InTheLittleDream was a YouTube channel run and maintained by Martyn Littlewood and Kaeyi Dream. It was their channel where they uploaded vlogs, occasionally daily but mostly weekly, about what has happened during their day/week.

On the 1st of July 2015, Kaeyi made a twitter post regarding the end of the IntheLittleDream channel due to the split of both co-hosts. Being in the tough relationship for more than two years, Martyn and Kaeyi have decided to no longer be in a committed relationship. For the foreseeable future, they have decided to remain just as friends. The full letter from Kaeyi is located here.

The InTheLittleDream YouTube channel officially closed on the 13th of July 2015. On this day, the final video to the channel was uploaded, where Martyn and Kaeyi explained the end of their romantic relations and answered the most frequently asked questions asked by fans. It was told to viewers that Kaeyi would be moving back 'closer to home' but would be staying with Martyn until she could find a place to live and a job, that Kiki and Pascal would be staying with Martyn for the foreseeable future until Kaeyi has a big enough house to care for them, that the InTheLittleDream channel would become a 'Museum' channel where no vlogs will be uploaded to it but no vlogs on the channel would be taken down and that Kaeyi would be taking up vlogging on her very own channel. The video can be found here .


  • The InTheLittleDream channel was created on May 19, 2013 and was officially closed on July 13, 2015.
  • Sparkles*BeckiiKimS.A.MStrippin, and everyone else who took part in the Werewolf game during Strippin's farewell party has been featured on the InTheLittleDream channel.
  • The channel was originally dubbed "The Secret Project" before its reveal in November 2013.
  • They previously had a PO Box that was open to fans, but due to them moving house, Kaeyi getting sick etc., they closed it.


Episode GuideEdit

InTheLittleDream — InTheLittleDream
Video Name Table yt
The Secret Project Revealed!! Watch
It Wasnt Worth The Meatballs!! (Day 1) Watch
Just Ask Questions.. (Day 2) Watch
Twang My Rumble Stick (Day 3) Watch
Loot Crate Blindfold Challenge (November Edition) Watch
The Joyful Delivery!! (Day 5) Watch
Kaeyi`s Kitchen: The First Healthy Shop! Watch
The Power Band! (Day 6) Watch
The Boyfriend Tag - ITLD Edition! Watch
Dream Team Behind The Streams.. (Day 8) Watch
Movie Popcorner: The Hunger Games Catching Fire Watch
Super Kawaii Noms Haul Watch
People Are Gonna Try & Get In My Butt Pocket (Day 11) Watch
We`re Making Our Family Bigger!! (Day 12) Watch
Waiting To Be Diagnosed :( (Day 13) Watch
RITUAL! (Day 14) Watch
It`s Like The First Day (Day 15) Watch
ITLD Apartment Tour! (Day 17) Watch
Cheese Grating Guitars.. (Day 18) Watch
The Girlfriend Tag - ITLD Edition! Watch
Secret Stinky (Day 20) Watch
The Day Of The Doctor (Day 22) Watch
Forbidden Planet (Nerd Shelf) Haul! Watch
Disappointingly Bad Service (Day 24) Watch
We Managed To Save Christmas! (Day 27) Watch
