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India is a playable civilization in Civilization V.

Season 2Edit

India was founded by the Mighty Warlord Duncan with the capital city of Delhi (renamed to City of Dongs). While he had a slow start due to the constant harassment of barbarians, Duncan eventually expanded to Mum Buttes (formerly Mumbai) and Vajayna (formerly Vijayanagara).

Duncan began a conflict with Rythian's civilization of Sweden by taking over Lund. After taking the city, Duncan proceeded to rename it to Sack of Balls. After taking over Lund, Duncan attempted and failed to conquer the Swedish capital of Malmö, crippling his civilization significantly.

Duncan eventually began a long history of trading with Sips and his kingdom of Venice, and went on to found other cities such as Pernus ( formerly Pataliputra) which he later renamed to City of Flowers in order to appeal to the other players.

Duncan was over-run by Poland when Lewis began his domination plans, and lost the cities of Vajayna, City of Dongs and Sack of Balls to Poland. Towards the end of the game, Duncan had also lost the City of Flowers to Venice.

India/Sweden ConflictEdit

India and Sweden have a long history of conflicts between them. It all began in the year 3760 BC, when an Indian spearman blocked the path of a Swedish warrior. Rythian declared war on Duncan, which was a stupid move because Rythian had a warrior, and Duncan had a spearman. This caused a clear tension between the two countries, and war began upon the founding of Lund. Sweden lost Lund to India, and managed to defend itself in Malmö. He renamed Lund SACK OF BALLS.

Although peace had been made, Duncan had never truly let go of that original conflict in 3760 BC. Making his 5,000 year grudge apparent, Duncan proceeded to set fire to Swedish cities while Poland invaded Malmö. Sjin tried to join in on the burning, but Rythian crushed his to weak units Sjin brought.


  • City of Dongs (formerly Delhi, annexed by Poland; capital)
  • Mum Buttes (formerly Mumbai)
  • Vajayna (formerly Vijayanagara, annexed and destroyed by Poland)
  • Sack of Balls (formerly Lund, won from Sweden, annexed by Poland)
  • City of Flowers (originally Pataliputra, renamed to Pernus, renamed again to City of Flowers; repelled against India, sided with Venice)
  • Death to Poland (formerly Varanasi)
  • Poland Sucks (formerly Agra)

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