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The city of Icaria, from the livestream


Father Braeburn
Mrs Miggins and her cat
Isabel Peculier(?)
Knight Peculier(?)

First Appearance:

Not yet appeared in canon

Last Appearance:

Not yet appeared in canon

Icaria is a Minecraft city located near The Wall and is accessible by a railroad that passes through The Wall. There may be other methods of getting there, such as by airship, or via Fumblemore's botched teleportation attempt. Icaria may be the last standing City left in Minecraftia.


In the destruction of Mistral City, Father Braeburn fled to Icaria, along with the unseen Mrs Miggins, who had found her cat. He asked Xephos and Honeydew to retrieve the Golden Record from the burning ruins of the church and return it to him in Icaria for a reward.

It is also known that Fumblemore teleported his tower to Icaria, though he made a mistake in the spell casting, resulting in his tower arriving upside-down.

Icaria has not yet been seen by the two heroes, but may be visited in a later episode, due to the amount of characters living there. In Episode 24, Isabel Peculier said she would be sailing to Icaria. 

Like Isabel, Knight_Peculier visited Icaria, in fact that is where he first met Skylord Lysander when the heroes (simon and lewis) were stranded on survival island .

Icaria was shown briefly in the "Behind the scenes" on their livestream, Lewis' 'Better than Wolves' mod spotlight and in the Aether mod spotlight videos. The town showed Fumblemore's tower, but upside down due to a teleportation error and it was also hinted at that the town overlooks The Desert as another lookout similar to Verigan's Hold.

The town can be accessed by taking a minecart down the track located on The Wall. If it is another lookout, it may be home to more of the Templars.

Icaria seems to be an area in the map our heroes use to test out some mods, as the city seen in their spotlight on the Better than Wolves mod seems more detailed than Xephos would build, and the picture does seem to show one of the areas he built a waterwheel in, and the same city is seen in his videos about the Aether mod. It may be they have downloaded the map and used that area as a pre-built area to test out mods. The city seen does seem similar to the few pictures of Icaria thus seen. In this city there is a giant structure made out of glass and stone, as well as a castle of some sort. Icaria also contains a giant telescope which points out to the giant stone dragon near the Tomb of Lehparsi and Skylord Jasper's ship has also docked in the town's bay.

However, in the mod spotlight of the Uranium mod, Lewis is in the same city as in the several other mod spotlight videos, and he explains that he is just outside of Icaria, and Simon comments, "Still not been there yet," referring to the fact that Icaria is unvisited by the two heroes as of yet in ca


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