The Xmas Presents: From A Little To A Dream! Watch
Meet Kiki And Pascal: Our New Egyptian Mau Kittens. Watch
The Day Of The Kitten (Day 30) Watch
Beckii & Sparkles* Steal Our Kittens?? (Day 31) Watch
Cats Grow On Trees (Day 32) Watch
Loot Crate Blindfold Challenge (December Edition) Watch
Our One Year Anniversary! (Day 38) Watch
Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag - ITLD Edition! Watch
Vlogging After Dark (Day 41) Watch
Farewell Strippin (Day 42) Watch
Come Say Hi To InTheLittleDream At GemuCon! Watch
Excuse The Towel! (Day 46) Watch
Cat Cam (Day 47) Watch
A Day Of Martyn (Day 48 + 49) Watch
Can.. We Have A Baby?!?!? (Day 52) Watch
Double D**k Please (Day 53) Watch
ITLD Stream! - Wildstar (STREAM OVER) Watch
A Wild Sachie Appears (Day 58) Watch
My First Gun (Day 60) Watch
Loot Crate Blindfold Challenge (January Edition) Watch
Magazine Day Yay!! (Day 63) Watch
Sick Day... (Day 64) Watch
Ninja Cat Remake with Pascal Watch
Forbidden Planet (Nerd Shelf) Haul #2! Watch
Too Much Booty! (Day 66) Watch
Pascal Needs A Vet (Day 68) Watch
Downward Dog (Day 69) Watch
Presents From Toby! (Day 71) Watch
ONE MILLION! (Day 74) Watch
ITLD Mail - Pascal Has A Boyfriend! Watch
Our Second Valentines (Day 79) Watch
The Engagement (Day 81) Watch
One Night In Paris (Day 83) Watch
APPLAWS! (Day 89) Watch
Loot Crate Blindfold Challenge (February Edition) Watch
I`m A World Of Weirdness (Day 91) Watch
Goodbye Kitty Mountain (Day 93) Watch
Demon Kitty Invasion (Day 95) Watch
GTOmega, Kim, Toby, S.A.M & PANCAKES! (Day 97) Watch
Just Keep Swimming (Day 99) Watch
She Has A Lot On Her Plate! (Day 100) Watch
Hayden`s First Vlog! (Day 101) Watch
100 Day - Question & Answer! Watch
Stampy, Squid & Ashley Come To Visit! (Day 104) Watch
Meeting Professor Cartwright (Day 106) Watch
Double D**k Strikes Again!! (Day 107) Watch
InTheLittleDream - Best Moments Of The First 50 Days Watch
KiKi Club Foot Lumpy Space Princess! (Day 110) Watch
KiKi & The Cone Of Shame! (Day 113) Watch
Alphonse The Iron Giant (Day 115) Watch
FUN DAY SUNDAY! (Day 116) Watch
Loot Crate Blindfold Challenge March Edition Watch
Kitty Care Package (Day 119) Watch
Kaeyi`s Kitchen - Oreo Cake Watch
ITLD POSTCARDS - What You Need To Know! Watch
Martyn At Rezzed (Day 122) Watch
April Fools Day (Day 124) Watch
Sphincter Shrinker Sauce (Day 125) Watch
No Cone Day!! (Day 127) Watch
Martyn`s Baby Book (Day 128) Watch
Martyn`s Birthday Mailbox!! Watch
Forbidden Planet: Game of Thrones / Birthday Haul! Watch
I`ve Been waiting For This Day For 14 Years! (Day 134) Watch
Just Like Marilyn Monroe (Day 135) Watch
Back To The Doctor`s (Day 137) Watch
We`re Going To Eat A Baby!! (Day 141) Watch
Ostriches Are Extinct? (Day 142) Watch
InTheLittleDream - Best Moments (Days 50 to 100) Watch
Looking For Rings (Day 145) Watch
Hospital Wiped Us Out (Day 151) Watch
Loot Crate Blindfold Challenge (April Edition) Watch
Back To Black (Day 157) Watch
May Day Bank Holiday (Day 158) Watch
The Hardest Decision Of My Life :( (Day 164) Watch
