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Jaffa Factory 109 - Bee Hitler

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Jaffa Factory #109
Season 2, Episode 17
Honeydewinc lrg
Posted 1st May 2013
Featuring Lewis, Simon, Duncan, Sjin
Channel BlueXephos
Episode guide
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Jaffa Factory 109 - Bee Hitler was a video posted on the BlueXephos channel part of the Yogscast's Jaffa Factory series, played on their Feed The Beast server (previously Tekkit).

The video description reads:

Lewis and Sjin try to fix the swarm of bees slowly taking over Site Bee, whilst Simon does some research with Duncan and gets to set up his cauldron!

And yes, we realise we're stupid and don't know what we're doing - but next session I promise we'll be more educated! :)


Jaffa Factory 109 - Bee Hitler20:39

Jaffa Factory 109 - Bee Hitler

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