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The Jaffa Factory is a Feed the Beast series from the Yogscast team that continues the story of Honeydew Inc. after the demise of the Tekkit series.

Due to the inconvenience of having to backdate their Minecraft/Tekkit to play on the server, the Yogscast decided to compile their own modpack, a modified version of the Feed the Beast modpack named Yogcraft. It is is currently included in the Feed the Beast launcher.

The series is uploaded onto the YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon YouTube channel.


After the great success of the Tekkit series that brought Simon's wicked slave-driver-like skills, Lewis' clinical scientific and engineering skills and Duncan's design and technology flair into the spotlight; the Yogscast team wished to retain the map and story, and so named the new series simply 'The Jaffa Factory'.

The differences between Feed the Beast and Tekkit were immediately apparent from the beginning of the series. Most of the pipes and infrastructure originally found in the Jaffa Cake factory had been lost, and the entire site had been rendered something of a dysfunctional mess.

Lewis decided not to spend any more time sorting out the Jaffa Factory, something he could do with the rest of the Yogscast off camera, to focus on a new site, known as Site Bee, where the Honeydew boys, including Sips and Sjin, would test out some of the great mods included in the latest patches of Yogcraft.

Lewis did hint on two occasions that they could merge the Yogcraft server and the Voltz server, but this never happened since it would take a lot of time and effort; something they do not seem to have considering how long it took just to get their world over to the Feed the Beast server.

Feed The Beast launcher here:

Series: Jaffa Factory, Duncan's Laboratory, Feed The World, Rail Bros Inc., FTB with Nilesy, The Apprentice, The Blackrock Chronicle - Rising
Locations: Honeydew Inc, Duncan's Laboratory, Strippin Station, The Abode, Sjin's Farm, Cabertown, Site Bee, Sips Co. Dirt Factory
Other: Episode Guide

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