Maide is a YouTuber who is close friends with the Yogscast, as well as the owner or the admin of the old Tekkit server, that Duncan, Sjin, Rythian, Zoey and a few others played on before Sjin and Duncan destroyed it in their epic battle.

Trivia Edit

  • His whereabouts after the Tekkit destruction caused by Duncan and Sjin are currently unknown.
  • He is a member of this wiki: IAmMaide
  • The only known appearances we have seen of Maide was in the game chat in the old Tekkit server and the Top Ten Tekkit Technological Terrors. As well as playing a game with Rythian on his channel.
  • Maide closed down his Twitter account and Tumblr account for unknown (possibly personal) reasons.
  • Maide deleted all his videos on his YouTube Channel, for unknown reasons.
  • Maide starred in Rythian's death rally video and some of Daltos's videos.

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