the page, and also says that he now has sandstone hands.This means that his theory was correct, sand does affect people as well.

The next part of the diary is discovered by the heroes then, with his kisses at the end getting spookier. Enoch writes a mysterious paragraph, and another cutscene appears. It shows that Enoch had gone crazy and he had killed Scribe Anno by knocking him into the radioactive lava, and murdered Templar Kesha in her sleep

On the next and final diary page, Enoch says he doesn't have his own thoughts, he thinks that Grizwold was right. A final cutscene appears showing Enoch bouncing back from the signs, revealing Israphel behind him. He then complains his bones are itchy somehow, and that the only solution to his problem is removal, meaning he will literally remove his own bones from his body. The cutscene ends very scratchy with Israphel leaving the hall in which the part of the diary is in. The heroes find a room next to the diary, with a bloody wall and floor, and Enoch's dead body lying on the floor, showing up as arm, leg, and bone items. Honeydew screams and vomits his steak, and Knight Peculier yells that he thinks he's going to be sick.

Xephos looks in a chest next to the body, finding a pipe and paper while Honeydew picks up the pieces of the body, claiming they're clues. He then slaps Xephos with Enoch's dead hand, while Knight Peculier says very sickly that he thinks that's disgusting. The three heroes finally discover a railway crossing a huge lake of the radioactive lava that they must ride through. After getting their mine carts set up on the track, Honeydew pushes a button and it starts the 3 minecarts all at once. After a minute or so, Knight Peculier yells that the three heroes are getting separated. Then, a very terrible tragedy happens. It turns out he was riding on a broken track, and so he fell into the green lava, and died. The text said he tried to swim in the green lava. Xephos and Honeydew had to carry on without him. Honeydew wonders what to do to go on without him but Xephos reminds that no matter what happens, they go on without him.

Following the death of the heroes' greatest friend, Knight Peculier (see The Hand), Xephos and Honeydew drink a toast to his honour in typical dwarven fashion. Once they had finished they threw their empty ale mugs on the ground and continued onwards, as Knight Peculier wanted them to if anything happened to him. They open the door to their left and delve even further into the mechanical underbelly in an attempt to find a way out. The way is littered with pressure pads and tubes containing the toxic fluid which killed Knight Peculier and Scribe Anno. Honeydew stumbles across some sort of puzzle involving levers and calls Xephos over. After a good inspection of the puzzle, the duo agree that the best way to solve it is by pressing all of the levers in a random order, which fails. Honeydew decides to unlock the door with the tried-and-true solution: explosives. He lights the TnT and blows up the door.

Continuing onwards, the heroes uncover what appears to be some sort of cloning machine, with three 'subject tubes', two of which contain 'zombified Lalnas' (likely an abominable by-product of the cloning procedure). Of course, Honeydew initially seemed intrigued by the device and jumped into the vacant test chamber, only to have second thoughts about his decision when Xephos had pulled the lever to begin the cloning process and the chamber doors close. Honeydew is encased in a substance that looks similar to ice and is unable to move, but manages to warn Xephos that there are two Honeydew clones behind him. The clones are named Evil Honeydew and are wearing wonderful pink underpants! The two clones turn around and flee from Lewis and Simon, shutting a plate-steel door behind them.

The "only way" to get through the door is to complete another puzzle, this time the puzzle involved a list of elements, Xephos and Honeydew believed that you had to select the elements present in a sustainable, life bearing planet like Minecraftia. After many attempts at the puzzle, the heroes gave up and Honeydew blew up the steel door with some TNT. Inside, they see red tinged metal, and more tubes of the toxic green liquid.

They then proceeded to chase the two Evil Honeydews until they finally caught up with one, who was trying to set off a TNT trap (in typical Honeydew style). When unsuccessful in his attempt, the clone continued running from the heroes, spawning a number of mobs behind him to hinder their pursuit. They chase him into a chamber with a huge, white structure that seems to be made of bone, with a hoard of Zombie Lalnas beneath it Xephos noticed that the clone only seemed hostile to Honeydew and not himself (likely because of the original duo's strong friendship). Honeydew then came up with the idea to lure the clone with Jaffa Cakes and then kill him. Xephos did just that by dropping some on the ground. The clone began eating the Jaffa Cakes when Lewis unsheathed his sword and Simon fired a volley of arrows at him, killing him instantly. They then explore the strange machinery around them, Xephos noting a rhythmic, slow thumping, like a heart. They discover a mine cart track deeper into the mysterious construction. The heroes take it onwards, with the goal of killing the second clone and escaping their metallic prison.

The two heroes continue to follow the second Evil Honeydew, however, on the way they encounter another adventurer, Professor Webley, who is revealed to be the grandson of Professor Horatio Grizwold.

