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Honeydewyeayea is a Yogscast song that was released on June 23, 2013. It is a parody of YouTube sensation "Fabulous Secret Powers" by Slackcircus, which itself is a parody of 1992 hit song "What's Up" by the Four Non Blondes. By 24 June the song had already hit one million views, and a 10-hour version was released the following day.

The song is about Simon finding a pig that follows him to his factory, where they become best friends. Then, Simon "accidentally" cooks the pig, frying it and grilling it. Discovering what he did, he mourns over his now dead friend before eating him. At the end of the video, the ghost of the pig appears in a cave, and tells Simon not to feel bad, and to just keep the pork inside of his "big dwarf belly".

The animation that accompanies the song is a scene-by-scene comparison to the "Fabulous Secret Powers" (or "Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa") video that it was based off.

The video description is: "We found an old VHS tape with this magical song on it! Enjoy!"

On June 25, 2013 on BlueXephos a 10-hour version of the video was released. The description reads: "You asked for it, don't blame me! Also I'm taking no responsibility if anyone goes mad from watching this."

On June 29, 2013 on BlueXephos a behind the scenes video was released with the description: "A little behind the scenes video to give you guys some insight into the process behind making the song! Enjoy :)"

On January 29, 2014 on BlueXephos the behind the scenes video was set as a private video, so people can no longer view the original upload on YouTube. However, now the video can again be viewed publicly.


Extended LinksEdit

  • Video that this video is based on is located here
  • Buy the song on iTunes here or on Amazon here


And so I dig sometimes
For some coal and stone 
And I think to myself
"I'm all alone"
And then I
I saw a cute little piggy

And so I fed you some wheat
And you followed me
All the way back to the factory
And then I screamed at the top of my lungs
"Best friends from now on!"

And I say
Hey! Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hey yeah yeah
I said hey
Best friends from now on!

And I say
Hey! Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hey yeah yeah
I said hey
Let's get this cookin' on

And he fried!
Oh my god did I fry!
I fried all the pork
It's a taste infusion

And he grills!
Oh my god did I grill!
It was such a thrill
Pass the bar-be-que sauce!

And I say
Hey! Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hey yeah yeah
I said hey
My best friend has now gone!

[Martyn (Ghost of pig)]
And I say
Don't cry for me

[Lewis] [Martyn (Ghost of pig)]
Just keep me inside
Inside of your big dwarf belly

Hey! Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hey yeah
Hey! Yeah! Ye ye yeah!
Eating friends is so wrong

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