Human: Fall Flat is an open world physics based puzzle game with the goal of escaping and falling through to the next level. The challenges feature advanced physics to control the protagonist, Bob, who has the power to carry, climb and interact with certain objects such as locks, swings and glass to continue through each themed level. The game was published by NoBrakesGames in February 2016 on Steam and was Greenlit by the Steam community.


Lewis and Sips have played this game as a part of their OneShot series, and later continued their playthrough on Team Double Dragon. After the first few episodes, the protagonist takes the name 'Joe' (against the publisher's name, 'Bob'). The duo also consistently laugh about the character's noodle-y-ness as they solve the puzzles with relative ease.

Episode GuideEdit

Lewis and Simon — Human: Fall Flat
Video Name Table yt
Caff — Human: Fall Flat
Video Name Table yt
Human: Fall Flat (PC v0.3.0 Early Access) Best Character EVER! #1 Watch
Human: Fall Flat (PC v0.3.0 Early Access) Boxes and Climbing #2 Watch
TeamDoubleDragon — Human: Fall Flat
Video Name Table yt
Human: Fall Flat #2 - Lever Wedge Watch
Human: Fall Flat #3 - Progress Undone Watch
Human: Fall Flat #4 - Neighbourwood Hotch Watch
Human: Fall Flat #5 - Window Intruder Watch

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