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Indonesia is a playable civilization in Civilization V.

Season 8 - Islands of BloodEdit

Indonesia was the civilization picked by Duncan during his civilization game against the others.

Duncan spawned on one of the many big islands, where he settled his capital near the coast. Duncan was unable to get the Great Library, mostly due to not having any hills or rivers to speed up the production. Duncan would later decide to build another city on a different island, which as Indonesia, would provide him with extra luxuries. Duncan had built his second city on the Orange Islands (named so for their unusual profusion of orange groves), and very close to Tom's English capital. This insult lead to Tom launching a lukewarm assault on Duncan's second city, an early and inauspicious start to the now-infamous Citrus Wars.

These wars would involve nearly every player, and Duncan would remain in near-constant combat for the entirety of the game. For more information on the Citrus Wars, visit England's page. What is not described on that page is Duncan's expansion of the Indonesian Empire outside of the Orange Islands. As part of an effort to unite the Islands for the first time, Duncan created the city of Medan, north east of the main island. During the Japanese invasion of the Orange Islands, Medan was captured. Duncan's empire was thrown into disarray.

Cut off from the Orange Islands, Duncan built Beggarcity Two and Beggarcity Tre to the northeast in an effort to drum up production. Meanwhile, tensions between Smith's Russia and Lewis' Japan continued to rise. Duncan allied with Smith against Lewis in an effort to reclaim the Islands, in the process of which he acquired Lewis' Prawn Tempura. As payment for Smith's involvement in the war, Duncan gave the city over to him. This southern theater of the Citrus Wars would spin off and evolve into the Atomic War, late into which Duncan launched a devastatingly successful surprise attack on the Islands.

This halted the Citrus Wars for the second time, but not for long. The Japanese Empire cut the Ottoman-held Donor Island in half, and swept through Russia in a decisive end to the Atomic War. Lewis then turned his war machine towards the Orange Islands, capturing both cities and returning them to England, before finally taking Beggercity One.


  • Beggercity One (Capital, formerly Jakarta, captured by Japan)
  • Mega City Two (formerly Surabaya, Tom is PooPoo; renamed by England; captured by Japan, gifted to England, but recaptured by Indonesia, renamed, recaptured by Japan and returned to England twice renamed)
  • Medan (captured by Japan)
  • Prawn Tempura (former Japanese City, captured by Indonesia, given to Russia, reclaimed by Japan)
  • Duncanland (former Capital of England, formerly Mega City One; captured by Indonesia, traded to England, recaptured by Indonesia, renamed, taken by Japan and returned to England)
  • Beggercity Two
  • Beggercity Tre

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