As they are riding along the minetrack rail, Evil Honeydew sets off a TNT trap which blows the minetrack apart. Our heroes continue down and discover a person with a name of Professor Webley trapped in a cloning vat. It also appears to be another cloning facility.

After freeing him. they discover that he is a family member of Professor Grizwold. They reveal that Grizwold's name is actually Professor Horatio Grizwold. Our heroes give Webley some jaffa cakes which recovers him slightly. Webley says that they must escape from the giant machine they are trapped in and sets of down the minetrack. Unfortunately, a creeper blows up and injures Webley's leg.

After pushing Webley along the rail and fighting off several monsters, they near the surface and hear rain. Our heroes dig out the sand and see the sky. Webley stops and says that the cannot make another trek into the desert and will need some sort of healer.

With Professor Webley terribly ill, the heroes set out in search for a healer. They go outside and find out that it is raining. Honeydew attempted to build a shelter but was assaulted by monsters. They eventually get tired and go back inside The Hand.

As dawn nears, Webley tells about the giant robotic structures in the desert and explains that The Sands is only a defense system to keep the robotic structures non-functional. A flashback shows this.

As our heroes prepare to leave, he tells our heroes not to go left towards a cacti forest, but to go right towards a dragon skeleton. Our heroes agree with him and run right. Soon, the rain stops and the brightness increases. However, they still could see no dragon skeleton. Xephos climbs a sandy hill and gets some height. He spots the dragon skeleton and runs down. But he soon notices a nameplate in the distance. Our heroes make their way towards it and find a French ship.

The come-across an angry French "Shiplord" called Shiplord Hubert. He calls our heroes 'monsters of the sands'. The heroes make friends with him after throwing him some ale, which he most certainly enjoys. He notices our heroes wearing goggles and suspects them to be Skylord. He explains how that Shiplords are not fond of the Skylords because of their 'crazy flying contraptions' by says that Dwarves are a Shiplords' ally. Hubert states that he and his ship were sucked into a whirlpool and he ended up stranded in the desert. The heroes ask Hubert if he can heal Webley, but he is not a trained healer. He asks the heroes if they would 'Take moi avec tu!' an obvious reference to Um Bongo's line "Take-a me with you!". He explains that he saw an oasis and that he wants to go there. The heroes notice that the oasis that he describes is similar to the one on the map that they have, he confirms that it is indeed the same one. Whilst looking for the oasis the heroes then stumbled upon what looks like some sort of toxic dump which reminds them about the death of their great friend - Knight Peculier. Hubert accidentally falls in a hole and our heroes throw him some sand for him to make his way back up.

After stumbling upon the radioactive site, the heroes and Shiplord Hubert spot a second set of large bones protruding from the sands. When they go in for a closer inspection they are attacked by a small horde of zombified Templars and skeletons. Honeydew sits on the sidelines watching, whilst Xephos fights off the zombies with his sword and Hubert with his "cheese baguette of doom" (which is, according to Simon, harder than Mithril or diamond). The heroes observe that the bones in the desert look like that of a dragon's ribcage and wing. Carrying onwards, they stumble across a large wall, beyond which they presume is the oasis.

When they finally reached the wall, they are met by their old friend Swampy Bogbeard, who is positioned on the wall. He floats down towards the trio and explains that his oasis of "plants" (possibly drugs) was completely decimated whilst he was on a "spirit journey" (also hinting towards the use of natural drugs or hallucinogenics). All that is left of the once-green oasis are just the smoldering trunks of the trees/plants that were once there. Swampy also says that some of the plants were used for healing purposes, to which Xephos questions whether they would be suitable to use of Webley because of his sickly and weak state. Swampy states that "these herbs can mend almost anything" and that they would get Webley back to a fit state. The heroes accept Swampy's plan for help with breathing life back into the forests of healing plants. To do so, Swampy says that he needs to meditate whilst the trio protect him.

Honeydew, Xephos and Hubert fend off the zombified Templars, skeletons and spiders whilst Swampy channeled his "healing energy" into the forest, and sure enough, after a couple of minutes of meditation, the oasis returns to its original state. The last item to regrow is Swampy's tree, which the trio see as magnificent. Swampy returns to the heroes, who are still amazed at what they just saw. Shiplord Hubert begins to sail around in the waters of the oasis while Xephos and Honeydew talk to Swampy, he seems rather excited as this is the first time he has come into contact with water in months. Swampy gives Xephos a pipe containing the healing herb, which Webley can smoke to get back to full health. In return, Xephos gives him a "magical mushroom" for him to keep.

Hubert comes over and gives the heroes honorary Shiplord licenses, in case they are in need of the Shiplord's help. Officially making Xephos and Honeydew Honorary Shiplords.

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