Inca Civ
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The Incans is a playable civilization in DLC for Civilization V.

Season 3Edit

Duncan chose the Incans his civilization upon the start of this game. He immediately complained about the lack of mountains or hills, which greatly benefit the Incans. The game was restarted, with Rythian's lack of desert tiles as Arabia.

After the restart, Duncan founded the city of Tesco, formerly Cusco. As usual, Duncan had serious issues with barbarian raids at the start of the game, stunting his progress compared to the rest of the players. Duncan briefly enjoyed a scientific lead at one point in the game, but was quickly overtaken by Lewis in this field, and quickly dropped down to dead last in score.

Duncan only founded three cities, and was the only one to not sail the seas around their continent. Duncan stayed mostly to himself in his own borders, and occasionally traded with players like Sips and Sjin.

Sjin and Duncan later declared war on Lewis, and were eventually overtaken by the alliance of Lewis, Rythian and the reluctant Sips. Despite this one-sided war, Duncan never lost any cities, except at the end when he surrendered Asda and Coaltrain to Byzantium.


  • Tesco (capital, holy city, formerly Cusco)
  • Asda (formerly Tiwanaku)
  • Urbutte (formerly Machu Picchu)
  • Coal Train (formerly Ollantaytambo)

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