Boxxy Got Me Addicted To My Little Pony! (Day 172) Watch
In The Studio (Day 173) Watch
Forbidden Planet - The Missing Haul! Watch
Kitty Conversations (Day 177) Watch
Preparing For The Streams (182) Watch
7 Days Of Wildstar Streams - Day 1 Recap Watch
Cat Hampurr Unboxing - May! Watch
Behind The Scenes with Sparkles (Day 194) Watch
CFS/ME Symptoms, Causes & Management! Watch
Kaeyi`s Kitchen: Chill Con Carne! Watch
I Feel Like Superwoman (Day 200) Watch
Cat Nip Tea Bag! Watch
KiKi & Pascal Go To The Vets! (Day 204) Watch
The Fault In Our FEELS! (Day 205) Watch
Loot Crate Blindfold Challenge (June Edition) Watch
The More You Know - Update Vlog Watch
Cat Hampurr Unboxing - June! Watch
The Sexy Maid (Day 220) Watch
Everything Tastes Like Coconut? (Day 222) Watch
Baking Love With Love (Day 224) Watch
Health Update Martyn Style! Watch
Loot Crate Blindfold Challenge (July Edition) Watch
The Secret Garden (Day 236) Watch
Guardians of the Galaxy European Premiere! (Day 238) Watch
Eating Breakfast On Swings (Day 239) Watch
Bye Bye Babies (Day 248) Watch
Worst Travel Day EVER! (Day 250) Watch
You Know Nothing John Swan! (Day 251) Watch
Wonka Nerds Pokébattle!! (Day 252) Watch
We Found The Syrup! (Day 253) Watch
Lost In A Comic Book Store! (Day 255) Watch
Carried Home By Angels! (Day 256) Watch
Please Help Me NOT Be Homeless! Watch
TUG OF WAR!!! (Day 260) Watch
Gaming Rockstars with Sloths? (Day 264) Watch
Getting The Kitties Fixed (Day 265) Watch
Kaeyi`s Birthday (Day 266) Watch
LootCrate Blindfold Challenge - Heroes Edition Watch
`Rockstar Gamers` BBCR1 Show Ft. InTheLittleDream! Watch
Say Hi Seattle!! (Day 272) Watch
Lonely Grumble Butt ! (Day 273) Watch
Unexpected PAX Prime Trip! (Day 274) Watch
Cat Hampurr Unboxing - August! Watch
Our First Dungeons And Dragons! (Day 281) Watch
Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last.. (Day 285) Watch
Homeless Soap Opera (Day 286) Watch
Rockling Snuggle Time! (Day 287) Watch
Interview With Animalist! (Day 288) Watch
Building Traps! (Day 289) Watch
An Executive Derp (Day 291) Watch
Pascal`s On The News!! (Day 292) Watch
Worst Cookies EU (Day 293) Watch
Important Life Lessons (Day 294) Watch
Kaeyi Can See Chi (Day 295) Watch
The Snuggie Battle Of `14! (Day 298) Watch
Kiki And Pascal Special Birthday Hampurr! Watch
If She Fits, She Sits (Day 300) Watch
Kaeyi`s In The Hospital Again For A Week! (Day 309) Watch
Everybody Needs A Hospital Buddy! Watch
Kaeyi`s HIGH In The Sky Adventure! Watch
Insert Coin To Get Better Watch
Do A Lazy Forward Roll (Day 332) Watch
Joey Essex is a ZOMBIE! (Day 333!) Watch
Always With The Old Lady Probes.. (Day 335) Watch
Come To An Area 11 Gig With Us! (Ni Tour) Watch
Return of the Happy Couple! (Day 347 - Part 1) Watch
The Infamous Bacon Cheeseburger Soup! (Day 347 - Part 2) Watch
ITLD December Vlogging Advent Calender? Watch
MEGA SUPER CRACK (Day 357) Watch
German Market Adventure! (Day 364) Watch
InTheLittleDream - Year One Montage! Watch
We are doing VLOGMAS! #ITLDVlogmas Watch
Cat Hampurr Unboxing - MAGIC BOUNCING BUBBLES! Watch
