Houndmaster Hobb is the "Houndmaster" for the Kingdom of Sjinterfel. More specifically, he takes care of all the dogs and assorted animals in Sjinterfel, as well as takes care of the Chocobo infestation that is going on in Sjinterfel.


Houndmaster Hobb was originally the Houndmaster for Lord Blackwood, but after Lord Blackwood dissipated, raiders came in and took the wolves. Hobb for a while became an alcoholic, and Sjin found him in the inn, getting wasted. Sjin had a talk with Hobb, and Hobb agreed to take care of the animals of Sjinterfel in exchange for being able to take care of dogs and having a place to live. Sjin also gave him the task of eradicating the Chocobos from Sjinterfel.

Hobb was slain when Renzovia destroyed Sjinterfel.


  • Houndmaster Hobb's favorite animals are dogs, or wolves, which are his speciality, but he is also good with other animals.
  • Houndmaster Hobb's Minecraft account was formally used by Lord Blackwood. [1]
  • He was killed during Renzovia's attack on Sjinterfel


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