Honeydew Isle is a little island far off the coast of Minecraftia. This is what Lewis named the small, "featureless" island that Simon had built a house on, to film the video Mining Experience & Simon's House - Snapshot 12w26a. Originally, there was only one tree on this island which Simon chopped down to plant more trees.

The island lacked any significant features, and only contained Simon's small house, several trees and an offshore mine. The island has no animals, forcing Simon to fish for food. There are some squids in the waters surrounding the isle providing a little company.

Simon's house has been constructed out of red brick set upon a foundation of cobblestone with logs supporting the roof. Inside there are two furnaces, a chest, a workbench and a single bed. However, beneath the house is a very deep "naturally forming pool" which is so dark that Simon has no idea what is down there.

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