Hearts of our Enemies / ITLD Vlogmas (Day 368) Watch
Halloween Tree Decorations? / ITLD Vlogmas (Day 369) Watch
Do You Wanna Build A Christmas Tree? / ITLD Vlogmas Watch
First Rule Of Advent Club / ITLD Vlogmas (Day 371) Watch
You Would Know If I Was Pregnant / ITLD Vlogmas (Day 372) Watch
ALL THE CARDS! / ITLD Vlogmas (Day 373) Watch
REAL TALK - Depression! / ITLD Vlogmas (Day 374) Watch
You Really Spoil Us! / ITLD Vlogmas (Day 375) Watch
So... We`re Kind Of Maybe Buying A NEW House! / ITLD Vlogmas (Day 380) Watch
Christmas EVE EVE! / ITLD Vlogmas Watch
Kitty And The Feast! (Day 392) Watch
Boxing Day Haul! (Day 393) Watch
Christmas Day 2014 - Present Unwrapping! Watch
New Years Resolutions (Day 398) Watch
ITLD UPDATE: Where have we been?? Why no videos?? Watch
InTheLittleDream Flat Is Sold!! (Day 425) Watch
I Was Nearly Arrested (Day 426) Watch
Kaeyi`s Code + Brain Work! (Day 427) Watch
New 3DS vs. Old 3DS!?! Watch
Let`s Get A Piercing! (Day 432) Watch
They Took My Tooth?! (Day 437) Watch
4 Sleeps Till #StinkyManor ! (Day 481) Watch
Welcome to #StinkyManor :3 (Day 484) Watch
Was It Worth The Meatballs? (Day 485) Watch
This Is Big Brother.. Can Kaeyi Please Come To The Diary Room! (Day 486) Watch
A Purrfect Testificat Candidate! (Day 487) Watch
In The Kitchen With The Prep & Serve / Kaeyi Prime! Watch
Kikaeyi Oooh Senpai! (Day 488) Watch
LittleDream Lodge Progress Report (Day 489) Watch
I`m A Lie-e Kaeyi! (Day 490) Watch
Kiki & Pascals first BIG outdoor adventure! (Day 491) Watch
That Belly Button!! (Day 492) Watch
There`s Two Holes & Two Poles! (Day 493) Watch
Blinding Birthday Bicycle Ride! (Day 495) Watch
Meeting The Neighbours! (Day 494) Watch
Such Bright, Much Bike, Too Light! (Day 496) Watch
Licking Cats? (Day 497) Watch
Pugget Dream (Day 498) Watch
InTheLittleSick (Day 501) Watch
Whisker Tickles (Day 503) Watch
Baby Melons, Little Hairs and Beardy Faces! (Day 504) Watch
InTheLittlePug Pony Pants Party!! (Day 505) Watch
Eating Out Of Bins + Crap Wrap? (Day 506) Watch
Bristol`s Echo Chamber (Day 507) Watch
Hurricane Kiki (Day 508) Watch
I Don`t Know What To Do! (Day 510) Watch
Cat Hampurr Anniversary Edition! Watch
1Up Box - Blindfold Challenge (April Edition) Watch
Streaming Daily & New 1080p 60fps Vlogging Camera! (Day 515) Watch
Acting Classes (Day 517) Watch
Meet Jazz Dream! (Day 520) Watch
May The 4th Be With You!! (Day 523) Watch
ITLD NEWS - Comic Con, Streaming Schedule & YouTube Changes! Watch
The Squad Is Back Together! Watch
MCM Comic Con London 2015 (Friday) Watch
MCM Comic Con London 2015 (Saturday) Watch
Heroes Of The Storm Launch Party (Day 550) Watch
Sasha Takes Me To Twilight World (Day 556) Watch
Babestation & Cocktails To Start The Holiday (Turkey Noodle Adventure) Watch
Popping Bottles On The Plane! (Turkey Noodle Adventure) Watch
Too Much Sun Cream? (Turkey Noodle Adventure) Watch
My Inner Wood-Elf (Turkey Noodle Adventure) Watch
The End of InTheLittleDream! Watch


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